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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, December 8, 1916
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ADVERTISING d&n't know what en your »h»l- v*s to st»». »3 JL • Jl/JV. 1 ( JR. .JL-tfrfrf JL, Is tatting p*«pf* kr*«w who (Isn't knew wfc«t you bav» en ye«r th»l« v«* to t»fl. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 135. STERLING, ILLINOIS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER, 8.1.916. PRICE TWO CENTS, SCHOOL REPORT Average Daily Attendance For Per CenT PLAYGROUND IMPROVED First Aid Cabinet Has Been Installed In Each Of School Buildings. '*•« report of thf* S Union Rrhool* for the tlilril month endinj? November 24th, 1?I»!. fltiUlfttles. Central School. ..Total <cn- fwllm>nt 618; averm?? daily pw^llm^ni 119.1;- «Vf>rair« dully nTtefiiTn nc*« r,»«2; pier wit of «tt*»ml«ncf 9S.4: number 'tardy II; number neither absent nor tardy 3»2; vlsltora 3U. Lincoln School, Total enrollment 248: ftvettut* daily imroHmeni 1'2C; nvrnnre » dfcUy attendance* 121.5: per cent of nt- tendance *>?<; number tardy 0; -number * tt*tthW abucnt nor tardy 1R9; visitor? Ifi*. " - - ' ;r Total*, Total enrollment s«ij; nve-r* ago dally enrollment 73M;? nvnrnRp .u_.&aijM»U«»ndAnc£-*ai-3i -per. cent of. ai- t*ndanct 98.2; number tardy II: number neither absent nor irmly fiM: 'visitor* 4?if. / Th«» truant otfleer mrtde two (-nils. Th« bank deponUs were as follow* : Central f 68.30; Lincoln $:M.T4; tnfijj 18104, Parent*' Day. Parent*' Day nt.tlio Union School* on W*diie«dny, Nov. J3rd, w«s a «ue- C***. A large number of the parent* Vl»lt«l the m'hoolH, Four hundred and •eventy-elght visit* wer« • r*»por|«»d by. this teaoher«« All teachers of the On- trid Mhool acknowledge a visit from lh» president of the nchool bonrd. The- Children of touch grade prepared und had on exhibition a line exhibit of their work. Playground. During tho month seven steel nwingp cind two giant stride* havp been added to lh« playground equipment. Swings and atrlde* are among the most popu- Jar piece* of playground apparatus nnd TO DEDICATE CHURCH Program Announced For The Christian Chnrfih gervicea have hC'«n for the dedication of the. n?w f'hvls tl;tn church In St'-rihiK en ' Snndsty Th'T«« will be thr«'«' (•»-rvlre* benrlrij i>n the dedication but tH>> principal j-xerri,«f-s of tb*- rtftv xvil! l>*> those Ir afternoon rommenrlns "! 2:8" 'k, H. H. I'eterw, nec'retary of Hllnnii C'hirfiirtn Mift^lrinnry will tUllvr-r the doilcntlon muwfr will be under the dlrertlnn* of the lender, Mr*. K. Van Meet, and the oreanlut, Afrs. \ f . K. fttevenn. The {•hurch.tri Sterling has been menus of <>nthiiKinfr Hie grmpellntosomc of Its members f« such n deuee that they have Rone out and told the me««- npte to other)*, Anutng this number ar« Ke.v. fxml« Ix^hman, who In now field flpcreUiry of Kurc'kn t'ollcgp, the theo- logicnl rolle.Kp of the ChrlRtian- church; Rev. Rtephnn Xendt, who in now pastor of one v9 the largest t'hurches In Bloomlnffwri. and Sllsx Mary Kins*bury, who wH« one of.thp nrwt missionaries of the ChrlHllan churHi to" do (irtlve work In foreign field*. Hh*» U now doing fruitful work In India. _. Union Kchool* playground i« now well equipped with alt needful president of the dtetrict mlKslonary work, which inrluden several coiintltw He l« well and favorably known and U Is expected that a large number of the churches In bin district will dl«- mlHn tlrt>lr regular Hervlrett In ordei that their ronKrogatlotiM may attend the dedication here. The following In the, proKrnm f«»r th<day: • -•Morning Hervlcp. t'r^-pnrntnry Hlblr Mchool. Si:<f>, I5<irl Pine, Hiiperlntend^nt.' Church nervlcef* 10:30 o't-lork. Prelude. Hymn— Holy, Holy. Holy. Invocation. Hymn — Coronation. Scripture Leanon—H Ohron. 7. 