Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 8, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1916
Page 6
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SEX, 1916. . Sofa . J. Sowles D. G. Co.* A Great Variety of Christmas .Gifts I i,:...:'::r::.25c "f '>f.--£co!l, f1f!!f in- Krnnk TSart- brother, a* fltamt«-t 50c III- r.f 35c, 50c, 75c each A hf-AUtif'il 50c 60c n« -ii| 60c r.f ('„' n»tin. «*H>-. '/5c .. $1,50"! 50c si>}>-"i" $3.45, $4.50, $5 g ^*V£ U $ •* ^ > <* •* '* '* '*» iCK FALLS DAILY SCHOOL REPORT i-id<-nt e of tb" i • pil'.'k " ii< f. Th tnny'fV to Mr. .a»ir! T. f,«ilft. their H. I,. BOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 8, 1916. PARENT-TEACHERS ELECTION OF OFFICERS elation Will Meet This Evening In Efcrtion Of Officfrs Of "W. R. Th» High School A§««mbly. artwint of lh the December nieedriir *>f (!«« Tencber A««-m'lnlion w.'i«s j>ovt- fr«>tn FrMay evenln*. I>e« I*'!, fitb. Interefit ami "nlhn^ia? m were ftt the la«*t meeting. ,\ live- was rnjo>ed on the pitti' Obfdifwe. Many nre hop't'il meetlHKS Hlld believe that KO<H| will fonio from the ili«. HK- t)p fo||n\vlni? pniKt.i |ht at the nmuil time ?*,'tr>. hlKh »< hool hnil be Kh nnd pin. h, My (flint!. ik Ity JEev. Thorpe. How They Ynunc People I hi- ,%fet. Mm. e (Inmei, Mrs. tjvnn 1. Heed, M>'t»!lbllo Is Klven a very cut-dial In- llon br« KING'S DAUGHTERS Mwting Yesterday At The Home Of Mr*. Amos »' Kim,'*' Daughter* 'held n very ug meetinjf ,y«*«t^rday ftt the of 5Ir». .Amos Itnvcr*tlvk, v;est s* City. There were- twenty-tliree nnd the time >>)*ent C. Held Thursday Afternoon, The \\Vll. <:, held it meeUrifJ Thttrs- •'•r. ;iifi't noon 'and the officers for ilu- i-mmu yc.-tr w.ere \ !».*tr>d. The ladies < tii|-lf-t«--d the pbsns fr.r their bnx.aar •A ttu h will be-ln-ld In the w-ar future. Yht» fidtofrini? itfllrnrA Were elected: Pi< r. i-'jinny l-"r>-e. Senior \"i<-<> Pref. — Kmmn Tlntstine. .lnnlor Vii-t' Pre».—Afiiuja All'n. Tifav.-Ann;! Pfulb. < 'li;i,!ilin - KHzaliHh \Vflj6fely. • '••ndoctnr Mnl>!<. Webber. Thi> other «iilk-r-r>« will bn appointed I'V the pn-yfdetit al n later tint**. >ORD CA¥WRECKED , Cnr Tipped Over Five Foot Bank— No Ono Injured. A i'onl mr driven by Henry Dett- containing four other paxsenfiers lipped nver a bank live fret high yesterday afternoon near the MeCtt« snivel pit. Mr. Deitmnn turned out for anothi'r" car rind >»« he went to turn Iwu-k onto the rood again the uteerinff rod broke whirl! threw the t-nr over the'embankment. K'o one In the crtr but the- car wan somewhat Mat (in.. !i<,t!if j.ftnxlilf wound 1 *. < nif !)('((!(• rarbolUi'd One biiitlo camphor. Sis p:i»-knR«-y. "t'Tlln .(.lilt plaster 'and fit her Drawing Arid Sewing. Thr> li/>\i«"s.Q(I__cii:le--<rtlH' . I'nlon S* linoSft will have nJi exhibit of their wink in dryiwiiit? nml sf-uiiu: nt the Jii«h scfnml next week during the Farmrrs' In.stittite. The fidlowlnff pii)til<i nf tbo ^trrlltiK I'riion Hi-tioi.lH mfide an average *>f !"» pf-r eent or more In their fxaniina!ii'iis for i he third month: Central School. Rnom '15— Neva "Schkk, Mnrjorie Kni',1, Margaret Oleterlp 94; I-lorenre Mnynard 93: Kenneth Urnwn. lren< Il-artrnnn. I-amn. fhalmerf 'Ji': Rrbeera denslet, Miide'ly-n \\"aKley, |,ena An*ler- «on 91: Ha?.el !