Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on March 22, 1981 · 159
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 159

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 22, 1981
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w T ' SUNDAY MARCH 22 1 98 1 II ® 1 98 1 FOftT WORTH STAR-TELtGR AM £1 SuncOtsiy (boosoiniess or© poor A1 MAtKETtNOSAUS v f 't r 1 U Recycl ing G02 reduces recovery cost By ROYCE YANCEY Star-Telegram Eaergy WriUr Recycling carbon dioxide is an important factor in reducing the high costs of operating a tertiary or enhanced oil recovery project according to Richard D Seba of New Orleans carbon dioxide project petroleum engineering coordinator for Shell Oil Co Seba who recently detailed the results of a pilot C02 project in the Little Creek 10350-foot Tuscaloosa field of southern Mississippi at a dinner meeting of the Fort Worth section Society of Petroleum Engineers said C02 recycling should begin as soon as possible because it "is a very valuable commodity" and "it does involve large amounts for oil recovery" in full operation of an enhanced recovery project The SPE distinguished lecturer said the 6200-acre Little Creek field was discovered in 1958 Since it was a depletion-drive field and oil production was dropping rapidly waterflooding or secondary recovery of oil was started in 1962 By early 1970 the pressure decline in the field had been arrested and pressure built back up to near the original 5000 pounds In 1965 Shell began considering tertiary recovery in the field First plans were for a miscible flood using liquefied petroleum gas but when LPG prices rose sharply it was discarded and a pilot C02 project was started in 1972 "The field had simply depleted under water-flood" Seba said Shell engineers figured 47 percent of the original oil in place had been recovered - — half during primary operations and half during waterflooding By injecting water on all sides of the field the oil was driven to the center of the area The last well in the field produced 10 barrels of oil daily in 197a A 38-acre site was chosen for the C02 pilot opera tion using one injection well and three producers —or one-quarter of the normal nine-spot pattern Seba noted that the pilot project took advantage of what once was an old stream bed "It (the pilot project) was confined on two sides by other injection wells Only three wells were still producing then The pilot (operation) may have been in one of the poorer areas of the field but we hope the full-scale operation will be better" Injection of C02 started in 1974 and "there were some equipment problems Injections had some early ups and downs" Seba said In 1974-75 production was pinched back because ef an east-to-west breakthrough of water "until we could inject carbon dioxide" Seba said the water production rates ranged from 200 to 400 barrels per well during the early stages of the C02 program and "for several months it was 100 percent water The first response (enhanced oil recovery) was in May 1974" Other wells followed with production of enhanced oil Carbon dioxide production began shortly after the first enhanced oil appeared "Gas-oil ratios were very high and you have to recycle the C02 at once" Seba explained "We then produced 124000 barrels of enhanced oil from the project" Seba said "Per well rates were up to 500 barrels then to 5000 barrels and 6000 barrels per month in 1975 By 1977 carbon dioxide injections had ceased and oil production dropped of f Very fapidly" He said that at the start of the C02 injection program it was necessary to displace all of the water remaining from the waterflood operation to get the oil out "You put as much C02 as possible into the connate water Then some of the C02 is dissolved in the oil displaced but some will be left" Seba added that "it takes a lot of C02 to produce a barrel of oil — the minimum being 25000 standard cubic feet for each barrel of oil produced Shell used 29000 cubic feet per barrel during the first year of the pilot project After the C02 injections ceased "we produced only 18000 barrels of oil in 18 months You have to continue the to inject C02 to get more oil" Seba said that in a 10000-foot reservoir such as Little Creek where the temperature is 200 degrees 6700 cubic feet