The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania on July 28, 1948 · Page 13
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The Morning Herald from Uniontown, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Uniontown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 28, 1948
Page 13
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ADDITIONAL CLASSIFIED IOMOBII F6 FJH 92-Repairiho Smvici Stations PLYMOUTH 1MB LH-Luse oouoe: Mt rlne blue, radio ii nr-sv-r: inw mileiRf Line fit Enany Mot Sflles. M K PACKAiiD IP-ll Cluh rouue; Phone 61 M I RA!l ERB f flACTOIIS toilet!, till A) DMINUM COACHES li-ngth. Borne wltti n showers. All new, 7 donra. Sleep 4-6. 3 models ti, chooji from. All tu!lt lor t lifetime $1,105 mid tlji. , C.isb. Trade. Terms. West Trailer Ssies, Rome il. 3 miles north of Unlo:iUin si Phillips. TRAU-rort-HcbUllt BrotUvfiy trsctor and iJ ton Rodger ivjw Brj semitrailer. Phone oi or 5ST2-H TRAILER lit ton trailer with electric I or sm-a. TRAILER Ml, 31 It.. 3 rofim Zlm. mer TrUlfr A-rcmnll!on. Prke HM5. phone ConncllsTlllc stin-M. or Inq 163 N. I'lll St.. Connellsville. TRAIL n 1 rUllnn. Hesr, , 15 HlElvind . TRAiLFri fuaed ftlth InrRe slr.e bed: n'i'ft. lona: cood tires and condition R R. Laraway, Marltleyabiiri-, PA. Fl-one Trucks Fob Sa P.ROriKWA V 1M7; dlllon: o'llnll 11 H5IM SJild with nl UNnPIBCOATlNO. 'Frnd.lK" All malm rs Prevrntj rul . vitiation. Mo- aaahed. atone t Co. Gull prod-E. Mnln Frlle. Prions HUB CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 93 -WANlto-AuTOMOIlVf AITCOS-Ott thit eslis With cash price out ol your used car when you sell ii Klnj Ka Motori Rl . Unlonlnwn Phr-m BUI. Open evenlui. CARS WANTED Cood cleat) used i any malto or model. To world- lr; delivery oi th new Ford. Get price before you aell. Sweeney M CARS SOUGHT -I pay hlh CARS WANTED-We pay I "Sr-endthrtll Thumb" Sis, .STimFH AKER CHAMP ION & 4TO waned. Buyer paylnj uiernhim price Write S.T.U . Bo 1551, Untonlonn. Pa 94-PUBLIC Sa,L Chevrolet umi Phone 1700. C3 R Payette St nOIXit 1!HE l'a-1 with special body CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Fhour H2S- Baburlal;. Rt 3, Smithfleld motor. 1350, Molon., rhont 6M. 1NTEH NATIONAL 19)6 UlctUD. Needs hiullnj Job. Gall W)-rt. 8S-AU-ro :essoRiES -Tires CONVF.P.TTF1LE TOPS rrlltron, S25.00. H . 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Main St. . rhonc 2345 Milk Is Hie outstanding food buy today as latest, covernment flsures show freili milk delivered at the doorstep almost 40 iioiiXs below 0 aveiaee "all loods index fig-e, now at a new record peak, Retail index figures of the U. S. Department of I.ahor show that smee iBW the all loons aver has gone up 114.3, per cent homedeliveird mltk is ii only Cfl2 im com, the smallest rceiilngc ineveasc of an; jor food group. If consumers analyze the of milk in (lie diet, the basic fact tliat a quarl of milk supplies 2 16 pounds of the best food is confiiineil, says Die Milk Industry Foundation. Milk provides ;t larger percent-ape of ihe daiW nutritive venuive-mints than any other food, supply one-half of the family's nulrillve needs at one-fourth of the cost of a nioderale-prici' food haslet suggested by the U. S. Bureau of tin man Nutrition. No Waste At All A quart of milk four glasses-supplies approximately these per centages of the daily nutritive re nuiremenls of an average man calcium 100 per cenl; riboflavin (vitamin G) B2 per cent; phosph per cent- pralcni 4il per 'iu; Hiiinm A ::; ni-r; inin (vitamin Bl) 22 per mi 22 per cent; vitamin C 1!) per TRUCKS FOR SALE FEDERAL 1945, Dump truck, Model 29 M. A., Y plate, First class condition, Price S2750. DIAMOND T 1A47 dump truck. Model 4Q4-H, V plate, 5 speed transmission, Price S2750. CHEVROLET 1940, Cab DVCr engine, Long wheclbase, U-plalc. Price S450, DIAMOND T 