Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on December 15, 1985 · 60
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 60

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 15, 1985
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r 2B tf 1983 FORT WORTH STAR - Rgrig0-4: I - Continued from Page 1 ' - -' ihort of winning a division charm t nship Corbett purchased the team te före the 1974 season and sold it to ddie Chiles in 1980 ' - 4100 Zr-Z7Z- kt Texas left Clancy unprotected in i f the free-agent draft because Cor- Pett wouldn't let then-general man- ::: ':- 4ger Eddie Robinson leave broken -legged John Ellis exposed Toronto 4 ::-i- 44::' ::--1 : 't' - gleefully snatched him up i Barker was packaged off to Cleve-::::::::':':::2M''---:-::'V''''" :' land because of Corbett's friendship zy-: - 'With Dock Ellis who was supposed ::I:-:'i to go to the Indians in that deal --::00--1?ti: : -:: ::: '-:FA D -r:r Righetti was lost in the Sparky Lyle : As':1:1'': "7-40' trade because Corbett had to have r:-:' '!':"Niivoor w1:0 '40 - 4 the $400000 George Steinbrenner 1-' Z!-: --- - - - promised to send along :: -1?-- I But Corbett already was gone 1:tMr-:l :-::::-:: when Robinson desperate to put a ' 4'''g ! '"i :t?7 -!i:::: ::: frinner on the field shipped Teorell al "''''” '':7:s! : :-: !!::' '' :i' 1:-''::' and Darling the club's No 1 pitch- &:'' ling prospect to die Mets for Lee i!::::Niiii:!4:':: Matzilli perhaps the biggest bust in 'Al':::i 'i5- Ranger history And Grieve has no :iiZ:ii:A!::' : one but himself to blame for allow-':yip ' 4‘t : Mg Doug Rade: to talk him into leav ' 'l :'Li'''' ::::::: ing Henke exposed in the free-agent V ::7"14c) : Compensation pool Henke is TO100- :''':1 - i-' T to's No 1 reliever ' ' ' '” i "That hurts because I think it's the nly decision I've made that goes I : :- Against what we're trying to do" I --:'::::': r Vrieve said "It was a mistake and no ei t ne knows that better than I do" :: t Grieve is trying to shove those -AtTiiie-A:i?0:::::!:-:-:' - ::: !--: Iftgaiovakeletons -into the back closet and !:-0t-Sel ::- x : : -0' :-::: ractimk the door 4)01410'--0 --c-i:t ii::r:- 0 4t4vA ISti 'i4L4t ' :i: ?'tittik a Within the last year and a half the A- )AA- ' '' ' -!-1 - - L'''4 Rangers have traded for or drafted 'iwk-NW1:iii' p :-V '1:-x':!:!4 41 rif - '' : v:':: 41174: ::4' : ii :: ' '::A'PAV::::i::::'i:::: at least 10 young pitchers with the oq4'Ifir-:liitittiftiottiztok?-ic'41:-!'”' -'Ekt-'1alieiiiLI totential to make a contribution within the next three years Some Dwayne Henry (left) and Jose Guzman are two i are closer than that : Home-grown right-handers Guz- THE RANGERS'iPITCHERS OFTHE FUTUR man and Dwayne Henry along with Rich Surholf Mitch Williams Jeff ' ' Russell Matt Williams Witt Correa The Texas Rangers have 12 pitchers who will be 27 or younger 4nd newly acquired Scott Patterson eould all be pitching for Texas in - DWAYNE HENRY RIGHT-HANDER 1986 "I don't know if we've ever teen in a position where young opening Day Age: 24 NI: 6-3 Wt: 205 pitchers have a better chance of How acquired: Selected in second round June 1980 amateur i Making a staff than the one we're in Team W-L ERA G IP tight now" Grieve said t Former Texas general manager Tulsa ' 7-6 266 34 811 5 1 Joe Klein now at Cleveland and Texas 2-3 257 16 21 Rader had a similar idea in 1983 'when "plus pitch— that one over- 077tl:1:"''''IVZi 'i'l'I''' - rwli : :A RICH SURHOFF RIGHT-NJ powering pitch —became a byword A : 411 at Spring training- But that regime C::' : opening Day Age: 23 Ht: 6-3 Wt: 210 tailed to produce young pitching :C i: How acquired:from Philadelphia for pitch( $111 --don't really - remember that '''' ::iorkit4 i'' 13 1985 1(iO3411Philosophy) whether it was 401: ' 0- :' :i Team W-L ERA G I lust pitching in general or pitchers Ir 41 Portland 7-8 317 70 11 with ' a "plus pitch' " Grieve said ':::''1!!:' :t1::':i:i ' ::'1 Philadelphia ' 1-0 000 2 But for what