Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 14, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1968
Page 2
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SOCIETY r 4k' «., I'- ' ' a Pherte /-3431 feefweeft 8 o.m. ond 4 3 I Cofendar of Events *l«S?JA¥ f MARCH 14 . nis oft S, Grady Thursday, March f fa; Youth Cholf of the ftfst Presbyterian Church wilt pfati* tice Monday March id at 3H5 p.m, f h« Adult Cholf will pr»c* the home of "Mfs. RobeV(feen- tlce ae ? P' 1 "* Guild No. & of the First Metho Church, scheduled to meet Any* one who has moved to Hope within the last two years and who is interested in knowing wore about ^ie Newcomers Club call Mrs. Sharles Carey, PR1.S612. 3 A Lucky Irish meeting of the rttope MPW Club will be held ;j|t the Diamond f hursday, March 34 beginning at ? p,m. j oe Urbon w Little Roek, Arkansas Ex- dfensiou Sociologist, will bring ifiie program on "Civic Paftlci- iatioiu" 2 the Arkansas College Choir a»iU present a concert In the fFlrst Presbyterian Church Hfhursday, March 14 at 1t30 p.m. faster music will be used with •gie Faure Requiem as the major tpart. The Uarcus Sunday School Class of Garret Memorial Baptist Church will meet Thursday, March 14 at 7:30p.m. in the home of Mrs. Vance Mar cum. SATURDAY, MARCH 16 A Potluck Supper and Game "fright will be held at the Hope "'Country Club Saturday, March ;;;16 at 7 p.m. Hosts will be: Mr. '"and Mrs. Jack Webb, Mr. and 'Mrs. Earl Lockett, and Mrs. ,,Henry Seamans. Club members "Tire asked to loan some card ""tables and chairs to the club and "to donate some cards, linens, * dishes and flatware. Take any -item to the clubhouse or the Saenger Theater by Thursday or call "Mrs. Webb, PR7-3T10, and it will ; be picked up. "- There will be a St. Patrick's -Dance Saturday, March 16 at the McCaskill R.C.L, Building. Music will be by Chlsm's Band. ~, MONDAY, MARCH 18 s= The WMS of the First Baptist Church will meet Monday, ? March 18 in circles as follows: , Circle No. 1 - Mrs. Roy Chat~ham at 1:30 p.m. ~j> C ir cle No. 2 • Mr s. R. M. Jones :~at 1:30 p.m. Z .Circle No. 3 - Mrs. Carlton ™ m^i— i»."w^-L.f . art — j.i ., TOfcStJAY, MARCH 19 Circle No, 1 of the WMS of the First Baptist Chafch will meet Tuesday, March id with Mrs. Jimmy Miller at 1:30 p,m. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 The Mope Junior Auxiliary will meet Wednesday, March 20 at 10 a.m. in the Chamber of Commerce office with the executive board preceeding at 9:30 a.m. Please note the change In meeting dates. THURSDAY, MARCH 21 The Daffodil Garden Club will have its annual style show and dessert bridge Thursday, March 21 at the First Presbyterian Church. One feature will be an art exhibit. Tickets are $2 and are now being sold by members, W.S.C.S. MEETS Circle No. 3, W.S.C.S. met Monday, March 11 at 2 p.m. In the Mary Martha Classroom at the First Methodist Church. Mrs. W. R. Burks opened the meeting with prayer. Mrs. Albert Graves, Circle Chairman, presided over the business session. For the meditation, Mrs. Earl O'Neal reviewed Ernest 0. Houser's book, "Miracle of the Twelve Diciples." Mrs. Sam Strong presented the program using as her topic "Is There a Merciful God." The hostess, Mrs. Wayne Russell served a dessert plate to twelve members. TWO of the twelve finalists who will compete In the third annual Miss Teen International Pageant are If-year-old Elena Pedamonte, left, MUi Teen Italy; and Leonor Rivera Varela, 17, right, MUs Teen Spain. The April IS contest will be telecast from California OB ABC-TV. ROK (AM) STM, Nrt* * OfHK Tt/iv/f fon and florf/o By CYfltHtA LOWRV AP Television-tod to Writer NEW YORK (AP) * Wednesday was a night of farewell and hail on the three networks. It was the night of the final adventure of the team of Mrs, Emma Peel and John Steed of "The Avengers.'