1042 dump truck. Model 4fl4-H, V plate; 4 inch motor. Price si 590. BRYSON MOTORS 231 E. FAYETTE ST. PhDne 5990 . FINE RESIDENCE On one of the city's best streets. Nine large, comfortable rooms, 2 Vi. baths, hot water beat with stoker, bross water lines,, fully weather - - tripped. Could easily be made into 3 large apnrtmenls, each an o separate flcor. Ail within easy walking distance of down town, and priced at less than one-third o( replacement cost. For appointment tn- inspect 'this property PHONE 804 USED CARS & TRUCKS CHEVROLET 1947, 1'leetlinc, 4 door sedan, radio & heater, low mileage. CHEVROLET 1841, special deluxe, i door sedan, radio it heater. CHEVROLET 1935 coupe. FORD 1935, Ion stake truck. NEW INSPECTIONS COFFMAN MOTORS NEW SALEM, PA. PHONE 2101 I com ran pun us I X'f 1 WOO IS.JO 37.18 I fj . It) DflD I 61 -Eft I Z9.1Q f V I M) Atlkil Liiir I BET CJItH TOPAT I?TlX Jhqwmuch7 'lOOu'lOOOa.. Aoto and Penweul Loam COMMERCIAL CREDIT PLAN REAL BUYS IN USED TRUCKS INTERNATIONAL "Late 1947, dump model K. B. S--7, two speed, low mileage, A-l condition. INTERNATIONAL 1940, Cabin chassis, model D. S.-40, two speed, completely overhauled. DIAMOND T 1946-47, model 509-S, two speed, 5 speed transmission, 15 ft. stake body. DIAMOND T 1941, cabin chassis, model 509-H, two speed, new motor. INTERNATIONAL . KEYSTONE MOTOR CO. Jrge Conservation Of Tractor Fuels Because uniform distribution of supites becomes more and more dirfieiill as demand approaches produclive capacity of manufac turing plants, some localities may experience al least temporary sborlagcs of motor fuels this sum In view of the possibility of a shortage supplies should be con-server! as much as possible. Much fuel ran be wasled in the faulty operation of farm Iraetors, Idling motors, poorly adjusted carhurc-lion and ignition systems, and high speed opeiatinn of tractors eat up fuel that could he used in actual crop production. These wasteful practices ad 11 ab ly reduce the efficiency of the' tractor at the same lime they re-' duce (he short - luel supply " and cost the tractor owner unnecessary expense. Rich fuel mixtures and laully motor timing cut dawn the amount of work which the tractor will do on a given amount of fuel, and also shorten Ihe trou'j'e free service life of the machine. Agricultural engineers estimate lhat a 10 per cent saving in the amount of tractor fuel could he made by correct adjustment of carhurelors and spark plugs, and oy sniming oft Ihe motor whi the tractor will be idle even f a few minutes. cent;, niacin B per cenl; ;rnn 3 per cent. J'hcic is no waste in milk as fry drop can be used, A quart of milk is equal in energy value to approximately any one of the following: One pound lean beef, S eCKs, t pounds tomatoes, 6 pounds spinach. 13 small orange, 3 broil crs, 7 bananas, 5 pounds raw cab hage. Milk Is an essential food, more easily obtainable In the U. S. than in any other nlec In the world. In Russia It lakes an hour and 18 min ules of work for a man to earn the price of a quart of milk he can gel II. In Hits country the average pay for 10 minutes work buys a quart of inilk. Dollar Broken Down The milk which 1 tic dairy farm er sells (n the milk company an Ihe wages paid to labor by th company together take more lha 80 per cent Df the milk dollar on a national average. The milk dis tributor Is paying record prices (0 Ihe farmers and paying labor the highest wage in the history of the industry. And the price paid to the dairy farmer Is set by government order in impot-lant markets with resulting influ-encc on other areas. Willi less than W cents remaining out of the sales Hollar, ihe milk distributor must pav or de- ivery and plant equipment, fuel. bottles, cans, cases, caps, repairs. insurance, laxes and many nther items. Any profit to lie applied on the investment