Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 9, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1916
Page 2
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STERLING. tLLtKOIS,SATURDAY.;"PEC. 9. 1916. . \ Beautiful Boudoir ' Lamp, $£ .00 This exquisitely fashioned boudoir lamp is certain to be most appreciated as a Christ' mas gift. Iridescent glass shade and artistically designed standard anchbase. An Appropriate Gift These lamps arc the last of a famous Eastern designer's line; the low price is possible because we bought his surplus stock outright. No others can be otv tuned -even at ELECTRIC SHOP—after this limited quantity is sold. Mail orders will receive immediate attention. Enclose $5 in money ofdef of bank draft end Urnp will be »nt, shipping char&es collect, to any tiddrew you name. Order lamp No. 100-1068. ELECTRIC SHOP * 72 West Adams Street and Jackson and Michigan Boulevards CHICAGO r ERIE NEWS n MtefMnt Aet-Hrj-. IORRISON DAILY GAZETTE MOEEISON, ILLINOIS; SATURDAY, DEO. 0, 1916. ELECTED OFFICERS BIRTHDAY SURPRISE loyal Neighbor* Me«rt And New Officert. | the Unynl Neighbor* held their rrir- "* Choose ' Friendi Surprise Cornelius Workman Friday Evening. Yertterdfty wan the clsrhtleth birthday ' ; ' Workman. Mr. W ' (ling ... tK« following citHcfis for year: Mr». Ilrlto Tllrlmnlnon. Vlc*i Ornclc— Mrs«. Kva Curtis. or— Xtr«. Hello — Mr*. Annii Hi Atr». JoHcphlno Mr«. Anna Mt-Kw. HemtlH'l -.MlM. I»lly Manly. Outtilde Henttnel— Sli». Mnbel Bnid- — A. J. Molx-nimn. thrre i(r», MamU 1 rmldlfout, two re. to D'. McMullon. Miff JKlUK, isisr. and IH very well known nint In honor (if the occasion abttiit twelve of his frU-nd* fiurprlBeil him fit his hor^o nn West Mnln street thnt Vvonlnnr. lie uart Klven a box of rlKnrK nn<l a now Mvejjter ii» ft birthday remembrance from his unexpei'ted Two enndidatvH were initiated into he order and following .the busIm-H* Kion nn oy*Ur nuppcr WHH enjoyed. A FORMETfiESIDENT lath Of Mrs. W. B. Mourning Occurs At Kinasville, Texas. has juM been received In thi« -of the death of Mrw. W. K, which occurred at .the ome of her daughter, 'Mm. klnner, nt the TexaH-Mexican IiiHtllute nt Kii'iKHvlIle, Tesan, on 37th. Mourning bad bcfri ill for pom" but a sdiort Hm« n'go fell.'rind » her hip, tho shock of " which fttmed hrr drain. Slip was well known thin city, hmitnr resided here with i|ev, and Mr«, Sklnm-r when Mr. HUln- pnHtor <il the Prc.sbyterlnn Church in tld* city. She died at the Be of Sf. yeam. 