Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 9, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 9, 1916
Page 1
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. li letting j>«»t»f* knew **h* don't know what you fiavtf on your thel- veir to «@tl. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR-NO. 136. AND DAILY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, SATURDAY. DEC 9/1916. fr leftirtfi peocf* fcrttw who don't know what you h»v* en your §h«t« v#t t« teff. PRICE TWO CENTS, MAN IS MISSING BRITISH PREMIER WILL WIN THE WAR BY THE CARSjANOfflER CLASH -flj-Jtjhtt Kr -Parker,; Engage In Business Here ' Oardenpiain, was Killed"AI ,, MURDER IS Can N6t Be Found. sJsPECTED / Bones Found In Fin/nace Of His Bakery At Canton Thought To Be His. Hamburg, p a . Tb. I. 111-.!:((!! he XV.ts IXX'O cat ri«bnrt:. -I' ••( .'"In, K. !' b'.ith Saturdax i"Mii;lit and < i in the r.iiho.'id m ker. xx h" wet rnornini; svtii-n shed. between yaids in Har- There- ar«> many lo the fiint that ficorue .Mania-!. M • Owk, of t'nnton, .III., xxtm had rn.ub arrangements to cotne to Stetlini; and buy out nn Interest in the .lefferfon on Went Third xtietj, hay been ed. Then- l« n-a*o>i to be)levr.< the body xv a M plan I IIP bakery In Cant in <; lieM .Inlin <.f Mr K'.'IM In I'.i . arrU.-d in !-'ult,-,n \\Yd:iv i"i,-r;im: at live o'elnejj. The .jn~ xvi re t:ik«'n to the home of h|i ills Mi ;ind .Mis. .!i,-;i.|di ,'',•!) k'-r itfii npla>u. xxhtii' Ihe ftiniMiil xx.-i?- And Defacto Troops ! Are Fighting 10 Miles i From Capital. 1 IS A REAR GUARD ACTION Villistas Attack For The Purpose Of Hampering Any Serious Pursuit, DON'T WAIT The Price of K. I'.-iik ,111,1 Mr , t! | in 'la r xv J I* 1 * Aft d in tin- furnticv n of xvhd'h lie hwlf owner anil hiw nnitilatid Wx nnd one-half years nu-i John QonttolnkPH,' now of Sieriini;, nnd <;.-u : ' ' i » left the Inland of t'ri-te' near for the fthotvx of America. They wtro frlcmlH in childhood and irmajn- *d frlfhd« In thplr new country, and for UK- flrisl two yeam tiny were- in Awrlca they H»W much of each other. For the pan! four years while thry have been wrltlnj? to each other often, they havr> bwn separated. _ "Both Itavfc }tru»|>cri-d, and made mon- \ 4iy ftnd WlVf»d It, Aliinia.H hn« been do- } tjltg ft good huMlnevH in Canton in hix i restaurant with hlx partner, .lanum! Jftsnijla. L<'tt€>r« JMlMftinK between the 8t«rHn«.mnn—and tho Outrun man lln- nl|y resulted in nwklnjr the Canton man to come t0-8U<rlliiK and take an Inter- <p*t In the Sterling'restaurant of xvhich ConnoIak^K wan part owner. . Nov. 12, John f'oiiNolfikeH made a. trip to Canton to HOC him and rntike final i'-' the eldest son' .*eph Parker and dain, l-V'bruary T-, r ieavin'tt home about erven '• UK", ,)'ihri remained woine time uii'.i-rlirut and Mf&wichu.ucit.<< and xviiil to Hart j.*bttn:. where five t Miio he "i-CUrcTl emplnx mi (tl 'ills ibfaUt Ulan : When the ni-xv.« of hi* death first i reached l-'tilton hi* friend* believed that Tie held n clerical portion xvlth the rail- jrond company luH mieh was not the M-iiMe. as he worked In Ihe train MI vice 'The facts coneernhiK the deplorable ; death of the xouii« man an hjhl by hi>< biother are. ".Saturday inorniuir while at work and Ktandlnu (in the inside of a curve.: lie stepped between two earn to make i a couplinc. When the ran! came, to- ftMller he wax c/llluhl bf-tween the col'-! ner bumpers and !»o crushed that i when reh'ji.srd he way ileail." ' John leax'es hi* parents and three 1 brother*. Hruce