Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 6, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1916
Page 7
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<5?HS « JC f r~ '" -IF WIOMESOAY, DEC, 8.1916. FA0E SEVBH, iwser Is Tender; Be Comes Home and Finds Mfs. Bowser With a Headache, By M. QUAD Mr*. TJo\'«'-f rvi •-]<,-• «n <<i;t-.| her ••'r h-^-- »,;•;:» '•:••: of tli--c be^ny bll- I-M;-, In-:!'' 1 :!, hex !l'l <!.••)'•., bill I fJ'TU K<*t- !>>••:. f!-,. I , i-.<r ,,; it >•;." ." ;• t !.:•.„;•. !:.•;!•..-;.< < X i:n;n:>i] Mr. |i,,vi <(-(• ji* iji. ><);.;.-J his h:it;'Ss. "Mrt~ this I Vi'i! V,< I'e ,'IS C SENATOR LA FOLLETTE 1 PUTS PfNG WHISKERS OF J. HAIV! TO SHAME fcn Mrs. ftottwr nrfiw TTio riTtrfT alflg she found herself honvy lu-:t»l- Bd black speck* floated before her It -was 8 blllou* attack, mid sht that She was in f<»r n long day's finche. She said nothing 'to Mr, f, knowing how ho reimrdcd »m <\\ but trcnt down lo break fa it tlse elMH»rfulne<«s. The sl«ht of _ nauseated her, nnd ho. lielns: busy flklng of ft ilenl IIP hn«l on hnml.nml ta£ JUl ft hurry to «et n«ny from tho e» noUwd nothing unusual. ... minutes lifter Mr. K«nv*er had iirtcd Mrs. Bowser wan in bmj nealtt l throbbing (flunk*. Tho cook came _i to say: I "It t» whnt you enll nppemlieeefus, I hmt n brother who wns ._^ with Uic mortal nlluii'nt, and he _Jked jB»t like yciu do." |;*lt IB nothing but n headache-. Mag- k" was tho reply. *Ai* you sum it i« not typhoid fever? IlM a Bister who ciunc down with ..old fever, nnd her eyes hud tho jw Klnro yours fi'ave. jrot." |,**I told you it wim only n bilious (Jncrie. and nfter you tmv«? luld* -ip !si-!i'. An, i ,-s, you fire bH!<-r, jiii-) j;;.i;>n'<ly l>> t<n,«!rcvv V'-H cnn !, it of iu-(( ;!x;-Hi. I 'Mil li-'.r .'» tidlned i, 1 ;:!'«!•', .if «-.-i!it'S'". In]! fix finy t!i<> for tcil 5 "ii. the tir-f fhihR i* f-T y>.ni b son-it? fi'oil In yotir st<>ru.'i<-h. Mr*. How. jeer, how would yun like fronift frl**' The invalid mnnnsTfl tn ro<train tho fiii,! the shudder which xvn* going to slctko (h»» lied nnd feebly shook her Sterling Daily Gazette Auction Sale Department --S CLASSIFIED RATES ONI foENT A WORD FOR SALE- MISCELLANEOUS •r- .V !" r- -nr,!t '-rVii^. '<"'•'< Mi!«:!.-ik'-' :•;!.!!"••! 1 ..i! n ' ! - »iri y in a ,-f .-<cll>-trH' i's.'lt V.n;ih! l..-i\e (»!r! I'.j'Sali ..f f.'rf-' 1 . i'i> •-.'!'-i I f<>r iif" ti.-ol h lh"»l!l:! '-f il If.- ,«<H,.'. i il HI !i:l tur ,1. Ibiitt ^-'Wis' |i,!ik tthi-k.-t • inf the /?)-."ir.l. flol.iM v..)« Hi S't'.t! h'.'i'i nrni.I flie t,H!|,i" ;irtit tiialn'i • :'• i',\ . if s ^u-j-d. ! -1 -• -Xm "My priiiidmothrT nlwnyfl frle.1 pork satisnv'f 1 -'' «'h<>n slic hnd ft henilft<'h(\ hut of cititrjif th!ttf:s hav« c-hantji'd since her -diiy. 1 wish . hnd known rnoneh to finvo n href «] In tier. With n cholrp «rn;»ni? tlu» nscaf, rnWififffM'nrrotR. licotn and prn!ti«i ynu rtiuld firolmhly havp found fiiitti.' to tliklp your imfate." "\\"c» will have wicli a dinner dny npxt tvpfk,*'- rpp.Hod Mrs. B "1 do not want anything to eat to u, I'oon uiftL!" ; towel on my forehead I wlnh yon J go down nnd li»«v« me alone. It ,8tcnickB my he«d o^-n to tulk." Will do aa you nay. um'aw. and 1 l( won'ts'ho a CUHQ of - coiiKivtnp-. I had-a cou«In who was tooken \V« ~wlit» ,.,— consumption, . watching OHT hi* bwluldo BHW i twitch. 1 don't.think yours Witohinj; any, however, and you recover from it. Theris you ar« _ the wot towel, nnd here 1 jj«. and ...,#11 come tip every Imlf hour to HC.HS l|roo are dead «r Hvlnw. .If 1 find you J.I will run for tho coroner nnd police and tho fivts department. 1 * 'studied to ltd a trained num». I know Just what to do," «,. Bowser dozed ut intervals! all and she had a had day of itl Oiio ie iliUigr-that she worrJctl nhont, ^Ing or waking, was tun return of , Bowser nt dinner time. She know it bow be would'act and Just what would Bay. Ito.would dwltiro Unit «Ji tier futilt; that 8ho hud gone ,.»J barefooted nud caught cold; if Ida bad eaten a whole cpcoamit thus irf)set her stomach; that idle >4one a dozen thing* no sensible in 1 would do, UnvliiK brought the 4die oil herself aha must «i*t over '. herself. Ho could have no nyni- p.jf-l'orsucH ft careicKg wuiauu. Then would KO dclw/wtulr* to nil bin din- f alone and tn-ow more