Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on May 22, 1974 · Page 2
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 2

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1974
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The Weather IOWA FORECAST Clear or clearing tonight. Low upper 40s north, mid 50s south. Partly cloudy with chance of light showers northeast Thursday. Mostly sunny south and west. High mid 60s northeast, near 80 southwest. Iowa Extended Forecast Friday through Sunday: Fair and cool Friday followed by moderating temperatures and chance of showers Saturday and Sunday. Daily highs from 60s Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednesday, May 22, 1974 Daily Record Friday to 70s Sunday. Overnight lows from 40s Friday to 50s Sunday. The Weather in Carroll Yesterday's high 75 Yesterday's low 61 At 7 a.m. today 57 At 10 a.m. today 67 Precipitation (24 hours prior to 7 a.m.) Trace rain. Weather A Year Ago- High temperature a year ago today in Carroll was 75 and the low, 55 degrees. Manning Seniors Presented Awards Students of the Manning High School earning awards and recognition for meritorious service to school organizations or to the school were presented at the annual awards assembly Thursday afternoon May 16. Charles Brotherton gave the introductory comments after which the following awards were presented. American Citizenship award, Richard Crandall; instrumental music, Gerald Huldeen; pep squad, cheerleaders, girls physical fitness and volleyball, RaeJean Paulson; vocal music,,Gary Linder; declamation, Voice of Democracy and dramatics, James Miller; Softball, girls basketball and girls track, Phil Lawler; newspaper, Chuck Friedman; baseball and golf, Terry Galbraith; yearbook, Mrs. Jean Hudson; boys physical fitness, Tim Hoffman; student librarians, Mrs. Gertrude Davis; football and boys track, Larry Miller; FFA, Larry Morris; Girls State, Boys State, office assistants, perfect attendance, and Student Council, Charles Brotherton; home ec awards, Colleen Mileham; science award, Charles Aylor; boys basketball, John Morey;. mathematics award and outstanding senior athlete, Larry Miller; first semester honor roll and National Honor Society, Charles Brotherton; scholarship awards, Dennis VanOverschelde and exchange student award, Charles Brotherton. Gwen Fielweber, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fielweber, was the recipient of the American Citizenship Award, presented by Richard Crandall on behalf of the Iowa Bar Association and the Iowa State Bar Foundation. Jessica Zerwas, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Zerwas, was named outstanding senior in band, receiving the John Philip Sousa Award. Barbara A. Drees, daughter of Mrs. Joanne Drees, received the 1974 Betty Crocker search for leadership in family living award; Debra Opperman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Opperman, the Bausch and Lomb science award; Connie Weems, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eldes Weems, the senior mathematics award; Gary Graner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Graner, and Keith Stribe, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dean Stribe, the outstanding senior athlete awards; and Jean Garner AFS student was presented witha U.S. Flag. Academic scholarships were presented to Beverly Baker, State of Iowa Scholarship; Martha Heinricke, State of Iowa; Mary Heinicke, State of Iowa, Debra K. Opperman, State of Iowa and University Merit Scholarship; Connie Weems, State of Iowa Scholarship; and William A. Johnson, University Merit Scholarship. Other Awards presented to Manning High School itudents were: , UatnneBUl Mack: Beverly Baker, 2nd; Barbara Drees, 1st; Gwen Fielweber, 3rd; Nancy Fogleman, 2nd; Martha Heinicke, 3rd; Mary Heinicke, 4th; Jerilyn Kusel, 3rd; Mary Jane Robe, 3rd; Susan Rutz, 1st; Becky Tank, tod; Connie Weems, 1st; Jessica Zerwas, 4th; Jon Ahrendsen, 1st; Joe Blum, 1st; Dean Fan, 1st; MikeFoley,4th; DougHansen, 1st; Stan Minfeldt, 1st; Amy Brotherton, 2nd; JUI Etcher, 2nd; Llesa Hinners, 1st; Carol Muafeldt, 1st; Debra Nissen, 2nd; Mary Lou Rone, 1st; Judy Stoberl, 2nd; Marlys Stoelk, 2nd; Carol Struve, 2nd; Linda Willenborg, ted; Maureen Williams, 2nd; Mark Jensen, M; Peter Heinicke, 2nd; Allen Stribe, 2nd; Janet Chriitenien, Ul; Bonnie Schmidt, 1st; Joann Struve, 1st; Kirk Huldeen, 1st; Dennis Klinker, 1st; Karl Rutz, 1st; Ronald Sporrer, 1st; Nancy Grau, 1st; Susan Grimm, 1st; Janii Opperman, 1st; and Kevin Linder, 1st. Gwen