Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 27, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1944
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1944 I KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS _,„ H*lp 15 Mile* of Kldn»y Tuh«« fluth Out PoUonou* Wn»t« f Touhnvoftn r*r(\v4i ofnruto in yourbloocl, ir 1.') mil** of (titlnpy tube* tuny bo ovcr- o( vo- o tiny (HcorM itnd £ul»c« nro work- niK>it to holp Nnturo rid your aiul piti!<o!icnw infitn o . . \Vlii-n <li.<i>nlor of kulnry function TuTiiiiln your Itlooil, it . ? mutter t-o ivmniti in yo niwui* 1 " wit" mmrliiw nml burmnic «oino- limi* >hf"»M thcrv is soniolhing wrung your ki.lnc.vs or WnrWur. Kidneys nmy niM-d iium tho&Amn nil bmvcl*. •on,'lc vourilru^'''^ for OIHUI'H 1 'tit*, uj*cU HIIO~ Hull Reiterates Charge Against Argentine Regime <».v United The United stntos hns reiterated NAUGATUGK DAILY NEWS rfMiu»r "."•••";•"•—•*••-. -,- - •• • ..», live hippy fi'Ii" |"><< "ill !"•'[' I'm J3 mil™ of lidnov tuw« flush out poixnnom "into (roni your woc*l. C!«t Dottu 4 rUJg. in Color is a% Important en harmony in music ... J,j Murphy Paint* * T in 1CX) Colors or Mor* permit perfect color harmony in an In- flniic variety of combinntion.i. Stop in »nd ki.m txll you about the Murphy Color Harmony Plan. CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 le* Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment HOMIt 'KM WITH HOMIIS Victor — Coliimlthi —' Docuu Brcnrcl.H SWAN. . ELECTRIC CO. l.i CIIUKCII &t. TEL. 2574 s^»^^^^ vrvrsps ^^^ s> ^ ( LEISURELY SHOPPING} . . . PalntinfrM . , . Statuettes « . . Artificial Flowers J J Spun Gluss . . Pictures and « picture framing . J CLYNE GLASS SHOP ? } 2!) llnrrl.Mon Avc. WiiterhuryJ In fi strongly worded statement secretory O f • State Corclcll Hull recommended the diplomatic Isolation of Arpentimi by all the American republics. In fact, Hull appealed to all the other United Nations to follow this country'* example in refusing to rccoRmzc the Ai-Kdntino .irovoi-n- mcnt. Hull made public the reasons wo to rccosnl/.o the Ar K cntine regime in u lonp memorandum. .inc memorandum i* a combination of two that already have been went to the other T^ntin American countries. The document is considered one of the strongest statements ever made nffninst « nation with which we were not at war. fn Answer to the charges For- olpn Minister Orlando 'Pcluffo oC Argentina chnrRes that the United Statow hfus singled out hia country for discriminatory treatment. Addressing the people of his o\vn nation, from Buenos Aires, Pcluffo declnrcd that Argentina has favored the cause of the United Nations and has taken spcciric measures against the Axis. ' Secretary Hull, however, has called these measures mere gestures. Meanwhile recent development; in- Germany have caused wai Mobilization Director James Byrnes to urge congressional leaders- to consider postwar surplus property disposal and reconversion policies as soon as they reconvene AuKUst 3nd. Byrnes says "no one can tell what really is taking place inside Germany. But there is one thin;: certain—anything can happen and we must be prepared." Alonjr the same line. Senator Arthur Vandenbci-f.' of Michipnn .says that tnc prospect of an early defeat of Nazi Germany has prompted him to Invite Republican senators lo a spceia! mooting at Washington Tuesday. Chairman Andrew May of the House Military Affairs committee says that his .personal • opinion-"is that Germany -win 1 fall by December flrst. May says that the. United .States and the Allies must'control all'the islands of the Pacific after .the war to prevent further Japanese aggression. . , ' Top Navy Chiefs Tour Saipari ; BEACON FALLS Correspondent'!, Phono 48S4 Draftee Feted Standing In 11 jcop, IVI:irliii: Lt. Gen. llolhuul Smith, commundlng ff(!iHTnl of the iimplilhlous iissiiuK; troops' in the J'uclflc, uses 11. ciir- bliio to point out InturostliiK- sights on ntcunlly cii|itur«;d Salpun iHlmid to his two distinguished visitors. Thvy uro' Acini. Ernest .T. King (front scut), uoininiincln'r of' UK: tl. S. fleet and chief of naviil o|)cr;itions, mid Acini. Ch<>stcr \V. Niitiit/,, If. S.' J'ucific ,flc;ct cpni- ni:iiidrr. (International) • ' ...