Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 7, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1916
Page 5
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0£CX 7.1916. FIVS. AFFAIRS J I F, CLUB OF MORRISON Were-Entertained Yesterday At The Home Of Mrs. Bessc On Third Avenue. \V Ft, i v ;-i t Thn<l ,'n-ii .. Th fluh t f ^f'ii»(«"•>. th*' f'ft r 'l 'I'".)) «"«.-• i :!» H l);«T f'i' "it- .Mi) 1 "!" ' Th.- !:•.!!' • .-npt" f >'«*= --'-'".''<! r!«u!».'Ji'?. TI.P f«il!o« 'UK rn.ftt; ft! !(?•• («To>r i}r>rlt-lilt. \'»nd»'ti'".)i K, .M;irc-fr *«f Vrttttl* nliittR. Mi> Atin:< H;no'r Mta* M;i«> Hlt.-\?>r, M> k H« m'v .«•.!•••!!•>. lion, Mr* \\.i!?i'r H'itr;>. Mrs .Join Martntnn. Mr-- . R<-it»»M.»'-.i<. Mi*?, l^-il.- Krnnsu Mv«r«i, !\t<-»« (trr MJ-- B< !»« Van Own, :tn. Illttf Ml»w Porte fUirii!. Mi°« .1,-H-r.l. Hon. MfH ! iirrocnt^r nn<t Mips Wyne-Deaverf Company Toilet Articles A CAFETERIA SUPPER Given Latt Evtnina By The Ladie* Aid Society Largtly Attended. The|f"*' AM S<«fif,y »f »?>" I'r'-s- tiytcrinn rtcif. h tir-M n 'frtctfii.i ^u|. jw>r last tncrilnp in ihr> rbiiu-)!' pnHort tvhirh l»tmi-i! t.' '((»' ;< «r<.!» »urof'S« over two Ii'imitC'il |>*'<'!'f" nttrnilinjr TlHTP was nj<» a tn)'l*» «f lian.l in;*<l' fancy wniU and bottir- (nokitu: whiff •was writ j-atrwiitt<i -A MK fum wsn fl'rtlifcfl Which will be :til(l"it !<> Ill* tr<"n.(5iiry for the b<ti"rit of tin- Aid Boclfty. THE LADIES' AID SOCIETY M«t At Tho Home Of Mr«. U. P. Gotken Tliin Afternoon. Mts. f. R (!o»?l«>tt |,l,-;..«atillv i-ii till* rtflrrHiMiti tin* l^i*l!i-ts' Aid ftt hfr hom*' nit KlfUt -.tvi-niit'. Tin' lini" tlntiity rffr'"-lini'ntN >}«•!<' s»-r\t.i :m<l tilt lm<l a vi-ry «'njn>«it*l'' tiiui\ .MY8TIC r WORKERS DANCE. MyMI/ Wdt'lti'rs hol.t th ; >ir n-jf ,thi- liiill. ufttr v.-hli-li il.-HU'lnv W»H en- Joyed hy nlmiit *t*vcnt\>!lv<' r.ui|iU-n "n In!*- ht'iir. Hull':; Ih" DANCE IN,K. P. HALL, dunce Riven hint i'\t'nir.« it! jho K. P. oluji room* l>> tin- .Maiii.'il lVn- jjta'H oiuli wn» lurgi'ly iittciiili'il. Jur- Vl»' orchi'Hti'rt. furnMii'il ilu 1 IIUIH|<" and •- dancing wits enjoyed until a l:iti- hour. STERLING BOAHD OF TRADE ~KKS —Qiilrilovari I Ion i-il tif Trndo ciii.-nKM. Ill, !>"«' High Low Cloi« l.fis .1*5 .95 .r. I »* ';* 4 % .92 U .SI3-V, .'.'.3% •.r.s5i .Ji7J» .5-IS 2C.06 28.T& lfi-10 Caroline Harablock, Chiropodist • Shampooing ftttd ,, , Scalp Trwtmtnt, \ # J'• 108 mni Av», 8*11 Phon« 871 •$' Main Fie T,n. flintl'si HoiK-y Allfliillr) •'fl-rtlTI . 1:1 all! * 'l"C;lln . . . f 1UT N fTr T "" ! " 2.>< *'iilK,rtc « nitili t "r«-fun 1 '(ivvdf r fi.r . . . 2,"c .Mriirif n'«« Titl( Po\v(lcr ..... "."•.;. (.'ulWiltc'S Cull! < *i i sun fur t'i»« (U-r LT>r KhavltlK sue h ,'itii- jar Hiillitntn'n 1 i I'rhlt' ( 'riHint . . -,*>i j;>i' IViid'H \!iii ^* III)' ''fafll , . , . . : Sn.'ljl f»U* rr*i' "t.i'vi 1 Mr" i''a< ,'.!)*' l"(»iii|it-i!in' Xli:f i 'ri-.ji ni | i'.ln I*ii|ii|»'1an ,MHH ( 'r< mil ili'IPc Ctiltl (,'ft'iini $1^;:. -1.1-1 vi- M.-" 'SJVrfumc' T.'H- N'initlnc'H l''fn-c ?tn' Viintini-'s Titllc \\"fltfT f'H' '• i'lvi-r'H Tollft Wat IT for -- -$l.2ri i>ox "I'lvi-r'H 1 <lt-r - -Klnrntnyt*. fl.f.U Vaiitlne'H T4>llpt Water . . LTtc I'ro-pliii-liu'-tU lif-r Hcl Tooth ' fiOc IMIX of .Nh'lhrt" l't>wdi*r for , . . Dt-c. f 10.65 16.67 Jan. ' JH.35 16.35 Rib* Mny - H.3, r . 