Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 8, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1916
Page 2
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two. STERLINP, ILLjNOfjS. FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 8.1916. Vernon Teqple Make Their "Report MORRISON BRIEFS STOP ANY WhtrV V!e*'S'"Vap-0*Rub Wag •^Iftelng Introduced In Illinois, Druggists Tltrotighout th© , State Presented CompH- mentery jars to a Selected Number of Cus* tomers on Condition That They Give This Preparation a Thorough Trial and Report the Results. Below We Give Reports Prom Mf» Vernon. Chroip or (fold Troubles You have tried Vi^k'fl Vftp-0-fctlb Sa!rp~fm •IttSt Rub VftB-0-Rub on Over my four-year-old, tmy for a coufih at *£* imvMMt awd fllnwt UtnaJlv n te m - ™»* p < ! fc. v ft ™ 1(1 - l J usl ™ b » pf! KTfft ;™ t0ft l a »«?.« uwal j y it over his throat ami rhwt. and alto Colds go Over Night, Croup in fl lmlfi „„ „•«, ^striis. it soon stopped jPlft«Cn Minutes. his couRh. without bavins to give thn second apylicatlon. I have tried several different Internal cough medicines, hut think VlcK'8 ta v Buper!or to any, a'nd -we don't have th*j trouble of gettln* htm to swallow medicine." Vick'8 Vap-O-Rub comes In naive form, and. when applied over tho throat nnd chest the body heat releases the Ingredients In the form of vapors. These medicated vapors are Inhaled with each breath all nlstht Ions, clearing the head and looaenlns tho phlegm. In addition, Vap-O-Kub la absorbed through and Btlmtilntea tho skin, aiding the vapors Inhaled to re- lipve the songe'sUon. Tfori'«3 sizes, 25c, DOc, or $1.00. <- OfttotneM „—,„„..- people ererywhere, par- -JUlsHy itiothera with pmall children, |»e "be^n looking for pome mc'thod of ttg cold troubles "pxffrnally." To the reports Riven below, by kind oisBioti. will prove of Interest tiff*. Jbee Nichols, 209 Second St.. urtst "I have two little ones, on 1 hft?e used your Vap-O-R«J> ».«*llF. They both had deep colds. It gave Rood results every time I tt, t think It Hi the best thing tiflilds I have ever tried." Itw. Roy fi. Stont, 722 Pnrk Ave., Ktr^"'^ can truly wommpml Vap- tfl* lofnriyoiie. T have tiss»d H fof i throat toothache, headache, colds, and bn?e found it to be truly a •ehold remedy." A Cttwy Avenue Imly. whoso name withhold by request, reports: "I ! ! EOftRiSON DAILY GAZETTE MORRISON, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 8, 1016. , ,„„, , L| dfTiT'—T l_luinM Jf-.i-irn- -. L-.J 'I -^iilln^a __ |r ... _ ELECT OFFICERS , Jr ntr - . ' Offic«r« , .. N«w Wedneiday Evtning, j j,, X«, lin. K. »f I r .."h«»M orw ycrir with another t» i'ir valm>H, tlmt tho rn«»m- ' K 'r« »«lii»itl(l at nil tlrni-R fofl fri'o to K ftnil «-lertw1 tb«- |fef the cotnh " C, f".—Murray & V. C,—>Iftrl '" f *M, A,—Wm. Hhhk. <-- ln«r«ls tbft < f ( f H. nnrl K.-lhiuh (Jrnm. M. F.—A. M. Kldd. XT. EL—A. J. HI. W.—Hoy £ O,—-B, «1. Hnrtmnn. Hr* O. O.r^«hn C'lovcrntono. I* TrttRtep-->f. 1-J. ITrjibaker. ^STAn Tin 4 iipfcdfiUy nf to avoid tiibprrttlimlH In nxm-d fur Romp time nnd uf lti» talk Mr. Uno-lra* in- vliatiun to «Rk nny o.u cut let nit wan ae- ceptf-d by several «>f tht* members, Hoyver fUlKRCi'te'l the !