The News-Herald from Morganton, North Carolina on July 16, 1903 · Page 3
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The News-Herald from Morganton, North Carolina · Page 3

Morganton, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1903
Page 3
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nti News-Herald. Telephone No. 26. DEATH OF CARL McKESSON. Killed by a Freight Train Monday Night at Old Fort. llie entire community wasi hio-uous endorsement some- in'lISUAl, J LIjI luuo. suocKea oeyond expression wnen the news of the death of Sense and Nonsense. Ben Kibler handles a fine ! duties be lightened or he be quality of overc Is, but hisam- )-3AT. PERSONAL. h i - 4 -.-is Bristol was here on ,.'.:lv. :ico Brittain has gone to or:; . i I tti' 1.I '. T. Corpening- ar- ; week. id I.Irs. F. M. Laxton 10 Atlanta onThurs- -1 Z.Irs. Hard havere-. a slay at Linville y.l.i left for her shinjrton last ' . I Irs. Joe Tull, of r.. are visiting Dr. Tv'l. " ".:cr, of Spray, X. .bcr her neice, Mrs. v Carl McKesson, son of Mr. ar.d Mrs. C. F. McKesson, reached here on Monday. lie was fhgman on a freight train which had stopped at Old Fort. In attempting to board the steps of the pilot on front of the engine, he missed his footing and was crushed beneath the wheels of the eDgine, causing instant death. lie was a manly young fellow, just 20 years old, who by his devotion to duty commanded the respect of hid employers, while his sunny aud u;ise!iiil) nature made him tie idol of his fawi'y, beloved by Lis eciutiKh's and esteemed au 1 j'Otte 1 by eldets. la then sav? hvs 1' e ' : rcaod faajii,- b..e. the l:ear;fe!c saspaihy of the euthe con:uuiiiry. times excitessuspicon in the minds of his country friends. The other day heemphatically declared to a prospective customer, "Just buy this pair of overalls, wear 'em a week and I'll bet my head you'll never have another pair." Tom Lowdermi'k is v. T-doubted authority amor;'; the on projynos:." I S E I 0 BY OF C-IKL 7. C X " ; S 0 2? To allow the untimely VS.zz of this voting nun to r..srs as mere item of news weald, ir ee; to me, be at) panics ab'e. Carl McKesson wus a 1 negroes tne weatuer squints his c on one side, 1 an J sv.ys "rain thi his colored frbn:" their p?.r:v-c.s r:i. ar :i wait for the simple falt-.i. B.r warders from dici'-ons to other T .ea.a sun ,.- " i o.:t .l ora p re st; ec :s given an assistant. Sen. Vance once said that Morgan ton was noted for its beautiful women and ugly men. Conditions have not changed. Times have changed and men with them. The South has ever been noted for the respectand tenderness showed her women. Cavaliers and geblemen, in ye olden times, placed women next to their God and bowed downand wor- IN THE SOCIAL WORLD. shippe 0i1 i is ass' :! -wiili doub cro. -. T. Ve Dickson, of -.1. is visi'-i-igher cousin, rar- I'icson. I ;-. O II. 2.1oran and son .v :.; been enjoying a 4- at Old Point Comfort ar... La.. i more. We had the pleasure of a Call from W. E. Halbrook. Citv edilor of the Hickor' fkmocrat, on Wednesday. Miss Eessie Abernathy, of -. .-i.e. and Miss Craham, . L-nreoCe, are visiting Miss S iie Tr.'e on West Union. Sheriff McDowell desires i - ! attention called to his :e in this week's issue in rd to collection of taxes. rs. I-ufus Patterson, of - Vcrk, who has been visitor-, (d. P. Erwin, left for .' ersonvil'.e on Thursday. Clare Falls, of Wash-r-: D. C, arrived a week and her many friends and :rers. are glad to have her 4 m "!- tacm acain. r. C. A. Johnson, of Gas- e, spent several daTs in . h'rs. Johnson has been inher mother, Mrs. I. V.rry, for several weeks. -. I-aac A. Phifer, of . urg, arrived onWed-accompained b- his -"iner. Mr. Blackwood 1 -.- r t r i . ;ier s irienas are -'i.'-e'.y glad to see him. v King will be r-;'-.oC.