14.37 .Ian, 14, Hi H.U> CHICAGO STOCK 1 **ft ovt»r ..... . ' Mtxt'tl ' ' 'Tiih'l — 1'tniiKh Cattl««. Btt-ady. f'nttU* r. .'. Bh«H»JI . , . , ...; HuKH flow \f)f,i 15^ lo\ Or .* 39c 39c 35c 29c 39c "." 19c ".'". 15c '".". 15c 19c m 21c ,* 29c 21c 39c ":i9c 20c 20c 1 36c ":'" 39c 21c 98c 64c 1 64c 98c •'.'lei' .|'o\V- 98c $1.29 or Hull* 21c 39c • • y^'f-' III, ."7 lti,37 j <;.<»" us o? 14.17 14.2" 13,1'd 13. »2 MARKET. "^ III'.. l\-i; 7. $i» o'W iivT'^ *'» 40-11' 10 ;;i» *y (Kijfi [f, Jf, " $;i,xn<ei. 10.00 ' V4'f. . . --.". . 4U'.000 t-mv Jtationcry for Christmas IC&n you imagine a more -tic<*ept«b)e Xitws gift than 'ft'boautiful box of writing ipap^erJ Not o r d i n a r y, ohonp t e x t u re, just for holiday trade, paper, but paper that has quality as • Of all the kiwis of-.sta tionery we sell, \Ve. eon- ylder * most stylish",~ tlte' host Uy, the most exquisite lit h'nislu . Stationery is the, perfect gift -one that will give pleasure and be useful for months' to come. Our a K sort m ent'-of iXyins stationery is com* J)h'ti' t from, the juvenile Klz»> up tt>,, the .'? and 4 <jU^re 4'abinets. Alake \- o H r Heleetions early, (let ilw IOe to $4.00 Hendricks Drug Co. Tfce *3fesS5- Store \ CHICAGp QRAUN MARKET. rhlcuKo, 111.. DM-. 7. Wheat—No. ? red. 11.80 1-s. N'«v 3 hunl wlntc-r, *I.SJ 1-4. On-n — NIL 3 ,mixed. Ml*4; No, 3 mlxcfl. l>S«i«j«; No. 4 tnlxptl. »3 l-2«i'95 I-.': .%"«». 5 mix«-(l. }i21-a; No, ;' yellow; U5.3-44taai-^; -No. 2 yelluw, UuiiUtl Jri; No. 4 yi'lluu. -83 l-4ff'l'5 1-2; No. r, >t»l- low, US r>; -No. 2 whltK WC1-; 1 ; N.». 3 white, 3»r.C(9«; No. 4 white, 94«jMJfi. .(i«lH-No. 2 white. &f. I-a; NM. 3 whlU'. 54.;<-4<&'&8J-4; No... 4 whltw. M |-t"»i5ri; Std., rififii 55 3-4. . Harley . Hyi« -JS' STERLING CITY MARKETS s Dillon Company.) Ni-vv Nu, 3 yt'llmv' t'orn , , . , , ....... K3« % No. 4 yi'llow corn , . ........ , .SU 1 Nil, 3 miswl oatw ........ ...... ,...4Se Wheat ........ ....... ............ I1.5C ttyo .,.....'.... ...... .. .. . . ,.96c Hurley ....... ...,.,.,...,,......., 86t ~— ....... -.-. ...... LIVE 8TOCIV . (Pl|i|iert Urtia, * C« ) P»Ut steers .... . .„ -, ,,,|a COWH ......... ... .. . ....I Sheep ........ . , ,.,» ,.,t5 ..... ........ ____ . . ____ iR.80«?'9.26 LOCAL R i *i». MARKST. j(t'a»h • Hfksket Orowry,) . Da f »» fletjll, c-reaniery hntU'r ....... ;.4ir ..... , ........ ....... ,3'Jc Ouiry hutt«^.w. '..,....',,.,.... .Stfc N«w Veget«bl«i. (A.. J, OtiriU'M.) I«'fl4' U'ltuctt, JHT liPiul ......',.... .}0c '«?U<ry, ca Jh ................ ...... Be 'urufiilwn, t'ucli ..... ^ i .»_^..' JKc 'sirsley , .,.,..,... .(»<• . j!i»tati>t«'.«, Jersey. g\>."'. It*. ......... H, fuitry. i\t, , Vlery •';"".T;;';:T.,'~'".'; ,":T. :.:.'.. -.: .vrioc Jn'i'ii pt'-iiii*fr«j, '4 'for .' .&tv f\v ralibiig'., II), .., . , •.,».,,... 6c '•MllllSlt'WtT , - 1S>1- ihl i'j;i,-ic itliKi'S.^'.iVif . iU,>W» . _i_.iru('f fr'iii. <-.!