of Cardenplain, \'er- . nle in Clinton, and Clifford nt home. I (Staff i ' Kl Pa: 'xveeti V ment fit. onlv lo f >ut Inir r.iii/.lstn fi.ref-niei ma'* Webb i-ndenl \.. l>ee HI ('In. fiom Miller- of l"ni!..d I'ri •' KiiMithic I-Temio "Illtl 1,1 'hunn < I'UISIlIt «'hlhuabiia M Miiri;ia, burrii <l l-lief "f «'hx. Cal - ri'iii- «;• n i )? Hl.irted in the fv.ti >: i; jnn fallen iniu a in Information and {'. H. di'| Oi'ii. i ii-tina iliiji yeMerda.x iii.i Iry xx hn h h.i'l ,f the bandit* after 'f i 'hiliua bua and had illiKta trap. acnHilinir I'-.ii bittk' minim; men i :iHll|r \\-,\n near .|it lifTli'l !.-< in,l ' 1 li I lif Villlxtav, |||.! !Hld ilrivrti Itai'k N*«>;ir l-'l-ffiiu hi' wl.'Hid aunhi.i( Hi' CJi-n. Mui- Sanla V«al fiM-i-i-K «crc iittiii'ticd tn\\ ai d - t lie i a|>ital, hfilti'd In nialii- a - lianditM, IIH ant inic> la lit hurry H'll<>f . ', ...-. .. furcimiui, int'liuiril ncrvld's dt die- IIOHKO «t 10:30, condiicti'il by Ucv. Htirn*>, aiul burinl In th<> nanlcii|>luln HERE ARE SOME TIPS, ABOUT SENDING YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGES the ,V Ciintrin In " Mil The* rout Uttjoo tvpflrtinr>nt is ahxl ous to rcndi-r tiio* gr'wilcst |"if-Hili|i' Hr-r MLiit., vice... lu .-utineeuon with (lit. holi.lny- l» m.M'lt - only the rear uuard of the are-f njjtttrftl ~in -t hn * nttrmpt'~tn hnlt } the purxnit of the Kovernment troop*. * lief UUCP.* from CiiMihuirlacbic , say i that Villa's men are scattered In heaxy i boillt'H alolit,' the entin- line of ihe! Mexico North Western railroad., from..' Santa Vnabcl westward. The pref»enl enKHKemeiil Is nottak^ti' by military men heie to mean that ', Villii intend.s to make tutother aMMaiilt on Chihuahua City but that it in for Ihe of liampeiink' HerioiiH pur- wuit by the government troops. There illation Viv^T Villa'* tlmt rrnrhrd s Only $2.50 Jan. 1st the Price Goes Up 'to $3.00oi-?3.50. Dependent on the price . of Print Paper which The Gazette ..... ----------------- is ................ -Unable at This Time FOR UNITED PRESS STATE TAX RATE WILL BE THE HIGHEST FOR FORTY-FIVE YEARS I !'•> I 'nili d PJI'•«* > ' ' : St lill«!ir-)d, 111 . Ill ( :» The Mldte !;i\ i-timtlli>:-|o|l t"d.lX. !i\'->1 t!i,> K 1 !. !av i.-ite nt MI f.-n!«. t!i' li|^|i,i«it tlsure .-ini ' 1 V 7.!The ••(! ci nt;i xx,-i.«i api-.t-.T-ntxl av.,fol. If! In n "t.itiniefit m.-nb 1 i; the M'itI it? HI,'- Hi' i. I im; itl tl:i- t;,\ , ; "Th..-.:!, tli.. r;,x .,,;,, ,,, ,),,. ) ;j ill !n;u)v y-':ir- j . in »ny ••: inii'tt .i; r.-s; dinJ;, xi i;h n .".^ <•<••<••<. i;>; • ,,: i at r»)>! , \ • I J i ji;i;n,iii s Mi hidi d in tin' f,'( •innient IH tin' u' the fedeial Koi'd MAN WHO MADE THE NEW MINISTRY POSSIBLE GIVES INSIDE VIEWS Great Publisher Declares the United States Will Have to Face Germany if the Allies Are Defeated. ' n." IBLOCKADE IS ON Editor's Note.— The -followino •« tl-c mo*t remarkable story that ha« come out of the great ,,cri»i« in British oolitic* — an inside anslysin of the .-imazing situation which suddenly changed the government dl'l their be.'tt to hide the- truth. (To bid" the truth the Mnaller politician* were f-hoxvn time and time ARnln try- ma to .-over up ilu ir blunder* unti'l fln« Sir Kdxvaid Carton left tho gOT» rnrnent lawt year, I'f Lloyd < SMITHS h««S • •••I .- , - v ~ - ~. ,.... W1 .. - * linn K i i*im ;, i'(ii, ji i.ioyu ^ i rorirfi uAa T Vll*"""L^ ^ ««LjThom.d.J* j re,i K ne,Lwi«h j,, m - th^war would h*^^^ r DOBftl fll ft • »n -I I . f\l*ft nl t\r>+l+i+titfj* !_.!«. 