Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 7, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 7, 1916
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AfcVBRTIStffG ft letting pe&pfa know 'Who tlsn't fc«ow what you have en your *hcf- ve* to AND DAILY STANDARD (• ftttfng p«e)»$* know who. don't know what you have on your »li»l« **fl. SIXTY-THIRD YEAR—NO. 134. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, DEC, 1, 1916. ...-••V PRICE TWO CENTS* THOUSANDS WITNESSED UNVEILING OF WINDOWS Streets Linetf With People To; A MERE PERMIT Mir sue RAILROAD FACES HARD TASK ROUMANIA IS MAD WITH ANARCHY AND SUFFERING Illinois Does Not Want An Ounce eets tinea with People To mm ni/CB BY III lllTfl View The Handsomely KU " "itH DI AH AUIU Decorated Stores, YOU KNOW MRS. SANTA? Miss Ula M. Delp, Of This City Won First Prize In Misspelled Contest. The grand opening for (In- display of good* liy the merchant* of lo*t night wa« a wonderful Utter-ens. Every on* 1 of the -wlnduws, ,'• Whlrh hnd been especially pre . the event, proved to be beautiful. the bugle Bounded nnd the Hfcre mined exposing the dlw the view of DIP public. ; While all were except lomilly pretty. fill many who did not t-urtiiin their Window* hart .hundHome displays n« well. The windows nnd store* of the tnnrchantii are now ready for inspec- ItOH l)y "riot only the pei>ph< of Sterling but thnno. who come from tlu> mirrouml- . Ing territory ti? do thdr rrhi talma* whopping Never before have thi-n- bwsn ^o deliifhtful .ft||fi>rl/4cs In.the holiday windows a« la«t nljihi, ' Mn. t Bantu Claus, ^ / A0 thin was the first flight of Mr«. Bantu CluuH In h«r ulrMhlp, she «>n- counteml Home little mtahnp nft.T «he •-tod struck the conflne« of HterlhiK, From the time nlie utrurk th»» tn.ll Lawrence building h«r trouble;* began. She encaped tliln tnll utructure fulrly weft and Wiled over Flrnt avenue In fairly good shape but th» bulldlngx between that point and the place on the Locum »tre«t where Ahc WBH to in ml. furn'bd)- ed many dlffleuHley, Ohe of the wing* of her plane Htruck u chimney and dear old Mm, Rrtnta came to grief, Her alnihlp WIIH dlrtublecj nnd nhe herself wa» fliiehtly ruffled in clot hen, if not •III temper. However, ax *he looked down on the grout throttjK beneath. waiting her coming. »h«> Invoked the Aid of a good fuiry and she WISH curried invinlbly to thetop of thf bttUdtttfr on the opposite. Hide of the Ktreet and descended and wi»nt directly to her booth n»ar the municipal tree, which Wan ablnzi? with llghtH with a large shining Btar at the top nnd mint held n reception fur Home time, and talked t« children nnd received letter* from iw,.- *'- QfpfnV Crowd ''Turned .Out. utrefta were lined with people Starling, Rock Falls, Morrison and George "Stickle, Of Tampico, Was Injured Last Night At Busy Corner. V the nearby towtiB. There were i of people and the walka were #0 cdhgeated at nomc point* it wa* fcilird to get'through on the street. The were u din I red uhd the great -of people wandered almlenaly up nJGJd .dOWn the street until the advent Of Mm. Santa Clau«. Then the crowd mjuuied on Third street for nearly three blocks. Colored lights were tmspended .TO* wir*« arched at uevurnl' place.H on . f|i*, atroet, • Displte the early drlzsile feifld the cold, the big crowd was good . lUjtured during the wait for MEM. .Sanla OlftUB. ^ i:',. Th* Store Windows. ,It i* almost irnpotmlble to give nn urn to description of the l/ft»ulrtul store, windows HH the public «aw them lout night after the unveiling. The Jloy Q, ,W°°d* furniture »tore attract' fd many people.who admired the.inuaic and library rooms arranged very arth*t- ically, The ChrlatnyiH borders on the »W»Wa added to the beauty. 