*Ulof some good books on fen-dlnK with a ilUiMiKulon of at i-at'h m tin* pnrno to follow-; \V, H. Hump, to tbo matter of jtr-onrlnK ft •Jia4-4H«'v left, rt'i'orttyJ-Uiiil a* yet lion' 1 luul bN-n ulit.iliu-il but lit- ««« making eveTy effort to Mu-tiYe"»tni» u« ipik-kly as j possible, 1'rew, llonvfr xint«><l that h'> ] bnd «rlt:i>it th«-dairy tUyjartmcnt of Uilnolx y<-«t«-»rday rfl- . . n"fnvltntlon from 'hi>"<M|n«i»n ord«-r_[UH' l^«t\rrj.ity_of ltlln< tlng ttu>"Morr'i«oir.It)(lKw~fit""i»ti<'nd • JiTlVff ir. Tin- niallif. dlBtrlct in thai city proem m commit !»•»« wn« appointed f«>r T'Ui d ' A, M T, , \i, ^ ->-. V v,f i . <•« • •' i h •• r. • ''i l t •' i f im< f Ji i f n: S Vt !"• *-• ! • w ' ' ' « .-1 . r 1 '' f '1 • r , . \ '"f f J t 1 ' f r. 1 d . f II ' 1. •- Pi J> !f I *f ,•' '" <n t i • r-'i(i. ii« T > i • i' «• n (li-«. < it\ t "•«!» r •'<-* •<: »..!..». J Hivt JT*i' i»ul IJ-IV. JJ'-L !IK> "''It !>' n -5f \t(>!!Ij« Tlll'">'tV f J'l.inl; \ti'»»-r. Mr, .itt'l M>-> t'i llHilii' 1 . ^fi rifnt .Ms.-' II. T Ii, ir\, U I' .Mi M"l!'n \ir ':uui Mt<- f't»,! «'<i Ivituitf Mr . vtl \!r*. S ,5 f^ 1 *' i. .Mr j.n.1 Mt* r,-.-,.} f r 'ii.c ;in.J .Mr >n.l Mr« Pl.'SlK "• '..M«-!' att< Illb'«l rl (lilt)'* !!" S','( Htllf \\ * (lH'-lil.CV « 4 A<-HIII)t, !,llli i.itt HlTll'V WO" II Ix'BK 4 '*-*. \ N' If I" 1 Uunrr h-i° !<{>n»t<cl Ii.'jn : t!irr>f wrfK«s \ i«il .it \lf\i;i. \Vi-- All»rt vintntlilhv mill l.utniv -u nutvluK fr.»in tb«> (nriu In '."'xt!' 1 ><• tit \\hiih On- 4 , n-ifrillj- 1'iiri h.»s»'<l i *rn \\ ili i>\ ami Mr. ittul A!r« ?.<< Kniwr b»\i' I'turni'il tu «'U>n\n, IH jiff» r .«j-' HiIinK tin 1 ji.i."l »<*\ »•» il w»«-k. In thi« c'i(\. Th»' liontb-nu it w»-r». <-tn Ji!n\!'il ;\<i i ltd k'tl 1'tik'MH .U lite I'rn ilucf (onii'nny. tn Hurrv HiAi-»«*n«.» i>f <Sfiril> 4 )i|>l<tln nm Mi«s Josh 1 Jtriiml« nf ('""ultnu. ami H«-ti'iMi (!, Kilull "f I'Mn k nuil Mt^s An n:i Wln«ftii,i i.f Kslltott, ^ Mi-. IP S Mnurf- :uiij Mr«t. Art'ni K»«rt»r«y Wfn 1 ''lintmi \mlti-i« Thur:- CIIH 1',-tPfR !>i imnliiK fruin the U«ih crt Mutlli'-svf* ri'slclfnt'O ti» ih' 4 limifi hc'liiiiitluii i" Mr«. Jiiliu Aldritt i»n' \Vc.>.North .Htr>' 4 t. IN A FEW HOURS "Rape's Cold Compoiwcl" opens clogged nose an& trend and ends grippe. !'• \\. f . on;. « i>!-:t.,"-.r!v . \ i!. ,.;.•- ! i ?.:.>• i-vrT 1 . t :v" V>Tij-« ERIE NEWS RURAL GUEST DAY Woman't W«« Obterved By Th« Club Sunday. "Uijtul flues! D.ty" the '. Wunian'x i'lnh nnd ln»? ih«. liimy KPUK'in brfun* tli' 4 <l,'iy», tl)< v uttr-ndnnro w«<« pi>i.d, Ufiii'il liMclnt'^n in-'«'l!ns? \VIIH lit-lil low fd by the program whlrh wlili n \l«.lln wulft by Minn thc'W. with piano nrc«»mpnniment Mliio Nlnn 1'ctu-r. ' ' Tb fid- «*r. X. Mnm>n. was wl. Attorney J, A. Ulordon will Kverett PadUen am) J, F. Millikt'ii. of the sp*»«ker« of thin otvn«don. j •• - ' — nis«« ronf«-rwl «<n n «-ln»» of at this mootliiK. A FINE TALK GIVEN E". RhodH AddreHo* Meeting Of ". Cow T*«ting A»»ocl«tion. ?he'Sforrl»on oo-npr*rativi' omv tost- fltwot-lafion held thflr second hit-i-t- ; on Wpclnpsdiiy i-x-fnlni? In the cttun- •n-i u( tljp < Ity hiill, Thi-ro WHR nttnudnnco and u WHS dwltlt'i tho « 4 arly part nf Ih 4< jnct'tlnj, nKa-HH^^infrtinK-^rilBM -tt»~Htr- Wt WodnPwlay of « i »ch nunth, no ii> j.