Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 7, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1916
Page 7
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STEftilNGjLLINOIS.THURSDAY. DEC,7,'1916. PAGE SEVEN.' IWttSfiHi^^ wBw BflHRPB fflHHRfiMMB Hi^fflWWIiB^W ^^ AT AUCTION SATURDAY, DEC. 9, '16 prompiiy at 1:00 P* M. at the Smith Livery Bflrn % Sterling* 16-Head Good Horses-16 These are n jr<mcf lot of horses. Several well matched teams, all well brcike, Hound and clean. Also Good Line of Buggies """"' -7 i K*l,c ;^ Hubber and steel tired—Fine condition. Hacks and Pallbearer Coach / All in jjood condition. Several Set Double and Single II arness. Robes, Blankets, Ropes, etc- Rumley & Harrington, auctioneers. N. G. REITZEL Lew Reitzcl,.Clerk. Auction Sale Department Sterling Daily Gazette CLASSIFIED RATES' ONE CENT A WORD X,. . (;<-.^i'i<-! :..!••.--!•!].-. m.-rr AM!! •V, <.yi-r the [r-S.-y>:: >-,f ,.r i--r ! MM*''- .-|fKl <•!!?!(>•'''(I fi-t !•'-'•' !>V!t! ~- r l (-< (•\,r&n< from" f>n~ ; !i»'*=H. h<>',"-i * h v FOR 1 'I l!' !.-BttSCELL s U ,r '' \ v ?- -\ H .—'t CLOSING OUT SALE. •'. ::••:: ',-• (Mi;* f.'finilrii; !';*• CLOSING OUT SALE- HELP WANTED \\ ^ \"TKi» -nt son -MALE > • s m;!.- •f ., 'ii'i Lit rn ir < -. •< ,i':<i 1.1.>• k FIT!" ' t >i if? «'..'.. 1i n i old, ( 1,f-Btn»i< *••!« .,Id' !>t.irk rrtnr<\ 3 y*-ur» « hlrv k «ndd:> TTT'l >\ 1.' :. 1 f *.'•:! t« ' ',' f-ili '«. Iff •' ! I !tt. \l ' i" ',' !<!it r, it» -1 M' r. !*»btiri'.r. 3- y« at" -"Id. >M . k< 3" I1I.'AT> CATTLH -7 miUh rows, j fi li'(f>r- *'min: r 2* niil. !> nH-ernj Is month* old, 6 *te>i« 1 y*fnr old, ». \«.til!ni: e,ilve«t. At the ««ame time nml phu.-e Albn MiUhew will «»ff*>r fur sale »',tr< ucmht !,!>•!' n Mv l-'ord M \niiN w'i*ion». rul W, t"|t 1 na car. Twn ! tir>0 W.l: iv I'.nf,. ! i ,.,.,..,«-. i ^i;^ i ,, ,. i,:,„<,, , \\ \XT!:E» I ' * i ',!'!' . • *!• I'l. t ^ It t% , H > ' ! ,"•> l>r'i|. "Itl l«.h« I :;»•> ii.1 i 1 *"•"<> JL?it ! L»lMi . and litre* •W n >_<lil!m'. ai'.e t\v<>, .u lint- l-i < w ii in >t< . 11» I iiuv. i «i Idii-ii t», writiht 1,1"", b iv dm«T ">lii- is;«> !i, wpfuht '"i'' HI;AU cATTi.r. si\ mii« h rr.wv »• fi<- -h !i\ HIM! A ! •!.'!•: VV ! ' i!< i!v< r in-.l n> ,k«..-'!; -> ;f M--.JMI ii^tPi--? Wii'M-t S",-;,,!•, I,,;,.:!!!'.'! ;,.;(! C-F...J f >•,,!>• .- 'M !•-.»:•!! f'.r U;-- Urht ii.'.v. • ,\!-lv;v Mi"- rucc-r H.A-S. .\!:<j-k< ? • '"•>. !lJ.!3.'. i-r for: SAI.I-: u< ;I«T TI: \ M «' -", : /ij JIT iv i; .if? ! :> " • • >! MM' \x nl« t " f<T u>d !u axe.!-- ft* 1 -!! niiii i\:t\ "f iw-arly 'mmlck mowor T't wilt* ,'ifet". «nni" -.(n ttiri-i x. II - matt fiiithntn b»ill '!' »liS • ?<» brood «nw«. I" \ iu-ir tide, J F(II'k hot. Hlf rlijiu e\lind«r h,i> Itmlpr, J^ier-;,»,,,.