Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 7, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1916
Page 8
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tnutf. Si, IT AMUSEMENTS. AML'SLMEsNTS, AMUSEMENTS, THURSDAY/DEC, 7,1016. AMUSEMENTS, . SPECIAL DANCE At Bellas , Saturday Night W»ttS fHUKf)' S-Tf"I't|' t'-'tn ?:8e till « an P.Uc .! I-,.. '-..pi Pox Trot tn.iKhf M»'i l.u WOODMAN HALL LYRIC J iibAIrr^ >ALL3 TONIGHT A eii-eng rifam.i of ItO on the •tage, "In Life's Maelstrom" AUo King Bagott'tn a comedy, "Arts You an Elk?" OfrMUSIf SATURDAY ^' JTRIDAY DECEMBER 8 AND 9 Friday for ladies only — no men will be admitted on that day. Lady ushers. Saturday everyone admitted over 18. • Matinee each day: 2, 3. 4—Evenings: 7 7 8, 9, 10. s- Prices 25c to all. No advance •«!«• of spate—Got tickets at box office. :GRA TODAY: Nance O'Neil in "Th<rse Who Toil" Also f rarel Picture FRIDAY Victor Moore in "The Clown" RA! EXTRA! MRS. j; Will be at Chester's Store ever after- If ^r \]** i, 4 ... r noori VAUDEVILLE . v Notice! Our new pipe organ will be played tonight for the first time, A special program lias been arranged and will be played by Prof, R. L. Stcffens and Mrs. J. Lindenburger, Pine vaudeville and picture*. Usual price*. Tomorrow, new vaudeville, 3 fine acts, Also don't miss "The Yellow' Menace." Its great. Usual price*. A booth has been erected in the Ready*to*Wear Department where she will-be pleased to meet every child in Sterling and vicinity, Mrs. Santa Claiis will.give away buttons with the picture of Mr. Santa tlaus on them, to all good children who come and meet her. Everv child is iflvited to come and tell Mrs. Santa Claus what they would like Mr. Santo Claus to bring them for Christmas and receive a Santa Claus button free. **• "The End of the World," stupendous, Hpwtiifiilnr production in six gripping w\». Ttuwday, *I.)«c.. 12. Vaudette. I. A. l-'i i !-•<!• r n ;.(i In t*llir;lj«ci after :i f. >vi(h |||K i-*:ii' t>t MIMIC IH'X) ttVl'k. M isii Dr. I THE GREAT' SHOPfttyG CENTER of" STERLING '.;'*• • i " -*** 4*$-*^fc$ ^ ^^••Mr^^%^.-.^^^, ;;liit«"i) \Vltlll«*r • -i I < '..ft! - UVU I f NEWS IN BRIEF J 7 y- — • ... ' •*- ''• (in l>ii-i)ti,«H -«. VV, J. LI-VC. i f Tami'i'' itiij; livi-i* on titiMtlPK.'i \\'«<l \v7,T- Mr«. Sunlit C!iii>nji'«ij«i Jim In nil lit-.-idB nnd Itld _.__ LITTLE LOCALS CKANCH TO SEE SOCIETY. !! of t'li.H- tint tint. lr<» «nd Yurlt, !)»•<•, 7, Kill- !h<' may «x> N*»nv Y«»I|>'JI < They will thus niipcnr at Th*> of t»H«roiit».«i«t',« ,\!I J R. .Vln«-'?nt Antor, An- Mi tooth n tulM-K of wll j U|uny .1. OM'M'I. Jr., .Mm, W. K. Van'. fnnry honlrry. box- > d'Tldlt and i»tht'r«. lu»r«» W* 1 '.!iuM,ii.iy i', 1 ! -Jiii: ifn-.- ;, i Vii,ij»l'-i.' line uf K'tv i(ir~-7rrrf~''Ar<>,-( • i<-:i r i ini'ilc) l>uili!or r. a< Ti.< I jus .-rjn •••.<<• * —.— . j Mr«. Hnlpli Hyan rsnil .i,.'ii," l^tv.