Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 8, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1916
Page 5
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STEftUiiQ, ILLINOIS. FRIDAY, DECEMBER $,1916, THF 1 JTlJ-j Mrs* Housewife:—The store news on this page offers information that will benefit and help you if you will read these advertisement*! over carefully. These merchants spend their time and money to help you with your selections and thejr should receive ^our patronage and encouragement You will find these dealers ready to render you the best possible service. And remember that although prices may be high, they also had to pay high prices for the articles and that they will do everything in their power to help you solve the question of provisions, if given the opportunity. ket Co.S 310 FIRST AVENtJE S Sterling's Original Cut-Rale Market General Offices: U. S. Yards, Chicago WHOLESALE AND RETAIL BOTH PHONES A. S Tin 1 spci'inls liivcn below to be |uil on sal*' .Sahmlay an* con.sidcrt'd by us not. only truuil,, ami mil lint-gains. but "A RARE TREAT." \\Y were I'ortnmiU' and surcoofnl in sfciifiit'4 a jrooil big; bunch of Spriu-tr Lrunbs at <wr own priw, nnd the iH'iiHit «<i>t i s, as always, , to our HfsloTW'rs. The quality is extra good, nothing better in Lamb \vas over served over your table. > Specials for Saturday, Dec. 9th (At the Store) Whole hind quarter Spring Lamb, pound .................. 'A5c Short Leg- Spring Lamb, pound ...... ... ................. (.lit, Whole front quarter Spring Lamb, pound ...... . . Larnb for stewing, pound ...... ; ...... .......... ~. .... ----- .lie Native Beef Pot Roast, pound ....... , ...... . . ............. 14c •Shoulder Steak, pound ...... .............. . . * . ...... - ,-. .- . . 15c Sirloin, Round and Porterhouse Steak, pound ............. *^& Fresh chopped Hamburg Steak, pound ........ ..... . . ..... . 14c re^h Liver, pound , v , ......... ......... .;.,... ............. 6c ork Roast: pound .'. ....... . ..... ............... .......... 18c Pork link Sausage, pound ........ ..... . . . ..... . . . ......... 15c Soavc -.Ribs '.'sweet pickled) Dound ____ ^ .......... . ........ 12Vic Pnrk Nerk Ribs (sweet pickled) pound ........ , . . ......... . . .J>c Piers' Tails, pound . .- .................. . ...... . ............. 5c Pjrrs' Tt?>ils. pound . . ..-. ...... ........... .^ ..... j . . ........ 12Hc Salt Pork, nonnd ............ .......... .......... ............ 1 fi c p ee f v»v Half Toncrnes, pound ........ . ...................... ? ft c Corned Pee^. "ound . ............... ., ....... ...... l^'/ac to i^c Lp.rc-e No. 3 siye can Tomatoes, 2 for (Uwit «/•«»« i« a customm-^ .25c Fresh Rome Dre^ed Poultry Fresh Fish and Ovsterg THE MARKET OF QUALITY, PRICE AND SERVICE ITS Y0UK OWN FAULT If you don't like the bread you use. Because you can get Bon Ton Bread the bread you will like. Our wagon .makes daily trips in I?ovk Fjills. 1'liow orders.for bread or bilked goods given prompt attention. . Bon Ton Bakery 110 West 2nd St., Kock Falls. Bell Phone 342-E The Quality Market SPECIALS Eoast, shoulder Phelps Bros. Hutten's Grocery i Tfe Up-To-Date Market . I Headquarters for Home Killed Fresh Meats I -J- .