Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 14, 1968 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1968
Page 3
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W«ath«r Experiment Sta* tlart report for 24* hours ending at 7 a.ffi, Thursday, High 54," Low 28 Forecast By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ARKANSAS •- Mostly cloudy tonight and Friday. Scattered showers and thundershowers spreading eastward over the slate tonight and ending from the west Friday afternoon and night, Warmer tonight and not much change Friday* Low to» night mostly in the 40s» Weather Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Higt Low Albany, clear 33 15 Albuquerque, cloudy 58 30 Atlanta, clear 46 27 Bismarck, cloudy 40 28 Boise, cloudy 50 39 Boston, clear 33 22 Buffalo, clear 25 15 Chicago, cloudy 36 27 Cincinnati, cloudy 30 16 Cleveland, clear 22 9 Denver, clear 63 34 DCS Moines, cloudy 41 35 Detroit, cloudy 28 11 Fairbanks, cloudy 23 14 Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, clear Honolulu, rain Indianapolis, cloudy Court 57 45 47 21 77 69 30 13 Jacksonville, clear 01 38 Juneau, clear 41 22 Kansas City, cloudy 50 38 Los Angeles, cloudyGl 48 Louisville, cloudy 35 22 Memphis, cloudy 45 32 Miami, clear 74 50 Milwaukee, cloudy 36 22 Mpls.-St.P., cloudy 35 30 New Orleans, clear 54 35 New York, clear 40 21 Okla. City, cloudy 52 42 Omaha, cloudy . 50 36 Philadelphia, clear 42 21 Phoenix, cloudy 70 47 Pittsburgh, clear 26 12 Ptlnd, Me., clear 32 17 Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy 56 44 Rapid City, cloudy 59 34 Richmond, clear 47 23 St. Louis, cloudy 37 30 Salt Lk. City, cloudy 54 31 San Diego, cloudy 67 55 San Fran., cloudy 58 52 Seattle, rain 53 42 Tampa, clear 58 47 Washington, clear 41 22 Winnipeg/cloudy 23 15 Tax increase Remains on Dead Center By ED MONO LeBRETON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - After a forrent of words, pro and con, President Johnson's proposal for an income tax increase remains on dead center in the House Ways and Means Committee, But forces are building up that could jar it into motion through a reluctant Congress. Chairman Wilbur D. Mills, who can count on solid support from his Ways and Moans Committee, repeatedly in recent weeks has listed two conditions under which he might take the 10 per cent surtax proposal out of the drawer: — An unmistakable surge of inflation threatening a runaway. — A sharp step-up in money needs for the Vietnam fighting. The second is the one that seems mare likely to develop soon. Capitol Hill is betting it will be asked to appropriate for sonu> degree of U. S. manpower buildup in Vietnam—whether it is the 200,000 additional troops that have been the subject of furious speculation or a much smaller number. And apart from any U.S. build-up, a big bill is expected for replacement and upgrading of equipment for allied forces as well as those of this country. In combination with even a modest increase in U.S. manpower commitment, such a ex* penditure would jump the prospective deficit so far beyond the $go billion mart that the basj. cally conservative objectors to a surtax on Ways and Means probably would bow to the demand for additional revenues. The administration so far has tried to make its cgse for the surtax almost entirely on economic grounds, arguing the danger of inflation and the shaking of confidence abroad in the dollar. Such arguments lack the impact that a straight appeal for a war ta* wouJd. have. There have been, seme contra- Thomas Carter, Plea guilty, fined $16,50. Arthur L, Black, c, §, Shackelford, R, C, Scott, Wayne Smith; Eldrey Truelock, Drank&nness, Forfeited $16*50 cash bond* Dale Pooie, Orftdy ftafidle, No driver's license, Forfeited $1U50 cfl$h bond, Willie J, Braftdon, Driving while Intoxicated, Plea guilty) fined $356,50, 15 days In ]ailj driver's license suspended for one year, Janice Cato, James D, Stuart, Kenneth Edwin Thompson, Dri« vlng while intoxicated, Plea gull- ty, fined $106*50 and 1 day in Jail. John C, Gray, Charles E, Pri* mus, Speeding, Forfeited $16*50 cash bond. Dave Reed, Jessie • Lee White, Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $31.50. Dave