Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 15, 1968 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 15, 1968
Page 4
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art* t| JS8I Schedule HPf (MR) STMi rTpHi If IPMt 6t|a (COLCR) on to m m WZAS& 7»'|5 (COL®) *fh« Aetof SfJJ6 (COLOR) THE GUNS 0? WELL 9iS6 (COLOR) JtlDi) FOR TH1 lOtob (coicft) THE id O'CLOCK REPORT iOsSd THE BIG MOVIE , H Viva Zapata" Marlon Brando, Afttheny Quinh Jean Peters I2s30 (COLOR) THE JOE? BISHOP SHOW 2:<50 AM SINE OFF SATURDAY, MARCH 16. 1968 6:06 AM TEST PATTERN 6136 7:00 CASPER CARTOONS "TARZAJJ THE FEARLESS" Buster Crabb, Jacqueline Wells 8:30 (COLOR) THE FANTASTIC FOUR 9:06 (COLOR) THE SPIDERMAN 9:30 (COLOR) JOURNEY TO CENTER OF THE EARTH 10:00 (COLOR) KINO KONG 10:30 (COLOR) GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE 11:00 (COLOR) THE NEW BEATLES 11:30 (COLOR) AMERICAN BANDSTAND 12:30 (COLOR) HAPPENING '68 1:00 (COLOR) CAHMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 2:00 (COLOR) GADABOUT GADDIS 2:30 (COLOR) PRO BOWLERS TOUR /*:00 (COLOR) WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS 5:30 THE LAWMAN 6:00 (COLOR) LET'S GO TO THE RACES 6:3$ (COLOR) THE DATING GAME 7:00, (COLOR) NEWLYWED GAME 7:30.' (COLOR) LAWRENCE WELK SHOW C. : 8:30' (COLOR) HOLLYWOOD PALACE 9:30; ( COLOR) FELONY SQUAD 10:00' (COLOR) 10 O'CLOCK REPCRT 10:13;; !»„_. •„ ..,,. THE BIG MOVIE., v . , .; ., s t-v, iw's' "'^-''"Slaughter 'On'Tenih Avenue" T;:- ;> - Richard Egan, Jan Sterling 11:45! (COLOR) THE JOEY BISHOP SHOW 1:15 (COLOR) WEEKEND NEWS 1:30 AM SINE OFF Sunday, March 17 6: 30 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00(Color) THIS COLORFUL WORLD 7:30 ALLEN REVIVAL HOUR 8:00(Color) CHILDREN'S GOSPEL HOUR 8:30(Color) MILTON THE MONSTER 9:00(Color) LINUS THE LIONHEARTED 9:30(Color) BUGS BUNNY lO^OOCColor) BULLWINKLE " 10:30(Color) DISCOVERY 11:00 12:00(Color) 12:30(Color) f l:QO(Color) 3:qp(Color) t 4:<fc(Color) * 4:30 5:30<Color) r *. 6:0^(Color) , t: 7:Og(Cp*pr) a / * 8:00 1 ; f~ I0:45(qoipr> U:Q5 : 12:35(Color) 12:50 MONDAY. MABCH l:(W(C6lor) S:50(Cdlftr) OAMt 3:00(Colot) 3:30 5:00(Coi6f) 5:50(C6lCf) 6*00 , 6: 30 (Co toe) 8r30(fi6l6t) 9tOO(Cel6t) lO.-OO(Coiot) lO:30(Colbt) 12:OOH 6:30 7:30 8:30 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:30 12:00 FGK 60U>IS "Hout* Oft fUunUd Hill" Vtnetnt Ptle* ABC KtfLKKKfT 6:30 MDVIf "40 peuN« o tony Cuttts, CUlt Milton PlACS THE BIO VALLUY 10 O'CLOCK THE JOEY 8 1 SHOP SHOW SINE OFF Friday, March 15, Tflt-zan NBC (C) Star Trek RBC (C) The Hollywood Sauarcs KBC (C) 1968 America's Junior Mia* Pageant NoWf) and Weather (C) Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show (C) The Tonight Show NBC (C) Sign'0f£ BROADMOOR BAPTIST CHURCH DIRECTIONS ISSUES AND ANSWERS NBA BASKETBALL New York @ San Francisco AMERICAN SPORTSMAN LONE STAR SPORTSMAN BRONCO RAT PATROL VOYAGE TO BOTTOM OF SEA WE F. B, I, SUNPAY NIGHT MOVIE "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" Davis, Joan Crawford 5:30 Flipper NBC (C) 6:00 Wild Kingdom NBC (C) 6:30 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color NBC (C) 7:30 The Mothers-In-Law NBC (C) 8:00 Bonenssa NBC (C) 9:00 The Travels of Charley NBC 10:00 News and Weather (C) 10:15 The Million Dollar Movie "Calaway Went Thataway" with Fred MacMvirray and Dorothy KcGuire Monday, March 18 10 0' CLOCK REPORT THE BIG MPVIE "Monster Beaucaire" Bob Hope, Joan Caulfield ABC WEEKEND NEWS SIKE OFF 18. 