Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 7, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1916
Page 4
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, TiWffiSDAYrf DEC. 7,1910.' PROTiCTION leans Against Foot Deformities Mother* «*• fathert—you to toitr ckUdrwn to greatest wear, comfort and style— •tot from infanta to yotiug ladies and boyt. Popular Price* m-w }iflT!i?~fnti fi!'tor?|iMin u <* n for n rrival of two '-f Kid vnrnp. First. a Boot with JM?M MEtern j too Inte for else now to copy this season, ; out high prices of lenth- ,er. will stop anyone or- nnyono for dering now. number only, n, r. A A A, A. •Second, a beautiful 'ton bice White Kid Boot, hand t u r n e d , wood 'heel with aluminum plate. Special, a two-tone Gray Lace Boot, big value, $5.00. v_. i ** L THE BOOTERY H. 0; Bray 21 E. Third St. E. W. Mason QA&Y £ AHD DAILY STANDARD PfXTY-THTFjn TBAR Hhwl Drs.ily Ktff-pt fismrtny. W. CRAN'DON' >% SONS, IMiiors nn«1 FuHti^Vif'rs. , til Wf-«t Thifl R'rc-ff. Ptcrflne, Bccotul f'fnss TERM9 OF SU9«CR1PTION. By M»il, 0ut*<de of Sterling and Reek F«ifl«, Anywhere in tho U?iit*d Stlrtrt-or C«m*d* ' Rix mfinthp !n ftrtvanrp. 1.2$ f/^j--«i tbrtn six monthii, p«r month .25 By e*»rt»r In Sterling of Reck Fafft, or by Mail it th*; Sterling or — - a~J_i_ e^.ti ~ «M/ . > - *•» . _." "" ~~ FT9C1C " r wiTH P^o*toif ice Oho y««r in fulviince. f ">M Ft* months In «dvn.ncp 2-f>0 Tlirpw month.? In artvnnee........ 3.25 One* month In advance .46 Hy th« we^k, t*,yabic to the car/-ler .10 Hft ;i (»(.«•- Kme '' mr-rs if FROM OUR READERS It* Urn?? Sam Do H. -! I-- ' ik. <-•... nv . \ f».Ut» ...if s hf him. H" ',v:i SJ.'iVo !ij. his (•r. A iri'ir. •! VtH rn>-rn<>ry. fur flank in cf Montana will certainly hm* to l«e v4pfy rfm-ful or j>f>mf'l«>'1y ronf tw- w trying 1 her. iff for a h<«uyp«-|fe fNtffvr* her two years »!" f-i h for !•::«< f i ti" 1 . i-r fti ilti'li r n« tiftfl - no i),;!V';f ; !V '" r. t!).- <-.!.! "'fir .f n !h«-iiKh U !•> <.f the >»'* n. r f,'!>v<-T"nm' i nt. M, R. o< the ftbtlrtv to l«<» to T!K« stympfiihy of iTT ~Tr> "tttrTCtTiTrrr' t TT ouidit i m.inia, tttst it looks very «.i,-r> H" in""TtiH" Tt«>y;u ?Ta ~J<V if --&S- Yunr fhri^.tmas Shopping Karly. DEMOCRACY VS. IMPERIALISM. Th«» UritlRh fri«i» l« .mnr^ than It Rpetns. Dcmofrary . Is twins tpsfprf neainst imrwrlnllsm nntl the chftntr^.'tn th*> British cabinet Indicate* that Im- Is l>clnK ap|x>nlf<1 to In or- tlr-r to «tc€*«iif»11y carry on tht» war aKninst Oprnmn Vh!lit«rl^m nn<1 Imiwf- inllsm. in (Jprmnny evpfy man must Bt ir *nil a crrtnln pfrlnd of timi> In military trnlnlnit In ordir thnt Uio itov- i-rnmrnl \vlll bo j»r<T'ar*><l fortny wnr" that may <-<>im< upon It. In RnglrunJ nnil Ampi'lr-n,* whfrr- rjpmo^rftfy controls, tho mnttcr of traffitntf- IH fntlr»>- ly vtttuntnry. A« a ri'«(ilt f>f tin- Imiicr- ni«'tlHtil (Sfiinnny hn« wl|i«.<l HP!off tin 1 map and prnrtnitPil far Into I'*riinr«>. Hhr« has wl(>«<(l Sfrvln off I!K» m;ip nnil t.<« now Kolns throotjh nnla Ilko n two cnlgod »>wm-(l. has ptifchiMl th<» Kupi«lan hoiimlury linn Ua. k lllliitJi;l\ rol.'Uli), ll;tN «!»•< liit*"l licr liiti-nlion of tnakliiK 1'olatnl a #i'\i~ :itati vl REPARE FOR XMA8 CANDAY. e to be prepared agrntnnt Injr ravages of (.'hrlHtmns caiidy, »Thts (By United Pre**.) wt?Plr-tii "dental week" • and pftrents* hlcnpo, D«c. ".