Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 8, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1916
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

STERLING DAILY GAZETTE , DECEMBER,. 8,181.UL GRAND TODAY VICTOR MOORE in Ttie Clown" ft t"H». M*IW* in thii pieturs Wrtr* taKen with Ringling Brot. ? cireut, Extra, Bray Cartoons SATUIiDAY in ^God LOOAtt TJNIGHT.'..» SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 AND 9 I VAUDETTE TONIGHT AH installed and ready to p!*y ewr n*w Pipe Organ and Orchestra F*atur» muiie ev»ry night. Inttrmtiwien*, orehfcttra and o r g * * Photoplay*. *o!o and fun pipe orjjan. B*u feature* S or mere i-««!», full p,pt> er§«n and human *«ie* pip** or « ny combination that •nit* tfi« picture. ," .. Vau l* vilf * t<)ni 9 ht » 3 8<"»*t *et*. Alto don't mi»« "Th* Yelfew Menae** and Wwkly, Tomorrow, tpeciai matine* for ladiei and children. Monday, tP*r* D*vii Kate." tue«l«y, "Th* End «f th* We rid." " ;. Friday for ladies only— no men will be admitted on that day. Lady ushers ^ Saturday everyone admitted over 18. •; Matinee each day: 2, 3, 4—Evenings: 7, 8, 9, 10, Prices 2golb all. 9 advance sate of Matt—Get tickets at box office. 8t«dw» foY Xmn* photon.* Fr.-mk Fstrfttim, of llixon, and Arthur Pwim*T. of N'efjmn, spent Wednesday In thin city with frlendr. FJoyBlftwi tdtiten foc<l <>n track >!*••*i we'H<. Sins?** tjlHon Company.* VfHh. of Ne|*on, was n visitor m this flly Wednesday evening. Catti<, glfta, I>«H-. 11 Mlnnl* Crook.* H»lph M. Wiley returned from «*hl- IK» yt'stertMy where he hnd lw<»n for cfMplp of days on lumtnenc. W<HHlrufr«.Ktudin for Xmas photos.* lif, .Millie; 1 , df .Mnfilltis, wn« Thursday mornlnft on btuiiPciM. Denatured alcohol nnd high test ollne nt Coe Bros,* 1', .v». Reynolds returned today from rk«n*>tm where ho hnd been upending wveriil weekft on biHuItu***. C«r of ttouglaM rlutrn feed on trark next week. .Mrpswii Dillon Company.* .Mr nhrt Mr* Tripper ntt-l Mr. «nd .Mr 1 *. Hhick.Vf Dlton. atti'nWHMfii* Married People's dnnop Wednesday <?v«>ninK In this city. (lift Hhop open* IH>C. 12,. Minnie Crook," Mm Corn Popr, mannfior of thf> children** shm» department nt (be V,. t \V, store of Itockford, t* here winding a few day* on bunincs.i and visiting with "33c Bulk r>)(vr.p. very nlcf, 2nc a Munrt ,1! Htnddnrd Hrns.* WnntPd—HiilU timothy hav, W F* Hock.* ' . " ' Mr*. Chil.«* Danger, of N>l*on. spf-nt yeaterday In this cit.c..fthnppfnK. Howard Mnthr-wR nhd l^>!(n Mathpws of F*rnphf<t?tnwn. were tirrc vl.aidnjr last ;'v<*nlnK with friend*. i.»turrd alcohol imd high tost f Ij/v t /itt* t An Impressive Exhibit Of . i*_iiMi m'mmttiuiv lutmf ' Christmas Articles, Replete with Most Beautiful Fitting C A D E M -OF MUSIC unmencing Monday, Dec. 1: \R Temple Players (Stock Co.) \ *'-' WITH r , H. Neimeyer and Vera Temple, •-"—-•"- «a«t'of c.pabb playtr*. "Ooldenerlnp" potato ehlpn Just frrnh nt Htoddard Hros,» The little daughter of Jlev. and Mrs. Ernest lieyeni in confined to her home on account of ulckneeft. <7* A. Andr»w, of Chicago, npfnl Thursday her* on