Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 6, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1916
Page 5
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;s«} Practical Economy feaking powders made From alum or phosphate may be bought for a trifle less than Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder, which is made from cream of tartar, derived from grapes, Alum powders are not only cheap, but they differ greatly in leavening power. If a cheap baking powder is used for n ._fine_t;ake_and_thejeakeJymsjQUt. a failure there is a waste of costly materials worth more than a whole can of the cheap baking powder, Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder produces the finest food, and its use, therefore, results in an actual saving. DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER MADE FROM CREAM OF TARTAR DERIVED FliOM GRAPES* SOCIAL GIVEN * O'der ! Of Forrest'r» Gave | . Social Last Evening. ', THE UPS AND GOWNS OF UFE. ti'v t'nMft! i'r»-""-< i " Ix-nd'-n. ]'>»-,-..«.••-Mrs rTift'r?"* l»r>v!-> wif^ f-f n *'«»:'.!-r"i:»f-r. rh:i?-'™>1 ?•> r*-;>: ! STAR <F MOVIE ( SOCIAL AFFAIRS J THE POVERTY PARTY Olven Last Evening At The Home of Mrs. Hey Was a - ' Delightful Affair: • !a,V-;<' i-iit KlaH.t tmVvl iri apiit'-i-iatioii (! her kintlnenn shown to thvtn. Tilt' follnwitlK «'lljoy«-cl th«» «-\i'n!: Jt-oiSf' i'.innim;. Joseph \Vaittt-y, II. 1.. Shifter, ii-scar KiiShall«>. II. 1., I'.M-WIM;, 1C, I.. Atkinn. .li-IJti Kaili'l. St , .\!)dr«-w ih- nvonne tlellKhtj'nlly' fniettaim "Kctluiny liirl'i" .mil ""I'lio <'!,>«« in i! <*ornfr" at n {.ovi-ily luirtv The- K»< ft« ••••rt.'ilnly did louk pove-ri StHcketi tli IliHr old ra H,->uY rhxfir .The n»|Oilar iiusim 11 M.M trnnwict* unit the oHle-cr* f.r ihi- mfiiur. Jf ROYAL NEJGHJORS Htld Their Annual Electidn La*t Eve " ning In The Ciub Room».Tin' Itoval XriKiil'otK held liii'ir lion o| nllU'ct.o IHKI I've'.itnt; it) Kit- fronts. A l;t"»J" attendance V. a>* | 't»l and tiro follou (UK otiin-i s • iracl.' Mii; KIl.t McKi-e. \*i. o t H<H U—-Mrf NVIIi«> Thonn <'luincellot'" .Mrs, Kittie Knox. Md'order-— -Mrs, Alary Stm-rkle. .M.irshul•- MIH, Anna, Hurharli. !n<!dt Senllnal—Mrs Anna ,Ifin "titslde Scntlna) --Mrs. Alnlx'l ITS Manner for Thief Years---Mr«. So- Mey rc .i.-t i tvd :i: niuJ Clatl in the Co. ner. rros.-~Hi.lnnd Jc !<!. Vlcn r»ri»M~ Ira H«>y. Hrc'ry. -Aithut - Trean.—Wtillniu All nominations tvc the Jtetlnuiy l»rr*.~—Ivn Vice I'res —Myrtle Ja«j»et. See'ry.—Irene Muroh. Tn»a*,~-.\!r«. Abrnm Hey. After the meetlHK the evening i<p«nt in music and vailoun game*. A jMMir mnn'x lunch w«»'nerved. ronMsl- Jrinr of tnunh und nntk, in"keephik' with the occamou, Jifter which the KUCHI» to their homes, all having n v«-ry enjoyable evening. BIRTHDAY PARTY .Old Soldiery Enttriaincd in Honor of i MUs Larttta Flcaimari And 'William ~ " * Birthday, --ft - Hunt^ W«d ThanJuflivlnfl Day, Manager ft/r Tun Years Mrs. \V'm, IMeitate for State Kn^nrnprnent— Mm. ICII.i McKee. Af(«-r the rexulnr business had heen traimactfd thtr«* was initiation of candidates, at which time Mrs. Thompson -\rrijf taken Into the lodge,-after which were nerved and 'th«' re- time. WEDDED IN MONTANA **** '• -,,- - - , .. v* Mr*. Jtnnle