8:22. Prayer™ J, W. ftobbtnR. Anthum. "Come Let I's Hint; Unto the liOrd" — Choir. Communion. Solo, "I Heard thi? \'olcc of Jt-suw'' —Mm. Van Meet. , Sermon— H. II. IVtern, See. 1. C. M Hymn, Henwlictlon. ISSUED Bonding Company "And The ' Contractors Paid For Sec- COST BELOW ESTIMATE The Dost To The Property Owners Will Total The Sum Of $11,812.81. The bond*' covering tile cost 5>f the Kecorid uV'-nup pttvlntr system were turned nvt'r to A. *". Allen of thr- l>ond> is company nnd to tlif> Crttnlucive Paving Company yristfrnny. The paving nyatent In H^ entirety wn«» «-omplet- etl la*«t week, and It was officially accepted by the hoard <if local improvement*?, Nov. 28. and the bonda were tht-n Hi||nt-d by thrt mayor nnd si voucher given of one hundred dollar* along with the bonds. Th»» lnlere«t on the bondn Hturted nt the lime the hotids were Hlgncd. v **' The cost of the paving system to the property owner* w«n tit.112.81. Thin i« coiiHldenilile le«H than the I'stlmatfMt LHint by the city engineer, bin estimatr- *ost. Accordinu 10' ilif <'i>iitriict the Burn of 18,2011 in h<i!ul« WHH paid to the bonding company, «nd the one hundred dol» ifir Voucher. The amount being 75 per ?ent of the tuiiil rtmt. Tin 1 other ;wenty-fiv«» per cent or $3,11','.HI will be ;»uld lifter tlt»« pulilii* lieHrlng for ob- iPCtlotiM ill th«»'office of the county court In Morrln'on. Dec. IS, Then 2 per "ettt lA ht'lft back for mi*» y«ir, Tho penalty exactwl from tin- com>any wan not includfd In the co«t. Thl« nmken the cost of thp,wi\ol<> two uid oiip-tinlf |)«r cent le«M thitn the es- Imated «urn, / Thp>m»yor Dialed luxt night that he H pleuKod wit|i lIIP ny.xtr'iii and it» co«t. 'or H-^H-h»»*—than-the-• oatlmate, and nterest on the wime did not «t«rt tin- il thlH week, and according to the city 'nglheer'H report, I* the best piece, of paving in the county. He isald It wait ate In the Mummer when the red tape wa« adJuKted nnd work could commence but the pavement Is now all luld JQ_Jloyd HAS SUCCEEDED Oavid Lloyd George Gains Sufficient Support To Form ~~:Now fVfifrtstfyr •m- INITIATED FIFTY WINS LABOR MEMBERS Welehman Accepts Task And Post Of First Lord Of The Treasury. ity Ed. L, Kffn. (Staff Corrr>«po»ul<»nt of-United I'rp'fc*.) Irfindon. En#., IX*'. 8.—David Lloyd OeorKP'H assured success in tht* form- aliori of the h«»w government mid thr way in which lu* surmounted the obstacle* that confronted him In the wa>; of Mtch reconstruction, served today to aolldify thi» nation behind "The Little Welchman."Lloyd (Jeorg* scorned certain today of sufficient wupport In parliament by thi* Acqiilstfoii of the votes of the labor party. HP and his friends are not mor« than caounlty Interested in tho deliberation* of tht» liberals though there In cnnnidipirahto *peciulatlnn tt« .to what the liberal ^eadeiT'meiint by the phrase "patriotic opposition," in detailing the ipy"i r spp i t r tp?l tn>T(loi>t. ~ :AT ttiP conference over which Herbert Asquitli prwldod it Is expected to outline the position to be taken tawar<l—WH ?®r- mer. minister of war, who becoiiiew his HiteceKHor, If the "patriotic opposition" i.x to be Hie mime Miirt of an attitude that thi* tinlonltttft adopted Immediately after the .war began and b«for« tht coalition cabinet wan formed, it wan cpftrwled the Lloyd Oeorgltcn could not regard It on a MerioilN obat&el' 4 . Lloyd Gtarfl* Prai»*d. Tho general admiration for Lloyd George 1 !* energy, ^organization ability and hl» power of conciliation, la ex- In the Tall Malt Gaxctte: The rapidity with which he I? flit- Ing his comtnlHHlon Indicates we will shortly have an administration not only with a strong personality and ttil- ent but which has the nation's confidence." , The- meeting of the liberal "party members adopted a resolution declaring their confidence. In their leader and former.'-pr«4ni<4v~Herbert Anquitlt, anil FRENCH BATTLESHIP SUFFERN GIVEN .-•' UP FOR LOST WITH CREW OF 730 MEN (By United Press,) Paris, Prance, Doc. 8.