Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 27, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 27, 1944
Page 2
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Two NAUOATUOK DAILY NEWS THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1944 As We WERE SAYING..: At 1:31 p. in. April 12, I!).'M. thi'i-i- Wi»,i it wind K"*i iilop Ml. WiiMhiiiKtim, X. II., I hut ri'itl.s- ten.'il 2'U nilli-K mi limir. Smrnr Research I<'oun<lnlion predicts: "SiiKiir will become o« common n source of raw rnuterl- nl for Industry nw coal or po- troleum." Jfi'W York rlly'n prnjrclril airport will liitrc runwii.VN toliil- liitf IK milt's In IniKth, mill will Imiullr 1,000 planr iiiuvriiiriilN » <liiy In «'i>lltniNt li> 270 at: (lie present Ni-w York airport. 'The first homh to be dropped from an airplane occurred In .Wit, when Italians bombed Arab tribesmen at Bengasi, Libya. Kvon though filcl will hi- than cvrr ni'.xt winter, you'll list? II'NM with Ix.'ltrr results If you' ItixllliiM your home tuiw. Anil still li'iM If ynii add storm doors anil windows, do a com|>lrtr wratlirr.H) ripping joh, nnd n- pnir your fiinmrc or convert your lirntlnjf sy.xtein. So iniinh for fuel! Next on your proifram should l>i. general lioiisr repairs —rouf. flours, sldi'walls, chlin- ni\v, niasonry, plumbing, walks, fences, grounds. All these Improvement* may he done with tlie wartime l>lrs*liiK and consent of your govrrnmout, wlio also inaken it pos.sihle to hor- row lill needed funds from nx In the form of nil KIIA MOD- KKN/.ATIOX LOAN. Unit will cost you hut S"i |»T year per .SIIII) horrowed, and give yon an extended period In which to repay the loan In Mimill. convenient monthly Installment*. Thanks to n newly patented dn- vic»:,^ there'll bf nn tlzingrr ol.' spilling over when. In the good days to come, you tell your gasoline dealer to "fill 'or up." i'or thi: nozzle of his hose will otJirt whistling when the tank is nearly full. William ("Hilly Coat") Slant*, proprietor of Ullly float's Tavern, directly acriMH the street from thr f.'hlcauo Stiidliim, placarded Ills e.Mlahllshment with a huirr sign: "NO KKI'UIH.I- CA\S AI.I.OWKII." The effect was .precisely as anticipated. Thirsty Hepnhllcan deleija-tes glared their <leflanee, pushed their way In, clamored loudly for drliikM. "Hilly (joatf hastened to comply. The delegates, plrliti'd to have won a valiant victory, departed. "Business," said >1r. SliinN, "wa.s never het- ter." Unable to fj'.'t help, tho proprietor of a Detroit sandwich shop rigged up a toy truln. to he run on an inside track around his oval counter. He himself walks nut and takes the order. Xnxt he disappears Into the kitchen, makes up the order, places it un one of the several flat cars ot* the train, pushes the proper button which starts the train and makes it stop opposite the orderer, Toduy's anecdote: A Ni'lfro sdl- (tocr who hud lioen wounded overseas, lay in the slclj hay of u hospital ship entering Now York Imrhor. A medical officer stopped by on a last-inlnntp check-up to ask the soldier whether ho had any personal In-longing'* which he wished carried ashori*. The colored l>f>y mhoofc hi* /tea(t, "Yon don't mean to say that 11 soldier who saw as much netlon as yon did has nn sonvi'iiir.s," exehiimed the officer. "<,'fi|>taln," said the soldier, "I don't have 110 sonvenlrM —cause all I wants of thi* hern war Is jest a faint recollection!" —Coronet, Said Joseph Onobbcls, Nazi Propaganda minister, nt a victory celobrnfion four years ago: "Ymi hnvn just one more battle tn win, then bulls of peace will ring." For tin? first time there are today more women voters In the, United State* than mm—«l!l,3IT more. Don't worry If you stumble—a worm is about the only thing that Can't fall down. THE NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK {:»Iemhor of Fcdarnl ni-poMt Con>ori»tli>n NOTICE! .