must come 01 mat portion 01 ihe itollar. This amounts (0 less than one-third of cent a quart on the national avc w. rmiu miiK companies earn icss per dollar of sales than most other Industries. All manufaetnr ing shows G per cent return on tlx sales dollar; milk distribution, less than 1,4 per cent. TIIH MOIlMNf; 111711.1), USIO.VTOttS. Pi.. M'JIVESDA V, Jtll.V 21, hi.i hern revised to -rqe i lltIK, July 27--(AJ)-RaIph (.lack) lloge, charged with whip, ping fatally his son,! has been found kuic and must1 face, trial for murder, Disiriil At-1 torney Damimi McLaughlin said today. report from Dr. Robert V. Is rael, superintendent of Warren Sate llospllal, said psychiatric tests at the Institution showed Huge "sane and responsible for his acls," McLaughlin Added. I'he tcsls were ordered by judge Billion R. I.anb after the 23 year- old Iceman's sanity questioned following the "belt - thrashing loath May 20. Heavyweights Bid' For' Louis' Crown; NEW YOfiK, July 27 (Af-)-i : The shopworn heavyweight crop; jockeyed for position today In thej rte-ior-an race tor Joe Louis' II tli . S0O.0SO. Willi one Ihinl of Ihe cil; parking meters estimated to tie operative, council approved Ihe purchase of pails to repair 10G now stored In Ihe 1,'ily Hall, Cost of pml.s, si-ton! in i; lo James Suair, Hfi Ccolspiinc streel, vdio cully completed a course in mclcr rcp.iir. would approximate 1011 nns fieadie Mills' upset Vlfr; per meter. nory over (jus Lesncvich. ' Mayor Sillier pressed for pur I one day the entire situation! clnsc of 200 additional meters for I changed. Where Lesnevich once- installation oi Streets east and Kay cite rently in use Church and South f Gallatin avenue, ilreet. Meters cur- p lire based by (W7 when 400 u'erc Expecf 8,000 At VFWPknk Eight thousand persons art pected (o attend the Augusl 22 outing of the Veterans of Foreign nais at anauy L,rove 1'ark. , i , uuit-iais win ne pres ent aiong wnn uie slate auxili District commander Joseph isovadi is general chairman of the affair; Charles L Wingrove, Kverson, is co chairman; Miss Mary O'Hare, Everson, is in charge of the auxiliary; M. K. s heads the, Uniontown pro gram committee; Charles Caronis chairman in Rroivnsville; and Scolt llendrickson, chairman in icllsyille. Final Rites Held For Film Producer HOLLYWOOD, July 27-(AP)-The Hollywood whicii passed him by paused briefly loday tn honor uavin wark tirlflith in dealii. The 73-ycar-oI(l producer of 'Birth of a Nation" ,-inrl d..,nin,.., of a host of silent slnrs was hon.l urcd at rites in Hollywood Masonic Temple. But traffic on busy Hotly, wood Boulevard was interrupted only slightly and a crowd of only 400 gathered outside disappointed by the absence nf moiicrn-dav movie luminaries. Griffith, out of the movies ex cept ior brief advisory contacts for two decades, was stricken fatally last week- in me Hotel suite where he lived alone. FAST SPENDING EXCEED CITY'S PEAK INCOME'1 (Continued From Page One I individual cily departments, Hie rirficit can nol be altrihuied to any single office or branch of the municipal goveriimcnt. Council, by flgieclng to elimi nate emergency overtime for patrolmen, will save an estimated 52,000 of Ihe $51,040 appropriated to pay the salaries of Hie city's IB ansfer of fun c! s , if car-utgh, would ledum Ihe operating ilrficil of .Mayor Ed ward I.. Sutler's office In S2,7:itl. At llii present rale spending in Hie Mayoi s depm tmcnt, wbirli in cluiies opcrallon ol the pnlice lie-1 liarluicnl, t' Inn-e ovei extended . his office liuilgct by $4,730 at the I end oi Ihe year. I II (TIM scil Cost Cm mil increases in niaikcl prices of gasoline and nil have been blamed Ior increased city owned motor equipment operational co.sls. Itider said $1,289 has been expended lo date for fual from a total appropriation nl Jl.liOO with the