vwed every Bute, and when bo wan through with i Weal be would go down to the fur- slam and baiu; tho door and ( —,w l»ober ui'i'OKH the cellar to ;e ail tbe iiol«e he conhl, Mr, How"Wouldn't do thi)MO tMntfi to he in", U»t ( Just a* a moral Jusson to i)t her to ho mom careful of her "Hut n doctor would insist." ed Mr. Rowser. "I will run downstairs and connst-i with Maggie." MncJTiu Tvns of the opinion when gravely consulted Hint ft eoconnnt'jilt would bo uinch Jn'ttru: than nnythlni, In (he inont line, nnd Mr. Bowser tvm not moro thnn n nihuilo in getting tin dcr hlH lint nnd Inside his 'orcrcoa and starting on n run for*"tho bakerj* He wan back In les» than ten tnunite* \vitlt n blntifi nnd go<Ml niitiireil lool. and eoconntit pie, nnd with his otvr Iintuls IIP,cut It tu halves and hustone*' upstairs. Mr*. Howler thnnked bin: very sweetly, but declined to eat, Sht paid (bat In iibout three days «hw would .ent three 'cocoa nut l>lv» nil at once if be nskcd her to. ; "Hut (hero must he something," 'In" wi'iit on an bo 'wnitchwl his head In a ptmlfd way. "IIoxv about cblckw soup? 1 ciin get the chicken lit tht butcherX In flvc nilnules." "Let it KO Ibis evening, denr." "Hut niutton hrothV "Vo^ are very kind, Mr. Kottwr, but \v<» won't t«lk of anythlnt; tnoro in tho f<Mid line. You may wet and wring oui the towel, if you will, and then I will try to sleep again.'' Mr. Bowser hastened to-do ns «h« wanted and then patted her. cheek. In a loving way and walked softly out of the room. Ho went down into tlu 1 kitchen and told Magglu that ho hud pulled Mrn. Jioivm>r through the and was quite sure nho would live. Ho warned lier > ngnin>it rattling the -OC-.UnL.Btove-.lid»»l'....tbeii went ..upi to tht? sitting room and took frwiit an«1 folded bis nrnrt' and waited. 11«? felt a glad relief and did not kick ut the cat when «ltc cauio around to rub hb) log. He thought of telephoning to the doctor. Bur what could tbe doctor do more than be bad done if be ahould rt>spQud? lie thought, of the way ho liutl pouducted hioiself bu prevloua oc- cunlous, and ho felt, ashamed of him- Mr. Bowser beard autos and wagons going luist tbe bouse with a rattling aud n bunging, and be wanted to rutib out and throw frozen potatoes at tbo hcud,s of tho drivers. A cat walled out Jn the-back yard, and he Hoftly raised a window'--and niade use of Nu<h words as promptly sent her Jumping over ",a creveu foot fence. There was a boy yelled out w front of the house, and he wished that that hoy had no lens than nix bolls on hit* ,'. Bowser came homo. . Bpwuer heard him open the Jh4 cook/bward him come In and iW that .ibe viu$- wan floai' across o back yard to the alley in OUHU aho id to make a skip for it, ^Not seeing Mra. liow&er in tho ball or $Hitting room Mr. Hosvttcr the bitehun and uwked; . S*Ha» Mrs. Bowser gone '»pi «|r,'«. replied the cook. "Mr», iw|ef J« lying OH her dying la-t| up' "p| and baa been ever since you left house thl» morning. If I knew g.jto work' that teluphone l KhouKl ^_^»4 at least four doctor* hero W ago," [gvinj; said this, she preparetl her- fat tho impending ijuthuntit. but Air. Bowser turned pulo ttuftly up two Bait's of Ktiil" moro softly opened the room door. -Mrp, Uo\V*er lay with i, and he tiptoed to the bed lier ami uniooHuHl down, her There came a long interval of silence, and Mr. Bowser was dozing off jto sleep when there came a sharp ring at the door. Ho started up- with muttered im- preeatiotui on tho bead of whoever It inight bo and tiptoed do\Vtt the ball and opened tbo door. There stood a man who whinlmrly asked: * .'"Boss, cai&you give a poor fellow ^0 cents for a nlglit'H lodgingr?" "!' will give you ten, twenty, fifty, a ^undred!" shouted Mr. ,'Bowwy aa loud us bo dared, and he surprised that poor unfortunate by throwing him off the Htcps headfirst info a snowdrift and [lion picking him out again and .throwing him over the fence. Neither of them enjoyed tho perfoumauco vcf# much— the tramp becauso ho >va». the vlctiiu and Mr. llowser bwiu«o ho hud to be qujet about U.* Tho tender hearted guardhm «»«l i>ro- tector of ilrs« Bowser returned to the house and his watch, and nothing further occurred to create a disturbance. Even tho cricket on tho hearth buttoned up bis lips, us they imed to term It ^ - -^ .