1968 6:3Q AM 7:OQ(Cplor) TEST PATTERN 'S BIGrTOP SHOW FPB DjpLLASS THEATRE Hoon 1 * pur Home" Margaret Sullivan,Henry Fond« lO:OQ<Coior) THIS H:?Q(Color) 12: QQ I:0p(g 9 l 0 r) l:30(CQl 0! r) l:55(Color) TREASURE ISLE THE FUGITIVE THE «E\fl,YVED TH£ B^BY QMS DOCTCfl 6:45 RFD with Bob Buice (C) 6;55 Morning Devotions (C) 7:00 . The Today Show NBC (C) 7;25 Arkansas Nevis and Weather (C) 7:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 8; 00 Tlie Today Show NBC (C) 8:25 Arkansas News and Weather (C) 8:30 The Today Show NBC (C) 9:00 Snap Judgement NBC (C) 9;25 Nancy Dickerson with the News 9;30 Concentration NBC (C) 10:00 Personality NBC (C) 10:30 The Hollywood Squares NBC 11:00 Jeopardy NBC (C) 11:30 Eye Guess NBC (C) 11:55 Edwin Newman with the News 12:00 Little Rock Today (C) 12:30 Let's Mala- a Deal NBC (C) 1;00 Days of Our Lives NBC (C) 1:30 The Doctors NBC (C) 2:00 Another World NBC (C) 2:30 You Don't Say N3C (C) 3;00 The Mike Douglas Show (C) 4:30 I Love Lucy "Men are Mossy" 5:00 F Troop "Play, Gypsie Play 5:30 Huntley BrinUlcy'Report N5C 6:00 News and Weaciirr Report (C) 6:30 The Monkecs NEC (C) 7:00 Ro-.'an ar.d Martin Laugh?}n 8:00 The Danny Thotras Show NBC 9:00 The Bill Cosby Special NBC 10:00 News and U'eat'.-.er (C) 10:15 Lonnie Gibbons Sports Show 10:30 Tnc Toni-ht Show NBC (C) 12;00 Sisn Off 6.30 : ?«JO 8fAR fWI* • C Ii30 HOLLYWOOD SOUAftfcS * C 9(00 AMERICA'S JUVlOU Ntff t AfliSf « C 10100 MtWSCOPK 10115 10(30 IJlOO AL OOM56N ON THE WNIGHT 9N6W - EMSN1HO DtVOtlOHAL Saturday, March 16 7:30 Agriculture U.S. A. 8:00 Super Six NBC (C) 8:30 Super President NBC (C) 9:00 The Flints tones NBC (C) 9:30 Samson and Goliath NBC (C) 10:00 Birdman and the Galaxy Trio 10:30 Killlan's Treasufe (C) 11:00 Top Cat NBC (C) 11:30 Cool McCool NBC (C) 12:00 Action in Arkansas (C) 12:30 Saturday Matinee "Panhandle" Cathy Downs 2:00 Deputy "The Hard Decision" 2:30 Combat "The Duel" 3:30 Wilburn Brothers Show A:00 Country Junction (C) 4:30 Porter Wagoner (C) 5:00 Flatt & Scruggs (C) 5:30 Branded "10,000 for Durango" 6:00 News and Weather Report (C) 6:15 Arkansas Outdoors (C) 6:30 The Saint NJJC (C) 7:30 Get Smart NBC (C) 8:00 Saturday Nieht at the Movies xV . , i "What ? ,a ^;to Go^wlth '; Dean Martin 1 and'Shiriey MacLane 10:15 News and Weather (C) 10:30 Tha Million Dollar Movie "Mystery Street" with Ricardo Montalban Sunday, March 17 8:00 Gospel Sliigins Jubilee (C) 9:00 God is the Answer 10:00 Insight "The Governor's Mansion 10:30 The Sacred heart (C) 10:45 The Christophers 11:00 Pulaski Heights Methodist Church Services 12:00 Meet the Press NBC (C) 12:30 Challenge '68 (C) 1:00 Labor's Language (C) 1:30 People and Patterns (C) '2:00 Shell's Wonderful World .of Golf NBC (C) 3:00 Championship Bowling (C) 3:30 American Airlines Golf Classic 4:30 Grand Prix of Skiing NBC (C) SATURDAY. MAftCH 16 7*10 MC-KHING DtVOflOMAL ?il§ Ad REPORT 1l30 WPfiYE i MIS mtiWDS - C liOO SUPER SIX - C ft jo SUPER pmsidiitf * d fiOO FLINTSTOMBS - G *f30 SAM8GH 