Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 6, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1916
Page 4
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. WEDNESDAY. PEC. 6. 1916. 6AILY GAZETTE AHP DAILY STAWDARD 8IXTT-TH!ftt> YEAR Dully Rxcept t>, Tl'.i GRANDOJ* * itor* and Ptib!i*fi«'r.«. GfSc#, 111 West Third at PostotWce. SterHnR. tlllnol*. • S#eond Claim Matter TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Mail, Out»idt of Staling and Rock Statfl er Cunftd* _ ^ month* In advance i.?5 than alx month*, per month ,25 In Starting or Rock FAili, _ lett »t Ut* *t«rli*»« *<" Iteek Fails l»«*t«ffic« jrefcf la advance— i 15.00 month* In advance 250 e &«bthf In advance.......; T.15 fljonth In advance,.... 45 :, f*yabl* to the carrier .10 fttwne at a point that traffic to -n^ ovf-r the TAMPICO NEWS VILLAGEJOARD MET his rvpf-vjf! jt t 'rt In h- Mr«t. CM THE PANAMA tA- llwt i! is out of the qtl€"!!ion. tb« WOMAN 16 FIRST AID. cf Clara Ruth Mu«the youngest woman ever admit- I'to practice in Colorado court* a* aaftlfttant attorney general of th* Th* appointment take* effect 9th. Th*> young woman mip- lerWtf while attending college "achool by lecturing nnd doing er work. We Junt Wmtire HI fk In passing thav it If n *«re She Will not prove n disappoint- CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUBS, hanks of thin city and section » distributing moon the anmtaT lima* savinga cheekn to thofte who r b*«n ayatematlcally saving dur- ! *|h» past y««r. The»* Chrlatmas or* one of the bent Inno- ttbhs that ha* been started In many ' The American pVonlo are pro- Jn their .wontefulnpiis. They i money on every hand. They clothing, they want* food, they everything they touch, «• A* a le we are un»y»lema.tlc. \\> fly and fly at that, a-nd Jump at Jump at that, without count- coat. OUUi Who Marled the Chriatmoa Clubs, which ore now in vogue indreds of bank* all over the made a good start towards Ic saving. It In easy for the young p*rnort<who in employed from on« t to three dollar* a week their salary Into the bunk and »nd of a few years this nccutnu- t;Wlll be sufficient to give them In buainoM by the time they acquired sufficient experience to Y them to Buccemfully manage a bualneva of their own. laving habit that ia being end and fontercd by tbe public la a mighty good thing. It be encouraged and hetfted In poaalblo" way. While tho Im- t«"t*turna to tbe banks that are jiitf/these'various- small forma ttlo saving* may not be large. CAUGHT j^ THE FLY Tbf> poor we have always with n* and th« ptMir will he hungrier th* com- In* Chricfmnn thnvt «ny f'hrl«i|mn« fot years hpcruw r-veryth]n(f hn* Rone up fa.oter than the wage.* the av*>raftf> ia- borinR man fnrr\n. f). V. r. R.-. R.— These initials fttnnd for rvi YoV»r . t'hrlfttmim Shopping Early. Thnt will' mean thm week. After this w> t> k it may not he enrly. Thnnks for thew splendid spring day* we have hwn having lately. It will he (jnltf a change romfng- flown town. tonlRht to greet gootT old mother 8«inta ("lau« com.{Hire(l »r> the c-oltl weather of Inst year. Routine Businest Occupied Attention of th* Borfy, village bfTJrrrf -OTM Monday nieht Mr V'fiiik f Mr .Mr«. l fi •!.• ftird sf-«slnn and rlf-ariftl up fh*» tfi<" m<">Tifh in a vrry brf"f as <Ts*»T* WTT~- Tii.thinK "f pir- tlrolnr ' interest to <H«ru««<*. T'K» t<-- jx'ift« of tfip flf>j»iiint*'«? f>fTir*T!