-;to lnti«rfc-r«» with th* 1 band rfhoar* j» which or* he-Id thoro, 0%'eral communtcatlona wero mid )B«-crt»tar,v Hamilton tt'lHug of Un> nioth«dM of mttr.UinR oat tie, fit- Jlrui oar tagti. button* nnd ttitoo und, and u rommltto<» oonnlctlnti _ W. Mitchell.'V. Kumrttw.and A f OtKidcntiujijh \vrre appointed to liuiUt 1 tjier lnv««8tlK.itl«n» tilotiir thlH lint- mnunif«tl<in "fnun tho American Producer** AK*u>ciiUlon wu« read tig tho loi'jil men lo Income mom- nctlun wa« taken on the ?r. ' » upeaker of the evening M^r. A; a f»H 4 dinj? expert tn the cm- Ubby, McNflll and Ubby. of jo, wan U»»n lntr«duc«Ml by i*res. «p. Mr, Hhod<»» nddroBscd the jg and commanded the forming {•jucwlfitlon. Ho Htatod that tho of holillng mwjtlnRtt cvory thirty i WH* an cspucially ffood ono ns good would come from tho Inter- of pspt-rifrnco of pelghbnra. which was hl» topic for the eVp- tlft said wna only onfe phrnoe of herd. Breeding and innnage- ii't beinK «Ht\mlly as Itnportnnt, Much i<Jon WRH givon to the topic of 1ml- ihu effects of Aa f<HKla A;lii'U fed «lon« or In too proportions relative to the other §lV*»n. A tmlttnrtul rntton few! fa m«n'» attc-npt «t aupply- of f»»{Hl ofjtml tt> t hat'sup- ^ ,, T ,,WUV» nml'hft gwve "relative IffniJ milk pr«»durlnK vuluua of Urn- ft oat strnw clMVi'r und tUful- \llaKf>, conuiU'iU, coltontMXHl mc«), ulj oiiiw, ami ulxo Kpoke on tKtme. foods on tho niHr- *"0a »ujfK^»ttHl that good balanwd " "* • • | _-4 >i?t _^ t 4 t fuj^,j, f--,mt -food- niitl tUut rt-sultH ulioutd RCCIM WHRIC DCOIIIV V¥Uni\ j State Highway Engineer* Will Work 1 On Gravel Road*. 'A rorp of Ktitte lilghway engineers jar«' expected to urrtvn In this city in I a short time to be-trlii tho layout for the w(»rk to bn done In this vicinity ns soon nx tho spring opens tip, The rodij north of Ajfnew on the Lincoln 'HiKhway IN to ln» covered \vlth gritvel ,Je» n wltlth of fifteen feet nt n c-oxt of 113,721. Yh'» other utrlt 4 of rond which is -to~ tip™ limits of Pro|ilu-t!»town nnd extendn tilunit three mtleM on the Portland road. This will afro tic repaired with gravel ten feet in width (it the same expense, $13,721. lrn> l^r, meeting she attended dur- lnlt'f'a Miijnitrn In thr .tfilll. wblrh wns oondtifte<l similar to tho«< ht "tho north. At the ronrlijfilon of her talk A liiiu'lM'oii WIIK nerved f»y tht committee. *• A« nn after thought for the Thanks- wnKun the menu cuiifkixted oJ H pumpkin pl«>, fried rah<-» nml coffee. The dny will be remembered rut one «f mutual enjoyment by tha n»fTft>er8 and tfielr mieats.- / _,.,_,^^ ' • * HELD SPECIAL SERVICES Miiilonary In Wett Africa Gav« In t«re«t!ng Talks. yrrvte«'.!> were -treat nt the M. K. and Hiipttst c-hiirches Mlc« Dorotluut Jonen, a mlH.slonnry In \Ve«t China, who 1» homo on «v fur- loiiKh, owui>U-d the M. *S. pulpij in the morning, uiul give an Intensely Inter eotinR description of Ufa In <"hln« and tlu» worK tluir i« being done there by Entertained At Home Of Mra. Baste Wednesday Evening. The True Friendship Circle wna entertained on/ Wednesday evening by Mrs. H. \V. TJcsso at her home In Hter* ling. There were elKhteen members from this city who were the -guest* of Mrs. Ilense at a six o'clock dinner, after which a social even Inn wan enjoyed, the ladled returning to thin city on the evening train. THE D, Jill MEETS Enjoyed Afternoon At Home Of. Mrs. Brown On Thursday, The members of the IX A. «, held their regular meeting on Thursday afternoon at 'the hi me of Mrs. ' M. J. Urown on East Unc«iln Way. ~A historical program was rendered and proved umimmllj interest Ing, after which a dulnly lunch was served by tllM MANYJOROERS Mrs.' Qallentine Receive* targe Ordert For Red Cf««« Seal*. Mrs. i^J>). Calli'iUlne, thft county gent