Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 14, 1973 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1973
Page 20
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2Q Galesburg Reaistef-Moil, Gqlesburfl. III. Saturdoy, April 14, 1973 Better-Than-Expected Earnings Give Stock Prices Shot in Arm for Week By BILL MILLER DPI Writer NEW YORK (UPI) - Prices moved higher in stepped*up trading oft the New York Stocli Exchange this week» buoyed to a great extent by investor enthusiasm over better - than • expected first quarter earnings reports. Week oa WaU Street The Dow Jones average of 30 blue - chip industrial stocks gained 28.29 to 959.36, including an advance of 16.40 Monday, this marked the biggest daily leap by the widely followed indicator since it picked up 17.01 points on March 27. Standard & Poor's 500 stock index, a more broadly based Market Reports DOW JONES AVERAGES NEW YORK (UPI)-Weekly Dow Jones averages, including intra-day highs and lows: Open High Low Close 30 ind 931.37 975.32 927.45 959.36 20 tran 195.57 202.14 194.48 199.82 13 util 106.69110.08106.18 109.15 65 stks 295.13 307.33 293.76 303.07 Net changes: Industrials up 28.29; transportation up 4.52; utilities up 2.65; stocks up 8.18. indicator than the Dow, gained 2.80 to 112.08 while the NYSE index managed a 1.42 advance to 59.65. Advances far outnumbered declines, 1,155 to 604, among the 1,958 total issues on the tape. More Activity Turnover, which has been particularly meager for the past month, picked up this week. Analysts said the increased trading was a good indication the market's rally had real buying support. Volume came to 76,173,505 shares, compared with ©,073,806 last week and with 99,533,836 during the same week a year ago. Early in the week, before first quarter earnings reports began circulating through Wall Street, the market got most of its mileage out of investor hopes for some form of wage and price controls. Inflation has been a chief market depressant ever since mid - January—when ft-esident Nixon announced Phase III. Pear Tight Money Investors' worries focused on inflation's effect on interest rates. When interest rates climb, so does the cost of borrowing money. The primary danger, therefore, is that inflation can bring on a tight money situation that threatens economic expansion. Short - term interest rates started to decline Tuesday, the same day first quarter earnings results began rolling into Wall Street. Prices advanced and volume picked up. The market remained com fortably in the black until Thursday. Investors then apparently decided to cash in some profits and do a turn on the sidelines. The market declined again Friday. Remain Optlmlstiic Analysts and brokers generally remained optimistic, however. They attributed the mar^ ket's retreat to a typical pause following a sharp advance and found additional encouragement in the fact the selling was light. American Telephone & Telegraph Co., the nation's most widely held stock, was most active this week and 2Vs higher at 53 on volume of 991,100 shares. Trading in the issues included a block of 250,000 shares crossing at 52 on Tuesday. Beats Summer Gasoline Sh ortageA Iready Here, Companies Contend WEEKLY GRAIN REPORT CHICAGO (UPI)- Wheat and soybeans were substantially higher and corn and oats irregularly higher this week on the Board of Trade. Wheat was up 7 to SVz cents; corn up Ys to 3'/4; oats up % to 3, and soybeans up %^k. to 45. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKET Consumer Grain & Supply Co. Market may either go up or down by 1:30 when final bid arrlvei. 11:30 o'clock bid. No. 2 Corn (old) $1.48 New Com $1.34 No. 1 Beans (old) $6.34 New $4.01 Credit Buying Is Extension Unit's Meeting Lesson OQUAWKA - Mrs. Patty Johnson, Henderson County home economics extension adviser, discussed buying on credit and setting reasonable goals when members of the Oquawka Afternoon Homemakers Extension Unit met April 11 at Rozetta Baptist Church with members of the Maple Grove and Rozetta Circle units. Mrs. Charles Allaman and Mrs; Ray Fortune were co- hostesses for the meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Shorts, Waukegan, spent the April 7-8 weekend visiting here with his mother, Mrs. Bemice Shorts. Mr. and Mrs. Page Randall Sr. returned home April 9 from McAllen, Texas, where they spent the winter. Mr. and Mrs. Danald Finch, Illiopolis, spent the April 7-8 weekend visiting here with their daughter, Mrs. Harold Lumbeck, and her famUjr. »ll By JERRY R. WILSON United Press International It's a moot question whether