—The French battleship Suffern is officially cta*si- Red »« lost in >he »H?er«?nt i««ued today by the minister of marine. Aopar»nt!y all ha'nHs were lost. The vt*«el leffGibraHer for Lorient en November 24th**and hut net been heard of *inc«, Lorieqt i» a fortified seaport arid naval station at th« mouth of the river Scorff in Britttny. The Sufferrt was *i 18 knot battleship of 12,750 ton* a*d carried 730 men, according to *h« b«*t available information.. It had a wateHine length of 410 feet and carried th* following armament: four 12-incH guns, ten 6.4-inch guns, eight 4-inch gun*, twenty-two 3-pounder rapid firer* and four tar- pedo tubes. The Suffern w*» »uthorij;ed in July, 1899, and cost 14,000,000. ANCHOR LINER CALEDONIA LOST. (By United Pre**.) London, Eng., Dec. 8.—The Anchor Liner Calendonia it believed to have been sunk, Lloyd's announced this afternoon. The Caledonia is « steel liner of 9,223 tons with a British registry and Glasgow is its home pert. It was built in 1904 and was 500 feet in length, WAS USED AT TRANSPORT. (By United Press.) New York, N. Y., Dec. 8.~The Anchor Liner Caledonia has been in the service of the British government sine* the beginning of the war and was used as a transport, local Anchor officials said today. The American representative of the Anchor line did not know the status of the liner at the present time. It it believed it was sunk in the Mediterranean. KILL AMERICANS! OFFER GREECE HELP the new government In tho prosecution All doubt tjiat David Lloyd- has tiuccwdcdf in his uudc^of forming a new ministry wan disslitated today and JUmdpn set about speculating on lh<> pwntoiinel of those 1 henceforth will direct Kngland'A course In the war. Acceptance lawt night of ihe tender 01 the premiership and the announcement tho Welchmun would take HIM pottt of first lord of the treasury, means he hat* wucceded in reconciling the factions. The' greattmt victory apparently ac- htawd by the former minister of war was his winning over the Massacres And Outrages Against Foreigners Are Reported in Mexico, FOUR AMERICANS KILLED Villa !s Apparently Only Sparing / Life When It Is To His Own Interest. By WcnUTfttlller. '" (Staff Correspondent ot ('plied Press.) 131 I'aiio, Tex,, Doc. 8.—Wtth the r«- opening of telegraphic communication Chihuahua City and the border, In- formattoii or inas<ft!\crf»H nnd outrngf* Hpllnm~Amt-Tlf 7 ttn~i*lit2iTiH ~"afu1 foreigners -In all part H 'of northern M*x- began rent-hint; retativca ni'ut the Teutons Will Clear Out The Allies If Greece Will Declare War On Them. (By United Pr*«i.) Rom*, Italy, Dec. 8.—Germany and Austria have offered to reopen "land communications" to Greece if Greece will declare war on th* allies, accord« ing to the wireless dispatches from Switzerland tbdny, "Reopening of land communication*" can only mean that Germany and Austria have pledged th* clearing away of all allied forces from Bulgaria south to Greece and possibly also from the Macedonia front. swrrcHjrRoopS Germans Withdraw Forces From Roumania To Aid Troops At Monastir. ROUMANIANS ARE INTACt A Renewal Of The Better Fight* ing In Dobrudja Is Now Expected. illy L'nlted Press.) London, Knfr., U*-<\ R.—German troop* the w-hol*- MonnKtlr front are b*4 Ing strongly reinforced, according Ml* ndvicf-s from Salonlkl, presumably by forces being diverted from the Rou* rnnninn theater. U 1* bell*v»d her« the Ct-rm.'in.H are preparing- to inaug* uiatc n powerful offensive against th» in JMac*«l»+H4ft and will ulrenRthen Bulgarian and Clerman troops by _ forces from Hottmanla which are fu| longer needed there, Roumanians Intact. I'resh detail* of th« German pancy of Hucharest added to th* ilef that the Roumanian retlmn*nt wittt' orderly and with n minimum of lomw*.,. intact and when reorganised taiSL may again become a foitd» idable fop. I'ronumably UK* Roumanian* evacuated Bttchare«t and other cltlea taken hi* that territory by the Hermann and *r» reorganizing northward, where lh* of un nrmy would be well pro* by natural obntaclea front tk« enemy. The Houmnnlana would aliw be closer to their source of auppHui from KuRHla and would be better abl» s to draw reinforcements