1 * . _ . . * • ;British And French Warships Are Maintaining Closed Ports In Greece. he predict* Lloyd George will direct winding of the war; settle the Irish question and mainttiin the good will between Great Britain and the United States. It i» somethina more than an official statement. reatly advanced. lie wa* pr»........ upon to rem.'iin but r'vldwntly kl lib*'end of inn! xveek be found tfi«k *tat* | of s*e|f naliNfnctlon of hlH colloaffuwi III jibe face of repented ,net bark«. impoiwl» I ble to n man of bin vision and lly Bu »>n.» -I 7 f. r -°' llH<>m ' y ma - V bt> wa» that In a day or two, ...... . Wft» to go to I'eoria and from thore come on to Htcrll'nK. He did not come, nnd neitlutr did lie ri ¥f|"Kft Wiy fpttcrH to tbo Sterling man. -*?fisVi.jl8V. .CohnolHkw ^'en( doWn aKaln to wo Wit ftlMJfl inrt be wan told by Greek frlendn there that Mania* -United .Suites i.Kellts loitay decltired the (Mvltunn <if .CarranKiHiu« Kent In Chihuahua City after mnrchlnR only to acctimmodatf Incident to tin «• ol _.l'«be . .. . of public i« eurnestly utKed, and to tbi*' New lines of trenched and xvlre en- at,tainmx'nt tho appended sugK«'*tlonM j tanjrlemnnt« hav^e been ad/led u> the are offpr.«d; Chlhuahutt ik-fenw.-n hy On, MuiKia In Altill your ( hriatmas r^ekdRM early, preparation for another attack. Villa In tynph» time to reach tha ' ' ' several daj ; » In ndvdni-tv Yon mark the imrcel "Do Not Open Any Price i ROYALISTS ARE ACTIVE ' vv '""» _. * opyriKht. Adherents Of Venizelos Are^8e-;; ilu > ung-PersecutecJ And Are Fleeing In Terror. Lord .S For the !',!»;, by i.ioxd <; .few United I'IVHS.M ' he United I'ri's.". ! I' 1 . As a perioin- ; ltd inipfiftitnt -"tirf i>- 1s-niTe—if The"'' tHy (Tilted is--inrH Colloafluet Self Satisfied, of bin colleniai.'K—writing'** I ««[ an article that will npjifar In IW American and Canadian newxpapcra.-** I prefer only to .say they ur« men Who .WO.w!tlu'L.bdJi!V«! the war wa« corning the tren'if>iulouH portent of U for our race. . In my own ncw.spapcrM nt hora» J hnx'e Miiolii-ti—t»iu^4i—u*^u-u—f.lninl» g^ ..I ) flint <'hristinas" without .tiffVrtlnp lt« inuy I'ntll «.^ * ~ «»>. .. . . ------ ; " , nas wou .tirt lift for Utorling wveral days be. ,, ciltlon / fl,ri«im««- f»||8 * flr ° ftrl " mt ' 1C * ail . (h w notWng mor , oll » 1kM 7""" '«'>">wan lu-md from hin .' ,Qnzettf> tlmt It wan thouKht Atunht* had Jieen ntunlt>rt>d. for noth- ln« tmd been 8f«n of him «ince, Nov. IBlh. . Thi>.following l» taken from the Canton Dally ledger, c.ontainbiK an account of thp KtippOHf-d murder: Chtrrad Bone» Found. "The* hundful t>( charred bom-* found Jn the (Jn»»?K bakery fuiiuice. South Fifth avenue, ytwtprday afternoon by tho police, Mihled to the myrind of blood wpotn in ihn "rimft) kitchen" ami UlHputln« KtutPmentM made by JIUIICH Ix'iitJlH. under tfrront uuwpicioned witli 4»pliiK the murderer, lend authoriticfi -1« jconclude thnt there ban been a mur- _,der committed, and Jhey believe that I^iintJlH* bakery pdrtnei, tleoiKe AJanlaH. Who htiK not been Been by friends and relatives lu>re »li(co Nov, IStb, is mur- .h-Hvory hampered will on M dax- more "or >» ! in »a.ld 16, have. .declarrd he xvill re- i turn to Chihuahua Jtfipr' the I' | pi'MoH ninnom h«» demanded from tho morohanlw. He IH xaid to have obtained about 30,000 firmly believe that tin' eon- clindon of the/ police IH correi't in every particular, Canton phyxieiunt* who . h«v0 ipade DxiuninutloiiM of tho |M<IU>K (jhavp not fully fOllC'luded Ihey <lre hil man b^fU-H, Hllpei'Hctal analysis of the H|Mit««how