-:! l:y her friends . i -r visit to Canada. j" a pieasant sum- " i,-: .i -m; Not '.;e.:t .t.; I:- i 5 n 4 liko a military lu ro oi't'aj day or a naiauia o. tiie ege oi ch: ahy, aud jet possessing the v:r m?js ascrsoeu ro ootii m sore; a;ut sto'y, the conrngi, the lush re solve, the supremo f. :h that abides until death. lie fared forth to the baitle of life, not with "Nemo me impune' but with "Ich dien" inscribed upon his banner. For the life of young Carl was a life of labor, and bis labor was love, a love that hal lowed and illumined and glorified his toil. Pure, in the midst of the temp tations of youth; diligent in busi ness though pleasure beloved to the primrose path; forgetful of self, though life wa9 young aud fair and sweet, this boy loved father and mother and home, and spoke no word thet might not be uttered to her who taught him speech, and did no thiug that could not be mentioned in that home temple sanctified by a mothei's prayers. O, young man, caught in the maelstrom of pleasure and vice; forgetful it not scornful of maternal afiectiou, I would point you to the example of this young life! If there is anything finite more beau tiful, more inspiring than Carl's devotion to his mother the story has never been told to me. He was her kuight errant and champ ion always. The fruits of his tod he prized only that they might minister to her comfort. Had it been possible, he would have shielded her liom every care and anxiety, thinking it a privilege thus vicariously to bear her bur dens. Yes, Carl McKesson was a hero though few people fe;iew ir, he least of xdl. M.jder, retisii-g, shrinking IVom the 1. . e light- r.ud i;Uii'a:oiialii that at-uncl. the mu! Averv ; worked aroin.: D. iz D. School; h ham 1 the '1;f-- lummies lis con earr.ea lnstttv.t.on Irm to ti.:e ass Tom on some to long that ct with sueh a en iitles th ProT. ts. In a them. A slighting wor.:. aje-.t against the fair name of any woman and the offender was summarily called to account with a horsewhip, or made to face a man ten paces wid: a pistol in hand. But now how different: The man who challenged every derogatory remark made about a woman would be classed a Don O tixote or committed to the insane asylum. A proper regard for women a id. the deference to be shown insunctivei'- in recent isceu: on ze of the earth, Tom made the assertion that it was 25000 miles around. Sam agreed "dat was right 'cording to my best riculluction, ' but when Tom gave the diameter of the earth as 8000, Sam scratched his head, struck his attitude, and replied, "Thars whar I takes issue wid vou. Whose been sofearsome to medurede dirameter? You forgits whats down thar." One of the first cases ever handled bv a member of our bar, who has long si nee gained prominence, was "pearing" for an old family darkey, who had been indicted for shooting a neighbor's dog. "Uncle Alfred," he said, "Am I toun derstand that vou shot the dog in self-defence?" "No, sar, it was not dat way at all. I shot 'im in de leg and he jumped de fence." It is said our night guardian of the peace has fallen off 20 pounds in his few weeks service, is simply worn to a frazzle, and all because of too much zeal. The height of his ambition is to be in ten places at once. He can't well a.tend tc a game of "craps' 'in Breakneck and subdue :;s -tc- ivesson s nor-.-o - -r ;-a, -r keen Wid Uarld..-.-. f coci d.dv- I lard in has his father, Col. din, for several any of h:s old the privilege of preach on Sun-church. urr over s:: w ne: o u ; '" spend- in town, and, ih . T. Powe is a ' oi l: or so ';;' ' e teen asked a number of times, -. . re v.-as hi- wife?" he himself is quite an idon to the Morganton fsoal world. I The third quartley Confer- tli.' .' frit- i-vi c- 4-J organton station pvdl embrace next Sunday. f' Bev. G Malonee will IB, i ti?nde. wdhour vit ov(Mm;si'.'-ii'g sc'S ii:it;-s wiiic'u the -vud-.l arss;d;es i-r v-vib -,:on. U cho i Ueeot toG'd. iGoliowav And then, alas, ac nineteen, j Butter a Lim new bun ou mi; jia.s a;ia i j ru-;i1itlfr sun stilt siaisUng over t;i' morning hills, comes the end the be- gsui-og. Auu we, m tae aaru- uess, appaiieu auu tiemuiuig ar the horror cf it. and with h arts vrang with syaipathy for those .vendor aid ask. tiiem, k no him. :')': oe a part ot every vour.g man's education. A mooted question recently among some town gallants was whether it was not just as propei for an escort to leave a young lady at the entrance to a public entertainment as to walk with her to the door of the ladie's