for tin* lUnl Vross tuberculoslti alti, haH ret-elved an order .from, the Mayr's Wonderful Remedy for stomach trouble ONI DOSE WILL CONVINCE &all Stones, Concer and Ulc«r» of the Stonwh" mid IntestlncB, Auto-Intoxication, Yellow Jniindlce, AppendleltlBand other fatal ullments result from Stomach Trouble, Thou»andM of Htomach Huffcrers owe their complete recovery to Mayr'B NVonderful Remedy, Unlike any other for Stomach ailment*. For nale by Sterling Pharmacy Co. and everywhere. HOT TEA BREAKS A COLD-TRY THIS a email package of Hamburg Breast Tea, or «w the German folks cull It, "Hambnrsw Bru»t thfe," at any pharmacy;- Take a table»poonful of the tea. jyjt a cup of boiling wotur upon It, pflwr through a «leve and drink a teacup full nt any time. It is tho most effrotivp way "to break n cold \\'iiinuira i'Inli for S.iMiU moro y?_f h*t *!iuiij!SjuuL Iriitn Brlij-/ur^.mut Avrul*>j<i8uU 4 «>K IIOIIHPB in tbls city ure IliHK tho st-aln and report good wales •tor. GOES TdjNION, ILL. ~. H, McCampbell Employed At Cham- lit At Libby PUnt. ; H, AirCampUcH. who \vpM t«m- ut. tdc Liltliy plant in thin city lur tMiiit'' ilruc. littH guitt* to, HI,, \viiiTi 4 |io will uiko u i-KHltion In tho i lurnua! ut-iLtiinu-ut of the l.ibby plant In tltai city. FINAUPAPERS Paul Amonio Will Become A Citizen Of United States. I'.nil Aiiioiilf d( tliiH i-ily has lilcd iipplit.lApii fi>r I'liul o;itiiiiiii/.,Kion ji'i- pors. Hi- t.uui' to AitKti'M on J.nv lu, T.tur., lioin I'lnvuK.JU"', lt;tl>. -Thi- lioul cMtinui.ttioti will UIK' 1 i-i.u't' (ItsrinK t^'t- Aj't'li U Hit tn* tin- i iU'till i'out't. CHURCH NEWS j Baptist. T I' U.iil,:,. )>.'. '(•.. Hi.'J.- S- I,' i-i f KvMtipI UiOtmcitt <fi!i' | T?i^'' ' l ' ' ,' '""' •' '" • ^i"i!'!:i; i.>.!-!•<,> .,t p«-«riMn-;:itl i .r.mvH!.,ihu. ] ll '" "f"™-. _-'•'•..' -^ '' 'i-i'-'m ij ( ' ^ I' ln<ca n.itti st fi.uitic with c« - ' ^, '', ' " rt "' r lf '"' ! ' " l ' • >l1 ' 1 "'- ''''^ . , , i I »i \ii \vill !• 'K ."! ,t .,'<>•<! (1'i'i fur |lk»}Hbs luit slfiitnu mow wWi^^Ww' wPP 1 ^'* w ^^WP*^ | BeVw w(»rry if i h«i\ f w a littlo iusl» -T ] -4lWj>iU»ii4»ri«k «.^Jt -1 jus-t i«st i>ii' : «(. KvAiff.l i>iiiU(m'-itt, !,iki-s | the Mrtsi cur« Krlp, as it opt-m* tho poren, re- lievlnts congestion. Also t«o bowel**, tbui« bre«l«tns a cold at ortr». It |« Im-xpendive and entirely vegetable, therefor* horml<Mm. _ tJBAY HAIR BECOMES DARK AND. BEAUTIFUL Look-years younger! Try Grandma's recipe of Sage and $ul«. phur and nobody will know, M. ,„, t *voryone knows that a and Hulpbur, pitiperly compound- id, brii>K« buck the natural color and lu«tra,to the h.alr when fadid, «vrci*kcil or jjtay, Ycai« I»)RO thfo-*>ntv way to «»•{ thix nilsiun-r Wiui to muka it at home, which is mus.-ty and trouble- sonic. Nowadays we nlnudy ubk nt any htore tor "'sj Huge and Wul' ttottlt* of l his* »«Ul titiu' nvipe imptowd by the uditition of otlu*r ingrvdli-utH f,»r ah«»Jit f-0 *'<,"WtH. Fvi 4 r>Jii>dy UMC» this jtit'iiat.ition now, beiauMi*. itu o"n«> i'.in jitis.sihly tell that you «larU*'nv*l \oui' hair, it:- U dot'M^ii so ntitui.ilty anil ««v> i.iy. Von ii.uiijH ii a j,|xitm*< uc >.»it s' \\itii it and draw thl.i throuub jii.r I. nr. t.iUn'i^: ''ne M! Mul ul j Utiu . t'j lis'.iicsiife; llita ( »tla> Jii,iH Alt' ijjf>i .n-•'. »u,d ,U,!i-r ,'HU'ihVr aiipln'.iti-m 4i»K, Ifii'U '?!<! !'i" •*-> -ind .\"'i -1'H'K (don 1 I'M-I, U'-l l"l» li I'l ju< \inum « i''t« t i!v «>t ,t ; rr -,;;,'!