Fielweber, Drum Majorette, four yean, Linda Hughes, Baton Twirler, Debra Opperman, Baton Twirler, Peggy Sibbel, Flag Swinger, Mary Heinicke, NW Iowa Band All State Bind, Jessica Zerwas, NW Iowa Band, Gwen Fielweber, NW Iowa Band; Martha Heinicke, NW Iowa Band, and Carol otniveNW Iowa Band. Cheerleader: Becky Tank, Bar; Jessica Zcrwat. Bar; Amy Brotherton, Letter, insert, bar; Debra Nissen, bar; Diane Hinners, Letter, Insert, bar; LuAnn Wurr, Letter, Inert and bar. Velleyb'U: Bev Baker, service bar, certificate; Gwen Fielweber, letter, insert. •errfc* bar, certificate; Mary Heinicke, service bar, certificate; Mary Jane Rone, service bar, certificate, star; Becky Tank, service bar, certificate; Karen Tank, insert, service bar, certificate; Jessica Zerwas, service bar, certificate; Meritorious service, Mary Heinicke (Manager) service bar, certificate and Lori Ramsey (Manager) servicebar.andcerUficate. . veeal Mule: Sue Grimm, 1st; Brian Joens, 1st; Kevin Linder, 1st; Brett Monson, 1st; Dale Williams, 1st; Peggy Dentlinger, 1st; Bonnie Schmidt, 1st; JoAnnStruve, 1st; Dave Crandall, 2nd; Kirk Huldeen, 2nd; Rarl Rutz, 2nd; Craig Rothfolk, 1st; Carol Struve, 2nd; Amy Brotherton, 3rd; Mark Jensen, 3rd; Lynn Mork 3rd; Maureen Williams, 3rd; Jon Ahrendsen, 1st; Dean Fara, 1st; Gwen Fielweber, 1st; Nancy Fogelman, 1st; Connie Weems, 1st; Barbara Drees, 2nd; Karen Tank, 2nd; Chris Beck, 3rd; Dean Moeller, 3rd; Jessica Zerwas, 3rd; Douglas Hansen, 4th; Debra Opperman, 4th; and Becky Tank, 4th. Speech: Chris Beck, letter, bar; Chris Edmunds, letter, bar, bar; Gwen Fielweber, letter, bar, bar; Becky Tank, letter, bar; Connie Weems, letter, bar; Jon Ahrendsen, letter bar; Bill Johnson, letter, bar; Jim Karsten. letter, bar, bar; Dean Moeller, letter, bar; Larry Mundt, letter, bar, bar; Dale Sieve, letter, bar; Amy Brotherton, letter, bar; Jill Escher, letter, bar, bar, bar; Debbie Nissen, letter, bar, bar; Tim Kienast, letter, bar. Drama: Chris Beck, letter, bar, bar, outstanding work, pin medal; Barbara Drees, letter, bar; Chris Edmunds, letter, bar; Gwen Fielweber, letter, bar, bar; Jerilyn Kusel letter, bar; Debra Opperman, letter, bar, bar; Becky Tank, letter, bar; Karen Tank, letter, bar; Connie Weems, letter, bar; Jessica Zerwas, letter, bar; Jon Ahrendsen, letter, bar, bar; Dean Dara, letter, bar; Doug Hansen. letter, bar, bar; BUI Johnson, letter, bar; Dean Moeller, letter, bar, bar; Larry Mundt, letter, bar; Dale Sieve, letter, bar; Cathy Arp, letter, bar; Amy Brotherton, letter, bar; Jill Escher, letter, bar, bar; Jane Hacker, letter, bar; Chris Kanne, letter, bar; Sue Long, letter, bar; Marlys Stoelk, letter, bar; Carol Struve, letter, bar; Linda Willenborg, letter, bar, Maureen Williams, letter, bar; Mark Jensen, letter, bar; Lynn Mork, letter, bar, bar, bar; Kent Wiese, letter, bar; Peggy Dentlinger, letter, bar; Lori Ramsey, letter, bar; Sue Grimm, letter, bar; Mike Phillips, letter, bar. Vdce of Democracy: Jon Ahrendsen, first place, local, certificate and BiU Johnson second place, local, certificate. AldU-Vlsial: Craig Rothfold, student assistant for audio-visual, pin. Stflball: Bev Baker, bar; Chris Beck, bar; Martha Heinicke, bar; Mary Heinicke, bar; Denise Hinners, bar; Karen Hinners, bar; Jeanie Potthoff, bar; Mary Jane Rone, bar; Karen Sturm, bar; Becky Tank, bar; Karen Tank, M, bar; Jessica Zerwas, bar; and Meritorious Service to Karen Sturm, IGHAA. Glrb Track: Martha Heinicke, bar; Mary Jane Rohe, bar; Becky Tank, bar; Jess Zerwas, bar; Karen Tank, bar; Bev Baker, bar; Lori Ramsey, bar; Denise Mohr, M, bar; Kim Mitchell, M, bar; Mary Eickman, M, bar. Newspaper Staff: Barb Drees, feature editor, staff pin; Connie weems Editor in Chief, Editor Pin; Bill Johnson, News Editor, staff pin; Larry Mundt, Sports Editor, Sports Pin; Jim Anthony Reporter, Staff Pin; Meritorious Service — Peg Dentlinger, reporter (Paw Prints), Jo Ann Struve, reporter (Paw Prints) and Brad Zerwas, reporter (Paw Prints). Baseball: Joe Blum, bar, 2nd; Jeff Drees, bar, 2nd; Gary Graner, bar, 3rd; Jim Karsten, bar, 2nd; Dale Reinke, bar, 2nd; Keith Strive, bar, 3rd; Date Hinners, letter, bar, 1st, Baseball Emblem; Jim Mohr, bar, 1st, Baseball Emblem; Kent Wiese, bar, 2nd; Mark Rowedder, bar, 1st, Baseball Emblem. High School Golf: Gary Graner, 1st Emblem, bar; Brian Lage, 1st, letter, emblem, bar; Ai Strive, 1st, letter, emblem, bar; Kirk Huldeen, 1st, letter, emblem, bar; Brett Monson, 1st, letter, emblem, bar; Doug Hansen, 1st, emblem, bar; Kim Squires, 1st, letter, emblem, bar. Comet: Gwen Fielweber, Editor; Jess