dressing-room. Much feeling was engendered in discussing the proper method of introducing cur girls to strangers. It was voted unanimously that the young ladies should be led around and introduced to the voung men, who were not re- quired to rise. 1 his is a pro gressive, strenuous and revo lutionary age. The "Pristine Petrified Phenomenon" is here. Com- in so soon after the reorgani zation of the Bob Taylor Syndicate, weare led to believe that Prof. R. T. Clay well, in the absence of Ben Kibler, is responsible for his presence, in an attempt to recoup -his late losses, a Ins is not the first time Prof. Clavwell has handled the Petrified Man. He says about five years ago, at a time when business Was dull, he made a combine with the managers of this same petrified gentleman, curtained u . : e.. r o. n..- s'.uie auu. sPr, ; lv coi .cl money. He hes tati.'.giv now, au th . r ronounce, tne Charlotte Ois?rver and Ashe-! vide Citizen to the contrary On Saturuaj7 afternoon last at G:30. Mrs. Z. T. Corpenicg threw open her home to a" number of friends who thoroughly enjoyed the hour with their charming hostess. Mrs. SCorpen-ing was unusually handsome in a gown of black, and the wdiole scene presented a symphony in white and black, as most of the guests were gowned in one or the other. The dining-room was loeIy with its decorations of pink roses and ferns and the menu of two courses was luost delicious. Those who partook of Mrs. Corpening' hospitality were, .Mrs. Isaac T. Avery, Mrs. C. A. Johnson, of Gastonia, Mrs. leorge I'hiier, Mrs. George H. Moran, Mrs. George Phifer Frwin, Mrs. Jessie Cickson, Mrs. John Tull, Mrs. Jo! m Sprngue of New York, Miss Mary Laxton, Miss Francis Shuford of Cincinnatti, Mrs. Ralph Laxton and Mrs. Fred Laxton of Atlanta, Miss Asheville, at the residence of Mr, Mnrv Dickson and Mrs. Alphonso Charles Slmping, Rev. Kelly Houk orhciating, Mr. Turner is a son of Mr. V. G. Turner, and for the past four lour Hair "Two years ago my hair was falling out badly. I purchased a bottle of Ayer's Hair Vigor, and soon my hair stopped coming out." Miss Minnie Hoover, Paris, 111. Perhaps your mother had thin hair, but that is no reason why you must go through life with half-1 starved hair. If you want I long, thick hair, feed it with Ayer's Hair Vigor, f and make it rich, dark, F and heavy. $1.00 boMe. A!l drsbts. If "mr tii-usrisc ennnot supnly ou, Kcni'i us fue il !lar ar.i v.c wiil'exj-ri-.-i i yiu bo'tle l'.e pare'. givi; t!i- na::ie H o )'icranirctetruo!hc'. AUi1rer. fe T urner-Thomason. The numerous friends of Mr. Fred G. Turner were surprised and pleased to hear of his .marriage Wednesday nisrht at 8:30 to Miss Annie Thomason, of Sterling silver New Line Just In. The Correct Thing For WEDDING GIFTS. J. B. Swindell, JEWELER. HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE! I will sell my house ar:d lot one mile north of Court House. Place consists almost new 3-rootu dwelling, good well and an orchard of 75 bearing fruit trees. Land is all cleared and in good state of cultivation. Place is nicety situated on an elevation and is oonvenieut to et toby two load-t frofii llorj:ai;to;i;l;0!;. -et.-ont-ing on road th:it le:; i to Wirrti-'an's mi;l. Clear of aii iucj!Qbrtuc(.'j. For further particulars aj ply to G. If.LOWDEliMILK. Morauion, x, C. C. Averv Jr. Miss Annie Moran was at iome to a nntaher of her friends on rrnlav evening, wnicli proved her one of the most gra cious of vounsr hostesses. Her home is wonderfully attractive and true hospitality reigns so within none could fail in having a delightful evening. Delicious ices were served. Miss Annie's guests were Misses Dorathv and Marjorie Hughson, Addie Erwin, or five years has been making an enviable record as Railway Pos tal Clerk. The happy pair have the good wishes of a host of friends. ESThe Bridgwater mill- ng- Co. offer the best pro ducts of the latest and most mproved machinery and a thorough knowledge of the milling business. Our flour and meal make the most nutu- ious bread that is also pleas-ng to the eve and taste. A. W. Trexler, Miller. Leave It Where It Will Do the Most Good, To the Editor oflhe News-Her ald. As