of C02 per barrel of tertiary oil was used during the early high period "Then with a rapid decline in gas-oil ratios it will support 8000 cubic feet per barrel of oil produced" The engineer explained that 57 percent of oil still in place at the end of the waterflood was recovered in the C02 project with a displacement efficiency of 79 to 80 percent The efficiency rate during waterflooding was greater than 90 percent and "we assume approximately 60 percent recovery efficiency for the full project covering around 38 acres with 31 acres for oil" Since the pilotproject unit was dissolved in 1979 Shell is attempting to put together a new unit for a full-scale field operation planned in four phases "We're negotiating with 385 partners" Seba laughed The source of the carbon dioxide willte a natural one in igneous rock underlying the city of Jackson Miss Four wells have been drilled by Shell for carbon dioxide production Two others are being drilled and two others are planned The 995-percent pure carbon dioxide from the Smackover Norwalk and Buckner formations will be transported from Jackson to the Little Creek field in trucks instead of pipelines as is done in West Texas The very dense C02 will be cooled down to 350 pounds pressure at zero degrees Centigrade prior to movement Seba said the volume of C02 injected in the full operation at Little Creek would be 3 to 6 million cubic feet daily and could go as high as 10 million daily Plastic coated tubing will be used in the wells to cut down on corrosion problems Some corrosion inhibitors also will be added All wells will be reconditioned and some redrilled He feels the operation will be economic because of the benefit of a 30-percent rate under the windfall profits tax and oil selling at $35 to 40 per barrel Completion of the project is expected in about 12 years Seba again noted the high cost of carbon dioxide now around $35 per ton and suggested that early recycling of the gas would be necessary "Of the 25000 cubic feet of C02 injected to produce each barrel of enhanced oil you only have to buy 8000 cubic feet It'sa lot cheaper to recycle and get twice as much C02 as you have to buy" MANA0IMIHT Rapidly iponding weR-es-tablished corporation in the energy field seeks a key addition to our dynomie "re suH-orierrled loam Wo took provon from ony product eroa to diroct all marketing and toiot activities Eicollont oiocutivo comport-lotion package and upward caroor mobility Please re-pond in ftrict confidence (including ad datoi and alary history) to: President Stor-telegram ftoi 430MK us kotos ao csrri which are direct obligations of the US Government Terms: 3 months to 30 years Minimum: $1J0 to $10000 For today s interest rate or other-information call 390-6871 BOND DEPARTMENT The Frrsl National Bar ol Fort Worth On Somen Plaaa Fort Worth Texas 76102 Phone 81 7-39MS161 01 Las te&OMPUTERS 1st in Features Performance Price! TRS-80 MODEL II Full Selection of Small Business Accounting Programs Word Processing with More Capability Than Most Brands Financial Planning Software Puts Your Business Ahead j Easy Future Expansion s Your Business Net as Grow ft From v RADIO SHACK HAS OTHER TRS-80 COMPUTERS TO FIT EVERYONE'S NEEDS FROM $249 TO $10000 ' Aarfia Ihac Campunw SZZZmT" COMPUTER CENTER J tn)vSwX 9 On Tanty CM (117) US-mo I ui-4 pJTL Monday ttVu later Randal Mo) Maw tatte 111 MOB tut Hanoi Ml AlOJitlw day oral Part of St Joe is moved to NY KANSAS CITY Mo (AP) - A federal judge has ordered the transfer to New York of part of a suit filed by St Joe Minerals Corp seeking to block a $2 billion tender offer by Joseph E Seagram & Sons Inc US District Judge Scott O Wright's ruling on Thursday concerned the portion of St Joe's suit charging that Seagram violated federal law in making its tender offer and that any takeover would lessen competition Seagram attorneys argued that the case could be more easily tried in New York where both companies have their headquarters Lawyers for St Joe opposed the move contending the case should be heard in Missouri because of its extensive holdings in the state including lead mines mills and a lead smelter ' St Joe's suit is a countersuit to a motion filed by Seagram seeking a federal injunction against enforcement of Missouri's Takeover Bid Disclosure