Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 25, 1964 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1964
Page 12
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12 -We(l., March 25,19 &4 Redlands Daily Facts SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer TELEVISION IN REVIEW By KICK DC BROW "Are you SURE he can't read? HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — One of the big vorries of tdevisjon is tlie growing shortage of movies for the horns screen, but nobody looks at the good side of this problem. Consider: All over the country there are now countless persons, including this viewer, who have seen old movies on video so many, times that they know a good many famous parts virtually by heart. We late-mo\ie memorizers are ready to save regional theater if only local impresarios would [encourage us to do on the 'stage the Sim roles we have studied so deligently. We have I culture and art at heart, and jare by no means'hams. ' I do not mean to appear immodest, but my own late-movie repertoire staggers the imagination. At least mine. At the slightest suggestion I can do a fistful of the Mike Shaj-ne private eye roles that IN HOLLYWOOD Eva Marie Saint on sef again By Enkine Jobnson HOLLWOOD - Eva Marie Saint popped the fortune cookie and read aloud the message printed on the narrow strip of paper. "The time to get ahead is now," "How about that?" she laughed, loudly. Fragile is the word for Eva Marie's beauty, but not for her laugh, which is louder than Lucille Ball's. "How about that?" was so right The fortune message read as if Eva Marie had planted it inside the rice cookie. The time had come, she had been telling us at luncheon in the Chinese cafe, "to let people know that Eva Marie Saint has not retired." She's the Saint, you see, who went marching home when her children needed her. In eight years she appeared in only seven movies. For eight years she spumed aU TV offers. But now she has completed a big role opposite bob Hope in his "School for Bachelors." . Later this month she ^viU be facing a rao>ie camera for the first time in two yeas, costarring \\-ith James Gamer in a new MGM film "36 Hours." "I'd never give up my career," she explained. "But 1 thought my family came first. "My children needed me when they were infants. But now the boy, Darrell, is nine and Laurette is si.\, and both are in school, 1 have time now for my career. But it is no big problem, really. I don't intend to rush around accepting every role offered me. .-Utcr all, I have a working husband (director Jeffrey Hayden). Aad sny time 1 feel *he children need me, "I'll consider them before my career." In "School for Bachelors," Hope plays the owner of a chain of Bachelor Clvbs who collides with Eva Marie as a gal running for Congress. When she campaigns to outlaw the clubs (any resemblance to Playboy Clubs is, as usual, comcidental, says Bob) she dons a scanty bunny — oops — bach- elorette costume to gather evidence for her campaign. As Bob's leading lady in the 1956 movie. ''That Certam Feeling," the blonde star, laughing­ ly admitted she noticed a "big change" in him today. "He looks YOUNGER." s h e pracUcally screamed. A score of performances in New York's early live television drama brought Eva Marie Saint her Oscar-winning role in 1954's movie, "On the Waterfront.' "Television certainly has changed," she commented io discussing today's telefilm meth ods. "Vibea I checked m for the Hope show I figured we would have some time for rehearsing. What a shock. "I was introduced to the di rector, who said, 'How do you do. Miss Saint.' \rith that he took my arm and led me to the camera, saying 'We're ready for the first scene.' Then he placed me in front of the camera, stepped back and said, 'Action.' " The pace didn 't slacken throughout filming of the show and Eva Marie is still a little breathless. During the last four hours of filming, she reported, "I had three different wardrobes and two changes of hairstyle." Large Beet The mangel-H'urzcl is a (ype of large beet belonging to t h c same family as the vegetable and sugar beet."- It is regarded as very palatable feed for livestock. NOTICE OP PDBUC HEARING NoUce li bcnbr given that the Cilr Council. Citr of IMlimdi. County of S«n Bemarolno, California, wiU hold a public hearing on Ordinance No. IZSO. an ordinance of the City CouncU of the City of Bcdlands for adoption of Supplemental Map No. 73 — Aniwxation No. IS — to Zoning Ortlinance Jio. 1000 as follows; To adopt Supplemental Map No. 73 —Annexation Dijtrict No. 18 — M-1 lUtht loductrUl) DUtrlct as part of the Official Land U»e Zon- inf Map as provided in Sections 3 of Zoninc Ordinance No. 1000. Said public hearing wUl be held in the Council Chamben in the Safety Buildlnf. 