The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas on March 11, 1902 · Page 3
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The Topeka Daily Capital from Topeka, Kansas · Page 3

Topeka, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1902
Page 3
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THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL: TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1902. I When ..tfBHXK Blood . .mH BAD OUTLOOK FOR THE WHEAT This Is the Opinion of C. Wood Davis, Immre Everything goes wrong. The digestion is bad. The head aches. The brain is dull. The nerves weaken. And the'skin is nearly, ruined. Your doctor knows what medicines will cure these troubles: the medicines that are in Ayer s Sarsaparilla. Consult him freely. - Five yean ago I had bunches come out on my head and had a breaking out on my body. I tried different remedies without relief. I then tried Ayer's Sarsaparilla. Before I had taken half a bottle the bunches and the rash were gone, and I felt like a new man," M. A. Wall, Bentley Creek, Pa. ll.M. AlKnnMs. J. C. AYES CO., Lewetl. Mass. J STEWART WON OUT. Defeated S. H. Haines for County Superintendent. Troutman'g Majority Over Welch in Saturday's Primary Was 1,325 County Committeemen Elected. A PREACHER STRIKEN WHILE IN THE PULPIT. As stated In the Capital on Sunday morning, J. N. Stewart was nominated for county commissioner in the first dis trict over 8. H. Haines. The complete returns show Mr. Stewart's majority to bo between 15 and 38. Mr. Haines says that Stewart's majority will be about 15 and attributes his defeat to the fact that the ballots did not arrive in Menoken township until nearly 6 o'clock In the evening. The majority received by James A. Troutman over R. B. Welch for the control of the Shawnee county delegation to the state convention was 1.325. H. M. Philips was elected chairman of the Republican county central committee over Otis Hungate and George W. Crane by a plurality of between 200 and 300. The committeemen who were elected follow: First ward First precinct, O. D. Skinner. Second precinct, A. A. Raub and Frank Beach. Third precinct, John S. Betts and D. T. Gregg. Fourth precinct, M. Bickel, Eric Nystrom defeated. Second ward First precinct, Henry Scales and George W. Charles, W. Williams defeated. Second precinct. Otto Larson and R. T. Shaffer. P. H. Coney defeated. Third precinct, James Mullln end Silas Wright. P. Betts defeated. Fourth precinct; John Alexander andW. 31. Williams. Fifth precinct. Eugene Jewell and E. R. Simon. Willis Eldson defeated. Third ward First precinct, W. W. Phillips, W. F. Bowen, Phil Eastman. Second . precinct, M. Welghman, W. S. Lindsay, "Pick" Smith. Those defeated, James Smith, T. II. Bain. James Clayton. Third precinct, W. I. Jamison, P. II. Forbes and P. Defeated. Harry Williams, F. M. Spencer, E. A. Austin. Fourth ward First precinct, W. A. L. Thompson and R. F. Hodgins. Second precinct. T. D. Humphreys and M. E. Stoker. Defeated, Luther M. Nellls. Third precinct, Sam Rice and C. N. Miller. Defeated. John V. Abrahams. Fourth precinct. Frank Blanch and T. J. Anderson. Defeated. John Sargent, Fred L. Evarts. Fifth ward-First precinct, G. F. Mat-tlngly defeated J. S. Warner. Second precinct, W. L. Osborn and T. J. Hurley. Third precinct, John Charles defeated Simon Hoe. Sixth ward-W. A. Myers and W. S. Eborle defeated J. W. Stoker and Arthur Masse.y. Second precinct,, J. W. Gardiner and A. T. Allen. Rossville John Howerton and J. E. Taylor defeated W. Betts and John Fritz. Menoke,n M. A. Hutchinson. Silver Lake W. Van Orsdale. East Soldier A. L. Brooke defeated Robert Turner. West Soldier F. E. Kutz. Oakland-R. S. Vanzant and O. W. Neil. Highland Park-G. H. Curry. Shunganunga Robert Stone and James Haynes defeated Frank Holford and J. R. Taylor. Sutherln John Sutherln. Rochester J. W. Heller defeated Ed Thompson. Tecumseh George Bunce. Monmouth Fred Klesath. South Williampport-C. W. Smith. North Wllliamsport Sam Lee. Auburn H. V. Fuller and M. F. Stout. Kaw G. A. Anderson. Jr. Dover J . G. McConnell