'Pile remains were ken to Cave Hill cemetery. I,OII|H- », Ky., where they were Interred by he wide of her husband. Dr. W. H. who panwd away forty-six NEW DRY SHED Badger Lumbo'r .Company Adds To Buildings. The Badger dumberf'ompony- -has completed the eonxtruefinn of a ne\ dry wlu'tTat the rear of the lot wher -j-1 *rr-i-rftttrr-rrs«Wr«r-t-rti-tl«»-;«i»>t—»W<«-fi (Clinton, oppwlte their otllco. Th [ structure IK fifty-four,, by ninety-si: "T»»o(, and they expect to beglit nipvlni , tin- lumber In a few dayn. ' Ity *QV, O.E.SJELECTION Chapter 383 Chose Officers Recently. it Chapter :t«;i. O. Iv. H, elect- fllcerH '.ui Tjiieiday evening, Dec. llh*» The following ollieern woro clout- 1 for Ihe year: kVorthy Mfition- Annie U HaUer. [..Worthy Pairini J. W, Fi-ldman. A«»oelate i Matron «%1innl(v Fuldrnan, Sc'c'ry.—Ida AI. Harnuin. ;-Con«luetre»H~ Wlnnlfrod llarmim. t. t'onductr'cHH -At art hit KetiKieJd. «--A||c«-Hiii|th, Atie« Hroyes, W. n. TrueHdell. 'At thft clone of tlie meeting the Matron and Worthy Patron Irotight In n large pan of applet* ami Jl enjoyed a uncial hour. ' INJURED HER ANKLE |r«« Thomas floberUsm Falli Touring In Ankle. ThmiuiM |toln-rt»<>n was the vie}D of mi nnfiit lunato aei'ident ui he.r< ttio on North Uene^en HI reel. i». ,fi»vv y«-ujfu. While tit wrfrk In the kiti'h- «ho till lied quickly and. Mli|i|ii'il, l»ilfiiK her lei i i^nlUe IIM alii* did st> d fullinK to the t't'onr. A physician iB BUlnlliuii'Ml Mini IfWi'.H round that O'llHil toil) M-vi'ial liij.-unciils Iou8u in ankle. BIRTHS -A »on «HH huri morning to' Mr. and Mix, t>f Hnuinl tirouv tit You can cure * that cold in a day. Take- CASCA^DQUiNINE Tlio old frtinlly *em«idy~lw tablvt , Itvnt wrfc, suns msy t'*" tukf. No, _ \ iipiutfs—iui iiiU'li'J.vinl ufu*r tifucfu. ' > t.urt» vvM* itt -ti hour*-'Grip in 3 • < i«>si, Motivy lu--k if it fails. (JiH thv Bi'iHi'au- l> >» v»ith Kvu 'i«ip liiij j%f», ItulS i'Ktul< i/mt «itt'(Hs, REV. HOLLANDBRANDT Will F.ill Pulpit At Holland Church On Sunday. ' Rev, Ilnllandbrandt, of "CVaupai Win,, Will be in thin city. Himday ntv jvlli occupy the pulpit at the Utite'l Reformed church. It haH not yet beet decided to whom •» call will be i renilc.l. ENTERTAIN AT DIN.NER. "'Mr. and Mrs, Frank HodgeM will en UM'tuin at a six-thirty dinner nt thel home on North Orange Htreet this tve nlng, • . MORRISO^TBRIEFS Joshua Null returned to bin hnmo It Carroll,-In., Friday after vi&dtlng hln mother, Mr*. Daniel Null, In XJnion vlllo for a *hort time. .lames Ifulett arrived Friday 'morn ing from Ilnttln Iwiko, Minn., for a vlttl with his father, Robert Ifulett, run other relatives. • ' / .luhn liurl-bert returned Thumbi> from a few days vlnit in Chit-ago. P, W, Uuekley. of Clinton, was In thi city on business ThnrHd,Hi,v and 1'Viday Mrx, Karl Detweller, who II.IH hcei Mpendlrig the pant few: woekn at th hunu" of her parent*', "Mr. and: Mrs Frank Kramer, in this Hty, retutned f her hofno in Sterling Thnrndity, 'III sister. MlMs MiAiro Kramer, iifcompan- ied her homo and will remain with her for neveral days. Port Horning wa« a btiHlnctia visitor in Sterling' Friday. Mi.HH Frances Kcott .went to Oregon III,, Thursday