Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 6, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1916
Page 3
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JLUJI.OIS, WEDNESDAY. DEC. 0, J9lfib mm * Ail Electric Percolator * * O F all the gifts that fittingly express the true spirit, of Christmas giving, an Electric j>.ffce Percolator tops the list. The many f-tyks of Percolators displayed hrre are all handsome in appearance as well as useful The prices range froirjt $5.50 upward. I N celebration of Americas Electrical Week, special price inducements and special display* of Things Electrical arc now being made at ELECTRIC SHOP. A vMt to Chicago and to ELECTRIC SHOP thii Week will ,hc well worth your while ELECTRIC SHOP— CHICAGO 71 \Vc«t Adams Street and Jackson and Michigan Boulevards American Electrical W to c> wat.D.tfe PRESS EXPERT GIVES MINNESOTA AND OHIO PLACES ON ALL-AMERICAN Tiy H. c. U:im)li«>n, (Staff Oorrehpondi'iit ol I'tiilcd Press.) ; New York. N. V., Dec. fi.- Two wep«-i cm men, n.-islon. of Minnoimtn and. Ilarley.of «»hin Stale, are entitled to; _.._ football tenirt thl« *«'i»r. Tim West: nl«i hati homed Into the nc'.ond cltven i wllh three men. Northwestern, Noire Imme and Min- nexotn lilt the recond team, and there, , I* cbnHidernble doubt If Driwoll of NonInvent<»rn and \Vymun of MinnrRo- * ta do not dexervo plftcen on the- Jlrnt t«»nni. t'olfall of .Votris Pnmc. too. 1« fnr above the avfritHff n* :«• backfleld man nnd hlx drfenuhe abilltv makes him » favorite for an * m! poult Ion.' It't A Hard Job, Mates. Interm-ctiitnal K«iti»»H bcinit almost ImirfJMSible. the tank of ^. l-«ctlnjf the -AH-American i« not n Unlit onf lhl»] year, t' nnd Tufts* arc the oijlyj two btK tearnti of 4!m KUHI. whUU Juru- i neycd far l^vwird 4h<» Alls!«i.-«i|iij| thl» Tnll. find they ciune back \lctorimm.^ Hut, after "imvlrur f«'c«n mont of the tmiKirtnnt conttictw In tin- Kn»t an iij , rr|ir«*Hi'>Untlvr of the t'nlted I V »<HH. and; havliiK i<.'lone1y wntched |n»rritnnaiH'fB! of tt«-Ht«»m iptimii, i be writer bcHf-vt-KJ thft »fk«otini»«« «» uiitiiiifd urc' fair '.oi both Baitt and \W»t, , Bunion of 3Mlnm»Hotft is undoubtcdls' • M»0 b«fi»J end of -tJic \S'<-Mt. and that alone 1« uultlclent to win him n p.lnce on th« mythiwtl tcnm, for the JOint '" lu^Jii't a real (<o<Ml eiid of All-American cln«». Itantton i» a wonderful defr-nwlvp player. HlH «'nd erf the line !» one of tm? Imprt-Bnabie kind. The'fact thtit he won an itbn"Ht unanimous selection a ytmr 'n«o waken him a di>ubl> t-ertuln' , cholno this yent. Dovltalis A Real Star. Devltfllls <»f Brown IH u real All- American choice for .either of the tackles. Not only i« (hi* MK bunky almost fmpttHB»bIf> in the line but he can toe (twitched Into th«. biidtlleld "f a Ulck- nr, and hns done nil the Kicking after touchdown for Drown, out of uventy- ''onc HltfmptM itl jjonlrt lifter touchdowns* thiHS'Wii" IVvltallH did not hii«H a .one. .Captain tyl»ck< «»f Ynk» il.raws the guard alignment on (he left sifio of UtP^Une, H wnJi hiB lighting B|>irit, hi« couruK« nnd the strength in his high ' jdMiulders that »imj>ly dragged Yale to (^ gloriotiK wjsoii'a uiidlnK. ,t rnjituln I'ei.k oi |'itt«d>nrxti IH tlie Clnnn of the center*, altliough thpre are! Bflvcra! eastctiJ men who look to be nl« ] it»o»i as B0«*d. .McKwnn oMbe Army -In one of tltore. but* a can fill elimin-. atton gives the cull to IVcK, The fart thai be ciiptitfned tln> unbcnten IflttH- u-am Rive» him Hir' rhjlit to the AH-Aincrlcan «ievi>n. Fox, Yal^i At Gunrd, >t Ynltt^jk gfatiuiuid ^at THE UNITED PRESS ALL- AMERICAN. Pir»t Team. Hiijttoii, .Minnesota ' ^L.K. "l)e\itallH, Hrown ........... f.,/!". f'ei),, I'lttnburKh C'apt.) .....«*. I'o.v. Yal» K.O. \Vcfit, ('i>lgatc ..............H.T. Shlverlck. Cornell ....... .< .Q.H, Iterry, r IVnriMylvan'la ......, KJ£. Hurle>. Ohio State l r .H.B. OHphant. Army .......RH. .Second Team, lllffhley, 1'rlneeton I..K. \Vheeler, Harvard I,/J*. Dadmun, Ilurvnrd X«:apt.) ..L.(I. McKwan, Army .,.\v,. C. florid, ' 'olM'te , t\.. ..... H.O, tJat"«,' Yula ,,.'..,.. n,T>• Ciifall, Notre* Dame U.K. Prlscolt. Northwestern ...UII.R . Tiillard, Hrowit ,K H.H. Wj'mnn, M Childish Craving t- i ill (lu» j»ur*', \vlioU»soiut», t ami No her, -<1n»|H' Nut> i> a foot I, i^iiini f>ir ;tiiv lilt-ill, j ^ , *'Tlicu'e*» Ji -Although he wasn't a regular ult season,. it was raf.y to seo^wheii he did draw hl«* place In the Him? line that he was fur alvead of -other guards,- with HIP excfptlon of his own captain, . Went nf Colgate draws the rlgjit tackle assignment. His work against Urt.vvn wasi^j.urtlcuiarly brilllnn-t. It bii^ come to bo customary to shunt back Held men into end positions v/hen thrtt' IH n surplus of good back Held mat«-iiitl.- nntl thta IH what has been done w i(.h Ilerry of PemiHylvania, n nmn \shii could nut be left off the big eleven, 1 Jerry came back this year with i"ts of energy, JliH play against Cornell, Pcnn State and Dartmouth wan phenomenal. Shivehlck At Quarter. Them bos been a lot of argument regarding tlie qualities of Khlvcriclv of Coi n«'||, u Chicago boy, and Anderson of Colgate, _ her compared, with Bom<» of llu» great quarter backs o,f former years, but hlB aggresiveness and hl« kicking ability, Bhlvcrlck l» given tin* job of ilirwtlng OH? mythical plays of this vapor team. back Held IH composed of llas- of Pittsburgh, ,Harl«y of Ohio Btute, and Dllphant of tho Army. If there is u better trio In^Ujg^jc^untry, . East, Went, North or South, it"" r w"onW' bt« worth uny prlcp of admission just to net- them, standing around, Oliphant probably is the best of the lot and^JIiistlngs should be rated next to him.' who _««vnr 'gained fume a* u member of mi All-American .eleven. All thr«« of thertB mvn »r« fast, slippery men in liioUon Holds, and 'every one Is a heavy, Kinnshlng lino plunger. • TWO DUELS WERE FOUGHT Swords Weft U»«l by Argentines But , No One Was Killfd. (Uy Unlttut Hucnos Airos, Nov. 20~{lJy main- Two iliji'lx have just 'been fought hero. The Arpi-ntlnes them»i»lves uru joking their fellow countrymen ubout U and the general opinion sewus to IM« thut this dort of thhiSf is out of dao In tho new world.' Tbn system eontlntiea to picvalli bowwver, in certain circlc». , (me fif ttu- twu itword flKlitw WAS betwien U.