4 GOLIATH - C lOtOO BIRDMAN t GALAXIB TWO •' 10i30 ATOM ANT i SECRET SQUIRMSt - C 111 00 TOP CAT - C 111 30 COOL MCCOOL - C 12100 M TINGLiR - »THB 1MV1SIBLE MAN" - B4W - Claud* Rain« 2iOO LAREDO - BtW 3iOO COUNTRY MUSIC CAW)UStL-C 3130 WILLS PAMILV - C 4tOO BILL ANDERSON SHOW - C 4«30 MIDWEST1SRH HAYRIDE - C 51 30 PORTER WAGONER SHOW - C 6100 WILBURN BROTHERS SHOW - C 6*30 THE SAINT - C 7i30 GET SMART - C 8JOO YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE "JIVARO* - 0 rERNAVDO LAMAS-RHONDA FLEMING lOlOO NEWSCOPE - BILL BLAMCHARD- WEATHBR-VBRN STIERMAM - C 10«20 CHILLER - -FRANKENSTEIN- BORIS KARLOFF-CKARLOTTE AUSTIN 11«50 THE BEAT - C 12100 EVENING DEVOTIONAL SUNDAY, MARCH 17 7iOO 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:30 lOlOO 10:30 10i45 11:45 12sOO 12:30 2:00 J:00 3:30 4s30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6.>30 7s30 8:00 9:00 lOtOO AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL SPIRITUAL HOUR - C AMERICA SINGS - C GLORY ROAD - C GOSPEL SINGING JUBILEE - C HERALD OF TRUTH - C TEXARKANA TOWN TOPICS - C INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL CHURCH SERVICES ARK LA TEX PORUM - C N MEET THE PRESS - C PM WAGON TRAIN - C <iH".i.r. rwr.P - C GOLF - C AMERICAN 10s 30 12:00 GRAND PRIX OP SKIING GE COLLEGE BOWL - C FLIPPER - C WILD KINGDOM - C WALT DISNEY - C MOTHERS-IN-LAW '- C BONANZA - C •<. TRAVELS OF CHARLIE - .NEWSCOPE,, i; WEATHER .---••• •-.'.-:>• -••• SUNDAY TONIGHT SHOW • EVENING DEVOTIONAL - C I. '6 m ' vr,:- • c MONDAY , MARCH 18 i 6:20 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 6«25 TBXARKANA COLLEGE 6»45 FARM DIGEST - C 7i00 TODAY SHOW - C 7:25 TODAY IN TEXARKANA 7«30 TODAY SHOW - C 8«25 TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - 8j30 TODAY SHOW - C 9i00 SNAP JUDGMENT - C • 9«25 NBC NEWS - C 9:30 CONCENTRATION - C lOjOO PERSONALITY - C 10:30 HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C 11:00 JEOPARDY - C 11»30 EYE GUESS - C 12s00 N TV PARTYLINE - C 12:30 pm LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C 1:00 DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C 1;30 THE DOCTORS - C 2jOO ANOTHER WORLD - C 2:30 YOU DON'T SAY - C 3:00 THE MATCH GAME - C 3;25 LAFFALOT CLUB - C 4:30 WANTED; DEAN OR ALIVE 5:00 MARSHAL DILLON - B4W 5:30 HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C 6:00 NEWSCOPE WEATHER 6:20 AL GORDON ON SPORTS 8:30 THE MONKEBS - C ; 7:00 JOURNEY TO ETERNITY *;00 THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR OjOO I SPY - C 10:00 NEWSCOPE - C RADAR WEATHER - C AL GORDON ON SPORTS - iOjJO THE TONIGHT SHOW - C i2|00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL KATV FjIDAY. MARCH 15, 1966 6«3Q Off To 8** The Wli«rd - ABC (C) 7»3Q The Acwr - A8C (C) SPECIAL - A1C (C) ABC (C) of 10,00 Th« 10t?0 <N4 ;Qj3Q TH« (C) Spprn (C) Shov - "GOQPBYE MY W*lc*r SATURDAY, MARCH 16 1 7? 30 8"«f »M»ny •* ASC «:00 C«fptF Cjtrtoonf - AiC (C) 8:30 P»S?Mac Fo«r * A|C (C) f jOQ SpHfrwia ' AIC (C) 9;30 J°vn*y To ?