^,^,-,^,^-, ...... , -^-, .. T . • .-' IJovvjier noijded. Bowser slept- hi ht» dreams he tiaw JJJw. Bowser dancing around the room and dci'lurlng that she Imd never felt so good jit.ttai The bells struck pkinlght. awoke, .Mrs. How Her otood ht'foi'u him and was saying: . '"My headache is nil gone, Mr, Bowser, und ! want to thank you for your kindness," ' . "V-ft-s," ho repHwi, with blinking eyes. "'Votj hud ones, of your durned old headache* mid made DILV 110 end of troujbto. Von brought it 011 yourself by Bomo cart'U'f.s ml, and if you -.<syer do it aguln it will uu-atV but <mtj thing — di- hud recovered from lila ten- Ho was 1 Jo wsi-r again. jjtrU 1'our Klrl! 1 unt so sorr . I'll jjo down ill omv suMl it'lt*- t4tt*-dfH'-t<»f f Imit rt Ttdi—¥T\;n,f s ^•J««*- H *-» *» »-**** -*—*—j U Ihttv/ttrw .with votuitiK 'at j do It, my ib-i»r," ivplk"! U jH'o'J»b* \u* inc :IW iiUi.'Uiii,: HI-MI I'- lo .'1 1 I ll»~' IK' « »l||-l 101U *4, ' "Ala I ! u b; 'i!n l - i ii-pft ':" , -,i i> i' .•.•ii._- .HI .. < i '! In:. Gvtt-ing iv*n. ''When I left- htHuo twenty yeura ago iiolniily thotmht I M o.uld ever •uuiount to uiiytlUn^." null! the. prouperout* uiun'- Ufacluiei', * "Vail l'uoU'4 "em. eh'/' leaded every avalhiirie. biilboiirti uii(4i ph'istcivd. Miy uw'tiH' all »>•.(,-<{• my nutlvo vlIliKc." -Itiruiiticham A«.'«TJUti-iild. » . " '--• •" - • • -••, Cracking D«?wn on Them, "I >ar uul -mo' dan one piis.son vvldiu ilt isoiiiid 'o* miih voice," iwerclv Mild •story |i.i'!tii'?itl<'iir tu '!•.> l..v,. t (iif'-.'i of !ii>' -bi,.wn suit tt,- SV.IK -isikitit; i uppi-.-ii-iiiic'-. Hi"' h.iiiils. fiice ;ind f'-fir «•!-!>• ;iil I'lfik. h \v.-i*< no't M H'bitim li:iiii;lil> . .t^ii ki Slid--' |,i:ik. Itut fi .liti'-at piiik ,tb.H ''Kfows on you. 'if ( ours HH- W. If known ^fii.Hor »U»." li^>' r '<orn «eiir-me !•- tlii- hit ,.f tlic Jit.-'.-nt I-DII It is Mot abb- that tin* war h.-is j-llp tied an im-li off I'mlc .b,«. i'aiii'ion' st/'sd.'. In fart ril.i.ul the only thin liitMn't IM t-n itTi.' Ms luiiil von AN AWFUL SLAUGHTER Open Window W«ek Kill. 825,497,423, 772 Germs. New Vntk, N. Y., lie-'* fi. as man hav itiHAily met .I'.ilh fiotn exposmii ti flesh air .-is fl result of New Yotki'ity' "open-windou v. "i'k." n< .-online to I ««tat''UH-nt j.wK"! by the tltv !iiiilt!i de lartinent. Thi> dfi.attmviif ••stinurH'i that l,7."i.:.:UI4 windows ii/ the ijrrafi' i (!%' 'M-to kt ; pt oprn an ii result of tbi movement ;in<l that l.'ti.'ni(» i-olils h.nvi In en in«-v.'iit« •! in th.' l.i-'t f w< iHy--r...ti "Tubr-ri !'• "li.icdll, pfieinnonin an. *i!lV|iio< ini'l \vire re|'olt''«l :IM relrcn* rritc in ili'-.oid'-r." iln- bullet iii saiil. Todav. it was nnnmiU'-ed. -uoiild b "vv;»lk-to-wolk dav," "It i* hoped ll thin wav" frn-.« (lif licnllh (b'l'aiinii »' "to form TI l;tr«e army of 'I. \V. \V.'H, nii iirmy of VCI'MOIIK /ilil" In i*ay '1 NVnll to Work."' ROBBERS KILL CITIZEN BahdiU With $2,000 Loot E«cap« .On Horteback. rhitnnlx, Arix., l)«-c. '',.-<'bnr!i'« Miner was inftiintly killed wben four robiwrs \\lio bud looted tbe Ibiekeyt Valley l!;inl< at l!n.-l;rve, tbirtyMi>i nines we..-! of here eii«a>!«--d in a Hin-e battle with olltchUn "f !h«" banU am K. Tb<> robb'T.M esi-'aped 01 . ,.,' Into I'filrx and are lie tinnted through the bil di-pniy Hherlffrf and fariner.«. Tin robber.i tjot $i'.(ioii, •(! Hie lot""- mom.) Ill the bank. IDENTIFIED AS A SLAYER Man Convicted of Blink Robbery Murd«rer. '•"' ""' ft^l*;- Mlcfi., •'!><', «.—Rllnt of- idcntllli'd Fnttii* Hahu-y. com inittei'd tii'.the wlale criminal TfTJCT Uil from tblH county for the rob- In November of- Ihc* "Knu Clalri bank. IIM the man who oij Oct. 8 tnnr- o-ered nnd robbed Xe'nl J. HerHton, a i-cul estate de'aler of Pllnl. -- WOMEN RURAL CARRIERS, Stoenorson of, Minrieiota Offers pill in Cong''«ii»' Wa«biiiEt'iii, Dec, <1, --- Uepr.ccenta- tlvo SU»enei - Hon of Mlpnesofn intro- luced u bill to make women IH rural FALl LOOPING Cattaneo Injured and Hi§ Plane De •troyed. UuenriH AiiW, Dec. fi. — The ovintor 'nltunt'O fell while loupinK the loop uul WIIH liritlly injured, ilia aeroplane wan dcfttroywl. WATER COMPANY SUES CITY. KHCiuutba, Mich., l»ec. O.