blond. "Am the bonuH and blood thowe of A KO«t or Mti«cp, ItiHtead'.' That aueM- ti«n t/l bollllf Hl-rldUHly eoliNlih-red, he- cau«(| fJrcekH litHt nlKht mtide the inisi- tlV«i rftntcment tlmt IJOIU-H and part»-of J'ago Five) DEMONSTRATION CAR State University Oar Has Been Spending The Day Here; Interesting Lectures. DEATH OF MRS, WILSON Former Jordan Ci.tuen -Dies At Her , A Home Kooiioiiiivw D.... car from ihn l,'nJvc»r«ttyr»f HlljioiB from tho dfpurlintiiit of HKi'icultiTre ha« biM-n Jn HterliiiH most o.f the d;ty. The ear i» for thu exleimion wervic-e in agriculture In i-o-oppraUpn wilb th.. .... Depurtmcnt fif Agrifulture. W. "H, ii«nd«thln,'vice director of Mr«; Hubanks ^c'ttr ban been near tin- frcljjhi j a telegram ilti.s IIM d^put "of- tho North \Vrt<tern au'd from i moml, indmna. saxj Ht«rliiiK It IN ne,\l mo VIM.! to, l)eKall>JM>n \\j|isnji h.-nl ,in>t county, whero it will be, in vajU»u» vil- •»(' her death \vt-ic n Ju«e« ^ that rotuity all of nest xxccl<. wrapping: (iaper and tio Hie pjircel Drrn ly xvltb jifiifrotiK cord no that t.he cord j cannot Klip off, ThoutwindH of parcels Call To reaclDtle,stiniition on account of' impro|M>r xx rappiiiK, AddrcH* jin return addrOHB. |io, not fall to xxrite plainly-and legibiy-irt K'lvlnjr tbo name «|jd adi+reHJr of ^id- dre.sMee the Kreater prominence. Your return iiddn^H be prefixed by UK- word "from" and phiiiild he placed in I be upper left hand coriuV of the envelop«< ur paj-cel. TSIKH Hhnuhl not be' u«e<l for nddroNiiiK "'Xcept when uji- avoidiihle. Mall your ChrlKtmiis cardM rafly. ThtiH avoid ili»ap|iointment by ron'^on of failure of friend.H to receive your .greetiiiMS until alter the holiday, J'Yagilo iiriieb'H which" arc. easily broken imiNt b»« xxfjippcd very «ccnrc* ly, nud i*ucb parceln hlionl.i bo plainly marked "friijjire," "^la«s" or otherxvlKo dcHlKlialed an The raw may be, to in- dicato natur(x of ciiiitcntH. • haldi- (irtirh'M cannol b«> accrpl • «d tinb'Ks il jjj re.t.soiiitbl.x- certain that they will reach « j n KOOI! c,,n dition, -and miiHibn marked "prrlsli able." ^-C\r^i»tma» £)ay Delivery. .There xTHi be no delivery of mail by city carriei'M on ('hrialnmti Day, but Ijw olllc.' will be open for the delivery of mall belsvei-n ihe bourn of UMIO nnd HITHI a. m. and the farricrx will be mi duty niid xvlth Jin* a«Mi«tanc0 of the clerk.H xx'lll be piei'mreiito deliver mail promptly at the ilellvc«ry xvlndowM. In order to maJie UN compleio a (li'U.y«ry as posMible ptitronn aro urgently re- to call for their mail during tbe oillco is upon, thorcbyl relifiviim 1 the tsirriei-H of at lea>T a /Ion of •their loail», Tho of the publli- will b« ciiitol by tho' pox'f otllce fort-o. A, M, t'laviu, Fostniu.ster. FRANKI.MANN! COMING Prominent Farmer Will,Addn»i» Coun- i ty Institute. '". J-"rank I. Miinn, who HpOiihs on "Kojf 1 ; iinil other topicH nt the county funni-ra'-l InKiltun* in HteiliiiK next Thursday, in 1 a practical farmer, and resides on bio,' nk, i " wn ''"" "<'!•«• farm at liibnan, Illinois, i Ho ban .such wonderful fnici-i-;i-- In; raiMinp (Irliin. eriip'* thnt President i I'ahfinore of' the Institute t;<"t him to. i come bore (o id! ihe fiinnerH ol this i foelioiiM hovx he d"e» thiniti-, Hin Kpe.'- j laity in tlii* raisliiK of Kfaln ami.Nim- ' liar crops. His. wheat crops ju-c mild • Ho run from fni to v u; < urn from so to '.HI i»u,, SO to loo |,u |,,, r acre. the jffrwit fertility of | InK clover and the «so Mr. 'Maun in re«ardi oito t>f ihe licbt jiifiln Better Renew Now while the Renewing .