expeclnlinn that the police department would require an additional $1,000 Inr fuel lo huish the year. Besides added cost of nil and gasoline, T'olice Chief Alfred W. Davis, said bis patrolmen wri-e driving more miles on squad car duly than bad previously been Ihe the cily i Installed. Kcery McAmbley, Major Sillier 's sec re I a ry, told counril that surveys conducted recently esti mate the useful life of parking melcrs between 10 and 15 years, placing Uninntown's in lljc cale gory of requiring replacement. ry Marie I'nsslhln Mayor Sillier said that "if II citizens Df Uniontown want t! pnlice prole din n, they'll have pav for it" Council passed nut homing the. purchase of sufficient land lo provide an access alley Ironi E. C. Itich,' operator nf a foundry on Miller avenue. Under (he terms nl the agreement, llirj cily will pay Ihe percentage of Ihe cost price to liich as computed by the percentage of area required to provide an adequate alleyway, The purchase would be com pleted in tire event Itich erects :i building on bis property which would block access in nn existing alley, parallel lo Mill and now reached by a crossing fu el- the lvi..i:.) iv tracks and Coal hick Bun, The railroad has signilled its inleil-lion of abolishing the crossing. .Sum king Ordinance Council also adopted on third and rinnl reading, an ordinance prohibiting sninkiug or using of inflammables in business places employing nore"lbnn 25 people or able to accommodate more than JOO customers at one lime. The ordinance provides a penalty of not less (ban $2 and not more than S3 fine or a maximum of three days in jail. Also approved by council was a resolution callinj; lor the repair ianrl re paving of 2,500 lect of South ML Vernon avenue, extending from West Main street, at a tolal cost of SI 4.O00. Garbage collodion refunds approved by council included the following; John Ccllicr, 200 - West Main street. S'J.SO; Dr. Francis Larkin, 47 lias! Berkeley streel, S7; and Anthony Benzie, Jr., 238 Morgan town street the key to Ihe situation, Ifcerc was only wild confusion on; all sides. Sol Sfrariss. acting promoter of : Ihe Twentieth Century Sporting, club, once inwardly sure he would; he able to lure Louis from retirement for a September dale with Lesncvkh, was left with empty bonds. Ho had no 1-auis. Now he had no Lesnevith. Telephone talis to various spots on the globe were Strauss' first; moves Inward .selling up an clim-i tion tournament, consisting of o 10-roundcrs at the V'ankee: Stadium, Sept. 22. To date nobody had been sianed. ' I Eward Charles, ranking light' heavyweight contender from Cincinnati, figured in Strauss' plans. Jake Minlz, Charles" manager, was summoned lo a conference later in the week. It Is likely he will be offered a dale with Ie Savold or Jersey Joe Walcolt. A Walcott-Joe liaksi pairing might he the. other' ten Strauss has hopes of luring Mills- lo America for . an overweight scrap, probably with Savold or Baksi who holds a knockout win or the new light heavyweight king. Baksi, big as all outdoors, once again is reported to be sweat ing himself into shape in some, sylvan dell. He is supposed to he hooked for Hailcton, Pa., late in August, Babe Culnan, American representative oi Ted Broadrlbb who, manages Mills, echoes the challenge Trom England, "We want Louis.'