„ ,| n rni> Hit;: *-i4e i'ik<\ bav tedder* hnv rark, |,j f ,,| t . r ,,,i w Sleilinu 1'i.ftiiit uiain drill, HterllriK imow<T' !fi ( ti'ir choice ctiif-k' ti-». KAHM MA< - HfNi;itV l.iltic Ciint 11-fi. i f... * r, ;; I!!KC o'iil n" ti»'W, liny liurtlcr; fi-; Hi. fuut A!< < 'nt inick t'hinnplnri jisirnlx MnliiK uanu: ptuw. "Sulky plnw; 3-««.•<''- .tbin iliat; with drsiir nttai-hment; hay fi.un: plow. Kulb-r A.- ,lohn«on l«-lnoh j ri ,(, t . : Knr<-.-«« nuiuure spieador; eorn "iilkv plow, wnlklni; plow, potitto dlt^- planter. II ft. «*«'t<li>r with Ktn** a»K« r, fliiM-V r>-iMi piiuitfr. 3 Tower tur'|i;i^ n tinf-nf; dituttle ro«r"Tower plow; :.' f.ji*e i'uHlx.itor". 2 Avery ri>mliln'»tlotiL,j n> ,),, r ,, w . TOWIT i.I<>««!, fi shovel ridttur :i n d wnlkiiifT rultlvatorn. }j);-,,,, j_ v «-iilti vntor; *< -t «>f *>ntrle i'l:iw«: nalMiii; < 'ilthatur. I'ope manure 13 lumber waKon". tniik u.iu«u and .-•pr« .id« r. St> rliiit: 2 - r»\v ftallt jbrtv tii'k: !<•[! but*t;v, ni't bo'i Hied*; rnttcr, Towtr pttUi'rlyi r. bund eurn 'cutter. 1>el*iv<-l c!<'iirn t-epanitor; net of dump limml*: two Hooop »eitip»r?: Inrnbiitor and brnodm•; (i For Best Service and Equipment Call Forster & Sons Funeral Directors . S. yi. Lehman, M. D. Specf4l_,offic« 'consultant, and diseases of wom«n and children. DIXON, ILL. ; Day Cttllt B«!l No, 9 o 9 Calls No. 520 W. K. DUNMORE Ey* and H**lth Specialist And ontuopathlc treat GLASSES menu -CORRECTLY STERLING g-grThlrd St. FITTEO f D. Y. C. S. E. Shuttling Kiuly. Record Breaker. OUIIK tiling to tin 1 «-i«»k, "Hie blM-ulLx ; wen- u Mttht. If >«>u can't do better j next titnu I ^IH hn\«' to dlM:hnfge j you." "Ye-wlll, wilt >'«•? I'll htw yi» 1;now, iiYutn.-.thtit I've been work in' out i for two ywii%*miM 1 v«i-ttA'tkod fof Ml n v tho he*t fainiUeM In tuufl, nil' I i'Ui',1 ever bin dlKdiurged yet, I'm liivUi' this tiftlK-rnuoii for a hotter place," ' Generous. - -"Why. \Villli-, I'm 'aslmisieil of you. shmiht -hirvr ^fartrttl- yttitr- ttftt^* 1 Well, I U'F shelff-r, ilnmp pl-inko. Mprinco. j:i'i<"4 «• i ib r, woven wire fene« Ing. ehurn. tjiu"-!! Incuhittor and brnod- chicken I'I>«H<M. >-r. Anonmtor MO-' «-ns;me with' pntnpjtstuiie; hand ' (IH-K :unl wiixblnt' "iittit. .'r. K.tlliin KJiH-'lmy folk nnd • •H«i** lfinf«, f,*t t.!4l!'^i k«*i<»*fHf -t'inh,' block :ini( -f:ick!e. 4 nets w<trk h.'irncKis, ln< le diiviru: hnruex^, 2 >»'t-« IIv netx, 1> I' ' ..( TUT 111* t • 1 1 \S~TTTT t i..ti 1J( f< 1 1 t A Si' kn lint: l,S'» men and t»iv« r«ir n\/t hinf- work. IFnfl ?)»arborn Mf;. < *& t.ij-isn r\ • -i.xj" nil* « pn u - -ifTiKs rr : . pT-'fr.-!: n-nt tiiii.d ?< <j':!t t'! v !> tt-^ S'< I Mr,* •N f \!f ''''_. ,',Vr/-trf-iT •' * >! < SAI.I:- TV," r HUM i. 