• .is .. ...-. 1300D is | dlsimtcheji lire AH my«elf oe- iti th« a criiicnl ., 1',-itly delayed. un<> i-. . . . • i ij!H|-atch dated early in the \vcek 'd«>- , -'"nl South Africa. t«> B «>thi'i j i-lared iln- inlhfr'entji of former J're-'i " '*• jTnier Vi-nixebm, now heail t\( tb*> pro- txi.-»i(inal Kovernnieut established -at I Snlontkl, are HiitTerini? pcr«e<.'Utlonf« at Ihc liattdM of the royalist forct-M and are tleoinji in terror. At Athena utnui- jti»'H iire Charged nKUln^t tin- -'Greek I troopn.'.'.-. . .. . ' . ' . ..- , - Mt-ttmx-jHle --tho alliert bloekaYle of formally in effect, portnni to Americaiifi for another rcii. ! I)lainly I ' 1 ' lr ' r t1 •''"t I ' •.ulin_nuw-th»-hMta-wf-tho-fl:ve} c^^wna'ly--«>'«' >»«••»t nations engaged in the. - war. j c ° un j ryi .'. . t)ni> i-" 1 "" 1 "' l -' an ^< lft - 'Australia, N>w 34ea-! " ^"hen laM %wek Lloyd Oeorif*i d»« " ' '"d South Africa, toother with i cl(1 *'< 1 to »nin«b ihe party mnchln* I'p-Mi t!n>.H<> nntioiiH the win-i wfu ' rc> '" '"' ^' M ' becomr »«ntniiRli»(f. h* ; nitiK "f the war they add the allies are beate.n It will be Amerlcii'j* turn not!. <5ermany'« pliiriH in South America and itn hatred on In HoW >««« an 1 iiif the I'hlteil States all. la a Human Dynamo. I have p(>i<n him al two otht*r propoHand WARNING IS ISSUED German Sea Raider Expected To Arrive Shortly Off The •-Coast,Of Nova Scotia. Lloyd IIIHUII be knuwn j „ ....... ,.„,. , reads the anti-jof tbe war—ilrnt, wlien' lie gat HiieU* "' |be Uerman i w-bieh: the Kovernnutnt fontot to pro* .V, ". . , jvidu; nt?cotul, xvhea b«» nearly—no near- Like An American, ! ly-accompliHheirtbe unilleation of lr«^ O.oiKe is al«o inu^rFtin* to: |, uu |. O n each of thW oooiiHlon* aat maintained by Kriti^ir and liTeneh war- ,„„..,(„,.„,„.„., . . , ,. . ..,„„ »» , >onr ]<.....m,..,,,, ,,„„,,,„ }w> ^^ v MK life [during the pant week. Ihe man'r«m>a|. been xvry much simihir to ninny.;,.,| lilmxolf an a'human dynamo. Kv. f I I'* itl-l*flti ^1t%ittl*> icl«lt.,.i* »*!... u | - * - . . i *, J per acre, oata from hit, ( and IJe js noil by rais- >i| pho.SpluMe.S. d by many as farmers In iliin ' Jordan Ci.tuen -Dies Homo In Indiana. 1 i of the a lar«< The ear llWH U ol the ^h to admit pctHOKH to Whom ar« eivt'ii hy the two Floyd t). Kosli' ujui flyiil. The iady rH.r4lHK nc-0tio»il<'» of Ho Mr, II'O machinery Hhout tho; runn it) «. llUirhuuicai way lmiK tin "v«r ' ntunhi -r eH' thrtre Uni|y demon r.ri,it oik .(tlive H though |j» r In iniiii ~ oi city ninK irons l;u ! • K I ha I .Mrs-. Ma- lU'il ,i,"arHrni,irr. ; cnt. Hlu; vutti years of H«;I', and il -in :tlh vxiut due |<» Ihe (HI ii«e XothlilK- XV;IK .said ; i'unc.ial, but Tl is Kiir- i( xsill Ilu held nt Hii'h- i'liiernii-'nt' in I be > •ountry. He ripoakti lu-rc Tlmrwilay morninic and afternoon. White his nuiin mtbji'i t here iH/'Soil" in- xvill an- Hxver ipie^tioii!" on other j-'ubjj'ctti pel'" lainlng to larmliiK. RULES ON AMENDMENT Canvassing Board Hold It passed In Order To Have Court Pass On It. (Hy I Tilted I'IVKX, I SSprfilSffiOld, III, l>ec. U, The htiite board today ruled: ^tjat the ailleu'lnii ill Mihiuillcd at the last •ral election had -paj-M-d, All of tho itit^ihiT* of the- board y.iicd I'm: tbo |>ro|n,Kilion iii nrdff- the v 'said, in Hfatenienl iwMued, io «el the .matter befor» tbii .Sujiieuic conn u''| the car- llewl p(iM«l!j|e inomeiil. TliM illUCIldlUi'llI liilled by li'i.iMtil l.i. got a inujority ol nil tin- vote* (aM in i c.|ect)oii but di(! receive u majority (if tho (,' <is!.'