The News-Herald is in- Louise Adams, Nannie Pearson, tereBted in ,rood roads for our ii. i-. m i- TM r I suuie xaie, rioreucu xearson, Pmnmnnitv. it ninv svmnnthize Bessie Moore and Linda Tilling- itU th ;riter h' onnoses the hast. Messrs. Lawrence Adams, removal of santI from the roa(s Edward, John Tull, Willi- b private individuals. That am ssraun, lverson uavw, v airs n,iblir spntimpnt. on. P nlive to r.1 -r I 7 I lilt Oil UJLVtj M 1U AUAVUV-A lVSJVI 14 lis Quite a number of Morgan ton's the taking of sand from any of beaux and bellesand theirchaper- our roads I do not believe ones are enjoving mountain trips John A. Howell, during thismonth. Mr. and Mr s. Vinearden, July 13, 1903, Ben Kibler chaperoned a party on Monday consisting of Misses f fa Jffl ivate vagg, or uutnerioraton, fihispnrk nf Grp.pnsborn ' ' I Ac oti-ulr 1air i ay-rnl1pr.tor fnr the Myra Davis, Flora Kibler and parts of Upper Creek, Lower Creek Messrs. Herbert and Ralph Kibler i and Dink P.r-Utol TIipv infpnd for default in the payment of the stock . . . , x -ii n ii I law tax assessments of 1901, I will sell VlSltmg Loveil S, LlllVllle rails, for cash at the Court House door in 1 .invilU C.i-V r..l ltlnwlnfr U.u-h Morganton, N. C., on the first Monday Mr. .and Mrs. John Wilson, of in August, 1903, the following lands to wit: The Jf. P. Beck home place on Ur Greensboro. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Per reek' alining heirs of Chris I htiumer, iddj- necK anu oiners. xx Gaither, Miss Mamie Oollett and si. so and cost. n,. Toto.lnff on T..a.lnir fr ... Hugh Taylor's store and home : place x" W1 " of about three acres at Joy postomce. mountain tnr, and, it is needless Tax on same 20cts. and cost. 1 ' I r M Wall trn.-t of .mil in T..nvil1 to saj", their sojourn will be a township. Si. so and cost. r.1tiiit nnr mid with T)r T'hr The John Campbell place on Catav pie.isanr one, mm, w un i' . . b in the partof thc Quake 1, the hsh taies Meadows farm sold to H. Vv. ConneL .., , .... I a.;d bv John Campbell to Ward an InielC Will De Startling Goodson and described in c JSThe personal property of the late H. C. Tate will be sold at auction, for cash, at the Tate homestead on Upper creek, on Thursdav, July 23rd. S. P. Tate, M. F. Tate, Admrs. of H. C. Tate, dee'd. JS5g"The small sum of $4.25 will buy a round trip ticket and assure you a good time on Morrison's excurson from Morganton to Charleston on July 28th. Mortgage Sale of Land. By virtue of a mortgage deed executed to the undersigned by Alphonzo Perkins and wife, Lula Perkins, on the 16th dax ot February, 1897, and default having been made in 'the payment of note secured by said mortgage deed, we will, on Monday, the 6th day of July, 1903, sell at the Court House door in Morganton. N. C, to the hinhest bidder for cah, the following described pixt or parcel ot n.nj. siti a ted in Burke county, N. C. and bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning on a chestnut on the top of the ridge, isasau Miehciuii's corner, running south 2ol east fij poles u a stake in J. A, Perkins' corner; then east 4 west poles to a stake, the 1'erkins old line: then north 20J east, Perkins line, to a stake on top of the ridge, the old Perkins corner; then south 75- 5 poles to a soui wood; then west 65 03 poles to a stake in the tieid; thru south 65 west 4 poles to the beginning, containing 25 acres, more or less. Said mortgage deed duly registered in Book D No. 2, page 207, in the .Register's office of Burke County. This June 4, 1903. FORNEY & CO.. Mortgages. Administratrix's Notice-Having qualified aa adminiscraiix of P. S. Sudderth, deceased, notice is hereby given to alt persons having claims against the estate of s-aid intestate to present them to the under-signedf or payment within twelve months from this date, or this notice will be pleaded in bar ot their recovery; and all pirsoiia indebted to said estate are requebtid to make prompt settlement and thereby save cort. This June IStU. 11W3. MRS. HOSA STJDDERT1I, Admrx, of ?. fc. Sudderth, deo'd. For Sale. A good young Guernsey Milch Cow. Apply to Mrs. C. R. McNeely. SSJ-Fok Kent. Half of the Webb