-tron Athos \\» Hun Wulato, ui> lliiltan,- and Alticeto HodrlKUc/,, un Argent ini* wit If a reputHtion us a uwordMiijm. In tlu» other the opponents welf ileptlty Itodolfo .Mul'i'lio, a mt-mber of the Argentine JIUIIKC of rtipjeactuutivea, a rt-d lir. Hoiuirlo Sf-elu^owsM, rt lawyer und an Argentine, (no. iii'^piU- bin nuuu', Huth r-iH-iMuuVi'M weri with Mwordn. 1» the foimer case honor was ud- jii<l|:c<l n> hjivt- beon satlstH-d when Ikodrigth'is had i»wn forced backward tt, tin 1 i~uru»r without being hurt," a rti<ii!( which 1« undi<rtttoo<l to huvt* patncd him inure than it would 'to have lii-t n Kilic-'l Mn!fii!» was jabbed in .U>I>. it' ininx*«>n*.' wciv kilted, D,EAD Richard Anderson Lo&os LifO"in ,\\ .iil i in III , |)i-i' t! - Un iiard .\M'li|:"|i lllrCt,' l-'l«il \S,!KtHI, (,1. K. (n.uik ''lui.-,. iu"t)i- mi', liuiikin,; it holm. work- Mii**l i,« lin letter* or Americans for Informa- that he had \viitnr-ii w«'r«> «tnV askt-iV Uu- a wlft« to hrlim POP60THEC0RKS Stockholm Drinks Enough j Champagne Every nfght To i Float Battleship. A NEW EDITION OF PARISJ / . ,. , American Legation Is Busy Place As It fs Clearing House For Six Nations. m- Vfm. Philip Ptmms (T'rviffd Prf»* fUnff rVvrnmfw. #tn, Khr,>m, rsv.v. r? fKy frirUTV- -Tnfs Is »hf New KldormJo. Tills is the .\*f'\v I'aric Rornf fjilhl! "Ihf* Y>ni<>" f thf North." hut H Is Jus? Sto. -khofrn. today th<> niofff cosmopolitan < itv In fh<> world, with n character Us own. KnoiiRh t ••bnmpniRn H drunk hew nifihtly li» (!ojif :» hntth-xhfp. Knonah mortf-v Is spent daily to ransom n klnir. The 1 drinker* ore the people* of (»,ll mil Ion* aiul the spptidprs firo not <ori* flncil t« any r;i<v> nor any clime. 1m M» !i!.-ilty th* 1 AtnrTii nn 'I,ceftl(oii hrr> is one <>{ thP biififs! rloinfe tnisl- nw run-where tinder t'he'Mar banner ' Mlnlstri 1 Trn XH,«nn M of Chlciuro, nf'tls hof-p 'tip n ful! of «tp,-im il.iv ari<I night h> < h'ur th'p work pouring .Into hi* nffiip. The nf* fjili" i'f Austria, Ok'rtnany, Turkey, TiulKtit in, rtUMla nntl Hoitmanlit tire elciirfd thrmiRh th*- tx'irnlloii nt Stock- It !« 1i*Tf> thnt much of the f evi liruiRlnK' prisoners liHwe<-n Mtitl Oermiiny i* conducted. Jt . too. Unit IlswM.'in money fur the relief nf prisoner* In Opnnwny !«' handled. nnd VlW VPTHn. Ill "a f**\V miiiitim (lernmny )\itn turned over to the t.t'Kntion over SO.000.000 roubles fur (ji-ruiitri prisoners In Itusst.i. TJii-n there nr* 1 the Ifttrtu tn t»pon. read .'in«I answer. AH ninny as 132 Iciii-tM <-iirni» from fjormiinyjn one day ri«IUtiK for Information HliurrT'T'irlson- ft« in Uusxlfl. utthor frum Swedes In America nf SwciliKh ortKln nsklii tion, ( 'n< i man wrote hwiitl (hut Hwmltoh IMAVI-I fully ln'initlftil mlnI«i«T tn find him to Atnv'ilca. i < if 1'inirNi- thf mlnl(«tt>r* IIIK HIP hflllKfront t-ounlrien arp not {iiirlli-ulitrly "flniniiny with one nn- othfr. If th«> Ilrltlslt minister wlHhf-s to Bav notncthlnt; to th«* German mln- , fur osainplt 1 . it ta oiivlous that ops not c'lill on him and whlKiitr inh-rly his wir» Ho ri»<iuw»t« tH«> Anicrioan mlnii*tr-r to ito the thlnK for liini an a rule find thc> sum*' rtilo liolilM lioitd !tH hetwceti tnoxt of th*> other (Hi'lomatx, f iiiii h*-«n« HCKM! IliiliftH nlniilt Min- 1 Ixtt'f Morrirt. 