'iiMti:- ».Ui.'il-»«-.| I'lil- U'-l-t. • i 1--.I- -iKo . ^I^A ij^^^i,— ^.*.-2*» 1-mi' 1 i: ! " • •4' 11 ?:• M I,!M.M.. _""i l> ; rn i:< M i il'oK SAIj: fof tnn!< lt< i'" I n '• vifi!<- pfnini.. ."',' ' 'ilti* !.:. U4' 1 .ir.usRT f i ln'< r- 1 :!.•-!.14 * WANTED— FEMALE WANTKI> -<ntu. «-blerlv l.-i'lv to n« oit i\vi t31-J3fi roit S.M.I:- nficK idi'lnt) i IIAVT: MY AJM-I.T-.S-CVT i;MMiTT m a fn-,} sh'-tl. nil II. I/ th<-m, WANTKH-A WAITHKSH. HAT SHuP 1?,4-I37 WANTKD 'HUT, FOR KITrHKX work !it the H.indolph Hot. I 133-111 VVANTi:i> filUI, Knit C.n.SKKAt. hi>u«e\v»i k. ''all fir wrilf. K M. IX't- weller. Intf-rstftte SL'7.11,. I'nln K13-l.1t* lunk, Kiind ,»ht-ller; tank lii'.iier; f 1 . 1!" tniln chicl^'n ft-nrr-r » -xH«t uf (trrt-eht-ti Ivir- f.<-\ i>f lH:ht baruess; double net Mfi; - - H| 't« iliiKle drivlnu biirne.xH, Itulil diUini; int. 'ulhit*. K.iddle, 20' Kiiddlei 12 bu.«h« I Silver Mli,u.' feed Ion--, hay. tu t>ufb«'l < » »'eed i-rirn. ITiii ii-nrn; 2<>'t biiHh<-l>< Silver Mine oat' i-hii l.«'if, s»'irne hnii'i< s b(ild r'lodM. nillkltotiH Timothy hay In baru, wnnie I'linw, nnd oilier anlele«t ton nuin<>imin; t-oi n in erlb. T<» 1.KAI5N halnlrcHHluK, benuty rulture, chifo- pudy quickly, nil po>d(lon*i WfliUtiK, ('ntnlo»;iio free. Wrl(>'. ,Mo]nr »'ol- b lie, h'ifth and Monroe, chicat-o WAN'Ti-:i) — B.M,KSI,AUH:H AT I* W. Wootttiiitb T*o.. Apply at of , fh-e. 11!UI V lo l-'tee lunch fit 11 o'clock; Mle Innmp- intelV'ftftcr. TKUMS All --nmM of $11100 nnd un. IIOfSKMOf.U «;**Ol»S 2 ln-d-i; 2 i's;' dre«.ier; div;in; roneb; f> 'tHifii elmlr*; rniiife eouk stove, range; kitchen eablnet; round t ,< i ST Ml A M < i NI) 1! I X< i H I-'.T XV K KN { l-'iinrib Ave. mid Avenue It, on Ilh 1, St. If found return to- Caxett^ offli-e. clre. cash. < >ver thl«t jjinoiint 12 tuonlhrt j oak lino 1 will be Kiven on aj>pfi»ved noti ii! (i ii»-r i ent totereHf from d:it< •tf paid wh'-h »htr; othrrwist* 1 per cent from dull- of »i;ile. No property remov- <d until Ki-ttled for. with your little <-ouiln. htn> rliew t«> ehewliijj t'Utlbg Jf.. while I wan F. Aui'f loner rn: Art I'b'teher. II. l». M.'ir- rburion. A. U Coe; Clerk: M. K. W1I- !>.>c. 1, 2, S, 11, 12. CLOSING OUT PARTNERSHIP SALE. » Intending to quit farming, we will '-•••H rit publlu «nle, without reserve, on the Colonel I'tiHhmnn farm on the ounty line 3'j, t mle* Month of lr-^ nurtbwutt of Htove; oil IfutlnK flove. Krlnder iin<I bird prfMM; din- r»oni table; eupbonfd; mnehlne nnd wringer, other arUrle.«* too nuinerouH to nieniton, Krce lunch at ll o'clock; sale Inune- dlntely after. TKKMM (»K HAl K -, All Hitm-t of $K'i •tnd under, CHM|I, over* thin amount not will !»' «ivi'ii' on approved licit Hue •!'','• biteresi from 'date If paid when din-. < Mher\vJ-je ",' , from dale »>f wile. No property retnoved uu- 111 settlid. v' » .1«HN TltOMl'HoN. !