-.' . Culnan will advise. Broadribb lo skip any elimination tournament and wait for Louis, if he should -decide lo come hack. Louis re-;.: peatcdly insists he never will-change his mind about his retire'- incnt. ;:. Machinery & Equipment of the former Pittsburgh Brewing Company plant, N. Beeson Ave., Uniontown. Representative ot plant Monday through Saturday from 9-5. Following Items (or sale: Ice Machines Steel Tanks, 5 to 10 thousand aol. Motors Boilers, 150 to 200 H. P. Stacks Engines Compressors Stokers Various sizes Pipes ond Fittings Groin Elevator Other miscellaneous items usually found in a brewery BEING SOLD IN SEPARATE LOTS Kovalchick Salvage Corporation N. BEESON AVE. ' PHONT 6139 UNIONTOWN Steel Price, Probe. Is Kentuckian's Aim WASHINGTON, July 27 (AP) A Congressional investigation into the boost in the price of steel was proposed today by Hep. Spcnce of Kentucky, senior Democrat on the House hanking committee. The Kcntuckian suggested thai heads of steel companies be called before the banking committee, to explain the price rise "in view of prnius airea-iv Heme repoiled hy the steel companies in the first halt al 10-18. marie the nrnposal after II. S. Steel reported today a net profit of S32.5B5,677-or 53.02 a common e for the second three months his year. LEGAL NOTICES the omce or Emll B. John Sjr,-, lirv:r,Ht,-,r. Thr rlshl Is rrsrrver or all riitipasals. the untooi. jifiiuin 1946 FORD 4-DOOR SEDAN Black, Fully Equipped ONLY $1650.00 "IT'S EASY TO DEAL" KING KAR MOTORS RotJte 40, 1 Mile West of Uniontown PHONE 681 NOTICE TO BIDDERS Tin Bnsrd ol Dlnctcrs a! ait Sflioo'. T Toawtllo. F, ttd School Itta-IMS. islrl cpjlI r, ht lh( 6 ft or Piitshursli sram. or '.a tsCh bid la to be srcr-r.rnn-.rrl : Iwrnsl ol IU nilnr t: mtn-s I hlch i aid Is t tic turr.'.l t and reject anr or all coil ot lir hsnfis orrv Tawnshlo r .,r, j Dunbar Is Scene Of Water Battle Included among local firemen's summer activities is a water battle scheduled for tonight al Dunbar. The parade schedule released yesterday for the reniaining summer mouths includes: Kair-chancc, Thursday, July 29; West-over, W. Va , August 3; McDonald, August. 6; Monesspn, August 12; and California, September IB. CLOSE KSCAn: Long, IB, Pennsville. Cle lucky mechanic as evidenced by his escape from curious injury-yesterday afternoon when an auto he war, repairing fell and struck him. The youth was treated al Con nclisville Hospital for contusion! and abrasions of 1hc hip. Possibility that another $1,000 would be transferred lo the police department, and earmarked for repair and maintenance nf equipment arose when it was disclosed thai $1. 5D1 has already heen spent of a yearly appropriation of Sl.tiOO. Office supplies, including forms, purrbascd by inc police depart ment during the first six months have cost 54B while the appropr Ior the en I ire year w as est? :l a I S J 00. .Mayor Saltier point ed out tliat buying in bulk, enough ipplies lo lasl for four years, iduccd the unit cosl. In Mavor Sutler's nflicc il was ilimaled an additional $775 will ; necessary lo continue operation through December 31. Cost of communications alone Ior the first sit months of Ihe year has totaled 4 ol a $125 appropriation. Lasl ar's telephone bill totaled .Sinii fice equipment cosling .,100. ha! been purchased from a total fund of $lfi.i. nine lb it drill r y.r pr-rln of expenditures must occur if the city is to balance its hooks at Ihe end of the year. Rider said the cily tax collections can reasonably! he expecfed to approximate flfl per cent this year. Last year's collections, he added, totaled 8SHj per cent. Of a total estimated velum of 5187,000 in real cslato axes, Rider said 5150,000 has been collected to date; 57.000 returned of an estimated $15,000 on prior year's taxes; $27? on an estimated SLOBO penalty payments; $2,203 of an estimated Sli.OM in estimated occupational (axes; SH.000 of an estimated $17,000 in juke box and pinball mrichinc licenses; and 517,000 of an estimated $105,000 mercantile and 1 laxes. The later however are pay- blc in the fall. A surplus is expected from gar bagc collections, ttidcr said. Al (he time the budget was adopted it was estimated the collection of garbage collection fees would to tal $86,000. On Ihe basis of current fitturcs however, with $O0.