1(5 the-Conde hardwaru store- were many nuggeetlonii for Chrltitmiu* giv- — - - ay or y Qji0 in tin, famHjv froni (lc(ii«(> Btirltl" w,"i« knocked down and run ovr-r by un mito last night about !! o'clork between the }Jendrifk« druuc «f(or<" and the Ijjiwreriee building. Mr. Htickte wa» hurried to thp flter- Ilng hospital and n doctor ?»ent for. It was found oiif- ankle was pnjnfnlly Injured. It IK thought the bon«>s were broken and un X-Kay picture is bf>ln# taken today of tlu> injury. He wii* also badly bruised and -suffered »ome |>nin Irt hi* wtomach. AH near as can be learned, Mr. Stickle and two gentlemen from Tnm- plco came up, tit attend the store open- IIIKP. When ttiey w«>re about ready in f,<> home they j-roKsed First avenue >.<• t^nwrence Ihilldlng where their c«r was located, inl.-unne manner, It IH nald !he" three" wiilk'iil dih'Ctly in rtonlof ii car Kolnti HonOi. It !H thought tlit i^'f-JJ^bt^-i'oiifii.Ht'il them and made it dirflicuirrii .<-,-»• plainly nt tberi- were a lurgW number of machine?* going bad* nnd forth ai tlie busy corner. Mr, {-StU'kle wax knockid down and the front wheel ran over hiw nnkle. In Home manner he twisted aboiit and tin rwir wheel ran over hlH body. • The driver of the car bad good control of the llJAfhlije and Nloppi-d tbe car tit the lime the rear .wheel WIIM. on the nmn'H Hlumach. UN yell brought'forth help nnd he was extricated from bin predlca- nwnt mill taken to the hospital. One >f blx companions waH ulwo knocked doWli by tbe car but. he sustained no InjurlcH to Hpcak «>f. GRAfSrDTDTvORCE Kouffrhan Ca»e Heard by the City Judge at the Morning Sefiion. The divorce case WIIM' to been heard this forenoon by a <om«- dllTI«niltjeH _..3verc _*et£ n the lltixantH and tbe ile- feiiilunt -ugre<'<l not to make blH up- cane wan heard by of the jury. Tht> Judge, grunted tho decree UH nuked, and he also guve to the mother the cug- tody of the minor children. Hoth of the litigants live In Htcrltnir. The decree was UHkeil .fur" by 'the wife the huxliand, Harry KnufTimui. Attorney Henry UrnokH, of Dlxon, appeared for the complainant. •Pork" For Its Waterway SPEAKER TELLS THE PLAN Wants 60 Mile Water Link To Connect Ghicap With The Hennepin Canal. an ounce mit" I >f (Hy. t'nMed Press,) , D f., Dec. 7.— ?tof pork." but. otdy n IIKT*) per- keil by Illitioln for a waterway ptojer! wliii'b when developed will '-be tbe bnmesl artery of water traffic on the continent, So Joy Morton of fhlertgo told the NuFliuinl Hivers and HatborK AHsocintion today In de- Mrrlhlnif 'h«- Hllnol.« plan fi'ir a sixty- mile water link lo connect Obk'fiiro t»y an elKbt-foot channel with Ihe Hennepin <-a|uil nnd the navlBnble water* of the ininnjA --and .Mls.«iw«lppl river. An act tipproprlatlnic S. r ..0im.()00 by the stnto I.M «tlll liefure tbe cotirt«. Mennwhlle the federal permit In tied up. Mi. Motion, who "rFdlfrrfiVeTrrt" "the itirlfiil illlnolK ;ind Michigan canal tlv«> \-ejirx auo find sent tbe Ilrnl c«r«o .if frclcht direst from ( Uuv- enp'U't on t|n> MiMu(M«<lppl via tbe lien- nepln ( 'mil In part: "Tbe rfuhl of'wu.v of the Illinois.* Michigan, cun-il, L'4() feel -wide. . from l.ockpo,rt to l^tSalb', beloncM t<» Illinois mill Ilie ,«tute now propones) to lni|irovi> it. Tin- new waterway will I w tint sixty -mllr-H innjr timt Is* now dor- dered with InduNtriw*-- Unit produce' a toiiiuuie admirably wultoil Dixon Water Company Seeks Advanced Price For The Br * 0. Suit is t<t \>f !'ii*-f, st iv f.-iiih bt th( fittorney uf hi*. l)Jx«'it U'tit'-r <•<,. to obtain remuneration from the Unlfi- more & Ohio railroad <-i..mfmny for one ear of coal jfeiw-d in <r;in>iit frorn the mines In wnithi-tn nilnol« fo Poorin, from which city i 1 , was to bare been rebillpjl to JHxon. j Through thc-ir ntlornr-yj? the Wat* er (.'ompany will risk that (be ruiirt* award them payment fur the coal nt the wime. prl(;p that they will be forced to pj«y the operators in southHtri * to penrnnce. and the the judge transportation by water. Mont Important- of nil. It connects twn-rmpire# of btiMincHH whle'b produce frelKhtu that Interchange. "I (Irmly .believe, that thi8 xlxty inlleM of waterway, when fully developed. Will be the huxlext Water traffic highway In North America. The Mis- j'lHHipjjl Valley <"nn furnish mflllotiH of tons, eUNllHiund and take unlimited wcMtbound freight fr«m tile 4 ' 1 (.rent I>i»keH via (.'hlcrtgo when the' channel from JLookpon to I*aHulle IN made big iMiough to carry bonlw of ",000 s to replace- the coal. Payment for the coal («»?