•'. <>, Hutnley, A. I,, t'oe aiul .lurk llellirr. aurtloni-vrn; I- T. McMillan. Clerk. I>e 7. 8, 11. 12. M, 15. tTi 2. 1910. Ti'Tloviiiu n'rotierH'. Ti>-wlt: " (i7 MKA1J I.IVK HTOI'K. «'ow«. Subscribe for The Gazette. , „ ^ I;. a ' • _ Sii ItUAU rATTM-:—-10 «ood mllrh xoine are heavy Hprlngerx; 2 i coining :' yi'nrs old, 4 steer* com* l.njt 2 yenrH old. tl Miockers com I UK o'no year old, 3 young 1 cnlvoa. 37 HICAIJ OP l!Ot!S—19 good broo vwwt—brtbi nrr" hnrrowic • FA HA! M AO11 IN'J£K Y—Lurahcr to quit f aiming 'the «fl-44»*^ wi-«t »if lintf, *3 " eimt of Hound Grove, nnd 1 mile H«>uthw**«t uf A»snew. on >n. truok WIIKOI.I, neurly new, 14-lnc tiuiiK plow, tiearly n«w; Join corn phtnter with 100 rods wire run two fuvuKinM; r«miblnatio« John Ucere corn ,plow, with- one hundred rods 'wire. thrw-MC&Uon steel draw hay rafk, 1'ortlnnd slei^li. O-horn wiuahiter.. Clean Sweep hay loader, •••BBBHMlilB OF REAL ESTATE 9th AT 1:3OP.M. The^fdflowing described Residence prop- ei4y located at 801 3rd Ave., Sterling, 3li, consisting of modem 7 room house, Mil be offered for N i sale at Public Auction on ' * *»• . date above named. m<tH'KOod work harncNn, onu IH a hunt tnude bras* trlnwn«Hl Concord, Thl murhlnery IH all practically now, n it h«« only been used two Harrel vlneftar, harrt'ht. hou fly m't«, nnd many- othor articles too iiuMH-nuiH to mention. A quantity of chojco mixed hay In barn. « JIurleKw; feeds everybody at noon KII|«« iininedintely after, TI«JKMS—An »um» of $10 and under cash. Over thin amount 18 months time will be Riven on opprov«d nota hearing G per c<»nt. Jnt«*rt*i}t from date If pale when diifj otherwlsu 7 pt»r cent from date of sale. No property removed un- tir settled for. H05JBK HWSHMAN. COLONKL, JJUSHMAN, J. C. Prom, Ward Crom, Auctloneura; }l. f. Knox. Clerk, I>c. 4, 5, 8. 7, 8, 9 LIVERY SALE. I will Hell my 'entire Hvftry stock, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 8TH, 191^ »t I o'clock aharp, known o« the Hmlth Mvwy Hum. on the corner of Locust unit l-'lflh Mtrwt. The following; IB the deHcriptlon of the property: Foijrteen Honii>9—} black htsarsa team, wcluht 1.800 ib». paeh; t black team, will nrn KOCH! hoarHO team, weight 1,200 lb». I black te«un, well matched, 7 i»nd 8 y€»nr8 old; 1 bay twitn, 7 and 8 years old. weight 1,000 lb«. each; 1 buy teuni, well matched. « and 7 years old; 1 bay horse, «K«d 8 years; \ sorrel home, nKed $ yeurn; I bay hor^e, aged 6 yenro. weight 1,200 lb».; l black horise, TERMS $50O CASH. BALANCE MONTHLY PAYMENTS IN TH£ AMOUNTS SPECIFIED ON D.AY OF SALE L, COE, AucT4o;v'£E« RU SM v OWNERS 10 yearn, weight t.100 Ibs. The«t> are w«ll broke for women -to you will not nnd a better Jot uf livery hor»e« In Northern Illinois Uat-kj, Bugglwi, Wagons (iU new)—! prenfhern brohm; J pall ti<?ttm-H hack; a rubber tlre*t IIIIC^H; |0 rubbe-f tired huggie*. almust new; 4 nt»«?l tlr«a PujjKies. good u» new; 8 rubber i tired siirrfys, in fl simp*; j; uprinj; wujsons. ia !