-r-Uerttnl Hur«:eon« j were urged by Mayor Thompson to their understudies were xwamped j take. theJr - children • to c'ltnte.* for " by «eh«H>l children whose "toofle* treatment. , tfc The Bungalow Man" I Imvc the most complete outfit of contractor's tools If and equipment, and together with 25 years' experi- h. ence in constnietion work in this vicinity in a number |; of different cities, qualifies me to handle your build-', ing or rebuilding in n r efNBedr'economical man-. .Jner. I have an organiza- ,tion of Competent me^/ ; chanic« who are paid .•every Saturday night; not for what they belong to but for the work they do. Organization counts more in the building business **•-: than anywhere else. s I,, have built 1(5 new : houses and remodeled 4 old ones in 5 months, or an" average of 4 complete modern houses per month. From :" the vacant .lot to the house complete HO.part of this work was given to sub-contractors. I handle your whole job—-excavation, concrete, cement walks and cellars, Carpenter work, brick work, plastering, ' stucco,'painting, plumbing, heating and wiring. There are over 50 houses built by me. in use in .Sterling—every one of them modern and none of them vacant;., "T own 12 houses in Sterling and am .adding 3 or [» more each year to this number. I hire no partners so. t am free to deal with you" without consulting anyone, I have a number of Jiouses for sale on payments or ^'will take vacant lots*a* part payment for a home. I" can gmjrantee v you 7 per cent on your money if •on-wan^ to Invent in modern %>meHn the rerjr-best | residence section of Sterling. i ' . ' JOHN 'M.-POWERS . General. Contractor Bell Phone Gifts For the Map or Boy --^ K ar« worrying about what to give to father, |;80n or brother—you can aolvt* your prohltnu by coin- fjing here. You will iind a pleasing tivleotiou of— » Electricl^laah Lights good present to give to anj^ one) Safety Razors, Pocket Knives, , Toy Slectrio Motors. 7oy Ilectylc liifcines. -«f-«ll tends.--—-.' Special for Saturday only 'Flash Light Bat- OOW t'fash Light Bat- L» cell ,""^^ {.fries, 3 cell Maogan's'Variety Store 3J2 First Avenue ., - . : >m.- natiiriitly rtili'<l bv a liin royill Huhjefi, \\ hii h WoMtd t*i>- him to i-nll the men of 5'ol:ind into tU« baltleH fi«r <!«nnmi tumr<-Ht:»<-y, In licnwiny. when there in n m'utvity of focnt, wlir-n liitfh prison prevull, the Imperial Kovernment litcpH I" <*"il r<'K- Dilates tl>« privnto liahil* of HH nub- 'jeotH In tho intereBt of the empire" at lnrK<'. With from three to llvo men, nrtd \vlih from three to live dolhirn to ••very man un<! to every dollar tU-r- inany can rnlxp. battllnif agniiiHt her for nearly two yearn,-the nllien under tile control nf democratic Kngland have been, unnble to miike^more than a dent in the Oernnin lines. Th»» vir- torlcK on theVw'DwrTront have been her- •ilded us of Rrent moment but the ohang* 1 in tho Hrltlfth ministry phown they have coat frightful IOIWH and produced but Klight remiltH. There would !