defeated Bond. Willard H. Slllette defeated A. Rogers. North Mission Ed Buckman. South Mission J. E. Maus. Hartsock Morris Zollinger defeated L. Hill. Richland Oliver Wyatt. Bellview C. H. Martin. Muddy William Ream. Lyon Creek E. C. Fasnatch. White Cloud, Kan., March 10. The Rev, J. Bosserman of Mound City, Mo., while conducting a revival In the Christian church here Thursday last was telling his hearers to prepare for death because they knew not 'the moment when they would be called away, whereupon he was stricken with paralysis, his entire left side being involved. Yesterday the evangelist was improving, and will probably be well enough to be taken to his home in a few days. The Rev. Bosserman is 55 years of age, and is wiedly known in northwestern Missouri. BATTLE WITH THIEVES. Two Men Worsted in an At tempt to Hold up Silver Lake Station Agent. CUIUS TO KNOW ABOUT IT Correspondent of Beerbohm's of Lon don Says the Kansas Crop Will ' Not Amount to Over 50 " Per Cent This Tear. Special to the Capital. Clearwater, Kan.. March 10. C. Wood Davis, correspondent for Beerbohm's London, has been gathering reports con cerning wheat conditions and says of his conclusions: "Many deem it impracticable to deter mine now what is the condition of the wheat fields, and that we must wait for warm weather and some growth on the part of the plant to determine its condi tion; but this is wholly unnecessary as the injured plant tells its own story from the first to those able to read the plainest signs. "I have grown wheat in the great ma Jority of the years since 1856, and early learned that a plant that was healthy or with sufficient vitality to produce even a part of a" crop, had full, clean, greenish white stems extending from the surface to the crown of the roots, and broke from the crown with a clear distinct fracture, while the roots themselves were white and many new roots were plainly making growth as soon as the soil retained through the clay a temperature of 40 degrees near the surface. On the other hand, the winter killed plant, notwith- Vou pay lO ent tar Cigar not so goo4 as nrss HOMES CIGAR STRAIOHTVgO F.R LEWIS, MArfF PioniA.ui. ROBBERS GET NERVY In Fort Scott They Boldly Robbed Four Residences. Went Around in an Organized Gang, Seeking Whom They Might Devour Hutchinson Too. Fort Ssott, Kan., March 10. This city was visited by a gang of professional crooks, supposed to bo' from Kansas City, last night and they started in to loot the town on a wholesale plan. Four residence of prominent men were burglarized and attempts made at four others, but in the latter instance they were frightened away. There were three j in the gang and all wore masks. Several dollars worth of silverware, wrought, in all parts of the state, and there are serious complaints from Mitch ell, Ottawa, Cloud, Marshall, and other northern counties, while the northeast j hundred quarter seems to have suffered even more j jewelry and clothing and about 5100 in severely, especially in Atchison, Doniphan, j money was taken. The burglars were Brown and adjacent counties. It is pos-Ibold. In each robbery they would go into sible that In this section the Injury is the house and wake the occupants, and, even greater than it might have been be-J while one covered them with revolvers cause of a greater proportion of soft and commanded them under pain of death wheat. I not to make an outcry, the other looted "East of the Flint hills and south of the the house. The third man guarded the Kaw river less damage has been wrought, I entrance. even tne sort wneai in many districts com- it is Deirevea mat tnejr Had a wagon ing through the winter in fair shape, al- I to carry away their plunder. The police though suffering now, as heretofore, be- j are working several clues, but no arrests cause of deficient moisture. Possibly we j have resulted. hear less of injury from this section be cause the wheat crop is there less im- Hutchinson, Kan., March 10. Hutcbin portant comparatively. As it is the con- j son is having an epidemic of hold-ups tlnued drouth threatens the life of the