> been offered Jhe water company by the railroad. nt tfie rate per ton nt which the car was contracted, but the contention of the water company Is that since that time the price of coal has jumped 12 a ton. nnd that they cannot repine.** the conl nt the xarne fiKiire. According to law. railroads have the rltfht to seize fuel in Transit for their o'wn use In onse ,if a whortage, It WHH under Ibfc law that tin- H. Si O. took ovi-r tbe 'f'^ 4«>riH of coal for tTlelr own u»e. sIvkiK notice of the action and offering fr-mnneratlpjn at the contracted price. l-Veling that Tfiey- ivHI ;; -Jsufftr- n Inw thr« wnter cnrnpffnv ba« not accepted the off«-r of the H. & »>. and mny ii.ik !b»' courtx to ilecide tlie tnntter, The .seizure of»tb.e MI ton cnr.~wlll not creod' any Kciioim >ihbr)ag« ; uf coal at the pumping station n* the walt'r cotnfinny'H contrait with the mlnern call for the deliver)' of one oar of coal every ten day*. BUCHAREST DESERTED Formation Of Mew Ministry Will Require Every Ounce Of Premier's fnrergy. THINK HE WILL SUCCEED Lloyd George Has Surmounted Previous Obstacles Very Brilliantly. - Hy 'Kd I,, Keen. i tJiff f'ttrrcpiHinilent of I'rMte-d I'res«.> l.oi, ilon, ICiiK, I.'ec. 7. •— CummonK met" nnd adjourned todny without an iui- notmcr-ment being made oiuice.rninff thp w ministry .to be headed b.\ |?nvld oyd cjfi.rjje. - Tbe house \^> An j n pos . slon only twtt minutes. Tbe supreme queq'lon of -tie hour !» Kngirihi! today w»» whether David Llovd (Jporire would succeed in form* UK. a new cabinet. In his way stood lie bliternesR illspWiyed |»y. -eertnin 'rtenils of the old tlrn<' regime nnd ye«- lerday's roinnil refusal of other liberal :>arty ministers to serve under Monar !-a\v, \vhicb means now also under l>n\ld IJoyd (ieorKe, .Mince l^iw Is one >C Lloyd OeorKc'a most whole hearted TflRTIIRPrl TO nFATU Every 100 Yards There Is I UKI UKtU IU UtA IH i Son1cthing Oead Or Dy , n8 . In Stricken Country. Howard Gray, American Twiner, j Was Put To Death In Par- HOMES WERE PLUNDERED' . rail By Viilistas. ^^ ~ Returning Families Found Be<*.,,ff .v.rrXM.niem or'™JX> R K.) j longings Left Behind Had Kl I'apri, Tex..jH-c. 7. -Howard Gray. Rppn 'Rtnlon ,in Aiwriran employe-. ,,f the Alvarado OCCII OIUICII. Mluinfc (•<>., was tortured and -hanged until he wns dead by VIlHstas when the IwnditM r>ntere«l ) '.•>«»»«!. i--i'l«*;it}rtril^ft"IIV i •nl brouRht to the j With the German Army bor.Ter today by mlnine men. <Mar«hnl von M While tho two mining men were tell- | n Koumanla, Dec. 4. By Wlr«l«Ml to Ing their story lit the «!?!«•« oT the | Hrrlln nnd to Hoyvllle, K U D«J. 7.—f Alvarado <'o, a leleRiam from tho na- j Kv«>ry 100 yards there in tivp foreman nt the mines In Pan al j dead or dying in Rotimanla. w»«' reerived at the ofllr«>» and read n« j Tin follows: „ jnn.itchy and chaon rolgna everywhere Hy C'rtrl W. Ackc-rman. the bfindUM entered I'arrnl rt month j istiUf Correspondent of tFnltcd Pre««.) as.'. itci-ordli»jr,t.. -,v.,rd broiiRht t,, thei with the Oerirmn Army at Fleldl Bomethln* country IH mad with terror and •Kvi-rytlilng ex, e f ,t Hennd the THE E.J.YOUNG SALE and -mother to the boy who Wanted Altatftf. • Very arllstlo blendlngH were seen in the color, Kchemea of the windows of the Murpljy Dry OoodH 8t«ire. The touch, of colom CUUHed exrlanuHloiiM of : (CooUnu«4 on Page Six) Sale Proved Very Satisfactory to the . .'Ownei—Large Crowd Present. ' 'A very large crowd' was prcwent at the public Halt- of K. J. Young yesterday on the Henry Young farm four milen Houtheatit .of MorriKon. The bidding WHH good and everything brought price* which were coiiMldered- excellent. The COWH brought big Mini*, UH well HH the hog R, and farm machinery. The thirteen hornetc brought prices higher than were expected. Art Fletcher win*. «uc- tioijeer and CbiuH Hcnkes