Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on March 25, 1964 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1964
Page 7
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Water pollution board lame ducks revealed The state Water Pollution Control Board, serving the Santa Am basin in which Redlands is situated, is operating with three members whose terms have expired according to Art Nauman in the Riverside Press. This is the board that was orianally^ headed by Horace P. Hinckley of Redlands. Air. Nauman's account (without; quotation marks) follows: Governor Brown probably is too busy to worry about this: Three members of the Santa Ana River Regional Water Pollution Control Board are continuing to serve even though their appointments expired long ago. One of these is former Riverside City Councilman U. L. Voris. A fourth member of the seven-member board resigned some months ago, and still hasn't been replaced. Officialdom locally isn't overly exercised about it, but there has been some private grumbl­ ing. The board's job is to see that the river water, used by thou sands of persons between San Bernardino and the sea, stays as clean as possible. According to the law, mem-j bers serve a specified term, but stay in office until either reappointed or replaced by the governor. The appointments are political. The board is comprised of one member • associated with each of these fiinetioos within the Santa Ana River watershed: an orgamzation dealing! with water supply or conservation; irrigated agriculture; mu nicipaUties; counties; industries that produce industrial waste; recreation and wildlife agencies; and the public at large. Voris was named to represent the cities. His term e.xpired Sept 30, 1963. He was defeated in a bid for re-election in AprU, 1963. The city's legal staff takes the position that the law im­ plies the board member w h o represents municipalities should be eitijer an elected official of, or employed by, a city. If true, this interpretation makes Voris ineligible to serve. Another board member, Clinton Flynn, of Orange County, who represents wildlife and recreation agencies, has been serving without appointment since September, 1962, -when his term expired, accordmg to the board's Riverside office. The term of Nancy Smith, a San Bernardino County supervisor, also expired last Septem her. The member who resigned was Haze! Lewis of Orange County. She represented the public at large. Members don't get paid, but they do get mileage and lunch expenses on meeting days. Some board observers report that because of these "lame duck" situations, quorums have occasionally been difficult to get at meetings. Numerous building permits issued in Yueaipa San Bernardino county building permits totaUng $297,765 were issued recenUy for construction of various structures in the Yueaipa area. The largest permit, $58,197, was issued to the Church, of Christ, 33981 Yueaipa boulevard, for new structures at the present church site. Bentley-Bay and Assoc., 9325 Wintergardens boulevard. Lakeside are con tractors for Uie building. A 551,920 permit went to .Vic tor Fauser, owner, 901 West Sycamore, Anaheim for con- siructioa of a nine unit apartment building. The structure will be located at 12724 Fourth street. Billy W. Simmons, 35018 Yueaipa boulevard, builder of the 5,396 square foot apart ment Other Yueaipa permits issued included the following: George B. Owen, owner and builder, Calimesa, a $30,056 permit for a four-plex dwelling on County Line road, Yueaipa between FifUi and Calimesa. E. L. Bemis, owner and builder, 1568 F street, San Bernardino, a $12,216 permit for 1400 square foot stucco dwelling Yueaipa. Alfred Sisman, owner and builder, 35396 Acacia, Yueaipa, a $8,192 permit for a 968 square foot frame and stucco dwelling at 35386 Acacia. E. W. Rerapel, owner and builder, 33460 Pine drive, Yu caipa, a $9,565 permit for a 1130 square foot stucco dwelling at 33440 Pine drive. John JIcKune, owner and builder, 1224 Custer, Yueaipa, a S10,455 permit for a 1230 square foot frame and stucco dwelling at 35124 Bella Vista drive. Ralph B. Sigier, owner and builder, a $9,395 permit for a 1060 square foot stucco dwelling at 35590 Bella Vista. Yueaipa. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Dietrich, owners, 328 Pierson boulevard. Desert Hot Springs, a $13,490 permit for a 145G square fool stucco dwelling Auburn avenue, near Cornell and Bryant, Yu­ eaipa. Richard H. Ronda, tniild- cr. August Sommer, owner and builder, 757 East 401h street, San Bernardino, a $18,810 permit for a 2300 square foot frame and stucco dwelling, Highview drivd, bridle path and alley, Yu­ eaipa. Arthur El. Epp, owner and builder, 12T90 Fremont street, a S5,865 permit for a 782 square foot dwelling addition at 12790 Fremont street. 