-n-«••>•,. \Vn«tlMifr« Htudio fur Xinax |.l!»tt)s.» ,' f ''-'"IP- «•«*>••• HI KKilin;; \\v,tm>),!.,... Mrn. Mary llurd wim uji frum Al_«rrl» i«li"t'l'«nR ii»«' vt«itliiff nt il.c h«>»n»- <-t H«n W«'(liH'»tday, 4 ;Nti>». Ityun'* purriiiM, AVr, .mt) Mr«. S\*. H, L. McKovMt xpi'iit Towday "••vm«. i'*• Oil*, «>f Av«?tivi«» It. Irtjf In Pixoti'tvllh Trli«h(l«;" Mri«, <?l«-n Hntlth V»H rijt«Tiitod 4.11 the HU'Hlntf Itimpllnl Wwlni-mliiy inorri- •••• Haakft aiiciftl, Hlvrrdnln school, Doc. 8th, PuWJiu Invited. Convcyn ner KIrnt avpn'.if mid Thlr/l «.trrrt.* Mr«. Ki'ndnll Murpliy find dttuirhtfr, Oimil, of Bultlmprt*. nn> Mpendlngr a few day» at the horn«» of John McQue. Howaril Cruz<* WUH t\. vlwllor l» tilx- on Wc-dncsday, *> Tho'mtiM Cunboy wont to Colcla Wt'd- neoduy mornlnK and JlarmfttJ W«1nej«- '...nftPriiiHHi .where...', ho irnnnttc.U'cl irart« \Vhr>rlt>r nnd itutli lJUfi; to Hi.Viil! Tllt;"i|il,V t.'V«'lltn«, Mr. ond MTM. will H'lst, of Lyn.!<,it. ,*l>eul lost cvcnlim In tf»i« cjt>v ; A|ii-ons luiiir. wlmrt, !.!.«! i-vi'iiin ;•! I i V , • 'tll> flltl Hlli -.~;?'i7 ; 'i ;7"r~T ;- ri-io .'•<>•!•• " .\ir.\i:id Mt- Anlttir liuzzoll, nf I.yn- '«•::. i ••!>• \i«)tiir.'< III Illlw rily la«t I'V- •i-ti.:: _ ', '' i '. SU! :•<•!, I'f NVIiJOU H|»"Tll IftSt Vii'.iii': hi 'Ihi* i'lty, •, . MIU itiid Xmnii niivcltloM n( li.r'.a. r i'lidny nnd Hutunlay at ••.:';- >'!'>it-. Jltuni* I'iilUim ^i-n arid biscuit Hii|<vc-r nt the 1 i .iii't'-rln HU|it>cr I'rlday nlKht iMI to 7.<1(),* Mr;., Jnjm Hrhrni'M, who MiditTiltti't) to +~i r lie llflH and hl«f it HI. fi'«nn icO'i ,foi< t'rawfi hnt) O'MulIt L>lxon. with ft -iN. l..-,m iin.l KdK'ar, of to «i>o Alre. Snn- ...... ~'"" : r,l ! Mr«. I'illn Hummi>r«. of Morrison, via- .ford. Clari'in'c Turnur. rr-i'i «l v/lih friends In this <-llyJ»Ht (•%•- '<f\ and I', T, Dfrnnifrn. nf'<'iili)K, , f/v»»nlnK in this ^H v • Hcl«>n VVIIham UVis-.ti (i tut Hnrry lx«lhl inn- j toi'«»it lo Ulxoti ami Gruml 'Dolour la»l O.ripnt,il sifts, hf»tul .t<mbrulder«d and Knwnw, piclurt'H, cxplnnlve t-nrds. viilondarn, stiitlonory. IHTfum*"*, toili'i notx, It'fithpr novsitlt'S. Uook« nnd many other Yulellds at- Second car load of applon on Q tra^U. w««i.-of Stnrilng dopot, the runt of "~~barrel. <*ftll «ar)y. Tlu-y will KO fa«t. \Vm. ShoM 1 . EnwMon'.* •• Rtsv. (l«Mirit«! W. \V»'lch. of MIII«KlK«- rlllo, "was tt visitor In thin city Wed- nenday afternoon. gd. Mitchell, f Round arovp, Tom Conlpn* returned home Tuemlay from Turin, Iowa, where for; ft few day*. y£ A HAPPY HOME ' » |{ What is greater in the world,than a happy family |l;Hnd what helps to make a happy, congenial famliy f ; more th«u a Kimhallplayer! You will find the JT family at home because it is pleasant a*nd enjoyable. THINK of the PLEASURE |] v .pf listening to your favorjte. selections. The music * ^.itself seems to have new meaning, Kimball player is- fcfct* most welcome XM i favorite o|'. all the family. Car of DouBlasH Kliucn food on track next week, MONO* Dillon Company," E. W, Aument, of arand Hnpldu, Mich., ftrrlved hw&- Wednesdny for a few days' vl«lt. Little Minn Helgn B«l.l lltloy Is confined on account'of Bleknen*. Wdodruffa Studio for Xmau photos.