was fleck. The-, illirmlx rivt-r-1* now capable of carrying nn efiormousi and the ilt>nne|ifn raatil can handle a million or irMirv. ton* a month, It Hen dl.i'i'Ctly on one of tin- main trnd«< • route*, but having no Visible waterway outlet to Ivike MichiKun, irt unable to blil for any portion of thSw va«t tonnage. }H-ciiH»e of_ t_hl»» luck of uullul, U Hliiiiil-i todny ax n monument to the folly of pk«ce-meai waterway construction. "1 d<> not favor a d«ep waterway' olffht feet' is enoUKh. hut 200 fe«t .wide with ailequate AUo THE COLETA HIGHWAYS Grading All Done For The State Aid Work Of Ceneaee. The. contractors who have; the erection of tho stat« aid roads 'in township, near «'oleia, have been push. ing lh<» work along rapidly. All of the grading ha« been completed nnd the "roads artr now ready- for the coverlntj of gravel. Tbe gravel pits have been stripped and gravel IH ready to be hauled, and if the weather holds «ood -for a couple of weeks they will h«« able to cover a considerable, portion or the I'oadH. There uro nearly three niilcf of the road to. bo built thi» year, OFFICERS E1ECTED Fourth 'Street Sunday School Enjoyed A Supper. A meeting of the '-Sunday /School liourd of Fourth Kt. chtin b, conHiMtliig of thw olllcerM und teacher«' and ijuur- tcrly Cf inference committee, met in the uhurch pnrlora, Jaat evenrHg- where gup- per wn» nerved tho memln>rH. Thero wero fi»w abmint ones and It W.IKJJ. hnppy group Una juuhmul round, the table and'enjoyed the tumy rt>i>aHt us well UK the Hoeial features which tho occasion furnlnJied. • U'VilluwliiK' the supper tho special business of tho evening was taken up which eonniKied of the annual election of ofllcera. The pastor, Itev. W. L. Collln, presided anil ^'hus. yatnmond wan in th» «s«>crefary*H chulr. The nomirirtttnif committee, compoiscd of 11- K. -Ho8t«U«r, N. a. Van Hunt, O. N. Civilian Population Fled When Germans Entered The Capital, CAPITALS THAFHAVE . FALLEOURING WAR 'i (By tr.nited ProjwD ^^BriiHBelH—Catiitnl of' lk-lglum. cap- tiired by the nernianH Aug. JJO, 1SI14. Plenty Of Material. I.toyt' (JeofKe hils plenty of exceiji-nt material from which to draw hix iip« iftbiuH. .Annum the nioKi i>iomini>nt)} rneiitiorre7f"\oi|;ty us pof«ib!»' inlniflers are: Andrew Monar I^iw, uiilonini; lx»rd *"ur/,.nt. unionist, Tbe Karl of miner, unionist^ ... Capital of Serbia, captured by the AiiKtrlaim Oct. !», 1JII5. lnjt"—Capital t'f Montenegro, cn[i- ttired by the Teutonrt J«'n. 14. 19Hi. Uucharedt—Cwpltiri of Hournaniu, captured by the. Teutons Dec. (J, HMC. BUCHAREST- DESERTED. I>ethy, uiiiniil.Hi. WliidtMii i'liiircbill. liberal; Ixjrd Hobert i Veil, .blockade minister in the Inte cabinet, n unionist,' .Vrtlmr Uender- Miiii tntnlMter of pentiionn ' In the Inte "cabfnot, laborlte; l^ord I'itM*t>np*>rt, <in- lonln't; Hir Henry IJalviel. liberal; l.or<l Uemllnji.'. Ubi.«riil. The. labor party hits agreed to participate in tbe .new government now belns formed' by Uoyd George, -the press aHUociatlon. announced officially tbiw afternoon. 1 The Central >^>W8 «fecl»red Lloyd Oeorgo bun offered tbe iubor party two- cabinet- places, one member on the. war council und three undei-Mectetary-. ahlpH. .... '<-omp:ii/y o;hYiab» -ic rninery of the Inhabitant i» {terrible. Mont of. It IH due to the Roil- [.ted jmanlan government it«elf, which ot- ttil <-ivlliap« tti reuvw Ittpfr homea~- JIM the German army advanced with al» elmoHl inc FACES A HARD TASK. George Unlay, ii, Kng., l)<»c, 7. ~Davld l.Inyd faced another herculean; tu«k The little W«k-hma,p % wa« Mininu tbi-s. n» the refugee^ Ktory. • Uray »\a« iicilwg foroniun of themoHl incredible xwiftnt'ii*. .\merl. an owned Alvarido properties. I Governor Appointed. l-'our «>mp^,.ves e.«tap*>d beri>ie the ban- j It I.M for tbe purpouM of bringing or* • Ills iitiaei?,.,! [' .r;mi lied a.-ronv j der 'o-iil of thh I'liiio-s that O«»n. Von the. Sierra Uray and ?lv other Amer- jTulff. former rnllHary administrator of remained In-hind and It IH in- I'olnnd before Warsaw'*) fall, hail be«n, named an German governor general of Houmanln. He In now enroute with two KeneraU and an entire staff.