Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 8, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1916
Page 3
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K: e Have Not Raised Our Prices Furthermore, we Guarantee, the SAME All Wool Fabrics —the SAME Excellent Tailoring and the SAME Splendid Service—Now A FOOTBALL MARVEL Case? Of Harvard One Of The as always—at the SAME old price $15. tet UsTakeYourMeasure Stars Qespiie His Lightness. I No Less Than* 15 NoMoreThaa$20 Tim Kuroj man Wnr hn* isoil HIP deuce in flio co-d of nonrlv ovtTv r o m ni o d i t v , \M 1 ' • Mllufi W«ol» i ns Imvf, wlvnnenu in j prico from .5 to 100 per rout. lO Conscquniitly tlioro is 11 nintp- cost of jH'othicing 1 mi all won] «mit or ovon'ont. TUB SCOTCH WOOLKX jl*S \vlio hnmllo our (nilor- hiisiiu'ss woultl bo justified in asking of tlio-ir many <lonl- <r t il'i jilr't i.I i" ".'*• !!<• (V*-iglif. ]*.", j i,i,n t-- .-> .1 .» .,t t h tj j !)tr that K<'<n« htm fri.ti: 1 « isu- ri'-il . n :» i it with « ill!"! It.t if •'.. A'JltV 'V H :! l« \ lit iiftJM ,\ |rf..,).!.,•»- of r<v«-'«-i. t 1 '- f *'*»>! wh»t<- T>i«l .Inn*-*; ')l ilii'.! f<i..;!i.i)l piny.- <-rs anil tmif«. tbfin fiii'ttt' srti.t'-j !•<••- h*' \\n« :i I'lrtVi r. .-iii(! n..nt" ii » IlKbtflP*". IVTOV TIIRY HAVK DKOtPKl) NOT TO 11A1SK THKIR f*KK J KS, mili/inif that tho in<froHH<? in tlioir . vnjinno of Imsi- m-ss will more than make up for the snt'rifieo in i IVo nro heartily In accord with the HCOTC'IT WOOLEN .MILTjH policy, .therefore* ytm _ . . . euu <u)inct to f hiK^fi^rT; and havo V inonsuro taken for a STOUTLY ALL WOOL SUIT Oil OVIMWAT AND IT WILL NOT HK ASKED TO PAY A SINGLE ("EXT MORE THAN' TIM-! OUTLAID STANDARD PRIOlv-XO LESS THAN $15-NO MORK THAN -tJO. tlnuehtoii si n nurptlwe that !iA«!i'f fully repot« jc-d Its t>;>'ttb yet. HP simply ran «rmt< k. Aii:ifn*t f*rini-»'ton fa^ev nsrttln tlit! sornc starring, nnd lie xsrtit.-illv was the entire Hitrvatd tunkfleld In the Kiime wish Vale. (Jivi-tt a rc'i! emid bn< kfleltl to help film out. Onxey mlKht h.i4'i- U«pi ttp that siring of vjctoiies for the <*tltiu»on tn*»r the New Haven bulldogs. ' Casey l«in't of thn plunging, smnsh- nny pitch tactics In hi* piny. Httf In/an -hit a line, and hrtrd. Mils n (rood ground srainer nn\ where. His Hperialiy, however, in thp lung. Nwoftplntr end runs, eluding bunch* 1 .* of tackier*. HiilimliiK and. twilling f<>r- ward for' pnln»» tilmont iinb'>ltevabli>. Atfiihixt. . Yale '"ii*ey shoWi-d to excellent"- Advantage when he broke around Harvard'* right end. ithaUIne off three tackier* Iti his Kprlnt, run- nltiK Into another nest nftt'f ii thirty- Then ydii must know thai sickness leaves weakness and you should commence takmg KOTT S ENVISION to put an edge on vour appetite, put power in yom blood, induct restful sleep and restore your nerve force* Scott** w « true tonic-food which is tree from alcohol. - 8»U«tto*M. BfoorolViW. N..I. !«-* THIRD LEAGUE TALK WILL GET THOROUGH AIRING AT MEETING AVE $1O SUITS PRESSED FREE OF CH ARGE Satisfaction Guaranteed .. tinning .seventy yard* to r» touchdown, which, HO far AH Onspv'n w«rk \vaf concerned ^ns legitimate. The thick- IH-K* of u llarvnril. lineman who illn.