we're trying to do : :::: k!: : ' :4 ': Texas 0-1 756 I 8 that plus pitch' needs to be a fast- ' s' tiall It's pretty tough to project an I8- to 20year-old kid being a front- MATT WILLIAMS RIGHT-HANDER hne major-league pitcher when he Opening Day Age: 26 Ht: 6-1 Wt: 200 has a below-average fastball but a How acquired: From Toronto with pitchers Jeff Mays and Greg good slider or curve Ferlenda for designated hitter Cliff Johnson Aug 29 1985 "Most guys who are in the major reagues relying on a curve or slider Team W-L ERA G IP H ER BB SO Ipually came into the league with a Syracuse 7-12 443 22 178 172 66 63 118 good fastball Pitchers with a good Oklahoma City 0-0 225 1 4 2 1 - 0 4 Texas ' 2-1 529 10 34 -' 33 20 e 17' 27 fastball get the benefit:of the doubt - and a chance to develop other itches " ::y : - ! MITCH WILLIAMS LEFT-H i The Bringers' push for pitching i'i :::::' i rebind Grieve and farm director -- i-: upening Day Age: 21 Ht: 6-4 Wt 200 r!':' sandy Johnson has been geared to : : : How acquired: Selected from San Diego i he youngster with the 90-mph fast- :!: AAi14:01c :::- league draft Dec 3 1984 Returned to ! all Witt last June's No 1 draft i-: it4il ':-:''t:-N:: iV''1: auired for hoice left-hander Mitch Williams V:1'!!44:': Team third baseman Randy Asador ' W-L ERA 0 I porrea Russell Duane James and ' !:::::::4:::-:v14::--- Salem 6-9 545 22 S Patterson all fit that mold as does '-s ' i3ii:''t!'!40'''::'':'!i'! Tulsar 2-2 464 6 )-Ienry--' t We shOuld have stayed with it in tr exas alltiong" said Klein now in BOBBY WITT RIGHT-HANDER harge of getting the Cleveland pro- pening Day Age:22 Ht: 6-2 Wt: 200 Igram back on its feet "It (young ' Poitching) Is simply the way to go How acquired: No 1 pick (third in country) in June 1985 amateur There's nothing wrong with the the- draft 0 ory but most young pitchers have a Team W-L ERA G IP H ER BB SO role you have to support the theorY - Tulsa 0-6 643 11 35 26 25 44 39 with a good player development program and patience :!titlki :: : 1 When I got to the Cleveland or :::'i:-:'''----:-ie:)k::?'- anization we had one guy who ::::: "' ould throw 86 or better O Now :::i:': el ave lir rom Toronto with pitch "Right now we're a little more : illing to pay the price to acquire ?:i:0A6 ' JEFF MAYS RIGHT HA ::i::: :i004 :t Pen1119 Day Age 21 Ht 6-3 Wt 200 ! : : I ow acquired: F W'4-:A A" ' " ' Greg Ferlenda Aug 29 1985 t tl A young pitchers than some clubs !0''''''"':l Team W-L ERA G 'are" Grieve said "We're not only :::: r: Medicine Hat - 2-5 824 17 !waiting for the draft picks in June kvere looking at trades and the mior-league free-agent draft later they added left-hander Danny when they put ( "I think we're pretty much corn- Jackson The Royals won the divi- and Jackson in knitted to it There's definitely un- sion in '84 and followed that with was some unc ertainty involved in it no matter their world championship this sea- Grieve said "T ow many (young pitchers) you've son uncertainty in 'got or how good they seem to be- - "Success breeds imitation" Klein more good your NoW they develop is another story said "Trends change in baseball the better off 5 We' plan to give them the best in- ' For a while everyone wanted to imi- That the Ro t tuction we can show them pa- tate the Yankees and sign free young pitchir4 iefice treat them in a positive way agents Now the pendulum has was a payoff on ' o everything we can to spur them swung back to pitching" had since they long" ' i tTchhee r Rs oByrael Bret sbaieb et g KaBnusat sitcwitoyn1ork for everyone as Royals Stadiu armhae gtehne and model m a rin k well t think irnaks(Rquickly oy al s g ea ris eIt raworked l man agfeorr) speed and eaenda tdre 984 when e ' they installed young ubicza in their rotation and a year ' John Schuerholz would tell you that now but 'we'v Former teammates LNew York Times News Service NEW YORK — As the baseball orld mourned his death Saturday - lat the age of 51 Roger Marts the former New