Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 8, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 8, 1896
Page 5
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——— ^ ^p^ te :Q^ r0 f silverware Free. THOUSANDS -OF- PAIRS Patent Adjustable . IMrella Roofs. Your Umbrella Hade as Good as New While You Wait. DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER IS A NEW CLUB Ottos Still Able to Play Ball, and Good BaU. -OF- SHOES Are sold each season by us to Men Women and Children. There are good reasons for it, Stock Always Fresh, Quality High, Styles Right, Prices Low and your money back if dissatisfied with your purchase. Stevenson & Klinsici 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 uATIONAL BANK -Of— INDIANA. A. j. Murdock. Pre.. ' W W. *<"•• C " h ' J. F. Brookmeyer, A»t. Ca«n. DIB18CTOBS: . . W. H. Brtngbnrat. - w _ r _ WUlon . Banking In ak KB Department* promptly M &fiS?'tS Iy cSS!»W. and Stockholder. Business Change. Jama B€«hoar has T purchased the Pelton m«i< market . He now occupies toe n*w room Jn»t erected to the west of the olfl stand, and It" to his Intention to run » flBrt-clfl»" «1»P ™ (1 bandle a f nil line of. ireeb and ealt jneata. DAILY JOURNAL SitcJnhairt'8 orchestra will play tonight for a flwpll dance at Marmoat. The Tip*om townshdp graduates will bold thc*r ftnteMng and ; commcnctMnent eserd«»toBi«ht at Onward. Natural gas bills for the month of Augnet are now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Beductlon shirt sale etll continued on summer garments, fqjlendld values rc- diiced to clone them out— Ferguson & Jenks. The G«)irgcitown school picnic will be given at. Charley, Myei's. grove August 15th. All :the Sonday «:hools . In- Ilie neighborhood are 'asked to Join. , Willlnm Murden o£ Adams township ' lias eoroe freaks that are cnrlosM«s,'a Malic of -rye ^vdth'two headf, a stalk of corn wWch branched out likewise and two cucumbers which started to grow .togathcr ..and then developed a full grown leal at the inner section. Awarded rtooor*-World'«F«lf. •DR; jSOflE HOT MATERIAL Diirrett Will Wear a Logansport Uniform. The elixir Has bcsiu discovered. The Oltoi« have been revived and will live, t least for a time. There will bo ;i :a-nu' twnosrrow afternoon art t.he driv- IIK park, a.nd -it will be a ga-inc wnrlh _._.!£ to see. J. F. Sebas'lran has I:i- ectod the -necessary lojrredlcnt whic'-: vill make the reorganized .club again n vlnticr, and will have some of the best- nsiterial obtainable to take the place? ,C Lyen and Starts. Dnrrett. the crack loc-kvllle pitcher, will be here today; sfchnn-b, lute shortstop on the renrin, 11., •Western, association chili,' Mi'Jl P"n,>van, an outfielder and catcher. 