-. -j-,r tc.'o,r, , .' . ,-p r .- f ''- • I MI ( i -• • •• ;' »' • i • '•",_«•( • i- ' . H. . , i) -• '-I !>•> • • 'ii.i:i',t», (]• M - • ;, ] . M i i . , ii-'i'i,. -•-. fo-.i .-'lilt - ' ' *' !•" if. ,1 • .' '!_, fii Onttlimte of the best eye college] in the world Glasses $2.00 • >•'- O up' '„> •!' !•!•>« in 7 BE BILIOUS, HEADACHY, SICK OR CONSTIPATED ENJOY LIFE! LIVEN YOUR LIVER AND BOWELS TONIGHT AND" FEEL GREAT. WalTe ~"uf>~~wT;tF Tfea J" clea7^~etomac sweet, breath right, -<?o)d gone. - WORK WHILE YOU SLEEP "Take one cir two C'nwparetK niul enjoy tin- nlffst. K^ot!f>«t liver «n<' lunvi'f elennxiiiK >'"U ever experlt>ne«d Wake tip feeling Krnml, your heml will b« 'clear, your tongue elenn, brent Ii sweet, stomiirb r>-Ktilatcd and your liver sinft thirty 'fw-t of bowels native. Get np by morning. Stop the t»nd imt bad day«, Kct-l ttt and roncly for work or play. " ('axcttn-tii do not sripe, j«l<-k- i-n or Inconvenience you the next da> liko i»alt^. plllii or calomel. They're lino! Mot hern should Kiv« a whole nnytime to CCOMM. hleH, hlllou-i or Inh children bMnngp it will act thoroughly «nd can not- injur<\"". the mim>ii>iutrtaM. Th<\ meet^ifi; was In of the W. J\ ,Ar."s. of' the vht find WIIM infolded over by Mrs. John .Yiiuntf. president of the sodety. The iljiptiHt church choir, assisted by i>\itsl"U« loon! tnlent, pnvt- a sacreil con tcTT ut ti»o cTTurcli Huiulay evening. Tht» proKtam coiiMlMttui of choru»e«,'«o- , qiinrtettK. r«»adlng»i. etc., and wns well enjoyed by tho large audience which l!lied the church to Its ureatost capacity, > GIVEN A DECEPTION. A handkerchief sltfiwiir a<wl reception wnn Riven Saturday evonlns fi>r Miss />orothea Jones from fhltm at ho hom«?j5f Mm. O. N, A'tttson. The venlnx was Hpent noclnlly' and In HM- tenlng to nn inter>«tlrwj talk on rhina »y AHHS Jonfit. who won • with a nno- ansortment of which weie very acceptable. Uefn-Klitnents of leu crcum and cake \\er*> Kerved by th« hontess. The nffuir was Riven by the W, V, M, S. SCHOOLS ENTERTAIN, The Mineral Springs und f'ottle hools jjavo 11 joint Thanl<ngivlner **n- tortulnment at the Mineral Hprlrms .cluwlhousi'-'whlcb \\-Rg attended by u arg«» crowd. A' protrntm was 'ollovvr il by a Imsket luclul. The Kets were wtld. bringing ii neat earn. An orchPistra, which has recently be*Mi organhspd In tho- Mineral Spring* school, made UH llrat nppeuranci* In nnd furnished *ome excellent iumh,-rrt for tho occasion. ENTERTAINTCTAT DINNER. Tin* following woro Kiicsta of Am and rg, John Hawk tu dinner Sunday: p. and Mrs. ?*i?well 8i>nior and chil- Iren uf' Oitrdenplaln. Air, and air* 1 . \rthnr ila%\k uf Newton- Mra. Mary A*WIK and cluh'rcn of Kul.t I-ako t'tly, 'tab. In the afternoon Mr. and Mr», jHinunil Ulcan ami .Mr, .ind, Mrs. JiUixt- ory ThompHoii «ud clillilien wero cal- ws ui tliti huiut-, . - ERIE BRIEFS. Mr. and Mrs. Hlran Hawk went to he hotiu 4 of their datiKhter, Mrs. Hurry C\Wy. in Newi»n ^ownchlp Wediu-sdny ii maUf -tiu< act'iiaiutiiMce of a twelve KJUiul git I which was born to Mr, and Mis. KiKlj' Tm'sduy tilght. Airs, lift nit «• ,S--itM-n left XVcilncsday •\enuiK i"yr an »-\ten<itd tiip. to Cali- ouuiv She v. ill join « |..irly of fr'it-iult> IMIU tiv'H-.-e><i .ind toj-ctluT lUc.v will s>it \itn,ius ho winter- Mltf Jut!!*"! .M:ii),|lm s and \ti;«-Uhidys. it-turne.i thi- lu.