- xovpr»><1 n Yalp i)l«y«>r In {lie way mill tuckU'd him, nlont» naved Ynto, Tli«> officials noticed that liu-kli', cnll^il tlu v ball liiuk. nntl pennlined Huriard fit- teen yards for hotdlnff. lint nlways tliero Id -a nrxt year to football am) next year. It neenin, ihin <*as«>y i»'t»nn will I* a forcw to b«- reokoncd wish by Harvard'* f!v II.*'. fl'tdied t'rt-si*''KtnfY < "'i"i-eHpondent.) -NYw York. -l>e.\ K- Talk of a third |*m«j'>r k-:-ii:Uf." put U|» to bust-hall flatly |iy l*:m .Ji'htiMim, president "'if th<American lerfKsii-, and rtiVTavuri'i!.by KM. Mnrrow. prr>.«iilMit <>f th' 1 Int»nmtl(>n:tl tlfT<-Cl«-d if thf pl;in W «'f<" put. • il»t>» without KlnVPK \vb»-n th<- Nntlonal ina»>- ru«t<'.« :i»Mfrub1i» here l*ir, 11* for Ihflt annual nifftltiK. "^^ Most of (be National Ifii^'H'is sirr xtronsil/y ojipon*^! SH the forinaliiui <>t tt third major !>-at{u<\ .. f "You ean't' ,ju«t go iiitf. Ni-lert n bit of territory, throw In eluht ball rlubs. ainl rftll It n fnnjor lenmte,", onf of flic mt'xt proinln«-nt «if the rnojrnh 1 ' declared In xi?.init »i|i lh<' simntbui. "There I F ^ T QII want som.ethInpr extra fine, something 1 new and different that men and boys wear, come to this specialty store for men. I For a man's Christmas I THE BASKETBALL DATES Dittriet High School Tournament! Set For/ March 1-2. (Ily I*nlted I'ruiwi . lit.. l>e<\ 8. -- The vnrloUH (lAketbail tournnmi'nt* of the Ht*te will bt» held .March 1 -«ni}"^. the dated lixed by the llllnoia Hlale,,HJ^,li_ ittK fit-re. AmonR the townn who 'will appear in -Ht . f thing J.f w-<> were t" nsrce (.1 n third rnitjor lesiKti'- niul the rt«st of bunt-bull lfk«-wlM»« nenulf.tred we would plaee <nii'H("Jv».H in th«« powltltm of d«<i'!nHtiK irselvc!* In fnvor of n tbri-e-oorni-red \\'*>i Id's *ti'rlcM, tionu*thlnK (but \youbl In- alniiKit tntwhnhhv Cnii you iniiiiilne the Cblc'riK" White Btix or the New York Ulfintn. f»r Irintnnc'f, phiyliiK ft world')* nerii'n with Newark or Indiana- polls'.' Neither. 'cuiiltl I." It ftet»mp thftt linn Johnmm took big hurtten on hlinxelf when lie nnnounceil to th*> world thnt \n* would not be iiK ;l l'i»t si plan for n ihlril major len- «tit>. DevelopnictitH nhow Hint the tliifMlloii bad been thurotiKhl'y K«n» over beforo he ls*d«»<l hlx MtiitementM nnd thnt uppurently it had been njtri' my iiothinK ubotit tin- plnnn. wbleh tit that lime. rntiMlAtetl of nn UKrevinent for no third miijor Icn^ue, Wan, how- ever.M-hniiKfd bif« inhid. It if wild, nntl went directly iiKitiiiKt the wl«he« <if hi* Fur Toatn Fur Li nod fonts Hart, Schn(Tnc'r&* Marx Suil.s Hart, Schafl*ner& Snort Cont« [• • Ilnnso ('oats Loun^in^r Rohos Halh Rohos RainooatM Uarterw Ht-ils ] Mcinoyrani I'clt Bui'kh 1 "* Sitk,.RiW«TM Silk MulTlor.M Full Dross. Pro- tt'ctOI'M (ih»vo's, kid, silk, dross, fur Shirts Markintoshos Fancy Yosts White and Rlm-lc Dross Yost?? It ha* be«'ti lain iiHMoHati tbnt the Amer- and InU'rnutitmnl le«- Marx Dross Clothos (Vavat« MulTlorK, knit tod Suspenders Xijeht Shirtfl Pajamas Hats, derby, soft, nilk Fnr Caps House, Slippers Silk Shirts Canes Ijandkorchiefs Half IIo8«viir- huxos, eottoii, linlo and silk. fruin balvt'H nf CI ITU it Bradley-Boyn ton ChJCo. 