for a few days visit with ANNUAL-ELECTION Eastern Stir Lorfgf 0? Eric K it >• !:»Tv1 •)-,, ..,<; .... ,\i, v. ! i.iitv r.r!ltr,:.;t r. -. S"' rv Mia <:<••"• Thom^miti. < 'Vi;,,i)t< f r<='.. M! ; -M KnUit-rii!" NICELY ENTERTAINED 3. N. Mason Honored Mother Vyito" I* Visiting Her. <« \. Mrijs »>ntf t minnl :i n l;t<l|ps Thursday Mr.s < I'rttiy of *i li'H.ti in Pidilln 1'Vbly, nf Hi. I,<>!ii-.' ;t'li< IrtiJio- were former frli-nil? i'!' Mi*. Kduy during her tt-Hi<.!*-ti<-<- hr-re. .-in.! tli" fi'tmi"t) will ht.= rf'ttM'mlu n<! .-i* irl'lf'ivpant r« - ea'don. !.>!n< hcon wa« *?rv«*d by Its* ARE DECORATING STREETS. Arramr"in«'nlf« have been Miiul" f«r "ici-i»ni,lnsj the lii'Ulrvard lights find small I'.-uU in (In- inline squiUT, nnd with tin' ili.H-orating of the ««t"n'« whhh IIHK already riirmnenccd tin- town «III .-mm take- a holiday appe;-traner. An nUffiii'i was made to have a • •iimmnn- My tree .mi! * 'hilpimus cMTi-ir't s nn- <!< r the inifiph <•«< i>r the thrcf < •htuchr'H, «ch<tol, inn! Wormm'* Vlub, but on n^r fount nf the nnwillliiKnesH -if t«>nif nf the ni t;ani'/.!itlni!!« to eii-«>peiate the if|< a was u)tai4i|"!ifil, mill 0:11 h church will follow alfiinr thf otil lines of ft |»- aiatn I'ntertalnmmtM. AUTO SMASHED LIGHTS. The ilriver «r an iiuliiinohilit barked Ills machine ncritlimt nti Iron. H»«t *up- portltiK un<- of the clusters uf J!«hts (it tlio Kiinth turner i>f tilt park \Ve(lne«(1ay'iii«lit. Tho i>o*t «n.« 1in»k« v n IOIIMO iroin the mitont frtuniln- lion htui tljijK-il ov»-r. i'<iinpH'tcly wnt-k- Injc nil of th<- tflnlii's. \V}H>t1i"t; the- nid- chine was <1ntiijH:eil nr nut WIIH nut !oarn«'i|, iiH the ilrl\ er ntn oromunloiisly ilrpartfil. hut Iho iliittmise \vlll ilniiltt- li-KH ln» cntlNfnrtorily HCttlrtl. ERIE BRIEFS. MI.N.1 (iilrtte IleHse xpenl !t (V W ila.Vsa Kt Jliiek iKlinul with MIHH l).»Htte Hree.i • hlit week, retiunSiHt home the latter part cf the week. Mr*. John Hank •Missionary Horicly l'rrsb> terijui-rhurtih Frl • Mr. and Mr*. Karl Knox spent day with f^nds in Sterling. j. A. Ulordon and F, Tr.wiitwc' turned Thursday evening frorr» Chicago where they have, becn'altending Ihe National Convention of th« Inde.- pendant Telephone AHHOciHtlnn Mm. Ueorge'Papo sp«nt Friday with fricmlH In Hound (Jrov*. Dr. C. X lla/lctiiii mado a buniiK-HH trip to .Fulton and •ThomMon Friday, •Uaffev wont to Ktcrlinfi on Friday. Floi'enei 1 - and Kmrna Meyer spent Friday with friends in Sterling. Mrs. i ! . vA. Davis spent Friday With frle,nd« In HU'rling. •Mr'i*. U.irry lloaglHiid went to Chiago Filday for n vlnlt with relative*. vv (jli>nn PrniH, of Fulton. vlsiYed' relative* In till* city FrMsiy. ' . . -.