ReecL Disturbing peace, Plea guilty, fined $31.50 suspended on good behavior, Travis E. Schobey, James C, Walton, Hazardous driving. For- felted $16,50 cash bond. James D. Stuart, Improper brakes on vehicle, Plea guilty; fined $11.50. Carle Lee Bennett, Lester Blakely, Running red light, Forfeited $11, 50 cash bond. James E. Bradley, Defective brakes on vehicle, Forfeited $11,50 cash bond. Thomas Carter, Resisting arrest, Plea guilty; fined $56.50. Dena A. Moore, Failure to yield right of way, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Roger Dale Johnson, Assault and Battery, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Jessie Lee White, Assault and Battery, Plea guilty, fined $3 1,50. Robert Lee Jones, Discharging firearms in city, Plea gull« ty, fined $16.50. Robert Lee Jones, Carrying shotgun as a weapon, Plea guilty, fined $56.50. Robert Lee Jones, Assault with a deadly weapon, Plea guilty, fined $56.50. THK FA M11 ,Y I.AWYKK «A A w Mri. Mur Lethe* at Modest Witness Scfcne: n court o( Idw, Sltunllon: a man 1$ on (rial for frtfildhg nn obsce/i* idephona call Ib a young wornnn. Problem: must the young woman, when she Inkes the witness stand, repeat—word for word—what she was told on the telephone? It can be embarrassing indeed. As one judge put it, she might have 1o say words "thai any refilled girl would blush (o repeal lo'h'ejf, most Intimate friends." Yet, the problem of jftodesty cannot be avoided if jtistiee is to be done, tn a case of criminal assault, the woman may be asked'to describe what happened. In a case of accidental Injury, a woman may Bertrln Turner, Forfeited $31.15 STATE DOCKET Van Boyce, Drunkenness, cash bond. Odell Walker, Improper passing. Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. ICenneth W. McFadden, Speeding, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Bobby G. Henley, Robert J. Wagner, Following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited $26,15 Cish bond. J "'';'; T Bertrln Turner, Assault with a deadly weapon, Forfeited $71.15 cash bond. H. K. Ball, J. C. Duke, Overweight, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Poteet, Overweight, Fined $25.00 and $21.15 costs; fine suspended; $10.00 penalty assessed. J. W. Thomas, No ACC Authority, Forfeited $221.15 cash bond. Willie Maxwell, Failure to dim lights, Dismissed. Danny Woolfolk, Speeding, Dismissed. be asked to reveal n part of her body nol ordinarily exposed to public view. , Generally speaking, (he law tries to respect a woman's modesty—not as a matter of gallantry but as a matter of encouraging women to take the witness stand in the first place. They will "testify with less reluctance," a court noted, "if relieved from the inhibitions imposed by the presence of a curiosity impelled audience." How can the modest witness be protected? The most common method is to clear the courtroom while she is giving the embarrassing testimony. Another method, in case of bodily injury, is to have a doctor testify to the details—if necessary, with the aid of photographs. A third possibility, when obscene language is involved, is to let the woman vritc the words down instead of speaking them out loud. Unhappily, none of these methods is a perfect solution to the modesty problem. Clearing the courtroom raises questions of whether the accused person is getting the "public trial" guaranteed to him by the Constitution. Testimony by a doctor is useful in only a limited class of cases. As for writing words down, that ;reduces the jury's ability to discern whether or not the witness is telling the truth. Because of these conflicting considerations, the law has usually avoided laying down any hard-and- fast rules. Instead, the trial judge is given broad discretion, After all, he is in the best position to decide which procedure, under the particular circumstances, makes the most sense. Comiof Type Test Planned fer Missiles Cases Filed In Chancery Court Henry Smith vs Ida Jo Smith Hazel White vs C. W. White, Jr., Roy Tyler, et al vs Dorsey White Lorette Staton Poole vs Jack Poole Carte Blanche Corp. vs William M. Duckett, dba Duckett Equipment and