(It may be noted that Ackerman>. ferred from the telegrnm that the nth- er*» ure safe. . The two mining men were .Spanish refuneeH who croHwed th<» continental divide and eaitie_on the railroad up tin" _ w»>Ht Hide of Mexli'o. "The word of his death was the ilrnt information of Gray Minw the VlllfMtuM entered Parral in November. Wh»-n the refirgees left' the were still in pomietwdon of the city mider command of Genf Heltram. That 'they may have evacuated wince wn« Indicated In. a telegram dated yesterday. which .«l»o i-ontttlned newn of the «afety of the two German*. KfM-h nnd Hosemueller.' wa« filed Monday before theCWr- m«n* captured Bucharest and PloceCl.) The lioumanlntiH were ordered from their iiomeii by tbe government, ciof- the roadH. MoHt of them with them a few of their belonging* packed In «mall oxen cartu. The M- vancinfr Germans overtook these re- ftiKee« who then turn«»d back toward their homes but found In thousands of FEDERAL CONTROL TlmmoiiB .and Mtas Hiakemillvr USELESS TO WAIT _ ^-.-Xjuite-a Jew,, peojilt' have been, waiting for T^e Gazette. to. put on » sp.ecial bargain pru-.o pr start n contest in the hope that some of the contestants would pay 'half the fost of sub-/ scription. It is useless to wait. There will be no contests. The present prive of $2.50 by mail outside Sterling aiiwl Koi-k Kails is the LOWEST BAE^ OAIN PRICE tit which The Uanc-Un can bt- so- (HireiJ. aiul that will stand only until January lut. ' " ...... : After tjuit the price by mail will be at least $3.00. Unless Tjie (iaV.otto can '.secure print at a more favorable price Jlian present indientions the price will be $3.50. . ,A raise of $J,00 at least will iu»t half pay-* the extra coHt of, white paper to 'I'hc (iazette ^ at present prices. Bo if you want The Uaxette ' at the bargain j>riee of $ii.50 by 'mail you should • Tbe price in the camei; district of Sterling and Itoctc Falls is $5.00 a year, nr- M> Cfut> a. week delivered. by. carrier or scni.'to either j»o*i office. • IT IS -.1!8!$I45#S TO WAIT FOR I^OWER THEY.ARE AlSTHE BOTTOM. brotiKht in.u reiiojt HiiggeBtliiK that the tncthod of proeeeduro which wu» udopleU, The followin«'-were elected to powitiriiH on the staff 'if the t<ch>io|: aenernl Hupt.~< 1 . K. HeiiHlngvr. A»at. Hupl.—Harry .Mci'aHlin. Bett'ry.—Walter Plough. AMI, .Sec'ry.-MisH Mildred Hull. TreuH.— J. 1^. AlcKlnney, ChoriBter—Minn .Marian JennluKs. Pianist—-Miwa Virgle UensliiKer. Bupt.. of In termed lute und < Juninr Pept,—Mrs. Marsh. Hujit. of Primary ami l)e|;lnner«<' ilept.—Mra. J. I* MeKlnncy. Homw-Dopt.-—Airs, flarry I>I?«-IH, T*m|)«rance—Mr.- W. ii. \\evA. ftliMlom^NV^ T. Jennfngti. C'radle TtolI™MrH,~ Wagner. Ubratan*- 1 - Elmer titrotiK, Uuasell Wine. " . • * Teachers Adult Dept,—J. l'^)verhol- «*r, ii. K. Hostetter, l>r. !•'. A'. Hinltli. ItU«»rmodlate>T-l>r. W. J. Palmer. MIxH .Marian Jennlngu. .Mrs. Hurry I>«H-IH. Mra. Jfwo itonlehy, I, H. "Hnuveiey. Mr». Collln, J. I* JMcKinney. Misw Kel- Prln,iary—Mrs Harry Mt-i'iinfin, Mrs. 1. 1),. HimvHey, .Mrs. i'. K. I'Va/cr. Jir«. n \V. T. l.tiidijf, Minn ilrace Palnii r. Hupplpmental Teacuer« • Misa lluy- wanl, Mia. Hurry Muttiiewy,. Mrs. A. I{. Heltzel, Sli>. !•'. o. itumley, Mrs <'. X. 'i'iliiliuiiis. i 1 . X. TillimoitN. Mins t'ar- ih« liiuncl, ''. H. Aliment, W, ii. Heed, P, Iff. FlUe. A. T. Hi'i-ull, Mrs. Sctivill. Other lii'inu ot- biiKiiu-fi« wcie tiunj-- a-, led and ecitalu jinpoilaiit udju^c litenta in Ui" :tdioitili*!iiHion wen- ntuilc. The gt-iifiiii veullcl wah tbut Slip' whole nu'i'iliij; W:IH a |Kiriici)l:iti> lutppy and Miu<-i,'.-.siul iiiu 1 , and I'uli »M ^uiiulj'-' ini tlica i oiithiut-d gru\v!h of ^Amsterdam, Holland, Dec, 7.—Buch- rt-st was Hlmost deserted by civilians n« well as by^noldiers when the Itou- iniiiliun ciy;lla! W!i« captured by. the Gei'iimim, nccordlnif to reports reaching' here todii$. The roporta said the city was not x demoj.b(hed. ADMIT EVACUATION. (ily United.'Press.) Parl'H, FVance, Dw:. 