>o no I'liiirtfiOH If the battles were BO- _t!l8 JSLL'l'lt-l L_' ~__^ The Cinzctto doe« not want to nrg-tic this wny, It doe» not want to think In thin direction. The Onaetie believes In the demoera'-y of Aim-rlca, the democracy" of JCnKluml, the drmocrucy of FYwruM 4 , tho rule of the people, li^dueit not iictlfVe In the Imperialism 0f Germany, iuid yet tho more one conniders and think* over the etllcifncy wh*ch Germany Is showing,'not only In military affair* but In financial and governmental nffttlrg, we Miami appalled at the Inellleliytcy of .democracy and wonder at the efficiency of KnRlfuitl linn fulled, not only In the wnr but In the management of her. own internal affairs. If tho women had not rallied to Kngktnd'i uupport tihe would not able to'turn out tho munitions she htus needed. Fur the ilrHt ypur her labor wiw In revolt U Is in little bettor condition today. Bho hiiii no. methods by which she ,can ImporiallzB when Imperialism IB neo- eywiry. She haa no lrnperlali«m with which to meet imperialism. The change In her ministry nwu>8 tlwt England, in tending toward ImpertaJ- i«m, toward IC>HB democracy and more putcrnalistn. It Is forced upon her. not becatiBO uho wantH to »»<• tiuch mothodH, but because conditions compel U. —The lesson i*-HtartUnff,-it l»-^rt>imHins to Anwrlcwjs ,who be)l«vo In i*«ee and who think this country is nniplyTrtJle" at all times to tako care of herself. Thin war la almost demonstrating that for. tho comfort and temporal of tho Individual democracy offer* .tho best outlook, but for tho safety and the permanency of tlio «tate so lotttf us war* aro waged. It looks us It Jm|u-daU«m In the method of war. • HIGHWAYS TOO NARROW. In dlwt'uuHlnK the building of public highway*) ah exchange insists that a number of accld«nt» Jwve btuyj-due to the narrowneHH of the lilKhwuys, where • huve el tlier come tone t her or on& bwm forced, over the edge In an endeavor to avoid collision. No roadway should be • constructed that Is less than sixteen feet in width, and eighteen would bo a tuill tfmiier factor for wifety; ami where tho improved part i« sixteen feet or even them should be an apron on ttide whose width is at least threw feel. litiilt In' this manner, thero van,be little danger'of a car turning turtle, no mutter haw fust U is going If it It f;jr<HHl to'turif off 1 the imp«"o v *'d part, eat trulHc that such lm« highway* bring Us uJtmu u nee- esslt\ fur. their being wide ae well as tt*ikW*uiv of future traffic conditions. MOST BACKWARD STATE; Tho i'Hit'uKl> I'Txatnlner *ny»r It may bo Klutni without tVur of t'uniijuliclion that UHnolH la u tno»t b.tcU\vur<i »t:ite «M fur U.H (.li'iH'iit highways !U'" t'"tt- cernt'd bi*«.'uu»« thw Spo.otio tnou>rist«. within H,H huruVnt Jiavt- not ik-niyjuifd BuJimtWiijs—briirt-r—i|«rj- }mve-"Wf»- too busy witu jit>rttonul ^rt'ali'sj, U> bother huvt* bffii funtciu in mud uml uuitdVrlng •.vhy uilu-r giuti'3 uu; w; fur ubvuii uf Which Will You Have— The Great Artists of Today or Yesterday? THEY A&E NOT THE SAME w V Artists of other years, singers Avliostv voices \vcrc sijpivuio Jive t>r ten year's ago. are not the glWt^rTiTfn^s'TjTTtTnay". A'ge ifuist tR»W""1)(«nm»" Vouth in iiiusie as well as elsewhere. But it often happens (hut. artist;; who have won fame in the past arc living today oft' that reputation, not from tlieir pre.senUijiniHicaljibility. .This is a fact we'll rec- -.ognized by imisicai critics. And when.the public awakedi to this fact, it will demand merit in^tli.e present :; performance of the artist and not be content merely with a reputation won years ago, but •^nndeseryed today. This is what Olin Dowries, music- critic of the Boston 1-ost has-to say of a singer once recognized I* peerless: (,'Lnst nig-lit tho audienco was soon past any dispWsoinate judgment. As the evening went on he sang more and^more badly, and in the N*tle~ scene "lii.