Zerwas, asst. Editor; Jon Ahrendsen, Photographer; Randy Renze, Sports; Jean Garner, Artist; Colleen Dammann, Staff; Connie Weems, Staff; and Bill Johnson, Staff. AAHPER FlUess Test: Jon Ahrendsen, Dave Croghan, Gary Graner, Randy Renze, Dale Sieve, Bruce Antone, Peter Croghan, Keith Bauer, Tim Kienast, Karl Ruts, Jeff Sebring, Pat Vogl, Terry Halbur, Dave Opperman, Dale Williams, Rick Wittrock and Brad Zerwas all for P.E.; Meritorious Service to Gary Graner, President's Fitness Test Award; Jeff Sebring President's Fitness Test Award; and Terry Halbur, President's Fitness Test Award; 90 percentite on AAHPER test. Library Auiitait: Certificates of Merit were awarded to Jean Garner, Chris Edmunds, Kim Haubrich, Diana Doyle, Jane Hacker, Jan Karsten, Cindy Wenninger, Jo Ann Justice, Brenda Lohrmann, Janet Christenaen, Ann Voge, Barb Kalkhoff, Joni Siepker, Mai Kit Chandler, Kim Squires, Loraine Lutwitze. Football: Dan Arp, bar 2nd; Joe Blum, bar, 2nd; David Croghan, M, football, bar, 1st; Jeff Drees, bar, 2nd; Tom Gore, bar, 2nd; Gary Graner, bar, 3rd, star; Jim Karsten, bar, 2nd; Rick Lohrmann, bar, 2nd; Paul Renze, bar, 2nd; Randy Renze, bar, 3rd; Keith Stribe. bar, 4th, star, MVP; Dan Williams, bar 1st, football, M; Managers — Doug Hansen, bar, 3rd; Dean Moeller, bar, 2nd; Peter Croghan, bar, 2nd; Jon Haas, M, football, bar, 1st; Dale Hinners, football, bar 1st; Jim Mohr, bar, 2nd; Lynn Mork, bar, 2nd; Mark Rowedder, bar, 2nd; Steve Sebring, M, football, bar 1st; Dale Stangl. M, football, bar 1st; Jeff Siepker, bar, 2nd; Al Stribe, bar, 2nd; Kent Wiese, bar 2nd; Tim Kienast, M, football, bar, 1st; Dale Area Director . . . Henrietta Van Mannen, former Extension district program leader at Washington State University, has assumed the position of Area Extension Director for the nine-county Fort Dodge Extension Area. She will be responsible for the extension education programs and staff in the area, working with the staff from Iowa State University, according to Roland Lickteig, Carroll County extension director. Muhlbauer, M, football, bar, 1st; Dave Wiese, M, football, bar 1st; Jim Wurr, M, football, bar, 1st; Manager. Mike Phillips, M (manager), bar 1st; Joe Blum — All Southwest Iowa Honorable Mention (Class A), All Conference First Team Defense, All-Conference Defensive Kicking Specialist, All-Meat Empire First Team Defense, All-Northwest Iowa First Team Defense (Class AA); David Croghan—All-Conf erence Second Team Defense, All-Meat Empire Second Team Defense; Rick Lohrman — All-Conference Second Team Offense, All-Meat Empire Second Team Offense; Paul Renze — All-Southwest, Iowa Honorable Mention (Class A), All-Conference First Team Defense, All-Meat Empire Second Team Defense; Randy Renze, All-Conference First Team Defense, All-Meat Empire First Team Defense, All-Northwest Iowa Honorable Mention Defense (Class AA); Keith Stribe - 1OT3 Most Valuable Player I.D.P.A. All-State Honorable Mention, All-Southwest Iowa First Team (Class A), All-Conference First Team Offense, All-Meat Empire First Team Offense, All-Northwest Iowa Honorable Mention Offense (Class AA); Peter Croghan — All-Conference Second Team Offense; Lynn Mork - All-Conference First Team Offense, All-Meat Empire First Team Offense, All-Northwest Iowa First Team Offense (Class AA); Steve Sebring - All-Meat Empire Kicking Specialist; Jeff Siepker — All-Southwest Iowa Honorable Mention (Class A), All-Conference First Team Defense, All-Meat Empire First Team Defense, All-Northwest Iowa First Team Defense (Class AA); Keith Stribe — Shrine All-Star South Team. Track:Randy Baker, bar, 4th; Tom Gore., bar, 3rd; Jeff Karsten, bar, 2nd; Randy Renze, bar 4th; Tom Handles, M, Emblem, bar, 1st; Mark Rowedder, bar 3rd; Kent Jahn, M, emblem, bar, 1st; Tim Kienast. emblem, bar, 1st; Jeff Sebring, M, emblem, bar, 1st; Bob Tank, M, emblem, bar 1st; Larry Walters, M, emblem, bar, 1st; Terry Halbur, M, emblem, bar, 1st; Brian Joens, M, emblem, bar, 1st; FFA: 1st Greenhand awards to — Paul Christensen, Wes Dammann (scholarship) Joe Hinners, Jim Johnson, Scott Nelson, Mark Nulle, Dave Opperman, Don Opperman, Doug Opperman, Brian Potthoff, Ron Puck, and Richard Stoberl (Scholarship); Charles Croghan, Greenhand, leadership, scholarship; Gary Drees, Greenhand, leadership; Scott Drier, Greenhand Scholarship; Lynn Eickmann, Greenhand; Alan Fara, Greenhand, Scholarship, leadership; Tom Grau, Greenhand, scholarship; Ken Halbur, Greenhand, Scholarship, leadership; Keith Hujzeback. Greenhand. Kent Hugeback. Greenhand; Tim