—The North>in MlrhlKitn Water Compitny. owner if tin- waterworks ut Km-atialm, llb-d mil In the fpdenil I»!wiriet,ro«rt "» dar«iiietle for |5ut),oOU siKuiiiHl Kncan- iliu for damaKCH catiMed, it i« allcKc<l. com the city's ilunipuiK HOWJIKO Into Jay Uenoc, the Kottrcu of the water upply NEW STATE CORPORATIONS, HpHnKltehl, III.. Dec. «.—I'cnnitM to ncorporate werc> iHHiicd to the (Vmral HtatcH Steel t'o.mpany of Molln-e, with capital of JSC.WDO', • to manufucture •ulldiiiK materlalft, nnd the Huron 'renmcry Company of Kant St. Loiil«. vllh a capital of $5,uOO, to operate <i reuincry, , : WOULD REPEAL DtER LAW, tmlikohh. Wl«.. Dei.', fl.—Kdwurd Vlcke.rl,,» deer hunter, prnpoMv* to work (or the repeal of the "one buck" ;am*' law and have mibstUuted a bill iruhii'liiiiK >ull deer huntlnn every oth- «• j-ear. II* 1 clalniH tho preweni law dd« to the f.ittilltien lililoiiK huiltem, PASTORS MAKE THREATS. Has I Ht. LoUiH, ill.. l>ec. «. I'ahtoiv f four large churches here called <*n •layor Molfnuiu and told him tluit if the iy t losing bi\v wen 1 not enforced hey would oiv,uniKi> a noniiiirtiH.ui to work for flic election of an ilfducd to law ciifoH-t • U'lll. TRICK FAILED TO WORK. lr) WIK., Dec. U --\VuMe 1' Holette, N. U,, tiled to di> U tlUk er" ill Whli h lie held « W-CelU piee« ji liis inoiitli and dtank a jjIani* of \vat- 1. Sllllck ^Wallowed the hilVer piece. HM opei'.iti'd upon and the half dol- ir svan lecoveled. 'Slllieh In :I!M> le- RENEWAL OF TYPHUS REPORTED. KOI;! MiuUsnn._I:i_._I>«i - *> A lelu-wal of opium \V-IH 4V)mrtt'd to health* an* Ihonti.-x OM-ar Ht bail' 1 '-' i-iirt.iiiig fiuiii t>iiln\.-«, it i-> h.iid, IUH! i*- in a >•! Illi -ll COIuUUoIi. .MICE--MATCHES--OIL- FIRE. J'ton.i. Ill, I H'< . •' A i i*«oii of th •>•' ; t r,-Ve-!,( '-: i nmh. "ihil 'woilldu't fol-j" r '..-'.- • • , it . ."*'" i-btit'i'h In di-ir Jmtites but \mul ;i !Mi;r^> € i'l b;ijMl lo if*, t'lnl o' «| j. - j -- •] - t - < '-I v "'-*• ' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' ''' '"' ' : *' '• '"' ' i). v; c. H, K CLOSING OUT PARTNERSHIP SALE. CLOSING OUT SALE, HELP WANTED-- MALI; .. ' V. A XT' ;; i \\ \ \' '; in faCtri .ti i!,,. f,, '," H 2 mil'--' liorlhtt'f-it of ?I'A't~. 1)K«', U'. !':!>", IK ji»-o|if-r!v, lo-vij;; of i.i\ i: STOCK. ,nt- MI:,! ! n:i:.- »-.,-i :!i-.'. < T of /U-! Tf KSHAV. , ri K«' KMl'.KU n-.« f'tU'twini',- proti.-i-ry: • M HF,Af>'or |ntf:<r>' *:;•-..v i-.-], :?•;:, T ^''-fr-*. iV^iu'H \ -1 ; '*'. '-t-'v ?*'*-M' :j '-r-nff. IVf-ix. 1 ;! £.••-"'-. j.l.i', f-i:u.'. vt-.-irf. w»-l^iii !.;;!»". iii.:*.-k rif.!*- "i \ •• » sv.'Srli' I,Ion; }:r.'iv io.ii>- i». f>-;tt, 131 \..,i). t . \v.-i-;!;t ' !,:.<•<>; i.:i-- !:i-t,Hiiir. ' ' !'.i •!!-', V.'-iuiil 1.1I-'''; son-.-l i-.tiiui-:. 7j ',,;»!. V,'-i-.:li.! 1 "-"•'»:, !.)!•<!; !!i;,-S<-. I* ' >. i. .••r^., wt.j.-;i',t t.n'i«»: «ii-iy nvii.-, i'M xowt; ti;il;ui< >• l>;urow«, :-. ,-fitv. w.;^i!! !.;i'»t; "I •••[•ritui cult. f F.MIM MACHINKKV Lnmbor wan-j". r.l l»3:Ali OK CAT'IM: is $•<«•!! | on, trnek wiuon. iu;i)ly TH-W, M-lnch imllcti '•«««. 7 ;it" fr, sh. l>.il.'u!«-e fn-yh Km«-iv,in e;iriK plow, it";irly jitnv: John dtiflnt; u-intet-; S li-'if. i-t < ornnti: " yi • Dettre iiii.ii jilnnt'.-r with 1"0 fodM wi!»\;.fi,| viith S-'tlf; I! Ju-ift-ts COHIIPO: run two ft<-;i-«in«; eointilniitlon Julni i.vV:irH old; S itccr-- r-omtnir i' y'-.'ir" ol l)e»-re i s orn plow, with /inn hundred j 2 «»ti-f>r.«, 3 %i-jiry. obi; s spilii;: »;i!vi roil.M wlr''. t!i!.''-^«rctlon\ <<ter-l drntr,' i H«-j:l?'li r.-<l S!|on,born bull. ,N!,-\f-UfNiSTS. AI.Si r,,,i\ !...v>- r-'t n~.;K-fiiii«- I >i-:tf!-,, ; M Mff. r,,. • •if'T" corn in t 2 }e;if: ycrir old. 3 y.nms," i':t!\ 37 MK.-MJOK imc: t k< U'A.VTKU- MAX T'l I >< > JA: -'irn) fill round W'.tk fi!:»n! tln- ;i.l.l jitr«-« room ••( T ! ,'.< i;;»7'-|t' f..\v \Vei-ks lltlSil f'i::ii,er ,1'Hiit t nr»i« !<- \vorV. i i *.frii tUl.lll! Kill! - | WANT!:!) --i; work ;il Ih SI'HIN*'! ^•'l« i;oo,i wink biiMifiss our. \# a lifuul i I-'AUM .M A«/Hl.N'i;itY - - Ttii'l" box rnnde, brusn trimmed ("onconl, Tbis; W!i«o», truck w<moti, i' W;IKOH Iw.yi.s, nuicldiK-t-v i« tin iirtieticnlly nr»w, n» i tntlk nick, bay nick, 3 to|> biit;«ii '. "tie It has only b».-t u used two KCHXHIIM. i uooi! .<»•« new, 3 «ultivniorK, b;iy mkf, li:ur»'l vint-Kstr, IMHTHS. IIOK tiisnplis. ii'lenn jAcfi'p liny loader. iJen-his; liny lly nets, juid many other nrtli'b-H ton i (< -d«li-f, Afn'orniii-k fi-foot mower, Mr- lo tiiitiilod. i •"'oriniclt 7-foot binder, Hii|iiiior drill. P WANTED—FEMALE •u^-.lfh Ib'i.l, i UAVK MV Ai'l't.KS AT KMMITT'S , f,,,^ ..hffi. rtil th.