« Wfi* 1 rf-arl ami plnr-pcl on ftl* nmt thp tistio) hill* n«rain«=t OIP village alloWHil ntid payment onlT»<1. Chairman Smith of th* Fir<» and Water cfflrnmlttf-* rt'i>«ri*Hl that his r<immiu<'*> had <JpfU1*»d to postpone the of • -ih*?— ftre ...... 4tyrtntnts ..... tmttt -on ncciiunt of weather fontli- tlon*. A proposal to Junk ihc old hand power f!r«* «>nRlnf nrul eonvprt the Into a "hos*> wagon or j»omp l-'rit);ty Mr Mr ( tt'T, kind of wnjroti of «*»*> to the city -was 'Another food «»x|wrt (hftt sou Hhonld ent rife, R/OW fat and snve money. Jitsl rem*>h»h«-r how eaally the rice entlns .hipB tk-kcd -the big fe Hti.«i»i|;in» n few yrard Perhapn yoti will decide after look- iiitc ut the witi(!i,w«4 tonlKhl thnt you coulil lime a hetter joh, Imt we'll seven to one that you couldn't. Home clever poragrajiher nit(rffe*tit that It 'ttoiikt he a good Idea , if Ru- rope coiilrl h« Induced to do iifi HiopptiiK early. The chftngo In the Kngllth cnhlriet hardly Jtmtinpn the rosy r«'|X)rl»\hp ICnglinli linvo l»een claiming an to wlmt they have heen accomplishing In putting the Hermans out of tni»lne»8. The Oenmann are not changing cabinet*. •• Oeneral Von Maekenpen may have v?hrlHtmaa dinner In Bucharest 'and then again -he may. not. that, your good doesn't need or and nftw some rfiscupefnn it wnst decided to remove th«» tank and dispose of the «.<tp|*>s» pnrt* nnd fit a suitable wagon on th*> running RWIT*. No nth«>r riPM crrmlng before . tho meeting, JnnrnWmi'tit followed. ' 1 cf r,'!af i v. N"*-'« J-H <"t.-irr-r',f«' f" Fridny Avh«->-'' U'.,.,,! .H! hu'k- (latigh- r.r Thank wtiivin*: nt th* vf-«i in ,M--ri<l..ta. Hntms. w»-nt !» I >»>>-r ht-rc Ihi-v Mit ;;t fh<> <!fiv With Ttfr. Wr«. i*r*'il -nl SUCCESSFUL BAZAAR A3 USUAL. The eleventh nnnunt Irnxnar held by Aid of th« M. K. churt-h the l w«« hfld Pnttirdny nffprnocn nt \Vood-- rnan Hall ond th«» wwithcr wa« ldi>al, the dlitplfty Jlni 1 and the Indies took In a satisfactory sum of money. " There Wf>r»' coimtf-rn r»f randy. fM»p-rt>rti, npnm* and niRs on th«> wpst «id»» of th? linll. Thp Inr^p tnblp on t)if soulb «ld«' wn» Uimlwl with ftn abundance of rooked food nnd the whole length of the fft*t «l«le 'wn« Klvi>n to thp fancy department. Nwir the north wide wer«« placed door on the two tables r-T\TT- Mr, nnil Mr*, I*. A!<ijj**>ri; and family and Mr. ami Mr*;, if K. f'oftur w»-r« j jfiic-^i"! nt th*" H. A. Mnxflold 7t'>mc w»uth <>f town on Thursday ln«tt. Mr. anil Mrs. < *. I> Johnson, daughter Irene. Mr. and Mrs. U. F. I'otttr littlp dinichti>r. went tu I'rinccton Friday whw» th>y viHifed at the toun- ly nous*. Mrf». Samh Klrnhall lr>ft Katiirdny morning' 'for Oepnn BprlnRS, Miss., whore j«he will ftftHin P|i*'hil the winter months. Mrs. Kitnhnlf remained several weeks longer tlfcn usual in ttir north this year, -Mr. and Mr*. Ttolwrf Collins. Miss Rllen Collins and-(»(•<!>•<« Rux<tf|l spi>nt Thanksgiving at tho home pf Mi. und Mr. nnd Mrf. \\>sl(»y Woods ni\t\ tuiby, of Naperville.. nnd Mi«K, Li?.?.lc Woods <if .ft«>'rllnK ramt* home Th»itk<i- lo fat dinner with .tln-jr psir- »-nt«. Mr. and Mrs. Jlarvey Wno(|«, liw'htol, of KterllriK, was her* 1 this wefk visiting her f«irm*«r It ts-fluia I.