>etweller. *«>rt. /with farm. . .1. F. tt'irth and ! Hcrk J-'nlK rind ia>ii>;*> n vi»It in she stfu-moon i.f the r«-c« nt holiday. A binK needed Improverm-nt fin a tm.f nf the Imiklins on th«< «scuilh «it!f> of ttif- rn.iln part nt the rtistJity farm wtrnrttir*- IK ix-iriK made thi* wrf-k. X<-W uhdr.ubU-dly will pm'a stop t links that Wff« roanif'-^t nt heavy rain or snnwfnlt. STOP DANOBUFF! HAIR GETS THICK, WAVY, BEAUTIFUL GIRLS! DRAW A CLOTH THROTJGH YOUR HAIR AND DOUBLE _ ITS BEAUTY. Spend 25 e«nt«! Dandruff vanish** and hair stops coining out, To be pfiKsf-KSr-d iif fj hfml of beautiful hair: soft, lustrous. wavy ftntl / tfi-t> frum dandruff i« fluffy. c COUTA NEWS j John TEAM RAN AWAY., ', team eon«j<b'r nble excitement, in the w» xt end of town •'Monthly mbr'ninvr when they ran away 1i!t«-hfd to <i elow.) L.ticKV. They rn;iKh- <-d .Snm (Slpe's yard fenre down ami freed tlH-ni«f-lve* from the Harry Drown wnn drlviiie 'be ... t ! — <'nra Kramer, Hitrnhman 04; 'r«tnk M', c?ertrude Hannah Hoover, Helen Thorpe !IO. J'.ootn i;i-.\bla Hotdrldse, Marj?:irt-t Orrln !'2; l<*i)lta ,l!ner. Frank Kee- diimnged. AUXILlARYlEETING WHIR. »pve«ty-.nv«' garments and llSDOJforterw LfltiR made. The lad- two barrel* of tlothliiK u«<l to a niiHMlon In CHURCH. ».~* (uuilor. Sunday 8ehi*ol, pi. Morning . ..!'>: 4Ti a. BUbJect, "fi 1 You JJenr Not There will 'DP no that Uie intend tho «ervlcp» at the ' church In ~X (JIVE-A - ,-f CT-.fountain pen, 1 |p j>en you will eventual-' i6, thn pride of every;, We hftvo fountam' for all purpoHos, To' ill writing mjuire-i lints. tSomr> plain har- t ' ;Smno gold mounted,' 10 silver mounted, bi 8, little pens and Kolf^ i**.. ±n appropriate tfil't frtr; roho, Oot a »Slwo(T«r Pen at Auxiliary Of Th« M. E. Church . Wednesday Afternoon. The HoHal- Auxiliary of tins Metho- ebiirch met .AVednemlay afternoon at the home of Mr», KA Freeman on Dlxtm avenue, Tlw meeting, waa very larKely attendeih The regular bunlneati wni trani*ao(eil and plana were mado foe Ch,i'!strnfi3, • ........ ;••' .......... ''~ .......... " ............. r ......... • Aftt-r the bUKlnesH mooting the time wa» Hjient 8«x* tally and dainty nsfreah* nient.s wcro' served by the fer, Knnn Newell 90. llootn 1 2— -Verna .Harslimnn 94; ('"nuH-rJi Wesner. Kathleen Harris fl2: Herbert lllgby. I^iura Kidd 91; Kntii- erlne stoeekle, Hnrold Olffrow, Mildred Hawyer ?•». lioom 11 Harold .Hermann. Helen Hoak 91; Joyco Benner, Ellen Dnnrelt- HELD ALL DAY MEETING. Tln> Hoiittehnld MHenre Hub had nn nil day meeting Thursday at ih«- home of Mrn. Hert ISird*alI. A very j;ood dinner wan nc-rV'-d at noon a fid a very IntercKtinK meeting was held. COLETA BRIEFS; Th«' Ijidh-*" Missionary society of • luiclfan church, mt-t Tuesday with Mr.i. Fri'd Over!)")*?!'. John Srmvely. H. H. nipc. Warrin Hrown, Arch Manning. Abe «!ip«\ lu-n •'Hrymin, John Klynn, Htiy Ilurh'.«w, .lohu "Icr'orinlck, Kniil Muiidt w<-ut to Clii- iii-o TueHilay to iitlend I be xtuck Mrs. Jerry Me 1). II. Hollowol lhl« wi-i'k •show, fi«l n lint 'iout nr>sv It is '-.'iKy arid Ine.TfM-H^lve to .h.ive nice, soft bnlr anil tuts of If. .Tttst lift a 26-eent bottle of KnoWlton's Dnndvr- ine now—all dniK ''tures recommend-It — apply n |itt!" a-i ditactful and within !"ii rtiifnitoM thi-rc will be an rni|i*-ar- nnr-e of nbundar'-e, fi"t'S'!i(i"»iH, Usiffni'M* and an ln<-omtiarabl«« jduss and luctre, and try am you will you run not I (race of dandruff nr falling hair your r*TiI inirptiH*' will be after : two weeks' UH«I, when yuii will .«< t Ititlr—fine- mid downy at tirwf—ye.«— but really new bnir--sproutiiiB out. nil over your ncnlp—-Dntub't Ine Is, we 'believe, the only Htire hair grower, destroyer of dandruff and cure for Itchy wjilp'und it never f;il!