-i" :ui.l v-f fii'-tn. '. It. K-ui'rforil. 1','ith iilnmcp. 127tf J.-rscv rtinl" iiiu«. Call. or |>honr- Kd. i'll.- Morrls'oti. I'.nUi phonic, WANTr.D ', !•: M. ln-(- A ipinntliy of « ltoiri> twin. ' iintncitlitti ly nfict, 'd bay Iti ; 1 tll*c, 1 u"<-il '-• '[.'tnetson Hluky at noun l»low, M-incli (corn jihmtfr. ('Umax * .1-Mi-ctiot) liarmw. w, Mi-lmh wnthinK plow. Hnyc's initt«T, WAXTKD-• UAUIKS TO U-'.AU.V; ri'sslni;, br.-tiitv cultilr«-. cliiro- j — i)!ti<ii!y. l-'il! |>o*itjunH WMJHni;. ; „• o!.:ti'' fr< <>. \Vii;,». M.iiiir ••'<>!- I Kif'.h and Mmiroc. i % ?ilf. c ii,'o, \V A N T K I) — SAI.KSI.AUIKH AT FOR SALE —REAL ESTATE Strrlintr. lfii|iiir" of JFuny l.niilur. V. W, \Vo«lwf»rth l*u.. Apply nt t>f tic,.. nriii tost Tl;UMS All Mimis *»f $10 and niiib-r, j uood . UN n< \v. corn i-i.-v;itor, 3fi f. r-t, • •itch. ()v< r tliiH iiinoitnt 1^ n»oiitbM lirnc j iiolt-xb-d. <Ji-in fannltnr mill, biiiiil corn will bi-> >'lv«-n on njiprovi'd noli. b«'iii'itn;! "licllcr, tnnh hi''!it»-i, triiid »<!oitt', *»••! of ii |>i-r ct'iit. lnt>-r>;)--i from date If paiil I ibiniji plrinhH, *t-t of wiiuon «prliu;«. whi'ii dii'': ot)i*'tivl«n 7 pfr o»-jnt frt>m 'scoop f»crnp«'r, i! IMIUKV poli-.«, milk CHUM, diiti 1 of x;ib'. N'o property ri'inovi'd iiii-l-' "''t 1 * of vviU It'itiVi'.!.; ] ,«,.( of lir<>i-.-)i- Ml kf-ttb-fl for. ""••• ! Inu* linfnl-«>.•, t ^=.'t of doiib).-' 'driving FlfiMKH HPHHMAX. jluil »•::-. L' -;< H .•;lni:l«-' liann-s'*. 1.' K"b< ' <'OM»NI-;j J lll'KIIMAN'.- i'lv n»-tf ! . varidb-. S I..HM of C!ov>r :md .nil. \V;«rd I' Aue.tlom-«-M; ''Tlmotby liny In bain. . '" ll.osT A l?H<ioi'|t \no\. l.'b-lk. . ; Sale coliitni'lircH at in o'rlocl;; fr»'»' •, \vhili ami bbl>- *!• lii-c. -1, ft, r,. 7, s v ,o ibimli nt noon. j U.-o; ' -. '"..''• ' . f TKUMS All sum* of JIOKO and tin- •t_ !.*..» I .».-. j * ami h: -iulnl. bi-.v. n w-.m! ;iV>- nt «,';!'/'-!fi>. ]',',"* WITH !:i:i> y- la -Jiap.' . A '• l-'bnbT pit a- 1 " Icax-f nt (iiii'i-(ti- ML'-13"; ,\) U,I. A 1 !:-;:'M'h'l J-'A?iAf. SI't ;ii!i| $ "i tti'inMi'' : !>•• iiili -r< • > or taxt-'s; bftblv in oitiii -i i vii 1-iinl: r!u';i- tu " liii-r marl r-t' : . Writ'- .foi" nb'itoirrripbs and f'lil Inf'ti'mntlon. • Munui r A-1T2 N. V hif«* I'-'.la., K;ni«,fi i'iiv. Mo. . • • isi-ir.c* MISOELLANEOlJS ^ ! • --iioi : l-.y' -all- at Lor *., IIIoi 1; IS't In Tl!'it<-o-iy. I >*•';... ..TJ.'i.s 111.--. -N, *>!""X iiii ,*-':Hlt, I', f. t;r,io|. v, ruir- }'.'.:>, -.__._. .-,_ _ • i",f. <"i«b In li.-ind. ovrr !b;(T anioiinl n' STERLING BOAHD OF TRADE!V" lititf '•' *""»"*« win b. MV.M o,, I-OKTCOI.D 1^12 s. n, M. M:i \wr-ll MI inl.i-i »j M. S," nil M'tlirn !•' t ii;3tf! of Trndo :,'o. III.. Dec Low i.or 1.M 1MU "with iippiiivi'd Ki-i-iifliy with I','., rbiir: in ,'f|-"ni i!;«!f if paid when dm-. If nut ; lt< ; w:iid jpnid w!i<-n dm' "'. uill bi' cliart;'-'.] j *-•"- : - •" - - '"" ! - •I front ibit<- of Nitln. No jjomln n -moved , FOB RENT i until tii'ttli'd for. ; ^-^-,x^-^™~x^^-^-w-..-./-^-- w _™ ~^. j ,-'.MKK. AHXKS KOHTi;U, jITHNISHliU HOo.MH FOit LbHIT i H. T,. lfjiri'lnt;lon, A, It, ('m>. Auc-1 • !>ou«t:kci>pinu. Unc bloi'k from f.-ii tonc»rn; M. K. Wilj-fr Clerk ' HIM-, •• lU'fsld»'iic<- i"'J KuHiuKourUj St 1, 3. f,. 7. 8. 0.1 % * 13»-1.14 I 'h'oit i:i-:xf i'oTT.\<;i: ox TKXTII' Ht.. l«'t\vi'«>n First nnd Hi fond Av«-,j lni|iiir<' lf'3 HiToml j :OTI«'I; i vvicu NOT r.i: i:i:si'ox- for ;ni\ ibiii tl.nt f. <. . v \V..|f i!,,,-'! for Ii,-' it iii,! my «.in. Joint II. \\oif i:u is:;* iKX! • on: iu,rsTitATi-:i» CATA- los;ii(' cvtif.iitiH !«>«' v,.' d u-|| til" !•.•! ti.n!" MiilikM, in iili-d fi , , .\iol"r liilbir ''olli',-", <'bn i I'M, l^'i If,)' I Will LIVEffY SALt. my • ntlro )lv«-rv SATURDAY, DECEMBER ftork. "H «t 1 Livory k nbiir) on • tl«I*V- 1IV'(« ft t I Fl f\ t I * . r , .1 I ECEMBER 9TH. 1916, J ''; !l . "V"", 1 ';,.,, ' ^•p, known nx'tlM; Snilth k ,.'.,._ l..'^„.._ „ [ I l. r lt ' "Oil UK XT • dock from car lin $1 t.iin. ,lon;iM Ha i l!«'lin:n- 4. in of tbo propiM'lv; l-'oiirlccn J i IHHI^ t,".,.m, weiKhtl """" -""•'" l ' "'133'lAfTu j*ritr-: AND TIIKIT ix.sru- l .Sim ibs. I'itcb; l bl.