U»wry entertained ei»?hti (lay * old soldier friends in'honor of J«hn i «,,„ wl ,, t)f ,„ - m . in y i; And Hock. Falls peuple in that of r.fi8.n Lt>retsa Fiea«man. ! ter of. .Mr. and Mrs. Mart KlMuunun. to of Itut lodion. Tuesday at -her hom*-^on Av* nue C»« Tba affair was In luin^ Mr. Beai**' wventy-flrHi birthday. • j \vi»H«tn Ho«s-.luui.lw 4 . ,' _ Th* dining room wa« beautifully 5 Montana. \5«CQrated' with lame national flags and j ;,n,, a |-Va«man formerly lived here >-streamer* of ced, white ami blue. 'ThSMohUl m'veral' vears a^o. when ' »he table was aim* decorated in red, while [moved to Harlomow. M-mtana. with blue, {her parents, where tiny ndw reside, At one o'clock an elaborate turkey I Si'lS Fli r a! r in?rn""wa«—rrttite yotmK when I 5 ?' flinner w«« served which % was enjoyed by all prenent. After the good inwd finished ;i!>e left i»vit many who remember her will extend congratntatlonH. / v Mr. Hunter Is an extenaivts land Ihe m*|> presented Mr». I^iwry with owner in Montana, and .he withhln Christmas Shoppng Sterling's Ideaf Gift Store advice this y-r when the nice aentlemen'a Diamond ^^ QIFT 9UOOB8TIOMS FOR MEN Gold 1 Watch**, up from ............. Watch <?bain«' und Fobs, up from,-...*1.uo •Tie |»in» and Clasps. up from . ......... "e Clold Kn««». up from. *J.W Cuff Uuttons. puir up from KinhH-m from . Emblem .».:... .,.'... *2-?° Full Ores* Shirt K«'ts up from Military S e I from Kelts. from i.Jivai- $2.00 to $50.00 W. T. Jennings Store RB- FOR LADIES Itmcelet Watches, up from .'410,50 Our Special "Hallmark" itraceiet Watt-It > 1 5-00 Hotld Gold Brooches, / up from ... •• |1«00 Solid Uuld' ItiiiKH. up from II-SO "S«nU-a-bal" N«?c»r- s. up from .... $1.75 1» e n r 1 Heads, 78% $1.00, $1-60 u, ... $50.00 Manicure Bets. $2.50 $10.00 r'. 11 f '-• • i?! - •; nrr- \*>':)'-* | <;? i-nt i'i i <•• i-;i ii'h' ••'.:, ••nil't: .-\ th.' dc.-r. Wttt !'(' fur THE HOUSEHOLD SCIENCE -Ttrr-Hfffmf-Of Mrs. ft. W. Leng Thurtday Aft#rr»9drt, Harm-it'i Hc.(mf-h<»)f1 Srirnt-p Club !>•>-; ThursiV'i\, l'*-e. 7th, at. th* Mii; ic Hv Mr«< Ahr.ini Kakte, .Mr*. Hen- Irli-!if, .Mrs. Kranow nr,<T Mr*. Meln- •rif<-\. AH interectfd in 'the Work :t«« 'iiitSiitf-i! b\ tin* stiite are < ordi.illy in\ i'< 'I t<» nJi«»nd. DEER GROVE ENTERTAINMENT. ..; Thf> I'iin-Ti!-'!'' ;ii'li'-r Assofifition of !><-«-r drove will hold a meetinR Hatur- «'ny nftprnrw»n I>ec. Sth at 2:<><'» o'clork, at the i>et-r Uruve »<-hool IHIIIS*-. A 4o< i' I'TOirrnm \\lll he Rtvii hy t?»> jii* schools of thlM distrii'i nnd l>rofi»i>w>r X. A. Smish. of Tamplcoj «!li be one o! (he j»rinrl|>!il .»i'pnk'-rs. and the mH- sic will hv» furnlstif-fl hy Mr. nnd Mrs. N. !•«. I>eni*on, "f Tnm|>lco. fU'freRh- men!. 1 * will be «orved after thf meeting and fill ar•» <or«ii;ill> lnvite«' t<» at- tH'nI. I*reinldent of Association." of y*»n- MISSIONARY SOCIETY. The Women's Missionary K< Si John» f,i|thcrmt chnreh met t«'i(lfiv iilHMioott in the |u>me of Mix l.nuiii Johnson. The regular lyislnes »a« rnrrled on Jifter vvhli'ti dalAtv n- fresliment<« were -served and m»- re mtilnder of tho afternoon speilt KO«' I BOMBS PLACED ABOARD AT NEW YORK DESTROYED SHIPS IN RUSS HARBOR X<-w York, N. V., i><". 