'I'hey «ny that <U'H|tit«;" hla oxettdliiKly -delicate - position .. MS dljiloimatlc ropreHentiitlvn flnd KO-|>»- tw«'<-n for no many cnt»my |»owcrn,- hie hii« the confliloncp «nU the esteem of them all. l!iiMlne»» men from -nil 'over the world flock hwp. -As ih« coiinlrlCB nt \vnr «3o' not like to have commercial travelers, or any other kind of traveler*.' imsxlnjf In and out «t their territory, •Sweden, at the doorway of Runulu,. Wermany. Kn^lanil, Aufttrin. and Kra «(•«•, has lieon mn'de hoadquartern for hunlneHii men from -ftll over the world; the United Staler, Canada, -Argentine, Denmark, .Holland, Spain, Hra»ll, Chill, China and nil the rest. Ami Htuekholm In headquurters for everybody with atiytHlnjf to sell. 6* it a new invention for killinif fwlkn or a patent food . ealculuted to »*ontnin nourlHhment for an entire raftiment In one pill -box. The" Men here in Stoek\ hulrn IK if « businesa man trie* to aell to It»iH«la and RuHHla doemi't buy, he IH not harred frotn*«:»lllng on Germany that same afternoon and offering It to her. If *he doesn't ljuy, the agent may continue ills routuitt without prejudice to himnelf or his ware«. This he eoulfl scarcely do anywhere el«o, even In the United Stutea or Argentine despite the fact' the) are neutral* too, for here he IH practically on tho fleld and In direct communication with even the Qer- maim who can week-end here and Ret buck to Merlin to report In very, few bourn. Ulti business Is being done here, The Ki'eat jewelry e8tabllBhmpnt8~n» many and as tine, almost as one finds In New York, Chicago, »m»no»-Ayr<'« or Ijmdnn-~nre welling as never before uml at ailvaiu-ud j»rlce«. MlHIuns seem to bo made dally, And tho whole t-lty re<leet« the lovely golden glow of yellow coin*. The place j mH-niH happy, tha Iwppiest I've atsfiu ui\y wbc-ro since the w»r twgtin, happier even than New York. There l»\ himtle everywhere, but despite U folks iuir© nee i a to have the art of elegant liviitK down, to ulnioHt na flue u point aa they hiive In Pwrlii. | an tho" »un gqes down .lights blaza In restfturunti such «« Jij-oadwuy never j druamed of and. corkH begin to fly. Blnolc men In wkio expanse* of »hlrt-i front, beautiful women, manicured undi coiffed ami dolled up;- busy • waiters.. radiant with large tips hi prosj>ect; subdued lighti! tho color of cantaloupe or old gold or pink; tho tlnklo of fountuliui; the throbbiiiB of orchestriis which Know enough not to play too loudly; tlowers; growing |wlm»;,tw- duc'tlvw perfume**; bank notes of large dcnomlnutuinu;' laughter, eyes • with ghiiK-t-B— This Is Stockholm. It ti A-LIVELY DISCUSSION State And Federal Agents May Clash Over Quarantine, mouth to lie ()«y t'nlted I'rc'ss.) o, 111., |Jt-c, li. — The hoof and liiM-as-e in «H. its i'huses was icco-H. d fully ' during the con- of the I'nlUul States Livestock y Association uhlrh /-'"PPii^rt lit ti- jewtciday. |>r H. K. Oywon, ht.tlc vetirtiutrhtt of hliiiou, and i'i-tlt>ral li\ « >-ti"'ji bur- men wt'ioVvpi'i'U'il ti> clash on th<s quarantine iffeulatit«»!« ad'U ti'it during llu- hi.-.l olitl'lt'itk ill Illl Uil^ Vib;iu-i. lit, J>« j c. ti —\\tiiUh oi' an- n-rit ij.i'i'K y< !)U'l«*i x, vi iili "llu u lluu .U ,i!m"-*i !i L . MI-; l-uiu-i MM!