0. W. Brown, owner, a $28,600 permit for a milk sales buikl- ing at 32312 Dunlap boulevard, Yueaipa. Henry Ruthuk, builder. Frank Moscardini, owner and builder, 1125 Sapplure, Mentone, a $7,822 permit for a 906 square foot frame and stucco dwelling on bonita Court. Ralph E. and Lempi E. Burke, owners, 34709 Cedar avenue, a Sll,260 permit for a 1227 square foot stucco dwelling at the end of shangri lane, Yueaipa. Billy W. Simmons, builder. Two Mentone permits were is­ sued, one to John Sousa, owner and builder, 2191 Mentone boulevard, a $16,122 permit for a 1591 square foot frame and stucco dwelling on Sapphire. Daniel J. Stecall, owner and builder, 2175 East Coltoa avenue, Mentone a $7,140 permit for a 952 square foot swell- mg at 217513 East Colton avenue, Mentone. A Redlands permit was issued to Guy Poole, owner, 12692 Valley View for a swimming pool. Permit value $3,950. Humane Society opposes baby Easter pets The California Branch, Humane Society of the United States, today issued a statement condemning as cruel the Easter traffic in live baby chicks, ducklings, and rabbits. Belton P. Mouras, Society Executive Director, said that 95 per cent of the young ani mals will be dead or abandoned withm two weeks. "Every year at Uiis time," Mouras said, thousands of tiny aniihals, placed in the bands of unknow ing children, are mauled, crushed or squeezed to death. The ones that survive mishandling are often abandoned after they've outgrown their baby- cuteness. Baby chicks, rabbits, and duckling s," he continued, make poor house pets. They are easily frightened and quickly try to hide. This lack of cooperation frusb-ates a child who wants to hug the fuzzy, wiggly animal." Accordmg to Mouras, the Hu mane Society advocates buying children realistic toy animals at Easter time. He explained that children happily accept these toys after being instructed about the delicate nature of live animals. Arden Reynolds receives science grant Arden Reynolds, 9th - 12th grade teacher at Colton High school in Colton, has received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to attend Uie La Sierra College Summer Science Institute to be held June 17 to Aug. 11, in Riverside. Reynolds, who lives at 1219 Occidental drive, Redlands, will be one of 50 junior and senipr high school teachers attending the eight - week session. The $68,800 NSF grant to La Sierra College covers tuition and living expenses for all partici pants m the study institute. The institute, which will provide eight hours of college cred it, will be devoted to lectures and laboratory work emphasizing physical, chemical and biological structure. Federal job insurance poy may be delayed The San Bernardino local office of the California Department of Employment yesterday began notifying persons who are receiving federal un- empfoymcnt insurance benefits to anticipate a temporary in terruption in payment soon. Manager Eve Mclahi said fed eral funds for pajonent of benefits to former civilian emptoyes of the United States Government and to former members of the armed forces are nearly exhausted. If the depletion point is reached, it will be necessaryj to suspend payments until the Federal Government makes additional funds available. California State Unemployment Insurance benefit payments wiii not be affected. Manager Mclain said further that if an interruption of federal payments actually occurs, claimants should continue to report and certify their unemployment in the usual manner. If they do, they will be paid the suspended benefits when funds are available. Otherwise, the back payments cannot be made. The preliminary notice is being given to claimants so they will not be taken by surprise. If San Gorgonio Wild Area opened $160,000 for Olympics offered by Adams group San Gorgomo Ski Lifts, Inc., would contribute $160,000 for training potential U.S. Winter Olympic competitors, if the San Gorgonio Wild Area is opened to commercial recreation devel- [opment The pledge was made this week by Morgan Adams, Jr., president of San Gorgonio Ski Lifts, in a letter to U.S. Sena-j tor Hubert H. Humphrey, who has been critical of the United States' "poor eighth" showing, at the recent winter games atj Innsbruck. San Gorgonio Ski Lifts is a Los Angeles organization which has been campaigning for the opening of a 3,500 acre portion of the San Gorgonio Wild Area 20 miles east of Redlands, for development of winter recrea tion facilities. So far, the group's proposals have been re jected by the U.S. Forest Service. In response to Sen. Humph for development of skiing and efforts to bring victory to our 'Olympic competitors." The Far Western Ski Assoda- tiun, another champioa of Mt San Gorgonio's skiing possibili If federal insurance payments'^ey's criticism and in an ap- are interrupted, each claimant'P«ent effort to wm his support. wiU be instructed at that time, Mrs. Mclain said. Much Sunshine The climate of Puerto Rico attracts 400,000 visitors each year. Here the sun shines 360 days a year and temperatures average 76 degrees Fahienheit, with only a 6-degree variation between] winter and summer. Adams wrote, "A public spirited group of 20 Southern Call- fomians has pledged $160,000, for training expenses over the next eight years for potential Winter Olympic competitors in this area.. "The only condition of the pledges is that a small porfionj of the vast San Gorgomo Wild Area in San Bernardino County be opened to limited entry iwinter recreation facilities.' He continued: "We will be most happy to make available our proposed skiing and winter recreation £a-j cilities witijout cost to Winter Olympic team