-iek tcnm will maki> I —-—— — ' "'"'''• IJfl ' "•''"•''••rfhip li">. Vi'.uly --:"jt-oo,l iHTtiH.- t.«':im. w.-lKbt 1.200 ll,«.il'olt ItKXT - Kf HXIS1II'.l) I'.OOMS. dn.o 11. Als»o Auto t.l.-tbllitv, Kiro ''"•" U-ach: 1 black ti'.iin, w.-ll miitcln'd, 7J Modern cunvi-nli'iiccs. Hoard option ,, r ,.j»*-nd-S yr.ur« old; ! bay 'triim. .1 and S j »'• r ' (li; Avenue 15. l.tJt-lS-4* " I: i vi.irs* old, w«'lt;'ht- I.OuO ixc is AM:, and WP firi v In p'lxltlott t«>,. h,'«tulle nil Iclnds of hldeH tuul fur. Will liny th« market jirlcf. Also want nil kltntH of junk. Uon't K!V«> away your jnnk for nothing. Call II, Manil'Md on T^irtint HtreiH, Sterling. l>cfon» you well. You c,»t full. v«lui» for your Ruoiln, Uotli 110-135 Will puy If. B-ier. I.»w- :ind Af-iib-dt \o'.i to t'it> ino. n niv- .'-;•• -"••'•.• !\'f.-ir»* old, w^iKht l f ouo 11^, each; I »»"'v ; V~;;r'""i^ r VT Trir v i -'i .T'TT i .'.. u ' ""' : 2: - <1 i;T!y w ^r t «SS7;iri; y ™ r ;:^ ?.,_'i» -.Ifi..In; burse. u««'d S yearn; J buy Itoriti*, Hsied j '" 'h»'-ilKWt p,tr?y r --iJi.* ,\ium^Avi^ ^ i»ri/,r,\ '.!.".:. n;.7T i i» ynirH. w«-li{ht'Lion Ihn.: l black how, | ,. .,.., ., ..... . 1, ',,1..1J_ |' ,.,, ,,(',,',.',. CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHS 14.07 *• CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. . fhloajto,-. Hi., l)fc. C. Hops open GSildc )iiKh<»r. ( io.ul' t't TO^T I n 'f. [iiKcd 10 yciu-H. wniKhl I.Hit) li»K. Tbeno j j.- ( ii{ UKNT— fi-UooM HoUHK WITH arc wcllbrokn for wutnt'ii to! i»nth and i-b-ctric liuli'N, m i:!tb Avc. f. you will not Jind u boitm- lot of; nnd fltli- Ht. Inquir*' at I'crry .V; i livery liorwM In Xurtbern ItihiolH, | Hoov«r'H" Drug Store or I30w' KiiKt.' illiickx. HiiKKb'M. WnKOttM (iiH Rood «,N I Kifth St. -, 13itf, I new)—1 jtrench*>r's brobni; I pall no one ran «i\e 1...I \»nn <eif, Sp. price-i fi»in tm-.y initt! ClirixttnaH a! t!n> \V.-a\er Stinlio, o\er t»ln i niillerV. t 'altli 1 , Oltlle $9.r.0i?( 10.3.-, 19.005(10.10 »;n.noo- 21.1.000 '2S.000 Nl'iW at r.'lfly ,'i Hilled .....' ,,... 4(*,0t CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET, », III., I lee; 0. \Vlu'ur--No, 3 red. Jl,r,y,gi.7t; No. t' bard \vir* Corn- No. 2 :Tiixed. «H J- ixt'd. 0:i</!if, ; N,>. 4 , ., . .t;y«t.?t; N,». 4 \vtr«W. $1.81. rs linrk; ti rubl.MT tlr«'«l hai-kn; It) 'r tlrwl JitiKKH.-a.nlrm.Kt new; 4 lire,! liiignli-K, good a« new; 3 riiblior tired Kitrroy«, in fli-Kt-cla«s» ' 8 H|irlnK wnifonH. 12 S f HMNT— .V-'"»-ltot'»M ON WARNING the corner Went Sixfb ,'jnd Kloventh I I'OHITIVUf-V XO lirXTIXO OM OUIl Avc. In Hock Fall*. 182-134 K«)F HKNT-Mon-MtN- XKW 1!CX. •+i fitnnit. I), A; Slick, Win. Holide. , Voil Itrowrint, Karl *. IteiiHlrr. phon«». WAKTEU IJouuIo Jlamt'KM—i! »et,s of IIIH.--H trim- j ined ImrueuH.. 1'. set. of nlcktn trimmed | hurnt'Ks; l wet of henrKC ImrneHH; 8 tfatM of dniihlw. driving luirnos«; 12 net H of .«lnfek> harnesH, nil In «ood shape.] MiHcelltineous ltf'mn^-4 cmtors In tiotxl! Hltape; 3 hiiKKy pole*); 2 dotcon whlpx; i I ft robcH all In K'ood Khiipi-; S{ nets of [ Mtorm bliinketH; Jly netjt; hay rope« und r, fork^; ncc.k ropes; pitch fork«; xbov-ljLl els. und oilier thing* too nutnoroiirt to \VANTHD—TO BUV WALNUT I.OOS. •sum .si llannn. j i.i,n 125-1.1S* TYPEWRITERS WANTCD-LMAKN JJ.\UHHH THAHK AU< M AKKH TYJ'KU'UITBItrf VOn —world'!* snoHt pn»ntubb> trade. ,.,, IU „„,,. ftt -*penlai prli-t-H/TonnM (.Hllckly learned, \\rlte for- —•'•'-- Itlth St., Mojlne, 111., Trl-Cfty 133-ir.H N«i. S No. r, mlpil, sit .I--."*/ 90; No. 6 mixed, 89; No. 2*y«>llow, 'J4 l-<«95; No. 3 y«low. ':>24i-!H 1-2; No." 4 yellow, »01-2<'» 931-2; Xi». r t yellow, OOl-l'St!)!; No. "(I w, .S.t; Xo. 2 whlt«. '!)&(( 95 1-4; Xo. 3 Hlilu*. 83- l-4fiti;!-4; No. 4 whlli-'lti -2. No. r. whltii, HO..' (rnth- No, 3 white, ri3 K-^'tt f,4 I -2; No. 4 white, ."ill'ii.*,I; Hid., fiKiati; Ham- lie Kl'iulc, 5U' 1-4. i'arlcy ~t'u»»h, K.".4i 1.23. Jly-No. L', $1.47; N'o, 3, J1.45. STERLING CmTMARKETS Dally,) ..Si'.Je . ."y'ic .,.. i'!f ...ll.-ir .. ,.95c Uil ton \ew No. 3 yellow corn ..., \Vw No. 4 yellow coin ,.., While miittt ,.,... N'o. 3 mixed naiH Wheat *arley <Vit Btecrs "owa .... 'ulvea ,,. LIVE STOCK. uros, A CM) ' .>t«**V*»* • ** «fl**k*»>4 loan , \ LOCAL Ri AH. MARKET. tCaxh Huskct Grocery.) ng lansford -creamery butter y butter ...... ,.,,,,. ..