The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida on May 5, 1993 · 135
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The Miami Herald from Miami, Florida · 135

Miami, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 1993
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WEDNESDAY MAY 5 1993 THE MIAMI HERALD 5E Skillful presentation lifts Blithe Spirit NO KICK: Chuck Norris can fight Chuck Norris’ Sidekicks too boring predictable By RENE RODRIGUEZ Herald Staff Writer Between Bruce Lee’s death in 1973 and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rise to super-stardom in the ’80s Chuck Norris became popular in action films starring in a string of moderately successful B-pictures like A Force of One and The Octagon The problem with Norris evident even then is that he has no personality He can certainly fight but who cares about him as a character? As a hero he’s a zero With Sidekicks Norris pursues the kiddie market and it’s a sad sight There’s a sense of desperation about the whole thing: Norris and brother-director Aaron charged with salvaging Norris’ flailing career came up with a load of self-aggrandizing fluff Jonathan Brandis (Ladybugs) stars as Barry Gabrewski a frail asthmatic high school student who daydreams about co-starring with Norris in action scenes When his teacher (Julia Nick-son-Soul) begins to worry about Barry’s lack of concentration she asks her uncle Mr Lee (Mako) to help train the boy in the martial arts while Barry’s father (Beau Bridges) signs him up for a karate class taught by the bullying Kelly Stone (Joe Piscopo in a wretched bit of overacting) Sidekicks is competently made and Norris has fun playing his tough-guy image for laughs But the movie constantly reminds you of better efforts (like The Karate Kid) Band’s fantasies aren’t clever or inventive and the plot is so tired and predictable that even the movie’s target kiddie audience will sense its by-the-numbers feel Three Lives Divided by Fate Bound by Honor FROM THfc DIK1 (TOR OF AN OhUCl R AW A OtNTl £ VM V AND THE PRODUCER OF LA BAMBA IN &R0YvAFQ SAAGRASS18 FOX FESTIVAL DEERhELO 8 FOUNTAINS 8 GALLERIA CORAL SP 6 MOVIES O LAUDERHILL MOVIES 9 MARGATE MOVIES 3 POMPANO IN BOCA MISSION BAY MIZNERPK CHECK TIME CLOCK FOR SHOWTIMES but lacks screen personality MOVIE REVIEW SIDEKICKS (PG) Cast: Chuck Norris Jonathan Brandis Beau Bridges Mako Julia Nickson-Soul Danica McKellar Director: Aaron Norris Producer: Don Carmody Screenwriters: Donald G Thompson Lou lllar Cinematographer: Joao Fernandes Music: Alan Silvestri A Vision International release Running time: 100 minutes Violence Playing at: Area theaters INDECENT PROPOSAL FdW UUMtTC0mMC(T10HPWW ! Tw & tonUGOTGlff I B) Ptf Wl VI PIITI lb WT l) 111 MoHMliUN ED Wf veunm rnuiu WUWCIVV 9 AMC THEATRES KENDALL TOWN OMN1 10 A COUNTRY 10 Cl k Tpyc T MILLER RD 6 KENDALL DR 137THAV6 271-9196 387-3464 HILLER SQUARE 6 OHM INTERNATIONAL 356-2304 UUVien GENERAL CINEMAS THEATERS sUNNySeSBVLD BYRONCARLYLE 7 CAUFORNIA CLUB 6 JNNY - — S50IVES DAIRY RD 3 946 7416 AMC THEATRES SHERIDAN PLAZA 12 4999 SHERIDAN ST HOLLYWOOO M7680 OCEAN CINFMA LEJEUNE CINEMAS N W 7TH ST A LEJEUNE RD 529-8683 Bound by Blood Driven by Destiny wiifrm Kiiwt three of hearts fiecimmaJ By GEORGE CAPEWELL Special to The Herald The New Theatre’s production of Nod Coward’s elegant farce Blithe Spirit bespeaks care and class in every department While the playwright’s style may not be for all tastes even dissenters are likely to be swept up by this first-rate