Act St Joe alleges Seagram's tender offer of $45 a share was illegal because it omitted information and contained misleading statements thereby violating both federal and state laws The portion of St Joe's suit alleging violations of state law will remain in Wright's court German bus factory changing small fowns economy attitudes By JOE WHEELAN Associate Fresi LAMAR Colo — This small farm to wn on the plains of eastern Colorado found itself on an emotional roller-coaster in recent years as it tried to diversify its one-dimensional economy First a meat-packing plant was coming It didn't Then an oyster farm was raised as a possibility It didn't materialize either But hopes soared again a year ago when representatives of a West German company came to town with plans to build a factory to produce buses for the American market This time the hopes weren't dashed In January of last year "it was like the whole town was in the dumps" says Clare Stafford chairman of the Lamar Chamber of Commerce's industrial committee "All the bad - things seemed to have converged on Lamar" Iowa Beef Producers had chosen Garden City Kan over Lamar for the site of a packing plant because Lamar did not have enough treated water Plans for tho "world's first artificial seawater shellfish farm" had been scrapped by Marine Nutritional Systems Inc of Denver which went to Washington state instead Neoplan USA did choose Lamar which has a population of 7667 and now occupies the building Marine Nutritional had planned to use Nearby in a huge barn-like structure stands the nearly completed assembly line which is the length of Jwo football fields " Manley L Bean company vice pres ident says the company hopes to produce 200 buses this year many of them tofulfill contracts with thecities of Atlanta and Milwaukee The company says the plant will employ 500 workers at full prodcution and will turn out 500 buses a year Bean says Neoplan picked Lamar because the company had found after building a branch plant in PUsing Bavaria that factories in small towns with a strong work ethic are the most productive Neoplan also has bus plants in Stuttgart West Germany and in the west African nation of Ghana "At the Bavaria plant we found the people tied to the land know what work is and can do the best job" Bean says Lamar fits this description The 96-year-old city is a livestock center for southeastern Colorado the Oklahoma Panhandle and southwestern Kansas with feed lots that can accommodate 60000 head of cattle On livestock sale day the city is all cowboy boots and pickup trucks and the local watering holes pulsate to the beat of country-and-western bands Bob Temple- chairman of the Prowers County Board of Commissioners says the county was due for a change of pace For the past decade he says there has been no increase in assessed valuation in Prowers County "Inflation was eating us alive" Temple says Neoplan will change all that Temple figures the company will add up to 15 million to the county's assessed valuation of $49 million when its two production lines are completed and in operation Bean saiys Neoplan has involved the city in every step of its planning since the company told city officials in February 1980 that it would locate its new plant either in Lamar or Clearfield Pa Lamar won out Mrs Stafford says because Lamar has mild winters and 350 days of sunshine a year and Neoplan was faced with a tight construction schedule Wanting to hire only local residents Neoplan has helped set up a training program at the local community college It also sent foremen trainees to West Germany to work alongside their German counterpats for eight weeks To show they had learned their trade the foremen were required to build a bus to take them to the airport for the trip home Neoplan also plans to make a gala affair of the first bus rolling of the assembly line in May and has invited dignitaries from around the world to attend The Auwater family which founded Neoplan in 1935 did run into some problems with the ceremony though Tie family wanted brass bands to play at the ceremony but with school out late in May it appeared unlikely any could be found The Auwaters' solution: Offer a $1000 first prize for the best band playing at the ceremony $500 for second place and $250 