j and robberies. Four men have been com-plant over much of the southeast quarter pelled to give up their money and three of the state. stores have been robbed in the last two "Central Kansas, and especially that weeks. The latest to suffer was Camp- portion of It lying south of the Smoky bell's book store, last night, but the Hill river, is the great Kansas wheat 1 thieves became frightened and skipped be-field, and here the injury done, especially j fore they secured anything. No clue to In the southermost parts, is the greatest I the thieves has yet been found. and will materially lessen the aggregate out-turn of the state. .It Is my opinion not a prediction mind you based on all the information yet available, that Kan sas will not grow 50 per cent, and possibly I . - . . , t . . not 40 ter cent much wheat as in 1901." " OI w -voi puui jury ill uio DEATH WAS AN ACCIDENT WHEAT NEEDS RAIN. Case of Edwin Dangerf ield Killed at Sea. Liverpool, March 10. At the inquest here today over the body of Edwin Dan gerneld, the Kansas coal miner who lost his life as a result of the sinking of the mil 10) olf a But in Central Kansas It Will Not Suffer for Several Days. standing here and there a green leaf, Special to the Capital. would show a brown stem, more or less I Abilene, Kan., March 10. Sunday and to- K -.--.-;--. -- ..n n-A v ..-...-. euti. I dav TX7 -.- marlrp hv mcVl vrlnHa thai- K.nt I " c. . " . Z7'l .u. "CT -I":- steamer Waesland after a collision with oi tne stem naa a norous cnaracter, ana viuuua ui uusi imuusu m eireeu;. w. parted in a tough sort of way with an B. Giles, a grain buyer of thirty years, unclean fracture from the crown. When drove twenty-five miles in the country the stem is not greenish, white and clean, and reports that the hard wheat is not but is of a dirty brown, that wheat has injured in the least. Soft wheat of which had its day in the world and no amount the acreage is small is probably killed of rain nor of heat and rain will enable Wheat needs rain throughout Central it to help the farmer to fill his granary. Kansas but wheat will not suffer for sev The signs are so plain that he who runs 1 eral days yet. may read, and these who are unable to It would hardly be truthful to say Omega Oil cures Bruises and Sprains and Strains. Nature herself does most of the curing, but the Oil stops the pain while the bruised place is being cured. The pain is what annoys you, and Omega Oil must be given the credit for fixing you up so you will not suffer. Omega Oil soothes, softens and comforts any pain you apply it to. If the pain is not too great, the Oil is to be well rubbed in. This sets up a good circulation of the blood, and the result is always beneficial. Besides rubbing Omega Oil into the pores, some of the Oil should be bound around the ailing part. Omega Oil la good for everything a liniment ought to be good for. tell the condition when they nave examined such plants know little of wheat growing, and ought to seek some other A bold attempt was made by two rob bers early yesterday morning to hold up employment. ver Lake for the Union Pacific railroad- Large Per Cent Is Dead, Hartzell. however, was eaual to the occa- - "In' thls and the adjoining county of sion and succeeded in driving them both Sumner more than 75 per cent of the off and it is thought wounded one of wneax 13 aeaa' many tnose o1 aDle lnem J to judge, placing the destruction at 90 The operator was sitting in the tele- Per cent- Tne only wheat that shows the the British steamer Harmonides near the island of Anglesy, a verdict of accidental death was returned. The jury congratulated Captain Apfeld of the Waesland and Captain Penten of the Harmonides on their conduct. rDangerfield's home was In Scranton and he was returning from a trip to England at the time of the accident above re ferred to. According to the published reports Dangerfield was overly anxious to enter the life boat and in so doing struck kj. D. WllUS Of ASlltOn bees IdtUS his head against a projection, which OPINION OF A FARMER. Chance for th Wheat. Special to the Capital; Ashton, Kan., March -10. E. D. Willis, a leading farmer of this (Sumner) county, speaks as follows concerning wheat pros pects: "There la no denvinsr the fact that the graph room at the station busied about ie5t aisa OI mining- a crop is inai sown wheat ln this part of tne C0Unty and, , in his various duties when he heard some one rapping for admission. He started to broke his neck. lni. x,.t -.. I .1 ...11 VL "" ttiuiu me IUIU Bldl&o. oil Vi xnimfir la In a miict I may say that on our own fields the deplorable conaition, not only soft wheat IN JAIL TO AWAIT TRIAL. J. B. Shane, Murderer of Ed Katherman, Is Not Given a Chance for Bail. go to the door and as he did so seized a sow wheaJ; r "at sown brior to but hard ag well My wheat ig gQne M Ca revolver, which was lying in an open , ?T - i u 6Ven ia also that of William Vaughn, James Lawrence. Kan M drawer. As he did this some one on the outside fired through a window. Two a Ai j. I-- i - , - i ljawrence. jvan.. jvxarcn iu. uift nrp. "t ""7" Vf Vaughn, W. P. McElhinny, Margaret liminary hearlnir of j. b. Shane, rhar Chamberlin and many others I might Uvith the mnnir f on different tracts, is dead. " The neigh- k. a j j ... i I borinsr farms are in exactlv the samel TR w,ui yui Um - Li name,,., : ...... nlace before Judee Learnard In. the ponntv ine wneat leu is very tnin ana ine i court today, vaarnor iq uprv nrv H-nrTTikr nr TirTvaf- i r.. ... - ,ia vMt " u v. early, and are now without the nrosoect V ' "V A onane was represemea Dy judge w. w, l"c -, mg to put ineir wneai iieias inia oais ana NevIson. who haa taken the ra started to come in. Hartzell at once Ui "ut to uus with unless ft la senm-ed hv nnrrhnsA. In I naiSniucui ncra. iiiere was a. my opinion neither Sedgwick nor the ad- t,Aail..,rin rf- nmrnApn very ,arg crowd the court room, and joining counties will grow one-fifth 3 liUmtO I LAU bHOC ntVttfdtU the hearing lasted from 10 o'clock until 3 much wheat aa in 1891. and over miioh of o ciock. xno eviaence was put on ln openea nre. on him and it was such a warm reception that the proposed rob ber retreated precipitately. Subsequent ly a red handkerchief still wet with blood was found. Near it was a revolver which, it is thought, was dropped by the robber in his flight. NO other clues have these areas not as much will be harvested I Opinion of Supreme Court Against Shane's behalf, and the testimony pro as was used as seed. Rice Countv Verdict duced by the state was practically the "In Oklahoma the wheat is. If oossible. n- T-Qoa s,,nn. kao aa same 83 that given before the coroner's w i i aaA vo I in worse condition than in Sederwick or L .M.r, i , koo o. Nury- The result of the hearing was that I trt a . . . I I Rhotifl txt a a nAiinn attai" f tha Mom attack was made by a couple of wander- oumner county, ana mis is, so rar as verses the opinion of the court in a case IT "r . ; V . ' l - I renortS nave nep.n made. thA Inni1 t nn j i t.,i.. innn r. i. .k c-- d -- vuui . vmnuui umi. WCLlllfJa. I . ' . I UCL1UCU III J Ul J , JJJ. 11 19 L11G Ul throughout Texas. Indeed, Texas fields CUrities company against Manwarren. Er- Humors of all kinds are prolific of worse have been in bad plight through the en- ror from Rioe county. The following is troubles. They may he entirely expelled tire season. , h viiahni- It is understood that the insanity plea will be used when the case comes to trial in the distritc court. by a thorough course of Hood's Sarsa parilla. ELECTION CASE DECIDED. Duston Was Elected Trea surer of Washington Co. in fiarvey, county, Kansas, in Kice, "First Where a morteaee on the home- teno, jvici-nerson, lungman, ratt, star- stead, the title to which is in the wife, is ford, Barton, Pawnee, Rush and Edwards executed by both husband and wife to se- the condition is not so hopeless as in Sedg- j cure' the payment of a promissory note Santa Fe Health Resorts' Excursion Bates. ovinontx ' Arizona, and return. 