^ ^, ^ ^o£ Jto«Mh"^^—HJ The only place in the Twin Cities where you can get home made bologna, frank- Furts, liver sausage~m_ajiejrfj&e^qice8t meats w^JKOMta^oA P 1 ^ 6 a ?^J? r ^ 0 ^ e * some. Lovers of bacon should try our home cured hickory smolcecl Tmcon. "You" will realize you never before had tasted real bacon when you try some of this. 'Just finished curing a fresh lot. By the strip, per Ib. 22c, . SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY Nice Beef Pot Roast, . Sirloin Steak, per Ib....-./.. 23c per pound .. ;.. 16c to 17c Pork Shoulders, per It). Boiling Beef, Hams, fresh, whole, per It) i, 19c ll^ »«**tf»^^^ +»**- -**T •** <~ f . •» «* ^*TT" " *-** f -«.— f r-r WW J wi-^-r--~-'-rj j^~ • — - --. .per ft. from...... 12y 2 c to 17c Pork Sausage (we can t make ^ Round Steak, per It) 22c it fast enough) Our meats are all selected, corn fed stock, and guaranteed to be the finest and choicest meats. If that is the kind of meat you want—hero* is ,the place to purchase it. THE UP-TO-DATE MARKET HORN&MORATH 308 first Ave. . , you will onjoy 'rcnclT~CRcwing~ Taffy Kisses of pure !ngr«ditnt», easy to chew »nd a d»ligbtful con* fiction. Light Lunches and Hot Drinks If you slon't f««l fike floing horn* or if too- b«»y. drop in h»if. Vow *r* -«uri| *o find tome- ft 'tblng on our menu that will pl*8*e you, Just Received, to »»loct yt ur Christmas c«ndy'now while the M ft iU best, When you - want candy but •" sfoh't know wh^t. you w*nt come here and looK «round-anU tome* wilt »M0a««t it*eif- FARGO'S 10 WEST THIRD ST. frt-sh frniiu-the ovVt-n, a of iho«e fumuxnj OERNELl.'8 POTATO CHIPS] This ia the }mly more in Jrt/-rliiif; 4iani)lin(f them in hulk. When you are ready to nunke yuur wince meat iton't. forpei we -huwU* 1 wvveet 4»ntl tmilv-d t-Uier. If yuu rather imy yuur nilii<-»' tneut ulri'Utly I'm 1 the pie we run , furnijih v^»nt with that fanunis UBBY'8 MINCE MEAT in !,ylk. It it i» fi'tJhii fruflK uiiil v»'Mt-la- hli-H y«m waul, we "Certainly c-an .'raini-<ii yon with rtieni.""NiVneeil vt Jrf« ifliinx you what- wu liave -iu this lUUi, - Vtat siiuiUv— tuaku ui»*your inind whai you want iiiul t nil UM'Ui». \Vv will l>e Kind in ilt-Uvt'i »ame t<» i»»u. itetneni' her we h.ive «'hv'e>»e K'tUirt*. Ali Kiiui»'i>t iliitH 4)iul t liul iiit-ittfi A.i- .-ii < niu < untt'-il'"ii tlii* Thij* ix st-i> lint-. Vi'ffP^'Hit'l tiy a v«tu, , "• ( SOCIAL AFFAIRS J TRINITY Was .Held Last Evening At The Church And a Good Attend . ance was Present. Tiai meinhern of ihe Trlnii) Sunday Seh'iitl nu't last evfiilns in tin- t-hinoh i I'lul'im .uul ItH'i their aiiuuul l'Usi!ii'.-<-s mectiiiK. eleeljon i«f ntHeeiN fttr Ihe i tmtiiiK >f.ti: rt-JtiiHIng as follows: HHJ.I .-,U. M, Hey. ' Si-t'iy William Hursiunan, Ti«-ii,- Miss K, Kikele. l.ilit'.ilan Mlt'M. Irenw Hindi. r<illmv ,\llt>« Myrttu Jniiiu'f. I » nut- us tin' Suniiaj S.'iiuiii aiiii it* vvi iv iitiuti' l'»l III' 1 t nil)-. H IK tinfii tl SicM >c.u i U ill f.'JxO <• .!.