Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 7, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1916
Page 3
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[VAN REFORMS Committed To.. Prohibition And Woman Si'f- fraqe His Hope. OUEST AT PARTY DINNER President IXinfs Him For Pas: Service Awl Brya.i Praises Mr. Wilson. Whirh I,. i l»«i 7 ?U f>'i !'•! • lo l4-ill:fH: i'-l !?-•!!>• 1ln«»! Mr. Hrt:Ht 1. N'rttioit-w 2. Worn-Hi MI hi- iir.nti! !>' :n! '( ilic nf?:'-!.iN .itn! ft'.tivii'i f««i'-r;il .HIT ml • Ft if tin I')' *!>!« ti! hv l'"t»- wl.-ir vwt'-, 4> Ch.tnii* «< ''» tn'ilu- tin cm mor* »*s«ilv :u)i- nii.U'lc. In fttMlfion t" fiH pr<i« to flfiht: Tin- «fT«it tf> Kivf the- fwl- f>r fAllro.til t« KUl«fl<'ii ! t!"l "tin' mcliat -(' f>f mllltillHru ' (tt< •>« Ht« i! t-v p'r<ijnt<ilj; for ttnlV''r*iil fnillin'n >-"rvirf». Lauds Bryan. l«,WtTMtK Mr. ISrvttn. find jmr- ticularly IU>* work f<>r th«> jciriy iiur- Ing thr- rnmprtlcn J'ft w<"i. \v»-ri' nisfili- by ttiany «>f '<t*< illmr* nm? a l*'Jt''i- ««*< fiom l'ti"»i>ti'iit Wtt^HO, with fin 1 fnlmi r «>iff'tai\ ni.'l Bryan hn»1 Innohnl ilttrlnn the <la>. Th«* t'r^rli 1 tut «t«'t»' "Will V'i'l )»>t !>*» klmt rn<im:h to ronvpy tuy vo»y ittnllnl fct«'tina:' (*> JMr^. llrj'.'Ui and l« tlu»»««» svln> MI«- ns* n«*nii>lc<l t>) iln him honor nt iln- <HiY- ncr on Wi >in«'«il,iv I»VI>II!HB? It* tho M<> unc rfni!t>r«'<l nior« w-rvlrf than Ntr. llryah. nn«l I nm hmipy to hn<)W that this illntu-t I'XpffWtt'il th« s it«?^uln»* iidtnlrntli'Jt of nil I^tiuirrnJi for him. .May I t>u! tty thin mpari«< ctmwy n< him my wnnnc'xt rongrfltuliitlonx unit best w|j>li<'M fur his eonllmm! h«»A4th titul h.ipjH^i•».«." ' Ift" fflvlpwlnif nt Irnpth tln« \ artmtlon, Mr. Bryan rtnhl the work hml done In ono *hort term "truder itu> £ fradpfBhli) of n ftr«»J Drmooratlr 1'r* •»• lnyally »ii|t|M>rt«-d hy n C»»mr«'»« '•' equally Democrat!«*." 'CYCLONE DAVIS WAS DEFEATED BUT IT COST i ' OPPONENTS $200.000 >„ WanhlnRtoi), *I.»n. 7, —Wfhrlnj; hi" r "whl*fcbro«jm l»Vur«l til hwlf-nmHt, "«*>•L Clrttte Jim" I»avhr «'f T»»X«M \va» ln»-k ^.hvpi today with other' "lame tiui'hs" "C.*yf'h>riH' r W»W»T>;H'|C wllTi" .T iTTf- CotiKn-jiM IH all wrmiK.'-niK? It fl>*«l, HlH tln> tailn of hlH rVAlbtrf ,fltti»|H»u ln'lHn<'r«itry a« he yil- L*d 4own at th<? ro|»orter from thi> U»|» hi* flosp 0 '* form. ^*U«i«jrimii_ Clock, Land f, tht« Kcpwspntntlvrn i> ». hftVP HIH'llt ,IV Wllolo ll!» ,Jot of money yt-Inlnjj '|ir«'Ht^' K nh«*-nt. 0 tfooil of rurtnlnK a !!M on a 13H h«»laf Th<w«* htril .^r..- nml pun«'h n tlmo c)o,-'k t \ prove th»»y hctu«lly work that limit; • V "I've gi»t to «|> hAi'k hmme in Mitrrl "--* rnnyl)t> yau think I'm-wiri*'; hut l'n , the boyn of |HHIX«> nml h*nlh mo, nun 1 eiiiuiKh; I»>t I cowl..ihvm _ $200.0UO. nml I ftln't won* a I»H ^I'Hflght, them w.m»» more nt ti Around, Not Done; Delayed, not done; just uVlayi-tl. Whet I. hall*b«»arlnir, i^CongnBiiH we ought t«» |» So eaylnK, off hr. wont up th«i ulkl planted hlmntt!f hetww-n i)*»mo ,^^^ leader Claude Kitchih of K f *»rtl CaJrollhn, IntronHtiHt Iwhfnd'. n manuBcrlin and a large ^^iooat, and ronsrfstnun of Qeofgin, who wan engulfed in a tiorgt^>uH Kri't-n Kilk f«ur PLUCKY ILLINOIS BRIDES ? Th»y Gat Their Husbands Out of 4ai cf' In U!ttl« Rock, §<.. Will* Rock, Ark., DPI-. T.— VU-funal n i< "Jlr*» John KlwnKMn and Mr». Alurtli < i '*-•*& from thetr hunbonda ennhhtl On i? twp youths to «utsiin iiarduns r«*M<ivint$ 0 th«m of flnt-H f««r viuliiting tin- ni-' & «am«* Jaw^ nnfl oarrytiw r«'volv(>r«, f 1 Wfi«h Khronli'ln'untl .Karl vtcni -w>nt fe, (Ul JatJ the two |jii«tt'ti willed, in » «»«-ar ; i^t^r hotel ,ond annoujMH-d tJiey — -w«nild £'.' »!