>!C i>\<>n in |l-i< niaiiiil aiul iMuliUHni m;ublc." tin- ^ul (.(',.•. tlioni' ••! ,iu) iiiodcin ai'- U>(. in tlu« .i|i||il-'i> '',! l.olaiio Titl'l. I (in-' In i t?tK h>'U-, T<lt ilm'',.lll! lr;,i.-n '<oiinv..iti I'fUiUHi i- " i'l iiinili'jii fcl.i'a In KIRBl OF ARKANSAS IS BABY OF SENATE ( . ...,,. U r ,S, - irti-'l (.1 i '1 >' :-.<• '- SUPPLY THREATENED Live Stock Industry Ought To Be Probed And Remedial Action Taken, :y t'tiit- il I'rf <i(O fTi', III., !>*•," R. That !h<- ITH-rl! supply of the fnltt-d KSntf-s It sc'fious- ly throriteni'-d miti that the Hvc-Mnrk hnliiHtry should be thf>r<>He-hly Investl- Kntfd find rcirit'tliat nction trikcn b.v WIT.- outstanding opinions nt the s««"*slona ->f the Na- tlonn.1 Confer* ncp on MarkHifitf' h<-r< today, The nr;irkf't commtttf'p of the American Nntionnt livestock A*MH< intlon hf-ro today discussing; with tin- cnnfi (>in'f conditions that t-fT»c:t livestock xrowfrs and f«>e<ter.H= Kvldt>nce« of discontent with fh' 1 present ••onci-ntr tloti of tht- stork buying power w seen. K. L. liutke, ranchman, of Om.iha, N'eli., iirKfil th(> conf»'r«-nce to-witpport the rpMolution/of llfprpHf-ntat-lvp Itor- land'of Ml.sHnttrl fifklnit the K*-df-nil Trade Cfimtnlc!<\iii t<i miilsi- ti thoroiiKli lnv»'8tiKnl!on o'fNhe llvi Mf<n-k indu.t* try. "Huyini! power ban in-cn r.'ipidty con- c«-ntrnl«'d Int-t n few l;iriri- in r«- cent yenr».".lJ»irkf Mild. "A year nfter the (>|H.nli>K tif tb<> war. condltlonH wt-r«- KO tniHattyfitctory nmorift nloek fvfdern that thousiimlM were <|uittiu^ tuifdncMN ln'catiKc they could not cifford to.ntay In the KfittH'.'-' v I'urkc H.-ild stock Krowers would Wcl- th>- industry nnd predlctetl that n priilic would reMtorn public- In tho whole. Industry. Burke challenged the popular cnn- ccptlon that the present system of centralized livi'Htock matkclM U tho be«t and rnimt rtunmorclal. ' "It would be l«'sn waMtcful if thcri« were decent*rellKi*tlon and If llvewlo'ck were- killed nearer the nource of'pro- duction." he «a(d. I'lvadlnsr for n federal .invcstl^atl! were repeated by ' Kil «'. Ijinater who ulso spoke to the conference. "Thp question of privately owned id puckers domlnar«'d «tock ynrdn of mort- vital Importance to thin nation ic> btillt and oijulppcd at Kovernment owned or privately controlled Block yardK,"*Ltt«tttpr 'IU III. "A» n nation we must not tolerate an HRency operating between producer •uul consumer with power to take from both that to which the agency dw.-tnH Itself entitled," " ' Block growerw were urged not to sell to AKentM of packer*) visiting their rim, by M. L. McOIure, of KattHaK City, president of, , the .-National Llv« Stock Kxctmnffe:-.' "The effurts of some packers to .break down the preae/it competitive price.- nkfiiR HyKtem by going 1 into the country to buy thVlr supplier should be scoumued," McCIure sd'ld, ''('cntrul competitive inarketH are ft natural Krowth whor'w prices nre fixed by QIC law of Htipiily and demand." DENY GERMAN CLAIMS French Authorities Assert Germany Has Only 45,000 Strategical Eeserves. By Henry \Vood^ (I'nited Prens f'orreHiiondent With Tho French Armies.> In ThoJ^eld, Pranci\ Nov. 10.