bunlqtftH. Mr. and Mi«, P. A. Bell, of Pro,., wan hero Wtnlneeday eve- attcndin* the celebration. Arthur Alulnlx l» confined to bis on account of Mfcknevit. Don't forget public wile, modern sev- en/ftjom bou»e, SOI Third nvenue. Bter- !mg. Saturday, December fth. at 1:30 P. m. Bargain for wmebody.' Frank Dyrr Is having trouble with hi* foot from stepping on a rusty nail, , JTfilShe_fiimetjolLJWhltBalda - courity. Who comet)'the longest dlvtunce to thi> *"'••-• Institute which will b* held Rirl n. fllltaH.-of NVIwm, wns Thiii-Hdny nftiTnium cm luwlnpss. Rt John'r, anntinl chk-kf-n | i« iiinnrr nnd bazaar, My»tlt< \Vi>rtrr hall, Pai- urdny. Doe. f»th," • ' K. W. Murphy rpttirnwl from Chten- in lflnt evcnltiK whfrc In- lw# licrn \my. lust holiday (jojidfi. fit. JQ|HI'B annual chlokon pi* 4 'dinner ftnd liasauir, Mystic Worker hall Hut urdny. DIHV dth.* . ' 'Fr»>d Hpfllfs, of I>lson. np<>ti| l««t rv- «?nlnfi; h«»r^ with frlrnd», st«»r . . , p. m. HnrRntn fi r *omf>lxMl,v,» AlWrrt Prank, of ottunnvn." r«wn, wns- a visitor In this city .v<-<t«.rday, ' .Never have we exhibited such a magnificent variety of beautiful gift articles, No end of thing's to see; each one presents new ideas, things to make the young" and old alike enthusiastic over our great display. LOVELY GIFTS IN OUR FAN by One's Own Hand is A Gift That Has Been Created by One's On Hand is Always Appreciated M DcjiarhiH'nl alone ofl'ois innny suggestions.' In this do- liiiil a i'tHo Jixsorlniftnt of • Our Faney rhiH'iif you on loom *-. sol Third I'lili-r. Ktoddfiiil tlroa * 'Me County Farntfra* Iii^.n-u, nnd HotiM>hold S<-lf>n<'i> Club at-Htor- Ilitg, W'pdtipfflay. Thursday und Friday IVo. 13, H, p.. Hi«ur (hfrtnlkn on ftot- U-r faiminir, hcttrr hfin*rkp«>plnK «"<' tooklnjr, and *«» tbf <>\hiblt«, ot«-.* AMBOY CAROUSED Wm. Snumby. of Dlxon, wan nrrfst- ed In Amboy yesterday, charged wltl bplnu drunk nnd disorderly on railroad property and WOH tried b«;foro Po- Ice MaglKtrnti. OIM). nine* In Amboj la*t o veiling and bound over to th« grand jury under $100 bondn. The bonds were not furnished nnd Bheriff Phtillpa went to Amboy la»t night anr brought Saumby to Dlxon and lodge? him in the county Art Linens Luncheon S«»ts «5o i« |2.50 .•Scarfs 39« |« $1.50 Card Tables, Covers 39c Center Pieces 25t It 75c Pillow Cases.,50c t« $1 Pillow Cover Tops. .39c Table Runners ..- 50t *• 75c Aprons . . . ' ....50c 5c Infanls' ?. .$1,00 Cliildron's Dresses .75c Cases for Knives and Forks 50c Cases for Spoons.. .50c Bath Towels.25c to 75c Guest Towels fH9e to 50c' Many of the above stamped pieces are shown finished. Beautiful New Christmas Ribbons •Ribbons of all kinds JUT bere 1'wr Christinas soiling. Dresden, plaids, stripes, Persians and all _ p 1<«C i n colors, suitable for nil kinds of fancy ^ work, Special Yuletide Ribbon in fancy and plain holiday colors, ^special 2c per yard and lOc per bolt of 5 yards. ext in Sentinel will civ* & y»«r'» subscription. Chicken naodl* dinner Plr«t Haptint church, Thumday, txw, Htb. 11 tot; •upper 6 to ?, Bmrnnr.