« to stop falHiu; hair at once. If you wnnt to prove how pretty nnd soft your bnir really I«, moisten a cloth' with a little tMndeflne find drnw it throujjh your hair—tnkinjj small Ktraml at a time. Your hair will b« Soft, f$biK!*y rind beaut If u] In just n few monu-ntM a dfUKhtfol F» everyone wh»i tr!«>»t this. fit tln« at Millfi)Ki>vill<- the juiultry er Snra M. E. CLASS MEETING Sunday. Sehool— 'Class "Mel Tuesday Evening With Peart Emmons. MM. A.. U Coo's Runday School met TucBdiiy «vonln}f nt the'hqmB of Mfhs I'enri ICrhmonai on KiBhth "av«nij*. Tho regular monthly business waa trnnciicted. • After tho business part WHH completed the time wan epe'nt »oo- Inlly. ltefre«hment» were nerved, by Kmrn6n», ' ' ' _* !-l ' ' ENTERTAIN o. M. A, CLUB. Mm. , K. A. A-nhliriK iinil MrH. T. J, Wttl eiiteri'tin ibu .meTiibcTsf «»f the u. M; A; C.IM17 ibis evi-ninu at iv i,nny in the hpaeiuitn home of 'Sirs, AKhlingi —AH who haver received an iiivitaii»n nrc autioliiatlng nn ev«,- ninr; full nt ENLARGE STORE. The W. ,1. }?ii\vles) iVy Goods Coma t>y i,H"lni!iilTns a"n""!Vflflirjo|f~o'n~~i11S' ie;ir nf ibelr ;»tnr« IH • be* tifeil as a ., Room . 1«— Mildred Hanger 9 Peterson !>f; Maxine I*nw 90. . Room 9— Dorothy I^Fevro 92; Irene Henner, HeJen l-Yyo 90. v Itoom S— :Orla Cook, 94; Robert Car- obis W2: .Katherine^navely, Mildred Coonnvdt 81; l>eon£ OKsbncr 00. Room 7— Inez* Buell 91; Maurlee John. Harriet Bchlck, Ellsworth Bcck- ey, Alta Kshlemnn 90, Ilnmn e—VlrKlnla Weaver, Howard Schumacher, liiith Fryn, LaVerne WIN Hnms. 'l-h-elyn <?arolu» 90. -•--..—-.....-... Room 5— VannIe~"?Tnllelr»on 93T"^A1^ verdle Anderson, Klulo Oook. Walter Reed 91; Dorothy T.H<1en* 90. 'Ffh?da ' Hooin—< — Knthryti Manflcld 01: Hazel Danrlet*r, 90.' "-••- :" ' n—Donald Laldlg 83; Glenn • Blnora West, ,. Dorothy ^. Hnc rttt Mra. Wm. Mum!, of Sterlinit, IH vi«- Itlnj?' at the home of her daughter. i'i Walnut .\Vtdntsday muriiinu to vltUt tiff son anil family living In tiiii) plare. I-'ri'd Ilinkli', who \vn<i rrcfntly failed In I'ontiai' to bury n cousin, ha« returned h<>mc .and hl« molh'<r returned with him and will rtrnaln for tin «-x- tvndi-d vl?<lt with the-Illnkle fnHjtlly. Mr«i, iiabcock ufl'-r a visit of nfvc-nil wet'k^t In I'nipbftHtown. a f'WHt in the home. of bt'r parents. Mr. iinil Mri«. David HpoitH, r<>turned home tiibi wct-k to THE "9AIRY" TANK HEATER A Stock Tank Heater that i» guaranteed to produce the renult required. Made in "one-piece" ca»t iron. No joints or rivits. Ones you have it you arc supplied forever. ^ ^^/ By reason of" the circulation of water produced by the "flues" it keeps the watsr about the same temperature-anywhere in th» targets tank, with the leatt fuel. • , • • r •j • Burns wood, cob*.'coal, the cheapest crude oil or any other fuel. Note the tank for burning crude oM or kerosene. Weight 250 tbt. Used in Minnesota and the Dakota*. Made by Albert Lea Grader Mfg. Co. Sold exclusively by H. W. Hambrechl 405 locust St. Sterling, 111. Wo 8j?Jfc pumps of all kinds, cylinders and piping, gasoline engines, washing machines and pump jacks. WE ALSO MAKE A SPECIALTY OF -DRILLING WELLS. Arch MtinniiiK for w'Vfrnl «lnyt<, Mr. nnd Mr*. Frank Anthony .-Hid dauKhlcr, Pc-rllla nnd J. 1* I.'«UK>I mo- ttm-d to Clinton Wi-dncsday. .L.'V. R«»echpr mid Jacob Qnrwich cni)«-r» at Fre«-|M»rt Wttl- Mr*. n«-hi»cpn iRiightnnn, Mrs. Anna ami Mr*."Frank KuHhman w««ri' at rtinnt'r WiHlnt»«<,lay nt the Col. Rushmian home, 1 The J, B. club met Wwlnexday with Mrs. Encory Ports. There were two visitors present and nn enjoyable time 1 w«* hud by ult. Mr»...Jumcs-Slddlea -went-to Sterling who is very 'III. Th«- IJI.HCM' Aid of tl»» M. E, church hold tht-lr monthly !