production ' Blithe Spirit is set in thq world of chatter cocktails and country houses populated by thebrittle sophisticated English upper class They are charming people who are victims of their own selfishness and misplaced values they use ironic detachment to hide their muddled emotions As the play begins novelist Charles Condomine (Andrew Noble) is engaged in verbal jousting with his second wife Ruth (Lisa Morgan-Patrick) about the nature of their rather sedate marriage Into this placid setting Irma Vep By GEORGE CAPEWELL Special to The Herald Before his untimely death in 1987 Charles Ludlam catered expertly to the specialized taste for theatrical camp His wild and woolly spoofs of old Hollywood conventions are awash with stereotypical characters (usually dressed in drag) who become caught up in melodramatic melees that are both surprising and engagingly silly The best of everything that earned Ludlam his name comes together in The Mystery of Irma Vep a work filled with quirky charm wicked one-liners and out-of-control camp Although slightly out of sync with the playwright’s absurdist bent the Florida Playwright’s Theatre production is highly entertaining Stephen England and Paul Thomas portray an array of NOW SHOWING! arc COCO WALK 8 3015 GD AVENUE WOMfTCO BAY KARB0R ST n Of OX 6WiH8CH 66-2441 GEnALQNEUA PEMBROKE P94ES 8 SW Pints 01 v0 I FLAMINGO RO k 437 7790 erre MARK I StZ wnuiowkcamw mmc SHERIDAN PLAZA 1? 4998 Sheridan st muwd GENERAL CINEMA RIVIERA 1560SC1E UGHWAY 644-4513 WOMETCO hIVUfl LAKES 10 A! MA N & LUOLAM 556-3610 CHECK THEATRE TME CLOCKS FOR SHOWTtMES NO PASSES ACCEPTED FOR THIS ENGAGEMENT Bored by your living room? Read Home and Design Sundays and embark on a decorating trip a AMERICAN FIDDLES CAFE Miami Herald Calif-American style Fresh gourmet food in a friendly Country French atmosphere Serving So Dade over 12 yrs No Smoking B’fast Lun & Din 13611 S Dixie Hwy 232-1751(2) LB’S Eatery Mia Herald comp dinner spec wsalad & garlic bread $475 closed Sun By UofM at 5813 Ponce De Leon Blvd 661-7091 (2) c 5 CHINESE NEW CHINATOWN El Herald The Miami Herald Miami News Need we say more? 5958 US 1 So Miami 662-5649 (2) ROYAL GARDEN: Famous for it’s Dim Sum Peking Duck Steaks & Bouillabaisse Eat inTake outDel 20445 Bisc Blvd Aventura 933-3333 Tropical Chinese Restaurant You’ve tried Chinese American Now it’s time to try the Authentic Lunch & Dim-Sum on cart llam-3:30pm Dinner 5pm-llpm 7 Days Reserve Now! 262-7576 7991 SW 40th St (Bird Rd) C CUBAN LITTLE HAVANA Rest Specializing in Chicken Steak Lamb Shank Roast Pork Open Daily ll:30am -11pm 12727 Biscayne Blvd 899-9069 THEATER REVIEW BLITHE SPIRIT t "" Cast: Lisa Morgan-Patrick Andrew Noble Kimberly Daniel Kathryn Byrne Holly Iglesias Credits Playwright: Noel Coward Director: Rafael de Acha Set Design: Stuart Brown Lighting Design: Mikuni Ohmae Costume Design: Svetlana Yanovsky At the New Theatre 65 Almena Ave Coral Gables performances 8 pm Thursday-Saturday 5 pm Sunday $1250-$15 443-5909 arrives the eccentric breezy medium Madame Arcati (Kimberly Daniel) who has been invited to help Charles learn the language of the occult for his upcoming novel Barely able to conceal their a wild and woolly theatrical spoof THEATER REVIEW THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP Cast Stephen England Paul Thomas Credits Playwright: Charles Ludlam Director: Eric Bedenbaugh Scenic design: Stephen England Set and lighting design: Paul Thomas Costume design: Adrian At Florida Playwrights' Theatre 1936 