Kienast, Greenhand, Scholarship, leadership; Dennis Klinker, Greenhand, Scholarship; Steve Mohr, Greenhand, leadership; Lynn Odendahl, Greenhand; Daryl Rohe, Greenhand, Scholarship, leadership; Doug Rohe, Greenhand; Doug Schroeder, Greenhand, Scholarship, leadership; Bob Tank, Greenhand, Pat Vogl, Greenhand Scholarship, leadership; Jeff Wanniger, Greenhand, Scholarship; Dave Wiese, Greenhand, Scholarship; Ken Halbur FFA Sentinel, Tim Kienast, FFA Reporter. Daryl Rohe, FFA treasurer; Dale Hinners, Greenhand, leadership; Rick Jahn, Greenhand; Dave Kusel, Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship,; Jim Mohr, Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship; Tom Opperman, Greenhand; Merlin Rohe, Greenhand, leadership. Scholarship; Craig Rothfolk, Greenhand, leadership, scholarship; Jeff Siepker, Greenhand, leadership; Dale Stangl, Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship; Allen Stribe, Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship, Carol Stuve, Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship and FFA Secretary; Dave Croghan. Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship; Dean Fara, Greenhand, leadership, Scholarship; Randy Jahn, Greenhand. leadership scholarship, Jan Kasperbauer, Greenhand leadership. Scholarship; Dean Moeller. Greenhand, leadership, scholarship; Randy Renze, Greenhand, leadership, scholarship Keith Stribe, Greenhand, leadership. Scholarship; Steve Zinke, Greenhand' leadership, Scholarship; Randy Renze, FFA President and Steve Zinke FFA Vicf President. Giris State: Girl to attend girls state during the summer of 1(74 are Carol Stuve sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary and Amy Brotherton alternate. Other candidates are Jill Escher, Judy Stoberl and Linda Willenborg. Boyi State: Boys to attend"boys state during the summer of 1974 are Lynn Mork sponsored by the American Legion, Tom Handles sponsored by Chamber of Commerce, Allen Stribe, sponsored by Jaycees, and Peter Croghan by the Rotary. Other candidates, Craig Rothfolk 1st Alternate, and Mark Rowedder 2nd alternate. Office Asslstaat: Kim Haubrich.2years; Colleen Dammann, Mary Jane Rohe, Jan Karsten, Sue Baker, Lori Ramsey and Kim Squireseachoneyear. Perfect Attendance: Gwen Fielweber, 4 years; Mike Gawley, 2 years, Kris Kanne; Sharon Reischl 2 years; Peter Croghan, 3 years; Jon Mass, three years; Dick Mundt; Allen Stribe, 2 years; Ken Halbur, Keith Misaelhorn. Mai Kit Chandler, Nancy Grau, Becky Rowedder, Joni Siepker, Patricia Wietl, Mark Croghan, Wesley Dammann, Brian Joens, James Johnson, Terry Mundt, and Doug Weems. Stideat Couicll: Jon Ahrendsen, Jill Escher, Carol Musfeldt, Kent Wiese each awarded IASC Pin. A member of the Student Council Is granted on award upon completion of two years of satisfactory service. Officers to receive officer guards for the satisfactory completion of a year of service in office are Jessica Zerwas President Gavel guard; Lynn Mork, Vice President Pin and Torch; Martha Heinicke, Secretary, Quill Guard and Maureen Williams, Treasurer, Pin and Key. Recognition of service, Chris Beck, Martha Heinicke, Randy Renze, Keith Stribe, Jessica Zerwas, each three years, Jon Ahrendsen, Debra Opperman, each two years, Gwen Fielweber, Jeff Karsten and Jan Kasperbauer each one year. Basketball; Jon Ahrensen, 3; Joe Blum, 1; Jeff Drees,2; Mike Foley, 1; Gary Orai»r.3. Jim Karsten, 1; Rick Lohrman, 1; Dale Sieve,' 1; Keith Stribe. 3; Dave Kudel, 1; Gary Graner — 1st team Midwest Conference, Unanimous pick 1st team All-Meat Empire- Captain of this team, 1st team All-Southwest Iowa — Class A, 1st Team All-Northwest Iowa, third team All State IDPA and Most Valuable Player: Jon Ahrendsen—2nd team 'Midwest Conference, 2nd team All-Meat Empire, third team All NorthwesJ Jpwj,: Dave Kusel — 1st team Midwest Conference, Zndteam All-Meat Empire. First Semester Hoaor Roll: To be eligible tor me semester honor roll, a student must earn at least a "B" grade or above in all academic subjects, or earn four "B" and one "C" grade in five academic subjects, x — 5 subjects, u S subjects and one "C", xxx—All "A". Seniors: xxxBeverly Baker, Chris Beck, Barbara Drees, xChristine Edmunds, Gwen Fielweber, xxxMartha Heinicke, xxx Mary Heinicke, xx Linda Hughes, xxxDebra Opperman, xMary Jane Rohe, Becky Tank, Karen Tank, Connie Weems, xJessica Zerwas, Jon Ahrendsen, xRandy Baker, Joe Blum, Jeff Drees, Mike Foley, xMike Gawley, xGary Graner, Bill Johnson, xJan Kasperbauer. Larry Mundt, Stan Musfeldt, xPaul Renze, xxxRandy Renze, Dale Sieve, COURT HOUSE License