>UK|II*<HH mcn»tin?{ . Bl. Ilooni 2 \\>«tplml. lliiom KIM, Morjorlo Mnrcy, Jack 95; Mildred Orlfflth. Flora -.Bart low l»2; DO. Marlon .—Hailftti. TSHwibetti " . Ktctyn He*d, Bernlc«* hinrerunin. Thin addition wan net-en- nnry hcvatiwe uf the adilltkm,^rif the miliin/ry ht<nk, • ~* METHODIST CHURCH, *~ Ri)nda.\ Helionr. !«:<r, n, m. Morning MTV he. N.4.~i, KvenhiK Kervlee, 7:30, 'i he |.]!ii!|e in CK| dial!} , invited to al! of tbej«»' iiervlres. I'reat-blng at Nel- at :$;0'i o Shaw, Edward Hartcl 90. Lincoln School. Hoom 7 ^~ Julia Lumlstrom, 8hultx.IIw.rold ScovlH 92: *Marl(« Monsch 91; Holon Howard 90. ' Itoom . 6— Cilpnn ^ontSLi?! J* w .? ft 5?S Ktlna I<«>n(fjine«\k'«*r, "M'yron "Sco« vill » I ';'" Ituifir liuwlnnil ~flft, lUwm 6— Mail«li'no \Vat«>r 91 ; John Hall. Vi-rna fftpp !»<>. Riiom 4— JpKskv J^Fovw. Fern . Hoom 3— Kdna Oerbor. Thpocjoro De Matter. Krithftrlne Koslpr 92; Dor' Ht till' l)«m<s of Mr*. Jvtt llannl« day. 'Wednesday at with Mrs. «tM»nt Llzxlt* The 8. T. club mot Thumdny afternoon with Mitts Bwrthm Wnllnco. Ucv. (ii'ftrKf Aunian iutxlttti'd with the •JTJiniL > £a)_iier.vJceti -0v*r thtt.lcemaiiui of Orandma. Uurnw at MiHfdH«vi!lt( Thorn- day. • . . MUST INCREASE NAVY Secretary Daniels Asserts Building Program Will Continue Until 1921. ..... . **• \VnHhln«ton. D. C., IJec. 8.— Hntll all nations* aKree to- reduce their tirma- rnent.tho Unit«l BtatfH muxt to In hl« annual rp|«»rt. made public lawt night, nnd which uv- gtat thiit fundH bo JipproprtiUffl (it 0!i«'t' t«i begin bulldinK ftirty-fwo additional r PROPHETSTOWN NEWS OFFICERS nlhy Shiiltz, Cirat^e HtevenH. Cora Bchti- maclH'r, Irene 8chika.n, Xye Howard 91; lxii« Conrad. Claude Bo'nnell. Alice VVhittock, Theora Bolf, Frank Hyernon. J. Book Falls **$**$* ROCK FALS BRIEFS Xmas 1 *i«k« n( ih«> Funny Store.* Airs. <'CC'M Hnndtiy Sehool clftsa met Tuesday eveniiiK. • '"T. Arden Utnde)-. af Walnut, JB i»^ it few duya hi-ie with friends. Ham FranU went to^ Chicago morning: on business, MM. Poty JH K|iending*a fosv ' I,und8troin-80.' Hoom 2—Bunlco Tnylor 04; (Totmid i>3; GladyH Hankennon, Kenneth KlfiABser 02; HtnntfStr Clark,. Kve- lyn Taylor, Uernlil' Thomas 91; Ritm- uel Welker, John .Waters, Ijiuncelot J400H. WHHtun Hptntx. 15vallm» Hcovlll, William Mayiianl 9«. Hoom 1—Truman De La Matter 90. c ROUND GROVE WBWS J thla at the bonu 1 «>f Mr«. C'hurleH Ktnrtz in took a load of-furniture to •n today.* - - CJale HurlliiR went -to Aurora thla Election Was Followed By An Enjoy.- oblo Banquet. The M. AV. A. order of •thla' place fleeted the.following officers* for the year at n recent -metitlng. The election of officers was followed by a banquet (if the choicest in the market, nerved . lira po.sible I tfel H~tny duty to warn n« nolemn- ly no 1 may," the Hocretary saym, »ft»r reciting the hu«« expendltureH for the navy authorized nt'thc but HesMion of .**««nln»t the danKer that IleH inK on thft part of our that Jhe navy hri« now been ut- to, has be«n placed .where It belongs. among the «rt-at navies of th« world, and there In nothing: further to be done. ' "We.'havo tnndo a miiKnlllrent b^frin- nlngr, but that It mu«t not 1m .forgotten by the" people that the Ham.« f out* PRESTIGE HIGH America Never Stood Higher In j! nnd pane*, with no frlendwhip .fur eneb other, may be ex- to Mtand n« one In the future. Scandinavia Than / Present Time. At NATIONS NOT ,FRIENDLY The Norwegians And Swedes United For The .Purpose Of f± 1 1 ~f% t. • lly WHilnm Philip Hlmmn. (Staff Correspondent of United SEE STATE IN MOVIES j State Ccntannial Commiitlon it Pr»paring Slide*. (By I'nltwl PresH) !'ld. 111.. Dec. 8.