7.—The evacuation of Kucharent <by the Kouniiuiian» wan - made, in jjood "order, wiving the jinny. The rear guard hnd to fight strenuously to Sii'vo the rftremiiii: for- '- - • • .-...^.. I,';..,.., ceu. ' This is the. llrHl rejHnrt,_from any til- lied »»our,efi cunrirmmR 'the (Jerma.ii report thut Uuchnrest had fallen, RUSSIANS AIDED RETREAT. „ (Hy United Preiw,) Petrdgru'd, RupHia., Dec, 7.—Ritaalah troops covered the left Hank, of the Roumanian retreat front Bucharest. The war ofllee Htutcment charged with forming a new mlnliitry whicp/' would typify Kng1and'H'det<>r« minatlon to unrelentingly, erilclantly, and Minglo mindcdly wage tho «var t« ,-tluMi. ______ ____ ; _____ _„ ______ __: ____ It WSIH agreed today the'"fi!rOatlort would H»«miro every ounce of the eri- wgy with which the former war 'secretary is ^ndowod. He fnc** a task which %lll ,«ui for-the'-uUlinttion-lo Interstate Commerce Commis sion Reports On The Freight Oar Shortage. (Hy United the hlRht'»t degree of hl» tulents of conciliation, organization and leader- »hlp by which ht» made hl» rise to fame, itecauim of , tho very brilliance by which he ban heretofore surmounted uuch ta«kH an redistributlnx En«land'a nya- tem of taxation, calling tho ljlv«rpoo) ' strike, up lift manufacture of country sufferiiifj from a Bhortuge of that everything 1 they had left behind had been plundered by pthe* Houmanlanti. The Widest Anarchy, I rode throuRh Hamnleu and Walk)* where the wl!de8t anarchy prevailed. hold goods, window curtains, paper and everything Immaglnable. Dea4- horsea filled the street*. Bond* of Rou- manian gypsieH went from house to homte and shop to Jthop. unuuthtnv the; wind6wn and plundering the homtf I dt'ntltuti-. Th«>«e men, women and children piled U~W«4»-th^ ^oty-^h^y-rwrl^pt-cciirry- backM on the backn ot> atolert' freight cars, the interstate commerce and fairm, The ««m» iifhu were" t reportod to congreaa countered in ucoroa of other RottmJ^« Ian villageiH. ' ' « —Meanwhile the- fleeing families w«r*— returning to their horaw and enrouta back they were titeallng the cattle' recommending federal control. The re i»ort ««Ksest«i tiift Interchange of witli comiM-'nuntlon for the general UK of cai'H by cither lines to rvtievo presen conditions. The wan th the report pointed out result of demands for Amer from abroad and declare* that the t-vacuaiion- of the llouinunian capital• took place nt midday yevl«r« day. '•„• "Our troo'i>8 coverliiK ti»c left.Hank of th« HounuiniaiiH retired southward tho report said. war munitions «nd piiHblng through tho liquor restrictions.- It IB generally believed he will wucccted in thie. the most dlilictilt tank ho haw ever fucvi!. A Coalition Mlnletry. U wu« conceded the 'now cabine; would (lino be a coalition ministry Uoyd Oeorge'n nupport repreaejttti at least two of .the great parties A one- party mtiibitry could not. serve because no one party- ha* a working majority In t|ip of c«minorj», Mpreover WILL. BLOCKADE GREECE. (Hy United- Pr«-M«,) I'arlK, France. Pee, 7,—A blockade of (ireece ax it meaHure'of repriwtl fox_L|i« rlota in Athene in~which J*V«hch mii- rlnen were tired upon, will be officially announced tomorrow. FOUR JURYJCASES SET ' At Reading Of 'Docket ArrangemenU Were Made For Next Week. At the reading of the -docket of tho city Court by Judge »'. K. Sheldon Wednesday afternoon, four cunt-a wprn THU i, ABBOTT CO, Will Be Uirable To Occupy New Store Saturday As Announced. set for {rial by Jury next Tho first 'one will bo that of Davit Manfluld Against tho HurlliiKton railroad/ comiuiny over a bill of lading wtiieli was Bivt'U to H party other thai Mr. Aumlleld. Mr ManlicUl was buy(UK w»»o| for ;ui eastern man. H« |ia«l loaded it in n our and claims to bavi loadvil tionic belonging to him" in the same, iuil. The owner of the- wool ii the eajjt came here und asked fur hilKof fading mil received it from tin railtoad ci'tnpany. Mr. Alunlield con- .iiUl not have been given Uoyd Oeorge's