&>l* uf Duiitikt llurncwa — 2 m>in of brana d'lin- med haint'SH, l del «>f tiluklu trlmmuil huruejiH; 1 **et of luarww harnuuti; s »!«*t« of doublo driving harnetis; '18 Hel» uf Miuulo liuriu-ss, all in good ehupe, AllwellmieouH lt»>ms--4 r utl«r# In guiiil Hhnpe; | biiKKJ* poles; 8'tloicen whlpa: 10 robwtt all ii; good tihape; 8 ^eta of storm blankets; fly nets; hay ropeii and forks; n«ck ropes; pitch forka; »hov els, and otlar thiiiua too numerous to iiu'iUiou. This is OIH< of th» best Uv- cry rito.-kn ^ ,.\li& part of the ptuti' UouH full tt> attend this «a|«. All property will be suld as 1 nm goiu^ to «u nut of buBiiH-ss, Twins of Sale; Kv- Under flO.W ca«h. Bankable -s urcepU'd ou larger unwunla, with retfl at S'.t*. from date of Balw for !i mouthy, if not paid when due, in this length «f tlrnn. ^% will be char«*4 frtim date of saKv P. (>. Itumley and Harrington, AiuUJoneerji; Lew KeiUi-1, Clerk. N. Q..R6IT2EU Owner. . _ ^-Nov. 17, 2{, IJMV. 1, 2, g. 7. $5.00 $500,00 Do You NeecT Moliey? I will loan you money on furniture. uutomoidU-ji, and other per- soiuil pri«p«-rty. A-l! Icunr. strialy i-oii' Uwt tmiut >ou, tiiiur weekly or ti.omfi. I>. l',Ul ci \ussi- wii-l I \\ill ial( «/n ^«>U, il.fV t«4nt» 411 vti»uiim, Vitlh 1 " the JOHN H,,OOMMEL, v 400 E. Th.^j St., Rutk Falls, III. TUK8UAY. DIOCKMUKU 12, 1'JlG, the followitiK pi-«p*»rty: . 11 J1KAII OI'MIOHSRR— Gray K-eJ InK, 8 yearn, weight MOO; gray mart 5 year*, weight 1,400; yray. mure. _, weight nS(}8> black mtjreTr years weight 1.400; hay mare, 16 yearn weiftht 1,100; «rny mure in foal. 1 LOST 1912 H. H. K. t'KA.MM rinw; Inscription "M. W," on tnidde. Heward for return to (Jnsti-tte, I23tf JFOKRINT F* U« UKXT^STTJplK^Tru" "lUlHV farm, of aboirt JIM* nrr*-,«. nrirtli of SterlltiK. in milk dr«rrict. ru-nty of jtood pasture,' with riinnint; water, rental scoured. W. W. Mcl'loy, Hole axent. \ 134-13U FrUXIHHKI) HOUMS ToH I.ltiliT tr. One bliM-k ftom ear •noo 70!) ICast Fourth S(. 133-13) .'l!r> jijjjq. f':iH nr |<!i<i|K> K<L Mutt Hon. lioth |.»KIW»«. 13211 FOR SALE--BEAL ESTATO! tr r.Mj\t. ?!«> .'mil $.'1 nutJithiy; »«> m'< ! hiuhly iiro'l'ii'ihi 1 litnl: hiu innrkct'i. WriU- fur .-mi! full itifiirinalii'ti. .H .V. V., 1,IIV f'.I.h;, Kmi-!) "-! <>t- tr»x:<"j: (•!(»•<• to It i'it\. Mo i nj* HI*! cr.'»s|\i! nt'T SM.K 'ii nii!