~-"See llll- | nols in .the movies." Thin WIIH the MloKnn adopted by the fti-'-ii^i—ciiiictuitiLLjiyiPtui'^i'LO..^.!)^^^^^ met In tiie jitnte hlHtoriVal Hbrnry here today. —riurimr <hc meeting, the plan tne»«. lilliit ' HIlnoiN vli-vvH on the movie .'..Tho hplldn'y npi«-o- ... pruKeil oii.served /by i-ewnatioii from labor nt She county /arm. At twu o'clock u\ dinner uuniftatinK of n>aw( pork. nuiHheil pututoeH, franberrii'ttr piunphin |>Io, bread amt tea wu» Merv- inl and wnjcjyeil by the inmut«»8. In tin- H -Brujdiuphonfl concert wus A new car in appearance, with large radiator and enclosed fan; »tr«amlino hood; crown fenders, front and •»»«•} all black finish—a mighty handsome par— and y«t the same reliable Ford simplicity, strength and economy. The ever*increasing demand for Ford cars i* mainly due to the dependable, practical service ^tven by tho car in u«e, in every lino of human activity, ajtcl the further fact .that it is a pleasure car In the broadest sense, it-in "work and play" com, bjned in ono car. It is a better car than «ver be- fora, and Ford' Service i* as universal as the car. Touring Car $360, Runabout f345, Coupelot $505, Town' Car $596, Sedan |645—f. o. b. Petroit. .On display crad sal* $t Samuel Frank Eock Falls '^/"^ nn . ^™ fc f , j. ».fc-t rt - . -a I^T . «. ttSta^, Kiven lu the dtniiiK ROUND QROVE MFH. J.oim A. Muthtiwa and wont Allen,, were in- HterlitiK w recent Hutur- day on bUHineKB and U!KO vlsltud frieiiilH- in tin* Kterllnif hospital. AfH>r. nnlHliintf I'lcklni; corn Claire S. Knox with frit'iulH paid u Yinil to acMimintancex in itochelle, ill, They made the trip in Cleare'* nnw au. Mrs. Irving Ktewttrt, of Orand Foi-k», North Dakota, wan tlie «UPMt of \\w imit fnmttyr wroth of -town, Con»ul~A. 8. Oreene. I'aat CtmHul—K, J*rook«. Advisor—II. II. McGrady. linnk«?r~W, H. HurllM-rt. Clerk—R. H. Klner. ^IJacort—Ed. Ilodw. Mnnnger—J. H. Tascher, •riVatchmnn—'Thomarf 'Moore. Sentry—William Allen. Phy«iclans~~,I. W. Medlt-y, J> II. Tancher and A, L. REPAIRING THE DAMAGE. . Tho pui-Ilngton company ban many m«?n, in th« nfiKhlHirhood of twenty- five, clearing nwuy th« wreckage and making' good tho damage donn Wed-, nesday morning cuuwtd 'by the wreck* Ing of a .train in town. It will b» not lean than u week beforo ^verytliini; will be In shape n«alii, work'iia hard u« may. An* tmtiro-toad of ties wilt to mak« in thl» respect ' tTtit-dM, -.Ihu wUHnght?«» lo" provide fur tbtno nui •«!«, mimt be /ulioivti • thin . year iind «?very sulccewllnjf year If-^wo nn<> to finish what w« have commenced," -_.,„-. _ Picturinjf the • r«MuU • of consflnuUlon now contemplated. Secretary DanlflH »ay» tho main flghtlnK t'lenientH of the fleet, completed and in t'omniitmlon In 1921, will bo twenty-Beven dreadnniiKhtK of the llrnt line, nuppcirted by jflx battle t?rulBfri», twnnty-flvo nocond line bat- thirteen urout criilMerx, tOH Chrlsilanla. Nov. tho Mal!)~~ir {I bit cnn be vailed pro-Oerman, I weglarfr, without Ktretchlnfr tbing« al all, are pro-Ally. Norwegians nnd Sweden nre not par ticulorly fond of each other nnd In the recent Neutral Aljinnee It WH« more a feeling rif w?lf prcBervatlon than any- tliliig fiH<» which brought nhuut the "Hiiioii lit Sweden, Norway..aiiil l>«.