165.M. jiu ouumer, uui mere appears nine made by both, the statute of limitations toT nine months. proDaDimy 01 nan as mucn wneat Demg wm not bar a foreclosure of the action Ra Antonio. Texas, and return, tao an SUDreme Court Held Monroe 6 cuuniK8' or In an one to recover, the debt may be maintained ood returning unUl June 1. nAm oam i-wii onn 1 m rv. or... n -- .x ct i . . . . . . ... . ; I - . . . . -.... j " i agains 1 ne nuspaau, anouugn an acuun ki Paso, xexas, ana return, S43.40. good peci is lor more man a inira or an aver-1 to recover the debt is barred against the Eix months. age crop, in tne counties north of the wife. T.a Veeas. N. M.. and return, trtm union racmc me prospects are, so iari "Second The fact that In such a case at three months limit. ... as yet Known, somewnat Detter. the maturity of the note the husband. Hot Springs. Ark., and return. 12S.aL 1 ne most promising ' wheat fields are I alone, and the mortgagee enter into a three months limit. Excursion rates to other health resorts The election contest case between Mon roe Duston and R. L. Foster, for posses sion of the county treasurer's office in found In localities favored last autumn written contract extending the time of Washington county, was decided Satur- with local showers, these permitting a payment, does not affect the rights of quoted on application. Address day by tne supreme court on ravor or good preparation of the seed-bed and en- the wife, impair the lien of the mort- ",- T. L. KING. Duston, the Republican. Duston was miring a good start. Then, the morel gage upon the homestead, or change the Agent A. T. & S. F.. Topeka. elected by a majority and received a cer. northern and western sections of the state rule stated, that so long as the debt re- Or T. M. James, jr., Postof flee building. tmcate or . election. oster, the fusion j have had the most snow, and where the J mains enforcible against the husband the I North Topeka. . nominee, coniesiea. ine contest court grouna was wen DianKeted during the ex- J gortgage may be foreclosed, although gave Duston the office by two majority, treme weather of December there the Ian action against the wife to recover the and issued him another certificate. Fos- wheat has best retained its vitality, al-1 debt is barred by the statute. MARCH 1 TO APRIL 30. ter appealed to the district court. Judge J though more or less . injury has been i Sturges tried the case. He counted the ballots himself and decided that the vote was a tie. Duston had the certificate of election, however ,and kept the office. roster then appealed to the Supreme court. That tribunal today dismissed the VALUE OF TESTIMONY, Greater Than Assertion. There is none of us so hardened but that proceedings, holding that the case was I when we have been able to aid our fel- never even properly commenced before j low creatures by conferring a benefit or Judge Sturges. (bringing a little comfort into their lives we like to have appreciation shown. This HOMESEEKERS EXCURSIONS generally affords more pleasure than the In the opinion rendered in July, 1900, the court held that the husband without the consent of the wife cannot by contract ! with the mortgagee extend the duration of a mortgage Hen on the homestead. A LYNDON LANDMARK DESTROYED BY FIRE. Special to the Capital. Lyndon, Kan., March 10. About 4 o'clock The Great Bock Island. will have on sale every day tickets to Utah and Montana points at $20.00, Wash ington and Oregon points at $22.50, Call fornia and Puget Sftund points at $25. 00. For full information see A. M. Fuller. Edison Electric Illuminating Ca of Topeka. Topeka, Kan., Feb. 16. 1902. The annual meeting of the stockholders performance of the act Itself and in this tw ' residence of Leonard of thf above company having convened a Via the Santa Fe. GOOD NEWS. many Topeka Readers Have Heard It and Profited Thereby. "Good news travels fast" and the thousands of bad back sufferers ln Topeka are glad to learn that prompt relief is within their reach. Many a lame, weak and aching back is bad no more, thanks to Doan's Kidney Pills. Our citizens are telling the good news of their experience with the little conqueror of kidney Ills. Here Is an example worth reading: Mr. George Henley of 1015 Taylor street : "For two years or more I had slighty kidney disorder which at times was quite annoying. There was not much back ache, but the kidney secretions were dis- oraereo, too irequent in action and at accompanied by pain.. I dropped into Rowley Snow's drug store and procured a box of Doan's Kidney Pills. Its use quickly cured me and left no unpleasant after effects. I am glad to recommend Buch a reliable remedy to other" For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. -Forter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, N. T sole agents for the United States. connection tne xouowmg letter from a Paris. Tex., ladv Is of more than usual u" -"iu w.n i interest: "Dear Friends: I address you as such, for you have been such to me. I suffered for three years off and on to points In Arkansas. Arizona, New Mex ico. California, Oklahoma, Indian territory -I IX -J 4 . T-. - I uu .u-y r ra wlth piles j was treated at the hospital. in wu.oraaQ. at raie oi one are pius lor and the nW and elegant hospital Of Mem the round trip; tickets good 21 days from date of sale; liberal stop-over privileges allowed. See agent at depot for particulars GEORGE M'KINSTRY DEAD. Evilsisor was found to be on fire. A I very high wind was blowing at the time. carrying the fire brands towards the bus! ness part of town. The fire was confined to the one building, however, which was entirely consumed. The fire was caused by a defective flue. The loss i3 fully cov ered by insurance. The building, the old Howe house, was one of the landmarks of the town. Abilene, Kan.. March 10. Seven frame store buildings north of "Ward's hardware store, including a meat market and livery stable, burned yesterday. Nothing was saved except the horses and buggies of the barn. People living In the upper stories of some of the buildings barely escaped ln their night clothes. In the barn were about twenty tons of hay and 300 bushels tanee. Mr. McKinstry was married to T f aTth fn IZ 1 T K Te 1 about $7,000 with Miss Jennie Price of Turon on February d 7U1 ' "nan e small insurance. It is supposed incendi- 5. last, and the two visited in Topeka rr . m " aries caused the fire. ua)a io t-iw u-w uau oi u u one-half th9 amount, and in one week I felt so much better I walked four blocks and did a little housework. I was not bleed ing then; ln three weeks I was well. God phis; they only gave me temporary relief; I came West, thinking the change of air and water would benefit me; five months ago the bleeding piles came back on me. and bled so much that I thought I would die. I have had four of the finest doctors in this section of Texas; all they did was Was a Well Known Hutchinson Bus- I to finally nearly let me go to my grave; in ess Man. The death of George McKinstry of Hutchinson Sunday evening will come as an unexpected and sad surprise to many people in Topeka who had his acqualn- all they wanted was a big sum of money from me and to operate on me. I said I no; no surgeon's knife would enter me; if it was my time to die God knew It, and when I died I would die all together. I began hearing about your medicine. I shortly afterward. Mr. McKinstry was the guest of Mrs. Anna Welghtman during the holidays. About two weeks ago he became ill at his home in Hutchinson, but not until near the last was his death " Pensions for Zansans. "Washington, D. C, March ia Pensions for: Kansans have been granted as tJOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO THE FIRST HATIOHftU UU OF TOPEKH, KBHSRS. DefMitMT f thf State af Kaiias, SIiwmc Cmty at4 thi City al Tapcka. Raid Up Capital $300,000.00. OFFICERS. WM. SIMS, PRZSinWJT. VT. H. ROSStTSTGTON, Vies Presidiht. C. E. HAW LET. Cashisb. C. 8. BOWMAN. Asst. Cash is a ....INTEREST PAID ON TIME DEPOSITS.... Foreign Drafts on Saaall Accounts as wall All Principle Points. , a Largs Receive Letters of Credit the Sama Cref al Issued. Attention. oooooo OOOOOOd AB SOLUTE ECURITY. Genuine Carter's Little Liver Pills. Must Bear Signature of Seo Foe-Simile Wrapper Below. ; Very huH'mI as t. talcs as 1 SrADTTD'ol iwniuw 1 UTntYHMc FC3 HEAB ACffL