Salvage Co, Perry Campbell vs Banks Ray, Jr. Donald Fulton, a minor vs Farmers Insurance Exchange. MARRIAGES Jimmy L. Brown, Hope to Miss Caren Berry, Hope George Willis, Hope to Garvace Muldrew, Hope Gerald Wayne Slsson, Hope to Miss Sandra Lou Brown, Hope David H, Grimmett, Jr., Hope to Miss Nancy Volentin, Washington, Ark, power-'or administered or cosNpush inflation relatively immune to such a remedy, As for the argument that willingness to pass the tax bill is a test of the United states' sincer' ity in getting its international payments in order, one member snorted; "Can you imagine me going before the House and saying we have to pass this tax bill because European bankers say we do?' If it has been a deliberate ad* ministration policy to try not to emphasize the Vietnam war while arguing for more reve- dictions among &e ecoftppic to nues, that policy will be dicators and !£e eep^onjists, scrapped whenever the time and while the majority of epo- comes for congressional leaders nomic experts s?e» tpjayor the to persuade their colleagues to tax they are pot sjywimop. ?sst tax-raising votes they will There is mm & jrg^ewheth- tiave to explain at home in an er the M^m ijre&y bj>jng election year, experienced i§ ifffiSflri W&tjofl a tax soaWflg yj? pyrciaasing »*., J ferlow ' ,, this column, is ill. By BOB HORTON AP Military Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - The Navy plans to launch multiple- warhead Poseidon missiles against Army antiballistlc missile components on Kwajalein Island in the Pacific in a combat-type test. Pentagon officials said they expect the result to be a good guage of the reliability of both advanced weapons systems. The Poseidon is the new Navy missile ticketed eventually to go aboard 31 of the 41 nuclear- drive Polaris submarines. It's intended to increase U.S, assurance of being able to overwhelm Soviet antimissiledefenses, Kwajalein is the site of test radars and antiballistic missile Miss interceptors being developed for use in the $5 billion U,S, antimissile defense shield. Sources said no nuclear devices will be used either by the flock of re-entry vehicles released by Poseidon—which carries JO warheads—or by the Sentinel system's interceptors, Nuclear bursts in the atmosphere are prohibited by the 1963 Test Ban Treaty. But through radar tracking and computerization Kwajalein technicians will be able to tell just how effective one is against the other. As one planner explained it! "We will be able to see on ttie radars just how the Poseidon attack will look, and at the same time launch oije or more Spartan or Sprint antjmissiles at several altitudes to simulate the intercepts." The Spartan is the long-range antimissile and Sprint the su- perfast short-range interceptor. They form the one-two punch of the Sentinel missile defense planned for completion the next few years. In early antimissile development, the Army in 1962 and 1963 staged 10 successful intercepts pf Atlas and Titan boosters. m, Board LiTTLfc ROCK (AP) - Mrs, Margaret Murton quoted from Shakespeare Wednesday In a letter to the editor which was highly critical of Gov, Winthrop Rockefeller, one of his aides and members of the state Board of Correction, Mrs, Murton's letter ap* peared in the Arkansas Demo* crat and dealt with the prin* cipalsloolved In the dismissal of/her husband, Thomas 0, Mur* ton, as state prison superintend* ent last Thursday, She said she had underestimated the "powers of persuasion,., and ruthlessness" of Rockefeller, She urged the governor to read an Inscription to his mother on "the rough-hewn monument on Petit Jean Mountain, and then "meditate on the awesome responsibilities of be* ing both powerful and rich." "A personal vendetta, based on Inaccurate facts, should have been beneath your dignity," she said of the governor. "I overestimated your sstnUlvlty and common sense. The first Rockefeller I've met up close has been a great disappointment to me." She said Bob Scott, the governor's aide on prison affairs, slus haft that lean and look, Such ffieft are dangerous," She quoted Shakespeare again when she referred to ftr, Wll» Ham Lytle, bwd member and a Presbyterian