• h' ', . .Home Journal Patterns lOe and 15c if iveh fii»- very lie<f tuif ;»i lipfnre war prices. The s jire now oft Wpe-Deaver Dry Goods Company Art Threads Extni large variety Ail the popular brands in all tin- tmn-h in "demand Colors awl nnmbci>. L<-\ this --ectktn scrtc VOtl.. Here Arc Unusual Val. For Our Week End Sale The BlQ Coat Store TSale in the Silk Section # '•ft Ifjf A Great Variety of Coals Everything that is stunning and stylish in •the way of coats is represented in our large collection. The newest ideas in fabrics and mod,- ^Is~^"price:st"haraFe most pleasing, 7- Wq offer women, misses and children the greatest and best values in this vicinity. Your selection is now advisable. Choose, at this big coat store where you'are'not limited to a .few styles —the assortment here is endless. Why not give one as a gift? Prices— . . ';,.; This city's gronlcst silk store jircsonls wonderful vnJtiPs for the week on«l m\<\ Wo take special pride in our silk section as we firmU* believe our values ii « •-.. to ho nninntchaltle. Active salespeople are here anxious to display trio Itoauti- ful silk««, : .. . Striped Taffetas This season V h e s t" patterns; width .'{(> inches, ^'J.lT) value, 'week end sale Poplin A. silk I). inches wide, a 1 1 colors. Hegnlnr $1.5 fahric $1.23 Gros de Londress Captivating eolorx in a urrn. at $1.75 Wool Dress Goods, Reg. 2.00 val. yd. 1.48 We call special attention t*> thif display I'or we doubt U' ever lu'l'ore was there snch a collection ol' woo) dress ^>ods lit this special price. 4 M Tliis seasfin's very hest aji inch plaids in black, navy, ";reen and I ^f ('openhu.i*;<'n. Heirnlar ^' value, this week end sale, yard.. .. ^erving Trays go at 1.29 Showing some now ideas in mahogany scry- ing trays, A special pu.rehase makes it pos niblo for ns to t>tTcr tjieui »t this cut price, ilost (lesinible si/c 11x17 inches. Weok ond prices $1.29. Ribbons ^ • i One lot taffeta- and melysaline ribbons, all ' p o p u I a r .' colors and widths. .-20^'-discount *- Stripod and floral ribbon*. 75c vulup, yard ...........Sic Fancy ribbon*, our b»tt 60c value Hppfinlly priced thiw end imie. th« >'HfU...37c Purses Special showing of strap back purses and hand bag j -~ floral lin- ' ngs. Leather pur»»« and hand luiKH, jftiVorcd- atyl«« in black and milt »luulfK. Ijirgp dlB- play boKt II. 2S purHpN, week end wale price . ...... . ...98c. H'dk'fs For Xmas There uro hnfjdretls to ick'ct from-showing tho touch of the nittstpr hund. A super h collection ftt special low prices. Swiss EmEroicP ored, sheer linen, dainty patterns, hund work'. .$1,50 and 85o Handkerchief Centers of sheer linen; 9, 10 and 11 > i nclioa .square . .25o and 16c Handkerchiefs in boxes, great variety. .10cuptO$l,50 ™ -Xrnas Boxes and Gards After carefully selecting your Xnms gift, a pretty, box-"it* necessary. We can servo \ou with any shape oh si.xe.-• :. • '"• "V - v .' ' /.. 12 Sheets Best Tissue Paper 5c . v We aro ready to greet you with n tastefully jselected hoi?-. . day stock of Xntus card», seals and'ribbons. -GIVE IVORY—SPECIAL SALE , " New shipment of ivory at .special prices; null buffers, mirrors, trays, combs, putt boxes and hair receivers. (iOe values, {hiKHuJuat ; '.. 500 Shoe hook.s, nail liles, pnlV boxes, hair receivers, cold cream I jars, and cutical knives, f)0e value 42c Forest Mills Underwear We have selected torn the best mills in *the land. Forest underwear is knit to fit properly, sized in every grade. It's the one brand of underwear that every _woman shoukL select—better .quality—better fit and prices moderate. Towels and Wash Cloths in neat Xtnas boxes. Prices Gacaiul .."