*y th««r«> at tln» oi>iMi|y'« « -SIH-IIMK MH -'/tll ittf Ir hu»lniml« «vt n- reh-awMl-. situation bwaino SPI-IOUH »yhoi WirWa'trtVS HtfJiK Is official* for l"r Ui«- , *Di8GU88 COAL- SITUATION. ' <1aJ*»burs, 111., J^*'. T. Tin- t-ity w»* nav^il a o>nimH««;*' )<» with' w»mmUiM'8 fr«mi Bi i iua- till* ( x t>«l. Ull'J iuul 1 JOBBER WAS WOllNDED ;•. P«»c«(ur, IS!. !'»-' T :J;uni:> M' ' '••" In »P r«!»Mi-t '- vvouial i'» tut- ' .1 niilt^i Kaujilu'i .\t<iraii \>,i* shot " HER CHILDREN PRO.WN- ajmugli'.s htiu« .u hi- . fililtlwil .l;»»\v» .M i-itf f!UUi,:i:U'»,i *' "t«t>9l(|iC Hunt .!i % ll'f 'Kfi!.a';i»n rivor. ' '"'' '•» ' «'W" "'( wit* » U'f I'.'ta*" tli- « %rf< n» ;i. T=-;v,rtln--: htv K. liur.iiu i«f iMniud > BOYCOTT WORJ<S, }?i*lHHI, MMl. I'" T I'D .:-T*j I!: . I,,- g tvht» tui tin l»- <> in •«'.«" ~""a YVC. a R i>y Vi'US iMiiu lu* 14 ^t.''i»i'iJ NEVER AGAIN Such a sale as this. The pins knocked from under high ..4JJdc.ea_-..jMaiL_QLdcthouses., underbid, shattered. Read this announcement from start to finisji; it will /pay you handsomely. Test each statement word for [ word and what may here resemble exaggeration will re- 1 solve itself into the gospel truth. In order to avoid all confusion and misunderstanding we ask you to read this document often^ then bring it with you to our sale of this immense stock so there can not be the slightest mistake regarding the values, etc. Every pair of shoes and every bit of furnishings in this entire stock will be marked plain with the sale price, There have been sales and sales but never before such a slaughter like this. Nothing wiU be reserved, all is to go, so you can see the advisability of coming early and get your choice before the best is gone. A COLOSSAL EVENT Bargains galore. It is impossible to describe the >f-.styles oLshoes and f umisJiinf« Jjotttatoed iit this store. Yon all know what the Packard shde is, and any store carrying the shoe must have good goods in all lines. We are iu>t cutting on a few lines, but the ENTIKE STOCK. Absolutely NOTHING RESEEVED, The statements quoted in this advertisement will give you an exact and truthful guide to the enormous savings possible. Such prices as we quote can not be called cut prices or reduced prices. That does not fairly express what an extremely small outlay it will take to purchase your entire supply for the year. Cold type can not express, fails to describe values. Colored tickets will mark the savings to you during this sale. ONE LOT OXFORD SHOES, fornn*r prices nj» to jf.'5,(Hi ( voitr olioico. 98c HL «J. MUELLER ONE LOT MEN'S HATS, fornTi'r priooH'up to $.'!.()!), our clioHM', Former Prices Cut to the Core STERLING, ILL. 110 EAST THIRD STREET V. 48c AnAtic Vpt/115 $10,000 Shoe and Furnishing Goods Stock Mow in the hands oi the Beacon Sales Co., the great bargain givers who have contracted to sell one-third oi this entire stock regardless of cost. y, Bee. 9 al 9 A. M. Sharp, High Cost of Footwear Smashed Like Kindling Wood and running full blast Io# 13 days unUI SalurdayJDec. 24, raaklng . IS oi the fastest selling days ever witnessed In Sterling Ladies' Shoes '•'• ,• 'i' - • "' '." ". ? Our Ladies' Shoes, the latest styles and from the best markets of the world. The prices will surprise the most conser- , vative buyer. v ".''