*? wHI if the ftd(1rp«J8 re- era I iJoerfm!? en th? Parsftnia ratsa! could lt> tric'ie a jmbil^ do. um»-Tit •widely distrlhutcd. Suceets TJ, O p H bn<. )j a ,«, h«t If not this of a great wntpr- owned and controlled by thp Utiit *d States. Perhaps Jt is the fatilt of j tti« people's nattiral ojttlmiFDi. Now here comes aloni; a common »cn<w> nian tha aulijcctr He may*, "I tvnnt to American "wawbottse* and »* i Venturt R*tti Upon th» M*tt*p of Toll*. Microscope Created Intrument for Saving of Human Life By DR. SAMUEL C. DIXON of Heihfi ol Peeis»yl-m?ii« No single tuvefttion bas made W«> greater sfl%ln§ of human life tlia»- the microscope. Its origin dates back ping boti*ea along tbe canal. HO'thnt It will become a prent commercial F(a tion for tbe trade between this country and South America." Everybody will say amen to that, but at tbe saruf time it In thought that our hundreds of millions of dollars already pot in are the limit of what should bo invent ed down tbpre. And all will ngrw with the general's later remark that tbe whole tbtng be "run n» to believe that the nneienfs jiad some knowledge of (}j« USP O f remember wlfn will tell you * where Snnch wns nerved. Knoh d«»- pnrtment, not fur^ottlnR the grab bajj preslilf-d uver by Ifelie Walker and yida IsherwcxKl, seemwl- to hnve a liberal pntroniiKe. Hntunttiy nl^ht when tlic bnjtnnt' floHed, It was found that the proceeds of the were rlo.«e to want anything for ChrUtmiui—hut Bhe dAe*. f AMUSEMENTS J U building up a habit of • saving''In the community , yearn to comp will largely en- 'the volume of bank deposits and m bit clientage for the future. ON 31 CINT8 A OAY,- Robertaon. health commissioner ioaffO, ha« Jto_at_cloiwd_a two wefks ^ ^ "prove that the high cost' of Ilv- feaii be greatly reduced by careful t:»CIentirio buying .and cooking, were twelve members In the .and they lived for. two week* on ly' prepared menus that were, to be' BUfllclent not only for physical needs of tbe dieter* but !;«iv* them food, tluu was good to wetl as satisfying the demands for health, bone and muscle «i '•jurat week the average cost per centa per day. the experience evidently eri- reductiorilh" the cost, the rate r^SB cents per day. Dr. ilobertaon §,11 la only necewwry to mix brains ' your food' to s*ye a large amount r"M well as have better dally He fyrth«r declarea that the people j wa*te enough ench •"jtO'feed another nation. Ho Uo- thJU the avetage Individual in i, 1 thrown into the garbage can pound of food which proper buyI: pooWng ivould, have saved. 'a%i'enormous waste in itself, J$>b*rtaon's test will he of special . b«c«uae of'the fac| that he t*»» food* on the 'open market the retail grocery store* just the \a» the average/house wife pur- »' e h«r supplies. His experience that aa a people, our THE UNBORN, t „ A notable attraction has been booked by Manager -Olmstead of the. Academy of Mimic for Friday and Saturday, Det v . 8 and 9, in "The Unborn," declared by press and < pulpit to he the film Henna I Ion of the year. Itare facia are laid hare in '4$he Unborn." The picture a startling utory — the tion and the outraging, of motherhood. It strikes with sledgehammer blown at the very root of the evil which Is gradually undermining; the sacmlneBa of the marriage vow. Every normal man and woman should s«>o it. Teach- ern and all women interested in nodal, religious and educational life should attend. "The Unborn" was the flret picture of Its kind ever piuu»ed by the Chicago board of censorship - — passed becuuiie of the ietison it teaches. . Out of courtesy to woman and the sacrednens of motherhood, no men will tw admitted at the performance Friday. ushers will be in attendance. At net* ther the