-. TO OUB NAUGATUCK 8TOHK CUSTOMKKS! Dun to war tlino coiidltlons, we urn coni|M'llc<l to C|OHO our itiick *toro. CAT.T, US For the day our noutc Man win ho on .VOIir Htrort. .Free Telephone Service For NniMrntnek Ciwtomrrs Call Enterprise 4700 SHALETT LUX J,iiun<lcr..r.s — l>ry Clo»ni-r» 38 K. Muln St.. Wuterhury ' Mulii Office Ik I'Uint, 22 Walnut St. Kxt. Watcrtown — Mitltllvliiiry More Names Of Conn. Men Killed, i Wounded In Action Still Able To Answer Dinner Bell Washington, July 27—(UP)—The VVnr department announces the names of 28 Connecticut men killed In action In the Asiatic, European, Mediterranean, and Southwest Pa- cigc areas, Stall' Sergeant Stanley J. Bothko of 'I7'l Crescent street, New Haven, was killed In the Asiatic area. Fifteen doad in the European area are: Private First Class John E. Bonsunhuvei' of Route, two, Freeman road, IMiddletown. Private first Class Ross H, Bray of !HJ, r > Qtilnnlpinc avenue, New Haven. Private John N. Bruno of 30 Hamilton street, Hartford. Sergeant Elmer L. Frederick of Tjikoview drive, Norwalk. Frivatd John S. Gourley of 7G4 Orchard xtrfcl, New Haven. Corporal VVilliaih F. Maloncy of 3-1 Sterling street. Hartford. Private First Class Gordon C. Mimnix of I-I East Main street, Plainville. Technician Fourth Grade Steven Oluhowicz of 38 Lebanon avenue, oluhester. SrtrKOiint Charles E, Rich of 11 Orchard street, Cos Cob. Stal'f Seixca-nt Frederick D. Smith of 00 Lounsbury street, Wa- •IPrbiiry. Private Frank A. Trcmblay of 2-H BucKnjrham avenue, New Haven. Private First Class Pasquale J. Trotta, Jr., ot 20U Wallace street, Haven, Private First Class Nickolas Wassil of 77 Wynola. avenue, New Kritain. Private First Class Earl T. Wilson of 11 Hamilton street, Norwalk. And Corporal Teddy J. Wojtcznlr of 17-1 Sprinjr street, Union City. In the Mediterranean area, nine dead are: Private Carmine J. Ammlrato of MS Funston avenue, Torrinwton. Private Melvin Baron of Moodus. Private Aimon F. Clark of 103 Cornwall street. Stratford. Private Carl E. Kelly of SI Eon- nor street, Hnrtford. Staff Sergeant Victor A. Lubinskas of 17 Poplar street. Waterbury. First Lieutenant John S. Lukoski of t>2 Hobart avenue, Norwich. Private George M. Naklenis of •II Putnam street. Hartford. Private First Class Frederick M. Underfill!, Jr., ol 1 15 Park avenue, Dan bury. ' And Private Stephen Zotos of 5 South avenue. Danhury. And in the soiuhwest Pncillc area, three men killed in action a re: Corporal William J., Jr., of S2 Garden street, Ansonia. Private First Class Dominic T.isella of 1-17 Hollywood avenue, West Hartford. And Technical Sergeant Eugene Luzletti of 72 Spring street, New Huven. Additionally, the Navy depart- AUhoiigh " lirads art: itiiiiiVHy haudaged, tliiwiv two Yiink'w.aro right on tlnu- when—Ifc'; coin<:s '! to tultinc care of the lnn'or : l,nii»n; WiMincled In Franco, they lire pictured aboard an I.ST on thnlr way Imck to Englaiul for hoNpltiillxallon. Official U. S. Nnvy photo. (In- t«;rimtloniil) Nazis Change rwil . • . ifti, A Their Mrategy In Normandy Allied Supreme Headquarters. London. July 27—(UP)—The Nny. party has made it an nll-or-nonh- iiifr affair in the -battle of Normandy. That's w' a creditable authority at supreme Allied headquarters .has told Virgil Plnlvley, the vice- president and general European mnnn^or of the United Press. According to this tin-identified authority, the Naurs have countermanded the strategy of the genera! staff and have staked virtually their entire future 'on. halting the Americans and British at the present line in Normandy. rrient reports the names of two Connecticut rnen killed in action, ami two wound casualties. The cleat! :ire Marino Private First Class John E. Fitxg'erald of Norwich. And Assistant Cook Francis J. Gaffney of 5 Center street, Dan- hury. Two men wounded in action arc: Seaman First Class Frank Fr^d Fi.'lner of IT.I Brcntwood avenue. Fairfleld and Serman First Class Joseph Mendello of .16-1 Main street, Portland. Labor Official Makes Denial Of Republican Charges WashiifRfon'.'" 