-" : :r $5.00 ; Ladies' Shoes, button or lace, sacrifice sale price, $3.75 $4.00 Ladies' Shoes, button or lace, sacrifice sale price, ff The Reason" Important io All ff The Why" 4 - ... . ^ . . The people of Sterling and surrounding country will no doubt bejsu^jnised toTTeafivthar^ ENTIRE STOCK of tmest lines of footwear and men's furnishings to the people at such a sacrifice. My reason for this sacrifice now is that owing to weather coiiC.. ditions fall and winter trade has been smaH'and I fin41 am over-stocked. I must \ unload and unload at once." Therefore I have contracted with The Beacon Sales Co; to sell one-third of this stock at their own price, no matter what the loss may be^ I advice all my old customers to take advantage of this opportunity. The recant ions will not be on a few undesirable articles but^ SWEEPING CUT in the (ENTIRE STOCK. Don't "waiti"be onii&ndtheopening day and get your choicer of the best. Get the outfit now for your family for the year to come. And, remember this, there is no telling how high shoe prices may go in the next year. Our guarantee of absolute satisfaction goes with every purchase the same as under normal conditions. H. J. MUELLER. Only a Few of Ihe Hundreds of Bargains Offered Edge your way Now and get your share Mens This line •• 1« the best the eastern markets produce. Every shoe in this immense , stock will be sold at a sacrifice, including all the latest styles—English and American models. $5.00 and $5.50 Men's Shoes, button or lace, sacrifice sale price, $3.95 $4.00 Men's Shoes, button or lace, . sacrifice sale price, $2,95 50c Dahy Shoes, •oft soles, 35c $2:00 Men's Slippers, $1.60 $3,00 Boy's Shoes. $2.45 12.50 . Men's Shoes, $1.95 $4.60 Mtn's High Lace Boots, $3.45 §3.00, iet,' Fell Lined Shoes, i $1.98 Baby Shoes. 95C- $2.50 Ladies' HOUBO Shoes, 12.50 Boys' Shoes, Lot of Ladies' Oxfords, values up to $3.50, 98c 65c Child's Alaska Over-ihoet, 45c Misses' Alaska Overshoes, $1.25 " Ladies' Pelt Clippers, 95c $4.00 1 Shoes, 65c 50c Spats, 39c Boys' Underwear. 15c Lot of Men's Shoes, values up to S4i50, $1.95 ?i.5C Dress Mitts, 98c Lot of Ladies' Shoes, Fur Driving Mitts, ' $2.79 50c Girts* Tarns. 15c Bargains .in Overshoes, Bubbers and Rubber Boots $ '* Hat*. 98c ^^ ,. 1 Old Ladies' Comfort | Shoes, $245 $1.00 and $1.25 Tennis Flanwsl Nipht Robes, 89c $3.00 ' Traveling Bags, $2.25 Boys* Sweaters, ~* 75c $5:00 Trunks, $3.48 Trunks, $6.45 Winter Children's Shoes. $1.45 REMEMBER $3,00 ; Me>)'% Rubber So(«d > ' Work Shoes, ! * inly a iVw prici'f! an-* i|UuU'd I in-iv, Yon will Hiui in this .store ja UKin^Jud but'^ains not li>ti'd lu-rt". , $1.! values up $1, 1.50 Cases. 8c .50 Cases, .45 M Pant*,'" .45 s 60 * QopSf .00 it«rs. to $4.00, 95 $4.00 Men's Pants, $2.95 $3.00 ' Men's Pants, $1.95 • Duck Goats, $2.48 12.50 Men's Hats, $1.48 $1.00 Underwear, 79c v : — -:- Terrific sweeping reductions on everything* It' you value money be here. You owe it to yourself and family to take advantage of this irejnen- I'OUR K-luughter of urines. Every price and value as<represented, Money back if no,t satisfactory. 65? i Flannel Night Robes, $248 45c THIS SALE IS FOR CASH AMD C ASH ONLY Don't be deceived as this is .the sale run by the BEACON SALES PEOPLE.* The doors will be open SATURDAY MORNING, DJSCEM- IIERJHh, aid.o'clock sharjk_ _ $3.50 Sweaters, $2.45 fi.50 Sweaters, 98c. 50o Winter Caps, 39c Winter Cape, 98c $1.00 , Winter Caps, 69c |2.00». Duck Coats, $1.45 $3.00 Men'« Hat», 12.00 Men's Hats, $1.29 Union Suits, 97c Underwear, 78e Dross Shirts, 48c .$1.60 Flannel Shirts, 98c THE BEACON SALES CO, NOW SELLING FOR STEIiLING, ILL. Store WiU be Closed Friday, Dee. 8, Nothing will be sold hei'ort*- the great opening clsiy, SatMr- day, Dec, 9, at 9 a,m M sharp*

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