Silver creek farm, two miles south-west of Morganton. pply to A. F.Somers, guardian. ANNOUNCEMENT. The next Recrular Annual Meeting of the Catawba, and Burke Branch, Fire Insurance Association will be held in Morganton Court Hoase, on Saturday July 25th, the 4th Saturday in this month at 12 m. sharp. Every one who is in good standing, and entitled to a voice, in this important annual meeting, is urged to be present if possible. M. A. Aberxethy, Sec.,-Treas., Newton, N. C. ..TO TUB... GLORIOUS MOUNTAINS OF WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA to,A new supply of 2, 3, 4 and 5 lb. Paper Bags just received at The News-Her ald office. THE SOUTHERN RAILWAY invites the attention of all Health or Pleasure seekers. - -1 ot v i t h stand' ng. iord::i ivei 1 h is ouite a d. . i in tne crow roU"Tllt InlCK Will Oe Startling GootUon and described in deeds resriv , AnnKnn tc red. Tax on same $4.00 and cost. .T. 5 Ion roe Kincaid place on Irish turn 111 his rrave Olid Sicn lor creek, adioming lorn Kincaid placs, and V.'m. Kmcaid and others. Tax on ;! ys gone by. same 20 and cost. wLo aie stricUeu why? Yet we know the lL:i : s mi-knowabls, aud we stand aluo:, U.;r-not to approach nearer the hallowed ground of this my.'- terj cf mysteries, with only this steadfast faith that God is good, abd that all is well with Carl. A Feiend i u.-ii;;! slyle. lie has left all local jfi.iitn- bfliiiul and with a bold sii-ol-e pictured New York society er" to 'last aad iurious before in a truthful but pitiful light. 1 1 ; i I r. i Cant. T;i: re i. Poieel ro-.vl- the closing ho'.:r. "Wiih a hair ; IKs pathos is missed and his do:'.c:n othcrconfl'.ct.ingen;jre-! junint a::;l ante-bellum negro meats, it is feared Che s'rai 1 j mY.i looked for in vain, but will prove to n;r;ii V coin mend l,L-, LllUli f C - 1 b i.-:i thnt tr.- for on; ; p;euius is found and a book is re- J thoroughly absorbing; is jrjvento r his I 1 1 1 pultiic. ii1- cn in the raorninsf and T. 12. Wag-g" at nig-ht. - 'r.-rcent of the Lord's Sup- 1 in connection with the r.iorniri'r service. .'- correspondent of Shoup's '' . f.'nds in this bit of in- b-'i-mr.ion: The Saints will 1 f :r:mcnce a grove meetinsr at '.:;'s Ford, in Lower Pork v ' ' --'.'.), commencing Jnlv 4 . j - '" continue until August - All coming- from the -via will be met at Morgan-ton, ail others at Cherryville, X. C. Douglass I. Sterrett of Washington, D. a, assistant of-Joseph Hyde Fratt, of the State geologic 't' i'artment of Chapel Hill, is in 7"'.vn and together with C. M. 1' i'ver, M. E., will examine some "! most important mineral lormations of Burke County. Prof. Hterret will remain several ';v's. At lastBurkecountycom- '' :.G;;the attention of the de partment. Veteoans' Meeting. The Avery-MeDowell Camp Confederate veterans will hav? their annual meeting on Burke-mont on Thursdav and Friday, August the 6th and 7th. Soldiers are expected to bring their rations and bedding. We hope to have a good turnout. We will have with us to speak Biig.-Gen. Ray and others. L. A. Bristol, 1st Commandant. S. JI. Asnrnv, 2nd Commandant. ; ';s the Cough !i ' ; Vur!:s off the Cold. ' 7C 'mo-Oninine Tablets cnie a cold u.iy. io ture, No Pay. Price 25c. W. A. LESLIE WILL BUY IT BACK. You assume no risk when you buy Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Reme dy- W. A. Leslie will refund your money it you are not sat- lshea alter using it. it is everywhere admitted to be the most successful remedy in use for bowel complaints and the only one that never fails. It is pleasant, safe and reliable ?"We have underwear so thin its cooler to wear it than go with out it. B. F. Dav;s, The Clothier. In the notice of Mrs. Waits Walton's death in hist week's ssue of The News-Herald it was erroneously stated that she had been for several years con nected with the school for the deaf. For two years prior to her marriage, Mrs. Walton, then Miss Sargent, was the efficient and beloved teacher at the Mission of the Good Shepherd, where her loss is most sincerely deplored. From early youth a devout Christain, her life had ever been consecrated to the Master's work, and when called away, to