-, Fred Meyer, j>t Clinton, visited relatives* in thi* city" Friday. AlisH -Margaret Vand«rbur# visited U.'iulfi in Clinton Friday. .VliKxes HeU'ii Uvely and Paulino Arnold.' itf Chicago, arrived Thursday a vissii at the houu 1 » j f th<* fornu'r'» I'tits. Mr.'uniT Mrn. 1*. J, Lively, Kdiih XojTish returned Tlnirs- lay I'ventn.ij from n few i.Uiyn visit In 'At Au t l>ru« ' Flentir. of HU-rihiK, wtt» a hu^tm-jtH '>lttlt4»r intliiy city i'Vldiiy, vifitiiig at the hiyisc ii( her *><n,' Hutiier liuijer.-* " Chris W.eleh reinrnii'd- Thur'Jfday ibju^hti'i 1 .' Mr,*. l.«-ach. 'at l' Mluff. MII. * M.ts Hi ..iinldauUhti'l • '^'Uli'ili 'I'!" Leacli, .'iC'-i-ini'anU'd 1-ci' Ii'imr and Will r«-inaii.i hi'ie ?•<>' ,-- l '»iu < . > tiiiif'. Th'i $•-' "/" .!'• •••> i,'.ni/ i.i!i< ,ii> Tl.u- • ;,i/< -i '• •" I'.y' ;i'i iil' li'/lvi'lo JJifiSini; am! I'"", i. l-.iii!- '-iti v i.i • !-; : :/f. i;-. i \ ! ,-•' I), f. (- 1 . H. R |i.. V- ;;i (.': r: "'M! r, ;•-! -;-| .i. ; l'.-;> iv. eritertalned the of the Newton iVltlay. aftcrnotin. lu»xtj>r.4iV.rlvtul..ThurHilay t'ntrn SwoelnT"i«t». Monlnnn. will upend the winter with her Alrn. Hiry-«- ! »*fKtMK»*-<H« 1 Snrn Uaxter. unit STARTED AS BELL HOP • . • " i y~, .• Harry Frazec,' New Owner Of Tlio Red Sox Got Start I&aPeoria Hotel. (Jly I'nlU'd Pre«n.) 1'oorln, III,. Der. !».—Hurry" l-'razcc now uwnor of the Donton Hod .Sox worldV c'hiiiDjiiiin hiihfhaU clith, K«t hi Ktart to fame much Ihe Hurnc H.H <U< .Joseph J. J^nnnln, latt- owner of. th club. It was In thin city f&irx ttm yonr «K<» that Kra«0c>, /i« a boy, work »-d In the old I'rorJa liotel as it hell hop. Frazee wa« u'Kooil bell-hop am a reputation'that eHnjfa'wUh- him t< day was oHttildlHn«*d. aujon.K. th Announcement and Invitatfon of real importance to you! T JT TE are pleased to announce that we have contracted to sell the Maxwell VV Motor Car in this territory. We have selected the Maxwell because we believe that it comes nearer to being the ideal car for the average family than any other/on the market. We were asked by various manufacturers to represent them in this territory, end before we made a decision we considered them all carefully, comparing the cars point by point, and making sure of the right choice, because you realize that taking the agency for a car means the same to us as the buying of a car does to And we believe it is worth while for us to give you our reasons for the decision we made. - First we found the Maxwell complete—in every possible detail. The engine is modern, simply built, yet extremely powerful and durable. The car is light in weight, but sturdily constructed. There is arf abundance of speed. The operation of the car is simple and easy. The light weight and great power, of course, mean economy in gasoline and oil. /* Point by point the Maxwell is equator superior to most cars selling for o few hundred dolldrs more. There is style, plenty of room for the full number of passengers which each model is rated to carry, and