to Wed— Timothy L. Pedersen, 20, and Mary Jo Ramsey, 17, both of Coon Rapids; Lawrence Tranter, 61, and Dorothy B. Wolterman, 53, both of Carroll. New Vehicles Registered- Terry Janning, Carroll, Plymouth; Alvin V. or Norma M. Jentzen, Arcadia, Ford; Donald D. Reiling, Carroll, Chevrolet; Clem G. or Anna B. Polking, Breda, Ford; Wayne L. or Eileen R. Rath, Breda, Oldsmobile; Richard H. Schultes, Dedham, Plymouth. Real Estate Transfers— Darrell L. Heuton to Dorothy M. Heuton, Part of Lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, Block 12, Lanesboro. Richard H. and Janice R. Ferrell to James L. and Bonita S. Namanny, Part of Lot 10 and all of Lot 11, Block 8, Milwaukee Land Company's Addition to Coon Rapids. John P. and Elsie M. Mohr to Jolene A. Schechinger, Part of Lot 8 and all of Lot 9, Block 12, Arcadia. Magistrate Court (Scheduled Fines) Traffic Fines- Frank 0. Allen, Winterset, speed, $20; M. Russell Mahaffey, Grand Junction, speed, $20; Keith G. Haney, Adel, speed, $20; Jean A. Short, Carroll, speed, $20; Ronnie Ehlers, Manilla, speed, $20; Gerald G. Aubert, Dallas Center, speed, $20. Parking Violation- Cathy Schoenherr, Carroll, limited night parking, $3. (Frank Gach and Raymond Snook) Traffic Fines— Edward Schlichte, Manning, control of vehicle, $15; Michael N. Wilkens, Carroll, speed, $35. ST. ANTHONY REGIONAL HOSPITAL Admissions May 21— Chris C. Hannel, Odebolt Mrs. Elva L. Snyder, Glidden Mrs. Marjorie B. Zeisneiss, Scranton Mrs. Leonard Venteicher, Arcadia Mrs. Elmer J. Renze, Carroll Mrs. Maurice F. Friedman, Templeton Births- Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Klein, Manning, twins, a son and daughter, Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Henkenius, Carroll, a son, Wednesday Gardens (Continued From Page 1) stew," Kerper said. He often chooses small, half-grown potatoes throughout the summer for his 10 to 12 hour stewed recipes. Kerper annually prepares a St. Patrick's Day Irish stew from many of his own vegetables, served at a local restaurant. "Nothing beats right out of the garden vegetables," gardner, Mrs. Frank Wegner said. • . , With this attitude and a lifetime of experience, Mrs. Wegner plants a quarter to a half-acre in vegetables every year at her farm home at 329 N. Lincoln Street. Mrs. Wegner began helping her mother garden, as a young girl and carried her skills to her farm home of 46 years. She begins each spring sprouting pepper, tomato and flower seed in a hot bed. She produces several crops in the same row, replanting as one crop matures, perhaps replacing radishes and lettuce with beans or tomatoes. She' practices other conservation methods by rotating her crops each year. She runs the rows in different directions each year in this way her soil remains fertile by not allowing one type of plant to deplete the soil of essential minerals. Besides onions, carrots, potatoes and spinach her garden yields asparagus, dill, cucumbers, leek and cloves for seasoning. Mrs. Wegner said she began planting in March this year and "the late snow did not hurt it one bit." She plants her 'crops as she has time, not by a predetermined schedule. Although Mrs. Wegner recieved most of her horticulture knowledge from experience, she said she watches the "Dinah Shore Show" and reads information about gardening. As every other garden does, Mrs. Wegner's does not lack ingenuity. Her young tomato plants are surrounded by half-gallon milk cartons to protect them from late frosts. When her milk carton supply is depleted, she uses upside-down clay or plastic Steve Zinke and Coleen Dammann; Juniors: Corien Altenlieln, xxCathy Arp, Amy Brotherton, Jill Escher, xChristine Kanne, Sue Long, Carol Musfeldt, xSharon Reischl, Mary Lou Rohe, Judy Stoberl, Carol Struve, Linda Willenborg, xxJames Anthony, xxPeter Croghan, Jon Hass Mark Jensen, Richard Mundt, Allen Stribe and Bill Voge: sopnomores: Patty Dentlinger, Diane Hinners. David Crandall, Kirk Huldeen, Kent Jahn, Ronald Sporrer, Larry Walters: Freshmen: Mai Kit Chandler, xxxSusan Grimm, xxxRebecca Heinicke, xJanet Herbers, xxxKimberly Mitchell, Janice Onwrman, Becky Rowedder, xxjonl Siepker, Connie Wegner, Kevin Under, Brett Monson, xJoan Reischl, xRichard Stoberl, xxBill Vogl, KevlnWamungerandBradZerwas. Natloaal Hoaor Society: Beverly Baker, Martha Heinicke, Mary Heinicke, Debra Opperman, Paul Renze, Randy Renze, Mary Jane Rohe, Karen Tank, Connie Weems, Jessica Zerwas, Amy Brotherton, JUI Escher, Peter Heinicke, Carol Musfeldt, Judy Stoberl and Carol Struve. flower pots. Wooden crate-like