Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 16, 1973 · Page 9
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 9

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 16, 1973
Page 9
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\ • 1 4 I I • f 1 liner many American lengers/ hospital Tobias Fri^dtnah called hef the precau ^frWfefl In Bt^^iO sihefe World H 1 iAdrihe com- F t 1 ' * ^ m J the eiii^'1 wishing ^ celebratiohs ahnive Israel. .V. Am Besides armed detectives on tfe didESy sec^^ ty measures ii^ludeld,^ a of the hull foi*;/Jim|>^t mines; searches of all passengers and luggage and the iist 6l Britisb warplahes to pattol agaii;^ possible .^submarine and ,W attacks. nes warplan«»* ^ittiicKttg for the 'loth <!!onwetittve day, pounded CommiiniAt troop concehtra' tionii within seven miles of I%nom Peift today in what military' ^tc6s ^ ealled an att^pt to relieve the besieged suburb of Tfikhmau. Tho raids were some of the closest carried out by American warplanes to the Cambodian capital. Communis, gunners fired moi^e than 50 rounds of 75mm r6c<^tess rifle fire into the Ti ^ktett dubiirb early today, field repotts said, in an attack that killed at least two people aitd wounded 14 pthers. Military sources said the tirimary targets of the air raids today were the east bank of the Bassac River just south of Takhmau, and the defense zone of Takeo, a beleaguered provincial capital 55 miles south of Phnom Penh. The marshy wa;Stelands of the military harbor GALESBURG, ILL., MON., APRIL 16, 1973 PAGE 9 Accuses Snake Minister Poison Deaths (UPI) General , . >ff^Oman Soldier '^^^h'^dier of th^^Zeo Brigade Unit Sunday on Highway 30, seven miles from >^the village of; PrekCak Phnom Penh. UNIFAX miinist forces ambushed her will F .\'- ^ * : A* m 23P'year-old student, said taking the stride. a ,^^.iqal^' '*'iret By United Press International craft have see^v But oq:^ calm. 1' ^^1?!*^^ Libyan leader Moammar I ^W^ Khadafv said Sundav that e Khadafy said Sunday Beirut turned down an offer he made to send "thousands of to cross theu- borders to fight Israel. Khadafy also said his government would aid "revolu- the Palestinian guerrilla ment, whichlosi three of members in an Israeli mando m raid an in the com- Lebanese Arab volunteers" PfeDpjei'«are enjoymg it as capital last Tuesday, has been America, the Philippines meeting almost continuously to defend Northern Ireland, but did since then to decide future Israeh at-Ij^^^ elaborate. a normal cruis^. 99 2 Dead 9 Cave-in MADRID workers (UPI) recovered Rescue a second body today from a Madrid subway tunnel where a group of workers was trapped by a cave- in Saturday. The recovery brought the toll to two dead, one injured and one worker still missing. there were 12 men working in the tunnel at the time of the cave-in. Four managed to free themselves and a fifth was rescued with a broken leg. Rescue workers dug out four men alive on Sunday and found the body of a fifth man. The 30-year-old army colonel and chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council also said the Arab guerrilla movement was inefficient and blamed this ' on' Ai^ab ^governments. He also announced a program for overhauling the and Libyan policy. The sources said the guerrillas have reached one conclusion r^that they are handicapped^)>y resti^aints imposed on them by governments, unable to NEWPORT, Tenn. district Attorney Henry F. Swaiiin says he "take every angle" to prevent followers of a mountain church near here from using snakes, poisons and blow torches to demonstrate their faith. Swann said he would go before the grand jury on May 7 and seek involuntary manslaughter charges against the Rev. Listen Pack, pastor of the Holiness Church of God in Jesus' Name. Pack's brother, assistant pastor Buford Pack, and the Rev. Jimmy Ray Williams died last weekend after drinking strychnine during a Saturday night church service. Pack said the minister had been served with an injunction prohibiting such practices, but the minister said about .15 persons attended services WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! Saturday night and there was believe they can handle snakes, drink poisons and endure fire without harm, provided their faith is sufficient. "These people are talking about using a blow torch now," said Swann. "I'm going to take every angle to the grand jury, including involuntary manslaughter." Pack said he and his group have not yet used the torch, but are planning to. "We're looking forward to going through this fire deal," he said. "A brother up the road has it (the blow torch) and when the Lord leads him, he's going to bring Jt. "We're giving no thought to quitting. If I were to get bit by a snake and die, it would be okay. It would be the Lord's will." Bassac's east bank, sources said, may dozens of Communist bunker complexes used as staging areas for attacks on the capital and its suburbs. Cambodian military intelligence sources estimated that about eight Cmnmunist battalions