-n- mark. ' ".' l-'or here one does not hear much talk of a HcnuUful J'eace in the near futur< 1n Winch "all the nations of the world a hand, Nor doc« nnyhody to believe thlit this Is the last groat- war; or that ufter tbi» war i« 4* V ti twelve fleet xuhmurlneH. and 130 const dcfetine Hiihnior«ihleH. the last part_of the week. Tu@ will ulw-i viiit lelatlveM in TuinpU-.u and otln*r iila«u« in VS'liltewldw county be- fucu returiitnjf lo Dakota. , MCH. L. J. Hull, a cook ut the county has" received word froin Huuk North 'IXikotu, «tatinif. that -her Mr». l''r*'d Kurell, had in u'tiutmtiiri'iitn to consult a thut u BU IK it-ill upt-nttUni nuiy bt» J'Vtuik Hlit-pard, a resident of tlits vll» **. nuuli' u gutal record pickinK corn on tin) Simonson fMtutc. In u duy'x work of vi«b< houri* bw gaUiem! Irotu Mi--vi-iity lu eighty buHhclw whlcli it> imu- ttUlfi-vtl Kuod tbia yvar, H. I), t'olHns 'uiul son, O.lyde, Monday forenoon for "\Vuwlt' i'.. whviv thwy intend to l vvtuks with rvialivua and poinl« in taw alone, bewide new rails and the rnuk-,- IIIB t-ood of a MWlteh which wu» de« mollwlu'd. The tool houtio a.nd one freight car were a total IOHM beside dumage to .other cara. MANY ATTENp ,8TOCK SHOW, Many of the people in this vicinity are attending the stock show in Chicago, ua many as forty going in at different days during the week. ICv- ery'mornlnff seenjialf a doaen or more to Chicago for no other reawon than to take in the Show'nnd gather whatever pointers they may be able to in regarding the futtenintr of cattle. BUILOINO~AN~ADOITION. UrothtTH & (Company are buny at present biulding nn addition to tbeir lumber office, which' will dou- the capacity, the new -part hcing 16x2-1 anil of brick. H will add muclf to the convenience of doini; work and to tb« of th« on*u-t» GREATER PRODUCTION That Is Aim Of Department Of Agriculture To Out High . Living Cost. Washington, I). C., Dec. 8.—K to o reduce the cont of llvjnij tbroiujh InpreuHcd production and better di«* tribiitlon of the country'^ • fooda are detailed In the annuul report of Kcc- retary Hotm-ton Iif the ilepartnu-nt of agriculture, mado public. He<!ordH of the department, thn report «et« forth, «how tliut except for meat and-dairy productn the per capita, production of the leading food e/trn- moditieH in the United HtaU»n haH re- mulncd about the Hiuno deaplto the rapid growth of population, * Want Mora Meat Supplied One of the principal aim* of the department JUIM been to increuue mt-at production. The report nlipWH a steady growth since. 1913 IH th« output of bwf und an advance In the number of a. More ex- is recommeiuled llvc^ utock l»y the d»> Bwino every yuar »!»«•«« «hct>p a« a Boiirco of food,- Improvwl nuirUetinK of and incuts Jms buen partmcnt ati a meant* of tht-itu'protlucta. Already, the report HiiyK, "arranK^mt'iJta havo been nuule with ilfty-ciijlu jitockyartl companies to MiMiuiv niunthly reports of l|yo slock n-Cfipt« and tdiipnit-ntti." ton, f rli lulu in th'v i'ft«sl. Iiultlinurt>, Md.. Phifadt-Jpbitt and Ki-w /York, being 4l»«\ fliM cities in the pn/p«iHfd itins-Ktifs'. . I-;d. H. I'Vllowa. who bas hud charcc of Utt« »ii»ii( pit in tin- wv-at j«ift of town Hbr «t»my linif, rt'ct-iitly ivtvUvd an -w- Ui«r fot^lwi'lvw i-iu'lumla of inuiding . . and Mrs. Alb'ii Hitchcock uiul ot tIiiiiU4_*.'i wvit 1 i»vttr Hun- il,ty vir.ftui'H HI the i'ullilt.H bt>tiK< ln>M ai tlu- '«'iHinty home. Mr, ]}Ucbcu« K i.- u /•!•!!;. IM nf Mi?. <*olhti» mitt a (i< tiei al uVi'itt Ju .tin- HthUJuuf't- bti?<liit', k -,~. \Vtibui 1 l'*«nti. vi.l.u h.i., '.TPSTst <•";!" Trii'-k Miibd\ In d-iutur'-. l.i.i 1 -. taken up In-.' It. i in -i jot. li>r (hi- wiHttT in the itlai'K- :.!