for third place There will be brass bands playing MANAGER (VP) Immediate oponing for a provon talont to auumo responsibility for manufacturing operation including: Malarial 0 Davalopmant and doc-umontation of monu- factoring mathod 0 Suporviiing tub-con- traclon 0 Tf 0 Quality aawaiK This it a tuporb opportunity in an ottractivo location Excellent executive compensation package and caroor growth potential Please respond m confidence (including all dates and salary history) tot President Star-Telegram BoiolSMG PRECAST CrailETf DlMuS u STRUCTURAL LIGHTWEIGHT CONCRETE PLANTS and WAREHOUSES PRICE INCLUDES: Structural precast concrete walls 12' tall Foundation and slab on your level site Steel bar joist metal deck 3-ply built-up roof with rigid board ' 2 Steel personnel doors Overhead door 10' x8' Water scuppers FOB 20 miles Fort Worth plant IllFLATIOn FIGHTER Price lowered so you can build AO TWl ft 1 —I Your building could be worth 25 more in one year with Speed Fab-Crete quality OFFICES SHOPPING CENTERS SCHOOLS CHURCHES 16FtA!ITSia 12 STATES 4701137 1150 E Mansfield Hwy Fort Worth TX 76119 Now in Fort Worth 1henewAudi400055 From an ancient town in Bavaria comes this highly advanced jvcylinder sports sedan 400 oilmen due at Abilene meeting - ABILENE — Approximately 400 people are expected to attend the 48th annual meeting of the west Central Texas Oil tt Gas Association here Sunday and Monday A fish fry and dance at the Abilene Civic Center is scheduled Sunday night Kye Trout of Bismark N D president of the Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States will be the principal speaker at the member ship luncheon Monday After breakfast at the Abilene Petroleum Gub Monday morning the oil group will hear three speakers at a general session in the civic center They include Vance Maultsby Jr of Peat Warwick Mitchell L Co Washington D C Lloyd Unsell executive vice president of the Independent Petroleum Association of America Washington and Rex White of Austin who it with the law firm of O'Neill For gotson Roncalio L Haase P C ATT03NIYS We are e reaMs orailna KMT WOtTH le An wMmjCM SIC M TAX UTKMWON At- caooajtV liaerawced ht Ware! and st n cfp inOTVett lad and aa)e ssiiasinslaais etc t) TM Isa In 1 at the Mea UttA estate alanaeio and faraloa haiUal tea LLat oral hijfaff ceipeMMve eW eeem Al peiliiais end nirletas In eat hm ere overa of rMs ed We a iufdnilel Please isspaad tai Marina Ce—atee Pas Hi" Hor-Ti BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL LEASING SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY — OUR LEASES ARE CUSTOM TAILORED TO FIT YOUR NEEDS— MICH AIL STfVINf CAli THf DIPT Of COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS AT SfSSll 1 tea Us ? MfojcJHf' We in IriRolitaJt have applied a tradition of German craftsmanship to the production of some of the world's finest cars Including the 5 5 We brought together a winning combination: our 5-cylinder engine and our 5-speed manual transmission And we Rave it the clean styling of the 4000 The engine is truly revolutionary We chose the odd number of five cylinders because it gave us more power than a four with less vibration It has few parts than a six which helps cut weight We also tilted the engine block 20 degrees to lower the hood This lets the driver see the road better and there is less wind resistance ' ' ' The 5 1 cruises along effortlessly at the speed lirflit In fifth it takes only a little gajjlto overcome whatever air drag hain't been taken care of by the car's sleek body The result is an EPA ratinguf IS) estimated mpg and 36 mpg estimated highway" The inteTiot lives up the rest Everything is simply and sensibly arranged The" 5 5 luxury sports Audi 2800 Aha Mere at 1-30 244-8844 sedan is available at $11105 And if you believe in lucky numbers 5 could be yours Test drive the Audi 4000 5 5 at Ryan Porsche Audi in Fort Worth tSuwji'sttJ retail price K'E Trariiniirutinn local uxc and dealer delivery charges ' ' additiunal "Use "Estimated mpg" for comparison Mpg variet with speed trip length weather Actual hitthway mpg will prohably he less PCBSCHE-fAUDl NOTHING EVEN COMES CLOSE ft iraoaaaaa iAa t - 1 A - AaAaAa a a A a -- '---aceAa AAJj JAaAatllAA - --r-SftAr-Sa a

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