structures are stacked near her garden for use as the tomato plants mature, supporting the plants to avoid fruit rotting on the ground. Mrs. Wegner advises, "Keep the soil loose and you won't have to water so much." Fal 1 plowing, spring roto-tilling and plowing for weeds helps solve this problem for Mrs. Wegner. Few tenants are as lucky as Mike Booth to wrangle a no-rent deal with the owner of their gardening plots. "He let me have it to keep the weeds down. It was half-thistles and tall weeds. Now there's not a thistle here,"Booth said. His annual 150-foot triangular plot on the corner of Highway 71 and Third Street has provided enough produce for Booth's family and friends for the past six years. He began this plot when he was working nights and had spare daylight hours. "It saves a lot of money. And time in the garden is better spent than in a tavern!'' Booth said about his project. Booth's garden sports metal barrels used for holding water. He fills the barrels one day before watering, then refills smaller containers watering plants individually. This method reduces water temperature, Booth said. Booth advocates planting by the signs of the moon. "A lot of people get a kick out of it, but when their radishes all grow to tops, I tell them that's the reason," he said. Using published schedules determined by astrologers' calculations (unrelated to full or quarter moons) Booth plants crops with edible portions produced below the soil surface on dark moon dates and crops fruiting above the soil on days designated as light moons. Dark and light dates vary annually, Booth said. Three acres of land held for development, divided into 15, 120 x 15-foot plots have become a garden patch for at least 15 families in the 13th and Grant Road area. Land developer, David 0' Leary has allowed neighbors to plant and cultivate the area for their own gardening use. O'Leary mows the acreage, plows, disks and allows the families to garden. "There's no cash rent," O'Leary said, "but my 'tenants' are good about providing produce!" One of the Grant Road gardeners, Mrs. Jim Austin said, her garden was, "a fun to do family project." Helped by her husband and young son, she cultivates cauliflower, cabbage, onions, and other vegetables for home use. They spend a few hours weekly tending their garden and oversee progress daily. Carroll area gardening can be successful, as many of these gardeners have proven. One of the reasons for their good gardening is the mixture of sand, silt and clay soil in and around Carroll, according to Roland Lickteig, county extension service director. The only soil problems home gardeners may have stem from the past use of their soil. "If original top soil remains, there is no problem," Lickteig said, "but if a basement has been dug, sub-soil may be on top and this soil may lack in nitrogen, potassium and potash." Soil tests and knowledge of past soil use can provide this information. Bulletins discussing various vegetable crops, their culture and problems, lists of plant varieties suitable to this area and advice on specific problems>are available St. Mary's Guild Elects New Officers WILLEY — Officers for the coming year were elected by St. Mary's Guild at a meeting in the parish hall here Monday evening. Mrs. Merle Trecker was elected president to succeed Mrs. Edward Tigges, who conducted the meeting. Mrs. Louis Hansman is vice president and secretary; Mrs. Rudy Meyers is treasurer. They will take over in August. The Rev. James Fangrrian offered the opening prayer. Mrs. Tigges thanked those who had cleaned the rectory and announced that next month the northwest circle will scrub the church. DCCW meeting reports were given by Mrs. Alphons Brincks, parish representative. Volunteers were requested to work and furnish cookies for the annual visit of the Crippled Children's Clinic in Carroll next month. June 16 was set as a tentative date for the Corpus Christi procession and devotions, to be followed by a potluck supper. Fr. Fangman answered inquiries from the question box and spoke briefly on different ways of confession. Mrs. Frank Nagl and Helen Schmitz received door prizes. Bingo was played for entertainment. On the lunch committee were Mrs. Lawrence Wurzer, Mrs. Norbert Hoffman, Mrs. Gertrude Sterner, Mrs. Robert Sterner, Mrs. Virgil Lappe, Mrs. Meyers, Mrs. Norbert Bauer, Mrs. Edward Gehling, Mrs. Esther Heithoff and Mrs. Ann Greving. Deaths, Funerals MRS. ETHEL ARBUCKLE SCRANTON — Mrs. Ethel Arbuckle, 71, of Scranton died unexpectedly at her home Tuesday afternoon, May 