* jft*v. A. J. Chamberlain'and family. of» Ffclr Haven, were h«re shopping llfig th» bMt eomodlra and drama* cvtr 'written. tVB., DEC. 11— "THE MASTER IN HIS OWN HOUSE" DEC; 12~«THEtONaU| r OF SCANDAL" E^VE^OKC. 13--THE ACTOR AND THE UADY* *W» attraction but tht pr!c«», which will b« OHwr p«born« »p*nt ,_ on bualn«M from Lyndon. H«»r Frank I. Mann, one of b*tt fernwm, on "Soil,'*' at farmer*' iMtitute in Bttrling Thumday.* Mm. Martha Metigar ban accepted a poiitlon with the. VVyna-Deavor Dry Oooda Co, Oho wan formerly with tho D«pt. Btor*. a auJt cane, in which the nh>r«T found qulta «n elaborate n«a<»rttnent of whls- ' bottlt 'With suimithlng 1H In the null rase were two bottle of Ml of that particular .medicine', and there wcro also two 0unrl bottlcH fur of wbtekey. one pint.,-bottle full of whlnkey and another nlnt bottl« aboui two-thlrdR full of whl/key. ^Th«-offlelal» of tHfl city of Atnboj. ««» attained over the ,iyouble they arc having with drunkw nnd, the anxious ^f 1 ^* examples W f. thone haplww Individuals who fall^y the-wayalde while in that town. ,,They «tate that they; believe a few nUff writence^H will illwsourage others from coming to Amboy and nmklng It a place for «uoh a glorlouti spree,. : Don't Forget to Have the Childf ett Come and Meet Mrs. Santa Glaus . J^iUta^Bu^ Month' Mu lut with Her Seven Beautiful Dre^es Free to overv f.ittle (iirfwho f -»»jt iw*aHT"i~rr~'—n~T7— 9 —" i'". —t"t r~' T"S * •* • " * ir ( hrislinaH wanis. •i (Jreat Oiriiteiw Shopping Oent«r of Sterling," Coupons must be redeemed on or before Dec. 31st, 1916 -•* -10e-and-20c 2 Shows Nightly 2—r-7:30 and 9:15 Matinee Wednesday, Dec. 13th, at 2.-30 P. M. any b««Jnei«-ho lln* o f StwlJnf hav*T»uide tt -« P ectoi effort to >t. and the tolte^^ . Mm ,tion. aw to buj- *arly and get the beat nelwrtlona tho be«t t« Si Oai«tt» ClMslfled Ada. fot help wwunrt, «to. ;;f: sentiment "i ROCK PALLS TONIGHT La»t «pi*od« of th« o"Mt wrial, "Peg of tiling," And • ficvot comedy, "THE PLUMBER'S WATERLOO" Obermlller 1 * for overcoat*, $6,08. to 138.00, , We can tell you all about kodaks and picture taking. Only stock in town. Perry & Hoover. Hallmark bracelet watch in 25 year gold, filled case, 911(KV Jennings. 1 Slipper* fot* women, merj^and children make appropriate /Sifts. The fttmmif ilarticjes to .-.JW^'w- - - » ien and lx)ys ^ and Mittens,^> i 0 $3.00 J ^^ujsweaFf ehders, DANCING SCHOOL IN MYSTIC WORKER HALL Ey«ry Monday gvtnlnfl From 8 tfllO P. M, . For private leaiona <all H, H. KELLIY, 8fH phent ( NEWS IN BRIEF ) .^ 10 dkerchiefs, 50c *3.00| • HOUSE ANp LOT SOLO. N. a. Van Sant. ndminlstmtor of thu Julia Thomii&un estate, wdd-^a hoHM» und .Jot at tilts head of Avvttue il Vwteixluy at public sale. A. L.-t'o^. .wan aurtionevr. The houee wan touith) !