* The mod- dressed and daring character of Mrs. Peel Is about to be shelved so that Diana Rlgg can return to her career as a serious actress. True, Miss Rlgg will be back in next week's episode, but merely to help Mr, Steed-Patrick Macnee-met a new girl in town who henceforth will chase villains with him in the Br!Ush*mide action series, Linda Thorsen will have the role of Tara King. She will be less athletic than her predecessor and more conservativeIndress. The farewell adventure of the Steed-Peel combination was a pretty mixed up, busy affair involving some secret papers, a treasure hunt and a lot of auto- mobiles racing through country ttttds, R is A preposterous. Jaunty arrt ttstwilly amusing series, ABC obviously tattles the publle will accept Miss Thors^n since tl Ms pat the series In next season's schedule, On In* hall side there wer« a couple of previews of coming at* tractions. Ed MeMfttan. most often seen laughing at Johnny Carson's Jokes or reading commercials on the "tonight Show," imd* his debut as a variety show host - on NfiC's" Music flail." The show was a series of vaudeville turns—comedians Shelley Berman and Joan Rivers and singing by Ed Ames, Sonny and Cher and the Young Rascals. MeMahon, who will be host on most of this sumttvt-r's "Music Halt" shows, did not do much more than introduce ihc acts and set the scene for the commercial breaks. But he was gracious, exuded good will ami looks very nice In a tuxedo. Robert Morse was a guest star on CBS's "Jonathan Winters Show" where he sang a song, faked a little dancing and took part in a sketch with Win- ter sand AbbyDallofi. Morse, who starred in thtmu- steal "ttow to Succeed In B«sl» nes* Without ReaHy fryfnf" on Broadway, has btfti chosett to play the lead In ABC's "That's Ufa" series next season. The programs will consist of must- cal comsdtes using recurring characters ami carrying them through major crises in family life. It was created by on? of the writers of Jackie Gleason's "The Honeymooncrs." Morse, who has a mischievous, tt(U<vboy way about him, did not have much chance to demonstrate his talents on the Winters show particularly be- Keep Skin From Drying Yet* tktn I* eefl»tifrtf ttft» dcr *«aefc, Sun, wind, dry lft» ttoof he«t, household cftorti *mf exfrewea of weaCRef, iff sle«I moisture from the skin. And, of course, it I* the skin'* ability to produce natural ails that keep* it young, elfl* tie «ttd juppi*. Defend ydttf skin against drying element* by keeping it lubricated, and always apply an emollient Id* lion before exposure to Jft* clement weather, "Cflmpiifty linens" Good advice on "company 1 ? linens: Keep using them— cause the material was not very don't save them! Laimdef impressive. often to prevent yellowing aftd Winters, of course, was up to fading. . ail his familiar awl funny tricks, playing everything from a fashion designer for the geriatrics crowd to a South American dictator, No Visiting C*«r No Russian cmt ever vis- ited.the White House, but the Grand Duke Alexis was a guest «l the executive nuin- sion during the administration of President Ulysses Grant. (Curv, Body, or Foundation wave) Operators Unda Jurly Diane ra HELEN HELP US! by H«Un Botttt YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! 6 ven after 1 stopped mentioning This column Is for young them in the column. This forced people, their problems and plea. me to order a new supply, and sures, their troubles and fun. abom 800 buttons and member- As with the rest of Helen Help sh j p cards are i e j t . They will USI, it welcomes laughs but won't go to the first 800 people who dodge a serious question with a sen d me a stamped, self- addressed envelope and a for each button ordered, ress your letters to: Helen's S.O.S. Club, P. 0. Box 9997 Sacramento, Calif. 