1at« w-l-Ui 'Che Cedar Rapids team at Uio •\Vestem n.ssoeintlon, 'haw nlso been sowed and -will piny with tilw-dnb Sun- lay. This wUl nnake a team which will take, up any challonse that may w hurled at It, and will win, Kokomo will be hare Sunday wiith n better team han -they have yet had this season, and will try,to take revenge for past do- feats. -With Bolain, Howley, Byers, BevBlle, Crosby", O'ConneJI aad'"I.lttli; BiJloe" Shaver, the Ottos are "nga'.n ready for a hot nclrt. Birt no move State iMiffiiiB. thank yon. THE NATIONAL LEAGUE. Cleveland Played a Tie With Plttslmr;,', With Onppy In the Box. Cleve.hi.nd a.nd Plttsburs managed to play u tie game. yesterday. CupPJ' inched for <tbe Spldei's, ami KHle.u was ,n the box far the'Pirates. If the Or' oles are not allverlt«,.thcy ought to bn. They bent tiie New Yorke yesterday b.v flie score of "steen to one," and In these days, when the ratio is *linind«rlns from one end ot the country to the otlwr, it looks a. little suspicious that such h score dhonM.be jnnde, FoUowtaK ar thc scores of the'frames yesterday: At. Clevefand-rittsburg 3, Cleveland 3. At Balflmore-Xeiw York 1, Bnltl mow 1C. At Boston—Washington 4, Boston 3. " STANDING.OF THB.CLUBS. 'Clubs Wom Jxjst Per C,t. Baltimore ,.'•.<»•. - 27 '"f CS 20 .*!wi MOST PERFECT MADE. • r«Crap« Cream o{ Tartar Powder., Fre • » -r Ammonii, Alum or iny other adulttrii* 40 Yc«n fie Star.4»»d. Cleveland ........ : D ' Ptttsbnrg .... ...... 40 Boston ..... .......43 Brooklyn ........ • - 41 Philadelphia .......39 Washington ....... 3B New York ......... 3d St. Lonto .......... 28 .31 40 40 40 47 .49 51 .53 Gl- 04 Otto's Remarkable Offes A Plush Lined Case containing 26 pieces of silverware, FREE. Here is a proposition that appeals to everybody, a chance to set your table fit for a- king free of^P^t -though a lucky-chance, the most fortunate in our experience and probab* y on account of the SILVEE AGITATION, we secured . . ; . r, .• • • 500 Dozen Silver Knives, Forks, Table Spoons and Tea Spoons, mences Saturday. Summer Clothing and tan Shoes Half Price. OTTO KRAU5 "Of Course .40 PERSONAL. Mw. E. .B Muflly was In Clnclniwt yesterday. • Mrs. COM Bamett is visjittag her.pat- ents -nt Wubacih. Charles Bammbuuer of -Wubush is vlsWitag In- the oMy. - • • M,L« Mary Forrest of Marlon, Is r!flit )ng .rela.tlves ln-tno dty. • _ J. B. Kyan, upedal penslom agen!, of Ijifayette". was In the. city yesterday Chris. Hiktzman and .family, of Ft AVayae are'.the guest* of relativas In the clity. '"''.'•'•"• Mi-s. Jolm J: Dopley of Fletcher, Ohio Is'the guest of;the.,'faniiHy "of .Sir. am M.rs. Larry. Dobl«y.- . - •'.'....-. '•'. Miss Catherine Dolan or this city an Mlw Ixiulse ' Faust 'Of Pern 'were .In Blinker Hill last evening. ' Lafayette Courier: V M1«« '3«le' Harrl: 'avw tomorrow for a'two weeks' vlsl Tlncennes, Cincinnati' and Logaus port. .' . „••.''.• ' . .. • Mias Lizzie Beall of Walton, on he way to. Boyal Cen'ter, was the gue*t fo n short «me yesterday 'of frlemfe '1 'the city.'.-.., . .- . . • ' -. • • Mitee Katie Bata of Decalur, 111.. I* th g'u'esit' of Mrs Mark Mahoney^at ¥ th ionic or Mrs. r. ,T. Kl'mener on, Twer,- ilctili nml Otlo stroete. 1 • • : . • A. C. an<l .1. C. Ban-on,; -formerly, of hu noy;il JIM is nt Royal- Center will •cniovc' to Cni.wfonfcvlllR to .outer llm ,-nlle-y Mining company. .•. - '•' • Porn Chronicle: George, leiry, of Lo- ^:uispont, was In. tlm city today. vi»j.r- ng Angust Bender nml 'family.-... Charks* Honiiburp, Democratic aunll- lule for sheriff of.Cass county, was IE lie cfty yesterday. • • •'> ••• Wimimuc Republican: .