212 Brookside Avenue. Redlandi. California, «t 7:00 p.m. on April 7, 1964. HAZEL M. SOPER. City Clerk, City of Hedlands. NOTICE TO CO.NTKACTOBS Sealed proposals vriu be received at the office of the Redlands City Clerk, City Hall, Redlands, California, until I0:O0 a.m. April 7. loM. at which Uroe and place they v.111 be pubUcIy opened and read, for Mobile Badio Transceivers tn accordance with the specifications therefor atucbed. Bids must be submitted for complete units described therein. Deviations from speciliatlona will not be considered and wfll be cause for rejection of bids. Forms of proposal, bond forms and specific'tlons may be obUlned at the office of the City Clerk of the City of Redlands. Cajon and Vine Streets. Redlands, CalUor- nla. The said city reter%-es the rljht to reject any or all bids. Sirens Answer to Pnvious Puzzis ACROSS 1 Helen o£ • 5 Miss West 8 ,Que«no£ Scots 12 Jot 13 Wood sorrel 14 Hebrew dry measuro 15 Snip 16 Table soap 17 Sinew IBFenciiig position 20 Edible mushroom 21 Rorlda islet 22 Melon 23 Thatcher 26 Thatched 29 Ailments 30 Victuals 32 .-\ctTess Lnpino 33 Parable 34 Bridge positioa 35 Plant part 36 Sailing ships SSAddcBCisits 39 Unit of illumination 40 Middle 41AlciaiuJer'sgirl friend 43 Samson's nemesis 47 Self (comb, form) 48 Immature blosMm 49'nmberffolf SOTaj Mahal site SI Presidential nickname 52Kansasdty S3 Temporary SSMimicker DOWN ITwilcbings 2 Character part 3 Auricular 4 South American, opossums 5 Depressive 6 Land measnn 7 Consume 8 Part of a Dorie frieze 9 Greek Vans 10 Korean leader 11 Ship's small boat 19 Negative tote 20 Reward 22 First {comh. form) 23 Commands 24 Hebrew month 25 Siren on the Nfle 27 Paradise 28 River bairieis 30 Swift 31 Bone 34Epicpoetiy 35 Chancd seats fordersjr 37 Man from Coliznibiis SS Sesame 40 Greek enchantress r 41Boer1angaag« 42 lies Miseratte' author 43 Doris > heiress 44Noose 45 Competent 46 Venerable 4SSsaIIportioB P Hi Kennedy library $10-million half subscribed NEW YORK (UPI)—The SlO million fund drive for the John FiUgerald Kennedy Memorial Library is about half subscribed, Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy and his brother. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, announced Monday. The drive's progress was revealed at an organizatjooal meeting of state chairmen and representatives of the library, which will be built in Boston as a memorial to the assassi nalcd President and to house records relating to him. Senator Kennedy said he ex pected ground to be broken in about a year and it would take another year to complete the library buildings on the Harvard University campus. The attorney general said in terviews with persons associated with the late President akeady were being recorded on tape for us by scholars and researchers. He said 400,000 documents and papers had been photo­ stated for the library's archives. The library is being financed by public subscription and will be operated by the U.S. Bureau of Archives. Rousselot says Birch Society growing SAN MARINO (UPI) - John Rousselot, 3fi, Western District Governor of the John Birch Society, said today that society membership has tripled in the last year and that seven members were in the current campaign for legislative posts. Rousselot was defeated in the 1962 campaign after one term as a Republican Congressman. His district was reapportioned into a heavily Democrat - registered one but Rousselot philosophically said "that's politics" and began devoting full time to the Birch movement. He predicted that if national elections were held today Sen. Barry Gold'-vater of Arizona would carry California for the Republicans, but warned that it would be unwise to underestimate the candidacy of New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller because of his tremendous financial backing. Rousselot said bis lecture tours in the past year have shown him a "real, genuine ris ing tide of constitutional conservative senUraent not only in the society but in the conservative movement in this country." Facts Classified Ads Can Sell Anything Call 793-3221 Uoyd Nolaa landed before my time. But those are only for lighter moments. My Clark Gable category is notable, especially that movie with Myma Loy in which he plays a charmingly ruthless newsreel cameraman. I will admit, however, that Gable had some differences. For instance, he wore a mustache. Another of our specialties is Wilh'am Powell in any of those suave "Thin Man" fUms. He also sported a mustache, but other than that we had little trouble. If you asked me my favorite role, I would tell j-ou it is Robert Montgomery as the mug who inherits a British title in The Earl of Chicago." But it is difficult to find a better part anywhere than Humphrey Bogart in "Casablanca," and I admit that sometimes I am uncertain whether I am exactly right for it. I have seen Edward G. Robinson so many times in a movie called "Tampico," in which he plays a ship's* captain, that I not only know his lines but those of his first mate, Victor McLaglen. As I said, we late-movie students are not really hams. We are just waiting our chance. But if we should get that chance as actors, please don't ask us about our personal lives. BEN CASEY ByVEALADASSS NOTICE or TRUSTEE'S SALE No. TDF1487I381M3) On Wednesday, April IS. 1964. at XO.