minister who married the Murtons 14 years agoi "1 have nothing to say except, perhaps, another quotation from Shakespeare* 'Et lu r Brute 1 ?" she said, Mrsg Murton said board chair* man John Haley had Instigated and carried out, with excellent expertise, the annihilation of a man with a vision," She said Haley was "a great disappointment" and that she envisioned him as the "angry young Arkansan out to restore the Image of Arkansas In the eyes of the world, 1 didn't believe you could be com* promised. I was wrong." "I have nothing but eon* tempt," she said of Victor Ur« ban, the family friend who replaced Murton on the job . at Cummins Prison Farm, Mrs, Murton, who was present at the prison when her hus* band was fired, said, "It was, In fact, unbearable to observe, in quiet and lady-like dignity, the crucifixion of this man who has given to the Arkansas Penitentiary his last full measure She said she was leaving the state with mixed emotions.* "or, to quote Irvis S 4 Cobb, 'between tears and laughter'." The letter was signed, "Mrs. Duke Hope* te Erase Disaster Mtcft 14, By Associated Press SpoHs Writer NEW YORK (AP) -. the Duke Blue Devils hope to erase the disastrous memory 6f Ust fear in the opening college basket* Mil doubleheader tonight of the 31st National Invitation Tournament. The Blue Devils, 10th ranked nationally in the final Assocfat* ed Press poll of the season, take the court against higtrecorlng Oklahoma city in the second game of the twtnbilU Marshall and St» Peter's of New Jersey meet In the first game, the Blue Devils, who were not sure until last Sunday night they would get a second chance in the NIT as the Atlantic Coast Conference representa. tive, failed in their first try last year. They lost in their first game to Southern ititinois, the 1 eventual champion, 7 2«63, Duke, 21*5, brings back third team Aii-American Mike Lewis, who averaged 24 points arid 15 rebounds this season. Oklahoma City, 20-6, relies on honorable mention All-American Rich Travis, a 30«point average scorer* Marshall, 17-7, and St, Pe« ter's, 22-2, each will try to improve on last year's NIT per- 4 Marshall, led by Leofg* Stone's long jufnp shots find ZM'point game avenge, his vl« sions of better lag ios aif&Hstog fourth^place finish of i967 t S!» Pete's, led by Elflifdo Wee. star's 24,? average, wis rovrfed by Southern Bllnois list fetr 103*58, Another doubleheader Friday and ,four games oft Saturday Comvlete the first round of the IMeam field, ' the Kit opening headlines the college basketball tournft* went scene tonight* The second round of the NCAA tournament for the national championship is not scheduled until Friday night at four regional sites* The small college boys were busy Wednesday night with the quarterfinals In the NCAA col* lege division tourney at Evans* vllle, lnd«, and the second round In the HAIA tourney at Kansas City* At Evansville, Ashland, Ohio, beat Cheyney State 45»30, Indiana State downed Nevada Southern 94-75, Kentucky Wesleyan defeated American Inter* national 90-78 and Trinity, Te*., whipped Evansville 93*77. Westminster, Pa,, edged Mon» mouth, N.J., 70*69, Fairmont, W,Va., thumped New Haven 9772, Eastern Michigan took Han* over 94-81 and Central Washing* ton defeated Alcorn A&M 85-70 In the NAIA at Kansas City. In the other second-round nEVEKSED POSITIONS came when Belgium's Albert Van Damme hit soggy terrain during an International c r o s s-country cycling race in Switzerland. He went on to win the race, games, Central State, Ohio, conquered Valdosta State 60-53, Drury humbled Northeastern Oklahoma 85*69, Dickinson, N.D., squeaked by St, Cloud State 70-68 and Oshkosh State beat Eastern Montana 82-75. Pick a Ford or Fairlane hardtop. Go formal or sporty fastback—no extra charge for fastback styling. V-8 standard in LTD's and Torino GT's. Choice of V-8 performance options, too — street versions of front-running Ford V-8's at Riverside and Daytona. All-new Torino Fastback UTD by Ford- luxury hardtop See the light,,.see the man with Better Ideas-your Ford Dealer Hope Auto Company, Inc 220 West Second St. Hope, Arkansas

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