her, a "good and faith- ul servant," death was but a summons to enter into the joy of her Lord. Her bright, attractive person-lity, and simple, cordial man ners won her many friends, but only the few who knew her more intimately could fully appreciate her many sterling good qualities. To the widowed mother, sorrowing in her distant home, and to the husband so sadly and suddenly bereaved 'we tender our most heartfelt sympathy. A FlilENI) .. & M. College Catalogue- The Catalogue of the State Agricultural and Mechanical College shows 503 stodenta in attendance; being iSS from N. C ; 3 from Va ; i from S. C; 1 fiom Md.; 4 from Fla.;"l from Del.; 1 from N. H-; 2 from Washington, D. C; and 1 from Santo Domingo. There are 131 students in Agriculture, 80 Electrical Engineering, G4 Mechan ical Engineering. 114 Mechanic Arts, 56 Civil Engineering, 42 Textile Engineering, 18 Industrial Chemistry. There are 35 officers aud teachers; tuition is S2O a year board S a month; I2O scholar ships. Anyone can get a catalogue by addressing, A. & M. Col lege, Kaleigh, N. C. Strength and vior come of good food, duly digested. "Force", a ready- to-serve wneat and barley food, adds no burden, but snstains, nourishes, in vigorates. CASTOR I A For Infants and Children. TI12 Kind Yea Havs Always BougM Bears the , y.f?.j- Signature of Vzft -u&&z4i A Fable Brought Down to Date. Once there was a little girl who was always saying naughty things, and a wise fairy cast an enchant ment upon her, so that each time she spoke noxious lizards, snakes, toads and other reptiles seemed to leap from her mouth. And there was another little gir who was always saying nice things, and the same wise fairy so wove her spells that diamonds and rubies and money fell from the girl's mouth when she would talk. And what became of these girls? The first one was engaged by an astute dime museum manager and uecame 1 abuiously rich. The second was gobbled up by a trust that made her. talk herself to death. Judge. The young men gave a most dance on Thursday n.t at the Town Hall, and des ire the hot weather and with- red collars and constant use of ans, the evening was declared a area t Oil i nd raanv waltzed away a plea-ant evening. The Bu rkem on t Sy m phony Orchestra , conducted bv Monsieur Serat, furnished music for the occasion. Those dancing were Miss Sadie Tate with Mr. Ed Alexander, Miss Liza McKesson with Mr. E. Lehman, Miss Bessie Moore with Mr. Waits Phifer, Miss Addie Moore with Mr. Louis McKesson, Miss Marjorie Hnghson with Mr William Smith, Miss Dorathy Hnghson with Mr. Joe Stinson, Miss Lila Burr with Mr. Tillis Miller, Miss Florence Huett with Mr. Clifford Corpening. Stags: Messrs. Bettis Malone, John Tull, Robert Phifer, and Isaac Tull Chaperones, Mrs. C. A. Johnson, Mrs. Z. T. Corpening, Mr. ana Mrs. B. S. Gaither and Mrs. John Tull. Dr. and Mrs. Laxton are en joying a family reunion this week. Miss Kittie Laxton ar rived on Thursdav of last week with her cousin Miss Francis Shuford of Cincinnatti. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Laxton and little Miss Augusta arrived later in the week. THE FOUNDATION OF HEALTH. Nourishment is the founda tion of health life strength Kodol Dyspepsia Cure is the one great medicine that enables the stomach and digestive or gans to digest, assimilate and transform all foods into the kind of blood that nourishes the nerves and feeds the tis sues. Kodol lays the founda tion for health. Nature does the rest. Indie-estionDysoeD sia. and all disorders of the stomach and digestive organs are cured by the use 01 Kodol bold by all druggists. R. P. Laxton rlrice where be lives. in L"iper CrO'-k township, adjoining- Iichaux place, Uave laxton place and others. Tax on same COcts. and cost. R. V. Michaux's partof the S. F. P. Michaux place divided to him in division of said land on John's river, and described in the proceeding for division and deed. Tax on same $2.85 and cost. Jennie Michaux's share in tne S. t . P. Michaux place on John s Kiver, sold to Mrs. M. A. Corpening and fully described in proceeding for division and sale and deed to Mrs. Corpening. Tax on same $2.85 and