are currently based in that area. U.S. military intelligence sources put the Communist strength around the capital at 20 under-strength battalions, or about 6,000 troops. Although most military sources said they doubted the Communists actually will try to capture Phnom Penh at this most said they expect some move against the capital shortly. Field reports said U.S. jet fighters, including F4 Phantoms and Fill bombers, hit targets in the Takhmau area todav in time, 4 ' • an attempt to further Communist advance. Meanwhile, sources stAAt B52s and Fill fighterslT^pped thousands of tons of Hpmbs M the outskirts of Takfo: early today as Communist units intensified their efforts to overrun that city. The military comman* Communist guhners fired more than 27 rounds of heavy artillery fire into the center of Takeo duing the night. There were no reports on casualties. Military sources said the Conmiunists, armed Mrith cap^ tured American^made lOSmn^ howitzers, pushed iQto. the outskh^ of Takeo dnd;|how no sign of weakening. U.S. C130 Hercules transport planes have been codducting air drops of rice and Utonuni* tion to government' -^OODS isolated in Takeo since the start 3^ months ago of the current Communist offensive. - ^ -:MES PLAN NOW for your NEW HOME Built Exoctly At YOU Wont It PRICES GOING UP Csntral Illinois. ORDER NOW irt Anywhera in W«st Not Prefab or Pro-Cut. Roforonco » Guarantood for Or Satisfiod Custoniors. Your FREE Homo Catalog Name Address ¥ » G. WESTFALL, Deoler "The Arab nation," he said at a" "reactionary" laws, a purge a meeting observing the birth- of Persons he called "pohtically day of the Moslem Prophet sick," distribution of weapons Mohammed, "is in bad need of i a" persons loyal to the government and a cultural government and society^ and said he would resign if it was not carried out. ^ •i^-..-^. ^ Among the changes Rhadfe^^§^^^ the demanded were suspension flf g^^^^^^^ ^^ify- ^ vjirious guerrilla groups. They predicted the, latest Israeli attack would hasten this. **some handling of snakes." • believe in obeying thf r**^s of the land/^ Pack said, **but when they're contrary to God's law, we will have to part." ,v iTie mem^^^ the church A' Mr. • .1 I 4 ABOVE men and weapons and vengeance against the enemy." But Khadafy said that when Libya offered thousands of volunteers to Lebanon so it could protect itself in case of more Israeli attacks, Beirut refused. MAKE IT teachings. "If these Islamic plemented," points he im- wUl are said, "I continue my march with you. If you are not capable of implementing them, I will go •The (Palestinian) resistance'saying peace be unto you." Let's play baU ... get extra equipment for your team with a low-cost classified ad! WHnE 'S ROOFING 342-0185 GALESBU RG SOFT WATER 'J , r 9068 is nonexistent," he said, ''and it was. the Arabs who finished it off with the cooperation of the Zionist enemy." Govermnents Not Named He did not nanle any Arab governments, but said that Arab governments Khadafy Leads Coup Khadafy led a military cotip in 1969 that toppled the monarchy, but said that since his government seized power, it had failed to carrv out the 175 N. CHERRY PH. 342 Now Handling Complete Line of CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING EQUIPMENT No Minimum Bolonce No Service Chorge Limit Checks Number carry ivolution it promised. Meanwhile, guerrilla sources permit volunteers sent by Libya said in Beirut that leaders of Owned Softenii I 11 It lercial and Industrial Softners. Check Culligun Before You Docido EVERYBODY Personal Organization Business ^^^^^^^^^r* ^^^^^^^r ^^I^^HV ^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^r ^^^^^^^^w —• — — , , . NationklBank & Trust / EsubU$hed 1863 / Meobct 1 JUCi perfect for the ^ - budget-min4e(l! Of -FtHS FND SAT NITt:' Any U.S. 6 orlcyl. auto, Includtt labor - • MW piUfli condtnstr ft pointi. 'A ALIGNMENT Any U.S. auto -plus parti if ri0 «dcd. Dries quickly to, «^ flat ovon finish. Easy brush or roller application. Clean hands and tools in soapy water. Super Redwood Saver! Easy-On s gljdden SikWslil! sta OOOnyEAR SHOCK 4 FOR THE PRICE OF 3 rROucR a nunr kit; Reg. $4.49 $1.99 il«f. $63.aO Nurry •War audi Sat aiiblJ M M O E MOE 342-6550 Ph. ond 442 Eost Main St. Jeff Moe Monoger SNOW TIRE CHANGE OVER Remove Snow Tires Mount Regi^lar Tread. CAULKING J 1 Golesburg's N«W0i» & Preftiesr Poinfr ond Wollpoper Store / Seed • / Each GOODYEAR Tire Center Owned & Operated By GOMEZ Tire Center, Inc. 536 e. Main St. 342-3157 CAULKING Sfor $30S (CUP COUPON) 0 99c spred ALKYD or LATEX ANTIQUE KITS Rog. Rttail $8.90 Soft, flat finish helps hide surface defects # Ups end touch-ups won't show Brush or roll on; tools clean with soapy water Almost 3,000 decorator<hoice colors A 15 Reg. $1.55 (CLIP COUPON) ^ EACH foiifuimm, Accissms. WOODWORK! Alkyi baft for durability, nMib no spaciai skiiit LitM dives quick onv-day job that adds charm to woor' PRtCIS 0000 QNIY MON. * SAT.

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