«itl!i tlii 1, ill in:!' Uv»i. • tioith <•! f i r.">;. In. , in is!. PROPHetSTOWN BRIEFS. airs. ..lictavla. aioorbotisn and Alfred' Latham, the lattrr of III., und the former of Sterling, guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. C. tho They • are old fricnd« of Mrs. Carl mvr AmbTKi'ti, also Mrs. KI- wct'<« paH«cng<-i's to Orove Thuntday monrins- to i.:in'.-t* in tin* luniii' nf Me. and Mrs. , who livt» near that t-ity Mrs. iiuttii- iiaiiford who cunu* town ttt-viTul'dayH as* 1 to vixit nvlaU l>'t>inifil tiomt* Thursday m<>rnitiii Cj^icaKo. llvr hynn' IMS lu-ril in .( citv t\ir >»-;«rn, t«» ivtuim-d in ,Mr> I/TI pb-i. J»h ivv '»-. f i urn tlu;. pi 1,1 - i U) (!) whri. l.i r Because of War Ship Company Clears 18,617,404 In Six Month*, . (By lilted i'rt'Ha.) , . • San Francisco, <'alif.. ptw. 8.— Tint pruHperity which the war haa brt>u>;lit to Jajuin bus* jiiait' liwn llhixtnHctl tiy the profits of a titcanLshlp comriuny. The jtippon YUHCII KaUbu,' um- of Uiu Htenrorfhip in country, clwrn-d u »n-t i»ofH of 17.243.SUU yen$ <$S,617.1U.|.ti«) «luriiig tin- iirwt half of U)«> present tlncul ycwr. \Vi;rd to ' *-<T»-ct r<-achi'd this c-Ity today. A dividend t'f ^S P*T cent W;IH il«'- ciaic-<l by the t*U>auiHhip couip.'iny «MI N*i»V. aSfb- il«'Hib«-rn nf tin- imperial .!.»puiH-i-.f bnw-Ji-iii'lii own a ft lil.iKi* «'t' tbi' KUn'K- ill t!»« .«—wUl bo t^irfo from molestation''by,the bit'.' . Itnther the feelliiR itt that "preparedness" is -the only remedy which for ft IOIIK time t<i come will prove effective. All eyes are on the United States to hce what Ktepx »he in uolhur to take along these lines for. whatever people may Bay- in Kurnpo or at home, thn prestige- of the t'nited KtatcK JutH not Mi'flVred in Scamliiuivla. Wherevt'i" I have b«-en In Norway and Hwedun— und I have been twice In Norway and three times In Sweden *tlh«o, tin- war- only ff.ood wordn were heard of Amur- lea, AmerlcuitH here «iy the American nation wan never more highly respected that) now, ' Ho now__Hu-cdP», Norwegian* and Danen tire watching the 1'nited HtaleH in nee what-llneH her "pre|;artnbi«"aM" program in to take. Norwegians welcome co-operation with Sweden and Denmark. Already three jreneral meellnrn have been held, one In Hwctitii—lUe lirnt^-the Ht'c'ond in Denmark and the f hint-here. There will bo others a« occasion ilmnuinlH. ifut to JUKI what trunxplred at I he** meetings no one Is y*>t absohit«-ly «-er- ,inin despite Jbo oilU-lni commun(i|tie» which Were, handed 4«it alter cat h. This much, however, in Cerlain: Norway. Sweden uml Denmark have agreed to art tOKcther on all. <|iie8tloiitt affect Ing their niHitrjiHty. To takg joint steps ,us re^urda Hlfr<-k UstM prornulgate<l by helliKcrent power*. To inquire join-tly ' into commercial , or acts*' whereby fori-lKn come into potiHetsHion of trndc sot-rets of the three Scandinavian countries. To establish « worklnt; ban In for commercial co-operation after the war. •*Mori'"thnn l > OUO~*I1Ilh"oifi view?? ivrc bokitt ina«lo into HlideH for the movie scwens, It wan ntut#d. 1 Afovie bouws over the »lat<-« have oxprvHBcd thoir uitproval of the Idwt and have prf>rh"ltu>il to UHt- tbi- Mccnen a* tllifivi between HlniH. s Printed lii'luw the- scencw will be the words: \ ..... , CVntemilal bnitlon." • ' HlKtotlcnl views Jrom every pnrt of 4tuV stale will l» in be «hown nnd If the the hJea-Avlll be fur- TH hopeti to htart Htnte by Jan. 1, ulwii wiia to < « > om- • her exploitevi, I