•>' John Martin for |900, For many' years Mr. Van «ant wa« cowwrvutwr for the lady -uiid ainca her death la«t, Aiurch he was, by virtue of his officV ih«s udministVa.lor. The proparly was tirden-d. told l|y the county Judge to pay oft dtbts contractvtl. THE DANCING. CARNIVAL, The weather prevented a bijj i-rowti bill everybtHly had a, good time. To- tiifftu the ,41 pieco'dliiner tot'fic*. The IW.oo ladifK' bnt U the eom&r of «t. trtietioii. The Dikou bunch will bo lln» of homo made bulk and box candles. NlH'n Confectionery. $15 ISlffin, watches 1.10. Dunmore's. Yearly juibvcrtption to * M> Dunbftr'g llct, ~M Ftomtcr & 8on» furnllure _„. you will tlnd the largent lino of prac Heat »ift* ever Shown |« 8t»rtinr. J. K, Harmon fuamnteee hts-CUrlct- mn» clguro. Money refunded if not satlnfactory. 50 cents box and up. Buy practical gifts at tlw Roy C. Wood* Btore. fitocHa complete. Qlvt th»t youngxter A Tinker Toy *»t. H* will- Jump with Joy. Set 4<o, Wynt-D«iver "D. Q. Co, * J^nnhiipi 1 ^ewflry ^Kforcr Cift f»tor«. Why not one of Haer'n t._,...... Krwctor *u« for buys. Condu'* liard- ware. -Candy cane*. Illinois Candy Kitchen Carving acts, rounters, porcolators and aluminum ware. Phelps Hdw. «'o Make Jt un Overland for tho whole family. Co* Brother*. - • 10^ dlacount on all i-oat* for Batur- Uay uell|ng». Hecktnana,' Men 1 * gold rings 18.50 "up, Dunmore'a. Th«-4tb'ol» family can enjoy a ' »^mph. n&et »ejl» them. ^iti- i ml *oaif «eti for ladles, ...«.v» and ciul lr«n from «5 c»nt» to' $l,SS. 83,BO value ladles' near «Hk aatln trimmed klmona for 18,85 at Heck- TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On Owembor 8. 177S, the }t.hal<iunt« Mif .Kaskas-ha iwtitioacd their ' macif>- hmtee to pi» n «(.5ji li to the juiJJng «-f ] ihosr Mttle and other live bl. >'k J»v tlu- 1 in" tins' ,$35.00** At* t» miller's •* _ ___ PAILY WEATHER REPORT. : Tl.i- r)ik-UK>; .Wi-atlHT r bmv,»u fore ' ril , !>t ''"' UH!IJ '-" < k " ft'llowj,: t'iixtttl<- ;in,t volihr ti.tuKht; f:ur S.iturdu> a »'•• All NOTICT MQOSt. _ I ht'iv W \[] )v^' 4 --Ji* yt*il iUt** finest line of w«tche«. a both ladiea" and ifeut *. al Oppbld'a Jewelry Stor*. Many mw idoas in ivory- t»n' dU- . ay. Af«|n floor, Wyne-Dttuvef p. Q. Co. Autw lunch' Hits, full equipment, priced at 112.76 to $19.50, Tho J, K. Chwte.' f'u, Obermll!*!*'* for c'heney ntH;k\vear ,Fil'i<> 8.IU dresji »ckrf» for men tind [adis'K 51.00 to fliTS. HtH-kuimn*.' -Poii't .^jUt till *h* iaWis^ut* about n new Kdi«on or you will get left. P*rry' & Hoov«r. illfr't ior Stepbenvon uridW- f> «.*»> • , Umbrellas make uaeful and bcautlftil j Jfta'for man and women. Come with! btautifuily carved hundleu. SWIUPJ srijcnutd with »llv«;r. pihvr* with jttdd, | i'rU-fs raiiKf fjisw-ll.i^—!o $3,t*(» Tin.'. K. rht'jgtfr «.'o, w€ufil« ,at Jlttrdwi'j*. . , llUitil tU'W Id file in'i ti ur [ bluukv'tsi. W>rip-iH'«vw p. <«. J „..„ in perfume and toilet w«er». Hendrlckn' Drug Co., Oenta 1 aet dng« at Jennings,' All the Intest nOveltieu 'Jo ladirt*' footwear at The Bcotery. iso home la complete without a,Kimball piano. Sold on «**y payments.' Holly brand chocolate*, J, 2, 3, and 8 |b, boxes at Dunbar'n. Come and Inspect our stock of rugs, a splendid assortment nnd prices right at Forster & Sons blr furniture store. IVrex Oven glassware make* un Ueul gift. Our display la eompleee,- Wyne- Deaver D. a. C'o, Don't forget that a rug