own Ideia which animated him In precipitating the cabinet crisis, waa based on . th» unlllciUion of all fiictionH, of all clauses and of ail politicians, for tho one purpose of muk- ing Kngland eflU-ii»nt in tuft War, -------------H IH not believed any announcement will be inudo in tlm hoimo of commons today regarding Oie "wonmrueUon of tli^ government," annauncemeiH of th pendanfty of which caused the adjourn ment two (iuy« ago. At that iimt» Frp niler Ati<iuith intlmult-d he might i'oin tnuriicato M<iine wordo to the house 01 the proposed cbaugeH. Hut HIP dlaso luilnn of the A.s(|iiith tnlniMtry was no foreseen ' ih«<ii, AsijuUh waa hope.fu there had been little chungi* In condl Holm Klncfe last uprlng when Btepn ti remedy conditions were taken. PICTURES THE HORRORS Board Of Health Bulletin Show* Par- aly«i« Victim*. (Hy United Pi-ess.) Springfield, 111.. Dec. 7, — If Illinois mother* and fathers have any doubt us to the frl«htfulneus of infantile paralysis they should .secure a copy oi the__Novembi?r Uulietiil of tho Illinois Statn Hoard of Health. \ Tiie November liulletln contains ptc- tiires of a number of children, ravaged by the* disease in thp east. Mere babes So twisted by (lie in- VSUH the one who 'i'liin i ust» hns at tends llu.s >.hi,: to anyone «<!*>»•. aw engaged Hie car . set lor Tui-xl.-iy o'clock Tbe ('•$„•.(' of |{unii.a> against IU-it'',el bus bci-n >-«'t Tut trirtl VV(,'««y fore- IHIl'tl, , Tbe ws-ll Uiiifwn ease, ul" dver against .MiiiUit'ld iv ill be braul iry u jury Thursday tnoiiuns, c»iniiu4iclnu ul 8 o'clock, "t'bia is the cuae ijlHch inv'whvs- Uu> lindliijiC o!' ove." ,i iiuiulri-d tioilars in Bold by Muntlcld in a bo.\ uf junli'Hold ai ^ public ,s'ik' of i lie citVctrf uf the Lite H;tr\e> l-'n-ncll "to I.lie. id" i U IT is tl.e u hi?4 es- <if Tl. i.f i't -ilil Wuuloin a i f,v\ |of I ill- .S..KH' ( 1 |i !>• nii'b-l -.It" ("i licit CARD OF THAN.KS. the nil JhaHHB to itn-iiJ in CON. C!uu». an-i -\ hit f.t hwlt! !*("' I'nlmtUI,- Uil'tl* *».!,< >f.» that bin pinveiH as u conciliator would brim^iim ihtttliglitthe criuii. Anqulth* own reHigi}iitton. forced by tho with druwul of ull other .cabinet niembert) and i he. inotit unprecetfented, action o King George In «uhimonlng rppretwn- tutiven of all factions of the cabinet u the palace, und finally the acceptance of the tender of Iho task tor form tho cabinet by I«1oyd Ueorge, leaven the pertionni.*l of th« new ministry »till ii doubt. SUPPOSEDJROOP SHIP Germany Explains Why THt Arabia Wn* Torpedoed. (lly trniu-d Press.) Washington, IX t'.I Detv T.™<3ermu.ny i-\f{n up the contention that tht* »twi,ni- er Arabia was a troop transport and adtnUted tliat it wan sunk under that ion, )n un»wt?r to the Anu>rU;un ltit|Uiry made public today by tbe state dcj"i4itnn>m. * At the #anu< tirue tJeuimry agreed to "ffumbly-_d.raw upproprlat»»__£oyHe*u>eu- if Ui« I'nitwl 'KtiTlelf »hov>i>d the ««*, u» oiilinar cr livtlicr lUun a truiiMport. WRECK DELAYED MAIL Smashup at Prophetstown Wao F*lt at Tampico. Tlu r ruiunrulT'wrvtvT' ItrTuijTint'"!;) vu» ik'kt>*-d \VediH-sduy by thi- nu>rn- paj»h*-niser ^M-iiig blor^d by it hiht. wrevk ut 4 ! r«)jitu > lbt,uvvn e#rly ih<- inui-miiK. H»-vei-fjl ,fieit;hl cum iv pib-il up in ilii- ,\urd» itiakliiK 4t enf-.»ry t'tt kt-nd nn en^ifje and iHihit- llclll tftf <'il>t Jo pick Up lilt' M-iiKi t". Tlii- mail titiiu iiviiviHi at lnpieu utter the t'lmietsi imd iut't mi ir 11 »i 11.-& luiilvint; tin- luiai mail DIIC Th. H< o b\ in i l\»lis uui> ' The fil.d until Jtuuuty, t til y look more I lk« snakes, or the product of a distorted mind, than a human being. Speaking of the specimens h*> bus in the. pictures. Hr, Drake, secretary of tlie- board^ declares they' are nothing compared to some of thu scenes h»> witnessed in tho east. 'In th« east, I suw 3,000 such little twlnted bodies in on« liospltal ojul It was horrible. If there is a living man who could gaxu upon such n scene without mvinir its horror, I would like to .s*H» him," Dr. Drakt* said, AMERICAN IS HEia—^ Ricardo Solix Arreited in Mexico On a (Ily United Press.)i^ * Urownsyille, Tex., Dec. 7.