95823, brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USI this newspaper, dime Add- S.O.S. BUTTONS STILL AVAILABLE ... * fe^e1i^Nb1 ; 4-Mrs:-RbssGleg. Hhorn at 1:30 p.m. 3 Circle No. 5 • Mrs. J. E. Sla- 3 ton at 1:30 p.m. T Circle No. 6 - Mrs. F. J. Buri rows at 7:30 p.m. S The Ann Wollerman Circle of 3he First Baptist Church will Bneet Monday, March 18 at 7:30 r p.m. with Mrs. F. J. Burroughs. ^Members are asked to please ••••bring their Home Mission Offer- DIXIE Drive-In Theatre W.S.C.S. MEETS Circle No. 5, W.S.C.S. of the First Methodist Church met Monday, March 11 at the Heritage House with Mrs. Velda Seamans and Mrs. Bill Relnhardt as hostesses. Mrs. Calvin Smith presided over the business at which time reports were heard from various committees. The treasurer, Mrs. Dale Flowers, reported pledges should be,;paid up next, nionth. Mi't y& : ...*»*& ** Mrs. Wesley Hudaleston "Had charge of the program on the last part of Exodus. She was assisted by Mrs. Paul Bain, Mrs. Bill Retnhardt and Mrs. Dale Flowers. Hot tea and cake were served to the 14 members present. IRIS GARDEN CLUB MEETS "Plants and Flowers of the Bible" was the interesting program which Mrs. Richard Arnold presented at the Hope Iris Club on Tuesday, March 12 In the home of Mrs. C. P. Tolleson. After Mrs. Arnold's talk, those attending entered into a discussion of the topic. Club President Mrs. J. M. Walker announced that the state Dear Helen: Do you still have S.O.S. (Stamp Out Steadying)buttons available? Some of my friends would like to wear them, now that they've broken up with their steadies. A pen pal from California sent me mine at Christmas time. Then, just a couple of weeks ago, your column started up In our paper, so I thought maybe you might explain to us new readers something more about your S.O.S. Clubs. Thank you.—JOSIE Dear Josle: Yes, a limited number of S.O.S. buttons are still available. Demand continued, SATURDAY-SUNDAY TONIGHT LOOK INSIDE THE Fnday<$aturdjy was as smooth as a kitten ...her sting deadlier PLAY "THE JEFFREY HUNTER FRANCE NUYEN .£££ ^conxentipn wouldim . _. tie Rock ;March 25-27. '.One riice feature this year will be the grand door prize, a one carat diamond. Members brought arrangements appropriate for a holiday or a special event. After the judging, Mrs. Lahroy Spates won with her Easter arrangement containing satin eggs, tiny felt hats, and torsythla. During the refreshment hour Mrs. Tolleson served a dessert plate and coffee to 8. Coming, Going Mr and Mrs. James Galnes and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Arnold of Arkadelphia spent the weekend In Jonesboro with Mr. and Mrs. George Wright, Jr. and in Memphis with Mrs. Galnes' brother, Doyle Purtle, Mrs. Purtle and Martha. Attending the District Spring Assembly of Arkansas Christian Churches in El Dorado Sunday were: the Rev, Johnie Beasley, Mrs. H. B. Morelock, Miss Sheila Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Garrett and Mark, David Pearson, and Mrs. Roland Pearson. Mrs. Colyer Cox has returned to Hot Springs after a visit with Luther Holla mo n and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Pool, Saturday night they and Mrs. Lamar Cox attended a 3-act play at Youree Drive Junior High School la Shreveport produced and directed by Martin Pool, Jr. Remember now—enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your dime—for quicker handling, What Is S.O.S.? It started last summer when a girl wrote: "I've had ill The 'steady system' has gone