21. Arrangements are pending at the Dahn-Woodhouse Funeral Home in Scranton. JOHNGUNION CHURDAN — John Gunion, 72, of Churdan died at the Greene County Medical Center in Jefferson Tuesday morning, May 21. Funeral rites will be held at 2 p.m. Friday at the United Methodist Church here with the Rev. John Siebert officiating. Burial will be in the Highland Cemetery, Churdan. Friends may call at the Brown Funeral Home here. Mr. Gunion was employed at Reading Hardware and Seamen Hardware at Churdan from 1925 until 1963. He was retired. In 1924 he was married to Marjorie Picht, who died in 1967. He was married in 1973 to Ruby Schluter and they have made their home in Churdan. Surviving with his wife are a son, Virgil of Omaha; a daughter, Mrs. Ed Wilson of Churdan; 11 grandchildren; two stepsons, Elwin Schluter of Greenview, Calif., and Donald Schluter of Pasadena, Calif.; and six sisters. » Graduation (Continued From Page 1) F. B. Group to Conference Ralph Bock, voting delegate for the Carroll County Farm Bureau, will attend the mid-summer conference in Des Moines on May 30-31. Also invited to attend the conference are Alvin Hoffman, county president, and Laverdos Onken, vice president. At the board of directors meeting Monday night, Bock said that the state resolutions committee has been appointed, and delegates will discuss farming issues for 1975. Mr. and Mrs. Onken were appointed local resolution committee chairmen. Seven couples have agreed to serve on the 1974 committee. Their first meeting will be July 8 at Audubon. Mrs. Vernon Anthony and Mrs. Marvin Boell will attend the summer conference JUne 9-11 in Des Moines. Mrs. Anthony, women's chairman, reported to the board that the women made 1,000 nut cups for area nursing homes and will distribute them during their June meeting. Harold Bergman, regional manager, reported that membership continues to increase in the county. The next board meeting is scheduled for June 17. BUSINESS BRIEFS Don Nelson, manager of Crouse Transfer & Storage of Carroll, has been named chairman for the coming year for the Region VI Allied Van Lines Round Table. Nelson was named at an Allied Van Lines meeting in Omaha. Wm. Arlen Spies has been appointed executive director of credit for Farmland Foods, Inc., according to Fred R. Clymer, company president. Spies will headquarter in the company's corporate office in Kansas City. He is a native of Hays, Kansas, received his law degree at Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas in 1961. Spies, 35, spent several years in private law practice and also served in a number of capacities including corporate credit at Iowa Beef Processors and American Beef Packers. Verna Frank of Carroll attended a two-day accounting seminar held at the Amana Colonies. The seminar is an annual event sponsored by the Accountants Association of Iowa. HAS SURGERY Mrs. Don Hinze, daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Hinze of Carroll, is a through the extension service. patient in Mercy Hospital, St. "interact in aarrfpninp has Louis. Mo., after undergoing 'Interest in gardening has increased this year over past years, simply because of interest in gardening and the price of groceries," Lickteig said. Louis, Mo., after undergoing major surgery Monday. The Don Hinzes are former Carroll residents and now live at 6752 Schofield, St. Louis, Mo., 63133. irreversible. "The things which hurt also instruct," Miss Osborn said. The graduates must learn to take the positive with the negative and use them to their best advantage. Failure must be taken in stride and accepted as a reality of life, she said. Numberous small failures in the past have been eased by parents or teachers for many of the students. Now, they will not depend as much on their families and friends in making decisions. "We can only hope that by our background of our parents, school and churches, we have been made stronger," Miss Osborn said. Principal George H. Fair presented the graduating class to the approximately 925 persons attending and Dr. William Blohm, representative of the board of education. Dr. Blohm presented the diplomas to the 97 graduates. Diplomas were awarded to David Becker, Kenneth Bernholtz, Tom Berning, Daniel Beyer, Richard Beyer, Larry Bock, Beverly Boell, Deanne Bolster, Kellie Bowman, Craig Brady, Carlyss Bruggeman, Gail Buswell, Douglas Carswell, Michael Cattermole, Reginald Conrad, Dennis Darveau, Cheryl Day, Karen DeMey, Randy Drees, Jeffrey Dry den, Debbie Dudley, Julee Evans, Byron Finch, Carolyn Foley, Timothy