^siiigiiig^ "was""positively"~eT>mieaIr *•»•*" flJs toues were likely to be thin and unsteady; he wari guilty of a hundred exaggerations and departures from a pure style; when he was not 'hedging' in his attack of, a passage demanding much ton*) and a heroic delivery he-was shouting at^ tbe top of bis voice. The laws of' song were nothing to bim." , And yet this singer fo bailed today, by those, who make talking machine records of his voice, as supreme.. lie,may have been once, but not today -MI ud when you buy,records of'•his voic,**, _y.otupay_- for past reputation, not present merit. " i^' ' The NEW EDISON Places atYour Command the Artists of Today* 'Re-Creating-:.• the Music of Their Voices and Instruments With Such Fidelity That the Re* Creation Cannot Be Distinguished *%? Original! from its rc-erea1ion by the Now Kdison. These are only .two of t tho-great artists whoso artistry is* brought to you in its full perfection by the New Edison. The list "includes such famous singers as Anna Case, Alice Verlet, Julia Jfeinrich, Mtnmy J)estinn, Margarite. Mutzcnuuer, J^ucrcxiu Bori, Xenatello, Anselmi, Hiddleton, Urlus, Ooritz and Chalmers. V^-^^'^^vi^^wf'^h^ singer is matters Jitt1e 9 unless it is reproduced in its fun beauty of tone The |few Kdison alone dare« -to jTenni-t of n'tohe test, in which the artist is heard in direct eoinparl- •Hoii with /ihe w^C'rcation of his i)erforiuaiico hv tho Now Kdison. * • ~ ~, •** t" "•• . + - * - Thomas A. K<liHon has chosen to re create on tho'New Kdison only the artistry of tho foremost artists of today—singers whose voices'are"at the •whose'playing'is at its lies! now. Ho Mr. Ktlison lias ehoseii sva-h tirtists as Marie HappoUl ajul Albert Spauldiiig, shown above in a tono4est, proving • by,direct ^ompariBon that their ,suj)orb porforinanco of the Bach-iloimod Ave-Maria cannot he ilistin- CAUGHT ON THE FlY fi t-tiitfil Hutt tho i>ror aro Itn tit'n" ('f S 'thai tt .will i-v i'.MiUiitly '\Vv will ^-iitutf IK i i |K that Ovei- 200,000 JIUKSIC lovers, ami tho music critics.of more than 200 of America's leading newspapers; have seen and heanl astounding tests ami 'were puMtivdy nimble to distinguish tho original artist's • voice or instrument from Kdison's .He-creation of it. , . . l And tho reason JVr:lMisou supremaj' Uiu. pHtciitcil diumoiui point reproducer on the ijuleslnictililo record—*exclu,sh'e Kdistm featurt'H. " - ,' — - . • , . - v* . Will there Cereal music in your home this Christmas? - Notiiing quote so> well expresses the joyful' spirit of Christmastide as music, 'Make your ^ift'to the family this year the New Edison. It will delig'ht and amuse you with the music you love best; it will g1ve-the r 7QUTO"peoi}fe~ihfc^ dance by, and. educate., them to appreciate and love g'ood music, ... • - Come down today and letu.s play your favorite selections* hear the superiority of the New 1 Edison with your own ears, and let us explain how easily you can own'this wonderful-instrument, paying 1 .for it while you en joy it; - - - : - - • A call will entail not the slightest obligation, . ' • '• ' , ''...' us-,. .

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