1 'Jti'ly : ''27—CUP) — Prosi'Jent R. J. Thomas of the United Automobile Worlcers him denied Republican* charges that the CIO conspire<l witl'i JDemocratiC machine bosses. He nddcd that GOP boss Herbert 13'rownell nnd "most of the com- riientatcrs" had the Political Action committee nil wronjj. "Brownell accuses us of conspir- inp with the bosses," Thomas pointed out. "while most of the c'om- inontntors described the Democratic convention as a fight. ol party loaders against the CTO.' •The labor leader said neither accusation was correct. He endorsed the Democratic vice-presidential candidate (is a "progressive man" but added that lie was proud that the CIO fought nnd worked for the renomination of .Henry Wallace. Meanwhile, Justice Department officials said the FBI is conducting a "continuous study of the Political Action committees books and records. About 92 per cent..of MaWnnchu-: sells pi-oplo reside in cities, towns and villages. I Life insurance owned by American* families as of Juno 30 totaled about Sl-M billion, an increase of S20 billion since the start of the present war. BUY WAR BONDS ANI> STAMPS It is a delightful experience to enter a home that is so skillfully, so tastefully furnished that here, you know immediately, live charming people who have learned the art of living. A home reflects the character of those who live in it, and works in reverse to create the mood of its inhabitants. Carlson's can help you make your home be a more inspiring, place in which to be with furnishings that are lovely to look at, easy to live with. 175-185 CHURCH ST. N A JJ G A T U C K 1760 Watertown Ave. (OAKVILLE) . BOTH STORES CLOSED MONDAYS JULY & AUGUST WAYSIDE STORE OPEN THURS., PRI. & SAT. EVENINGS •.'.•Murf"^'-" , '-'.« >•'•• •') • i , J i- • ' : - \ ^7/,:-:-•-- V i *••"'• : ~~* '"•**. fJIMtetl' rtt Judge Smith WiU I\ • ] pi '•'•••• -A'f Decide taseUr Dr. Siegeltiater Hartford,'' July 27'—<U P)—Federal Judge .T. Joseph Smith in hold- Ing decision in the dcmi.tura.l- tention tr.iul of Dr. Theodore K;u-l Sicgel, Un'vcrslty of Connecticut proiessor. Tlie'.'government and'de- fense will-fHe"briefs with tllecourt and the ..judge Indicated he \vill decide •the case in about-»lx weeks • Ur. Siesel; German-bora natur allied citizen, is accused of tak ing the bath of .•illegiance' to t.hh coimtry with mental resorv.itions The p'rofc'ssor denies the cl)y.i-gcs and claim-9 tlilit letters quoted by tlie Ruvernmcnt contained falsehoods' deliberately 'written by him LO too! the G-ermun censors. Mrs. Si-egcl, one of the defense witnessed, testified that her. husband "alwuys 1 had a -wealc spot us for thn place he g-rew ui> n, but never once did he y:i.y iu*"iy- hi'lig good about 'the Nn/.is." On Honeymoon Bridegroom And His Bride Hurt In Auto Accident Qnincy, Mass., July 27—CU P)— Though it was ills birthday and liti weddinp day—yesterday proved mij, r h'ty un-luclcy for war veteran. Ro'Itinrl Bulcer of Ea'?t Bralntrcc. Bofh he nr.d- his -bride wnro ser- ously, injured \vhen fheii- a.utomo- bile and an Eastern MossixchusettM Street railway biv.-. collided. Tlic accident occurred as the wedding party was en route to ce!e.bra.te at a Quincy i'esL;niiM.n,t. Buker was 20 yusira old yostcr- dny when he wed the former Bettry Yuxv.i of Mobile, Alabama—a New York modi. 1 1. Kcd-hjilred Kcrecn' actrens , Susan Ilayv.':ird, and Jess Barker, jnovlc utiir, are shown sifter tlmlr mar- riasre in Hollywood. They nro lioiioyinoonliij; :it nn- nixllxcloxeU locution. The couple met; .it :i Hollywood ten for soldier*, (lii- f«rtiatlonl:i) Sgrt. Fredericks Sends Jap Flag 1 . Home Rt. Paul Fredericks, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fredericks of Phoenix avenue is believed to have participated in tho Saipan invasion. He recently sent home .1 nr^e Japanese fla^ his unit cap- .ured. The flafr was captured at. a Kar- •ison on Einewctol; atoll in tho Marshall Islands and measures 30 feet wide and fi feet !onpr. Sf;t. Fredericks w;is a memljer of tho Marine unit which stormed tho garrison. Russians Said To HaveBrought Down 59 German Planes BuJTolo, July 27— (UP)—Russia's leading nee—flyinjr art Americn.n- m.iJc plnnc—has more than doubled the enemy plane score of America's number ono flier. Lieutenant Colono) Alexander Pokryshkln hn.s brought down 59 Gorman; plnnes. And America's Lieutenant Colonel Fr.incii! Gn- nreski has bagged 28. • A lellor from t.hc Soviet embassy to Eel) Alrcrattf at Buffalo says 1110 Russian ace shor down -18 of the no plane.