York Yankee slugger v ho hit a record 61 home runs in 961 was remembered as a multii alented player whose home run egord eclipsed his other skills He also was recalled as a loyal and tunassuming friend who had dealt gvitti the cancer that would claim his iie Ingle same way he had handled e ' pressures of chasing Babe utb's home run record — with quit courage i'All baseball is saddened by the oss of one of its true heroes" com- r' ssloner Peter lleberroth said I "While he will be remembered for Ns brilliant assualt of the home run 'record in 1961" tieberroth said in a statement dictated to Ills New York office from his home in Laguna TELEGRAM 11 SUNDAY DECEMBER 15 1985 wil practice strong :111i'2:4S4e'1:' 1 1 : - t npip - '00 !am It tO - 4 6 Li in i er)': ' r ::: :: tan- F (en- - 4-''' : ::- )nto : : ::-"::::''"''7":z:&:--:'-!:::i0100FAH0- eve- ihip t:::N:- '': : '-'177:7"--" t: : (1 )sed :z:4:-§!'''4i : : 14 r- : f Leal 4:g:::::: : J I' 4: : '': yle "! ' -'Mt::-:Ng: c l) 4Aw: s rave t:- :: 4 ::':::'1'::- : :: : fl kner one -'::'' ::::z: -:''':'i''Il"?4t4 lg''::: :- '::: ::7':'!''s ''::'''"-:'':: 111111101100 : :: : :: - tch- - - - -- Lee :1::i::''''::::''':': t'' ' '''''''' ' :'::!:':::::!: ::: : : : : ::::: st in :&::::-:::::- s no ii::1:-:a:::: ::::::: '- ii)ii'4t - '':'i::' low- : ear- :1 '!:1:'t:lii:: -::: gent i-t:r ::::: :: : :::: i4i4 : :ko :: ::i'::-1 4 :-: :: 44A'4iii::)N A -'': : ron- :'"'"-44( ::::: i : 1' 'f' -: -''''v''' '-1' S : :: 41g4 ::: - : - :':- 5 the -v":::- AL :: :: : ::: :::: ''- r: ::- goes O : ::: r 40 :':ii:::'t do" H:": : e 4 : :: : : d no t4 : : :: ''' " - 2 71'"! - : : ' -:: -:::-N' ito - ::::': ' : i :!t::7::::!:'': :- " : : : : ::'':41ot!""ClsirrLZ:41'4'-:ii -141i' - - - : 1 : — - - — — —4 ::::' -cos ' :--fi-:7:! 42'A'': ::-::'::--' :: - '-:--- ::' hose ' '''t'SP':At::"iiif::' - 't:'::'(:::' ::-:::::--- :: '''7s' ' -' ' ' ' ' - ' :':L'::::1:1-1:WAy :- 4i''::::"r1N4s' ' ' '''''' ::''''110:-: :::'1 and !! 0 i:?:04-::!'"v:':rA ''g't7'' 4 erii0140!!i4:'-':"':'' ii'44:ixxs :‘:i'-: -:':4ot'f000f' " '7T:--wi:::: : I :::i0ii:ii7 -::'1014!714' ' - :101f :4kviiti!- It::17PI''''' i4::Z-:::::::li444Z:4'''''H-iiili r'"!1:'::4'::::':!"''1:'::riZ::Ei-411I 4t5 ' : Afil 74'i44:‘Alt: 'the i'ki47:':i- ' ''''i2''4''&7"4 '' - ':'::!'''2':M'-'7J::titM:4E:':W::'40 47AStr:''-':''''1'''''':":::E':':'':'::'-:'4'1- t!Ii:'w'" ' '' -''-- - ' '''':r""::::! f ted kt 44:'!?i:g:iiA4q4iit:''::''! i'iv ':':we::?:::::m:':'i:::'1:::::::':::06:::!1ii::-: &:iiiiipi4:A 4t4ti::: ::- :- :-- Lts 10Ak&:'''''''::- '' ':'''''-' ti! " :-:4-4:::'-::'-:::::::::::-4:4iziuAiiiiK4k :4 tie :wiiiit:iiiiiikv:: ::-: : - - - - - Dwayne Henry (left) and Jose Guzman are two of the Texas Rangers' most promising young pitchers The Texas Rangers have 12 pitchers who How acquired: Selected in second round W-L 7-6 2-3 Opening Day Age: 23 Ht: 6-3 Wt: 210 How acquired: from Philadelphia for pitcher Dave Stewart Sept 13 1985 How acquired: From Toronto with pitchers Jeff Mays and Greg Ferlenda for designated hitter Cliff Johnson Aug 29 1985 Team Vi-L ERA G IP 7-12 4 43 22 178 0-0 225 1 4 2-1 529 10 34 MITCH How acquired: Selected from San Diego organization In major-league draft Dec 3 1984 Returned to San Diego then reacquired for third baseman Randy Asador April 5 1985 0-6 643 11 35 JEFF Opening Day Age: 21 How acquired: From Greg Ferlenda Aug Beach Calif "we should also remember the courageous battle he fought against this dreaded disease these last two years My thoughts and prayers are with his wife Pat and all the members of the Mans family" Mickey Mantle the former Yankee slugger who battled Mans for the home run crown in nor was reported in seclusion at a hotel in Fort Lauderdale Fla In his recently published autobiography The Mick Mantle had nothing but praise for his former teammate "The greatest single feat I ever saw" he wrote "was Roger Mans hitting 61 home runs to break Babe Ruth's record I ins with him practically every