(Will CorWn ;:n,me Home Friday from-his-work at Transport. He has been there taking t eoiwe In cut-tins'anO v fttliu;Mueu's ind boy's cloHJng niid to .now. n full- fledged'tailor I it every sense of-me word... .'Cliarlcy limgor Is nt .home-from Logaiwport where he'has been ^.attendance at Hall's -Business College. [Ie expects to return lniolioiu ; «lx weeks ind take up what Is railed th«; business course In. banking..'. • •Q 00 - W-.-Hcnder- •son'returned from his ten day's visit lit LoganspOHt Thursday evening. He Is Intending ro enter Michael's Business College, September lsf;.-.for a convmer- claJ course, • •'>"• '••• •'.. CLYHERS BIQ SENSATION. Deli Atkinson Tells Where .Tlie Child and Hother are.---"•"•"' The police at HH> oMy'lookedi'.rpr'Dell Atkinson aaid Ivi's «ix-y'6af^id' child'a'c- oordiiic to ttt5tnietlons' : froin' 'Clymcrs late Thuisday raiffht. ' It "hhs o'cen leamiwl, However, • th'* : Atkinson did not kidnop rhe bnby, \is his ' divorced wife, mother of the. Htt'Ife' o-nc: was 1 seen to dilve nimy wtth hlm,' 1 niid't.ln.'"Kli'!ld was their.companion. . , The dls«ppearfl.nci>;'"of' : "'iiiother ;und Child was ; uiysterlows,'':an'd u for a tluife foul play and all aorts'!'i>r"tliuo.riea'iverc uppermost lu -the..uiiim'ds ot'Syrre^aHveft. WllHarii Justice'Is fa.tlioY'crf Atk-I-nstm's divorced wife. It. was known that the cstiranscd liusband doslrcd- 1 ' to--'ccri'trol •the 'I'flUia'.' and tlnit .'thV ; w! fc.f-Will., es- teeme<l r,he ntan fi«tui w^om -the: courts Imd separated lier. . •"••'•'. "-' - ;1 -''' : '•'. • AVllHam .Tuflt-iiec- .went-"'W 'Atkinson's homo, and nndlns W-mV'askcd for'ibJs datiKlrter and gi-amd(.-MM; ---Afrer somt evasion, the lutitcr Stnterf- that' botli were-nt .Total Porter's hoine, neifa Cnm- dPin. llr. .Tnst-Ice iit'•onco-'starced-' fm that jilace, ami nt last a<<corahMh:e result of -his- nuest was Tiof • IcniJwli.- ' ; 'Ii seems to be'a double ! i'kiana.ppliis,''.a-11 bein-K wllllnR victims: 7 ••"•'• "•"'•• - : ' - IN SIN .Anderson Dally Bullerltf: There will be no Telejn-am today. ''••''•' •*'•' There will be no Telej}?iun tomorrow v Tlie puper has bee'n-'slra't down by_ the receiver. . .' '-'^' "•;'"'•' ' '•' '' 'It'wnV conceived by',Tbfaii : C. Williams, In 'Iniquity. It was-Horn' ; !n Comiptlbn It died in sin. X;'"> ;:: -;--'- ., Its inissioji was'' tilacknuiJl iind it. mission failed. .'-' : '•'•"'•'* ' '•'"'' ' ' • - One day rhe Telegram -declared' for free silver. -Next dny'-ffiere'was'a'-re- 'celver appointed 'f'of"lff''Yesterday it congratulated W.' R. -'Myers, ex-Secre -tnry of State-upon'hl/f'cnmbmR Into tin silver' waconi' nnrf'thnfr'-'afternodh the paper su»pended' pn'b'ilcatlbm •'"; •';" W.-H. Dennlson' was; a't' Alexandria Jast 1 night' trj'!nK..to'"flna~a"su'clser who would btiy the'Telejfi^m's corpse; and take It to Alesandrin; : but no one'tlsere would nibble.-'. ' '" '• "' •- *"/'"''' '"; How much ..do-'we h*br'for- u the-re mains? Give tis'a bldiijtetitle'men.' '-ItMi tlie finest and dena«nncorpse ever -of fered to -Will Kn-nffnian "iii "were'at the } picnickers who t'oik lunch, last at the park J i: McGrecvj GAVE A FALSE ALARM. Dennis Zell Charged With Calling the Fire Companies Out, Demi'is Zell, a- bhicksmiili )y (Icorge S'hsiofer, tihe >'or!