Rocky Mountain Christian Advocate from Salt Lake City, Utah on February 1, 1882 · 7
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Rocky Mountain Christian Advocate from Salt Lake City, Utah · 7

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 1, 1882
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ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHRISTIAN ADVOCATE. Ths iliill? 3:aths joes Temptation. One n:ornh'g .T - was up with tht'-'Un aii'! down rh rivet, with ills h-ad th-u:gh the biidtre-jails. U"!' leub-d, tame s Jack Slack's sail-boat. I wish I v.-as on it. The breeze was so lioe that an carue the boat. Wonder howl could ike dark see me thought Joe. I'li on: along the path tin t shake my led handkei chief . Ja('k will come in for rue." A.ui) ho ran, thinking what a tine day he would h:.e tor wishing What did youi mother say Jwe stopped quick, ns if n pistol had gone old at his ear But in a moment lie knew it was his conscience the voice God has put into our hearts to tell when we do wrong.' 5 Sure enough! mother said, Joe don't get into a bout without asking me. Now he was j ust wh-re Jack could see tlm led handkerchief. Better wane it! No harm to go this once Joe knew- that was Satans voice. Would Satan be strong enough to get Joe to do this naughty thing! Satan is very strong stronger than all the world put together, unless they have God to help them Would Gd help a child! Yes; tied say to all, Resist the devil, and he wall flee from you. Then there is a way to make Satan run! Yes! Ask God for strength to say no, and away he will run. Joe did this. Soon he was on his way home to breakfast, happy as a bird. JKiss Me MammA. Kiss me, mamma, before I sleep. How simple a boon, and yet how soothing to the little suppliant is that solt gentle kiss. The little head sinks contentedly on the pillow, for all is peace and happi-ness'within. The bright eyes close the rosy lips part in a sweet smile for the little heart is reveling in the bright and sunny dream of innocence. Yes, kiss it, mamma for that good-night kiss will linger in its memory when the giver lies molderingin the grave. The memory of a gentle mothers kiss has cheered many a lonely wanderers pilgrimage, and lias been the beacon lgiit to illume his desolate heart; for remember life has many t; stormy billow to croos, a 1 ugeed path to drub, and we know not what is in stoic for the little one so sweetly lumbering with no care or sorrows to disturb its peaceful dreums. Anon. The Bible is wholly put into eight Airman tongues, and partly into thirty four more fand the thirty-fifth is being puq ard for. DIB HOGEB'b VEGETABLE A OKM YliUP instantly destroys 'Mums, and lemmms the Secretion "Inch cans-1 them. How to Secure Health. R '-cMus straime that anyone wil u i" is urn the many dpiMgemens Lronght-!m h, ij e impure condition ol the blood Han ,-,) rules' K;e mpai'Cla and Stil-bi'.i. or blood And Liver Syrup v.iil ro-dore perfect health to the physical organ-' 'son. It is huh ed a strengthening syr-'.l ,huif t.itch', and ire; pi oven it'll to be the Pesi J!l od Purifier ever dis- I d, -Ret tuallv miner Scrofula, Sy- divider,-. Wenknev of the kid-' bn -ipi In. Malaria; alt ,NVrvoui ; i ord r s and 1 'ciahtj .ltd ion-; et.mplainxs ''I J1 l)ivv-t-,mdicaiingan Con-; b f the Uh cd. Liit-r, Eidr.ejs B 'is . is -km i' It corrects huliges-I'a A -angle Hot? If will prove to you Is earns as a Lealdi trntor, for it IM lake A ('t.aiin, o-peeialiy whr n fh j !;'! uni i-oi n;iehu!:-tive nature, hav-j A tn i n y to lessen the natural vig- II i : ! a a u i ud in rvoiis cyst era, rJfaSZO jhr tlay at home. Samidi-" werth I free, Id'lieM STTVi-r-n &Co. FortLand, Me. Heartily Recommenced. Don t condemn a gwod thing be-enuseq yui have been deet h ed by worthiest noinnns. Packet's Ginger ionic lias cured many this in section, of kidney and nervous disorders. ami ue ft-oommend it heart-i I to smm sufferers. A r r. Goenlrs on Picii.s. Giv.ii i.uhtj and in h -tm k je-i r. r. bed at IN nw'.- book More, Vi a want Rve thou-aud i.ioie -uli-i i .ln-rs, V ;11 j oil ! olp ua to secure lheiti V BmhJoY Cat 1, viut-Ling new ami idee at P iiee'.-lWk Store, Tcmmy, said a mother to her seven year old boy, you must not interrupt me when I am talking w ith ladies. You must wait fill we stop, and Emu you may talk. But you never stop, retorted fhj boy. S' H kl Sir-H.'i s of all k,ab to U found at F in es Ikvksort. A oU will find ou oar shell es an assort nu-ut of 3,000 Miwdltiiieoix Hooks which will be &oll tObUit the time". Give ua a call and examine our stock. New Jersy is trving to claim Noah, because he was a New -ark man. Yes, but you know he looked out of his Ark-an-saw land. Give the South a fair show in this thing. Piles. Piles. Piles. A Sure Cure Found at Hist ! No One Need Suffer. A sure Cure for Blind. Bleeding, Itching, anp 1 Berated Files has !? is discovered bv Dr. William, ian Indian Remedy), called Dr. Williams Indian Ointment. A single box cured the woist chronic case" of S3 or ID veers standing. No one need suffer five nunutes after applying this wonderful fcoothm medicine. Lotions mstramc nts anil elec tiiariesdo moie harm than good. Wil-llani's Ointment nOsorbs the tumors, allays the intense itching, ipaiticularly at night after (jetting v. arm in beii.) acts a? a poultice gives in -taut mlief, an 1 is prtpaved only for Piles, itching ol' the private parts, ami for nothing else. Read what flu Hon. J. M. (.oftlnliury of Cleveland says about Dr, William's Indiau Pile Ointment : I have used scores of File Cures, and it affords me pDasme to say that I have never found an j thing which gave Mich immediate and permanent relief as Dr. ilium's Indian Ointment. For sale hy all druggists or mailed on receipt of price, f 1.00 HENRY & CO,, Pvpiietors; dy CLEVELAND, O. A Man must be going slowly when he lets old age overtake him. A bird that lives on the tinny tribe is a fish hawk; and the man who sells tlie finny tribe is a fish hawk er. We give it up. A minister had preached an hour, then he remarked: Another wide field opens from the subject in another direction. Just then an old colored saint ejaculated, please Lord, shut up the bars. ira. liiiowx, Dealer in aU kinks of FOREIGN & HillYE NIBBLE SALT LAKE CITY. Marble Gravestones, Monuments, Mantles, Wabhshtnds. Slahs, and Shelved, the best hiiu newest designs. Building Marble. lii st Work . Lotr r. si Prires, and Sit lAfa lo fi G n ar ant ( 7. Ofice and Works 31), Third Suth street, ast of the Mctliodist Church. iii!B House, A nynMus Podlerfi Co., Prop,, Main Btrtvf, Salt Lalo- City. Hoard and Room, f.1.30 to f'3 jx-v day. 10 to f 12 pr w( k, ;tcot ling to Room. MNGI.E MEALS. FIFTY CENTS. THIS wrw ELASTIC TBUtSS He Psi &U ethers, tc A in ceaw?.iiUirf soeUbae j of tb waile tn - WltSfel fs EeftsiS-! h'ld stecTfTJiy-kki Ciht snd m-sAte! eyefoer It Ls ef. durs,aii j eijcajj test v oaeu Cuvaiiff Egsksica Truss Co.s Cbtcaao, LG T 1 i i I try' f psa U Y r ' . 