-He ."'.ic 'Dai'/ -Whole»uli. >Uiry butter __ . ____ . ..... . . . . , •v«-sii i-ngH N*w Vegetabl**. (A. J. <lfidt'«.) had lettuco, i-cr head ____ , 'elery, each , ............... 'uctimbci'H, fat'h ....... . Vcw potatoes, pic .......... ,., 'otatois, bu. . . . ? ............. , Jelat-y, 6 Ib.H \Qi- ... GSc . ,$:.', cm laury, <jt liven on{nnt>, ' bunch ........ Spinach. lb ............. ", 'elery cabhago ........... ', , . Jtl'tli Vt*8 .........1 ........... ' tnenUon. Thin IH one «tf the best ll.v- ery RtiickN in this part of tht* »tal<>. llon'l fjiil to HIfeml thin wile. All. property will be Hold UN 1 lim KoltiK to KU _ out of liiiHlnewVi, TermM of Hub;: Kv- WANTKD — SKCOND-11ANU. AUTd- Will Inspect at Umillntc poln* \mt pay ctiBh. Writo 11. W. Durham, 431 Ho. Dt-arhorn St.. Chicago. 112-137 erjUiiiiK under-$10.00 onnli. Uunkal»h4 niobllen, will puy the hlghem price, nolert accented on liirger amountH. with Also 8*11 all kinds of repair*. HU'h- intere-st at C% from date of wtle for !• ,. H t prices, paid for all klndu of fur . montliH, -If not .paid when due, In thin lensth of tlnie, 7% will be eluii'Ked from ate of KII|«>. F. O. Kuinloy aifd Hnr- ! Clerk, Auctioni«>rt»: Heltzel N, Q. REITZEL, Owner. BROGAN BR08. SALE. HavltiK reitti-d our farm unit de.-ld- ed to move to town wo will «.<ll at imb- lie s;(le on the nilles H on of Hock Kiillw, si mlh'H north of , U mileH cast of I'niphetNtinvn. the 10 y, PI-V. M, 1'JIC. lU'VlnK imtptrty: • JIOUSKM AMI MlTM-:,S"Ono , welj-)it L'.NtMl; KJ-I-.V }nn'H<f, wi iulit .im." h|»aiu- mares In hy Jiick.Ti.- MH(; black family mate; two-yj-nr-oid colt; span of mules. ,1 aud 4 y«<sin» ulrt. cracker Jackw. «'omc and HCO them. Ode KttrkillK mule, I'u IIKA1) OK fATThH 10 COWM and hulferM; onu a^'cai-.ubi bull; ill HpritiK culv«m; (J of them bullti, K<»<U| «tock. ^ rilKSTHIl WillTH |U«;s -U vouri'j wow«; onu old HOW; lo full pi!$n; '! boarH. FAUWINf) TUOI.H- Two tap blltf- .ties; two iurnber WUKOIIM and one rack; •.'hamplon binder; O-foof mjiwcr; la- foot liny ruke; t;un^ plo\vf a ridhiK corn plowa; nulky plow; a walkiitK pl.ow«f-3-f«t»rtlon clnijc: li»foot slieller; 3 MetH iloulik' lianieh.*<; l „.. h«riu-H«; forks: Khmelw; ami 4»thef'ar* numerous to JiAV AMI* CHAIN )fi ti.nw hay In harnr l.aoo htitdu'ln i .u'li In crib. I'Yee lunch ut 11 i>YI«»<«):; si«b' iJiiliii'- lluiHy ufu-r, TKHMH- AH nuin« rif £|,).(jn and un- ler, c.-ihli, over thin amount 13 month* UIIIM will be KlVi-u «ni approved note In arillK *i per cent In I. n-sl from dnte if paiil When due; ollierwl 1 **' 7 pep cent ,dati- of tal.'. No property r mt,Vi'«l until xeljletl fur, HUOUAN HIU1H. 'nit. n. Itumlev, II. R olijsi. Auction; Jcdjn A.'Kadel.'t'lerk, SALE. prices, paid and tildes Mike, the $10 Tailor. Both phones. _ __________ SCtf WA NT TO mivT A U/ KINUfT f)F . beer bottles. Will tail I f"f Itr T t, -£ahgf ord. JBoth WANTED— OW> FALHK TKKTU Don't mutter If broken. 1 pay ll.'H to $5.00 por set. Mall to Ma-/«-r. H. >'"lfth St.. 1'hlladt'lphla. Will s"ml eash hy return mall. 1 1C- HI* tiKUIKHT C'ASIl I'llKUCS I'AIU FOB hldt-8 and Ave. ot HA|K~$75U HTAlUv I'LAycil piano, lined one year, in- perfect con- ditlon, 1'rlco |3a5. Bell ptionu 312- Wl. * * 1^4tf SAI.B. to quit f annum', I w'Ul.«ell without reserve on thi< old <\ I'. Hturt«'- viint farm, one mile ••as't of. iicurock, i to Milt. Wrlje. cajl «ir phone Hell 71 W. If you liavft office furniture or tvpi'wrifei'.n to sell sen IIH. Krtddor'H Typewriter ICxchaiiKc, DU2 I«awrenco STEAYKD KTHAVICI) AU'AY— S yen. t'ull.or write naman. III. Kd. Hardy Hah* i:ti!-13fi* LEOAI, NOTICED 'CHANCERY "NOTICE," State yt llllnolH, 1 \Vhiteslilo Coiirity, f in the circuit Court to tho January Term, A. U 1H17. Ida JJyt'm VH. David and Anna Kberly, In Chancery, Due affidavit ha\inK be«n mtido that the above iuuiu-d , j>avld era In a niin-renldeiit of Whlu-Hldn County, nnd Ht^lc of lllinolH, and hav- iiiK been tiled in the office of the C,h-rk of tho circuit court in *uid County ami Stuti* afoffNaid, notice JM hereby j;lv- *-n to tho Mild David JSyi-rw ilia I «aid beretnfiiri* Jlleil her bill <<n the i^hancery nid't <if mniiH in xa'ld tlu-reiipiiii l.-Mied out of Kadi -•Miu't aeuin^i >s.i|,| defendant, retiirn- uble to the bald eourl 01.1 this tltst day of the ue.