--i nt tin* eeK fimu t'hii'iit;!! where they went it »pvmV 'rhanKj,|ft\ Sng wilU Mia. ilay- t'llc llatiln-Ch. They icptui her re- ltd-.'tWt,'Ut <tt !\ ili>spttul tUlMV. Aliss Kllini'i iU>.v v >, .iftei nc.iijy ''l- loi,\. h.i,'.> !fMs--Hi-<l her Votiiooii and i»,ji!f,i u !'i-M!!--ti in 4 M«.le Ihi'H; -.,.1 J. i., thi« • ',i MJ ui a ) u t'*' ' -I'-lc i *t;>n-Li -," l.n w-S, Jut "- . ii.-- it. !.i-i •••U i-i'Iltt . !< -!t • ' i-t I) Tl ., .!',!'!'' >"" ',,' • \ i r , :. it U. •I. -i: I ' :.-.f••.•;.'• Ml i j AS r , .Mi. if l'< ,),'., t n • ._..>'.>•} .1^ i , i .; v.,,1 j(.U i, ,Mu . A.i WHEN YOU BREAK ( J4 Ltliv 1 "" DON T LET THE LENS "BREAK I can save you from 2Sc to $1.00 on each cafe iens-^iitekly^andi-gHarantce ! l< to" toe a perfect match. Open Saturday Evenings. ^% . . . .. — —.— .. - .m-n.. - i *-rtM*-JMT 4 M- l-adlt-n -JMilll'nAm*-* ***-.-'***•»)»*_ IMn«> s' * *-•*»• - •*" "**J -\mi A*iim+* -. » J » -«•»» t ••> <k III M WNMMMI GOULDING, Optician First Avenue and East Third St., Sterling, 111. Over Obermiller's Store Bell Phono 101-W '• .\nt!n-> nnd Tamil th« 4 fr born*-, in torn ',«''in «-." MIH. Man 11 fn \vlt!i LYNDON NEWS tvf-.l Into Mr. nn<l Mm. W. n. Holland were lllnt«h<d nnd all bills out wvtT order- their lib- <Sl«-!!in«r MMllorx Thnr.»day. ' }"«• P : '''» >•'• th" «"« jur-mny l»ft I -Air*.. C. K. T. l-<-v an.l H-PH i. turned '»'':"» f<"" r '' ( "» «'' ljt - Thl '" w '" / 10 ie,l borne'to !!i.-!i- bom.- its K... M Island. __"<•» mei-tlnKH ..f th- m-H'-iy nnill Jan. nnil 4 *,-,^! Mn«. «. H, .Murev and m>n Ilubvrt (3rd. Tho work of th<- nflern.M.ii wa« llAni'U. !«.-r-- St,-illi,|f UMtorn Kri.Uv. {making the Xmnn HLH-kliiw and over >!r. unil Alrc. J. J. Tuuic-y motored « niuidrnMyvr.^^-^.!. l * t '" I ^ ! " J^ ANTERTAINED BY BOV^ MIJT. :T. ~tTr" ,TiTiTTtST>ri"wrri 4 < "Mi«?i Kttu-l Hcwli'iTH Kumlay xeTioiiT f'ttii[ipimr In i-'teilint; I'riiluv. ',.1 |i—Mr."-n- i E. H. G. READING CIRCLE. Th»> K. H. O. lieri-liiur t'lrcle met on. MrH. A. W. <lr«-*')il<'»*. Mrs. <T7 Morrf". MISHI-H Kittlo Molt •ami Klttlo MniriH iM"t<ii't'd to Htci'llnu Saturday. U'. \V. !>«• \Veerd and <'h;trU'» Hl|.irpe of tn 'rpnnde a trl|> to 1 rehton, la., WJIN an over night e>\*'tiluK at the li»me i>f Mrn. Martha «ti»ld. . "Ifidland" wan • the j in nniler tlie_l<'.ado'i 4 <ritl}.j<l_Jlr ! it A. I W. Greenlee. Thi- followlnst topk-H j wore ntudlH: (K 4 .» K rnt'hlral Mulland, ,„,, A|r nn ,, Mn , Ki n>Pr i,,,nca*ter MIH. MlllH;an; T>yk*-s and Windmll!«. j ,„,, Mr _ „,„, M) , s jj.^j,,, i» ou i u . P( o( Miss lloH. | |' rtt pj,.,tm,i W n, went ft- Fulton where ;tb<» ha,-.«-m«'?ii <if the^/fmiTh Tvit-Mluy M tin- ii-'i«fi »f a <''tiHist In UcliHvlnr, ati"!i(|nni-i> and colb-ctlcm In | which Uu- IM.-.H were lo»er«. The rarly 'part of "(hi" evenini; wan Hpc-nt in play- ••I" j 51 r. and Mrs. olivi-r < tlson, of Lyn- um j4»m«'.*» after which wn« nerved. an <-luborutc Mlt«'« 'Hamilton; After the «4tnly hour the ho«{exn d were Thank^slvinif at the M»-H. w. H. shtuv; i)( ,. ni , (>f Mr Jl!t(l AJtt<i M)|l . k L(1|u . n will be h(»t<w neM Tuesday e\v- I Mr an( , Mr% irpnrv i),, nr ke have lonti-il a !ioun«" In SU-tliitK where Mr. _ iiilliLlLll_l)JJ-a_-Jt4ii:IU"t- 1 tl-1L itoutl pjcigltlon— BECOMES GREAT GRANDFATHER, i ,M r . and Mrs. flurry l»eet« weiv A. V,'. I5rt.enlee'« frli-nds fire con- ' sti.rlhx visitotH TJ-iiftiy. him Pli-«-t> he b«>cain<- wai!' J. i>, \V,tn«r. \Vi\l lloH ami \V. *'. d-iy :1 llar- The :frandfather wh«>n Mr, and >W Calmer, of StcrlliiK, -. lilriii of « son, J*unttay t Dec. 3rd. I why HHH two Kr-indfiithei-K, lwi> t-rrttii)- inothers. al^ii a Kii'-it uraiulfatlier and :i Kreat Krandmolher on tho paternal *ld« a« well ua tt KVeat Krandfather i ml a Brvat grandmother on the maternal side, W. W. DE WEERD TRADES FARM. W. W. !)