- 952 collected to date, the previ- Pa! mer Miner Hurt at Work A 02-ycar-old Mew Salem, I man was admitted to Uniontown Hospital at 'A0 yesterday i ing alter he was injured whi work. Hospital attendants reported Ihe condition of Tito Dehlasis as "good." They said the victim suffered Ihe injuries while nt. work in Ihe Palmer mine of the H. C. Kriek Coke, company. YANKS lilt AW SWITZEtt LAND" LONDON, July 27 (AP) ThV; avorerl American fcam drew; Switzerland loday as its first opponent in the Olympic Basketball". roiirnamenl. ay bejins Friday morning and 23 (Minis entered will play a total of SH games, bclorc a champion is ciowned August 13. leaders Falls Down Steps In Connellsville A South Connellsville woman was admitted to the Connellsville Hospital last night in "critical" condition after she fell down steps at her home, Hospital atlendanls said Mrs. Etta Shumaker. 72, suffered a laceration of the scalp. onr.i;? Monday, Aubiisi 2. IDS! Thr Hoard srrvfs inf rifhl to rtjrc! inr snrt scwrjor. iiisTnrcT nr rnp-rtv TCHVN 5H IP Jflhn J. V.n. Pre Fl w. EuUfrrrorf. 5scrHrT. Bo, 511 Slur tuiLctUin. r-J. EDDY SERVICES Funeral services were held ye tcrday for Mrs. Emma Makinson Eddy. 65. in the Greensboro Bap-1 1 si church. Mrs, Eddy, a widow of Hr. A. L. Eddy, died Sunday in a Parkershnrg. W. Va., hospital. She is survived by three sons and three daughters SHI rUKS FACE CUTS Lindsay Noble Brownsville, wa; treated at Brownsville Hospita last night for lacerations ol tb face, sustained when he stepped ii front of a car, hospital attendants reported. RETURNS HOME Mrs. J. B. Gosnell returned to West Homestead, alter visiting he sister, Mrs. Edith Hankins, Lincoln street. Colonial Legion Game Called Off The Colonial Legion (cam, of the Big Ten Baseball League, has postponed its game scheduled for today because of a death in one of the player's families. The team will resume play Thursday. p : i i t : f n NOTICE TO The F-ourd or Dirt rv.iirt.-t cr North trr.lor. Toihshlfl lll ttctlrt fealsi comoetltlTt bids en tti( rollo-vla: 1. The furnlsMns sad drllTfn Inin li-ir irmi; .'--hr.-.K nf ,., .i trier rr mlt. Pltu-.hwrjh Tdn ccl ot eojii qnslIlT, jJ loBirj 1st Irsst nut I'M). Dr.-lsiiitrr mlna and locmlon. I. The fiimlahlni and Installstlon Of s new 3t-rear Bond roof on the aw n:ih aenoc-i. S. TTi't (urnSahiTiii and Insislliuon a: cosl burnlm ot an oil oumlnc rurnsff of JOS .Me B. T, tr. ptr Hr, SpecHlcatlon inrt infornnilnn ror Ihe abdie may lie urn ity tsllini Ihe oHIce or .the Superi-liinc PtIo-cIdkI. All kids mull 1e lr. the har.rti o! .he Secretary on jt Hetor Vtnndiv. K. O. Broeis. Pistdsr.t. WEATHER FORECAST Extended forecast foT (he period Tuesday, July 21 through Sunday, August I. IVeslern Pennsylvania, Ohio, Weil Virginia! Temperature will average near normal In south portion , and two or three degrees Siclnw- liormal in north portion; cooler Thursday nnd in horlhwcst poilion on Wednesday, becoming warmer late Fri-day or Saturday; total rainfall one hair tn three quarters incli, Showers Wednesday and again ihrmt Saturday. Crknlil I RUNS IS.VTTEn IS Mid-Atlantic YESTERDAY'S RESULTS UNIONTOWN at Eric postpon-ll. Vaiulcrgrifl 9; Johnstown 6. Flullcr 3: Youngstowri 2. New Caslle 2; Oil City 0. Vandf-rgrilt UN I ONI OWN ,. Eric .Tohmlown 45 32 .SOD Oil Cily .... Ynuiigslown New Castle . 23 GAMES TON1CHT UNION TOWN at Vandcrgrift. Johnstown at Eric. Butler at New Castle. Oil City at Ynungslown. Big Ten .YESTERDAY'S RESULTS NORTH Terry J; Colonial 3. i. Kohens 2; Hopwc-nd 0. IS l .S2 4 IN U tj HI Joltt Van Zwlentn, 7, jets fitted for wooden shoes by her Talher who makes them al I.ekkfrVcrk, Holland. Such thoei irt In dtrnnd became of leather ahorUit. (i.lMES TODAY . SOUTH l.cglon at Smock. I at rerty. south CollUr at HoewMil. rals Cljib at Msitla,

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