... Bleached Turkish Towolirig,- j20 inches wiilo, -fantiy- colored border. Linen Huck Towels, .unusual quality aucT spotless. Week eiul prices are very special. Thinking strongly about giving a practical gift? We suggest pillow cases, 45x<%* inches, hemstitched, Anchor quality. Xnms boxed ,.„,...-. $1.00 Best Pillow Cases, at pair $1,25 Those desiring extj-a quality cases for themselves or for gift giving should see these, 45x38'/j iiuehes, at-pair .. ,".$1.25 PILLOW CASES "AND SHEETS Seldom indeed will be the future opportunities matching- this ,oiie in price $WK! quality. Women should hasten to this section. The cases and sheets arb the "Anchor" • quality. 'ufU-H 43x.'JHi,o inches; .sheets 81W inches, embroidel-ed and hemstitehe«l; A sensible Xnms gjift in a neat Xnuw box. ^ Price .;.... . P v . -$3.00 Wear the Gordon Hosiery Here at this big store the stock is unusually large— we might say the largest stock in the Twin Cities. Every * size,"style and shade one desires. Positively full value _in_£very pair. Your next pair should be Gordon or Round'Ticket hose. All prices; Economy Basement Presents Great Bargains Turkish Towels Fancy stripes ami p 1 n id s, large, size. The ,'$;> values, week eml sale price .. ,26c Turkish Towels Bleached, fancy colored borders. Kegular 4 25c values, this week end sale price I 210 Wash, Cloths Bleached fancy Turkish clotbs, plain or colored b o.r d e r. Week end sale price, each ,, ,4c Outing Flannel Light and dark colors. Hegular 1^'^c qua lily. Week end sale price, yar Muslin Kxtra good H o f t ; Wear Weil brand. Special week end Hale |Hcic<* ... .9c Cambric The wull'k n o wn Berkeley number, <W inclt The regular 1 He quality, AV ee k end .sale price I4o Pride of the West, full bleached ."1(5 inches wide. Regular ^Oc grade, yd.!4c Tubing 1 , Anchor brand, lineji iiinish, 4:.' inches wide. '2fa\ q u a 1 i t y, the yard '^...^..i _... ...,20o Sheeting, Anchor brand, 'bleached. 9-4"•width. 45c quality, yar«l ........37c , Peppereli Bleached Shcvtiiiu', .'».")»• quality at vard .....-..".! .....'.28c Pepperell Tubing, full 45 indies wide. A Hpleii- did 25e vttl., thin sale .20c Hospital Gaiue ?/: 36 in. wide. W« eke n d sale' price, the^yard .'.... 4VgO- Calicoes, light and dark. Week end sale price, the ard ....... American Calico, dark and light patterns, bent grade, the vard .-."" . . . .7c Bungalow and Coverall AproiiK, percale and , all sizes; ,'J to a .....; ..... 44c Corset Covers, em)>roid- ery short H. I e e ,v e s.. 7«V vftlud at .."..". ...... . . 49c Knit Caps , and ^A u t o Hoods, all the very best." .styles. Two big * lut.s at special prices.' Values to 7.">c at .... .25c at *, -, 49c Suit Oases, extra good quality tibre cases, stan-. (lard size. Regular $1.50 case at .98c JE1 e«? t r i c Flat Irons, weight 0 itywnds. Hegiilar $.'&}() value, complete, tbis .sale ......... ,.'....$2.48 Tinker Toys,- the wpjh der builder—t bo toy that g I a"<Ui e ii t» the Jieart <*f every bu\\ One.p ^package rcad'y to mail, .5Uc value at-. ........44c Palmolite Soap, regular size cakes. Limit of 10. None sold -to merchants. Week end sale price.. .80 . Ivory Soap at a low sale price. Regular size cakes, .'i for ;.10c rr •• Lenox Soap, the favorite for wash day. Week end sale priee, H bars;. .250 Galvanin Soap specially priced thin sale, 7 bars •IW-..'...;.'.. ........25c

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