too far. Nowadays you can't play the field without being struck out as a flirt. What's more, If you date a boy twice, you're a 'pair,' and all the other guys bug off. , .Please, Helen, won't you back a movement to 'STAMP OUT STEADYING?' " I printed her letter and was flooded with response. Quite reluctantly, I wrote, "If 1,000 teens say 'Yes' for S.Q.S.; I'll sponsor a national club and nffn* *^O - 'Cfatttl GAME err/i* Sage of tti* FLYING , HOSTESSES* fa Meet PLUS YOU MS THERE.... ON MAN'S MOST EXCITING MOST INCREDIBLE JQORHiY ~ "FIRST SPACE SHIP ON VENUS 1 ' Fantastic!! Unforgettable! WATCH FOft If! Saenger mm MARCH \m t tores Syndicate, Inc. offer' button." i Votes poured In, and my family and I were soon yelling, "Help, we're prisoners In a button factory!" Some 10,000 of the big, colorful buttons went out before Christmas. Again, I repeat, this is a teen idea, promoted by those who "would rather mix than match." These kids think "going steady" These kids think "going steadily" is fine for couples who are ready for it, but they're irked at "the system" that forces them into a bad choice: either "go steady" or stay homo. So they're wearing their S.O.S. buttons to show they'd rather play the field. .... And when they find the steady of their choice, they turn their buttons upside down.—H. Dear Helen: There have been so many letters written against divorce, that I want to say something for it. I say it's a sin for people to live together when they make each other miserable. Dad drank to excess, Mom took it for 24 years, because she felt it was important to keep a home for the children. She should have divorced him much sooner—we all would have been happier, including Dad. People say divorce is bad for the children. They're so wrong. Mother and Dad didn't fight and she didn't complain. She thought she was hiding the truth from us, But we felt the tension and we were tied in knots. She was afraid to tell me about the impending divorce, She was sur» prised when I told her J was glad, I am 19 and going to college. My mother works and we are both very happy. The blue noses can click their tongues and sniff, but we're more contented now than we ever were as what they call a "whole" family. Pad marriages should be dissolved, if there's no hope for them.— T.K. This column, {s dedicated, to family Jiving, sc U you're having kid trouble of ju.st plain trouble, Jet Helen help YOU, She will ajso welcome your <?vo amusing e*» periences, A4q|ress Heleq ~ In care of Tfee Hope §ttr, f ea, Poorly pg(4 The poet MiHon. centuries before th* royglty system became general iiv the 19th cyn* tury. W9S pakj only five pounds by his publisher for writing •• " AGENCY Saving Money Is Pleasurable Shopping In Our Store Is Pleasurable... For A Reason!! FOUNTAIN SYRINGE Complete 2qt. size. $ Guaranteed 39 JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. We Give Top Value Stamps PHONE: 7-4616 HOPE, ARK. ON SALE THURSDAY/FRIDAY & SATURDAY Sudden Beauty HAIR »!*•* 100 ASPIRIN 5 gr. USP. Worthmore 12 SHOPPERS' SPECIAL Saxony Day And Date Wrist Watch - Gold Finish Reg. $14.95 Perfection Hand Cream Full Pound Reg $1.98 ;a»i* M i, 11, p I e {&&5a ^s Fermulo for the Family, STOP SMOKING! '1.98 Seller Walgreens MULTIPLE VITAMINS Bottle of 1QQ 49 Crest Tooth Paste Family Size Rise Instant Lather Menthol or plain Nadinola Deluxe ; $2.00 Size Lilt Permanent Reg. $2,00 gentle, regular or super Clairol Loving Care Plus free 79c Clairol shampoo both Dermassage PT, BOTTLE With free dispenser Nikoban Lozenges Pleg§gnt tQ g§e, Helps you bresk the habit, 100 Ixtra Top Value Stamps with this coupqn and a purchase Qf Sg.OQ Qr mor@,

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