\t January u-trn then of, to bo held at the Court !|OU.M> in ihe t'ity of Morrison. WhiteMile County. IlIinolH, on tin* Monday of January, A, D. l',t!7, UN Is, by law miturcd. which C.IIIK»I •»aid ciinrl; thai a twti mll*?s.weat of Lyndoiij four KorthWfHt of PruphetKtoum and vl; miles south of Morrlooa. on Tl'KHDAY, J>K(V 12, 1»IC, CQnuneiiciiii^at'Jt) o'i'IncU sharp, wlthr fre«> lunch nt noun. The following de- «cribed- properly; 10 41KAU <)K i{t)HSKH—1 buy mure 8 years old, wei«ht i.660; 1 black man- 7 ytru*i old. weight 1.4ot>; I, bay maic 7 >•»•«!•« old, weight 1,350; i t;ray mure I'. }rai» old, weight 1,-iuO; 1 black yeaw old, weight Odd; I black 7 jvau-t old. weight 1,400; I bay u II years old, wei«ht; 1 black Keldlnu 13 years* old, wUjjht 1,- SOu; a good .family driver; 1 bay marc U years old, weight l,36i>; 1 bay iniirv lieiidlim and undeierinlned in court. Churb-H \v. Met'nil, I'lerk of wald Court. N. O. Van Hant un<V|lotu-rt \V. lleswo, t'omplalnant'K Kolleltom, Nov.' aa, DH\ fi, 13, 20, — Hht.-ite of Kmma U. (InllitiaUi,' dv« The iinde»ii4iied haviiij,' been np- pointtd Administrator of the e,sta(e of i;ninii4 Ii. Uallixath. late of the County i.f Wbltej-ide nnd .State of llllnolH, a,.. 4 edMMl, 'hereby ^',n«'n notice that li*« will appear before Uu- County Court of * County, at tho Court UOUBH ni. at the February Term, on tlu> Urn! Monday in February next, at which time all pei ' Mlitl of .Suite of 'lll!ii«'(H, County, old wel«ht i 1I.KAI) «JK CATTl-K- 1'3 milch fiv«h, and he.ivy Hpi'inncrj*; ,'lonibtM) to* altend'Tor tlui heifeis; 1 1 Duriian) bull U ymix old: , having T^ie niinu> adniHU-d.. 1 Short horn bull 4 moiiUui Old; -)jj All JX-IM.HM jiulebti;d to Dec, «, 7, s. ji. jj. j-j Mccif* r«t»«ju» frurn 1 to 3 yt-iii* old; j,i|-«"- leiJueM- «l to m,iy> biimedbtte pay. HKA1) ol-' TllouotJtilliilUO!). U.iieii uiiM -ith diiv «>f jn-ccmher, A. I'-'lti. i'hillip c. Hofi'mun, Administrator. l>e<\ U, 13. 20, >*.->. C»ty of- >i(ci-lliij:, I In t'ity (%)Utt, \o\t-mlier D, ISI16. .Jiihn D, Hartni-tn. ii. .il VH li«Jn-rt Thompson, el. at % 1'llhllC until e. IP- l.euhv c,l\ell Uoii.'tUt in ii tlccu n i.f ^.till mint en-. DC1JOC JKHHWV HDUS Con .|.«H.i« ot S biood KOWK; ? uood- malt'. I»IK ; *; '» I'IKI lieiit), 12 ton of 1 Timothy h,i\: '. fiiltl lltlhlH'lti 'of XOOtl I'lHtl. I'l bli.iht !. li«'»,l's, Yellow llvut i'orn T \l'.M .MACUINKUy ^ lumlur w.t^- •H-: 1 (SiviU Wehtt'in in uiiiu* •i : \i three-section ^ll•a<^. I IH vv iia>»-V •OKI planter. Villli 1'Ht mil, win-, 4 nd- ,, ' III 1 : Col I plow.'-',' « M : 'n., Ji'oU:., I Ih.l , 1 ijia tinnier; 1. He ' l ' "li .5c ir.e • "• IJ'.C ', do.'i-n- , .3,", ,u J"i i !l . . . ^ ,i !•', • Iii-Cbanct i v will oft't r fin for c.»--b -tiiewi-! tv,i i»i ( .-two'an'd !''« tl V'' l l " w ' huiiovv. -i t. 4_itu.,JX.-L'-ii-iJ—r_a<'!$,'_ I iiu ii _£iiij ;(,„ j_ ; t.usK. J cr«-«m wpis.'i»i, !"i» >. ii- of l?io.i, t\v >-. n, !« '^' » »i««* len.-in«. i i .-d-i . •» H,I.' City of st.-vhii.''. Count) .>f \Vhns.'''"• illi< -v-.nk h IIIH-^--, '-'' • t '• > ' 't I die .-•lul Si.'tti' ol itbtioix ' • , I h t.s (oi K. and oihi i nit 'i ii ,-. tin i.i ,, S'ltd .-.ill- \\iil t i«- b, l,| H( id,.' ( , ,t ;i'li» n'lo Dieillion ' io>,| nt iln- , l 'H* H il! in --,>(il >'il\ «'l Ti;i;M^ All , nil-, ol' j-'-i(',,i il in J. s r '"t-iliii^ .it iii« li",u of i-u ill*) o\ lot 1, i'.»-U tu.i ihci ,nn.-..|r i' !•>•.>iih- ! HIGH COST OF LIVING. " \"i'v,o».i. la,.-Ii.e. «.- "That casit of ,K- i--> worth lititiH," r<*nuukcd a far. mi iinloaifiiiM Ua- ht u fruit h.'t'e. \Vlnn my f.tthef l»'.«K ihe I'ovcinrnenl jiid «,ji wliult I .uu now In iny that j, mower; j hav r'J"" 1 v v\ould h,i\« j. nd lor.eiwbt acu-w. \ >*u t .HI ; tiiu ( o . t of In «!!„ - ii,r f:>tn». _i' It'! '.* Tin- t;.,.. !!•• • >.nl. w I , III <v .1 II.i .".'III li i , ol | II i rill -K. i-it \v i'.,.- , M i -!> I 11, I ',( . ( «, BEAD THE WANT ADS, II I' D. v. c. s: till!' V, it! Ite t.'l\< It i-l( >J.y.!in, ( l 'i* l.t u .1 »• l (', I « i ni Hit- I , ! ' i ,n ' i >r ;• >ii! \vii/n u i- oil i \\-\ ', j - ' ' 11. lit <! ,-tl - ' U. « , , j-i.-;l , ' • ill' • ll Ulltli ",. t I ii I 1 * •»* ^ I i"' ' '•! I ' x i i ' . ^ ! |i'|.' ' I Alt 1 I ! l| i ,\', , ' . i C;. ;l C' , : ', ' ' i u .

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