<• \Voerd ban traded hi* farm hear Lyndon for a feed mill at I'l-nston, la., owned by Mr. UaKf late- y of rrophet«t'iwn, . Mr. 1)«; Weer^l will havfl a »alp and move about .lan- iary Ibt, Tho De Wei-t'd family IN woll and favorublj. known here anil ali rvKrei their j't-movul. WILL GIVE CHRISTMAS EXER- CI8E8. The Methodlof t-holr and Sunday HcbiKil will Klvw rt niUHical Ohrixliimt) iHertulrnnent at lit" chun-h. MlH,x Juno Miller will drill the children in he nniHlcal numbcm. I'aiKliiu-Mt wi-iv In SttMlioK to attend (hi- |iia>' l-'riday. Air*-. I', S. l-'uttk was nu arrival \ LADIES' AID MET. .Tho l^idU'B" Aid of the C ionul clnuvh held a l»u»Jne*« «n Wednesday evening ut the home of, he president, Mrs. C. U. Webb. LYNDON BRIEFS, MrliT James Lathe was 11 HterlinK iKitor Friday. M5«ne» Kdlth Kl«k, Mury and Lixxle Veniu'r >lld shopplns,' tn Hteriinir 1VI- iiy. Mr. ami Mrs. HarkiuBH motored and Mr. ami MrH. C. li BAD BREATH Dr. EdwjirdgiyOHvieTablets Get a. the Cause and Remove It Dr. Edwards' Olivo Tablets, the sttb titute for calomel, $c{ gently nu th luuvls anil ptssitivcly do the work. _Es-op!e afnictvii with bad lirvuth fiu< iuick relk'f ttdduj;!) Dr. Kdwards Dlive J Tat'lcts, The plt-dsatu, Vtutar oated tablets are takeiTfOr bad broatl iy all who know them.' Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets act f»fu Iy but firmly on the bowels and livci them to natural act-i-t, .Mlx-rt I'rcnrh, who eanii' tti Kjieiul _(ianl»Hi;ivlnK with h|s parent.)*. Mr. M i«, - SaYmiel I'VeinJi, returned Tuesday l" his'home in Colorado. H. I 4 *. \Vilr>on ntiidi- a liiiHliu-HH trip to Stcrlint; \Vedtie.«day. I,. K.-Hkv went )o Stvrllnif on busl- •Vrx, U. T. Oreene returned home from Sterling; Tuesday. Mia. -M. A. McKerK, Mi'«. .1. H. t'rowell and MUn Leonora McKerK motored to J'rophetntown wb»-r<- they wen? jiuests Tuesday at the home of Mr. ami Mrs. M, "11. Wondward und 'Mr. and Mra. Hoy Woodward at Wood- hiff. •> . NVlngt'l IH in Sterling on buil- Hs this wet-U. . Superviaor H. C. Allen mnd<» a biml- trip to Sterling Tuesday. W. C. I'arkhurnt and .1. I*. Wallei were Davenport luiKlni'H.H .caller* Tuesday. Miss f yda f'ndy IKIM been absent from school the past week owin« to illiifss. Mrw. t'arrlo l- r unk-i» tnaklntr exlen- slvo repairs on her farm rcsldenco west of -town. The building is beltiM pttliiUtl,-Suvcral «ew.wi»dow» -havv b«en addtid to the front and other Im- provementB ure lieftiK made. Mrs, Frank Uytut. of Kric, was vl.sit- IIIK UtHt week at thu-hoirich of tiled daughter** hen-. U, A. l»nru*r, of SyciUMurt tearing the Mu^d and gently puritytt" Ite entire Astern. Tlivy- do that win,-! !u- bad after ellects, ' AH the benefits of nasty, si ping cathatfjcs urc derived ffoni Df, itt'anK' Ohvv Tablets wuhmit j;n£«' ng, p;u"u or any ilKaj-rceallo ci^'ci:. Dr.. l-\ M. l'*i» vtnd the ornaila after {.cvijutcen ic,ii>> of pr.ic- t* moii >ii!ur,ti ilictid »i!.! }ur.- [ , TAMPICcfftlEWS J OFFICERSJLECTED 8. y. P. U. Held Its Somi-Annual Election of Officers. 