6 — Tht> stwun- sshijiR blown. \\\i in \\v HuHolun harbor iif An-hanK"*) "n Nov. K>, with the lc>»n of million* of (^>iiiirc in mvmltiiinx uinl utlirr \v;ir Kujiiillctt, \vrrc ilcstroyttl by i'lai-«Hl HI the «»rK»»r«« n( tlx* t llK-ir pi^rj* i.f tin* Huxh T«T- company In this city, it wn" at iiolioo hwuliiuartcrM hy lh*» lal agi til lien- of til* In mlrttil to Ihf> ItttKHlun r«'i>r«'«t>n- tuHvp, «', I N«<dKi:lkho%-Hkv. tl»o tM.mbs were planted to' hiil*> «>tUl4Mu-« of «>x- In lM« country from th«» to tho riitU'lal r«.«i>"ri of lln» pX|»U»»in» frttin ! > *'trogrn<l, 3-4-1 ~n«;r- HOUB 'won* kllli'»l und'iiii" hurt. Ai'i-ofd- iiii; t" th« ¥ Hi'nnnn Ovi'i'Mt-nn NVws ««ro l>lo\vn up riiKfil hy tin- fore*; of th«» .Thi» Ot'nuan iH-port *mi»l that a tl«»r- mim ins torpw'owt th(s striitncr Huron Uro- clnl. one (»f t!u» ships at anchor in th<* ImrJwr. Th»' r*r>«rt tlpserlhcil the harbor ua r*»wmbilnK ftt the time a "burn- Ing .volcano." ' .. ' WOMEN f S HOSIERY MUST 60 UP IN PRICE OR DOWN IN LENGTH riili-UK". HI.. Uer. 6.~HiKh. cost tH»il<»ry may n'uihe 'em *lu>rt?r! Th»» nap "twlxt hem and of threatened l>y the verdict yesterday ol of the National Axoctation of Jfoslery Munufut % turer». Storking* muHt come down—in length-—'Bay. they, or tl»e price will hay« to go up. .- whortage' of needles*, for which Germany IH blamed, nnd the increasing cost of their products were dl«- ciiHHfd by central wentern knitting manufiM'turcra. ' have ti> tuiifee womcn'a htoc-k- shorter or increase the cont GO per cent." «Hid Setire-iary C. K. Oar- ler. "f rhiladelphia. "Already cont» have been.odvunced from 25 to»50 per cent." A resolution demanding the reletute by*T3crm»ny of •shipments of needles destined for the United States was ndiytted. Unleas the n«edlt?«.alleged to lu- held by Germany are reletmed the reKultant lu»» will have to b« added 10 l»roduction coHtt*. the member* agreed, WOMAN SHPfTMAN Femal* Bandit Then Fled-And Com- mitttd Robb*ri«*. Oraniift t'ity. III., Petx 6.—An unknown woman late BHturdtty night ahoi one man. held up Knottier and. robbed ^LKVO homeu, The highway woman i« S*"^ described WM about live feet (six Inch**** tail, of inedluniu bujld\ wwirinBf a blftck musk ar«>tm{l tin* lower purt of her, and- with aYight cap drawn over «"onmd aged 59, rt> turning lmn>« when the woman ordered him to throw up his Imiuia. In hi* to comply h« lot Itia umbrella, fall between. hhn«elf and tine woman. *hot and then tied, Hosenberg ii ItoHpituI in a critical con4itlu». A «Uort' time after th« dhootiiiK Ha-i'ry Kimserick wu» held up ti\d robbed three blocks awiiy by the \vtiiiMii. Slu> fouijd only 30 cents in hi« pockets. Prior to this the home*t ^ ;.J. VV. .KU'inerney uiul Wllliani l*itt- inan wero enteced, |U> In-iiig talu-n Horn the former and ?'>> I'rom the. lut- U'l'. , . CAFE ROBBIO^OF $1,500 Five Bandit* Bind'AU«nd*nti In <3hi- caoo Caf*. Ul.. Dec. 6.—"Mike" KHl- ia cafe a-t 1»55< West Madi- M>« street «a,s looted of Il.&wl In money,, checks, ana Jewelry early yetster- ,!s»y by live. mwi. jvho bound and iittssed i Miarleji Jones, a waiter, and jj-jiiiT Jtdtusuu. a.4Kiruit. . •... •. The I'Ute i» ititted a4 llw "IJelnionico's t iviie-U in vice rt'fmtts Uvvus ihc Ahwi- it;r in which Ni'im-t Uu Onsonne and llt-rb»'|t V'ltdike sut^e*} their miftirtun- ai>- auujurwvhii'h ei'uU-tl iu tin* tll^cov- *-i'y »r u !