Friday nor Saturday performances ,will ' young people under fighjeen years of age be admitted. one hundred and thirty-three dollars. MAIL CARRIER IMPROVES. Late reports from Mull Carrier Ch-n Htcrttlman are to the effect thnt his «-ye iN^ct-ttlng: along nicely with liricht pronpf>ctH for recovery, of the but thnt It -will he .several week« fore he can return home. EUCHRE CLUB MET. Th*> club of iiFiKhhnrM. Motitliwe*! of town who have been- having «'Ui:hre pnrtle« for weveral weeks' pa«t wast «-n- tcrtalncd Huturdny evening at the home of Air. and Mr*, L«H> Bi>llurH. There were about sixty present and n general nood time W«H the r<'xiilt. Mr. nnd Mi'M, B. C. Rom«nt» will entertain the hunch m'xt. CHURCH.OINNER, |._:.._._ On ThunkHglvinK diy « dinner wan served to the public at the Woodman hall and given »>'• the 'ladles of the rhrlHtlun ehureh. Althouuh thcr»« wer f-i-|«-nd» and nnd, xotne tlmt> with her hnntmnd who is h«>re Ifiokfnt; after th«» biiildtni; of the ri'«i«|*>nr«> n'.irth <»f town. Mr, nnd Mr.«. U. H. .Sweet mid two Charlotte, nnd Viva, were evfnlnj; ita«.ie«ii;er« tti Miti- Minn., where. thf>y npent They <>x|i«'d to return Sunday or Mondiiy. Mr. iind Mrn. Asa Stewart nnd children. of Itoiind Clnivf. ciune nvi-r atid t«»iik dinner Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. II, Htt-wart. •lay. !«. Donjon ami Mrs. Klleti They n mained utitil Fri- proposition without any polities." Tli<* question of tolls Is at tho hot tout-of Its Huccesa us a business adventure. The general Bays nt present the system of tolls discriminates apilRst American shipping. Illphcr rates are charged lo Amcrlcan-'Shlps than to chips of other * nations, particularly the Hrltlsb. Tolls are paid on the freight below decks. British ships ar» built to carry heavy cargoes on deck, and for this Uiey pay no toll. The p»ncral bellfves that tho canal can soon pay Interest on tbo In vestment by laying tolls on tho earning capacity of tho lens. The compound microscope was •prohnbly Invf-ntpcl shortly after the tulddin Thp Itnllnas and Uie Dutch both claim the discovery. These undent nUrroscope^ were very crude Instruments rompnred with thos< of todny. They were, however, suiti clenfly powerful to reveal myriads of living things In the rlenr atmospher well as In B dear tumbler of water, but they left tis to Imopine n grent living world beyond the power of the hi- tUrurnenr, nnd thnt la even so today With onr most Improvwl uilrroseop«'<», In the bands of scientists the ml- croacope! has revealed from time to time a teeming life of Imcterin everywhere present. Some of these minute organisms the friends nnd Rome the deadly foes of tnnn. Vegetable, find Indirectly. ...animal life, depends upon their work. v Typhoid fever, tuberculosis, typhus raver, tetanus, nnd other dlsoajjM U re .the r***Tilt of certain of tbf»»l« bacterli whldt r&n only be *een by tap ftW C# : but tift yi-t no positive proof, that tihefj nrc r« spon*sbie for nmny other dls- ense«, tlie etiology of which l» f_et unknown. ' j An finny of ^ciontifie workert in |«M day <nTupiptj study ot bact«H rlnlogy for the purpose of dlscovericgj the organisms t tint produce the cliff c'tit Ulspasfs, and then to push ott wit tho Idost of discovering 1 that whk uiinld prfwlucp Immunity or cure. Tbi work Is vital to the welfare of innntljf Ilicrr- is n constant warfare betweefi fhf'R*' little singlp-cplled orjfnnlsms and tnnn. The hnctcria have the adtan- o^ rcproduclug thi-taselves In DO-! told numhiTrt nud of ndnpting t3 srlvt'.s to different environments, wh«>» tin* conditions, surrounding theni suit-their exietenco they produce grefto pldcinlcs «if di.wnso that mao is «n« i!