(lv struct >;milth, wsis-iin-ested lust nteht by oBi- ,«cr.s Wrwalm. and Graham, charged. witJi turuhis lu a false a^rm of fire. He was lodged IjijaJJ and w-IJl have a learlng tJiL^ niorutnjt/'when a more sea-ions elKirse mnybn-lodged aenhi.-it him. Shoj-tly lM.'fore,t.o'e!pek tills nittniJus i poHoe dill sounded; in tlw alley-btt- wee.il Third" and- FourUi s-trocft* sontl. nit'.Market sti-ceif. Offlcer \\'lrwaJi-n re- <l)ondeil :md ; \v'iis.ijil'ooiitxl by the per- a>u wMiiidlns'tlit call that two men.-had lirokMi lirto.Dy-keiniwi.'s 11:1^017. WWle the officer wa,= in i'lu; alloy invesfiiKat- Inp the cnse, -nil, alarm oiB nre was turned tit from .box 31. looiBd at Fifth i,ad.Market street's. Thw.uire compn-nl«< from l-h« WestsSUe :iu<l Nor%_str.C,ct: eu- n 'bie houses were ou^thc sroiini wlch'n "i.tuw minutes, but : uo,.iire was-, found. In the meantime,Oflieens Graliam :wiS Wlr-wnlrn Iind beoiii on, t.he lookout and iy, w JJi'Jl and Bffl-Daliin, Jr.;-ninniiui: ilaw-ii the alley -in. : ttie, ^cloi-tiy of. the box. Officer Gnihnm save chase and •Ml, but the. rilJrery man Rot a-way-. ',-;•• .1;- -' • . "' ' WATERMELON PARTY. - uvuf'nje-Gra-fflB efltertatoPd a'mmjber of 'lri*-rrtomls.tast,.e,vening at Ms.home at- a wiitea-melon jxu-ty la honor ..of. MR frfund, Fml FiilTinflp. of. Ohlcaffo, who hns been hi« giK*for:the Instfew days. DancUiK was todulsetl.in and.a general «ood Uit)e,WU».,hiid.. ; ,Follo.w.toK are the njimes of tliose Av.ho -were in attendance: Misses- Helen McGounell. Ora HflTrteon, tie Elliott ami Eva,>f.ackey of Walw^i wJiols.th<'.fruesto£.MiB,.1. T. McNary, ond Messrs. G.rahara v Taber, Fred Falr- yreeman W'^son, and Hob Mattli- v ,OO|.p.-MEDIUM RETIIRNS." ', J. D^-FHrjlusoni' wop.the-MiM which de cMed ,the;ownei«-Wp, of "Gold Medluir," awl lic.aral.h-is steed have arrivwl from JUvport«. .Constiiintine .Oiiwtip;on, with whom )K> hsid-vUi^siiVt,' is lield at La-; ppr:e lujder fSQO;bojid. to awiiit Uie ac lion- of the.Clrc.ultiflOwt;,- He. Is vy.It.-h .U^^-NG; AT MEXICO. " \V. T. 'Wifion, lie : ij\ri>l*can' c:iiwlid;i,te 'for .To'iiit Rc'prWJejitn-rlvi'. will ^co to Mexico,'''I'ilaiiii. SflSiity. today:'.^e lis due thereat rp'fc']o?£for'a speech, and _S(mntor ; 'Murcus tpiletl. will' occomfiany him. Georvro'Cjni'bie will" nlfo Pp'.'tik A STORM." '• Thfineetfiisr ;'sif : anwaml Thumlay liiifilrt for tiie'puriibse'i'oi: orjratt-lzInK :i R'oimWlcaai cinb',"wns : f«'ev«n.ted by .Hie storm. .Tbe'club'wnfb'c formed Inter. N TONIGHT. ' : 'Hoin..' W. D. Owen 'will sppiik .tOMlshl n't IViilton 'tb:the',oMwi)S of fii.nt' iielch- iwrhccd. "I t"is ''shW ti:ere w.lll be" dele- j^ition'R prefejit .fi^m'siiiTO'uiiiatoK .cbrn- .iiiiHvit.ies, 'nnd >Jiere|VlIl';be a' ramvber ' : ' ! "''' '" '• ' •''•Harry -Frank". don't want. - •fe'e :he'eiothlmB'"ff.ide;-.;Jniit :is )ils sold ' WHERE IS OEO. DUNL.Vl 1 ? Torre I-Iaulc Tribune: After ten y.e:ir.s of a'bsence from his usual haunts, George Smit-li D-unlap, heir ot the l:it« \udrew Dunlap, of Supir Crcvk iovm- *h,ip, cannot be found and his share in deceased's Itirfto e,=t!ite .is ,-ilwin to be confiscated by Uioso who are on the •scene. The amount of properly to wliich he is left heir-will probably exceed ,$20,000. Andrew Dtinlnp's cslrtte' Is valued at from ?S,000 to $10.000, which remains to be divided ainons.fivc lieii-s. The law provides rliat if one i.