unusual camfort. We were gratified to find these features so pronounced in a low priced car. The equipment is also complete. There is electric starter and electric lights, demountable rims, one man top, rain-vision windshield—everything the motorist needs for convenience and comfort. And so when we found how the Maxwell compared lit "all these poirits—then considered the price of $595—several hundred dollars lower than any other car offering the same advantages, we were satisfied that it was the best car'to sell, because it must be the car that people will want. ^ ^ We are fully equipped to give-prompt and satisfactory service to Maxwell owners—and we are^ infa position to make immediate deliveries. We will tell, you more about the Maxwell in future advertisements—but meanwhile we invite you to visit our salesroom—and arrange for. a demonstration at your convenience. ' ... ^ ' We are enthusiastic about the Maxwell—but no more so than vou will be when you are acquainted with it. ' East End Garage J. B. SMITH &Co. Carload Ju^ Arrived ._ J.JoppliiK bells in the Peorla hotel however, didn't hint very IOIIK, fo Frnzee jumped hlx job and went ove to a bill-pOHtlnK company. wh««ro h alHo became expert. HIM bill pu«tini made him a habitue of local theatren and ambition jimt naturally piiKluM hlrn along until b" finally landed a jot with H btirlemjue company a* a "ban ner man," one of the blil'po«ter« wh in aeeond In advance work, Fre/eo'rt i-llmb to fortune Mtarti-i Moon after that. He waved hlH money until he had enoiiKh to procure, an in In "Maloney'H Wi'ddiim Day," and promoted hlniMclf shortly after ward to fnino when, hu bucam« ooniit'Cl ed with "Uncle, Jowh Hprufeby" .am •Uncle JoHh SlmpkliiH." l-'urther run ling around the country with an oc ciiHlonal venture in uncertain theatrica liroductioim tlntiliy landed him In Chi WIKO, where ho opened a- buokitiK offici, !ind tho way to easy Hailing at tin Hiime time. ()m< of his IH-HI litiowi UCCOHHCH waH "iHleti of .Spice." • Auoth- r wan "The Time, place and the Uirl.' U ban been hlH ambition, be ritcent- ly declared a friend who liven Jie tu own a huHt'hail club. He alway.s h teen Interested jnore or lew.-* in upor ind wiiM lai'Kely re»<pon.stlibt for tin fact that Jen* Wilhtrvl won the vvorhl'i leavyweight i'htuni»ionn!ilj> from Jack Jidinwon. Ho InvcMlcd Jieitvlly in tlu [iromotion of the html, afterward nay- ng he did it solely to bring '.the cliutu- )|on.Mhip back to a uhit' 1 mun. Franco also fiiijiiu'cil the world tour jf Janu*i* J, Jeffries and Flunk Uotcli years ((KO. RUB RHEUMATIC PAIN FROM ACHING JOI NTS Rub Pain Rtaht Out With Small Trial Bottle Of Old * "St. Jacob's Oil." Ktup "dowinK" Hi.-,.,...., .-- JI'H i/.'iin only; not one case equlrerf tnU*rnt.