>le to resist. Tbe flght Is an Inter-! •stitiK ono HS mnu has already dlg-1 •ovcred how to combat succeeafaUj nuny dis«»nscs which for centar*M Bklll of science. •» spent her nt her homo lit SH van tiff. Hh«>.waK arctunpanU'd home by Miss Keta Ariderison, who remained with her fur :i few days. M!K.H 1-Ttinlee Mi-CUtre went tu Prophf'tstown tu b<? with her THE UNITED STATES GENERAL STAFF. An anonymous writer In the Military Historian ttnd Economist in a recent number criticised the Institution known BH and supposed to bo the general HtulT of the Unlt SEAGULLS RACING WTH GREATEST BATTLESHIP IN SPEED TRIALS several fulmly dinnerx nnd many mother,. MiNs Betty HIppH entertained M|MH Kvelytt Jturc'h, of Sterling, over ThwnkHKivlii),'. Mrs. L. Itittorf nnd four fhltdren, her mother. Mrs. O, iranson. nnd Mrs. Hitmblock, all "f SterlliiK. motored down Friday afternoon and railed' at tin- home uf Mrs*. Kara h Kimhall. Mrx. JUa-tuuiu-JutU-JdrH.— Kimbatl — w^w-eltwe • fr!entl» when they bulb rcxldetl In Pro- ph*'t»«town und have nht wx»n each oth-' er f«r nearly thirty S'«'on«. H<» the* un'- meetlnn .wax very much en'"" Th* Q«n*r«l Staff Should B* More Than • an "Information Offics." of the»e demonstrated exper-. expert* pounded into every head with her grammar so when she does be- tibiu»uaekeeper«vas nature intend- ery girl to bfteome—she -will be I to g«t the moat for the money •h*r hunbapd eanw. d all due respect to the dear of till* country about one-half 'tBaritaJ. troubles, come from the the average woman ban never to 'expend the money earns in an economical $60 TO IT" AT THE PRINCESS, CHICAGO. "Oo To It." at the Princess Theatre, Chicago, is the biggest musical comedy hit that theatre lias had in many years. The Chicago critics were unanimous In proclaiming it refreshing, unique, and Homethltitf different from the usual run of musical comedies, Kveryone concedes that it has the best cast of comedians seen in Chicago thin season. and the list includes Cross and Josephine, Perelval Knight. Charles judols, Gertrude Vanderbllt, Tyler Urooke. Helen Bond, Gertrude Walxel, Heth Franklyn, Helen Frances, Helen O'Uay, Jeanette Cooke, Ulllun Qaler. and the bevy of '.'Princess PrlmxwiseB." "Go To It" was written by John K. Huxsartt and Anne Claelwell. The seven-, tot»n musical numbers were 'composed by John t* polden, who wrote the lyrics for the two New York Hippodrome success. "Hip Hip Hooray" and "Tho Big Show." ' Some of the song hits that are be. ing whistled and sung all over town are "Every Uttle \VhUe." "Uttle by "" .Me From FoJJIng "Asleep," "There Is Hornet hing About You, Rear," "Kxtra," ''Where'* The C,lttle Olrl For M«," "You're The Qlri" and "<3a To It." AM.utltvwM are given on Thursday and Baturduy, the Thursday matlnue bo. Ing ut |H)|nilar went out "of town to apend the day, the Jadlen wurkc-d hurd ftnd were well rupaid for the work. U wan a nice plac»> in get dinner and the mpnu WBKJ fine. Several tallies wrtre^pltuuul in the und at tlmeH'they were filled., Th«! proceed*'of the dinner were about fur- ty-Hlx dollarD, ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. A large number "of relntlven entertained ThankHtiivinK tit the