209 FIRST AVE. QUITE A PROBLEM Vast Movement Of Immigration From Western Asia Is , Predicted. (Ily I >.~t probatilllty of n v«st moveniVnt of Immigration frotn-Avestern Asia to tho UnlteO State*-within the ncvt few yearn should demand attention in advance according to the annual report of (Commissioner ticnerul of InimlKt'a- it will begin anew, when (Jouhtlctm the. history of previous lanje mlgratlohh will lw re}w«t*d,-- - — - Immigration . from KtiHtern A«la, h.ivs th«» n«|H>rt, which has been on<) of our most neriotiM prohlems for years hn« not yet been ("i)ved. AlodllU'ftJk nnd additions to the present iinmlKfa- tton laws to cupo with tills oriental in- vusion, ar«* utKe. A provision to the f<nrnett hilt which hint already paused ih«» hotiM* and been reported favorably DELIVERED^ADDRESS I nsuralic«~8upl7 Potts SpoRi ~A! Wash Mealing.. JiirkHunvllle, Charleston. iVntralln. Mt, Cnnnel and Ciirbondale. I. M, Allen, of Springfield, HI., vice, pi on Idem of the organization who him I'hnrRtt of the tournnmeht. titiit<Hl thnl the_./ln«l» will be announced at u Inter dute. " ' tlon Thl« mov«-m.'iu xva* Ju«t comm.-n«lnu nnd wa* temporal Hy sta>et) with the breaking out of -war. says the n-port, but JtJiLonly a tuu>Mtlon of tlti\e when QUIT MEAT IF YOUR ; KIDNEYS ACT BADLY Take tablespooaful of Salts If Back hurts or Bladder bothers— Drink lots of water. W<? nrti a nation 6f me«t eaters nnd -our blood IH Illled with urln acid, say« a well-known authority, who warns m to bo conutiu'nly on ««urd . TJi» JcWnoyn do their utmost to free blood of this Irritating acid, but weal? from Die «>v«;rwork; they jjet iJlUKtfiKh f tin* t'HiiUnatlvo tissues _cloi|. and thus th« waste Is reta|n«'<l x Jn •thohlodtl to iHliriija llfo, cnllrw syslern. " Win »t your lUilneya acho and fuel Ilia) lumtifl of lead, and you have stinjj- 1»K pwins Jn tlw back or UK» urino b< cloudy, .full of'*iiM|imcnt, air the Wad- di-r la JrJ*Uubli', obli^iiiKj yo» to seek relief during th^nls-Jit; when yon hav.e acid Blomach or .„.„,....,...... In bad weather, MH from your pharmiwlst Sl»»ut four o»uee« of J;ui Hult'i; take a. tubh*^4)uti^il in u giassiSof water before dreakfunt <-ui'li tnurntntf nnd Jn a f»-w days your kidneys will act lln-'. Thin faiium* waits is inaili' from th« ati'd of t<iupeH and lemon juice, combined with ttthiu. and been itsud f/i, 1 f..'wi'1'aUoiis to Husti j Hiilntll.Mi 1 t'lo^'yul Kidney H, to) ...... ihf ;uld. in urine ho it it | lio lt,uiK*'i' ii r.ouu't; of ii illation. thu» tin.tdeut solution. "Thi> fact that no' portion of. the Mongolian rare, no matter how luht, his residence here or devotion to our country and inKlluniouH qan never b«r the accidfiu of birThTiiTre' ninjThcoomi' Kit- h In »plie ot ndhert*nco to th« cua» imtiH and iilt-alo of the land of his peo- |ih\ IK an InconslhtetK-y which detruclB dignity of Amorican citliten- iit"the ojiliium of the commls- Hloner, Jtegrirtiing tho necessity for exclud- in«f ulioiiN' op "economic (jroundH" whit h. rincptiim. has been before the judicial and leglHlalivo brancheaj of>the Kovernment, the reixirt 8ay»: "It IH JUKI us iindcHinible from the point of y\t>w of Die communitieti af fected. that tin alion shall become u public charge becauHO he cannot llnd u. job in which he oun tnnkfc a living, fiN U in (hat lie whall become a public charge because ,he la of poor or In ill health or «. cripple." Diirlng the fiscal year, 1814, aliens to OK* number of l,21MSQ migrated to the Unitod^Stateu. In 1915 the total «lroppcd to s;0,70(» und in the pu«t year Httly 23S,sid iiiiierod the country. . InercoHo of th« medical force for tho examination of immigrant* in recom- nr.'iidcd, a m»r« "intennive physical ox- amination" having 1 sfuata i»y exporl- mrni nj«-ci8 u Rreatcr percontftgo of thoHo mint I'ur jiilmi«Hlon. Thy Hen4etOw»» i*een partictHarly ao- tivi« in ilu> pant year, according' to .the report, in t-ninbnting with th« t^vila M "white .slavery, ProHecutitmH >y<,«ro In- iditntcd in 'StJ caxen and 70 cotivlctionH Hectircd. T,lu> correnpondins for 1915 were 66 und" 53. the 4.uifet .year Uic in employment, ?iK,W4 «if which were Amerii'un citisteiif. " Plfty-fiMir racew und CO (iiflVti'tti occiifutions were re*- i>ti:.-cUlcd. 1-iKlUl-H .show thnt of the ipplicuitii, citixeim now prepoudiuate vvlu-iv uliiMiM t'iiiiaully did. '"""' •Tin- K'jort fin i k'ii airerotninendutio.n for lavenalilii ,-ictioi'i on UK* ini'n.'inii 1 lo it(cjiii.-fc il.«> limit of cont l»r the new -i;il!(>n at IHi-'I'^i!, tvi'onnncltiUuion lil- •H ior ad-i>tii>n,il f .it'll it itvs on the .lad Biilt:* la In" xji.'ji«t\"ii and r;mu< injurv; jnuke« ti delightful eilfervc-rt-ci Jlthia-watt',!' driuH. anft nobuiiy <-;ui make U;r by tiilUni: a. Hit), j nmudonutiy ti> ia-et) ihu kidneys cU>an 'mul active." * • Bo You Need Money? f . • I will, loan j'Kit nu.iicy *>n futnittite, j piJUWiSif-autmuu'-iiii'ii, auJ otiiti pff> ' »««rt:tl yu|ii-n> . \!i !>..!«,» >»ii. (h inu- 1 lUU-tillal t',f\' t i-i> II-.. \ !-»(-« vv .;.• - |y ^\ll^, i>c \\l»!t- ;tnU I will i..ll.yai, inn. iluy uui' 1 "r t -VHIH \ \\lili t!u- IUiHIC\ JOHN H. DOMM^t., j 400 E. Ti\. i U at-, HovK FjlU, ID. STOLE FOR SWEETHEART Girl Wanted Ring and Youth Produced Thr«c of Them. i\\\ Tniti'd foU. II!., lice. 4. llershei L 1 ^- l^L.iJi heitl.l'JL-lJiV cjjutity J-'il 'it a fltircc of" burglary for thv i! i>c ihu-o ili.iiHiiiui riiiHM >.; "old bracelet.. The jewelry. utii'f? > ixit^-ful, S\J'IH Htolrn ii> ti> attir his huet'the.tfl, !•"! ,t::t( r. (Vl^ tliis cit.v, pr dUlii inuiy him. it in* pi«idm«-d 'in He ||ii.ii)n-il thti-f :l|nl u • 1 .1 wilt-tilt ii« > i.uf'f. ;ui'l I* I'-tir. i «-s-l jut r.i.itul juiy nnf:i" •\V«»hlngton, D, C., Dee. R. — lluf«» Ml POUR. Inwurnneo Knpf-rlnlendent' of Illlnoht. delivered nn aditlrena on the "Admlrilmruilon of Health ItiBiininee by 'Kxixting InHiirnnt-e Orgunlxittlonn" before the pensions of the eonter- Intctiintloiml AHMochillun of lii'Uislrlal Accident t'oniml8Hlon». He aroused great .interest by hig de» elarutton that unlesB the prudent Jn- Munince eotniinnlea nee lit to chiinge llit-lr ultlltide on publk' iitH'xllmiH tiach TIS— thfo-nml to tiri'ang »o that the fnsumnce proteetlon could be Mtfured by those, inowt needing It. •other wityH w*>ul(l be found tor