—(By Mull)—Following tho «acri(lceH of wver f.00,000 men .at Verdun and the terrible losses HUHiHlned on the Bomrne, Germany Is reduced today to such a. scarcity of men that »hc ha« only three divisions, or about <r,,u(m men, left for her Htralegical reserve. Austria is in precisely tho xnme condition, the troops being held In reserve by her not ce^dUur three divisions. This information, with supporting evidence, was placed at my disposition' today to refute the rlaltnH mm)? r*f. cently by Qermany ..and Austria, that! they are holding In. reserve a large strategical army which will b«; (lunK at a given moment on the nart^ulor point wher« they whili to >nga«e a dtt-. clslvo battle. That this condition was brought about largely through Germany's obstinacy lit .keeping up th«_sl* months attack at Verdun wa» conllrmed, tq me by the same -source. The Intelligence Department of the French. Arm>' been able detinitely to ascertain thl A MERCILESS JUDGE One Who Shows No Favor, A merciless judge is Father Time. Before -him tho wwak and the wanting go to the wall. Only tho .truth can stand. For yc-are tho following statement front a Sterling • resident has withstood this ttternetit of all tests. Anthony Uarte). 1112 Sixth Ave., Sterling, mya; "My kidneys d tot n't act right, atut I knew they were dtsor4er«(i. I had tif if n heard' about Duau's Kidney 1'iils tuul finally got a suppfj. 4 at. Perry'* Drug ytkire . They !>o«>n relieved me," Mr, EtarU'l gave the 1 »b«^v.e account of bi^ i'xpcrlenceTTff"April'," "Ift09r"tt"u«I Kti - J-HVfJ -trJAttit—1/ATKJtr" ;he tU'd: "UuriiiK the p;u*t iiv*? year* I have n»t hud any backache or. kidney trouble.' 1 urn confident that Dunn's Kidney I'ilN have curvd me." Price f'^k 1 , iit nil dealers... 1 ^ D«n't mply^ ttsli t'tir a Jui!is,«-y .»vuty<ly- -gel aii's Kiiliu-y. J'illr; tlu 1 ' »;uiu' that Mr. is.nit I h.i-i twice publicly recoin*! -iulcJ. j'(ist,-r-Mil!nn a A-O-, Props,, Shop Early- Mornings If You Can *., _ ask this because we can give you better service then than later. We pride ourselves on our service to our customers. Here we keep records otsizes-study personal tastes and you know what/that means to you ladies at Christmas time. Here are som^ gifts men like to get-in wide,-'beautiful selections at this store: Gloves Hosiery Shirts Neckwear Handkerchiefs Pajamas Underwear Suspenders Belts Cuff Links Scarf Pins Vest Chains Bath Robes Sweaters Umbrellas Canes Traveling Bags Suit Cases Trunks Hats Caps Suits & Overcoats Bradley- Boynton HE WILL WED AT LAST Nobleman - Janitor - Soldier- Cowboy - Sailor - Fortune Hunter—Will Marry, (I!y United Proas.V . Estnont, Va,. IH-c. 0. — Hi-re' be In at lant, Kfttlng till rcaily to be married in January. Kir Uenille Cave-Ui-owno- tlie Itinerant noblenuMt-Janltor- i'owboy • Htt'llnr- fortune hunter and «ky pilot. Inn* won nnd will wed AlfsK Flori'itce Holt wood In ihl« Httlo valley vlllaKe of the Blue lUdge Mills, it WITH announced today, After his checkered, not to say Scotch plaid career. Siiv Q, C-H*C' «ot religion from MH Job OH janitor of A Salvation ..Army hull in Manhattan, came hero among the hill*, met »Mi«n Holt wood and Him ted in to build n church and a romance, both of which are now about complete, ThlH man