F91 BIZZINEiS. FBI IIU8USKCSS. FCX TORPID LIVE. Ttt COMSTIPATIOa. FOXSAUOWSUI. FORTKECOUPLEUOI CURE ftlCir HEAI.ACHC. Topeka on January 22, 1902, pursuant to by-laws, aljournment was taken to Satur. day, March 22, 1902, at 3 o clock p. m. at the company's office in Topeka. Notice of such meeting is hereby given. JOAB MULVANE, Pres. E. WILDER, Secy. Hog Cholera in Concordia. Special to the OapitaL Convordia, Kan., March 10. Alexander McMillan, a farmer near here, has during the past few days lost 100 head of hogs from hog cholera. Rigid measures are being adopted to prevent a spread of the disease. Two New Rural Bootes. Special to the CapitaL Osborne, Kan., March 10. Two rural mail routes will bo established. out of this town beginning April 1. Charles Nels-w anger and William Metzler will be the carriers. NEW CRAWFORD THEATER. ONOE AGAIN, and For tho Last Time. THINK I WITH 1 KECOn 'MENDED BT PHYSICIANS StjOVRC. Sixty Years a Household Remedy For Burnt, Cuts, Sprains and Bruises. CAUTIONI Witch Hazel ia mt POND'S EXTRACT. InaUt upon Craw ine POND'S EXTRACT, sold ni? ia sealed bottles, bud wrappera. FOR OVER 50 YEARS Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup has bn used- for over FIFTT YEARS by MILLIONS of Mothers for their CHILDREN whlls TEETHING, with perfect success. IT SOOTHES the CHILD. SOFTENS the GUMS. ALLAYS all pain, CURES WIND COLIC, and is ths best remedy for DIARRHOEA. Sold by Druggists in every part of the world. Re sure and aak for Mrs. ,Vinalow's Soothing Syrup and take no other kind. 25 Cents a Bottle. AM OLD AMD WELL-TRIED REMEDY, ; FAY Four nights only, Tuesday, Wednesday. Frliay and .Saturday. Matinee for iadiea Wednesday and Saturday. Priem, IOe, X0c,30c. No higher. Uaa Free Taastay. Thurmdmy, ftarch 13. Llebler 4 Coa Beautiful Production of JAMES II. H ERNE'S "SAG HARBOR" as produced at the Theater Republic, New York. A 8vin phony of the Sea Mhore." Prieea 5e, 50c, 75c, $f .OO. Keat nale beglna Tuesday. TAKE bless you .for putting such a wonderful J follows : cause. COMING TO THE THEATERS. Remember the name, Doan's and take 'on Thursday night. auDBtuute, Jllearns's best play. k.wvk . ' r t I A. - 1.t.. Jl m i--t-vm. weninsura. men ueveiopea . . . . I t..-. ... ici . TVnn. . v ... . . i meaicine wixnia tne reacn or surrerinri .,. .... - lae.-io-e oi ma inuesa, ww.iae , , ,u u rran,.r W.llrril.A US- Tntin Tf men'sna women, x snail never cease to -..., ....... .. - . recommend rour medicine or be without Stonebraker, Sallna, SS; George M. Gor- It: also I used your Pyramid Pills. Sal-1, Emporia, $12; Avln A. Brown, Mer- lie A- Hearndon." Testimony like th!slrtanV ' Jacob Bunse. Chase, S3; Oba should be more convinclne than aU claims 1 D'ah B. Slusser. VaUey FJls, $8; Benja-, Anna Eva Pay returns to tho Crawford I an(j assertions, and should leave no I rain Williams. Caldwell, J10; Joshua Shri- ; tonight and wtU remain until Saturday, j doubt tn the mind of the reader as to the I ver, Towanda, $8; James M. Brown. Fort Ladies will bo free tonight. ' merit of the remedy. Pvramld PD Cum Scott. JS; Mexican war, John P. Price, Is sold by drugelsts for flftv cents a track-1 dead, MHford, $12. There Is only one dramatic offering at t aM or will be mailed bv the makers to I Original widows, etc. Edna T. Davis, the Crawford this week "Sag Harbor, j any address neon receiot of orte. "Write I Horton, ?8: minors of Edwin E. Main. This is James A. I Prramid Drue Co.. Mrshaii Mich., for I Leavenworth. S12: Mexican war, Martha E. i their book on rau and enr of rllen. 1 Price. Milford. SS. I WHEN YOU WANT GOOD WORK QUICK PHONE 153 Topeka Laundry Co. PRICKLY ASH BITTERS fsr inrflnrtSas, Co tlpatlan. KUmtf Troubles. XT CORES, WHY WAIT Cntil mom cmamacT Tm- dera It Imperatlv e for yon to have UUBh? Ha m rm-awrtiikt mipssst i tailed now sad yon will b prepared tor anytblag that may nap pen. MISSOURI tk KA MS AS TELEPHOKE CO, Telephone 999. j0t A Medicine for Old People. Rev. Geo. 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Dr. Miles Medical Co Elkhart, Ind.

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