fur- nlHblnH needed protectlon v Hupt, Pottn ijtioted KtiitlntfcH HhcrtPtng" Ihnt eneh year for the, j>u«t twenty yenrs, the in- tturnnee cotniMjnles IIOVB ri'tnnied to pollcyhohlers about itt. per cent of "the monoy |M»ld as premluniH. Th« Brent- er portion of the expense which mnkeu jirt'ttont health 'limiirnnco iniprarUcA- hle Is the enormous expeniw cif the ngency orgunlviutlon, and tho HKCIHS d<. not return a renljgervloe to tho In- 8.ujr»''d eommen*iM*ttt^ c with the cost. TAKE BABY FOOTPRINTS TO IDENTIFY INFANTS (Hy United Pre.88.) I^ondon, Kng., DPO. 8.— London IIOH- pltuta are conitlderinK the iiBe of Unby toot prints for pur^ojios of IdeiUllU'utlon to prevent baby tnlxii|m ( unit obviate repetition of tho Hnby eilngBby en«e. ICirort8 bav(i been made for Home o to take linger print* cif new-horn InfantH but their tiny fluts aqnlrm and w» actively that tho plan fulled.. f«u>t<i<rint i« «ultl tu be ijulte as thP au lh« Hnger-pr'iut lot eaaler tu HOW TO WIN A HUSBAND' IS TOLD IN PREACHER'S NEW 10 COMMANDMENTS (Ily I'nite Press.) _ Oaklnnd, Calif.. Dec. S--Hnw to win a~ filmlMuuTlH rolifln 'Kpyr-John H. Piewe'n "ten commandments" for Kl Mi'ekinK the royal road to matrimony today. Hi-v. Pierce lias married 4,0("t coiiph'n In ihlity yearn. Here are hi.» vonunandmohtK: combined In a better leajjuc. Thin lea- Ifiie intKbt b«« calleit a tripple A,, or ^omi.ittiinic fl.Ho indicative of.'itu dl- vorcem«>iit • from rules wltioh now govern the minor*. It would be free from Hie draft, tint, nsido from ihat, would be ju«t ax much minor as ever. PICKS ALL-STARS ELEVEN FOR LITTLE NINETEEN (Uy , llllnolH t*olle«v, right end (en plain)." * N«>nf, llr.'ulley. left ta<-lde. ' .. FgE TUITION FOR GUARDS. wisdom (if the serpent, conceal it with the Milenct- of the dam, execute it with the strategy of MacblavelH- Second — Avoid nil wltticlnm about marriage. Third— Veil with alluring helplesM- ne«« the iron of self-HuHlclency Fpurth — When a man declare? "I Shall Never Marry!" murk him for wn>v prey. Fifth—Be inwardly bold as a lion, outwardly timid as a fawn. Sixth— The loudest tlatu-ry i» the »l- lence of attention. When he npeaks, listen. It 1« Incenbo to hl>« pride, Seventh— Shun tho rouge pot and the powder puff, for many a maid IIOM lost tjut by Bulling under false color*. Klght,!!— Pick out ft chemical alMntty. Hemember, oil won't mix with water, but It will \vith myrrh. Ninth— Copy the cat, for it U scitieo?,. able, and the dove, for it coos caress* Ingly, and the \vhlp-poorwlll, for It Meemw pttmive. Tenth — llemembc.r that tho supreme lent of u man Is a kUs. tf he will not yield "under its pressure, ncorn lUm; be i» either brutu or idiot. ~t .oiijr, M Itlthln, rrentr r. --------- r - ------ — SterllnK. W«>«leyan, rh?ht guard. t'atUii, AillllHIn. 'riKht tackle. Kt, Vintorx, rlnht end. Mllllklii, t|uart<>r)mrk. i^mibanl, li-ft half. .Mont., »«•(>. 8.