the wli'liH uii-r tb The plete'Until arrannementa toiiay for thn •ptibUratlon In the. very .near. future of a volume of »lic bookH of early Illinois hlwtoiy. Alt of I he material i.t ready and ',sldH will he ,let.'very noon. be linully Joday. It IH bo|K><l to hnvo u the Vi.lume ready when the next IvKbila* lure convened. ' A Kood. parr of today was spent'In t!n« (MsniHHUui of. the uppropriutionH to be aHkeil of tbe jiicxt general atiMein- COACHES IN SESSION Annual Meeting t>f Little Nineteen Boing Held at Peorin. (Jty Pulled I'reHU) Pool-In, III., Dec. S, The annual con. flab of the "J.iltli> Nineteen" coin-ben bi>iuf( lu-ld at (In- i'lilviTslty I'luii (a tbi.s rlty toihiy. Two importaiit probleinB were to be at toilay'ii meeting und it To reach an conc>4»rniiiK Scandinavian tdi^pplnir, thu fffcctn of the Allied UliickaiU> nndi tif Uermun I'. Hoattt, To usrcc nn sicj's luccHhary to maintain their neutrality. Thi:i uxuh the thico countilcK !Ui» hiiown to.havv dtxcii/bcd. Uut it i» tp-ncrally bclicvt-d they wt-nt further limn that unj bccumo in all »n- tciiifi iuii'l jiiirr'i'fSV'S Ailii'H fin' of iti'fi-iit>f> in tin» lutuuv A Sw«-do told mi-; Is very probable that another will be iii-ccwtary Jinnorrow :•:. 't'. Hi own, of Hrudley. Jiuttltule, in-*lili'i)( of the HlliiolH Athb-tli- Ahttot'latlnil, In The Mimabble over the conference Hitbatl cnanipiiiuMhlp IH to l>t» Mettled y a popular volt? of ilu> roaciu-H. |5«ith t. Viators and Milllkln went tin* iieamiu without a dofeat, but to the tact that Mlllildn played u Inrj-t'r of confcreiM-c HUIIH-H, It to rcm.iin I't (•••,' tiu-y coiu«- unit M«I< ubxidutcly, ' on a puiiry n(t v»-ry probable that tbt> Dectilur* in^il- ttltioll Wilt t^et tilt' ilf< Ision. -, Anotlu-r important ij.ct will b« the awurtlinv of the Hi 17 baskefbritMoMrna- nient. Ituth De.catur a»d Peorlu^jire In htninv: Iddu for ibe'tournu- , nnd UH both Mcbuolx have i-\i'»'lt la.-illtlf.'i for hutiillliu; ilii> afi'ulr, it Is likely that one of ^it^o Mchooln wilt • be favurc'd over tin- other bld- " i'rtxsidcnt K. C Hi own was to | HC- m-ut a IH-VV tnethixl of ronductinti the li'uniuim-m. and hlu iilt-n Ht-i-ins to be a K'»'il one,' His method i« to h;n««" tun i.iurii.uni'iUti, dv.sli;nat«d by A and it. Tiu- htroirger U-anm wtti i HUIJMHU in (he A louinnnU'iii, \viuli- tbc weak-- ir teams will i_ilay In th«> U liiellt. Tilt- Wllilli'I'H of the two will play fi.r tb,i« titU*. Two i fhainplonalili'U Will I'*- avvaul- hi-ii' \u!I IH- tin'r»l<'*f-oiiipellin,' i' tins to eiiit-r the I! touMiaini'lIt u; u-aiu» i In- A tournament, Thrs \\ill"hi 1 left to tho diHcrction of •V ini;t!';il-*u>*:-.i.N(iiiti*- Hi liiMi-'ul 1 trojiblc I 11 '"' EXCITEMCNT PROVED M Chut"}!, fa. (!ab.*r>l>uiK. lit- 1 l'tr."\ 'In tin-. >.-\- ,-h«'«f. a .(4iii'>«l. citt nii'iit of ,ui oi»'\pi i ui-j o»iiiiii itii •• ll, ,CSi:it'I- •. .tlt'l Hi tvxljhv p:illtio'lif tin l'!l!l<IU Hill i- liliii-,-. , \\'. .!». \\ ull'.-i!-,>.M-id i'.'. i!l»!'j" >i >!• .oi I'tH'I'jl* M'l III Iif tl»l tt (">7 riT"\\-»lt t' lU-iln |op!'.\-!ui .mil that . ti u.ii.,- a, >• a nu lul ,i i. in.'tal i. i; i in i-t " ui KE CAPITAL DRY. Dec. K. . FirM «' PLAN TO M \Vu<4iij]«ii'it, fmts nt' pi'>»hil(i at Uas~->t'M><ii)ii art' Hi b»« tlin-i-ti'd toward' m ikliit; the national capital il(> 'l^lu' nn \«- will in insiiff l>> H(ii;itin v /\ fnppii>li>l TI. \>i-. ami iSviui tin K«*n>'in \* li'«, ff u bo .will cbaiupii'fi Hit lut'a- ,(!ul I "i. "It- S"t» i Imi ontil J inu.ii

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