1 tr v i H- f . IYT t tj' rtt' " uvi d, ,) t , : i G,f J ..'IHI f JH , ( j 1 1 I ( r ( i j i ( i ! ' (t Id U , tJC Wc i )v r' aiu oxporiOEK . i t i Fii u IP 11 r 5s . C t tb Ml J ' I -V -ct! t, in i m !c't. d ,f s tPCtHA-r i UlMT. n' I Y f gn , i Git ' 1 ,n 5 If I! "PR I ,r. , 1,1! .Ml l, M i ' N A Ul, r.'UM ; Fg n - PFW ff M ItNTr'l Pfc ll ',.! UJ L Jr,vl "'n H V ll . ft t b ItU'HW ut f OPIUMS Mon-bine Jlufctt Cored iat Sdjys. IN o pay ti ! 1 cureiU felM , Lei Aavn, OhM r. E. SC HOPPE, Main Snort, Salt Lake City, FLth, ICCSi -lTE I Hi. WVLKCU Uul-F.. VUuOenk- Mini Hetall Denier in Stoves and Ranges and dealer m all kuidsuf TIVnirin-IICO,and Copper -ware. HOT-AIR FURNACES htU-1 up and lepaired, t??' 1 V sure and st-e my Monitor Wrong! t Iron Range before nurche.-ing any otlie) , It s the XSlihT in the market. w elk. 41 2 a da y at home easily made. Con Outfit free. Address Tuck A (?., Au gusta Maine. SB DANIEL DUNS lilllil 1R01 110 Manufacturer of Iron Fencing, Gates, Tre Guards, k.rden Roller Chairs. Ornamental Fencing for Cemehry Lots, Iron Hedsieads, Child tens Cots, etc. Fenciug from fi.OO por foot upwards, Olfioe and W oiks. Second South one Lio..k hest of Mam, and one south of Towrtend House, Iif tuflsnag with Citarrh c-f BroftchKi wits ssracUi) desfre relist, t can fssrnlsh a sien 6t Permanent and fat-Sttva C-.'r. A Hows Trxtiset ho that for tontuitallon fey pall. V6lTrtatiM Fre. lDs?eafdH)6 tufc lu owa xpxiciUtTr ocly know tajius fef tjex-cure , t. p.CHuni Tr$, n. HEW RlOf! BLOOD! i-anons PuryaHiv) IHUt make Near Kn h r.loort. ami will completely chsuge the blond m the cnttrcii stem in three mocthg. Ar.vper-i'ii who will tr.he 1 lull each night from J toifevrre'.,j mav lx rw-orefio swmil health, if such a thLg bo jioesihie. Vntbv mall far $ letter stamp-;. J. K. ,OHASOV & Ct., lionum, Maas., ( irmerl g hanger, Ms, V. S. MINEKAL SUKVEYOR 0. A. PALMER, MINING AND CIVIL ENGINEER Cor. Fourth South and West Temple Sts. SALT LAKE CITY. SEW HOUSE, Bonfcofsfctj & Sternberg MAIN STREET, SALT LAKE CITY, (Four Doors below White House.) Iniiie the puhho to insert their choice eux k of New and Stylish. Good, Bought with especial care for the require no-ms ft this nuuket, and guaranteed to be FncquaU'd at any other House for ITke and Quality. And offer the follow ing Lines OlotliLiio. f Furnishing Goods, Huls, Caps, Boots and Shots, California Blankets, 1 ou are in ite-1 to call and examine our arge stock of goods. EMPIRE MARKET P. II. LANNAN, Projirietor of the Empire Meat Market is the pioneer Maiket of .Silt Lake, and retains fiout rank among the meat maik-ets of the Rocky Mountains. The Best Kind of Beef, Mutton, Poik and Sausage. The sausage is made by steam power, and is such as can be planed on the tables of epicures. Retail dealers, hotels and