—Kirardo SolU, an'American clUsfena • who „ wu.-< itrre«ted at Muiamoras, Mexico, on a charge, IIUM been ordered to V'ic- toiiu to fuce a-ctiurtrnartial by «en. :'Hbcllero, .C'arraiua commanUer at Matatnora8.'~" C. ». Consul Jolinxon'ti was unheeded. He ° submitted Arhlch had been liberated at the flrnt appearance of'the Oermami; Bccaimo of the muddy condition of the,-road» and the chilly weather, the mortality amoni* the children of the miserable refugeen ha« been heavy. In Alexandria the plundering reached Hiich a'helght that & few of the bet- ter educated people banded together (A« protect their property. * Booty W«rth MUliont. The«e are a few of the conditions with Gen. von Tulff facea. Not only will -b<», week to restore drder b.ut will al«o undertake the taaK of organization , for forwarding to Germany the VMt , »tirpluM Htoren of groin, cattle'and pet'*'' roleum. Alexandria alone baa a milltoH dollaru worth of wtoras while other clt- tlen contain HUpplies almost equally as valuable. Witllachia ia a good para* ilse, AH the Roumainlan* destroyed *$ many bridges the entire Oerman-cann-'" laign baa l>een by wagon over the or* > Unary highways Thotmonda of wa|r» onn containing food, ammunition mid military »upplleB, have been seen. Although Germany hfiui had control »f Weutern BoumaniA only a few day*, aborera arj» already clearing the »U« roadu, atmembliiu/ freight cam, engine* and material which the fleeing Ron- maniaiiH left. I »aw twp atrctche* of. over which trftlna were in op». erotlon. At Gen. Krafft'a headquai-tera mot two German major-* ; ,who h»d een jis«igned to tfOte charge of th»-' Uximunian transportation ayatem, "* I met two engineers In Caracaiu and, Alexandria, who had been «ent to thew» It tea by the Roumanian government o" make.plan*"for laylrura double tracK Join iUichareHt to Craiova. The i report to Secretary Lunslng after j warning Gen. t'uheilerti that «erioiiH re- , lls might '-iMiiMibly follow tfte removal )f Sollz to Victorlu, ' ' John Walter*, Of Coleta, Lo»t Three . Fingeri On A Saw. John Walters-, of t'ol*;ia, wno oper- H. Ini-AX saw I'or cut ting cord wood, «;ot the endh uf ihiee of tlm lingeiip «4 >i» left bund cut off Wt>,iiu,>sdiiy fore- whik»- sautng wood fur Wlllitun wf White 1'igtHJii. in KOIIU* nai.ner in huiulUng a smitll log It o as to draw bis hand agninm liw mpiiliy iwolviiig .ViW. 1'be rnd of Ut»-t-tM»BU*-vv4H,-al»o taken off. H u«.|ietl to a doi^ui's ortU-f where vi-iv utteiuU-d to, • EXPRESSMAN ROBBED (Continued on Jfftge Tww) , , iw FOfiESOilAGES imber Land Burned, Oropi Ruined And Homes Burned By New Jersey Fire, (13y United Press.) Js", J,, Dflu. If—'A terrible 'ttrt*, funned N by a mtrong wind, lm.> «w<-jit Mix mite* of vwlu&,bl<? Umber , land, ruined crop» and deuti'oyed farn| houses at the jonetlon of »md Homewt countlen. and threaU-ned villages iyiHg in it» path. The bluici! in bt-li«ved to have been, started by huntar«. Early today tU» lire had rt'ui-iifd Buch proportion* thai; it drove volunteer Hrfcimm from,within" disiaiu-e. A fortunate cluuijf- ' tiiu wind wu« aii thiii wuvcd th« vlllago for A HUGE BOND ISSUE Federal Farm Lo*n Bank* Will D#- clar« $100,000,000 U.uc. ——• I (By United Pies«) "wo Men Threw Popp«sr Into .Driver's Wuhliington. D. «'., Dec. 7.—The fed-. And. Escaped With |5,000. I erul iurui lu«n banka -will, dedurn a, '' tin- L'liiU'd 1'n'ttf i |UiO«.oo4i,OJUO bond Issue, tilts l-Vuiifisi M,. t'tiHf.,, 'l**'c. 7.— | r<«};>s learned today. • 6 l»'it I't'i (i.-r inlii tilt- c>i'K uf i I'he Ihsue will probubiy be \V\"ll>, Kaigv. ••xj'us.s .hiy.'r. two men ^ shortly after the new bunkii Oi>*;n iiunr ibbt-d ii in cf !w«i)«jacKrt i-f jfld, Uy- jl^uu. tm- biiMnei*>«. Tho boiuls vtM b0 ,<*«•! U" ttiii:.un i'tiicu Tlv i'"bl»-ry j ih.^unl'jji iieiu.inrtuut«iii« uf from $25 to ' « ui u d iu H tlu- 1'a^Hu- KIci it :c ; $i,(mu u^id, bear bctwreu i usid &

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