*>• Ccattr Of Th - 4BC (C) Chi Juo|tt T 4BC (cj ABC, (C) Hovt* T " (C) 4:00 5:30 Tb* Fmn* Fl|htn»» - (C) 6:00 MfVt *»4 V««th«r (C) 645 4rt4nf»» SportfMO (C) 6; 30 Th« Otttos Cfi« - ABC (C) 7:00 Thf »wiyv*4 CUM - A*C (G) 7:30 Idivysncf V«Jlt - 4|C (C) MM Cd»««7 tfl AffU* * AIC (6) UilS J**T Illfus* Ihw - Ale (6) (C) SUSftAT. KAUCH 1? StOO I » 30 A1C lOt 30 HiOO UtOO 12)30 1(00 3 1 00 Hilton f*« MMlttt * Ale (6) LlAul Tht LiotthMftid • AIC (C) Hotlif Hufttlftf tf/Judy ffyet (C) OUeov*ty - A8C (C) fittt §*pel*t Chufeh * PtM Gtttt txcllioni (C) Chufeh of Chflit (C) *»iVitb«il - AIC (C) Aa*tie4tt Sport ««ft * AlC (C) f«*« ftrket Sund*y Aft«fnoon Koviti 'StVtN MtN FROM NOU n Let Mirvln, (Und«l|»h Scott ftott<M Of Th« r. I, t. - AIC (C) Sunday Night Movii - AIC "WHATEVER HAPPtJtlfi TO IAIY JAKt" B«tte Dtwii, Jo«n Cirewfatd Ark«n«*i Neva and Weather (C) World H«v* (C) Bud C«ttpb«ll Sport* (C) Th« Utt Show) "OLD NAM AMI) tHI Ita" - Sp«nctr 5i30 6<00 ?iOO 1)00 10 i 00 10! IS 10! JO 10:30 MONDAY. KAKCH 18. ;t30 Boto'i 1 1« Top Ccmic* (C) 8:30 Tha fu«ltlv« - ABC 9 1 30 fhlt Hornlni - ABC (C) Hoiti Dick (Uv«tt 11 tOO B«vlteh«d - ABC 1H30 Tr««iur« til« - ABC (C) 12iOO Tht Noon Show - Live (C) It 00 N«vlyvtd CMM - AIC (C) Ii30 Th* Baby GMM - ABC (C) 1 1 53 Children* • Doctor - ABC (C) 2 tOO C«n«r«l Hoapitil - AIC (C) 2(30 Dark Shadow* - ABC (C) 3100 Dating GMM • ABC (C) 3:30 BoioTllf Top Coalea - Live (C) 5 1 00 -Bob Young Ev«nln« New* - ABC (C> J 1 30 Truth or Con««qu«nc«« (C) 6 tOO Ark«n««§ N«w> and Weather (C) fillS World N«w« (C) 4t20 Bud CMpb«ll Sport* (C) 6:30 KATV Hond«y Ni|ht Hovi* "TAME IS THE NAME Or TM1 OAMI" ' Jill St. John, Tony Francto«a It30 Peyton PUc« -ABC (C) 9iOO Th« Big V«ll«y - ABC (C) 10:00 ArkaniM N«w» and Wa«th<ii (C) lOtlS World N«w« (C) 10:20 Bud Owpbell Sporti (C) 10:30 Joay Biihop Shov - ABC (C) KSLA-TVQI2 6i30 7i30 8 1 00 10 i 15 10.40 10:45 12 i 15 FRIDAY MA1CH 15 Wild, Wild We. t Gom«r ?yle, USMC . CBS Friday Night MovU Maureen O'Hara Newc/Ervln Weather/Griffin The Late Movie "The West Point Story, Virginia Mayo, Jam* a Ueather/Veaperi SATURDAY MARCH 16 6 t 30 Agriculture USA 7 i 00 Pappa John Saturday Show 8:00 Frankenstein Jr. & Tha Impossibles 8 i 30 The Herculoidi 9 1 00 Sharzan 9:30 Space Ghosts 10:00 Moby Dick 10:30 Superman/ Aquaman Hour ll«30 Jcmny Quest 12 i 00 The Lone Ranger 12:30 The Road Runner 1:00 Children's Film Featlval "The Goalkeeper Aleo Llvaa On Our Street" 2:00 Champ ionahlp Bowling 3<00 CBS Golf Claaclc 4:00 Saturday Afternoon Movie "For Heaven's Sake," ClLCtftn Webb, Joan Blondell 5:30 CBS Evening News 6:00 Channel 12 Newi/Weather 6t30 Jackie Gleaaorj 7 i 30 My Three Sons 8:00 Hogan'a Heroes 8t30 Petticoat Junction 9:00 Mannix 10:00 Channel 12 Newt/Weather 10:30 * The Late Movie # "Lady Godlva," Maureen O'Hara, George Nader 12tOO Weather/Ve«per« ___ SUNPAY MARCH 17 6T30 tfi«~Chrl8 topheri 7:00 Bob & His Buddies 8?QO Tom {» Jerry 8:30 Underdog 9»00 Hallelujah Train 9 i 30 Furro 4 Home 10; 00 Comers Three 10? 30 Thifl Is The Life 11:00 St. Hark's Epiicopal Church 12; 00 Senator Long Report I2jl5 face The Nation 12:45 Kiplinger Changing TiMf 1?00 * Hockey Came Of The Week Toronto Mjaple Leiff/ Philadelphia Flyer* 3s 30 Psrry M^son 4? 