step of the way and I know the dues he paid to get there" Ralph Houk who was the Yankee manager in 1961 recalled Mans both as the consummate player who "put will be 27 or younger on opening day 1986 Here June 1980 amateur draft ERA G IP H ER 613 SO 268 34 811 53 24 44 97 257 16 21 16 6 7 20 RICH SURHOFF RIGHT-HANDER W-1 ERA G IP H ER 68 80 7-8 317 70 111 107 39 1-0 000 2 1 2 0 0-1 756 12 7 12 7 44 0 3 91 2 8 H ER BB SO 172 66 63 118 2 1 0 4 " 33 20 17 27' ' WILLIAMS LEFT-HANDER IP H ER Be SO 6-9 545 22 99 5 60 117 138 2-2 464 6 33 17 17 48 37 26 25 44 39 MAYS RIGHT-HANDER Ht: 6-3 Wt: 200 Toronto with pitchers Matt Williams and 29 1985 ' W-L ERA G IP H ER 02 SO 2-5 824 17 53 58 31 41 40 when they put Gubicza Saberhagen and Jackson in the rotation there was some uncertainty involved" Grieve said "There will always be uncertainty in baseball but the - more good young players you've got - the better off you are" — Thact the Royals hit it big with young pitching wasn't just luck It was a payoff on a philosophy they've had since they moved into spacious Royals Stadium where pitching speed and defense are premium items "I see a trend toward pitching now but 'we've always flocused on i:i :3: f :104:r - 'i - ':i e::::::f A '''' :1:::::11: '4 1 !:: : in77 14 I '-:" Vf''::::::iP ':1 - :-: :: liiiM"' ::'::::!-': 0:!-6-1112er MOI-is' feats courage winning above his own accomplishments" and as "a real good family man the kind of fellow you would want for your own son" "He was a great ballplayer and very modest" said Houk who said he thought that Mans had handled the pressure of the home run chase better thangthe fans and the press had given him credit for "I don't think I've ever seen a ballplayer un der more pressure than Maria 'as that year' he said "There were thousands of questions day after day and it hurt him a lot when the press blasted him And yet he wanted to win the pennant as much as the rest of us" "He was one of the great ones" Houk said Red Schoendienst who was the St Louis manager when Mans Joined the Cardinals in 1967 echoed Houk's assessment - arm methods in future are the 12 with their 1 94 statistics: JOSE GUZMAN Opening Day Age: 22 Mt: 6-3 Wt: 190 How acquired: Signed as (amateur) free agent Feb 101981 Team W-L Oklahoma City Texas 10-5 3-1 EDWIN EDWIN aORREA RIGHT-HANDER Opening Age: - " Da A 19 Ht 6 2 Wt ' 192 : -"— How acquired: From Chicago White Sox with infielders Scott ::tn Fletcher and Jose Mote for pitcher Dave Schmidt and infielder Wayne Tolleson Nov 25 1985 Team W-L ERA G IP H ER BB SO Glen Falls 1-5 675 8 40 37 30 35 34 : Appleton 13-3 253 18 139 93 39 56 128 : Chicago 1-0 697 5 101 11 8 11 10 JEFF RUSSELL RIGHT-HANDER 404 - Opening Day Age: 24 Ht: 6-4 WI: 210 How acquired: From Cincinnati July 23 1985 completing deal that sent third baseman Buddy Bell to the Reds for outfielder Duane Walker - Team W-L ERA G IP H ER BB SO Denver 6-4 422 16 102 94 48 46 81 Oklahoma City 1-0 277 2 13 11 4 5 13 Texas 3-6 755 13 62 85 52 27 44 - GREG FEFILEN0A RICHT-HAPIIIIFR Opening Day Age: 19 Ht: 6-2 Wt: 192 How acquired: From Chicago White Sox with infielders Scott Fletcher and Jose Mote for pitcher pave Schmidt and infielder Wayne Tolleson Nov 25 1985 Team Glen Falls Appleton Chicago JEFF RUSSELL RIGHT-HANDER Opening Day Age: 24 Ht: 6-4 Wt: 210 How acquired: From Cincinnati July 23 1985 completing deal that sent third baseman Buddy Bell to the Reds for outfielder Duane Walker - Team W-L ERA G IP Denver Oklahoma City Texas 6-4 422 16 102 1-0 277 2 13 3-6 755 13 62 GREG FERLENDA Opening Day Age: 21 Ht: 6-1 Wt: 45 How acquired: From Toronto Nov 14 1985 completing deal that sent designated hitter Cliff Johnson to the Blue Jays for pitchers Matt Williams and Jeff Mays Teem W-L Florence 12-5 DUANE JAMES Opening Day Age: 23 HI: 6-3 WI: 180 How acquired: From Detroit In trade for Teem Tulsa 3-9 SCOTT PATTERSON Opening Day Age: 27 Ht: 6-2 Wt: 180 ) HowacqUired: Selected from Yankee organization In major