•;A steak roast was. held last nigilL ut High Rock In. honor of Garry Fuoco:,who. -leaves for the armed forces "-Friday," Among thowe attending .we're:..Joaeph Fickctt, Eugene Impcriito; Albert, Joseph, Pasqualc,' ajid dnrtnun Munnlllo, Felix and liouia EspoHlto/ Frank' Somplynski, Frank ' Bachi'nski, Victor' Maueski. .Harold Wilcox, Daniel Loc, Sr., and Joseph an3 Staff Sgt. Gene Gcjda.. - ; -And Tech. Sgt. Stan Chornylinsiki, Vincent--Mulcaki, Joseph,. William'-'.Sri'apiro, A.nthony Fuoco, Patsy Del Veehio, and Garry Fuoco. Bru.sht.FIrc Extinguished The Beacon Falls volunteer fire department extinguished a brush- fire on Pines Bridge ro.'id after an hour or so of battling the. flames No real property damage was done Chief William Lue, Sr.,'said. . World War A Year Ago July 27, ,1943 (By United 1'rcKH) Prime Minister. Winston CburcJJ- ill tells the House of Commons that he has not received any peace offer from Italy; says Italy must choose betwonn unconditional surrender and playing Uie German g-ome. • „ • • : Combined Allied ;iir forces bomb Hfimburvi? for fifth time In week, j U. S. Army Liberators bomb Japanese positions ~on W.aku Island, destroying: or damping at loast 38 enemy planes. ' j Russian Army breaks through the German secondary defenses south of Orel and capture another 50 villages in advance on Orel. British submarines in the Mc'di- terranciVi and Aegean sea sink at least 23 Axis ships and shell Greek shore targets. ' • • HKH JiKD-LKTTER- HOUK "BATHING BEAUTY" COMES TO LOEWS POLI THEATER Ncwburyport. - Mass., "July 27 — (U P)—Youthful-- Mrs. Jennie E. Fow!c» can'boa-st of having a'reel- letter houi-. -For .the 57-ycar-ol'd woman became a cruhdmotlier and i a frreat-frrandmothor .within the '.space of one half hour. Both a daughter and a Rave birth to fjlrls. OPA Odd-Lot llelease Men's, Women's and Boys' SHOES No Ration Stamps Required NOR WASH Shoe Store NEARY BUILDING NAUGATUCK For sheer entertainment, you'll {,'0 a Ions' way to "Bathinfr Beauty," the brand new Technicolor musical starring- Red Skellon with Esther Williams which Metro Goldwyn-Maycr presents at the Loew Poll ihcator Friday. Here is i\ film chockt'ul oC fun, color, music, beautiful "iris 1 and everything else that' adds up to the most delectable kind of movie fare. Skcl- ton as the only man enrolled'in :.i co-eel college, is at his comedy best and Miss Williams is beautiful and tntcntoti and certainly is headed for. stni'dom in her own ripht. The production is one of the niosl handsome to hit town in many a season and to Jack Cuniminss must go much of the. credit for the tasteful, tuneful; picture, which George Sidney . has..brilliantly directed. Basil Rathbone- deserts his villa'inous roles to play a -Broadway producer nnd .'shows his undoubted; versatility in .his handlinpr of v comedy, lines and situations. The mpostn^r'cnst. includes also Ethel Smith, the Hit Parade organist, who 'mnkos her-./llrn cTcbut;. Carlos Ran.lrc/. .who'siiij;s with the best of the. baritones,'., 'and .'.'Bill Goodwin of .Radio fame. .Top. 'these, with Harry. James and Xavicr -»Cuf,'at and 'their, bar.ds, and you have entertainment par excellence whic.h •is .what "Bnthi.nff Beauty" .adds up to..Skelton falls .in love with-Caroline :Brooks, played hy JVTiss Williams, while he is writing a series of SOURS l|cir Rathbonu's next' musi- .cal show. In order to j,'CL Red back to work. Rathbone. frames . him with the sir! and'she walks out on him' and returns to her job as swimminu ins'truetor at a Xcw Jersey" collofce. Lovesick P-ed follows. By accident he discovers men are eligible after all to enter the -school and he does just