piivate families supplied on rca-onabl terms and proni tly. EMPUtE MAEKET i- on the corner of Cor. First Souih k Commercial Sts. Salt Lake Cit;, Utah. tiE bleats of all kinds, fat, fresh, and abundant. i-Givc the old rdirdie healnuaners a call. d entile Undertaker. V, Mi. Ofli'-e M'lnnt South St.. East ol 1 O. AT.L KINDS OF WOOD COFFINS VSD C.uskets and Metallic Cases constanih n bnnl at r'a-ynal.le iri os. will go to the Cn v ( 'emlt b y ami all other burial grounds. (irilrrs or telephone comumrueati utsto Maik MeTuinmuniS Livery Stable day or night will receive pronq't attention." Tis Bur? Folding Bed. . . . - . Haioso'se and f. A;,. 7.K; k-s-N5Mrw sLis, SvfeoA-i is W ' otuy by ?l L v v-' s f fry'H'it FT:-; ' cri ... J. Aedrett A C JuS fVstefe ire., Chlttgv, iVflSATGH DRUG STORE, Moore, Ellers. O o., WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DRUGGISTS, AND DEALERS IN STS, OIL, UBK1SRES, BRlfSHiS, TOILET IRTICLlSi 17 ; --' TT T,- .r: . etc Prescriptions Carefully Prepared by Competent Druggists at all llours9 Dag and Xight. Orders by mail filled with Promptness, At Eastern Vri ces. CORNER EAST TKPLF AND SECOND SOUTH STREETS SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH. W AJMER - DEALERS IN DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, AND Miners VLXXles. -:o: Sole Agents for S. L. STItAUSS & CO.S RIVETED SUITS, Marysville, Blankets, and Flannel, and Underware, Our Stock, (always large,) will bo found Complete in Every Department, with all the Latest Styles and Fabrics of European and American Production, IN LADIES' DRESS GOODS, CLOAKINGS, FLANNELS, REPFLLANTS, LADIES' AND MISSES COATS, SILKS, VELVETS, SATINS, LACES, Dress Trimmings, Hosiery, Under Garments, SUITS MADE TO ORDER ON SHORT NOTICE. :o; English, French, Scotch and American Broadcloths, Diagonals, Worsteds, Beaver, Doeskin and Tweeds Fcr GeYktlemeVk 5 Wear. ;5vSUITS MADE TO ORDER ON SHORT NOTICE. TAILOUS' TJ113I3IINGSA. SPECIALITY. Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mattings, Lace Curtains, Blanket iLCr'Bed Quilts, 2a)kins, Towels, Table Covers, Ac., Our Grocery Department h always well stocked with Staple and Fancy Oroceries, Provisions, and Supplies. Orders Ijj Mail reef i re prompt attention. IE?9 Lxxo3rl3Stol3L ct? Bro.f K EAST TEMPLE STREET, SALT LAKE CITY. New arrivals daily of Fancy and StapD Dry Goods, Millinery, Gents and Boys CJIotli- Boots and Shoes, HATS AND CAPS, NOTIONS, ETC., ETC., OUR STOCK comprises of all that is New ami Elko vnt in ID IT From ( era per yard for durable Materials to Silks at 3,00 per yard Choice Grenadines, Burettes, Polonaise Cloths, Oslxxzxexesi, Bto., MILLINERS will find oar Stock Xew and Fall in Every Bepartnient. LADIES AND CHILDREN'S HEADY MADE SUITS, Pei feet fit, vt ry hit). Call andconvinee yourel NoveIlic in EmbioMeries, Laces, Tics, Fiinges, Zejihyr?, Table Damasks, ToweR etc. Gents and Bos Clothing, Gents and Bovs Boors, Stylish and Cheap. Gents and Boys Furnishing Goods, Nbrtiong Cutlery, Pipes, 'Wlioh'sale and Retail Buyers will find our stock and prices an in dncerrouit to trade with us. Orders promptly filled and honorable treatment guaranteed. Goods, 5 $ t ue' . : ; m v rvw -a- H - a4

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