from the Cwu-'n force*. f A renewal of jlhe bitter fighting ihl Dobrudpa lit looked for aa the Drat to»«,, mediatn result of the Roumanian rt» tiremont. THE BULGARIAN STATEMENT. ., (By United Press.) Sofia. Bulgaria, Dec. 8,—Repeated r»» puhitt of enemy attack* along the MA«\ ' cedonlan front were announced today,' In Dobpudja on the Bulgarian left front* enemy -i» entrenching. wit.:r oiscipLJNi QRticir (By United Brig., Doc. Monday, Nos'smb^r ISth,-' thr« Union vchoolu closed for the annual Visiting Day. Ml»fMun Jaminon, HoaJ<, Hardlin. IfeKoitfflfl and Mr». Wlllliimn and ttu< *'ft»P«rlnn»ndetit vlwltwl tho J>Jxon xfeqoln. MlHJifs l>nvelcr. Dittoher, nnd " In the day^utTPeorTa, goTn« •to be ready Monday at Iho opening. Mm, Fry< apent the day In the ChlCftgo tchooi*. Misses Bmttenborg Johnson and Arnold went to DeKnlb MisM* Wilton, Spnnirf and Hainm via* Ited Rock I-^ll* and Bterlins: vchootn lira,* Craddock and Mln« Taylor spent the day In Morrison. Minn Uossoh In Clinton, W1»B Holbrook in Polo, and Ml*s Thoma* visited tho nchool» at Peep River, Iowa. All report the day well spent, and many now ideas gained. Firat Aid Cabinet. 5"he School Hoard him liiHtnllcul a ilrat^ald cabinet In each school bulld- tRft*. ThU wall much needed und will provide for any emergency work. It i» kept in the office where the UI* and ao- Ihe iKiHement at tho clone of the morti- lnj{ service, by the Indies of the church DEDICATORY PROGRAM, Afternoon 2:30. Voluntary. M'rayer. Anthem—^Ju«t an I am. Word* of Cheer—My ViKl.tinK Patitora. , Anthem—I'll Guide Th^ Home. Dedicatory Addrww—Jl. Iff l'ct«rH, Dedicatory Servic*? by the C0rigr»» gut Ion; ' , \ • ~~~>»««^'Dedicatory Prayer. • Uoxology. . ' — (Continued to page 6.) WIHISEMBLE FAIR Many Ixhibita Of Farm Pro"ducts Will Be Seen At Institute. 'r Th» townahip high uchool building to 8|«rlln» Wi» look almost Ilka a Ver- Itabta county fair next week, during, tb« time the WbUeslde County Far«|»«l' ln»tltut« i* held then*. Liberal prlH* hav» b«*n oltered and the Indl- cation* ar*Jtlftt there will b» a large number ql *xli)blta of air kind« of aTftin, v»«*tiib|*i!, etc., a», well a» of fanoy work, canned 'goods, prf serves etc, Thwr« Will b« plenty of room for all display*, All the exhibit*, both in the farmer*' InuUtute and In the hou»e- bold «?lenc» dfwyctmenia mu»t be en> |ered At the high school building hy w>ort nwt Wedntiday, Dec, Mth. b«" monster pumpkins. huge *ar» of corn, fine Jell leu. dellclouf cak«# and all kinds of thlngv of inter- eat for p«ppl« whether they live on farm* or not. / the exhlbltu there will farmer*' meeting* at tho high morning, afternoon .and ovuilngr on Wedn««dB.y, Thuridft)' and Friday. The ladle* will have their household science meeting* And dnmonntrfttluns at the V. M, <?. A. W*d«|9»dfty, Thursday. and Friday morning* and afternoons. Mm. H, MaMurr*y, ItH'turer and ilemon- • i'pnneoted with the etatp unl- wUt conduct jooklnu demou- Thursday ami Friday, both and »f««rncK)n. fh» BI0M Will h*v« with them A. W. Nolan and VV. 11. Nevetis. connected with tho mate agricultural college, and .Frank I, Munii," a_^iicce»»tul fiirnW itriiai (,'ehiral llllnula, besides able upeitkerg from tht« county. There will be plenty ,of niuwic and the *««ion« will b« Intcri'stiiiK for all. While the pri«e« Bro otYeivd to re»l- dentg of Whit«nidtf county, tb general public, no matter of what county., I?" iHVittid to attend any ami «!I DEDICATORY CLOSING. Evjshing, 7:30 p. m. ()rchc«tra. Hymn. Scripture. HoUV—ChurleH E. Hull. Prayer, Anthem—-Jesus*. I My Cross JIuvi Taken, Bcrmon, Hymn. Offertng. Orchestra. - Ben»>dlctlon, x Orchestra. Everybody 1« cordially Invited to at tend, • Rev. J. M. Rudy, evangelist, will •peak on Tuesday and WeUneaday evfr- nIngs io the new Christian church at 7:30, A cordial welcome to all. ISSUES NEW SONG. „,,. A. KMn*. the well Known g; wrUer. h»* just issued u tu-w hit Which ho- entitles "Virnmlu' Ul ' CASHED BAD CHECKS Local Merchants Are Now Looking