—University »f 5ionfana Ktndfnta who Mm-ed on the Mexican border" with.,thu national charge. An an tH'ldotTR^of the gratitude, all the .u»ual f«es wens clImlnatfHl. Women Sufferers NieedJJwamp-Root upon, thousunds of wow- n luue kidney and bladder troublo uui never suspect it. \Viimen'*> «-omplalnt» often ju-ove to u». nothing «i«ti but kidney trouble, or he r-essuk of kid;i -y or bladtier diswise. If tlu« kidm-ys iuo not In u hniiithy •ond it ion, they, may rjiums the othor irtfuiiM tu become UlseUssd, >'ou mav euO'er a ^tcat dial with, lain tit 'tho buck, Jittudachtf, l»*s of mbition. nervouaiK'KS and muy be dt«. Y, €. S, D.W'I lU-l.'iy -t>iurtliiK tri'Utment. Dr, ilincr'« Hwanip-lt«»ot. « phy«ician'» t^ei'iptiou. obtained at ^«»>" dtus i>iv. ikStoit'M 1«eaJt}l to thi< ind i« JUKI Ihe I'tijueily iu'i-iU'4" lo \\, otne feijrh ('-'iiiliUi'iiw.' U» i u fifty i fill or un!> U' . PRAISE FOR £!ERCY J : Republican C»lli 13ef«jtt«d Senator A . , Fin* |-egi«lator, (Oy United PWSB.) HprlnKlield, III., Dec. k.—Wlthout detracting one iota- »>/ tlu> cretllt due Statt* Sviiaior «»|twt Wood for Ma- dti,-. feat of Hi-ntUor Duff Piurcy in the recent elections Ufpuhlicant and poino- cruts in th«> state house join "In com- mVnding Senator Piurcy for th« utrnat recoid ho made liurintj Mn membership in the' senate. One* of the' foremost itcpublleun tunvsjiupermen of the city w»ld -today "Senator Puny was my idea of un ideal IcgUlutur. lie always <;tood out in*front liglulntr, not for party principles, biit'for advant'i'd ideals, which, if enacted, would haw been of Ininu-u- auruthUt benolit to tbe syte. "\VhiU< I Hnovvof iitfthiiiK of the. ability of Senator Wood, hfjinuM muke u great record to b«U tbut living up by r Piervy." Kllllbrew, ..Miliikin, right half. 8tib.Mtltutc«'-~lifym>idN, JJrmlley, left half; Homer*. .St. Viatorn, full back; WilHon, IIIInoiH ColleRt', nuurterback. \V-lth all due reBpect to every other gridiron warrior of the. "Kittle Nineteen" conference, tho writer for the Unliwl Pi'*'**, after much consideration Hcteeted tho above uH-Ntnr eleven. ICs'ery man on the above team baa betvi given a berth IM-CUJWU of excep- tlonul work thronHhoiii tho vtitire «ea- t!onKi«teiK'y is tht- moat valuable of a football player, nnd thin In abundant"* In to Im found in every member of the above Umiti«.'.-.. Friable of Hilnoitt- College. ha« been given tho captaiiwy of the ull-0tur eleven betmmo ho i« the, ideal man for that place. His physical . fltnwpw, sporturnunnhlp, knowiedKi' of tho game, und hM ability*to; instill pop und spirit into ht« men are the chief reunotiii why- he has been Bt'lwtod, HAS FIVEVlTERANS A NATIONAL PROGRAM Is needed To Solve The Agricultural Crisis Bays U. S, Commiasioner. (By ITnlte-d I*reH8,) Chlciufo, lllr, Dec. 8.—Xoe'll of a national projmutHo xolvo the OKricultural crl«l» which luv believes |_M now fattt approachinV wan expreHM«'"ti""by "Frederic t*. Howi», ITnlted Htatex cornmlKHlorter of immigration • tit New York, before the Conference on MarketltiK. 'VMarkt'tiitK IB now uncertain and Un- fa rim-r in HO df«pc>lb'd by monopolistic aged and often bankrupt." Howe mild. "IJnlenH a IJ!K con«trn«»tive proKram worked out, I expect to pee a^rlt'iilti become IOHH profitable, und employ "fvyv er people. I expect to «ee tho cowl o living rlHo uiitll tho government under ttikeH to get the people back to th PROMINENT SPEAKERS ,Will Address Federal Council Ot Churches Representing 18 Millions. (Hv T'nited Prong.) Bt. I.oulH, Mo.. Dec. 8.