« ?ono for live years without any information whatever as to the person's wherealioiits, lie may be considered as dead and Ills property diverted to the next nearest heirs. In youns r>milap> case, the years have frnsthened into ten and it Is just such an action as the law provides for in such 'omerjreucies Hint the other heirs are nbont to take. SUin- son, Stinisoii & Comllt,' who are tirtor- iieys for tho rcsldoiit hell's, say thai s btiR been oxtawtod to un- ; earth the -mlssinc lieir, lint, without. avail. . . . Andrew Dunla'i), .deceased, was peculiar as well as wealthy. In'liw will, mentilon of which; was made yesterday, there Js n codicil, which .provides that his son Corwin, who resides Jn,this city. linU be cut- off .with a scant ?300 because' of his alleged spcnd-thrif.tines*. Since the probaUns of Hie will, however the other heirs have afirecd to waive tliis point and Thomas will receive ;i liberal share ofMhe estate. He has es- prcssed a delermlnn.tiion to do better. Something unusual in these days, was to be seen in .the Stunsons'. law office yesterday w-hen one of the heirs, a dauchter, produced .$12,000 In government-bonds ns part of the assets of the fe*taitc. •-The coupons had not been clipped since 1802. Robert Burns Dunlap has qualified as executor of h!» father's will and P. T. Ryan, .the undertaker, has gone his security in the sum 'of ¥2T>,000. ' - ' • FOR THE PRIZE. must be,a Avonderful country. A man iwidlnK at. Windy Station w'n* down In that action some time aco and he saw some strange slights. A farmer down there had a pile of wheat that had been stacked up for thirteen yours and when he uncovered It, rt was iis dry as iwwder and weM preserved, being really In hotter condition than when first stacked. What surprised the farmer, though, wns when he went to examine' the wheat he found that the smln hurt disappeared. Digging down ro -the ground he found 500 loaves of as fin*? bread as you ever saw. The grain und'become so dry that It sifted Into .1 fine flow and rhe water run under the stuck and formed it into tlmigh. Then tiio warm. Tennessee sun canie out and ge'mly baking tlw-'brend «.* above stated The. farmer U now "running the ilnocl bnkery in NaVhvIlle and is conciHl<><! to bo worth a million.—Ex. ' Six weeks ago I suffered with a very severe cold; was almost unable to speak My friends nil advised me to consult a pliyslciun. Noticing Chamberlain's Cough Remedy advertised in the SU Paul Volks Zeitung-I- procured a Iwt ntid .'rfter taking it n 'sho'rt while -w.-W •wiili'dy-weM/ 1 'DOW most 'heartily "rec- "rtmnieiid -this remedy to -anyone'' suffer- fngSvllh a c6]<J. : ' 1 Wm:'K'el);:OT8'She1by •Avc., St. Paul. Mlnu. Tor sale by- B; •l-fhe wedatiifi"o l f Wr: 1 'HMm E'. Good- fcella- M. St. Clalr cf w ,^.