with two excavations and a color-for a nume, and th« 12th baronet of iilH line, run away from his homo in I ^center, .England, when he w»» 13. He hn« since nailed tho seven seas, foujjht ln»urrectl»n« In Kgypt In ho wax wounded arid captured by iitttlve«, fought Ix>nilon moncylwid- er», killed blsr uumo m India, wandered through the Orient, lo«{ a fortune In Han 1'i-iinHnco, Alia ditches In Kansas t'ity, wa«t a cowboy in Texas. Oklahoma and Wyoming 1 and becamo famous us H broncho Uuater at frontier exhibitions, returned to Rutland, (fought the monuy lende-rs again, tht»n hurrletl back to N*\v York, Ho matrimony huldn no for him. It wan on that return to New\ York that his Bir-shlp announced that ho wantwl a wife. "»Sho may look as Bhe pleases If she has the tin," swld he, "I'll .bar none under 70." OetUns no applications, he took Uck«t» in u, niovto theatre, then turned Janitor and got' religion. .«, mooimhlners hero fought nls church ult'u, l»ut the l.tev, Mr. PIIVO- f 'wve 1>uilt It aud won them over. Me and.hit* bride arc going to New York for their 1 hontymoon, He now an ortluim<d minister and baa e»- up his eutate. in Knghind bu- of the heavy nulriKugcs on tt. jft lion for tho supporter the Unlvcrnlty from tlie Keneral tax fund 1» ln«\tfll- cient -to curry out. the connected plan of building which" tlm 'tapld growth of the xchool In recent yearn has made OVER A MILLION A YEAR State Univ*r»!ty To ,A«k For 114,000,000 In Ten Years. (Hy I'nited t'fbatui, 111,. Dec, t!.— FourUt-n inlllion in ten years to carry out u »le' building program will be the r«'; of tho bburd i»f trustees of tlu* lhtlvi'i«»ity of illlitoih at thw m-xt iten- uf l ho slutw lesbUUiu'e. H is tluiiu«d lluu tin* ordinary . Paiart't «e^o»en«»t —no coofiacm«at i no UM of d»iig«ou» diua». Tt«»tmcat enfy by 4U jcavcv.fc-4 lu INSflTUTK - , HI. A total appropriation of $6,000,000 within two yearn in to be ankml in or der to complete 'several buildlUKH now under construction and to build additions) to others*. •'..'•' "tri tho program which would require 11.000,000 u year for the next ten yearn to carry out a« planned, aro- Included new buildinRn for the CollesteH of En- KlneerlnK and AKriculturt 1 , tho University library, a museum plant, new gymnnniums for men and women and other neeeHHary bulldingH. The addition of this equipment, would in the opinion of I'rcHldein KOmnnd J, James, givt»' llllnpja the greatest »tale unl.ver- tslty lit tin* United States. PAPER IS SKY HIGH Some Publishers Have Paid Nearly 10 Cents a Pound In The Middle West, Clinton, Tu., D«c,. «.—A bulletin IB- sued by Secretary Tuffcrd of tho Inland Pri'H.s AwHOCintlon says: "At the. date of this bulletin the seo- 'retary has» no new Informations re- (ittnUngr print' ixtper- There necms to be a tendency upward, and added restrictions in buying. This applies to cur lots; In small quantities the pr}e« is whatever the denier wants to ask, up to ft>.?& a hundred," The above maximum Is believed to be the highest price yet'paid for printing paper, t»elnff more than treble the price in small lots a $*-ar ago in the same territory. It Is higher than .any price yet reported tn Michigan. The Inland Dully Pr<»*» Association Includes nearly all the larger dally P<i- per* in Iowa,. Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana und Missouri. Newspaper publishers not already 'protected by contract«, but who have been buying In the open market, are finding it very diillcult, and in some cast's iminiHhililc, to close contracts for their l'J17 supply at any pjlee. This; condition in Kumo cases baa prevented tlu» aulo of newspaper properties, and makes it virtually Impossible to establish new daily newspapers, a number of such attempts having' failed owing to the impossibility of securing a paper TWO 1WUROERERS DIE PertaUy, by gt«etr«6utlen . In Pennsylvania Prison. , fomi^ I'a.. l>eo. 6, — Two mur- , -Ofty of tlienv u' youth, were electrocuted yesterday in the peniten- ttary at Hock view. They were Poini- niuk Pitfiaco, IS yeiii'H i>ld, of Potlw- vllle. Pa.. ..who killed an- Ice cream vender, und HianinluuM Wticeskoyhe of couoty. who murdered u. follow cuunt,ryman. HUGE .BRITISH WAR FUND i 1 Premier to Ask Cowmen* t? Vote i Credit of $2,000.000,000. ! l,<imluii. l>ft». li,.-- The new ft'to nt jviviiH '\\ltnU tlw |'ivbiU-r will ii-HU- tin| nuiiM- uf \ unimonx ii» ,i«u - e to on (This \\iuild 1'iiiir, the. t'-tal for 1','S'J Up U. S. MA.KESJNQU1R* Askn Au«trian Qovarnmtnt About To pedoing of American V«n«l. , 0.— Tho 8. ffovBrnment h»n Inquinwl of th» AuHtrian government conpernlntf tbi fa ft* nurrourulinic the torpedoing of ^ the American »t«tamer Chemung by I Austrian Hubmarlne. DIPS GET FARMER'S $200 Visitor to Stock Show Wat Robbed tho Loop. .Chicago. III., Deo. «. — C. EL Hum! a truck farmer of Morris, 111., report ed to tho police yesterday that pockets hud been picked of $200 som«-'';5 wher« In the loop "In un alley between^'! two tall buildlnKs." liiiinn came herati to attend the mock «how at th0 yards. ,< Have a Good Reliable Stomacl Get It Strong and With You,on Al|< Occationf by Using Stuart'i Dyspepsia Tcbtut*. A Fre« Trial Packag* Wilt Prove ftl| Dinner parties at homg , or nrp the foremost meana of enjoyment. They also cause a peptic to throw tt fit, It la not thtt« "Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Art Rtliabl* at My Full Jtweled Watch, Always gx«t." cliui-acter of the food, nor the tity, It Is Hlmply a weak stomach'*: failure to supply in sufficlwit volume-1 tlui dl^B«itlv»> Julcos to euro'for food. If you will wu a Dyspeiwiu Tablet after ineftls will ttive the. stonnu'h exactly Jt oraven. 'IV»er« can thc-n bo «our rislnKs; no hc-artburii, no ^feel- ''. iim of beiim stuffed. You will \»leflp better, without divwjns, and not Itav'jO the roof of your motith cakoti wlttl brown soap the next morning, Yow will eat unythiitK and never liuve. yoiip ;.; jttomuch till with KUH, You will eat uiywlicri> you K". anU givi! no to consetiueni't'S. ' Tltert- iw nplhiiig .1 «oi?d, reliable stomach, made kept «o by Hlu.irl'M I>>>|tctpsM TttU-« .J lets- Uct u r>« vent box ' uK store und you HIV then F«»T"~lhp in 1 ! 1 ! them w. Free f rial Coupon F. A, Stuart Co.. ?41 Stuart Building, Marshall; Mich., wnd niu at once il fiet' tt-hi4 pat bilK*' «>f ytljlirt'8 Name Street <'ity 4

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