the nation will suffer a gasoline shortage this summer. According to industry sources the shortage already^ prevails. Energy World Industry executives predicted last summer that the era of gasoline price wars was over. Now, spot shortages are occurring that in most cases affect the small independents severely. T. W. Sigler, vice president HOT SHOT SPECIALS SAT. NIGHT & TILL NOON SUN. PEPSI COLA Plus Deposit DENNIS BONED CHICKEN 10-Oz. Jar 69< GIANT (Rtg. 89c) RINSO 69< BUODIG Chipped Beef Pkg. 1 ONION SETS 3 /1 TRADING POST Super Mkt. 1515 I. AAAIN ST. USD A Sets Wheat Acre Limit for 72 WASHINGTON (UPI) -The Agriculture Department today formally proclaimed 1974 wheat marketing controls, but officials hope the program will never be activated. The acreage control regulation was announced in order to comply with a 1962 law which would automatically come back to life if Congress fails to extend controls. Consider Bills Both the House and Senate Agriculture committees currently are considering bills which would extend the voluntary wheat acreage controls now in effect beyond their scheduled expiration at the end of the 1973 crop season. Because the new legislation is not yet on "the books, however, Undersecretary of Agriculture J. Phil Campbell said the terms of the old law compelled him to issue a 1974 acreage allotment and marketing quota proclamation by April 15. Vote Possible If no new law is enacted by Aug. 1, Campbell said, the Agriculture Department will have to hold a national farm referendum to determine if farmers will accept the allotments he announced today. Under the 1962 program, if the national wheat allotment of 58 million acres which Campbell announced today was accepted by farmers, growers who complied with the restrictions would be eligible for price supports. But any producers who overplanted would be faced with marketing penalties. for marketing in Continental Oil i an Company's Houston office, says as long as the demands for gasoline continue to increase, the spot shortages will become more common. May Be Limits "Conoco expects to be able to take care of its dealers and jobbers," Sigler said, "based on past requirements, but we do not expect to be able to supply all of the gasoline our dealers and jobbers may want." Some oil companies, including Mobil and Cities Service, already have adopted "al- locaton" plans for their distributors. The allocation plans are quotas placed on the distributors which limit the amount of gasoline they will receive, generally based on last year's average demand. But demand has risen considerably from last year. "There is no chance of making exchanges in the marketplace because nobody has a surplus, to put it mildly," a Cities Service spokesman said. "We are allocating our jobbers in the Southeast, Mid- Atlantic and Northeast states between 10-20 per cent less than last year, and there has been Club at Toulon Slates Contest TOULON - A "Talent Night" contest will be staged by members of Toulon High School's Speech Club in the school gymnasium April 26 at 7:30 p.m. Any person may enter the contest, a club member said, by sendmg $1 entry fee, name, telephone number and the type of presentation to Mrs. Carol Ziegel in care of Toulon High School. Prizes will be awarded. WANT ADS PAY DIVIDENDS! increase in demand this year which makes it doubly tight for them. The gas shortage for us could continue for the rest of this year." Not Happy The industry was not happy with a recent statement by Darrell M. Trent, Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) director. Trent said the industry was not producing enough gasoline to meet the need and could easily shift production from heating fuels to gasoline. A few months ago, the industry was criticized for producing too much gasoline during a shortage of heating fuel. "We maximized production of home heating oil at the expense of gasoline, despite the economic penalties involved," said Mobil's North American Division President, Richard X. Tucker. "I might point out that in switching from maximization of one of these products to maximization of the other, Mobil and the industry have much less flexibility than one might think. The swing factor in U.S. refineries is quite narrow—only about 4 per cent." Inventories Down At the end of February, Tucker said, the industry's gasoline inventories were down 13 per cent from the same time a year ago, primarily because of continued demand for gasoline late into the winter and the heavy demand for heating fuels. The demand for gasoline this summer is expected to be at