*l tusUnuiit. oothlilK. j[iem>Ujiitinv; "S!. Juc< In line you • way- Jack Ho ,-H tlie rbcuniatic pain u'ml'dlu Hi; Jmiobw u'lt" iw «'barinh's« rlu 1 i.-iiii li'nUiii'ot which never" di*a.pi nd doesn't burn'the hkiu. U tii.n, soVi-Mi-j',-? aiid i«Hlfne«K ; ji.ilHH. •liin-H (i-.-i and bulie?* 1 . aUea, lumbago. Inti K.«t lif :i!id_ jittiiiiT IH»' *;••! a ;-iti;'»;i (;i:(i ! iild • ! ii|i' : . ,!l'-i"' .1 "St. J:).'"!'"' in nn v ii! »". !"!''. .'('id in a (i-nt. \m,'.'ii !"• (iff I'li-lu i«f4Hi'-- '•' I;.! ..' I !!'! •.':••* •• I.'"!,'! *,':,'ti'l " fifty Kuh -Oil" ~ The - Mill m'h- »u«i'«* .!K'U- Roadster Cabriolet Touring G&r • $595 r • $580 Town Car $865 Sedan - f, O. B, DotroJt — completely uttt $915 $985 OPPOSES EMBARGO GRAVES, SELF STYLED SPY He May Face Charge of Attempted i Blackmail Today, Exporter Declares It Would Be Unwise As a Matter Of NationarPoHey. (liy Cnited Pr Wa.shingtou, Dec, jt,— Dr, 'Ivarl'liraveK. wlf Hlyled Inleruatiiiiial ,«py, was to. appear today byfori' l.'nlted KfVitcK (,\>minlHK|i>nc'r Taylor to find (My I'njted Press.) ivhetlwr he will an»wer a charge of -, lil., lit-r, n.—Agitation .for i attcnipttisjr to hlai kiuall C.iiintes.s von Hll embargo on grain export H "waf?"de- i Itfi'ii.storff, wife of tliv (!eniiai| aniba«- cried by^luliuij N, Harnew, _exporter of i Bailor, for ?3>0»H by .tin- Hale of lelterH IHiluth. Minn,, adtlrpHHing the '<')o»ihiK i Htnuggled -through the Uilti^h ceiiHur ncNwion of the Nutional Confrreiin? on rtrotn iiernuny. VltirketinK here. He ileclaretl tliiu i iira^e.s" trial i>r j^lea^e ib-pemlcd on L «n t'tnhargc wottlit lu» decplv resented j whether (Jciniiiit (•inlia.iH.v n|fi< iaKs | :»y forelgii cu'uulrie.s and onwiM- us a : 'vvf>i-e'• willit-u or ahle to tell'jibotil the j natter aif niHtunal policy. . 1 vtallH <»!; (!ra\V-* to the /leMlHence of | "Mimt "agitation for griiin i'rnbargoex] pj jm t* HaiisfeltU, enihaws<,v Counselor, j » ba«ci| on t^ 1 liieury. that without j (!ra\cs today wa* tin, 1 MUUC detionnir ' short i tiip!*. paniculat'lv-wheat. domes-j ii Kllu . ),y V.UH when arrnsti-d-, nearly j to needn are impcriltt'd," - Harnest .said. f.f,, (U «».,.'„« j tj ;o. a"» he wlcpp'-d from | 'This In I'XuKKtfi'Hti'd and t'oolisb in my ||at»!,tt'!ii!'f«'- residence. lie (KIM stout-i ipinion. : '<»',•• ...,,.',.... j ly ruainiainoii -he never wfll 'iuiMwrr | "Htutl)4lic« on crops' are nutorioil»ly j , n ,, bi.u knutilitii; chair.*-. ! mrd' to anjve sit correctly and the bis-j ••; lu ., 1( (|- mojitlontul the CnU!it!