trainees as it has always been our intention to foster Alpine competition. These facilities can serve both the Olympic hopefiil and the recreational skier, if we can but convince Sec of Agriculture Orville Freeman that this addi tional enjoyment of the mountain will not jeopardize his fine conservation program." Citing Mt San Gorgonio's po-! tential, Adams' letter explained: "This upper portion of San Gorgomo above 9000 feet is absolutely unique for skiing as far as Southern California is concerned, being the only reliable snow area with suitable terrain within a-350 mile radius of Los Angeles. It is only 85 miles from the center of town and is an ideal traming area for winter sports, with Olympic size downhill courses of more than 2200 feet vertical descents, with slalom and giant slatom possibilities as good as any in Europe, with an excellent site for ice skating training to develop distance speed skaters, and mndi terrain suitable for, bobsled and luge courses. "We stand ready to help yoa in any manner possible in your ties, this month launched a letter writing campaign to get the Wild Area opened for devebp- ment The March issu< ol the Association's maga^ne. Far West jNews, urges San Bernardino County residents to write to the] County Board of Supervisors. Inamely Chairman Nancy Smith. If you are really interested in skiing at San Gorgonio, only you can state your views and thus provide the Supervisors with evidence that the interest and support exists," the maga-j zine asserts. Redlands Doily Facts WeA.Mircir2S/1964 --7 UC given grant by Navy for oceoR study WASHINGTON (UPI) — The U.S. Navy Tuesday awarded the University of California at Berkeley a $2.S nuHton grant to cantinae its oceanographic research program, the office of Sai. aair Engle reported. The research is being carried out Oft ocean-going vessels and at the Scriops Institute of Oceanography at La Jolla, Calif. Supervisors approve Rams contract LOS ANGELES (UPI)-Coan ty supervisors Tuesday approved a revised contract with the Los Angeles Bams for use of tiie CoUseam by the pro football team. The vote was 4 -1 with supervisor Kenneth Hahn opposing. The contract is for 10 years. The original pact called for options wiiich could have extended the contract to 25 years. The options were deleted firom the revised contract DISCOUNT Walpaper ft Point Stotc Porch, Deck and Floor Enamel. $5.50 Value Qt $1.39. Gal $3.85 Hi-Gloss Kitchen Enamel $5J0 Vahie - Qt $!.». Gal $3.85 AH Weather Spar Varnish $6 .00 Value GaL $3.85 Log Oil Redwood Stain GaL $1.»5 Aluminum Paint for Trucks, Trailers and Roof. S6.50 Value, qt. $1.39, Gal. $3.85 ADtyd Latex Rubber Base Washable Wall Paint $6 .50 Value Gal. $3.85 16 or. Spray Can 89e White Bam & Fence Paint $3.45 Value GaL $2.85 % in. Masking Tape Bott 60 Yds :«9c Flat White Oil Base $3.45 Vahie GaL $2.85 WALLPAPER J5e — 3Se — «c - 45e - 85c Hem* Owners Paint Store 9 WMt State, Redlands Search still on for missing airplane LONG BEACH (UPI)—A Civil Air Patrol search continued today for a single-engine Navi on airplane wiUi three men aboard, reported missing since last weekend. The missmg ahnplane was piloted by Al Slmtz, 40. Para mount, when it left Long Beach Saturday for a trip to Anza in Riverside County. Passengers were Jim Lantz, 20, a Long Beach City College student who was to have wed Connie Millard the ne.\t day, and Dean Book, 43, also of Long Beach. New fire road to be built in mountains A new fire protection road will be built this summer in the San Bernardino mountains, 24 miles northeast of Redlands. The road, 2yi miles in length, will extend northeast from the Stetson Creek road in the general vicinity of Barton Flats. This is below State Highway 38. It is an extension from Stetson road to the county road, which goes from highway 38 in Barton Flats down to the River road in the Santa Ana Canyon. Jim Bates of the iliU Creek Ranger Station said Uiat the road was needed for fire control and wUl be generally west of Jenks Meadows and Ci- cnaga Grande. It will also open new space for proposed rccre ation facilities. Bids for the Stetson Spur road have been called for April 16 and will be opened in San Francisco. The actual length of the new roadway will be 2.23 miles and 120 days will be allowed for completion. SELL IT TOMORROW U'ith low - cost Classified Ads WATCH NEXT WED. IN THE FACTS AND SHOPPERS' GUIDE FOR CARPET SALE m smu 10 stm YOU 117 No. 4th St. Downtown Redlands Phone 793-1106 BETWEEN STATE STREET and REDLANDS BLVD. 35153 YHcaipa Mvd. in YUCAIPA fhone 797-1186 House rejects appeals for minting dollars WASHINGTON (UPI)-West- em lawmakers looked to the Senate today to reverse a House decision against mhiUng more silver dollars. They predicted they eventually would win. The House turned down all appeals and voted 75 to 6{ Tuesday to keep the govern ment's two mints running full time turning out pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and halves rather than dollars. "It's only $1,250,000 we want," said Rep. Arnold Olsen, D- Mont., sponsor of the defeated proposal to fight current hoarding of silver dollars by minting an extra 100 million of them. mm PET pTEW

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