-OO o'clock a.m. at the front entrance ot the otlice of Secnrity Title Insurance Company. 4S0 West , Court Street, in the City of San Bernardino. SUte of California. SE- cuRTry TrrLE mstniANCE COMPANY, ai ttustee under the IJeed of Trust executed by Vansuard Construction corporation, a corporation recorded September 26. 1363 in Book 5996 page 4SS of Official Secordi In the office ot the Becorder of San Bernardino County, California, by reason of default In the payment or performance of obUsations secured thereby tacludine the breach or default, notice of -which was recorded December 19, 1963 in Book 6050 page 875 of said Records, will sell »1 public auction for cash, without warranty as to title, possession, or incumbrances, the interest conveyed to said Trustee by said Deed of Trust in property situate in the County of San Bernardino, State of California, described as: PARCEL No. 1: 1-ot 1, in Block 34. according to second Preliminary Map of Redlands, in the City of Redlands. as per plat recoided in book 5 of Maps, pegt 4, records of said County. Excepting therefrom the westerly 66 feet of said lot conveyed to W. C. Lukens by decfl dated June 30. 1891, recorded in book 135 of Deeds, page 253, records of said County. Also excepting therefrom that' portion deeded to the State of California -for highway purposes, by deed recorded May 11. 1960 in Book 5133. page 43S. Official Records, described as follows: Bej^innin^ on the southerly line of said Lot 1. being also the northerly line of Highland Avenue as shown on said Map, distant along said aoutherly line north 55' 58' 53" east 66-00 feet from the most •soulherly comer of said Lot 1; thence along the easterly line of the westerly 66 feet of said lot 1. north 33- 58' 34" west 608.69 feet to the northerly line of said Lot 1: thence along last said northerly line north 56* 00' 05" east 226.67 feet; thence aouth 34' IT' OT" east I3S.8S feet: thence south 32- 35' 10" east 471J1 feet to said southerly line of Lot 1, distant along said southerly line north 55' 58' S3" east 21SJ6 feet from Uie point of beginning; thence alone said southerly line south 55* S8' 53" west 215.96 fe«t to the point of beginning. PARCEL No. 2: Lot 8. Block 34. according to Map of Addition No. 1 to Second Preliminary Map of Redlands, In the CHy of RedUnds. as per plat recorded in book 5 of Maps, page 4, records of said County. ISxcepting therefrom that portion deeded to the State of California lor highway purposes, by deed recorded April 22. 1960 in book 5118. page IS. Official Records, described as foUows: Beginning at the most westerly corner of said Lot 8: thence along the northwesterly line of said Lot 8. being also the southeasterly line of Palm Avenue, as shown on said map. north 56* 01' 17" east 289.39 feet: thence south 34* 17' 03" east 606.62 feet to Che sootbeasterly line of said Lot 8. distant along last said southeasterlj- Une north 56' 00' OS" east 292.67 feet from the most soulherly corner of said Lot S: thence along last said toutbeast- erly line south 56* 00' 05" west 292-67 feet to said most southerly comer; thence along the southwesterly line of said Lot a, north 33* 34" west 608.72 feet to the point of beginning. For the purpose of paying obligations secured by said Deed of Trust, including lees, charges, and expenses of the Trustee, sums expended under the terms thereof. Interest thereon, and S23.000.00 in unpaid principal of: the note aecured thereby, -with Interest -thereon at the -rate of 6*^ per annum from September 24, 1963. Dated March 19. 19S4. SECURITY TrrLE INSUB ANCE COMPAW By /I' Keith Hennlnger, Assistant Vice President. (Corporate Seali CAKNIVAL By Dick Turner "But there MUST be someone else wHh Janie, Mom! All of a sudden I'm getting D's on my homework!" cNiyMxywucMi • MDeCT>OtR 1—Uih^^^^^^^^'V SHORT BIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD ' flmJi MOETT By DICK CAVAHJ WHycWnoUTAkEAV BE5rC>F1H5V\DID« ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN FRISCILLA'S POP By AL VI MM APRICA THEY'VE FOUND THE SKELEtOM ' ,OF A SHASMATOSAURUS ,THAT LIVED ISO .MILLION YEARS AGO.' LIFE MUST HAVE BEESI ANNFUL HARD IN IMA&INE LANDING IM FRONT OF YOUR CAVE WITH A SAUCER OF r1 MILK IM ^rOUR HANCX_) JiiAHD^rriNi: SHASMATOSAURUSJ SHASMATOSAURUS/ ISHASMATOSAURUS!"^ CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER iuxsB • HER ReceuT Lcrrw* 10 SAIPAMCM .MrfEECOUVIIJCEOWWTIMr WIX)PHOR57& TV OE COMER KKCOMUf tflPOWED V AMBNTALPWiU*'. ^ MIECE LOOK? AFTB? HIWl , 7 Hr $AMlNVENTOft. VMM. SMSmt^ •weRT* o»a.y A . . HMRLINE PISTMCnON^ BETWEEN A »eREW- L BALL ANP A ANOPBN WWP,„ 0UR9H.Ve».' OUR BOARDING HOUSE witti MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WILLIAMS

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