Hollywood Blvd HOLLYWOOD performances 8 pm Friday-Saturday 2 pm Sunday $10 adultsseniors $5 students through May 16 925-8123 pointedly silly characters including a hunchback with a wooden leg named Nicodemus Underwood a wildly jealous maid the perpetually stuffy Lord Edgar PEMBROKE PINESB J Mdn W W UMmiMy 0rl4M P urn laubmtf M 435-3700 BOUND BY HONOR (R) 1 00 4 30 8 15 WHO S THE MAN (R) 1 10 3 ’0 5 10 7 15 9 30 INDECENT PROPOSAL (R) 1 30 4 20 7 10 9 30 THIS BOYS LIFE (R) 1 20 4 00 7 00 9 20 BENNY AND JOON (PG) 1 00 3 0b D 1 0 7 23 9 30 COP AND A HALF (PG) 1 00 3 i b 5 20 7 20 9 2d SANDLOT (PG) 2 00 l 1 0 7 00 9 ' 5 UNFORGIVEN (R) 2 CO 5 1 5 8 00 FALLING DOWN (R) 1 1 1 4 1 b 7 0b Q 25 ul - SIDEKICKS (PG) 12 50 3 00 b 00 7 ib 9 30 THREE OF HEARTS (R) 12 50 3 00 5 10 7 20 9 45 THE NIGHT WE NEVER MET (R) 1 1 0 3 00 b 00 7 40 9 bO THE DARK HALF (R) 1 40 4 40 7 20 9 4b INDECENT PROPOSAL (R) 1 ib 4 15 7 ib 9 bC INDIAN SUMMER (PG 13) 1 30 4 00 7 00 9 1 b BOILING POINT (R) 1 10 3 10 b 00 7 30 9 40 UNFORGIVEN (R) 1 00 3 4b 6 lb 9 20 THE CRYING GAME (R) 1 30 4 30 7 00 9 1 b SCENT OF A WOMAN (R) 1 45 b 00 8 00 1(G) 12 4b 2 4d 4 4b 7 00 8 4b TEENAGE MUTANT NINA TURTLES PART III (PG) I2b0 2 4d 4 bO 7 00 9 20 POINT OF NO RETURN (R) 1 4b 4 30 7 30 10 00 12 00 CB4 (R) i nmLf' SlIliiHIS c INDIA AKASH OF LONDON 11730 Bisc Blvd “Best New Rest” - New Times Lunch specials $595 Spectacular Sunday Buffet $750 891-9919 “DAKBAR” W Miami Review Exceptional Miami Herald S Loc:276 Alhambra CirCG 448-9691 N Miami:11099 Bisc Blvd 895-8345 HOUSE OF INDIA Miami Herald Still exotic in an age of brand new taste Miami's favorite luncheon buffet and dinner 7 days 22 Merrick Way Coral Gables 444-2348 KEBAB REST Miami Herald Open Daily Lunch & Dinner Lunch $450 Early Bird Only $595 514 NE 167 St NMB 940-6309 (6) ITALIAN MAMA JENNIE’S Since 1972! Plentiful Entrees Pizza & Specials Lch Mon-Fri $395 Dinner 7 Nta $575 Earlybird Complete 3-7pm 7 Nta $595 Where Family & Friends Meet! 11720 NE 2nd Ave 757-3627 (6) MARTY’S ITALIAN ‘A Herald Since 1951 Pasta Seafood Veal & Chicken Pizza Chefs Specials Complete Dinner Specials 4:30-6:30 Tues-Sun 14300 W Dixie Hwy NM Take-out Catering 947-6734 (6) skepticism and laughter Charles and Ruth encourage the gregarious Madame Arcati to stage a seance The event summons back Charles’ first wife Elvira (Kathryn Byrne) who has been dead for seven years The still-mischievous Elvira torments and seduces the startled but delighted Charles reminding him of the days and nights they spent together in carefree slightly intoxicated bliss At first only Charles can see her but eventually Ruth is convinced that Charles is not Losing his mind Elvira conjures up a ghostly plot that she hopes will make life in the spiritual world more appealing Not all works as planned and Charles soon finds himself accused of astral bigamy The plot turns momentarily dark but there is a blithe conclusion to this cockeyed farce Coward’s fanciful concoction the newly married and very inquisitive Lady Enid Hillcrest a flamboyant Egyptian guide and the elusive recently deceased Irma Vep Ludlam did go a bit overboard with expository blather and plot twists but he made up for it in the biting interactions between the bizarre characters England (as Nicodemus Lady Enid and the Egyptian guide) captures the tongue-in-cheek parody style required while switching genders perfectly illustrating — £2B3S2 “TWO THUMBS UP!” -SISKEL& EBERT Indian ummer htfhi trumh Rt Utrtunii to The Hcl Sionnu r of Hit ir 1 Ire 13 ’!’