< - loxihrnM «f iDil' i.i.i t !is\c 'i "f l't,!i 'Hi PAflM tur risfUt. ? t.-i. \Vi «hipq. n! In.' xtookt ir.rT- rniilra l lh"i 11 f.iMI*», ! I i ! ii !'. i.r "* i •• ID tu ml fl I" ll, <lt(|l ! " III l\ V "j>t III! » I • I" h'Ktll tiiir". I'n'v l> tins; nf I *i • mill hro«Ml «in\", . iiiin !iti>|nl! i.iin. run lino rtt-136. «'M,ft'StN'rj nl'T 11. we will ;«HI I'.s wlll'-li ;i|i. e,,v -«. '•(•Ill" uu!i < il\iH at then «.Iiii..« htlfo- i-mi-l'i: In. 311 •"'hi'.'id of Hoi'N. ••*.in« f.irin m-i' liitiery, l.OiMi biiHh«-!,-i cnirt In crih.<> will !>•< held on IIH farm 4 mib-« liorth of Morrison, 1 inil>- of \Veni «"lyd»* NchiMilhou*!.'. John \V. Mi.'i'ulioh. KPH HUNT— KirilXI8HKI> HOO.MS. • MuiliTii ciinvfiiicnees. Jionnl n|iti<m> nl. f,(H? Avviittf H. - 133-13!' Full HK.VT— FfltNlSIIKn UooMS Iloor _f«irJ!Klit hniisi-k«'vj»ing fu;Tu nurt\ 7 . ':ti>? Ninth'Av>- 133-134* yt«ir», 1.5'Hl; boy yoara, weight 1,400; sorrel year, w«*lKht 1,050; black mar«, yoar», wt-lKht . 1,300; gray mare, I years, weltrhl J.800; 1 Apring colt. f.l HKAD t)F CATTLK--IS good milch rowH, 7 aro frexh, hulanrn fr<>Hl durini; winter; 3 heifer* t-ornins 3 yean old with calf; 11 hetfwr? comliiK i. old: 8 »tw«r« cotnitiK 2 year** old HtcerH, 3 yearn old; S wprliiK calves; lU'K/«ter<-d shorthorn bull. • 24 DL'HOC JKH«BY S1IOATH—Thenn lire good nhoatil. FAUM MAt'I II.VERY ^Triple box truck S wu;;on boxes milk rack, hay rack, 3 top buggh*«. otu good IIH new. 8 cultivators, hay rake. Clean Swwii' liny loader, Deering haj tedder, MciJormlck 6-foot mower, Mo- Cormlck 7-foot hinder, Superior drill, 1 diac, 1 seeder, 3-wciion .harrow, Kmer^on Sluky plow, 16-inch walking plow, 14-inch walking plow, llaye's corn planter, Climax KnHliajio cutter. g:ood* an now, corn elevator, SO feet, iiob-Hled, Uem fanning mill, hand corn Hhetler, tank heater, grind, stone, net of dump plnnkw, vet of wiigon Mprin^H. Bcoop Kcrupcr, 2 buggy polen, milk wins, I Ht'tn of work barnesH, 1 tu>t of brt-wh- hiiruewn, t nt't of double driving 2 Hetn Mingle, barneax, y seta 3y netn. Mnddle, 8 tons of Clover and Timothy hay in barn. oornmt'iictj) at 10 o'clock; free iineh ut noon. All sums of $10.00 and un der, «i<<h In hand, over that amount n credit of ,12 month* will be given on with wpproved wcurity with 6% date if, itaid when due. If not when duo 7% will be charged fixinj date of until nettled for. •" No reihoved . , Mitt*. AGNi&i KOHTBU. U: J* Harrington, A, I* Con, Auc- loiwra; M. K, Wtlger, Clerk. • B«0. J, Z, 6, 7, 8, 9. BROQAN BROS. SALE, 'Huvink r«»nt»><J our fnrm uiul . *lo move to JMWII w« will *»ll tii-puli. It* nnl«« «o tins iin-H>ts<»',-<. tTmili'x yuutlt- t»f Ut^k- FitHii, 8 iniit-H north uf in(h'« v««*t of i'ruplu'Uttuwn. TItUHHIUV. PKO. 14, 1910, e folluwiiiif i>w*tH«rty; 10 HOHSKH ANO XlHr.KH— One eam, w«iljrht 2.800; un«y liorw, wi'l^ht mni'«s« fti fual.liy jfu'k, ;.'