'l'!h- H^ini-unuual t'hvUon'of uft'U'd id' the VIJIIIIK l'«i>pl>-.-i' I'liimi of tl> H-lptiat i-lairch'v-rUrt iu-id Toei-da> t-\ • mi!:: at thi> imine «if Miv>. l>. t'. A\(C TAMPICO BRISFS. Ml-m Maurene Mnxib-ld and Vera were in Sterling Tin-nday do- Hhopplng, , Anna needier np»-nt Wedne«- nd Thursday In Sterling, at h'elr ' and tranxactlni 1 , buslncw 1'. W. MaMh'ld vlxltert at tho of lu-r_ mo'l'vr.. _Mr«.._Tbuinn»_ 'ti'nd h'er bi'«»ther, Have Isuriro on Iturton Hrown returned TUCH- ftoni her btiKltu-HH trip to Mrs. ;«y cv (J, J. Shcrmnn made a buxliiCN-t trip In Auri-r.:i AV'jldill'J'Ultiy_J!f UllH Wtifik. Mi?i. IM. It"** returned home from Dl.von Tne»<d»y evenhiK ,for a short wtay win-it «h«' will HKiilu. leiurn t*> UUon. * MixH Vei.i Thorntiin \van n. Ali-nday incniiiu; paHM-nKcr Ut. <'hicuKO where *ln« will receive tr«-ntim-tu for her IIOHP. Mr. nnd MCH. John Huren, who wero •>utU>tl here by ihe death'of J. 11. AUll- ipui rctuined to their home in "-itn-atur Monday ni'tnuna, . ' • 'Mr*. I* K. Kriilnenl wn» w visitor In {-sterling nnd Hoek' Falln fur a whort lime Wt'direMilay «-v» I Once Hau.Piraples Stuart's Calcium W*f»r» Proved That Baauty Come* from tha Blood and from Nowhere Else. Prove Thi» With Free Trial i Package. 1'la.ste.r your «kln all over nud you'll stop breuthinir in ai» hour. , Thore i« only onu way lo remove plmple*. bluck- beiuix, erupiloiia and eejuotna with tin and itch, and -U.iat is by thd < lal t'\i'iiinK wan I-JH m <n the i'lo, i; of which reft t'Mlum nl.-> v>tu»«-rtivcd li) il't- ho>t?'j^s, The oifii'i-rs ilcct'ur*- ,-n: itdtoun Trt.iidiiu- Mt>i* Viol.i iloM'l.unl. Vj<v J'rv>ulcnt —UiviiU' Ni»i rhei 1 *. S. CnJJUA- J.o'.iU J'l is'-- ' _ v , Tirasiuvr ,-W, 1 K. Si ad lucr v">->m{'U)iii with the aittiiilatit .iJ ba-nth- " I Jr. Ivfwj'^V'OUv*,* Tablet *« a?c I'tSitfj- V 4^.\f^,i l.ihli- «<Mlipi>ttlltl i:»x •! v. ill t!\V »•;!; \. u i - , a l Lit »\v them ! , 'I s ,'t t-.i- \.-k-i, T.,! •• . ;:,- ••»• n,... • ,..,» ^•bt I--; ,t l ,w^;.-'.iiul I.'.' (i <,' .!(,.» It'c ami J.\ }',j I'.-A. Ail uis. 1 ,':;!^: . LAOY SUBMtTa T^-OJpeR/.nwr*. j Ml . .MiK., l>|it\\ii;'.i; \%i(il in SU'i - I iliiX i\'t .(Im-.Hiinv d'.'ij (iiii.r •.!!!(! irsit ;t" ' I > 5> :.»(j'-u -]n't i»t in, ,,i fit !<i !n>^« ,,! !,'»• Si't'iii'.; |i» |i|f 1, Si)- i ilit- i u; 1 i} I I" ''!»>'•! i ' \ I-H • f , .llit) || >' "•>' , i shii. ' FINISH WOrtK Oi VCAH. ',•"1'.!. J .,,1 \, i j... 1 \\ , fi , ! ! . \ ' ! . • • Ii ' • ! .'.M . • i >•<• i,' .;v i ,t . i; i IN i t i.",. i '. ,.. . i.j i .. .< ,1 \\ . :'H i'Mi<'lnin AVafers;, I'l-.tlji »e|,«-s In Mip| Iv title liiomi Wltll tut- tif tin- tu*'f-t r»'mail.«ilde m tioiljs Uti >v\it I-' ttUiuv 't'lim I:- Us .(<."tt\ity in Kt <'|nnt4 iiiiu (In- tnr. IsttH-i that. iii<,it!'!>' »'\«-t! i iu li innh'te inu/M leH an th>i.-e whiih <iii,tii.| the Mliiilitt^t i l-am-e ot <\|n>M,'i!, Hijeh a« tho e>«4lil.i, !lj'^, Jilld MI oil. It siitl'M.iiK *• wiiii It IK-IV u!' H the lixjn, K'-v|n it lie, 4 |i,h\ ;H«! dii.i.s away Tiii'TTrrrr-?—-TM-T • a ~TTIJ Ti-jiT ~TToV™of~ Sunn t'.-" < -iI- ii'iu \ .d'-is at. any drus,; •.tin,- .i|ui I' no ti- M'« rt-.t of t H" tl tu ,1 S!lS V A fl> ' • I 1 I l) \> I'"- l '< U til l-l- Free Trial .Coupon F. A. Stuart Cw . 3-5} Stuart BUg., Mi(b. ' i- i n HI. ii i •! :• i , .1 > ( '• ' li IIK ' It _ o'lli I !». i . t I i li ji 11 t\ l i I Mi \\ ,!. i s

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