<.'iuld.v, (in ilu- latter contention Ihe board pa««ed imor- ibly on the ainendincnl The board 'leclared the enlii s e niMlter x\-,i.s ( >ne for Ibt< supreme court tu liccidi 4 Hy p.-ifis- ns fa.vor.ibly i'-n Iim ..inicndnieiil tin •»oard "made n nbliKa'iory lor iln* op- 'oiii'iit.*., u|' I in- ini'ni.iiit' lo piese'nl tin inini-r !o ,l.r -opicmc court al'ier He ( Hy Cnited 1're.^.s.) Halifus, X. S,, I)ec. t*.-^-\V<irnbi|t of the poHfiible presence of a Oernian sra raider tias |, t en irivei: rill n'llied shlp- 1'inu by ihe Hi iti)-h •naval authorities here in additifMi to Ih<--continued warning that two litshtinK MUbmariiu'H are fbouglil to lie comowhero off the Atlantic ;..-•.. The xxaicb against the .von-. M'l 8iis|,e,:ii-d ,,f tieinjf the raider is he- IIIK in:iiniain>-d b,'ca:i.M' its 'position xx hen MKlitfd xxns such that it ciiiild reach the xvalerx In (his vicinity J in a day or ixvo. ' Tl»» naval authoritliTS in ilu-ir warnings relrite that-tin- KUKpccted craft wits alloxxed .-in pun* by tho patrol nlT the southxvewt , ( , of Scotland last Sunday undef the«siou (bar il xxa.s the Dutch fitennK-r Oamma, Lalcr it XXMS learned that the latter vessel was at Ivirkwall a I that time. AT THE FRONT. (Hy United -I»fv«w.) Beilin, lier, H>« \VireleMM Tn.Pay- vllle.;!.-, I.. Dec. 'J.-Ktni'i roi- Carl <; A USD ia-llniiKary xvas a vi.tltor at (Ic*-- nian grand hcad<imimTH reoently, h.i'i-- aif intjerx'iew xviih the KaiHer.Tficld ; >ViU.' . >. i ' »« mi*ir.i>ji IIP ii llllllinil (1^ IIIIIIKI. ir«Vw ' simply without other ,.,.y cnersy of the man -1» focuned o« « if 1 r*if Iiftc «in*l ivtr.(Mi..k> i. i « *.. . . .. i . . . . w * bin immediate task In- luind, *Ho the pi'iwuaMiveneMH of t tho man with tbe roijcpntration v of the j CM of the f ' «-v» «»n ;; forfS. | i'lttl MafKbalK. von UiiuleubeiK: and t "cm ail tcrpool xxt-Tct alho nl. , jllurriet . '• — . . J RUSSIAN ATTACKS FAIL. Uerlin, «jor.. Hy \\"ir<-Je.sM To Hay-ville, L. 1. Dec. 0. -Vnin attacks l-y | liu.s.-Liii forci'M ,ij;uiiisit iM'i'man !x>"i- tloiiH north of Nar-HK Lake find l-Yorry Narrows prec<-ile,j by iim pre- illft, XVere UHMM e.«'isj.'fu|. Ihe V.'ir •i.-;icts thrni a i;ood. father and mortier, Hf received Uie *i\ir\e kind of education 'IN the American boy.M K ,,i, MilltoiiK <»f American home, were like his in „,,, American ami «h7iho,';,u«i;;; iMtl:- town in ,\v«b-M where he .spent ! Kn K || H hm-in I'i" chiidliood His father was ,,' teach- j „(„ crltj ; m miv ho tir , lfj , 0( , "- '-'• a HiiiHll I nitariMn xrhool In Liv-j| v M bin tank. That 1 do not ,„.„„„.. supporters included l»r. Jlo given every ,,i»u«« of biw ener K v for *. .. , ,** s« r 'n *-\i~r) iiuii'.n oj HIM dneruv ior Jartmi-nti U« muher xvus the achievment of the object in hand Ml!(SI*»iru i * i 11 ( i^jl t. t 1 IL I. * ,.»!..{ .. . . * -T^«.^« of a Welch ISa'pt|j<t minister In'nnd then of Llmny- jportant .•(Tort. on to tin* next I x-llt Have Often Disagreed. do not know Lloyd (leor' life. 1 have .not becii in pri- tair.s. • \\'e hax' istic on many • A ., majority of other stroli ittackii .on the- front hot xx eon ha and-lHutHt/ii Valley \xcrt Home of bin habltti Jn concentration are a little trying to bin co-worker». When Involved in a HChcme he i« ii ! bad k"ej«^r iof^ appolntrnents and a very'' b», Durini? to con- part of clKars and tea taken breakfast UHiial- . --•.- ---•• 1 . t.I*,l(f^,|I^. "!'•-•• ».