* H. J, HeU« Bpent \V>dno»duy In Mt. Carroll on bu«lne«». - Jwemond Hill, of Prophetstown, spent \Veilnenday here on bu«lni>i*s«. AChri&imasGifl Sbe Will Ap, predate ABraceletWalch WONDERFUL VALUES $390.00 $460.00 $535.00 OQ Player Piano, price — layer Piano, aqr*y price ; . price *" ,,* 115 f V * This coupon and 1 10-00 C«»K will put * Kimbftil piano in your home. Qood on any Kimball piano until Dec, 25th. " $15 i T Established 1857 8 W. 3rd St. Sterling, 111. J. E. Moore, Mgr. Elgins & Walthams Pric»d frcm U.60 up.. involo» ; 'of thoso b*«utiful w«toh«« JM»t rt- Fountain Pen U • pr*»«nt »ny one ^ _ r«c«iv*f Wt h»v«" them from $1,00 up. 8attle the with one of thete^pen*. Wat9h *nd jewelry repair* i ' ••• ing.- . PauIJV.Buzzard Store, THIRD 8T, l Philip Ward 41 f- 414 Uwrene» Bldg JWE Prepare for the Storm Cold wave on it's way OUT WHEN YOU BURN CHRISTOPHER LUMP OR EGG COAL The coal for all uses" VULCAN COKE perfect fuel" for satisfaction [oses Dillon Company A goM place to buy dumber and Cement On, F. W, BRO r DRICK PraoUo* I4mlted to BAR, N08i »nd THROAT •RAfN 8UROBRY »»<n; I te1f*. BL; 8 to 4:80 p. p. IfiOh Floor Both. Phone* Sterling,, ill. yAE^IiO^S AT 6ft I 5, 7 or 10 yt»ttf up to ftOO per . acre j| ««cyrity warrant! MORTQAQP8 FOR 8ALE t»w 4 8las* r •<>n«;.'i '-' -rtutus nixTiitlon nt th« v S(i*rliiiK ho*- j trnctions at ll.illclt'h. :. cor- lnn?<*. . "J-ri^ns Kiimll, iii-ronK UK< ful, ' pit ii ,•? few vvcck'n IIKO In «lowly irulnlnR Mrs. F, Trautwrln nnd di fancy at •v-ng*. l»aK;mr.» |:;nd l« nmv alilt- to »lt up nn.hfoiu 1 orJAlene TnuitwHn, Mlns llv\*n luirldon and Mr*. Kvcr«-it HrookH siud iwo ««nch day, jaml Miss Helen Sti-liu-r, of Morrison, family, of l'n>ph<iiMtown. w«-n- IH-IC. K»n-rt Kplt-r IIBH rctunu-d from Chl-lwero vlHitoVx in thlx city (nut RAYMOND'S Pectoral Plaster WHOOPING COUGH Croup, Tight Coughs idutabwiurpd hjr ^^ R«tm»ndi Ca.. 891 trtrtmi, MM Vttk CHf Much advertising these days is like^fiuf fflreat~eas eFouds" which e great the armies of Europe are hurling at each other. It envelopes you in a thick fog of Superlatives' and exaggerations in which you can only rub your eyes and gasp for breath, v',' --'',, ' - f ~.^'~" "V^-" Here, by way of contrast, is out advertising code: to be straightforward—to be tfuthflil^—to. be briet When you have such merchandise as KirschLaum Clothes at $15, $20 and $25, you can safely leave a lotto be said by the goods themselves. ^ I ULLIVAN .i *g»*<fc*»* "*>'**'*»i>«>^*«^ii mm mmmmumuum mm*m v mw m m t IliiflfSliiSiitilllll!)!!!! llfillllllllliililillllliil !!i!!i!l!!!!i!ll!![Il!)!i

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