? AMC THEATRES KENDAU TOWN COUNTRY 10 FLA TPKE AT KENDAU DR 271 8198 NOW SHOWING UNITED ARTISTS MOVIES AT HIALEAH 780 WEST 49TH ST 826 7242 AMC MALI OF THE AMERICAS PALMETTO X-WAY6 836 266 6646 GENERAL ONEUAS NTRACOASTAliKATO SUNNY ISLES UVD 3701 NE I63ROST N MIAMI BFACH 945 7416 AMC THEATRES COCO WALK 8 3015 GRAND AVE 448 6641 AMC THEATRES BAKERY CENTPE 7 US I AT RED RO (57TH AVE ) 662 4841 WOMETCO S MIRACLE 4 280 MIRACLE MILE CORAL GABLES 443 5201 AMC THEATRES OMNI 10 OMNI INTERNATIONAL ! 356 2304 WOMETCO S UNIVERSITY 7 SW I07THAVE OPP FIU 223-2700 AMC THEATRES SHERIDAN PLAZA 12 4999 SHERIDAN ST HOLLYWOOD 987-4680 WOMETCO S MIAMI LAKES 10 AT MAIN LUOLAM 556 3610 AMC THEATRES OCEAN WALK 10 333 HARRISON ST HOLLYWOOD EACH 920 6330 GENERAL CINEMAS PEMBROKE PINES 8 SW PINES BLVD 6 FLAMINGO RO 437 7790 WOMETCO S BAY HARBOR 4 96 ST W OF COLLINS MIAMI BEACH 866 2441 AiSG n wuwQio a’ uae o fa Mvir at eorijWit Cooe Sawgiass CotaiSajore Mizn&r Peru Snodowoua 'Vift'Kft r) ii-rldiM i c JAPANESE TANI GUCHI’S PLACE Miami Herald Miami Review Din Res Sugg Open til 12Mid Fri & Sat 2224 NE 123 St NM 892-6744 (6) C ) PERUVIAN FAROLITO El Nuevo Herald” Excels in Peruvian Cuisine" Specialties incl Seafood & Meats Lunch Dinner 2885 Coral Way 446-4122 (2) C STEAK & SEAFOOD CHRISTINE LEE'S GASLIGHT World famous restaurant & lounge Hand picked Prime steaks live Maine lobster and Chinese specialties Daily TWILIGHT SPECIAL 4:45 til 6:30pm Nightly Entertainment Featuring: Leonardo The Orch Man also: Dameon & Maria -Piano & Song Thunderbird Hotel 18401 Collins Ave Miami Beach 931-7700 or 932-1145 Credit Cards (5) C THAI DUSIT THAI “WORTH A DRIVE” Open Mothers Day 3PM Try Volcano Shrimp Chili fish 7348 SW 117 Ave TJ Maxx Plaza 274-7423 CALL CLASSIFIED 376-2780 is still a model of comedic construction and Rafael de Acha directs this production with bravura and efficiency Noble plays the befuddled Charles with the right touch of drawing-room polish and assured control perfectly conveying the play’s skewering of social silliness Morgan-Patrick portrays Ruth with an acute edgmess as well as a winning mix of elegance and vulnerability Byrne plays the feisty Elvira with appealing warmth and clarity Daniel is wonderfully over the top as the blissfully out-of-control Madame Arcati and Holly Iglesias uses nicely understated shrugs and darting eyes to capture the demure new maid Blithe Spirit offers an artful blend of social satire and snowballing farce while remaining throughout a polished theatrical entertainment the play’s melodramatic extremes Paul Thomas manages to shift personalities with a quickness that would make Sybil dizzy but is boorish and far too seriously dramatic as the blustery Lord Edgar Eric Bedenbaugh’s staging needs more zip Despite its flaws the Florida Playwright's production of Irma Vep delivers the work’s madcap frivolity along with enough laughs to satisfy even the most diehard fans of the genre A dreamer and a champion An unbeatable team SidekickS TRIUMPH pg-SS 3S'0N check time clocks for shoatvls Our TV Book is your handy guide to tnis week's "Best Bets" in TV radio and cable TV listings Restaurant tocatorMip Ihe number in parentheses at the end of each listing corresponds to the restaurant’s number on map CALL NOW TO ADVERTISE 376-2780 New deadline: Monday 5 pm ZONE 12 Pn BmUi Couni) if ZONE 11 ZONE 10 Fl Liudirdali ZONE 9 IMbndak vvs v w f N ZONE 6 NA w AA VV1 y? St W1 4 6 mart Lorry ir ZONES W5 ZONE 7 M5 4 1 t I i i

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