Fredrickson, Bruce Gehling, Dean Gesell. Joan Grote, Karen Hambleton, Karen Hansen, Steven Harmeyer, Steve Harnack, John Heuton, Terry Hulsebus, Lynn Jahde, Richard Johnson, Betty Johnston, Pamela Jung, Cynthia Klindt, William Knobbe, Lori Kohnke, Linda Kokenge, Randy Kroeger, Jeri Krogh, Jill Krogh, Mary Lambertz, Roberta Landon, Barbara Lawler, Pamela Long, Debra Madigan, Peter Marz, Diane McDonald, Bernard Menke, Terrance Molle, Cynthia Morlan, Kurt Nam, Theodore Nam, Jerome Nelson, Eugene Nepple, Kevin Niceswanger. Vince O'Conner, Maureen Ohde, Kathleen Olberding, Rick Olerich, David Olson, Linda Onken, Debra Osborn, Deanna Peters, Jeffrey Petersen, Jolene Petersen, Randall Petersen, Susan Pettitt, Eileen Poland, Vicki Porath, Darrell Pudenz, Velma Rabb, Joan Reiling, Thomas Reiter, Debra Richardson, Nancy Riesberg, David Rother, Jacqueline Ruchti, Steven Schaefer, Carol Schirck, Nancy Schirck, Michael Schroeder, Daniel Sheehan, Kerry Sides, Tad Skinner, Daniel Snyder, Stanley Stanzyk, Janet Stout, Cynthia Sunderman, Kathleen Tapps, Rebecca Thede, Cynthia Throckmorton and Faye Wenck. The Rev. Timothy Koenig, pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church, delivered the invocation and benediction. The Carroll High School wind ensemble played the processional and recessional for the ceremony. MRS. FRANK J. SNYDER Mass of the resurrection for Mrs. Frank J. Snyder, 84, of Carroll was celebrated in St. Lawrence Church here at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Henry B. Karhoff. Also in the sanctuary were the Revs. P. M. Sturm and James McAlpin of Carroll and Harold Cooper of Vail, and Deacon Gerald Rettenmaier of Carroll. Pallbearers were grandsons, including Ralph Klocke, Patrick Killeen,' Dick Killeen, Ronald Ertz, Terry Snyder and Allen Snyder. Interment was in Mt. Olivet Cemetery. The Twit Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Relatives and friends attended from Kansas City, Kan.; .Omaha and Lincoln, Neb.; Sioux City, Estherville, Ankeny, Varina, Keokuk, Bancroft, Vail, Maple River, Roselle, Carroll and surrounding area. Mrs. Snyder died May 18 at St. Anthony Nursing Home. • Awards (Continued From Page 1) Mark Stangl, Ricky Stangl, Kevin Stickrod, Patricia Sullivan, Lynn Venteicher, Carol Wegman, Brian Wenck, Carolyn Wernimont, Thomas Wiedemeier and Susan Wittry, The music for the graduation exercises consisted of four hymns sung by the eighth graders under the direction of Sr,. Ann Greteman. James Fay served as lector for the mass, and intentions were read by Roxanne Harms, Kaylene Lenz, Lori Loneman, Sheryl Otto, William Friedman, Scott Irlbeck, Pat Heider and Gary Schaeuble. The intentions, written on scrolls, were attached to red roses and placed on the altar after each reading. After the mass, Renee Dalhoff and Tammy Snyder transferred the bouquet of roses to St. Mary's altar, and the class recit<ed the Act of Consecration. Cindy Boes, Jean Broich, Kyla Butler, Greg Sernett and Gary Snyder brought offerings to the altar. Altar boys for the service were Joey Evangelista, Brian Friedman and Kenneth Tegels. Homers Lift Carroll Royals The Carroll Royals used home runs by Terry Kasperbauer, Jim Short and Don Nepple to whip the Carroll Means, 11-4, in slow pitch softball action Tuesday night. The winning pitcher was Harry Rotert, while Larry Feltner suffered the loss. Markets GRAIN Soybeans, No. 2 $5.00 Corn, No. yellow 2.42 Oats 1-30 HONOR GRADUATES Cheryl Levis of Audubon and Gary Polking of Breda graduated with distinction from the University of, Iowa, Iowa City, on May 18, when they were awarded bachelor of science degrees. Randall Lengeling of Carroll received high distinction for his bachelor of science degree, and James Wille of Carroll was recognized for distinction in his bachelor of science pharmacy degree. Academic standing is determined by averaging all undergraduate work, 60 semester hours of which must be completed at the university. Students graduating with high distinction honors are in the top five per cent of their.class, and those graduating with distinction, the top eight per cent. IN MEMORY OF Myrtle L. Lucht Scranton — Age 60 Funeral Services: 2 p.m. Thursday at the Trinity Lutheran Church, Jefferson Rev. Delbert Weiii officiating Family Prayer Service: 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Dahn and I Woodhouse Funeral Home | Scranton Friends may call after 9 a.m. Wednesday' Interment: : [Willow Townth'ipJ Cemetery DAHN & .; WOODHOUSE n FUNERAL HOMES

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