««-, w*S' ; i^lVftjn'zed Wedne^ „„/,'. : THe coreii'foAf"wfi* performed by *SiiuJre'Warr!e'k~:y'~^ .-'•;.'•" : " _ ~/"Siii'e toduv txr -HivrrX* Vran^'s. ;seieci^| r ,.. — .... '^ni| :T fl ? ^«iia-'<any-*off'at-l^|-plttChi«t steel ratling In the roonw »t - John W. Blackford, -who will have cliarge of tte placet! of lljrhts In r' tan's opera house.'has jiwi'-nJ.nrnC-1 from Chicaco, where he has Hecii p-'t; Wins- pointers.', . • Max JeairinRS got the contract for lacing steel ra Ike C-enlrnl school building. SPECIAL EXCURSION -TO- NIAGARA FALLS vu WABASH August 18, 1896, Special Train Will Ltave LOGANSPORT at 5 p, in. lujtust 18, arriving Niagara Falle at 6:85 next morning. ONLY $10. For the Bound Trip from port. Tickets good on special tralfc only. The Logansport Humane Society y (INCORPORATED.) For the Prevention of Cruelty t« Women Children and Animals E. S. Klce—Pr«i. , . G eo. W. Wnlterm- Sec. J. J. Mlldebritndt—Tremii W. M. Bliihop—HUIIIBUC Ol»l«r. I. S. Blw. J. C. Barter. r. C.Coolbpuft Geo W Walters, J. J. HlldcbtMidt, t wiked Justice. ,I8J»5 AflMMi Mr». W.D.Fratt Mw. J. N. Kta. T«lepbone No. SO. Be jort cawn ol.cruelw 10 S«c;etai7. -=a— sssess^^sssm : ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Joe Ilembusch has lx*u 111 for a fe*. days. . ' • Hammocks at yoor own price at G*e- Harrlaon's. . MLcbignn yollow Crawford peaches «t Roithoi'mel's. Attend Rotibermel'8 celery tsalc Satnr- day, August Stli. : . Cliioiee of IddJies'Jine Htm slices ?2.50.— Aiinni Greomsfeldcr, Third and Market •: Henry Meyer, home-grown nntmef melon o» sale at Rothi'i-mol's, Saturday. . Kiinzi<.-'is hoouc-gwiwn ice-rind wal**; miclons on sale, at Roithermcl's, Saturday. See our prices 001 shoes l*fore buying. • —Aaron Greenufelder. Tliird anfl Miu-Ket. TIww ha» l>oen n w«-k wiahout an itr- :•' rest. The police force is becoiuine Mr uorvaied. •Tlie (HflhifJiwin.epidemic at Burrows .is ailxi'ted, but was only overcome by the hard work oJ slue physicians. Natural gas bills for the month tC August are now due'nnd payable at toe- company's office on Pearl street. I. H. Samplo; claim agftnt for the Pan- haud!*- 1 , IKIS joined hie fiunMy a* Hudson la,k*, iioail wifll siicnd hj? vaoatlon at thai resort. 'The ladiw of the Broadway Presby- torJau diitrch- ivill 'ivold 'a busiuosp niocthic t'hiif afternoon at tin' cliniTU at 4 o'clock. • • ' ; Only the sufferer known the misery 4J ; dyspepsia, but Hood's SarsnpariM . cures' 1 the most stubborn ca«« of thte T!!K crowds 'com thine to n-titond the !, or tiunce rwlval at ....Jwheni Wrs.-M-nn" Mersli6n"!s con- iiuotinR a protnuctx-d nic<?t.inK. 1 A dally pfiper will.lie-stantod -it K»- kon:o. ~ Swley & Sou of Fi^inkfort te the firm Hi:iit will Iwick the enterprise, saind-tlie field will be fwtested with "tte D!spa.tfli ai"«l tlie Trllinnc. ' . AmotJwr floater-was stem'-In. the'Wa- - bash, river yesterday; Ttts time'lt ww .a'hoiv-*, nnd'tbea-c was no excuse tor , eallinft the form a luiman one. The animal w.is seen by an.eufsbne crew.' . '

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