«§"< to kill- rpdtkc'M father. rwvhi !«§"< t ify y Tlu* rubi and t«i- H'i'«- ; i|'t.s u.»r ti t i> wcrV ia A sale t.»jjvis. »Ii H"U& ' ui'ter ui liu' VIUU«T \\riii ul'icr u'eltn'k O Suu- was ihe FOUR BUILDINGS BUBN , . „, BSock* Wfff ... Brooklyn B*fer* Fir* Was Con- troiltd. . p.-. fnltr-d I'f.- - •' i N<-w VoiK. N. V. l>'-<-, (,. •-l-'ir*' tltu ^fh'CH** Wa.**; ih'^'hirtMl hy I h* Til* rnr^n to IK- !ind«-r n»n:roi -it ?.3 f i --'ctofk this' rni.rninp afi«-r thr*-i- h«>:tr -• "f har'! Jift'!;! ins;. WANT TO BOOST. RATES Reilroad* In Michigan Will Try To . Get L»w Patted. I :in-.msr. Mieh..- Dec. r. Mi' tilCMn* letinln! :n c, }ic;i\ilv H«'jMil>!if:!ti, fill vetics in .f.i!|ii!'li to ?««•*• th«' !'VI>k o^f mtkiiv-; effi'-i (ivo the ii"»i prohitiitinti Am-.MR other thing*, the 1917 lawmakers will be asked to jiasx a ton- t;i:£r<' I.TX law, an anii-injon* tlon art, •i.nd t««l %--!;i!> Iwi.iki-r's license !;»« ; to adopt it?t- iMtdcet system of appro- (ihitinx public mt»iu'>s. and .to ilcal with a measure put forward by Michigan railroads to increase intrn-state !>?i$««'riR«'r tales from two cento a mile to t%\>> and oic'-liiilf or three cents. K (Tor ts of the railroad* to pet permission to INHIM passenger ftm'i will ue ;i r«'t\<.\(,jil of the t1t<ht that went .iK.iinst thort in tho last legislature. At Uiuf time, t!t»'i>' proposal was turned do'Aii by .'i haiv niciit?in of half a <lor.en VOtt'H.' ._ After yenrs of aK'^'lioii. adoption of Ihe Inn'net .«v:-:telil In III'" state's ISnnn «>r i* pied^i'd to the M form, at'il it ciulonst-d in the platforms of both ma- BUYS SCOTQH ESTATE Harry Lauder Buys 14,000 Acre* With American Monty. f.otnI'Mi, Kn«.. Dec. 6.—Harry • l-'iu- dor. who IIHH iimn«s»'d n fortune mostly by amusitiK the XmerU'fln p\i1il!«% nnd \\ ho never willingly let« any »>f H '-o, let loMjit- of ri Koudly sum today when he boiiKht the famttUH estate of (lion Banter and the lauds of Italli- more. mmptlxir»K more than H.ooii •icri'S. »iU«n liiintfr belonp-ri to.l>avld .Mac Hiayne, the ship owner of <ila«- goU'. The mansion house on Lander's new isuite ^tandn atMiut lour milen from ihe' pier at 8lrnc|tu£__A.Va.te*v-hillH-iuul ; asture land "are included within the hiiundariea of the boundaries of the entute. Harry ivlHo.will tie able to paddle around in four -milew of l^wU Kky which f'llls into his |»osm*H<>k>ii with Ih.c land. , DEDICATE1FEW BUILDING . i ..«. j. f.. i .« .« »» j^ c .y. ,» ., ..... * ^Governor Ounn*, L. Abbott , Principal 'Speaker*. (By ITiTTtnil PrvJW.) Urbiina, 111., Ctfc. 0. — Governor Bil- ward F, Uunne aid W. li, Ahljott, iiren- liJcnt of the tK»af«l of tntstws o? the university, vverfe the principal »pfakeru today at thw dedication of the Oru- mic« building. Ur. \V. K, M. ft5»», t*4m t»f the rot- letti- of enetnewtaK, presided u t the <Jedlcatloti which ' was held thin afternoon. liewldes the ad«»SB<»!i by Oovtr- nor Dunne and Mr. Abbott, Prof/4'haJi. F. Hin IIH. 