that. Complications for him come thick and fast—but that's something you'li just have to. sec for yourself. The co-hit on this beautiful Tcch- niCiil program is 'Tort of -10 Thieves" with Stephanie Bachelor and' Richard Powers. REALISM IN GEM THEATER FEATURE WHICH STARTS TODAY . Bingo will be played tomorrow St." Mich.'i.e!'s cliurch basement. The public is invited to attend. . Tax Collector's Office Open The tax- collector's office will be open from 7 to. S p, pi, Friday. An ocean .stood -between Raymond Lovell and lii.s ;nr.bition to become rin actor. «o the Canudian- born thcspian did the one thinp ho could do. He sailed for England and enrolled ir. a course of dramatics l.lui.t. fiirally led him to famu and fortune on, the stage' and.screen. . .... .. T_ovcl! is currently teeon ir. the role of the weakling- Nuxt officer, Von Alevn, in "Candlelight In Al«-«."in," U.ifi I'Olh Cen.ti.'rj'-Fox release opening Friday at the Gem theater. He was awarded the .part on the basis' of his performance as another Naxi officer in "Uneen- sored." • When .Lovell i-cac-hed. propthc>iool .age his family decided to iond him to school in Enu'larid. After .bci.r.K educated at Chollereluim .and Cam- bridf,'o lie made His stage.,'debut with a company, which toured in Ireland. . •A-'ter a period of grupling !work .vith this company, Lovell came to England and' subsequently ran h'rs own 'company 'in Leeds, lutcr leasing theaters in Bourn.emuth... and Southampton, -pic .made a, s'tage success in London, as carl>-.-';is 1034. He-first attracted- widespread attention for-his screen portrayals with his role in "Q Pkm.s." Hc-!ia.s appeared in a wide variety of'roles. One of Jii-rfniost. rcccn!..',\v;LS'Oeorg"c JIT in '."The Young'Mr. Pitt"' in which .he ..'tfjpe.'i/'f.'d %\'ith l^obi-rt j Donat and Phyllis Ca'.vcrt. ' • As-Officoi- von Alvcn,-'it'is; necessary for Lovcll to be the typical ' Ts'ay.i official higher'up in th.e Parly whose devotion to wine and women •and glorious uniforms delineates' the inherent wealincas of the so- cn'.lecl master race. He is made utterly riiddicuious when he tries to make love to Carla • Lelmiann who escapes from ihe apartment with the camera, containing .'E^- c'ret militniry infoi-mation. Thiisi ihi's weak character coiHribute.s' largely to Hie success of !.he Allied inv.-i- si'on. powerfully filmed in "Can- S<.':ilx;e' J'lonio On Ixjavc •Petty Officer 3-c Joseph Mariano is .spending a tcn-diiy leave with his wil'c-of Railroad avenue. He is with .% Scabec in Florida. U. S. M. S. Needs Men For Training School Maintenance Work must have a sto-tcnront of a.vni!- .ibiH'ty from'the U. S,'Employment Service. : 1 Enrollees will be paid $92.10 per month and up. Living quarters, meals and uniforms will be furnished at the boJie. . • • Those chosen for galley'•' .work will be enrolled as Steward's Male First Cliixs and i.hc maintenance men as Seaman First, Class. All inquiries. aj;c to bn addressed-, to the PcrsoniriiCl Officer, U. S. Maritime Service Officers School', j Fort. Trumbull, New London, Conn. PRE-INVENTORY CLEARANCE IN OUR ;, GIRLS' DEPT. Eraxlls constitution, foi-bids any war of aggression-. .Thc'U. S. Maritime Service is urfrcnt need of men, for <vork at _the Officers Tr:iini:iK School, Fort Trumbull, -Conn. •p'hcse mon will he 'employed in the "pal'ley.". '• or in (jencivil main- tonance woi-iV at,' thg school. ' :Air : Dr..rollces .muist'have consent of- parent 'if under 21 years of ape, consent, of r.wife,-. if married. They must' have" citizenship with- proof of birtli, must-be. over 17,1-2 years of,age anil -if 'elderly,'physical •ability- must" rieV determined. Draft status must-be cither-E-A-L, or IF oc'IC. If the applicant has been em- j ployed within;'the--last 60 .days, Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep Feel Years Younger, Full of Vim ^^^^Asrs^"gisx fflas Ii-l'pliin IIP u'lili OM.rrx win !]