30 Amateur Hour 5;00 21ft Century 5:30 qhunnel 12 New5/Ve*thar 6sOO Lassie 6:30 Gentle Ben 7:00 Ed Sullivan 8; 00 The Smothers Brothers 9:00 Mission Impossible 10:00 Nevs/Norton?Cleoent» 10:15 CBS Neys/Reasoner 10:30 Secret Agent Us 30 Thg Mormon Choir l?sOO Vespers Ivftit o Big Could Overshadow fhlt Young ActNtii B»«ALfiOYtfi JfEW YORK (AP) 8H6k«H, whd once yearned to fie eUtter a professional football player or a U.S. ambwdsdef, has become one of America's most promising justing actresses, A« * star of "Gentle B«n,'» one of the most successful new television series, she looks forward to ft widening video tame tnd a future motion picture ea. recr. Although she was glad to land the television role, in which she plays the wife of a Florida Ev. arglades gamp warden, Dennis Weaver, Beth was fearful «h« might be overshadowed by an* other star In the series- "Gentle Bon" himself, a bear. Many people, she reasoned, might be more interested in watching a seven-foot bear than a 5-foot'3-lnch blonde because bears that tall are a lot rarer. But her fears of being upstaged have turned out to be unfounded, "Actually we use three bears," she said. "My favorite is Brunn, who weighs 8*0 pounds and is very tame. I'm very fond of him. He likes to have you pat his head and scratch his oars, Just as If he wore n big pet dog." With another season assured for the series, Beth is doing so well financially th.it she can now afford a better looking fur coat than any that the three Bob Thomas at the Movies HOLLYWOOD (AP) - The best-selling poet in America is not Marianne Moore or Robert Lowell or Robert Frost, He Is a taffy-haired jack-of-all-muslcal- trades named Hod McKuen, "In fact/' says McKuen with a nervous laugh, "they say I'm the best-selling poet—ever." This Is undoubtedly news to most of the literary critics and English teachers of the land, but It is a well-known fact to booksellers. His first book of poems, "Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows," has sold 250,000 copies, and the second, "Listen to the Warm" 200,000. Each is selling at the rate of 5,000a week; ' -,.'••"•. .<, • -. - ..-• McKuen's own reaction to such figures is a mixture of amazement and delight. He remarks: "Sometimes I find It hard to believe, You take a poet like T.S. Eliot. I've been told that his last book of poems sold a total of 3,500 copies. T, S. Eliotl" Obviously Roed McKuen Is not T. S. Eliot. Not quite. His poems are mostly In the freest of verse, although some have rhyme and a dogged kind of ITH- tre. A sample titled "Apartment 4E:" The girl upstairs Is entertaining again, I could set my clock By the footfall on the stairs. I see her sometimes, Coming and going on the stairs Or going to the market. Sometimes I hear her late at night Playing sad music Or walking overhead. She miles in the daytime, She smiles in the daytime, But not at ma. The poems are mostly along tear4 tar* befit in, Beth fuM 4 rr*|f!f Mttft ft* mlnlscent of Grace fcttfyy txrt an Iron determination to tlSAt anything she fries, "Vfy bluest disappointment as a child was (hat t couldn't t* a foolball play<?r," she recalled. "But I jtwt didn't hive ttM build* 1 * She grsw np {n Camrf«i% Art,, studied political science at the University of Arkatwa*, Mittat* ed whether (o become an ic- tres^ or enter the U.S. tort\tn service and work hf r Wity up Id an ambaotadorlai post. Thi* fit" tie f Irl think* big all the Urn?. After a