.-, family inniv; tw«»-y«-ar-oUl olf H|mn of inult'H, 3 ami 4 y»;us OKI. tu»>lct*r ja<-h#. t'mni- and «<« Un-m. >iut wuchliii; mult*. 2U HKAi» (>I-;rATTi;K~10 row« uiul unu a-yt-ar-nld bull; to «lvi«; S of i hum 4mlK tamd stuck. 27 tniKSTHH WtllTK »|O<! ow«; inn* iild «*o\v; 10 fail KAKMINC TOOtjK Two IMJI 's; two luiulHT vv^iKtui.s anil un« 'tiniii|ii(in liiiuti<r; ttf-fiHit 'mower; wot liny rake: Kanjr i>hnv; urn pl<>w8; '»ulhy }>low; 2, \vulkiiu: )OW«; 3>tit>cU»it »lni,t;; tl^-fuot «vi«dtr; D«.>-)u>rM> tsfvdi'r; imtiitv'dttiiicr; foni 3 hi-'t.s ilmil.U' h.irilrss; 1 KOK UKNT—6-KOOM IHH'.SB WITH hnth and olfctric HKlit«, t«n 13th Avo. and fith St. fnqulro »it IVrry & Hwiver'M Drufj Kton* or 13U2 Kn« Fifth Ht. I3i!t l!t 'SI NKSrt \V \ \Ti;i > — I WANT nieiTimtile hu-iii"K« worth n'round tl","'! 11 , h-i\.«- i-ood 'j"i.;iere Mode farm In \V<->*!« in Illinois. I'lire $sg an ncr. . Wilfe Frank l,«t:->n. iMn- 1 comb. 111. / tSI-137* t !l-;x:--<»FH ILI.F^TIJATKO r.\TA- loftile explaliiH hnW we t'-aeb th<- Itar- ber trtid" tjuichlv. rnaiht! free. M*»1er- -• WANTEU AV ANTKU — HOrSfSWOHK t X family by ComiM'tent Klrl. A "H" cure of Gazette. ' 134-13 \VAN V TK1>—LKATtX UAKIlKlt TUADI —world's most |>rt<f!ial»l(« .trailt (jutekly leanu-d. Write for catalog 2«I 18th HI.. Molino. III.. Trt-Clt. lfiirt>(>r ColloKt". 133-15 \VANTEI>—TO. BUY WALNUT LOOS Will liiHpect at loading point vnd cash. Write It W. Durham. 431 So • Dearborn Ht.. Chicago. 112-13 WANTKD — SECOXD-irANU AUTO- mobllcM, will pay the hlghent price AUo nell all kinds of repairs, est prices paid for all kinds of fur and hldea. Mike, the (15 Tailor. Both 86t WANT TO BUY ALL KINDS OF junk. alHo beer bottlen. Will call foi it. H. Langford. Both phones. 115-Nfl WANTED —OLD FALSE3 TEETH Don't matter if broken. I pay $!,o> to 15.00 per set. Mall to, WO', S, Fifth St., Philadelphia, 1'a. Will by\i%turn mall. 116-141* HHUiKST CASH I'RJCEH I'AII) FOR - hUIetitand furs. Mangan'a HSurnest- Hhop. 312 First Ave. Ig- open on Q track wtwt of Sit>rltiiK il< p«it. full iind «e« them. Will « Cant. Pilot's right, from JS.75 to J4..10 barrel. AVm. Bhore, Ui-ll .phone. Km- erwin. . .IS'I-ISS HUGE GRAFT SCANDAL Argentine's Capitol Was To Have Cost $2,640,000 But Reached $14,295,696.80. ' v _ ,_ . ,, <By United I'ro«w.) UnenoH Aires, IVe. 7. -The ventilu* inn »if H( iindalN as awful or worse .thau jie ivnimylvunia sum' IHHIKIV sTaiulu! •oiuuH-ted wlih the «ui»itnicti<in of the iKi'iitiiu. national ctipitol today pro- iilM'M tt» ho an curly incident of Hipo- Hi* Irlgoyen's recently-betcun tvt:ini<> furki*; Btuivt«l»; utul »>tli*-r ur- to IIH iilion. tlti) HAY ANU (UtAlX 15 ton* bay in al It ('11111 in evil*. urn; J.oito !