For H, P, McFaddon . Who Has Disappeared, H. T'. McFadden is wanted by the police authorities of Sterling as well atf certain other Individuals who havi been mulcted by him. Mr. McFadden wanted money a few days ago 'and went to several places of bualnes* here and asked If., the proprlet'or* would cash his check. It was just after banking hours. In several case* the checks were cashed and the man has flown 'to parts unknown, I'eter Oannls of the. J»ff«rson Cafe, was one of tho parties. taken in for he cashed a check tnudw out by McFadden on th** First National bank for five dollars and 'the next morning when In' turned It' hi at i\\? bank he was lold. ther«3 was no money In Jh« bank for 11. I'. McFudden, donswjuentl) Cunnttf is looking for McFadden. Hev- eral other men In Sterling cashed checks for him and they too tire anxiously waiting fur Mime word of him. Thu yoIli-B uf other eitien have ln-.eii ftutilled by the HJ«rliiiK people and i> titrk't watch is txjing kept for the wait. but thu«L. fur nothing hui^fi-eu heard from him. Th* Btrrllng police havi warned the *«»erchauts uf Hterlh|« ana lust paying money to a Klningrr. and If 'they Kel^tnunti <!>*'>' *-ay t'luy have liUv synuiAthy for them, - . It' will prove -as |K>puliir TMH-I.H> """ cAR NIVAL,. weather *V*r>'body hu.«l a good uimv !''u- niftu tho 41 plw« ilimu-r -<t-t tu-t-. TUe" }IV.U(I lu.ctiv'»' hat IH tiiit i'nsi-i ut ,it- tJT»(>tion. Tbo i»Uwa bunch will I"' .liu« '<"• .Suiutuy, _- COtETA METHODIST CHURCH. Ttev. Ilutcliliikiiii letCffiTi'tl I'b.ti'les 1'ity. la.. S<(f unlay t and or«'iii>U'<l hi» puloti u( tlu* H M-H ii 1,'.; Tiie rt-guiiir ,>t<rv ii-t-.H i,u ne\i ^iiiiil:iv, Th" lilotntOK Jliellie! «lH b •' "Tin- !"uh;l<d tit in o 1 " <Hu ' Nutiolinl PEN MANFIEUD BETTER. liel4.~M»lllti''ld, Who Illi'tt Io v»td J'lt. |itr""*,"' < ' v v' nii'litj ,t,'« h/t*. l>eeii imi'iov- l/i!''riultt itliiltr jilid It !•< tl(»»li}iill he v\'a!! !'•• ,t!>!«. to in i»i,iv> i! ti.-in t! •• .^n- 1 - 'i'it il lu nil Imnir Saluitl.iy 01 Local Moose Lodge Is One Of Three In World Which Has Doubled Members. One of the bigK<*fit wventx In Moo«e- dom took place In«t nlKlu in KH hull on Third Btreet, for. a dun* of 50 W«H initiated Into the inyMterlt-H of the order, and becamt' full fledijcHl members. The member-!* of the local lodge, a»- nUted by Howard Waller, district Held manager, have b»»en. working hard for thirty dayw ImildinK up th«> order, mid they hiivt 1 Hiicceedetl beyond their fun- cut hope*. They h«v« doubled th*^ membership in the puwt thirty days. It in th* third lodge of thin order in the world to double lt«t number in HO whorl a time. The other two- i»r« the one In Alaoka unit one in New Jersey. Five weeks ago Mr. Waller came to Hterllng; and he and the ttu-mbera have worked hard, and during that time they have secured 137 cuiidldateH, .A content was put on. the one writing the greatent number'in the thirty duyn to receive a Jlfo'mtmbwahlp to th« order. The winner wax IX F. Huff, who wrote 62 peraonn during that tlnie. The next hlght'Ht wan K. W. I'itimari, who wrote SI. it wan decided lutU night to leave the charter open for a period. The work of Initiation occupied MO much tlm« last night, no refre«hmeiU» were nerved, but a barrel of apples was on hand. . • The local order of Moose has rent- ed-ihe «ntlr« upper two Ktorle*. two stores wide, whero it 18 located and wilt have carpentern utart next week remodel the roomti td make them th* ncHxlH of the order. Tin* upper Htory will be madt> into one room. it W5I1 be 97X&8 fe««t and It will i>e mad* Into n dancing Door with a stage it one end. It IH mild It will be • the ttrge«t h»H of the kind In tlu* city. A new Miaplc floor will be laid. The 2artUlon« of the other floor w.UI be ihttngod around to improve th« lodge room, It l« th« (ilm.'of the lodge to idd sufficient members to make 'an ev- in five hundred and there la little doubt t will b* done. The B«len_& Hutlon grocery and the fruit wtore of