home of Mr. and Atrw. Charte» McCHmigul itnd 4-nJoyett a • line turkey dinner. Those from a dlntnnce were Mr. "and Mm. Fred Clark of 1'lano. Mr. and Mr*. George McQonigai and daughter, Haxel and Mr. and Mr**. AlUon Mctionliriil of Kftfllto^r, Mr, and Mrs, I.. -Sprinkle and children of Walnut and W. K. Himklria and family of DAMAGED NEW AUTO. II. C. Pitney collided with a hitching rack Monday afternoon while he and H, D. Darnell. were Jockeying to avoid colliding with each other ut tbe intersection of Main and Market 8t». Mr. Pitney was going uouth while Mr. Darnell, waa going eawt, the latter turning' south to avoid a .bump and Mr. PlUiey attempting u» turn the cornor and"go. «?a«t, failed by a narrow margin to make the turn aafely. A MniUBh- ed hitching pout uiul u Nprung axle WUH the result, • ^ TAMPICO BRIEFS. Among the Tampieo vl«ltorn to Sterling Saturday night were Me«»r», I'rlth- iof, Oberberg and O. L. Lov«, MewHrw. and MeHdames l^oultt Drown, Tracy , N. K, DttniHon, Hoy Olmton, Vernon "Van PR Mark and Ulof States nrmy. He wrote Unit It is "a «ort of Impotent information oiticc attached to t h e war collese." He ssya It has nothing to do with recruit- In; depots, military prisons, military fortifications nor practical questions relating to our national defense. It Is humiliating as /well as Hurprl-slUB !o be told that ltd functions mo chiefly tho appointment and discharge of veterinarians, granting leave of absence. charge of the distribution of books, sales of military stores to civilians and other routine bureau work of like nature. JjrainB of the ./United States army? Well not if this critic U to be believed. and. this article appears in good company. That wan tho original Idea, but "It was strangled .'by,: politics, nudged by private interests, nt Us very birth." Some of the cations In Ku- rope have had more or letm unhappy times with their general staffs caught capping by war's sudden outburst. Wo can only hopo that the reorganiKed Kencral staff will make good. If called upon. . . (CAPTAIN)^GEORGB L. KILMER. and Maurene Maxfleld Pr*l|l«f Poverty, from bin per- ON THi plOHT TRACK. .John Hunnon has the bull rolling In 'the city I, for ft new bridge acront* on First o-vpmif. Thia is one -.^ Reeded •injjjrovttueniB long tlm» to secure get (the bridge built, it is $500.00 J loan you money on furniture, automobile*. UI uj ottn-r i>er- All loan* strii'ilj' con- I'ay buck tin- cusU-st wti>' fulls you, either 'weekly or iwuib. Cull Ml' write ui»d i will, vail uii UllU> «U' I'U'lllIIK. \\tlil I til' When a tuuu •oual cxpcrieucM that him what he i*, h« what wobbly busls a somewhat tlooable all amtill hoya deported ut (fin early «t(S to the North polo, U is prubnble that those who uuwaged.. to get back tu Thiiudeiphla by foot would have had auother deup aud full experience. IJut the story would uot be complete unless it lit- eluded a choice collectioa of bicuchtn$ l>oues.