-.sM>. j .ory of Jifly years iif grain fliHtrib'utuin j , m ,|{,. ;• i u . .nt'fii nn-i! 111" ,'i-lde'd' that; n Amerlcrt ^lunv^thal the price factor! ,(,,. |,'., t , rs ,!, ! .;-| II .HC-,I C.nint vi.n H.l'H- i * a gr«ai up*i*>tt<'r of »itailHticK,' Thvr'v !' tt |,,, ^ A j ; , stock gaiHl-lcr. s^nu i|iii'j»tinn thai with' our present ,• . price of Wheat, tho. record of tin-) : ' , ! U movement io market will greatly j Mean Man s Tankard. | -.yciH-d any vwlculutjon of total cr»p* "»«' •«-''. tho tjuainte,M tirinUinj; vcs- , arty over wujipliks. Actually .we I wls ill cxlMeiico" mny-' bi« ^'eti fit Nur-• at points of ^prilnary jiecutnuhi- | enibcrt; ii: Uu* old liftci-nlh i cntitry inn ! ,IIH> «,!' tlui largest vixible j<up.r'lu,-.s j \ v hciv Ailiici'lU I Mirer loo!. Ills case.' n-our biftory. • lit Is"n .Unihi.. v,.ss ( .| one- tankard. Ill-i 'naming Hand''i Shooting From Sky Alarms the Superstitious , .Tho "Flaming Hand" That Baffles Soientittts. . i n-our h'iftory. • | H Is u iluttblo vt-ssd. one iiuikard. lit-! . "Aii-embars... would bit rcM-ntcd by j ( , ,.^,^,1, ('„,„ ,., t i- t) |l (i -c, s«u«'i i« stikl ! -U D-i£jjijtli: __i.-i!J.Ua.LLilU::.__JLUli. I .'UJiiiiUJL.]-.—.'..-- , -*._ , ....- - .... ,.-'- — r^it'll ''• ."lu-rc 'have. IH-CII t tines in' ttu> : " ""*'•' '*»'. 11 "' J!l '' •"* " , t>! ^ : fi>r hiuiAell''aiid wife, i * Iru- ' .-,)!- \Vllh i.'.if llt<i.:4 ,'.,• « ill I,.O « l>l "(•<•!>' 1 t .* ', \i i (t'.S t ;1 tVHS .'iK'l uv. IM' . IK--.'* hi !;i y t ht «-H, • ;\ \ (m ? /i- • f .' ul 1 i'KillJ Iltvl .-< ill "M '"i>Mj( I \ a » .' \ '•• I), \, et-iU'il I'Vinri'da s> helji ! IU|t| ''e^et 11 K ln>rii brnught t'Vt r i When he was •fp us. <iiii. !«i futuie'- illtlou. l-Mirer had 'If' 1 liuit't' u< i«-.4.~.iii« !.Mj;ittati"U-. J la Lea out j.ilul (iHi'il I'i.r.hi-. v.'it'c, v»heu iv!j ii jiint ' < anuiVu •« : dU|'h':r>''U lit' |;>'p! Im'li frilii. a!'<H In. Ki'Mli't' •"j's'f lli-H own U'.-<' Uil«i U'( i>i^ A to •VV''.at Arc* You Tho "Flapiing Ilutul" Js JJio namo glv- ^a to un uutu'oouuiubla bit of meteor which Until}' rs iiu//.ling hcieiitiHlrt'- This rcuittrkahlo object fi-ft on the furtu of lU'iny J'luntl oi\crt)villo, N.'J-.exactly oui-iiionthiiltiT-llm death of hU. hoit Jtndolph > Tht>> c<.iucnl"uco k>d tu the- bi'Hc! unsung nilH-rt-tiiioiis iHMKhlx'is that it i u:u- ah an. <««< n. 'i'Jici bi.t of tw tcor W.IH bl//hiit; hot t'fl atul tu>t io'»l lor lu,"Ji» What bitlfb a t-ttinit'if^ *lio ~ tua^ viewed it i-> Ihe fin! Umi llu umtt'ii.i! .of ivlii-h i' j , i UI;HI> ii is i,-ill! t>r j.i,'. f«••>':! i •• i' ' • i c ,i< f ""•••->•' '- seon iy this part of tho world!, Tho "haiM""Bhot from the rty with j grout wliite. light, oecording to persona living in (lie nelghUirltooU. It N Hgbt in Height und rcticiubli:3 the imnd vif. u htnnan being gruBping Houicthitig utt if m an^uit'h. Tho "Uamib" imd'"lit- tle lhigi»i ' uta excesiUdiully lonj? mud tbrro ur« ifalla un some of llio "ttn- r> ts" The lirst, ttilddln und ring "Haf;. ' aif Uiawn rlmeiy lo/etln*r as in pain What r«*rreiijioinl9 io wiiM h.i4 tlu- Htipcataacf of having ii l>iiii,l ("ft iiii'J t.h<i«M bluck ' !'•' I. i ')•'' "•

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