•'»•«.•« iatt-ly TKUMS--AH «uin« of $to :u»<l over ttiis'iiuitMini 12 uimittis !»*•»• I'vut in 'M illli' 1 . »»lJterwi».t« '{ |i«-r cent v tl mini »t'tt|e<l fur. nuouA *"> IiiiHiti>. H K oi. ; Ji>hu A K.uit-., t'li-iK, Work on tho capitol was started bout ten years ago, Jt is ne.irly, but of ,<iuife dune, The original plan H Vpelld tt.'.lliil.OOO J.cfiOS. iir $^',l>^ 'nited Klati's mou«>-. In fad .'U'.^'.tn,. ^'i> pejjus. ur, l<> be e\a«-t. $M.l'Stri.O!>it SO. bii,s goiu< into tho builditiK. It !.as been (li,uj-;i-il in print and prariioally l roved that. ' of this sum, about 12,iMti».(juu it is 'undvrstoiHi that i'ri'^ubiu J4<'\eu ,!« gelling ready li> t-iun. iiiul i i liuUial proi < eedint; u a^.itost iho pti>-<>uti uf'uu in tiit> plun- Kinds of iiiiinM nnd rur. win pay tne market price. Also want "all Minds of ]unk. Don't «lve away your Junk for nothing. Call IX Mnnrteld on Txiriurt «tr«»«'t, Htorllng. tM>fore you sell. Yott '~|| pet'full value for your good*. Bom '^g phonoH. • 110-115 Af/TO FIUK AND nnce. Life nibniherflhlp t«. Yearly duos $1, Also Auto I.labUltv, -tUra^, nnd Accident Insurance. Will pay* you to MCI» me. Jonaa H, ISaer, I>;iw- 127-1M OHEISTMA5 PHOTOGRAPHS 1 u orui u i ' i s en prexentf, HoniethliiK no <>ue ^Ive Hut yourself. Special, prlct'a from HOW until Chrixtmatt at tho Weavi-r Htuillo, over Oberniiller's, 1SI2-H7 TYPEWBITEE3. ALC MAK13S TYPKWRITKHH FOR rent or wily ftt spf-clul prices, Term« tu' suit Write, call or phono Bell 7l» W. If you have office furniture or typewriter* to «ell «ee us, Krelder'a T>t»ewriter Kxchnnge, 602 Lawrence Bldjr. i l STRAYED -T--V <W «^%^ it ^i^^*-W^«*^*»W^M' AWAY—8 STKKH ve«. call or write . Kd. Hardy Han- Hainan. III. " 132-135* ONIONS HHD ni,OHK VAKIKTV, JO per pound Jn not le*H than SO pound lots. Also pleiity bext quality \to- 11, It. I'latt, 201 Flr«t Ave. . 181-186 D, Y. C. S. E. Your r'hrimmmt tlei. They ate »>aid t«» invbi.i I'!;-, t i>Htl.U'ti rs am! lUlltleMtilrt |-u!;tui' ,in.> uf mvat pri'iDinetti e The builillliK i^ a ••mall tta W.i>htiiKton tapiiol ui.ii hti'nvn as ttio "tur.ui-'l-r , u ' <-st MI niiu h. MUNICIPAL LEAGUE MEETS. ( I '•> l'S!!U it I '1C-*- I ! hi• M .Woitb While Quotation. , i "TJtnt in.'ijt K j^r.-ai nho rl-cs to t!»««!' tti'UX'iii i« ^ "f th>' <>4,-i ,>--!o(i, uiul bit J 1 -. iu,i-*l«*i o! ih* T >ituatioti " Se- I .111 I',, II Ml.i >'|.. 1 I'l • l~ Ui..i.. ..• ^'f*lj i ll ti i t ' ! i I i 1 . 1,1.1. , \, , t ' T). Y. C. S, K. M«ir /««*•»» Hotel comforta'bl home-like nisincss

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