summer ot study in Scotland, she toured 17 eoun* tries, Including tht Soviet Union, finally made up her mind her future lay in acting, "At the time t was In Ronw ,ind down to my la.it $16," she recalled. "To earn my fare back home 1 took a Job there teaching typing and shorthand, "Instead of dating alt those handsome Italian men, 1 hod to stay at home at night studying my shorthand book, so I could keep one lesson ahead of my students." Back in New York, B«th spflAt another three years working as a secretary while she studied at the Actors Studio and did small bits in television commercials and off'Broadway show*. Then she went to Hollywood and land' ed her part in "Gentle Ben." M* *MI »*•".*«»' ,iM . *• *MC •' «f «*• '' the same lines—plaintive, melancholy, (hough not without rueful humor, simple laments for lost loves and distant cities, told in the spare style of Japanese haiku. McKuen denies any pretension to literature, "Some people compare mo to W.H. Auden, but that's wrong," he my*. "I'm not in competition with Auden or anyone else, I'm In the business of communication, and my poem? are communicating to the younger generation. "Why? Because I'm talking to people in a language they understand; they don't need a dictionary to dig what I'm saying. I also feel there Is appeal in the fact that I am not air lad to deal with emotion. Nowadays everyone , la: trained to suppress his emotions, to use a trite expression, I'm telling It il*o It Is." For IS years, Rod McKuen had been telling It like It is, but until recently not many seemed to be listening. He had been doggedly pouring forth songs- he has written 700—and some of them ended up in the repertoires of such performers as Andy Williams, Eddy Arnold and the Kingston Trio, McKuen tiirniiel/ knew only fair success as a cabaret performer and recording artist. Within the past year, his career suddenly blossomed, The small McKuen cult became a national phenomenon. His various record albums— singing, Instrumental, poetry readings- nave sold a half million copies. "Cm getting a thousand letters a week, and they tell me Rock Hudson doesn't get anything like that," he reported. "I've had to hire a staff to answer the m<Ul. I'm planning a television special, and I'll produce a film of 'Stanyan Street' for Warner Brother-Seven Arts. Fox has optioned ' Listen to the Warm/ and I'd like to direct It. MONDAY MARCH 18 6:25 6i25 6t 55 7 i 05 7i30 8 1 00 9 1 00 9,30 10(00 10 i 30 11)00 III 25 11 1 30 ili45 12 i 00 12i30 liOO i»30 2»00 2,25 2 > 30 3*00 3:30 4,00 5,00 5:30 Economics (Mon-Thur) Across The Fence (Fri) Your Pastor CBS Newt/Bent i Bob & HU Buddtea Captain Kangaroo Candid Camera Beverly Hillbillies Andy Of May berry Dick Van Dyke Love Of Life CBS Novi/Bentl Search for Tomorrow Guiding Light Neva/Oven A« The World Turn* Love It A Many Spltndored Thing Home Party To Tell The Truth CBS Nevt/£4wir<it Edge Of Night Secret Star* Cllllg«n'» McHale'i Hivy CBS New/Qror»kHi New*/0w«n 6:25 6 1 30 7:30 8;00 8:30 * 10:00 10:25 10:30 11:30 Us 00 Guns, moke The lucy She* Andy Griffith The Monday Might MovU »Hild« Crane, Slmpwn», Guy Vea,t her/Bo It on Carol Burnett Sh9¥ Sea Hunt

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