cost. W. M. Michaux's interest in the S. F. P. Michaux place, being-the share divided to him and fully described in proceeding for division. Tax on same S2.85 and cost. The old Chris Shunter place on Lp- per creek, where M. A. Shuffler now lives, l ax ana cost. Marie Annie Miller's interest 111 the S. F. P. Michaux place, being the part divided to her of same, in Lower Creek township, and described in proceeding for division of S. F. P. Mich aux lands. Tax on same S2.8o and cost. M. A. Corpening, the William Per kins place on John's river, in Lower Creek township, adjoining the O. W. Perkins place and others ana aes- cribed in deed to M. A. Corpening. Tax $3.20 and cost. Also M A. Corpening's interest or share in the S. F. P. Michaux place on John's river, in Upper Creek township, divided to her in "proceeding to divide the S. F. P. Michaux lands. Tax on same S2.85 and cost. T. L. Berry and wife place on Lin ville river where he lives, adjoining Alex Dobson and others. Tax on same $1.50 and cost. Sam Conley's place where he lives on Linville river. Tax on same 30cts. and cost. Girard Lail's place on Linville where he lives, bought of J. W. Wilson and described in deed to Lail. Tax on same $2.00 and cost. Joe L. McGimsey place on Canoe creek, where he lives. Tax on same $1.00 and cost. L. A. Simpson's place, where he lives, in Linville township, on Catawba river. Tax on same $1.80 and cost, Mrs. E. C. Thornton's lands on Catawba river, being a part of the John Rutherford lands owned by her. Tax on same $4.00 and cost. Sale made under provision of law for sale of lands for taxes. This 24th day of June, 1903. P. A. SISK, Stock Law Tax-Collector. J&SP-For a good time and a chance to visit some of the most historic spots in America you can't do better than to go on Morrison Bro.'s excursion from Morganton to Charles ton on July 23th. BSTThe directors of the Morganton Building mid Loan Association have decided to extend the time in which subscription to stock rna3' be made to Aug. 1, 1903, at which time the books will be closed. E. B. Claywell, Sec. & Tres. JS7For a few day's relaxation during- the hot dnys of Jily Morrison's exam-ion offers an ideal trip to th-j sea shore. THE TOURIST SEASON opened June 1, 1903, and on that dato Low-Rate Summer Excursion Tickets went on sale from principal points in the South and Southeast, to the noted resorts located on and reached by Southern Railway. Tickets on sale up to and including September 30, 1003; limited to October 31, 1903, for return. "THE IMP OF THE SKY" AND "SAPPHIRE COUNTRY," As'ieville, N. C, and Hot Springs. N. C. offer every attraction to the Summer Traveleror Invalid. The East Tennessee and Virginia Resorts also offer many inducements for Health and Pleasure. Ask any Southern Railway Agent for Summer Ilomes Folder, dif-crip-tive of the many Delightful Resorts raached by Southern Railway, PATTON - SCHOOL, MORGANTON, N. C. Principal: JACOB C. PATTON, A. B., Harvard. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Fall term of five months begins Aug. 10th, 1903. Open to pupils of both sexes above primary grade. Constant drill in free school studies and thorough preparation for college. Tuition from $2 to $3 per month; fee 10c. Rooms at $1 per month near the Academy for boys wishing to board themselves. Address the Principal. JUST ABOUT BEDTIME Take a Little Early Riser it will cure constipationi biliousness and liver troubles. De-Witt's Little Early Risers are different from other pills- They do not gripe and break down the mucous membranes of the stomach, liver and bowels but cure by gently arousing the secretious and giving strength to these organs. Sold by all druggists. Paper Bags. We sell Paper ags and can fill ordersfor large as well as small qunities at very low prices. All sizes from 1-2 to 20 lb. in stock. We also keep many things in the Stationery line used in offices and the school room. We have a large stock of Printer's Stationary and are prepared to fill orders for Job Printing in the best style and on short notice Try us. 15he News-Herald, 1 , G. COBB, Proprietor

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