league draft Dec 10 1985 — Team W-L Albany 7-2 Columbus 5-2 Columbus that because of our ballpark" Schuerholz said "We've always gone for pitching and speed If you follow that philosophy over a 15- year period you're going to come up with some arms "I think if you go back to the early days of baseball you'll find that a strong pitching corps has been able to sustain a club and that's a tradition that'sstill true today I don't feel like we're trend-setters but what we did that may have gotten' some attention was our commitment to put our young pitchers in and go with them 1 haven't seen that halipen a ' "Baseball fans should remember Roger as an outstanding ballplayer" he said "He was a fine ballplayer He was a complete ballplayer He moved runners ' around when he had to He sacrificed himself He knew he wouldn't hit the home runs hereJle was a real good ballplayer" Although the pressures of the 1961 home run battle led to criticism of Mans by members of the New York press who felt he was uncommunicative to the point of being sullen there were others who concluded that the knocks had been off target s Tim McCarver the former St Louis catcher recalled Saturday that when Mans first reported to the Cardinals for spring training in 1967 the other Cardinals had been prepared to dislike him because of his reputation of being insensitive Star-Telegram RIGHT - HANDER ERA G IP H ER BB SO 313 25 150 131 52 40 76 276 5 322 27 10 14 24 DORREA RIGHT-HANDER ERA G IP H ER BB SO 1-5 675 8 40 37 30 35 34 13-3 253 18 139 93 39 56 128 1-0 697 5 101 11 8 11 10 H ER BB SO 94 48 46 81 11 4 5 13 85 52 27 44 RIGHT-HANDER ERA 0 IP H ER BB SO 327 35 165 152 60 75 160 RIGHT - HANDER pitcher Frank Tanana June 1985 ERA 0 IP H ER BB SO 681 15 71 78 54 66 44 RIGHT-HANDER ERA G IP H ER BB SO 155 27 46 32 8 16 35 335 21 38 30 14 12 26 lot in the last 10 or 15 years "There was never any question about their this young pitchers'lability or potential" Schuerholz said "but there was a certain amount of uncertainty about how quickly they could contribute" The Rangers say with their blitz over the last year they may have accumulated as many good young arms as any team in baseball "It's hard to say because you don't know someone else's organization as well as your own" Grieve said "I think numbers-wise we've got as many as most other teams dollow they "He was the very antithesis of that" McCarver said "He was warm he was giving and he was one hell of a ballplayer" Like others McCarver also stressed Mans' skills went beyond those of a slugger "Most people thought of him in terms of hitting home runs but he was a complete ballplayer" he said 'lie could run he could throw and he gave so much to those championship teams of 1967 and 1968" Mike Shannon the Cardinal third baseman who became Mans' closest friend recalled him primarily as a loyal and fun-loving companion "He will be remembered no doubt for the 61 home runs but 1 will remember him as a friend and a very compassionate person" said Shannon noting that after his retirement from baseball Mans rarely turned down an appeal to attend fund-raisers for charities supported by his friends 1000 Pk compare time will tell "The key is to get enough of them where you can't fail Don't get three or four and hope they all come through Get 15 and hope three or four come through I Oon't think we'll ever turn a deaf ear to a deal in which we can acquire a young pitcher: Johnson divides the Rangers' young pitchers into three groups— those who have a chance to contribute immediately the potential ture stars and the long-term invest ments Guzman Henry Surholf Patterson and Matt Williams aren the first group "Guzman is at the top of the clisQ because of the year he put together: last season (10-5 at Oklahoma City0- 2 with the Rangers)" Johnson "He's had a solid minor-league rlie: 'finished off the season great for:14: and has carried it over into winter ball in Puerto Rico 15-1 l" Williams and Russell are