A. Itart- )leigtii are on tlu< tlmt tloorH of the bree-story brick buildliig in which Uie tall 1* located. U,. B. authorltloM here. Indications contained in reports department agentM lunt week that Vll- hv'u altitudn toward Krlngoe« and for- elgneru had changed, proved to'be mi»- leudltig and every ncntp of Information received ptiintftl- to the fact that- the bandit chief IH nparlne' life only when it IK bin own interent. Gen. Hulatar, Vilhi'a .cbi»f lieutenant, «av«d Ih* $],< to bin standard. AH doubt that W«iyd George would not have the complete support of the government in parllamtmt — vrmr-awcpt aiatdo today when ttie liberal party conference formally resolved to Hiipport the new. regime in the prosecution of the war. Thl5-ircUon means .\Woyfl will be, backed not only by the and laboritex totaling 324 votea of the (570 In commonH — but also the liberal block df votes — 260 or more. The Irish nationality group in th<* only one of any (Strength remaining In commonn whoue position on the -no,w mlnlKiry not :clear. The HboriJl party expretmed confidence In the leader, former premier Anqulth'but ut tht- name time declared their determination to Hupport th« now government in it8 prosecution .of the war. DEATH OF E.B. FACEY Former Sterling Man P*ssod Away in Wisconsin. N'lckolas Ciaulrapp received a message Thursday from Madison, Wisconsin Informing him of the death of K. U. Facey which occurred the night before. No news us to when,the funeral would be jield, but U IH thoUKht It will be held Hiiturduy at- his hoim* und the burial will be in the cemetery In that city. Mr,' Fttcey had been well up to a by •arguing that 1/oth tht> mine and town would b« iiHoful to Villa when he obtained bintrol of tlu» country. Autlu'jitlc Information -has. been re- celved tlmf at least 1.600.governmont <u; There Has Been No Change In America's Policy On U-Boat Warfare. NO HASTY ACTION TAKEN 'Administration Will Steer Clear Of Diplomatic Break If Possible. ing of Greece by the allies begin*, to-? day. A blockade of ita porti be formally announced by, which combined with previous gfranehc ordera preventing Oreck ships to leaVC^ 1 UH poitw, IH expect (Hi to mbaolueUy CU(U;,:> the klndom «rt frjii)^ Buppliea. '* -"-"-' -* DiMpatchea from Atheni «*Jd th«H Italian colony' It the only colony <HE? the allies remaining in the Oreek c*>*!- ; ' l»«1 • . i •- * *¥ nai, , '-, v. Or we haa KuffiCient ftuppllw to l»*t poBHlbly .20 duyn a'galnRt tho blockade which Admiral Du Fburtiet will ably limUtute. troops de««.'rU'd to Villa when the band' i"., , . , „„.„„ , it« attacked Parral. ' . , (Staff porreHpondent of United l'ie««.i Americana Murdered. | Watihlngton, D, C., Dec. t>.—Amerlea'a On'the northwestern march from (policy toward the. German submarine I r arrnl it iw reported the Vllllntas mur-j situation remaina exactly what It wa* derrtl WilLSnyrnan, KOII of tht^fninoiu; when thin government told Uermany general, W. D. Snyruan. at Kan it mu»t »top Its ruthlewH methods of (By United Press.y . •v'-fj Berlin. Qer.. by Wlrel*«a to Sayvllle, I I* I.. Dec. 8,~"No important events, }i wan the latent official report ^pn th« ' { flghting on the weatern fronK "' %'' Pablo l)o Moqui. 50 mlit-H nouth of the torpedoing. This wan xtated officially northern capital. Thin newa came In i but there is reat*o,n to believe that thin a telegram to frlendH here but no de- j government has not unalterably put Utili; of tho murder were reported., up the gates against further dlucua- on. Taken at lt« face the matemenl of th« government aland* pat on Its attitude expressed In the Sunslx note, which means a diplomatic break in From variouH nource«' reports reached ttlou. the* government ngentH that an American rancher named Foster, hiid bet-n tdaln near Torreon by liundUn. One report said VlllhUas burned him at the Mtukc," OFFICIAL REPORTS RECEIVED, (By United. Prtma.) j ttru j e' 11« « Washington, D. C., t)cc. 8. short tltuo ago, violently 111 and when ho WUM taken wan taken