-" |^X* *. **I't'"»*»**»*«-*»**» «1 II l| II V xxith linn on many political af- bail corwipoiHlent. JJ*i appearn to been publicly aiitaK'in- very irregular about hiH diet, during the past [the pawl week hiH diflt ;-NiHt for the but I believe he GREAT WAR ;-ti yearis. -He'''adopted a lino in tin llncMan'; I"* 1 " 1 !' war dial-wa.s'not mine, incurring Kirljbit- 'be haired and I'Ven ciinlrnipt of mil- liiU'XxiH;'; 1 '* 1 " 8 "^ bin fellow subjects, n xviis* a i brave line and deniandul more cour- •'Xorth ol i^.irnnvniru xxe |,i»t jjruiiml ««" '" «»Ue 'be side of t^ie minority ,„„„,.,,,,,,„„ ,„ ,,.„ „„ , ,,, Whicli XV.-IH dearly paid !cl In tile i*K- , »I'P"^'il lo tbe' wnr Uuin to hlmut wilb' ,?, ' ," ,,'" l >r "«""»' l '*"»» W»»» »re»*»r». The,,, were. ,,I K ,, uitiicka lir"" 1 "'"Ji.rity in M.pportinK II. j which he | M •IwUints. ho ban tbe umiHunl the! valley, which partlcallx-l «i»«r Hien Ll»y,| (ie,,, K e ha.s led all!* 5 '" ," f f''"' 1UH .V f . lhttt ,'' f ^-Mn K other I.H,,,,..,, t " I"'«!'lt' t lo do tblu(,'«. Often tlu.y Got» Othcis To Do > Things. VVHb The difficult but n human? unit in th« propoHiiUiiiH with failled. Th umall local l;uwMa«is only WiDititlK the LEAVE FOR WASHINGTON then Lb lein't.s of th, ut variance• with Xvh'ich I political pin-tit 1 * in^nd, t^otn*.' timen In; and proved ri^ht ji( In." ban lieeu wroiiK-- and --but In .all he. IIIIH undertaken „ "_ *™7:"™ ifvinccd the same, courage- Governor Dynne, Wife And Ctau tf hter Uhoxvn tbrontjhout this Off For National. Capital. ' i^ek^si r ly>i'iry 00comes Prime U! ^ lli -S~-rtTiavrn enli«ted In Canada And Was. Seen By A War CorrQtptndent, • .. ,'Jn in il Is '.^ -iwije of "ICvery NVeek," i^ pitTiHi. v allAH4 Kohl on tbe *in at (Ic.le by Hruco Uarloii ho Aninlcaii U-gjy^.- j (l II be lell.s of an incident whicl\ Hhoxv.-s I hni. people r,« ;ir htiiue are often weii Mh,1 ln'Mn-i'i to public incite by the neivjii .jiH-r»i .iti'i ui;iBav;ine|i. The ;/rti- -.I'MlKv-nmny Ainerican.t the v\>ir <'jMTe»yK'n<lcMl '.iiiadiBn reKiini'nt in ;» and ;ts.kt-df Un., nean-nl rt hit P--III nfi '(>n;td,i .iin.' .in.! !>(• XX.IM uiiirh t i • "", *••* '?•••• *t*i*tr^*i> *r*t». D nt*'^ . ,tlw»TiBti* p4-ople but not «lway«, HJUIU- the world over but making a real war 'Kovoriiinont IK not an usy a tnHk« a« handling jiiaces to hungry polillclana itr peace tlmcH, At the benlnnlnji of the week hitt politic.ll iijipnncinKs did not weeni tli think be'woulii In abi«- tn make n new; giwernment, now they think this one will not Ia»t. I do not <mr«»e with then), ful ji hfijpve he will IIM tb« lu-rfH of n gov« *••• •'; .""' ''"'t^Heminent,Hint will win Hie war. bring a XV.IH bis dc.sire that Uu*,.settlement of tlus Irish' <|ue«tion and .,„, . f '•"I'l'-iTcd on another, ; m! ilntaln the esHcntlal facior-Kood will uh.d fo,- some hour, it looked a* j between the Kn K \M t peoph, ,mtio,,H, tlU iL", ,' ' ''•'""'' ? g "' tU ltu 'i Hl ' Ui!<1 ' empire and the people of o,.» fhcotcunun. 18,.,»«r Laxv. rather tlmii UnlUil StutU ' • I The \\ (•lebni-.ui. l)avi<l Lloyd' Ceoi-t.'*- I ' - jUi • c, .-...•.,.,.,.. w(Fv,vni»> nrime iviiniiicr. anil Mrs. Uunm< and ..their ».lau»;bUT,| Tlic'ev.,,!^ of the week mwde him t.etaldinc, leave tonight for rhlvmiofJU-iiTi,. minister, a position a«' powerful enruiiii' to \\a8hinj;iun, \\hen> iiovw- a« that of pi nor In.mne will the eniuVivn.ce '.Stairs.' .but it of Ko\Vniorn ( xxbic|i incctH Dec, u-lti j iliiHliucijon |,, U'iv, DUIHIII! deliver un address* on a .' \\',ite| \x. ( iy,::|.'ri,in the l.'.iUi'.-s ,((.) dlli' Gun"-" 4 The. Kovernor'ti i-any," which $•{11 t only of his* wii« an Ua,t tt'r... xxillTeavc ("lucaw" on TiK-siiay THREE MINERS KILtlD war. j-;iy M'l'i'iiai'hi i! a i London. Mi-e.'i ,'olther. •••!