least 5.4 per cent higher than last year. Dear Penny, I feet like I've nearly lost faith in my fellow man! I never for the life of me woald have thoight that adolts wooM condone anything so demoralising as the present sex ednca* tion course offered to stodents at Cinrchlll Jndlor High School. My only thought is that they really don't know what is being taught. I do believe a certahi amount of sex edneatlon coald be helpful but only if taught with a moral aspect. Enclosed you will find excerpts from a tape taken of one of the class sessions. This course absolutely says pre* marital sex is okay. This is taught to kids 12-14 years old. What in the name of decency have the school board and those holding such classes get on their minds? Penny, this reduces us to the same level as dogs and animals.! hope yon will tell me where to begin to fight this cancer of society. If one woman can get prayer and Bible out of the schools then certainly a group of concerned cJtiiens could be able to fight this evil! One of the Silent Majority Who Spoke! Dear One, The board of education suspended the class temporarily while it studied the issue. As I understand it, attendance at this class required a parental permission slip, and no child was forced to take the class. You and your group should lodge complaints with the board. While I realize this is a very emotional issue, I must admit I am all for good, solid sex education courses. There are far too many unwanted pregnancies and cases of venereal disease in this country today for the simple reason that young people are not taught even the most basic facts about their bodies. As I understand it, the questions in the tape were asked by students who wanted answers. There are too many parents who blush, stammer or are horrified when their children ask the questions of them. As for morality, I believe the teaching of that and religion belong with each individual family. Those things are family and personal standards and are best left to the church and family. If you give a kid the facts he needs to make a judgment and the standards to back up a decision, I don't believe he'll go too far wrong. At Amn Trustees Agree to Allocate Revenue Sharing for Library AVON - Members of the Avon Village Board of Trustees, during a meetbig April 6, agreed to allocate |1,000 in federal rev«nue sharing funds to the Avon Public Library. in other business, trustees adopted a resolution authorizing the board president to sign an application renewing a request for state Environmental Protection Agency funds for sewer system improvements. Members of Avon High School choruses and ensembles will present their annual spring concert at the school April 18 at 7:30 p.m. Theme for the program is "The Magnificent Men in Their Plying Machbies." Avon High School students advanced to the quarterfinal round of the fourth annual Wethersfield Scholastic Senior Bowl in competition April 7 at Kewanee. Members of the team were Don Smith, Mark Inman, Khn Meinhart, Tami Holcomb and Beth Wolf. Alternates were Gary Hall, Brenda Schmelshof and Kris Frankhauser. Members of the Avon United Methodist Youth Fellowship will conduct an Easter sunrise service at Avondale Lake next Sunday at 6 .-30 a.m. A breakfast at Avon United Methodist Church will be held following the service. The annual May queen crowning will be held at St. Augustine Catholic Church on May 20. Members of the church's Altar and Rosary Society also will meet May 20. Dear Penny, Here on Brown Avenue and Johnston Street we have a big white dog that come out of the house and waters the expensive evergreens and leaves his calling card in the front yard several times a day. yard. We cannot get the dog catcher to do a thing about it. I understand a dog must be on a leash when it's not in its own yard. Just Another Neighbor Dear Neighbor, Caill the office of the Knox County state's attorey—343-3121— and ask the procedure for signing a complaint against the dog's owner. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPIES FOR SALE Born on St. Patrick's Day Ready lor Eaitar S2S.00 Each Purabrad CALL BIOG8VILLE S27-2S3I FOR SALE 1965 Buick Skylark Good Condition Phone 342-3551 After 5 P.M. PATIO SALE 470 E. Second St. SUNDAY, APRIL 15 11 A.M. - ? TRIMMING ft TOPPING ft TREE REMOVAL AUG Shrub tf Hadga Trimming BROWN'S TREE SERVICE RR#1 Abingdon 462-3853 FOR SALE 1965 FORD DIESEL Troctor & Troiler Phone 876-2291 Dear Penny, My husband and I own and operate a small business in the downtown area, and I have a gripe. There are quite a few small places of business in this one block, and a couple of them use the parking meter spaces and feed the parking meter all day. They say it is more convenient to pay the meter, even if they get a ticket once in a while. Aren't the cars checked for the length of time they occupy a parkiag space? I was under the impression that parking downtown was for shoppers. We rent two parking spaces. We may have to walk a block to the store, but it is good for you when you're going to be inside all day. These pe6ple don't just take up one space, they take up two or three. Small Business Dear Small. Metered spaces on Main Street are generally to be used only for an hour or two. As you pointed out, they are put there for the convenience of those who want to spend money in the downtown area, and for merchants to occupy the space all day defeats the purpose. If you will send me the block in which your store is located, I'll pass the information along to the proper authorities. Thinking of you . . . The United States and Great Britain declared war on Japan Dec. 8, 1941. Empty Houie Sole 494 Clark St. MONDAY. APRIL 1» 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Bowling balls, childrens, clothing, toys, dishes and bnc-a- brack. STORAGE TRAILERS for SALE or RENT Phone 289.4348 NORTH BEAUTIFUL 4 BEDROOM 2 STORY BRICK HOUSE Carpeted, draped^ w/fireplace CALL 342-5912 For Appointment Evenings & Weeltends FOR SALE 1963 Ford V4 ton truck w/wo wrecker. I9S7 Chev. ion Grain box. 1—20,000 lb. tandem trailer. 1—Heavy Duty 3/4 ton trailer. 2—Utility trailers. RYAN'S GULF 2 Milei North of Galeeburfl Ph. 342-7271 About 19 </2 Acros FOR SALE For 30 Day* For A Sub-Division V.i Milai North and Wait of Holiday Inn on Blacktop Road. U.S. Mail Route Phone & Electricity This acreage is nice level farm land, no trees, no brush. Must be seen to be appreciated. Phone 342-3734 Evaninga For Mora Information Group A pproves Appliance Funds NEW WINDSOR-Ladies Aid Society members at New Windsor United Presbyterian Church voted at a meeting April 5 to donate |100 toward the purchase of a new refrigerator for the Christian Education Building. The program was presented by Mrs. George Nelson, Mrs. Myron Hickok, Mrs. Dale Shell and Miss Mabel Coleman. Rev. Douglas Mankell led devotions. Mrs. Hickok and Mrs. Cromwell Norris will be hostesses for the May 3 meeting. In observance of National Library Week, movies will be shown at Rivoli Township Library April 14 at 3 p.m. Children in the community are invited. A total of 1,070 items were circulated by the library during March, and 271 books were added to the shelves, including a 16-volume set of Disney's Wonderful World of Knowledge. Other books added include: First Easter, Maier; Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Bach; AU Under Heaven, Buclt; I Gathered the Bright Days, Lane; Royal Summons, CadeU; The Corrupt Kingdom, Finley; The Case of the Post, poned Murder, Gardner; Oklahoma Crude, Norman: Nethergate, Lofts; Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead, Lindberg; Wild Pitch. Guthrie. The Lovomaniacs, Barrett; Bride of Israel, My Love, Llewellyn: Tyler's Row, Read; The Happiest Summer, Scovel; The Munsters, Johnston; Trixie Belden and the Mystery in Arizona, Trixie Belden and the Mystery Off Glen Road, Campbell; The Mystery in the Pirate Oak, Orton; The Shaggy Dog, Griffen; The Velvet Room, Snyder; Freckled and F6urteen, Rowe, and Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine, Williams. Get A Load Of This GILSON READY MIX 876-2291 LARHY JOHNSON Walcema Back AU Old k Naw Cuatomart EXCELLENT NORTH LOCATION NEW SANDLER-BUILT BRICK and FRAME 3 bedrooms, fully carpeted, full dry basement, large double attached garage. Large trees and nicely land* scaped. $31,500 Ph. 343-4907 or 343-5138 Shareholder's Meeting To the Shareholders of the Home Savhigs and Loan Association, a corporation: you are hereby notified that the annual meeting of the shareholders of said Association will be held on the 24th day of April, A.D. 1973, in the Community Room at the office of said Association located at 50 East Main Street, Galesburg, Illinois, at the hour of 7:30 P.M. for the purpose of election of directors and hearing and acting upon the reports and actions of the Board of Directors and officers of the Association for the past year; and such other business as may properly come befora said meeting. Dated this 3rd day of April, A.D. 1973, Leo A. Cash, Jr. Secretary PUBLIC AUCTION 1281 N. HENDERSON Inside If Weather Is Bad Sunday, April 15 - 1 P.M. Many Misc. Items Auctioneer - RED HOUGHTON TERMS CASH All Proceeds To The Country Music Association FOR SALE 1972 VEGA COUPE GT Equipment; Air Conditioning; 3 Speed Turbobydra- matic; Custom Interior; Radio, other extras; Under 14,000 Miles; Like Brand New! - Priced $150 Under Boole Value. 