•,. CoiiiLl'm iw"j toillc« nttcn Iiroil'Ml :ir:nr .ifl—liy Ij^llrw Incklnt iron, ralrtiiin |ilif«!,liiiii-. vlininm Ji,. j m ^i,,a,,?v M«i! Omrfi. l.iulo liibMn mil), ;i.-, c . Why I.vl <,l,r; MivrL fivlinK jn:t)»IiT atnl yotniK'-r. ihl.^ \-. : rr daj- l-'or sale ;il all clniK Mores cvcrywlicrc— JM .V.'iiiKaturk, .it Allen's Cm K;,ic ami ' rroiiipf, Kxpcrt .WATCH William Schpero Jcu-elcr 180 CHURCH ST. — i:Fli£ht Up — GKKATEIl SKKVICJE are Rivalled Tojriililrl.v by expert workmen; Prompt ico. ' D. LIEBERMAN 26 CHURCH STREET our » crv- J SECOND Girls' Spring Coats All wools and part wools are Included. ' AH at Half Price $2.49 from $ 5.98 $3:99 from $ 7.98 $4.99 from $ 9.98 JJ5.99 from $11.98 $6.75 from $13.50 LITTLE BOJfS' and GIRLS- LONG SLEEVE POLO SHIRTS Of a rayon knit fabric — stripe patterns — Sires 2 to 6. 29c from 79c ' ONE GROUP OF BABY DRESSES Mode of lawns— —from values up to"J1.98 FLOOR LITTLE GIRLS' COTTON PRESSES. Not all xlzcs — but plenty of style* to choose from — tm*t color. Kim 2 to 6. $2.25 from $2.98 .. $2.69 from $3.98 $3.98 from- $5.98 LITTLE GIRLS' Pinafore Dresses Made of Taxi color cotton* Sties I to 3. •'••••• $1.25 from $1:98 All Our GIRLS'HATS Consisting of our Straw Hatx. Now at Summer ' 49c cat. —Values up to $2,19; IN OUR DRESS DEPARTMENT (MAIN FLOOR) WOMEN'S Cotton Pinafores Mostly 13 and 14 $4 in the lot A m Values up to $2.98 " ODD LOT OF .WOMEN'S DRESSES Comprised of rayoni, upan ray-, onit, etc. Sices run $«• from 12 to 38. ...... X « from $3.4 6 to $5.98 IN OUR DRESS DEPARTMENT SECOND FLOOR WOMEN'S SKIRTS Part wool, all wools, spun r.iyons, plaids and solids. Sizes 24 to SO 1 * from $3.49 to S5.00 ONE GROUP OF WOMEN'S Bathing Suits, Shorts, and Play Suits. Vot every size In } if .style. ..... •.- A m from $2.98 to $5.98 The MILLER & PECK Co. ; WATERBURY — CHESHIRE Back the Attack — Buy Bonds BONUS SIZE TOOTH PASTE Get a lot more paste' in return for empty 'tube you turn in.' New Bonu> Size Pebcco contains to more paste ... no extra P. BiHjnu'Dc * Soni, Newark, N. J "She's wonderful! on, i apply a fro(•ct-O-Pod. eliminating iur* ir Kvlpt lo IN SUMMER NEEDS 'lien's CUT-RATE PERFUMERS |90 BANK ST. Formerly Located at 25 East Main St. POLiROID* DAT OLASSIS $!.»» Famous eun. glasses that employ scientific Polaroid Light Control. They FILTER, not merely dim, reflected glare! •T.»f. l>*. V.S. 'l \ X WITHOUT •KOL Mode, o« PAINFUL pflinnil Doming fvyv cil^kBUK&i —leu 700 UB beiuii. *UNVUICM (ally without blixtr. . _ — io(t. Not (rctiy. Jt^Mlt '-' Won't pick up un<). fllr 3F V Hclp< rtlitit puonil ' ^™ ^ •unbum, too. SOc JERGENS LOTION ."."...... ; '. "~ 39c $1.00 JERGENS LOTION ... 79c SOc JERGENS FACE CREAM .'.. 43c 75c JERGENS FACE CREAM S9c $1.25 JERGENS FACE CREAM 97c SKOL OUT Here'i hoping that, with bottle* •o scarce, you're hurrying nil of your Ballantine"emptie»" back to the (tore. IFOR DRY HAIR ! In ancient times, before man invented words, r . •.. j j ': he talked with his hands. And the "handy" j , ; ; habit has persisted! Brakeman's "handy"' >• ' • ; -ST^r'says "Take it easy!" Guess "handy" I. ^?says "Which one?" 3-Ring "handy" g : says "Ballantine for me!"PURITY, BODY , and FL.WOR in every glassc^*' * «""»'"•'• ' . finest since 1840. BALLANTINE ALE ASELINE TRADE MARK • WHITE x^ FEEN-A-MINT Th« Delicious Clttwinq Gum LAXATIVE 25c SIZE /or INDIGESTION NON. DRYING —UAVES HAIX MANAGEABlf 6St Sizo BiSoDoL 49c THIS LAXATIVE DOESN'T GET ANACIN TABLETS 39^ SAVE on GENUINE BAYFR ASPIRIN •OTTU tOO TABUT5 SOt tub* •I KOLYNOS STALE GtRPQKA 25 SHOE WHITENER F»rEvtryKiid of White Shll NEW IONS HANDLE APPLICATO* IN EVE»r fACKAGt — KtlK HANDS CUAN 35c FREEZONE "For Your Corns" LA X A TI V E 50c BARBASOL SHAVE CREAM 50c Woodbury Foundation Cream . 39c SOc Woodbury Facial Cream ....... 39c SOc Woodbury Cold Cream ........ 39e 75c Woodbury Cold Cream ........ 59e $1.25 Woodbury Cold Cream. . . .... 97c SOc Woodbury Hand Cream ....... 39e

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