purchased from the Itoy a. Woods Store would please her A Hooaier kitchen cabinet or an\Al- eiutar combination wood, coal and gus BtoS'e wpuld please her more than anything you could buy und nave, her many miles of step* for year* tojcomi*. TDolWDolls! Scoren of fhoni at the i m« Store. Interesting dluplay. Wyne- L>e«ver D. O. Co. l«arg« stock of dlumonds at ntngv.' PhonographB, only |5,00, at iker's. "Wear-I3\-er" aluminum at I'onde's Hardware niakcn a gift .that lasts forever. Illinois Candy Kitchen home inadi> tfidle»,JOo lb. und up/ 8t»clal prlow to churches and schools. Pocket knives, ranges. .1 manicure set for her. -'#k »havln»t set for him. SPQ them nt HendrlcKV Hnig Co, Special bargnliiB in ladld-s' wntrbcs nl J(>nnlnga.' ^ C3et The Habit when yuti neofl foot- Wf-ar. Come to The Boott>ry, You should try th* KimbalC player bclorc you buy. The family choice. Ca«o j)li)<i« at Dunbar'0, Give aluminum waro, .Ourlsconomy natemont offttt-a rcnmrknhlo vulu«««. ^IbermHIor'ii for Cooper underwcnr. If you can't lind what you-want in thf t«y UUP, »w <,ur'B, It's the must complete llnu wo have t-vor t>huwn. lieckmans.' • We can tr-ll you nil nbout kodak* and 'picture tiikintc. unly stuck In town, jl'srry & Hoover. I Why not «lv*» IHT a usu-ful Klft~for luatauct' n net of furn. o Mr a| K() | n y f«ntures the newe'ttt niodeln. Wvm-- Deaver I>. (j, Co. Box mutiitnery niukt-n a most accept- ublo Klft. SOP our beautiful lino. Hcn- drU'kt;' Drug «*o. MABTHAFBY, The SterJino Chlrepodlet, MRS. EMMA GEAY, First Clan* Cbiropo«lit with Mia* Fry. 110 W. 4th St. B.ll Phon« S37-II SNIPER WHO HAS-KILLED FOES SLEEPS WELL (ATTORNEYS AT LAW Practice in all LOANS , , shears. rifles, and «un»,vat Pheljwi Hdw, Co. You can get. a nice cedar chest at o. Woods Store. l-%jr seta for luUlttt, mi«fl««« and vbll- dr«n from tSf.50 to 125.00. Hecktnana.' •u juUntanc pncii* at Dun- \Yyne-Deaver -t>, a. Store. You are Invited to call nnd .„„,„,, i our beautiful largw Block, whether you buy or not. The Hoy O. WnodM Hlon>. 8ho would appreciate u Ki-rving tray Why not select ot tlu*- 1 Ml« HtoroV Wyne-Deaver D. (l. Co, Boxed clgartt, 26 and fit) in a box, at Duifbar'a. Atito accesHorlt'«, Roy 1J»- iiaer. A largo UHtiortminu of gift Unlvea at Conde'a Hardwire, llllnoiu Candy Kltvhen boxed candlea '-"•-• ' jocto $5.00. ~ ulVt) her nn aluminum Haucepan? Speeiul »alc at SKu. Wynu- Peaver D. Q, Co. A line automobile robe inaicow a nice present, Coo Urotheru. .Big utmorimfiU ladies' drowi Bklrts from J3.80 to.|S,^0. Hcfknmnti.' Holler skntou. k- P «kuti<» and »leda at Conde's Hardware. Buy her a awwlng cabinet this Christinas at tho Hoy G, Woods atore. Embroidered satin, glove, handkerchief and tie holderu from 35 cents to The Ideal gift—a bicycle. For the b«?at ue» Hoy It'JWaer. Chrlatmuu rei-orda «,t Harden'*. For motoring—a warm auto robe. Special new desgliis fur gift giving. Vyne.Deaver P. Q, Co. Box nandkerchiefa f«»r ladird, mlsspa oppoid's for new ji»4 up-to-dato jewelry, clucka. diamonds an<| watches. Quality store, i if It is to be glove»~glve her Kay-, r~ shef knows «ho has received tho i beat. Wyna-Peaver U, fj. Co. | down and $5.00 a month bu,y* a piano at Harden's. JUKI twlta ut ^ |6.00 values ladU<»»' buth md cliiklron froijn i§ cents to iet-kmunB.' of ,ring« in the e-ib' l^r* yoJr*-IwiJtbiS^w «l»tw-« V^ h «^*' *' J'.TT ' U ' I Dutiful pair of Oupd«n ultk boik-ry. L ?! '** ff'f a » u ,* 6 -"° » «»*nth iyjya V«*. lh*y « r * tb« very bMt to be hud. ^h ?