'past prenltleat ol th« American Cummic Society, spoke of "The History of Ceramic Arts." I'reBld' nt Jatnea of the I'niverKlty <hdjveieil tho closing? LUNATIC SHOOTS JUDGE Dr*t»«d in Coat of Mail H* Carried Whole Arsenal. Hammond. Ind., D«c. 6. — Drwwed in a borne made coat of «he*t iron, wear-. Ing iron shoes, and a '31 Inch aword, Michuf*! Inlk, u luiuitlc. «hot ond se- riouely wounded Judge Charles K. Oreenwald. Superior court judge; Lou Da Bow, a huliiff. and Oeorgre Bob bin is, a Juror, in the courthouse at Hammond, Ind.. yeaterday .afternoon, When. Anally ovwrpowerwl by wit^ and c*»urt attaches, InJk proved to be a human arsenal. Strapped around bia suit of armor were four large calib«r revolver*, all loaded, two hull-hem, a lorn* aword, a . "billy," a length of chain, und u dagger u foot GIRL SAVES CHILDREN w ,!,_,_.„. *' Plunges Into ley Water ArW Rtscuts Brother And Playmate. • t>h«'bo>gnn. \VU., Dec, 6. — VirKlnlii, ' of iu»rnard Feus* umiblt'-to ui|fH8ten her b«avy UOHC cttpe whon l>w t>rvthi'r, Jucob. C, ititd I'fcclUt Meigtrr, ?,' broke thruugh the ice in the Bheboygun river ubovw the i'oflf«.-r dum at Hhcboytpin I'\UlB. broke thin ice ami swani fully clothed to th»s mid.dle of the riwr- and her brother an l>e sunk for the third *"fUme. She. brouglit the boy t« hh«r»», ttien ix'ttirned and saved tVcelia.' The children t.tll in \vlu-n t,Uey trk-U to tuivu their dug, • - • MURDERS_AUTO DRIVER Barber at Btnton, HI., Kill* Chauffeur ' After a DUput*. It«-nt4Uk 111., Dec. 6,— Jum«'*t SullUi», 21 yea I'M old, wiui Hhot tiitd kilkxl 'l>y T. 4. Mi^ila«a«n, u harh»r. thrfc jmaes \vc-st uf Hcnion, Sunday while briny Ing a number of pt-rstms from it«»nd t»» Itenton in ,,hhi JUnex bus. Mcillusiioiv 4*.ked to g'et uut uf the car and whi-n Hullins* uoketi him to get back l» ht> a iwoU'fr and tired. Mt:(>luMU»n it^cvd in jail to a wall tiiv uclltin of the ci>rtwer'*> jury. WANT THEJR BANNER W<w«n Who Heckled Go To Capitol For Prop«rty. liv ruii^d l'i'f>.». t l>. T, !>»•!• C. -M^s uf IttlttniiN Mont , ;n\- M-ntit'. >-t Han Fraisi-K^- Jiigti!>:.uu!a! t'luoit hi> U!i(tii!i'«5 ttu-ir Ml:-, i'f t)iv hvvklc wink- tin- i A',tlt»i J ;'.- u ii>t.n< it \Vil.-4-n • Vas >f-til'dl> W'M.t ill IIKU'.U tU" !'«•- t:.,j.; Ruth Roland. Star in "The Red Circle." * Path* Hcrlal which has been <onc of tho Wg gent attractions of the tnovle world. oihera. Making a Room Look Coot. Hterybody ban noticed that some look cooler. In sumnTer than Upon examination It wUl K«nt'.rtvUy bo found in the house which always looks caul ..add livable that for one thing there ia no heary stuffed furniture that has to bo covered up each Buiunjuur. look* cpty and coruforublH with all the furnitQre nhroudcd In thosb tan-And-whltc-srlped covers that many people think they mtiBt put on in June. Nor can A room look, cool and home- llko with long .bare windows. Inittead of heavy lace curtains that must be washed painstakingly ''each spring, stretched on a frame and put away till fall, there may bo used plain hemmed or hemstitched curtains made of cheesecloth. They are as easy to wash and lion as a tea towel and they coirt BO little they can be easily replaced whea they wear out. Here anil There. To enable a,phyaician to carry medicines without using a customary cane a cane had been invMutcd in which there Is a tubular metal slide to hold ,vials. . .;-.- ....'