seriold1 candidates for Valentine's starting" rotation this spring — both were there when the season ended — and Surholl and Henry are expected to anchor the bullpen Patterson drafted off the Yankees' Columbus club at the winter meetings last week will get a chance to prove he- can handle the short relief job too But it is the second group that lights u p Johnson's eyes In it he lists Witt Correa and Mitch Williams If they hit Johnson said it could be big-time "That second group with the great arms will definitely be capa- : ble of running somebody out of there (the Ranger staff) when they're ready" Johnson said "Carrea Williams and Witt are groupell" together in that order All threer when they put it together look out Johnson visualizes a 1987 Rangee rotation of Charlie Hough Witt Colt rea Guzman and possibly Mitch Wil hams "Or Mitch could be the outstandl ing guy coming out of the bullpen' Johnson said "You're talking about four guys who throw 90 (mph) and: above which is something to run out: there And they're all babies" Williams the 20-year-old left- hander the Rangers drafted out or the San Diego organization a yeaC ago made outstanding progress lit the fall Instructional League pro: gram and in winter ball where he is being used strictly in relief "He's been dominating big-leago!: and Triple-A players there" John::: son Said r Witt has rebounded from a less: than impressive half season with Tulsa where he was 0-6 "Witt has such super stuff" John son said "He's over the awe of beinir (the) No 1 (pick) and when he gets together he's really nasty" Johnson's third group includes Greg Ferlenda and Jeff Mays ac' quired -with Matt Williams in thO deal with Toronto for Cliff Johnson last June's No 3 draft pick Jimmy VIcek and Duane James the fift 'bailer acquired from Detroit tor - 'Frank Tanana This group needs more minor-league seasoning tki: fore it pays dividends - "Ferlenda has pitched at the Class A level but he's probably a coupleOf years away" Johnson said "Duane James will probably go back to DOtt ble A He's still having control prolx tem& He hasn't made the progress that (Mitch) Williams and Witt didln Instructional ball Duane is down the road and so are Mays and Vicek" Johnson doubts there's a better group of young pitchers in baseball ' "I think they've got to be near the top just because of the arms" Johnson said "You've got a dozen guys and six or seven throw 90 (mph) or above I don't think too many teams can claim that" "You look at all the successful clubs and the winning organizations and it all starts on the mound Look at Kansas City Who knew those names (Saberhagen Gubicza Jackson) a couple of years ago? They were in high school or the low minors" Now what the Rangers need is a liberal dose of good luck and patience "When you adopt this kind of policy and put it into play there is some uncertainty on when it will be sue cessful" Grieve admitted "You hope it will hit like it did for Kansas Citybut you surecan't count °nil "On the other hand all of us arel: hundred percent sure that this's the'4 way to go and a hundred percent set r on accomplishing it 4 Mans Shannon said was never vain about his fame Shannon now a broadcaster in St Louis recalled a time after Marts' retirement when he was visiting Shannon at spring training The two left the clubhouse together and Shannon was sun rounded immediately by childreg asking for his autograph while Maris went unrecognized and Ignored "He really got a kick out of thati?! Shannon said Shannon also recalled Mans cape-daily was knowledgeable about baseball "1 remember in 1968 about July when it looked like we were going to be playing the Tigers in the World Series and everybody was worried about Denny McLain" he said "Roger said 'Forget about McLain the guy we have to wotry about is Mickey Lolich' enough when October rolled around Mickey won three garnet: giving the Tigers the World Series f

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