~New Itepublic. and Mary Van I5e Mark. Dr. It. Jf, Wilson returned home fnim. Utah .where he was called by the serious illness of. his father on Monday evening. Before he reached home his father passed awuy, WIH Johh«6nu-,.ut. New Bedford, was here Sunday spending the day with his mother, Mr*. Christiana Johnson and other relatives, Mr. and Mr*. Charles Cankey 'and children ate Sunday dinner with the former's mother, Mrs, Harriet The Epworth I^eagun in gnlting ready to pack a barrel of clothing to be oent to Chicago. Any one who hatt old clothing can MO ml it to Sll»« Nina Ruck. Air, and Mra. H. |{. Burn» were ut Hit! .bo«pital Monday to Mm. Mae Palmer and they were pleased to Htute, that Hhi was fi-eliug ijuito a Htt|e improved. ClHirle» W. Ft-nn. of Prophet «town, wan in town Tuesday looking after hi* inU-rt'Hti* here. v duy morning to Prevalent Complaint. All the world's a atuge and one ol the must yuthattc of all Uie putbettc feature* of 'everyday Ufa lif tfau w*y medlofire. perftrftitiTj* so _often coutriya t& gut iuto the, loading roltjs for » JOHN H. DOMMEL, F«ii», UK Nature 8e«n in Picture*. All rt'slly great pictures exhibit the luibitu of nature, tuuulfusted lu peculiar, r»r« uud beautiful way. D.cs.K, u ,i.'iin«>u«4i< where «he will Vpt'iid u, 7ew duy«< visiting friendH. Mr. und Mr«. Allan Mutliin nnd daughter, Juuniui, were over from Lyiulun Buuduy afternoon eulling on friends. r»i. Lacy V:in (Huuly und b.iiiy Mr«. HuroUl I>y*>r, ,of Ktwitor. wt-rv gui'tittt o.f tju'ir Mi.sti-r, Mrx. Irwfn lluyex over, Thunkfiylvln>; fottiming huiiu* HutuNuy morning. , Mrir;~i5llpn Stewart and Mr. uiul<Mr«. IS. Il- 4!r*iv«i'Hunday viMltini; at (he hoiuv *»% a«il Mr«fe -A«u e wil| rt-muin there for -w fi-w day*. T, A. ' Curnow, of Ki-wane**, WHH *t Tun^plco visitor f««r u few «!«>•« Hit* • Length, About *lx and one-fourth inches. Tho heavily spotted breast wth beary cenUil blotch ia character itttor Range: BreeOa In the United State* (ofltcepe the South Atlantic and vuif •tataa), aouthera Canada, nouthern Alaska, end Mexico; winters ia Alaska and most, be tbe Uolted States southward, HabiU and eco.nomio status: Like the familiar little "chippy," the song sparrow is erne of our most domestic species, Mid builds Its nest In hedges or to garden shrubbery «iose to houses, •whenever it U reasonably safe from the bouse cat; which, however, taJtea beavy toll of tbe nestings. It is ft true harbinger of spring, and its de- Jlgbtful little song IB trilled fortb from tbe top of some green sbrub in early March, and April, before most of our .other songsters nave tbougfat of Hear* tng tbe sunny South. Song sparrows vary mucu in babtts, aa well as in site and coloration. Some forms litre along streams bordered by deserts, others in timbered regions, others on rocky bar. ren hillsides, and still others in rich, fertile valleys. Witfc such a variety of habitat, tbe food of the species naturally varies considerably, Abom tbree-fourtba of its diet, consists o( tbe,seeds of noxious weeds and one- fourth of iaeecta. Of tbese, beetles, especially weevils, conatitute tbe ma- Jor portion. Ants, wasps, bugs (in* eluding the black olive scale), and eftterpinar»;are also eaten. ' Orasshop-' pers^am Iftkftw bjf,4b« easttH-a Wrds, but not by the western The question of substituting high power searchlights for the ordinary headlight on railway Ioc8motlvea hiis been brought to* tbo fore by railroad So introduced, thp Innovation bf> bruihfMl n"lil(* IIH Uio drcuin of busybodica who aro tnu)i«rlng wlUi edged tools. Tbo abolition of glaring headlights on autoH it* now being urged iu the interest of pedutitriaua au'd even for .tho safety of nntolsta tbemsolves. UntiueationabJy an engine driver would feel more at ea*o and have bin confidence increatftxl if able to scan the track and ita borders a long distance ahead, Nigbt turned to day would be for him a boon and for tho live* and property In Jiis charge a safeguard. But unfottunataly no search UK tit yet invented can straighten out a curve, dispel fogs or abolish masks trees or buildings. 