to o'ne of STREET DECORATIONS More of Them Are Being Put up by Workmen, tmiuy in pwt-> Workmen ur ting up mora ChrlBtiuns the streets. .The i;»u»ds from which hey are being made were delayed- In getting to tftorlinx. it was intended o havu thi* dectirutlons it'll up ut the lime th* nu-rch-ints , unveiled their windows, The i^rche* of 'Huhis in lhi» (Ks|,ti^s* district Hlunv oft' itaiuisituut- y. There «ie «>vVcn of Hie urrhesuud u»-li arch contains about forty bulbs. uher Uvcorailons wiJI Lu> put up from iiay Co day. ~>._ the hospitals for an operation. The operation seemed successful but complications set in afterward from which he dird, Mr. Fawy lived most ojf his life in Sterling moving to. Wisconsin about ten years ago, • where he and his family had since resided, For many yeiirs of hhi life |n StorUng he conducted a plumbing shop, mil for most of the time he httd lived in Madison he operated an elevator. He WUK about lifty- snven years of age: He la the last of the Facey faiuHy. Mr. Facey and Mr. <«uulrupu inurriwl wlsiers. Mr. Facey leaves his wife uffd the following ehlHiren to nioiirn his» loss; •Mrs. Franklw C'rumer, of*l-Mlo; Mrs. Mulu I McDonald,' of lj>wu, tfiul Mm. Forest llauuvdell, of Sterling, and u son, Fred, of Mudison. Ht«~wuH<« nittii why made friends and Ue left behind him miaiy warm acquaintances when he U-ft $HTlii>K, For department received official reports today that Dr. Fisher, an American, hod been killed by bandit* at Santa Rosalia. The killing I*" said to have occurred some dayw ago but that is the tirst report from official sources to the department on the case. Official* said today that overnight report* from the border told of the killing of Oray, Foster and Snyman together with wild reports of killings In the city and Chihuahua last week, relatlonH If Germany traimgresse*. There t« growing belief that Germany in U\F Arabia cuxe In the Marina cane, fn •The state | me with its policy of averting any ac- . THE LAST BRICK LAW _^^__ ( i Stirling Township Paving System Wit Finished Y*st*rd«y. • • The last brick of the Sterling township paving uyHtem, east of the -city bf Htei-liriK, on the i.iiu'wln way, was many he was one best kiiown persons in THOS. PAU.MER. AM BOY MAN ^ADJUGED INSANE. Alfml Adainn. of Atuboy. 41 yitara uf Uge, was adjudged iissaiu' lu the county court before Jud^e J. H. Crabtrw. tif. Dtxviii. yexlfrduy. • lie vvns oudered M-nt to. \Vutertowii for ticatmeiu and it-Id ,U ihe. r»r..» An' K, «'lnnvh at twu »'cloi'k ' Philltifi v. 'i-^ ui llio s-;l .u,- .iyo and . aiVntoon, Mr. 'laid Thursday . afternoon. Kelley 'Brothers, the contractor*, have 1 b*s*m faithfully on the job and have pushed mutters to completion under nunwad- vers*> clrcumsiancus. The work of ttll-' ing in the brit'k cracks with binding pitch will be completed today. The job Is then completed in Us entirely with i he exception of a -few days' -work clearing aft tlio dirt from the sides of the road, taken from excavations, and doing a little leveling There were used a 'llule over one million one thousand bricks on the job. The.i'Osv of >Ue wotk was about $50,ltn», and I ho people who knuw U Is as good U Job as cm i hi' found on the t,lucoln highway. Tint job will ut> officially examined In a few. days anU ed, iu all FINED THREE AND COSTS. WillifitH Alexander, the colored pur- ler at the !{>Ulu'ol*>h IKillsf, s\UH ||<li'Kei.l up by the |n>lic«> \\'eilnesd;iy night fur j,H;liur drujdv at->! dt»sor«teil>\ aiiil «as lockid up fur ihi' ittsht in the city bu«- tjlt. in Hit 1 iiu ruing be \UJH brutlgUt \\*« »\ ft iv lu-re In tlon that might lead to war it Is pectetl the udmlnlatratlon will st*er clear of the poatiibUlty of a break up to the lant point. The plea set up in the Arabia' ca»e practically flaunts America'* rights. Briefly Germany admlu thai the submarine commander built up a wtructun- of presumption that the veusel was a transport and then ,prj»ee*HlMl to uink her. Tho American memorandum of March 25 