*) with his .Bell Air.i- cobra. The Jotter .named 30 Russian fliers who have scored more than 20,'pliinort- with- Aira- Funerals Special Services At' Nattonar: Church Monday Special services at the National church on North ntroot will "bo conducted *• ovonlnrc by the Rt. R RV J(M _ . Pudewski, who spent 39 month?, a concentration a., „ Pr ,_."' or of t.h> r-nrmn.ns. ' ™ Mu Kishop Padftwski, who is Rct , of the National church Buffalo, N. Y.. will K p cak : "Peace in Wartime." Funeral of Mr«. Mary S The of. Mrs. Mary Simons, VI street, W.itei'- bury, mother of Mrs. Frank Lu r :v kay of Millville, who died Tuesday in St. M.-ii-y's hospital, Waterbury, was held this morning .it 8:30 o'clock from the Stokes funeral home, Wa.lerbury, to St. Joseph's church ^vhere -services were held .it fl:35 a. m. Burial wa.s in' Grove cornclctry, Naugatuck. liKI'ORTS DENIED Eretton Woods, N. H., July 27— (UP) —Both Mount Wn.shin'<uon Hotel and the' State department deny published reports the United Na.'Jon.s . monetary conference cor't the federal government about 2300.000. Tile, hotel management explained that each Oelegfltc to the Conference settled his own nreount before leaving. And tho State department ad'ded that American d»ii-'gnlos footed their expenses out of their daily allowances. PIERPONT'S llru;Ulrri>fl Jm-rlfr*. , Amrrldin <imi <(«ilcir" ir,I» HANK Buckmiller* Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 TOPPS week thousands cf -people attended the opening- of our new store at 65 GRAND ST. (next to the Waterbury Democrat.) They'came and saw the amazing values at TOPPS . . . values that now have the whole town talking;. With our increased facilities we are in a pcsition to 'offer outstanding "buys" in every department .... every day in the week. We invite you tc come in and *;ee for yourself. ""; STANDARD IGNITION POINTS •'or all makes of cnrs. ?OT more power' use •Stnncnrd" Parts! CStrcct' Floor) DISTRIBUTOR Ford mode! A and vs completely rebuilt to fnctory specifications— Cexc-'n.) ' $1.98 (Street Floor) AUTO HORNS E. A. Triple Musical Electrical Horns. Sweet, mellow tones or blasts. Reg. S15. $10.75 (Street Floor) TOOL BOX Heavy meter, tool box. 14" x 6" x 7". Can be locked up. Removable tray. $1.98 (Street, Floor) TRANSFORMER WATER PUMPS Complete nnd rebuilt kits, for nil popular cnrs. Prices ns"lo\v as.. 10 vo"t, famous make trans- foriticr, for bcil or buzzer. (Basement,) PORTABLE SHOWERS Chrome plated showers, easily attached. Guaranteed. $4.95 (Basement.) RUBBER MATS For sink, also mats for bathtub. Definite household necessiues 69c (Second Floor) Sfp Our Dtephiy of KITCHEN SINKS and UTILITY CABINETS (Easomont) Window Screens Galv. 16 mes'h- wire set in sturdy .oil. treated frames. Priced fr'o.'ir .............. ._ CORD SETS SWITCH Fits Irons nnd Toasters, approved asbestos • covered- 'cord. Less pull 'liai'iclc... (Bnscnicnt) _ Screen Doors Varnished frames, reinforced construction. 10 /hn m'csk g'alv. wire V V Priced from ..... *P«J • . (Street Floor) SWITCH PLATE Keeps ' walls clean! Transparent, non-in- finmmnble. Pits all f. f _ switches.. X X C (Basement) DUPLEX RECEPTACLE Pits regular switch box. Approved brand. Brown finish.... (Basement) TOGGLE SWITCH Single pole / switch. .Guaranteed- quality construction. Approved Pipe and Fittings For repair nnd ir.alnu;- nnnce needs, nil sizes in stock. Pipe out to order. (Basement) OIL BURNER NEEDS Pittinps, car- bor. cleaning sets, bottle, caps, wicks, 1 i g h t e r s valves strainers, — everything! (Basement) Drain Ckantr Steel, unb'reakablc, . feet long. -Every needs one (Basement) to 9p.m. YOU CAN OSJ IT AT TOPPS to 19 p. m.

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