-._. .,...!. • • • Air BircRB for short distance signal Ing havo Wbn invented by a French man and, mounted on tins masts ol shins, have been heard aft far away as two miles. . Glass that will not splinter when broken '» being made in France by pressing together under heat two sheets of gloss wjth a Bhoet of eel IuJold between them. An iustmioifli new guard fo'r nnger rings is worn inside a ring and pressea against the nnger to prevent It turn' Ing, at the name time being almost Invisible, It costs Paris nearly 1100.000 a year to caro {or tho trees on Its streets and boulevards aiid in its parka, more than 1,0)0 now ones belog planted .annually, It never pay* to try to save money on the equipment or food bought for rearing little, checks. They require th« beat If they are to Itve and develop Into the roost profitable fowls. Nevur jtake the chicks out of the incubator as soon as they art hatched, hut let them stay in the nursery under •the egg tray for 24 hours and get well dried off, able to run around and strong. , In damp seasons there Is likely to be more moldy^and musty material which bens and chicks' can get hold of and an effort should be made to prevent their getting such material because it will- cause canker in many cases v • * . Wheo clicks are first placed in a broader they should- be Uopt unflor the hover most of the time (ofntfio first .day so that they will not become chilled »nd so that they will get accustomed to going under the hover for warmth*. If the wings, of little cblcka grow too' fast and hang down* they will require toq much of tn« strength of Jhe chicks to cany them around and the big heavy feathers should" be cut off close tu the wing. Kct'd only what chicka will eat up quickly so that they will be. anxious und gre*dy far u«t feed. Provide plenty of green succulent food. Sprout- c4 oats, lettuce, rape, mangels, boeta and cabbage are good green foods, They are as necessary for. chicks as for lading hens, Svhaa each brood of chicka is hatched It ahuiUd aot be plaw4 in coopa or ^roodortf outil the cooim and brooder* have bwju thoroughly cloaued aud dia- witfi »am» gwxl liquid <*i»iu< if. tu«y have <*ver l.l.ttto KI!II«. \»h»> «';»;*• Nvutchitlg th* u i>»U- ilrivi-f iti t.hc U»t lu lu-i' 'tiiulluT. Vl'lii «? u ii -r.v lilut" M Jall» 4* -I* * * * JL 4» 4* Prmtxess Coats &: Suits^ Make Fine Gifts Suits of newest styles, finest materiftja and skil- fully tailored are now priced, at half. ' Silk pluah coats in larg% variety and cloth coats in the inimitable Printzess styles are now .one sale at January recluced prices. THEMJRPHY Y GOODS Martc But 'Also a Student In His Pilot Days S&S MARKET I Old pilots of that day remembered Samuel Clemens aa a aleiulor, fine- looking man, well-dresaed. won dandified. gsnerallr wearing blue serge, •with fancy' ahlrrt, ^Ite duck trousow and patent leather shoes. A pilot could dp that, for his surroundings were Bpecklews. aaya Albert Blgelow Paine in St. Nicholas. , ' The pilot* regarded him aa a great reader— a student of biftory, travels and the sciences. In the association rooms they often eaw ,Mna poring over serious books./ He .began the study of French" one day in New Orleans when he discovered a school of languages where French, German and Italian were