'A two cent stump on a letter from tbo United States to Italy compcin the recipient, to c»y. <J ceitfs i>eflaUy,_j2 l or ; . respondents would, do woll to thluk .bow welcome their iiriuslvosj will Iw over there bcfora testing patience-by short.noatttge, KCU1 bettor to «*k tho postmaster here. This unique picture was taken during tho speed trials of the United State* superdreadnauflht Pennsylvania off the coast of Maine and shows tho oraat soafighter, considered by naval experts to be the atrongest afloat, surrounded by racing aeagulla. The picture shows the superimposed turret* each containing three 15-inch guns of A design to be found only on this Daily Thought. No uuui Is to he deemed hits not perfect s<*lf.-cdininond,<—Pytha- goras. Optimletic Thought tiuod ujlv_lc«j_iimy_liC-fiLY*pj J>ut not !l JJOfld, IlillttC. for The STOP! Thursday READ! Friday Air. itrul Mrn. John ami Mr*. tuwu, niii nlwlit and tlon." H. K. K '')>*)«' * ,nul Mr. «»f \\uk- tu H In lln* "lii til) ul 4 U'fi thi,i wt-t-k t>«r Only Interest Worth Anxiety. Eilucutioju 1^ the cuiy \yorthy th« .deep i of the thou^titiul niitn. The uveragu cotwunjcr finds it tougb . when turkey co*ats more atul moro every year. At the same flmo if ho baa tho price he feela thnt It IH well worth what it costs. U ia the uuttxpet'tod that liainu'iis, 80 perhaps the big wuj- \\ III cud,' after ttl), before the cUwo of ilu> "year luug- er" which It 1» gcnea«Jly t>c|ii>dtUv(} to run. SUGAR Fine dry granulated. 5 pounds for , ...39c Five pounds limit With lime tfolu^r up have iavosUgtttiUK maybe \v« cuu ^ -without tho usual wbiiowutih It'a a goo8 loser who >uy..s, ".X lolud; there will b» auuihc-t* vU-ctiu four yeara." • The blgli" price of l».iiier sihould the abort ballot law a hot pure. 1). Y,V. S/R -. i: -fhl'j lit! i , ,- ,.(,).. ,,.; L:,U l\' Drastic Education., lit the iichuul <tf t'Mwrit'HCO tt Uiun interest j rcfi'h'fs* practical ««»lufu«U»u fruui his «Uil»'l}' >,(,,(,. rS( '{ 1)t 'jtilviitxfd «'dui-Htiou ' froiu I;l*» wife, nt*<l ilu'tj b- H-tniiislu'd lo dis- I'OVfr \luil " «l,ii'i'N :• •-.Hi put 6 pounds fancy Sweet Potatoes^for^r ,\ 250 Fancy Oooking"and Eating Apples, per peck ,.., ,35o Fancy Home Grown Turnips, per peek 23c Large Sweet California Oranges, per^ozen.. .28c-35c Fancy Cured Bacon, per pound 23e Hanford's fresh Creamery Butter, per tt>. .; 44c Large 1 lb. can Hershey's ocoa for 35c. Jiiat tutU 6 Ibg. bulk Hominy.. .25c 6 Ibs, biilk Oatmeal . .25p "5 fbs, broken Eice ... ,25c 4 Jbs, extra quality Eice ,for ....,..,, ......25e 0 Ibs! Lima Beans fdr.25e 2'fbs, Powdered Sugar .for ..'— ....... .,85c fresh shredded Oocoaimt, pound ...... v. ; .. .22c. 3 Ibs. fresh Prunes .. .25c 5o -can Calumet Baking Powder . .:;.;..; ,20c f5o .can K. 0. Baking' powder ...'..' ..... .20e 3 lOc pkgs n Corn- Flakes for ,.....,., .. ,...23c 2 large 20c pkg$. Grandma's Washing Powder for .25c Buckwheat Absolutely pure. 10 jft). sack for ..'. ..,.65e' 5 lb. sack for 880 3 quarts Cranberries. ,25o 3 Ibs, Ginger Snaps., ,23a 2 pk^s. Soda for 1S<? 2 pkgs. Com Starch , JIW Large 20 ounce jar fresh Peanut Butter for.. .2§p 3 large pkgs.' fresh Dates Tor ' ,...,..2So } iOc pki>s. Macaroni, . C 25e targe 10 lb. sack fresh Qorn Meal for 35e

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