applied to armed merchantmen but armament does not enter Into thi) Arabia ca»e. The note, however, laid down the principle: "Determination of the warlike character of a venHt'l rnuut r<**»l on no presumption but conclusive evidence because the responsibility for the destruction of life and property~mu8t ' pond.on can not _ creating UH* presumption of a 'luiatile character," After consideration of the German explanation In the Arabia case i'rosl- dent-Wllwtm today Innlructed" Secretary Jjtimdng to forward an 'outllno »f the reply to Kngland with the requeal that any factn the Brltinh government might have aa to the status of the *hlp When sunk, would be welcome to. this government. On the result <>f the inquiries by ag«ntH of this government and what facts England may be ablw to show, therefore will depend ihis government's formal opinion In the Ar.ibia attack. Tho action today will delay fur several days ut K-itst any chunct- for » flnul declwn in the matter. WAITS FOR END OF WAR! Mayor General 0«terhaus Who! Will Soon Be 95 If Anxious * To Return, r , ft (By United Pre**.) * Dulfcburg, Gav-^_Nov. 10.—(By Maliyf —In a little apartment on Hlni3enbur«>| atrtisHe today ult* an old American _ general, who In wultlng for the war tq|. ^ eqd so he can return to the United Stat el'.—- . Thin aged hero, of Lincoln** day Uf ^ Major General' Onterhaue, only *urvlv«^ " | Ing Major General of the ClvU Wai% father of Admiral OcCtrhaua of'tho U,8. Navy and grandfather of Ueutea- ant Oiterhaua. U: 8. N. Major O*n-i c-ral Osterhaus will »oon be 8B. '' The General, who** hair and am creamy white, *at In hti reading war newti . when America^ npw«iMtper men called today to p«,y their resiwcta. He In vlgoroua a alert and appear* ,*till be to in Ml Mayor Of East &t. ^ Liconseb. tolTi» 1> -WtM-R*p*ll u;r\ .of t>s» u-,..iU- Miyor «. ^"'- * — Annoum 1 *by the private b*»cre- the s lu-iv after Jan, I. UUi .s.ud he would urge th*' lilt 1 i-iirt- fet. to ,. ut iheie :n-c a if »a- UK- JU'tUte'' U^ >*> with I'uusu ilm*-ii, fltUCUtt, His joy, at a*elng Am«rl» great and be beamed Itepcatedly he naked ?gri*tlngH be sent to America back u < to Ha; us (he wur was ended." Qnterhau« man/r phitses oft lift war with the «d /en I. Ho is a great admirer MniHhal voftJIlndenTjurg s the war would have b««n long ago if Hindenberg hud of the General Staff at u iff ,uiil <!\ i; 1).". Mi -.'I, the j-.Uu til.- ?.« mpathy "lies*. I" 4 be «t,"tt't--. Mi WOULD REHEAR CASE, * -Tim in,' tliurt h.sw ;iili«Wfit lht» uiotiuti Altouu-y tiv'iH'rul Lucwv and H^ai , HUUi ui, tue rate QiVOR££ !'•• >u! GRANTED A !,' Mu c«t»-.« i ul/.nl ->'n-.nrud thui very very beuutilul. t|ut T-h»m(«s, Uuhuid IhH, llilvillkftll, tt,«.H JtlUik' til t'y. b%lnnln>;. "lilndfiiburg IN tho greatest general -! tint world has produced,". h» «ald. "*""- '-'-"-' w i|Uld huve^defputed Napoleon the day." ' . •< Major C3en*»ral OnterljauB 1 library III an old Civil War nuteeum, On» i» dc»ktf. I helU'Vg, wae glv<?n to i him by I'lvwidejit Johnton/ On hi* desk were uutugraph photoa -of Un* coin, Jnhnsun und othpr ti'binuti of the <'lv|l War s the keenest recollecUon of frequent >\'1 etintjw "with Lincoln, and m*»b«r« ; of his cabinet. Jotunon appointed hi»|' >' American CMIISU! at Ha.vr», tYance, &f* ter tht« Civil War. flsfor* that h» w*f . * the Iti-iit governor 'g*n*r»l Of Louisiana* t'he «tutt> wa« * Udmlited to th* t'tuon. TRUCK IS BEING PAINTED. The ttro truck which was ao badly \\n'i:kf<t a fehort tinvf iigo ha* been rein Hitch a, manner that the palijt- !UK of thy -repaired part* is being dona today. Mr. Ufiuta of the »ervit?o *ta« in Chicago fuuud many parU W«r« or twlatwi, whim l\u took the inuchine apart- Tltn front ftxl#tr$« not show any dt-ftet* before tuken it wu;* M> badly danmged tot bf u«>vd. and tUw new »>»-at nu^ lu» l»-ew put In ,St» place. It can not >'i- tuld now wltut thv c<j»t i he rvtM.ii» will t»*.«, ......... . ....-_.. ^_Ar

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