>. MM i-t't */til' I) l»l't ltt<»,< J./I, tltf .iittt« FERNDELL CANNED GOODS m'eivod—H whipment of Ferndeli Ouu : " nod Goods, • consisting' of f r u i t s_- fffift .vegetables, AVben you want canned i goods you can buy no better than tbe "Ferndeli" Brand. Fresh Baltimore Oysters. Jmported Cheese.^ AT N. Gaulrapp f Jr. For Lunches and Luncheons Don't cook potatoes to aervc with cold meals 01 fiali. Just heat and servo crisp, healthy, tasty, done to a nicety—• APPROACHING WEDDING Of Mi»i Lena R»»t«d Andl 0«org« Ehrinjjer December 14th. . A wedding, announcement, which will b» of inti'refil u> many lot'itj j^oplo i« that of MIKH l,(>n:i i "utlH-rino lia«stcd(>, who r«'«tdt'« west of Morrison, and C.«>OI-K*» H .Khrlnwr. of Cit'ni'wo, III. Th*» vvuddlnjf will taHt> jiluoi* at i,In> homi* <»f tlu« -brlde'H pari-nt!*, Air.' ai»H Mrn, Hi»i\ry lUistPde, at noon Uocembei Hth. '|m» been cm|»U»y«»d a number of yearn n» Btonographor at iho ^it-rling Wholfwiir Oroi-erv, and will b»' frrratly misswl. us her t-ongpniat ways made her muny frh»nda who Vvltl ,mli in- extending eom;ratolal>on«. PAR06HIAL DANCE Given Last Evening At The School Wat Pleasantly Enjoyed By All, Tho rpnulur Thur«<la>' nlgbt daiuu' it Ihf t'urochlul Bi-lioid wu« attended >y a large crowd. Uu< InoU-nuuH-y of ! PARCil, POST SOCIAt.. i Tin !.'-\\ Uii4 cJfi-lf ••£• (in- tJfint.iti j J.uihi r.iit i IUii<-l» In Ul /u |iai > i-i j«-.->l &"• ljj.1 \\ ( till! !•'! I.V JltU'l Ilitnl! -ll till ^tlmiih Th* 1 lH'Tt(<*^ ^'*£iU<it'l tit'lu lii* xii i.i! vvUI '"'•' ."-lit I" (!(.• | r 4t U'lUitllK'tt to SOHH' t'XtfHt. Ol<M|)iU« (hid thoKO' iirt'M'tU i»»J|t>y**'l i iiumt pli^awant •v» i nliiis, T|jp fyllowinK from Dixon ut- U'luU'il thu aft'iiir: Urlmu o'Mnlh'Y, *'• f, DonimurH, Wiliiuni i4iftu«. t'j^j t p»e« > Turner, William KUIIIH atui John .|Io-' ' • 'V • AN AFTE^ON PARTY Was Enjoyed ycBpday Afternoon At The Home 'Of «Tr«. Harry Qv?r. 'Mrs*, i lurry Ovu-r.-Miss Net (to Smith mil Mi-.v Joint li*r|iiwn ilt'lUhtfuliv •tiu-i Utmi'il >•*•>*it'i it»> aitcrnimn 'ut a n-i'ity • Hi'jMiitiipd ittjt'rttiMin i»irty. \iutut tidily-fiv*- lailii'is j'njiiyni tlio ittair, tin- tltyi- hfliij; 'tt|K<nt in ((laying iivt* *ltiifii)iv<l. afti-r which" ifainty'Tt'- . rr*-liiiu»i]ii»i vvi-ft> Mi't'Vtni, The i M hi?mo uas* jihik niui wliiu* vvlii»'li "i-,>ry a'Trsiiratlyrurrirrt out. -AH fUt I'lUoyi'U :t" VffV tli'lioil'l'll A BIRtHOAY PARTY Given Laat Evening at the Home of ~^^- Mff. Brotwiser. Ift {.ttllt-iJ ill ;i" IMlllV 4tli|H'illll'tt nr\ •»'U tlintifi f.i >t i \tniiii; ttir Mi.,-- l\-> K.ijili in iioiiut \>t lit i , InrUuia.v. Tlu- tai>f>. \\,is Iti'.itillfuily iU'i*i'iut«'«i in jiJiiK .iu<! \\iyt>* ami ;i 1'u sio' l»"»ijmirt- u/ i>uiK ,H!«I \\liiu- ru^'-H fni'mfU thi' cifiUrr jiii ••«• j'Ui't-h wi»n-,5:itil for i«'ii giu'.'tt.s. Ailvl li.i; UltUUf ll>c IcIM.iHl'K'l i-f li.c The Chip with a potato taste, cooked only in pure vegetable butter and guaranteed not to be •tale, rancid or tastelew. They are always dependable, always the game, easily digegted-~they .are the emergency potato for guests and a quick meal Don't be disappointed by trying any other brand. ,^ TRIUMPH BRAND •» *l*p.4 to in Aakeny & Olymer jvenlng \vas upent in rntiKic and games, rti'ul all reported liuvinj; hud a vrry -•njoyuble tiriu«. CLUBAST EVENING Met At Th« Horn* O^ Mr, And Mrs. P*Un«r. Mr. anil Mra, antly cnU'riuliunl iho ~ u«t 0vpninjf at their homo 0 ]ii HlMh avoiuit;, HIP evening 'being «lit<nt In Hilx dvlighifui gunu", and John \Vooilyntt "ufcain" currlwt tilt tin _ and nil hud a very r»- io}uhli din uffuir. WAR Woman't National P«ac« Party. Will OUcuii Plan*. Unltod 13»u-. 