—With thp or« ganl>-.;itniit- nnd other pifllminorlea completed (U tho opening yeHterday tha - Tntrit~tjna-(trpnnin-t-MpgtfaBrof tho Fed-, eral ("oniivll of {'hnrches of Chriat In,' America today settled dowir to' the tratmactlon of hiiHlneHK. TJie 450 del- csatew 'atleudinjf repretwcnt thirty of' the leading; protoHtnnt denomliitttlons Couch Jonti at IllinoU Has Pi-Qip»cti, BATTIE eRUISER BIOS For Addition* *To f h», Nnvy 'Will Co»t tu I M Kilio>-i V ' ,t fr.ini ui f : 'In- j-uo' ati I/ally tia.'.' tie. .. . . jC i.'ii, r.iin b.itiit'iii. \ t U- biiiih- ' \\tnn \uii- i.i l'o -nti«iu .'I'll- i>!uliHC, Washington, U. t^.lH'cs - Uld» \\fiv o|,«'t,ed at tho Navy Df't«»i'Um-'nt today f»r the i KlisUueliiUi *if four b.iltli' (rulHi>i«>. tht» !itj<t vi'.ssflfi of -Ihia clas* •«, In- built r«.r Uu- rniu-tt St.ijes navy. Tbe> will o>i,i ^^'..ti'iii.inui .iptece. Tih- -.i-g.U ni.iMUinfn \\hitii thr luddeid iuu,-i IIH'1 t ih |l«i,",'tii,n<('i. t\>).i.s]\c <> itlut Bulls'. Tiu'\ UlU h-.m 1 ' ,i . ._ ChampttiKH, il.; bVc. 4.~-l''iv« Vet- eru'iiH art-'' includnl- In. the promlMlng material from which Couch Halph Jones wilt pick his confffiiijce bfi«luH- b»ll conlendtu-B for this wliuon 'tlw number would htivo been »ix had not thi* rMtteBttljeMRl M'^f "Danny" -.ISiwtlf, a .last on the bordt'i* until It wa* too late for him to rM,ent«r the UiUver«lty. Captain Alwood, veteran center of thwcuii- fvitiiiH.*, the vvljuM'd twin*, Itnlpti und jlay WoodM, who are playing their third your of "Wg 9" btt«kt'th«ll; Gordon-- Utto, forward, und Olaroiu 1 * 1 Api'legnin, Kiiard, ale the "I" men who will report fm- the indoor paslhm', Ap|ili-jintii'tt bvokvii unkJ0 hu*» net yet fully lu'uh'ii from the- break early in thw football season, but il IH ex- pec'tiM thai bo will report laU'r, Keiin- ley of lust year's vuntity wiuad two ore ytarw to play. ^Ivnjtoi's ' of year'« frcKhnu-n mjuud.who have iru-d u» varsily Candida tv* ,nn« centerj : McKay,, forward, iinss and <'uhtn. guufd«. SiHT FOB PiVORCI. Howe advocated novernment owner ship of railways* and urged tho radica plan adopted in Denmark of tho gov urnmeni'B «upplylng rcady-mudo farm to people of small miuuiH. The farmnt'M there furnlflh ten per cent of the cap« Hal and the government HU^plitm the other 90 per cent- Ninety per cent of the farmers of Denmark own their owi farms, Howu wild. "Home meant) for opening the huu to those who witdi to produce wealtl on it muni be found," ne continued "in the United Ktfttes there are only thirty pcrHottH to the mjiture mile, ul- thouglu u billion could live comfort- itbly' in our boundifds iVaourct-H were efficiently opened," _ Tenant farmer*, uro Intioivent, ac» cording to Leonard C», Jtoblnson, general manager of the Jewish Agricultural and Industrial Aid Society of K«w_York City, _The teniint^.farmer can borrow ,on his ability tounakw U>» land produce and will be little beiu-llt- by the Farm Ixmn Act. Jtoblnnon bellevea. Of 0,000,000 farmer*, 2,354.000 are tenant*, an Increase «f 16 per cent over tha-c-ensua ten yeara previous, he pointed out. 