-•(, .;n llil.y.ui . t ,|ii.- ii ii. ti innud, "xvtlh of thai cliy '. -\ln*. \Vi|;,o.n. liHXi-.-i I our i hildren, all ii ; ,sidiii»; tin hniotid. as •folloxx-f>i "TTi i • V1 1Vu TcTi u • 1 1 j. .M i .HS Anna LINCOLN HIGHWAY OPEN J.After Five Monies TAvci I* Rosumpd sill | ! ici'd ' :i. him •ir 1 uiii 'from one of Hie •• in d Ihe f.xnjie .i -4:1 id. "li.urt ."0(0, Illinois." til'ierit iiundr'i-d I had bin H,M( i."fn I in a not bet man'. ! i l.'.'tI. iroin. thljj e •the I'ol- or 'H" iniisf hn il s and |'o- sibi j-iirljei) cluxe >--jy- ; , wmd. lie waw .iii>.f M'ililiers who •-H tin- bord* . xxar. it i mx 'ei>atit,n may lie as ft lend:-; lo- ..s*ible n.'ime Occu'^ocj Yesterday In A Mine Al Johneton City, Illmcis. 'tHx"' I'ulif'd I'feSt, i ^S'.n'iu;.'icid. lit,.'''! Jw, f Tbreis jiun • i-l:-.{iisl Ihelf live-' in.;) mine -|iie ,i|j DM- .bibn>i'in ''iiy c->.i) i-iimu.'mx V nnia .*t' «'ily y<.-st<ird,'i>, acti' tii.xvorit I'i'i-i-ixcd I'liity bx- Se'ci. >nr\ AJorris of Hi-,' Kiate minint," in';ir»l Tile m^pecipc xx lui r«'|M!!|itl i!i'cl(iv»;ii tho tin- xx as bin, I.e.! nit ainl w iHisli'i w.;.'nr«iut into ilie alonf-. ! 'fi far a"; hi^ iixvn party wan concirn- w!, but had the 'stippur; of-itonar Laxv, who previously bad opposi-c| jiractic- •illy''y^M.riTjrai-niovii he <-v-i-r nmdu, r:n.d h;td an iiulside helper in Sir ,Hdxv: t rd t'arwiin, .wh.tse -Itl-di poltey.-waji di.ini* irieal'lv 'ilpposiie- Th<--se "llirct. xxiih| l»t>il.v. produced''a ' tuii.icle ll,.ti_ .d! i he xv.iild, tf ihlKnii: about. ;« In a few d iv.--, 'iIK-.V have fmnud ,-i «ox •/ ..t rnniciil, .mat r. ,1 tt IK- true by Hie in•y .i-hiHion. . id' .-i«iin,- uuiahlc former ' f,,.l!iin », but .t-iirichrd by nrvv-meii a.s , THREE BLOWN TO PIECES I . .» 0ryer u at Powder l?lant vania Exploded Today. (Hy Cuiteil I'M'flP) ».| Alietiioxvii, i'a , !)*•<-. t*.--Three m^n XVere hli.xvii'lo |.|i-v'CR today When tho .iryer at ihe plant nf the IVm>s.vlv«iuug Trojan' 1'oxvdii i >.<irtji.'i|i.x;, at Iron Hridi.;*.'. ihm- tiiiles tiMrjfhwcti of blvw ^ip Hi XX, II. nd to Criticise, .•pb-'s li-jir ul m His- Cnitr.d writvr.-* Iruiu __i.ii>'h;iti.-iti< d tin- Hri|i».'h xvi-h the i'iv]"itici if, Muni in' MM- w.'ir. l! l.-i, H;e JiS hoi xv(".'-li i^niti-,1 tin On John I Sli-l II i u; .GOT FINGER IN CAR DOOR. SCHOOL BUYS PIANO, tor.-t !• '.il}.-. A'.i 'Uii'.i lulwcrii l«i!! 'iif. th and Itei I'KVfllg Uti«i< r ui«! vmlv luu i <U't<MU j ill *U'U t hr'ce . Cn'.iiSe iif ii t!;ill.y MS, ji.irli >nn.-nt ;DN! If! '.he ,.ll.t'e|np|,.-.| (,, hil (I'M' ,i i u .1 p.i;»no.h .i I his ' r<'.ju.lj;»l i WJHjtll lh- found, ill In <!httr«e-of MJ.I»M ubmit thi'in me othvr fart 'of ilu- triiw 'which S/ECIAL GRAND JURY, Will lnvfl»ti$)ato Uiving Coat in Detroit, Chicago and New York, (Hy 'Titled ..J'r«',«.-i \ " W'.ciliiiuUon, |i ('.,- Uec "i \ '-w^"- ciai Hr-UJii Jury, wiil iuxcMlKuto ih>»' bfijii I/OH! ul lixirft, 'in Ivtroii. •'hiiMrin* ,iiul Nrvx Voj-k 1 bej{innuin tfi> nitddlo of next xveek,,'§pi»ut«l A*-«i.-«l,nn Allot ni > I'SeiH-r/il* .Aiidi.'i'»t/li, 'xxiio i-. " ni i.' of The ur»e,stij;ati-"'u, ;uini)iini'.« t l" 1 S.I'XV V. IM.j II.X" -il'^l-* J,, -iiuiXX' .i'' I '.-I Up- l"r « !'.- u, • vx Hit i t!iu - Ti I} , • ..e.-a- i is , ,WI\ !<V ; X i<l' !;.(, |ilu?( i-ic i S-S-- nXVll • ,';,!,- ill.UK hM.'ii- t»:'i! t .-•'ilti.l-ii'll! S . M'l Vil' .«. -,1 ;-i,-t iij.-'u I'ii.ii in

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