8. — of a lint «if urotjo»alu to tiitf toward u-rmlnatiun of tin* world war. will >«n«tltuu. ihe iirtnciiml huslni'BB of ih" Woman 1 * National IVai't- rarty, whlt-Ji convened h»-n»lti- ,Iuy for a , (in already anaouiu-ed, uic: Om>—Creutlon «>f u Joint commission tnd the i'liMmf Sttttes', u> «tudy isHtu-.- Two—•HiH'unimemtetion t>f action town rd Iniint'dlato '<Mjfejwvunl)im »t tht Third Has;tie t'onfet'i'itce. Third -The fiflni'liile th.'it foreiwn » he iiuidM Jit tin 1 ii*-k i'i i''«nirth rated >l>y til« AWittrleUH Uar A**oi'ti«- lion. jJioviilinK t'edcful i-tmliul «>l Jan* Adtlamn will rrvttido <«iui /MrfiPMv «ihw M* D«MBxl* itol^'lMiimii I UNPIS BROS This ad. Good for Sat. & Won. v SUGAE Fine dry granulate^, 14 Ibs, for $1.00 .•With a $2.00 order ORANGES — SATSUMAS — ORANGES If you like sweet juicy Oranges we have a large shipment just received, at a special price per dozen—186 Turnips Solid, home grown Ttir nips, just n few left, per pock 19c Cranberries Solid, ripe fruit; I? quarts for .21c Buckwheat Absolutely pure, 10 pound sack for" .65c Sweet Potatoes Pnncv Inrirn stock, fi Ins.f for .2501 Rice 4 Ibs. quality -bond IIice' for -..' 25c - Codfish Large 1 H). box absolute- 1 ly bonelosH, pt»r box. ...22c PICKLES—HEINZ'S DILLS—PICKLES 10c dozen — AVe have barrels of these fancy large Pickles wo are going to sell at this special price, per down ' lOo Grape Fruit I^arge juicy, thin • skin, lie ifv)" TruTfT ^ ToT777715c Cracked Hominy New, clean stock, (> tbs. for ../ :.' 25c, Oatmeal Hulk, fresh and clean; 6 Creamery Butter { Hanford's' fancy Creamery Butter, per ib. ... .440 GRAHAM CRACKERS Kxtra special on Graham Crackers for Saturday only. These are absolutely fresh. 2 JOe packages for . «»16c (Two packages to a customer) Syrup quart bottle . .. ____ . ..23c Bacon Fan«'v cured, per Ib.", .23c Pancake Flour ,'* 10e packages for . . .250' Pork and Beans 2 15c, cans for ....... 25o Table Pears for.1 Table Peaches Large eons, 3 cans. , » J I^arge cans, .'J cans . . J , Powdered Sugar For icing cakesr.2 tfcs,;! SAVE MONEY BY TRADING AT THESE STOI Per, fumes Toilet Waters Presents that Please A more appropriate or a more welcome Gift cannot be imagined, than a handsome.package of good Perfume or Toilet Water, It is a gift that will be appreciated by any Jady-and one that will give pleasure a long after Xmas is past* Our showing of dainty gift perfumes and toilet waters is very comprehensive. Vow will find here an exclusive assortment of beautiful packages ~and a large variety to sejejjfc from. Make your selections now while the assprtments are still unbroken, The <%»ui£&iStore . '•

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