'Si. 1'alH uiio bus and ' |i;.iti<l« ' tlni in vi-'i.niH-u. ma! ti Minn- hf il Dec bt to atU'iid ls, with»ul l» ! r I. , Will leisull.v be .\lra, \V, iu-V li>*n«t, ,Hi-t w»k»'» -V. sCu (tit. a Ilttl,. unikr ;'<n*"!ii luu»c- |.i/vvi-i, ;i i iHi" {.isiti di.-|'Vu'« tn> nt. t !i i I HI' I'tof-t Uui.: iti.n hir.t-: \ ,UL| ;« ijt Mil i'.,lUTi vl H Hn U ta'tus,. SECOND SKATINQ TRAGEDY. Mi, I n ii v 'Uia, ti i'l 1-t UH-.1 « V >->IA»|;- ANTI PORJUAMPAIGN Riv»rt And Hurbort Congroti Plan* to WHBB Fight (Uy United WaHhintftoti. Dit* 8. — With un open challenge fOr'a i/mplatv exposo of any "pork" Hcht>njfH, t Pfttliu > *ri > d umler the siiijie of Uivt-rs u»<f UiirJu'i's IfKltda- tion, the thirteenth annual convention of tho National Hiversi and Harbors KrvrfM convened hert> loduy. If unyono knows," the chalk'nse. read, "that a project ha* no merit, and lhul un appropriation i«t sought tuitelx to ' promote the polltloul luruiiu't; of home Senator or i.tepr^entative, ' lie will be given an opportunity to publicly name, 1 JIHUI. However, if a 'wan from iiuine crjt- U'lzes! Uiprojwt/in (''ullfoinia, he Will ino let! imw h^-najrpens-rn know «o much- about thinK»i % 2,o«l> or mlie-8 awuy.- u - . ' ("on^rews IM to bt- adftj'OMUfd by uf War Newton 1). Hakt-r, under vvhtwe jiu'isrtiction wuterwuyw projects* u»'i 4 :iilfntiii»l«'i r>t. v fin t ull tlL MAILSTO li.v. 1ml , I*, 1 :-, s Janu's un. I his M'li. Sil'it'.v (•' . |HI{(I \\>'H- foilitd tu ihliai mi ! heie, ai'il M'litt tt iiK>nlii,-j at A KUlltV uf l in -tlu> UH- IIIOI1- of rnoro than elKhteen mlllionB. Homo of thoHp who will address th* } nennloiiK are William JennlngH Bryan, 1'rolVnnor Hhaller/Mathow, ihe Rev. * ChnrlfH H. Mcl-'arland, Dr. I'Yederlcji, Lynch, Clifford Pint-hot, Kaymond Rob» ! tm, J'Yed U. Bmith, Dr. Charles !%! Thompson, Dr. • Hobert K, Bpeer, Dr« '# Sidney I.. CJulick, Uiuhop Samuel FWi. low*. HiHb<i|r- i-I. it, JlendrJx, Profeaaop ", Edward A. Hielnor, Hishop Kdwin II,. HutrhCH and Humilton Holt. At noon today and'each noon until, *' tho jneetlnw cloHfti December Ii evan« £ geliNtlc mcctingK will be held in n > downtown' theatre and in the. Bhopg;* and factoi le«. Professor Bhailor M»»" • thew of the-, t'hiuago University if president of the council and' will pro* ' xlde at moht of the soHslonu, GREAT BREWERIES CLOSED. (Ily United Pr«»8) Zurich, Dec, 4.~-NutlVe Rohemion* i arm working up an nwfiil thlret.^ Thf «reut I'ilaea brewerieii are reported, to | have been cloned when the Central^ Powerii r«i|ufaltion«d their' grain 'lop,.£• food»tulT». . " ;»• "aoodnlfhS floras! o v that ifil» inalju* corn* »o to walk nldeways and wrinkle »p' their itiu'd. ur they uwo *ulven thirt eat rU;bt Into, tin' toe and iuak« it taw (uui wire, or they'll UBS ploatora tlutt iii;tU/i> fin fornu LMaljfe; or pick nnd MOIIKO at tlulr ivfna und niuktt"* IT" I* th<»fiin|ile..»d><i«rn wander jfop coriiM, .tUt^t nut 3 dri>u3 on. It dri«m y, Nu Dulii, lusy or trui '' corn. c»i!lu» or wart loosen* _._ »"ir MHHyliM U»l- IH.tlllUV'. *„... "iiH'l',-? IT" in sulu and irffvnuiiend. I'tiHli'. jjf jn-iit tin rvt-^li»t of price, tow Ij l«iwnuug & Ccj,,

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