• , f ^fn , , ' \Vyn»'l>i-ttV*fr 1). (i • Co ' • would be Ue||ghu»d with'a silk .Wa and truvdiug ba K «. an un- 'S^T «V> ft «* ha ^, ^f 1 '" 1 - '>'"•• At u»uut • mil. U8*,,i-tmvnt. prl'va from fP° lu 'I"- 00 - Wyno-Dvavw J). O, *!,.'!. tu $11.011. Tht- J. K. Chi-atcr/'o.; A (Hy United Press.) " Ixtndon, Bng., IHH'. s.—Trooper W, K, Sing, of Qiici-nwluiul, "an Anzar. vet- eruu, wbo ha« bugged 201 Bnlptn'B, nos'« or lost* any slwp holding iioctunml argumi-tUM with his vH-ttma' ghosts. *>I»K hle^pa a ln'al(li> nluniber and hit* only complaint is that' lu» doesn't got ijUlio enough time. "U ntnvr made uny difference In my personal feeling*." said Slug today. "I fell that the Turks wert» out to get mo just as castr to accompIiRh the Job u» I was to put them off wutuh. "Nine Turku In one day wus my bc«t ^^; l I Ixi'llovc. ^t did. luuw-#bmo regret that night when i cniwled into my dugout for u fy\v wink»;^ rcgrot-that they wm» nnt Uvrmuns instciMl .of Turks- Tor after nil we have found the Turk a pri-ay good sport and a.! .gamo lighter. ' • 'I "The »it!pfr f.-t-lM wht-n h*< tumbles ;in «-n»n»y out of a tree, or picks him from behind a rock, that he la sav- _ tHe Hvf.s of his ij\vn tuinpanion«. He knows that if allowed to live tlittt snipper may kill or injiir« an unlimltctl nttmber <>f pula. Why, then, shouldn't a anipcr sleep w«ll after a sueci'sHfyl day's work?" c " Sing isn't through vnlpingt yet. He strjK' Shoot while hunting kunga- roon. . i Work'nnd Worry. i \Vbutover you do don't worry ijhoui j the work, but go aboul doing the work, j wild thu> you'll soon do the worry- also. E. T. PJEEaUSON INVESTMENT iONO« N«t 4 to 6 810 Lawr,nc. Bld 0 , Philip H,Vard 411-414 t«wr«n»t JACOB CANTON LAWVfB 5% farm loan*. Prapaymtnt privil«9* 8EUL 489 ROCK rALLS, ILL, Eooms 10 and 11, over Jennings' Jewelry •"U. Hand bug»-urc shown hero inline as- «r. goat »«4il U'athtin | new«.Kt' til.yl^ fromeA AU latest I J, K, CheKU-1 N.G. VANSAKT • Attorney at Law j &tite Bank iuilding FABM LOAIfS AT 5, 7 or 10 ye»Vf, up to |100 ptr aero if »»cur|ty w§rr«nt* MORTQAQES FOR SALE JOHNM.STAaBR ,L»yf office Stager & 8t*g*r *H*rmilb-rV tor Mnllory IU.IM. *;1,<V, /*l»w l.ulii;V jit-rsf dn-#tics in Muck und color* for M V& ai JU-ckniuiiK.' *'nli silk Initiul, :,<.* to 50c. Motttor cnuld :- nt w rut,", A xl , f«m!Iy, (:ili. llf l.'lh ^•>u .Muiicy Buck plave for • rtxtm. ii. Cr. ;ft. -MONEY TO LOAN On Fariji Lacd,*. I have arrangeraont* for unliwitoo 1 «mount« <Jf Money for F)»rot Loan*. Lowest rates of inter'. c»t, pro(;ii>mont privileges, and quick confidential action. W. A, BLOOGETT,

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