1621 N. Prairie St 343-54«3 After 4 PM FOR SALE 1965 %-Ton Ford Pickup tf-rsLll' *850 LOREN AKERS 465-3771 Don't Dig Up Your Sewer Call 343-6913 — or Phono 342-6430 No Charge If Wo Fail GUARANTEED WORK WANTED 2 or 3 Bedroom Bungalow or Ranch - $15-$20,000 -* North — Cosh Buyer TOWN and COUNTRY REALTY 888 N. HENDERSON 342-3112 Galesburg Livestock Sales Inc. East Fremont Road — 342-1416 Bonded For Your Protection Sale Every Tuesday TUESDAY, APRIL 17, 1973 45 Hereford cows witli calves. 20 Mixed cows. 25 Angus steers, 450 lbs. 50 Angus heifers, 425 lbs. 46 Bl. WF heifers, 575 lbs. 35 Steers & heifers, 500 lbs. 26 Angus steers, 600 lbs. 25 Cliarolais heifers, 650 lbs. 250 Mixed cattle (to be sold in small lots. 300 Mixed pigs. Last Tuesday Fat Steer top $45.60; Heifer top $45.30; Butcber cows 130-135.50; Butcber Bulls $40-|42.50. Bred Gilts $150-$202; Steer Calves 400 to 550 lbs. $50 to $63 per 100; Heifer Calves 400-500 lbs. $48.00-$55.00 per 100. Two loads of 700 Tb. yearling steers at $51.00; Market active $1.00 to $2.00 higher. MORE CATTLE & HOGS BY SALE TIME FAT CATTLE SALE At 9:00 A.M. Feeder Cattle ier Private Sale Daily Up Until Sale Time REPRESENTATIVES: John Walters Martin M. Swanson Richard Anderson William Reynolds Robert Lindsey, Tom Kilcom and Carl Sleek — Auctioneer! ESTATE AUaiON Antiques — Furniture — Tools — Automobile Sautrday, April 21st, 11:00 a.m. 216 Cools St. » Wotogo, III. To settle the estate of George H. Garrard, deceased, we will sell the foUowug chattel property: AUTOMOBILE: 1967 Belaire Chevrolet 4-door sedan in good condition. ANTIQUES: Oval walnut lamp table; walnut comb case; combination bookcase and drop front desk; pine commode; railroad lanterns; some antique dishes; library table; walnut bench; ladder back chairs; hall seat with mirror and hat rack; storage chest; wall mirror and hat rack; picture frames; doll parts and doll heads; kerosene lamp; antique bed; side board; traditional sofa; sewing cabinet; quilts; books and old newspapers; lots of stone jars; spool leg table; Morris chair; coffee grinder; trunks; rocker; coffee mill; corner what-not shelf; pitcher and bowl set; bail fruit jars; shaving mug and brush; school bell; wool carders; large wooden bowl; depression glass; cruet; pitcher pump; some primitives; clock; 2 combinettes; old beds and dressers; lots of other antique articles including walnut living room table; granit milk can. FURMITURE: Club chairs; rocker; studio lounge; end tables; coffee tables; Sears black and white TV set; 45 R.P.M. record player; 2 matching 9x12 rugs; magazine racks; electric console sewing machine; radio; mirror; book case; lighted scenic picture; record cabinet; mahosany Duncan-Phyf* drop laaf aKUntion (abla and S matchiag chaUi; Singer sweeper, with all attachments; 3 pc. mahogany Chlppaudala alyla badxoom auita. complata: wardrobe; bouidour lamps; several other beds and dressers; chest-a-robe; cedar chest; hassock; fan; Kelvinator chest type deep freeze; Hot Point frostfree refrigerator with large deep freeze at the bottom: 30" electric range; 5 pc. dinette set; dish cabinet; pots; pans; dishes; kitchen cabinet; ironer; small electrical appliances; kitchen stool; naw 4»" cabinat link; bathroom heater; silverware and chest; card table. TOOLS: Cardan and yard toeU; Saari Custom 7 H.P. riding mewar; M-W garden tractor with attachments; orchard sprayer; gasoline engine; several yard carts to pull behind yard tractors; 2 other garden tractors; log chain; wheel barrow: shovels; spades and other garden and yard tools including hose; Coleman camp stove; Step ladders. SHOP and CARPEN'rEB TOOLS: Table saw, drill press and stand; lathe: large work bench; furniture clamps: lots of small hand tools; large meat saw in case; lots of lumber Including some walnut; 4" pine flooring; cream can; lots of other misc. msde. found in a closing out sale. CORBIN'S AUCTION SERVICE ~ Phona 343-9033 COOK and WOODS — Auctlonaeri Dalena Cook ~ Clark Bonnia Boughtou - Cathier Bank of Galaaburg as Exacutor of lha Eitata of Gaorga H. Garrard, Dacaasad, Phona 343-4141 Baraih and Stoarxbacb, Attya., Phona 343-4193 The Executors and Auctioneers assume no responsibility for accidents should any occur. THIS SALE TO BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE

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