taught, one fn each of three rooms. The price* .was $25 for one language, or three for $50. The student was provided with a set of conversation cards of each, and was 'supposed to/walk from one apartment to another, changing his nationality at each threshold. '- The young pilot, with bis usuaf'en- tfiutiasm. invested infill 'three languages, but after/a few round trips decided that French would do. He did not return to the school, but kept the cards and added textbooks, lie studlefl faithfully when oft watch and in port, and bis old river notebook, still, preserved, contains a number of advanced exercises neatly written out. . FOR THURSDAY, DEC. 7 T* Lamb Stew, per~ib..l2Vio2 yeal Stew,' per Ib,.. :T Pork Chops, per lb... . " ff! Sure Cur*. ____ _ . Anxious Mother— "U was after o'clock wheii Clara, came down bn-nkfast this inorfilnj;. and toe* girl didn't look wit at all. Her tem jR'cdK toning up. What do think of. Irony Father— "Good Anxious Mother— "What kind of had she • better tnke?" Father— < *fllw 1 bad better Utke -a flntiroo." chnnge. Dy, a s Do Your Chrlutmoa Bhopplng Do not be continually disturbing the sitting 6en or turkey, or duck or gooae, but leave them pretty much to themselves *ud they will mak« a better Job of batching. Turkey roosts ahould be, located toward the roof,"allowing only ample »pac«,for the birds to stand erect. EMfa't be afraid of overfeeding the ducks. They should be fed four or nve times a day. Good water la a necessity at all times in the poultry yard, and. Uun't forget the loose, t|ry earth for the dust bata. Ducklings and goslings should never •ba allowed to, awlm. even in warm weatner, because it will act buck their growth. •. . Be sure that the hovers in the brood* era are cleautxl every day and diving fee-ted ouce or twice a w«ek. Attor the chicka are a f«w duyn old a run out on clean green. jraBB In the ojtt'u air every (air day ti^aeeewsary lor their health a«4 growth. Chicka with ueu» or in brooder* tthould nave%mple indoor run so'that they can secure plenty of exercise during bad weather. T<m turkey eggs may be set under a good five-pound hen. All portable chlckeu houaoa gbould be elevated to keep out ibo ruta. Can you iinagiuo n acceptable Xmas gift til n bountiful box of- ' paper I Nut o r d i ti a r cheap t e x t u r o, just horuiay trade, paper, paper tliat has tftiality well as beauty. Ol'. all tiu': kinds of s •tioncry wo soil, we bu '} Testing Diamonds. • in iurder to w dcU'rtuiu«! v accurately Jlte ; tttitutv .»t (liuutefcds. 'it Is wt'llMo. brcutho 011 them; Then they l«>k' for a, numieiu their luster. Uud the cy<s I* • tlH-u liettt-r LMiuhU'd, ><a>s lh« title AWffteun Suppltuu'ii.t. ti» Ine tlu'iii tiud dlstiUKtilt-h their faults! 'flu; »i-;l Diamond becotnt>i> cicur inucli • (Uo moMt slylisli, the-Ues!) quality, th<» most e^ in finish,' Statumc'ry is the *!V«'i gift—i»ui* that -wifl ffivo j>it»aHurt*'atul be use- fill for months ,to t'ouvfr. ' Our ii r t m out of Xiua.s .stationary is eoinJ j)lt'tt«", from tlu» juvenili sji/,t j s up to the .'i and quirt> fiihinots. M»k<* your w^hH*'* *>arly. tU't tho U'xt, IQc to $4.d^ ^, Hendrkks'.Drug ^.•***. >fB<"*»ia|ii^P%i TN

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