Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 6, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1916
Page 2
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fWO. JUSON DAILY GAZETTENPLY? WELL, Don BEI '%QRBISGN. ILLINOIS, W-B^NESDAY, DEC, 6, 101C. BIT BRANCH PLANT DECORATIONS HERE • Want 0' At >ich Lr-f f I hoy N*t»-. I P'sni <cf m To j •t* .«r iftF T-.f-*' ', ;t and "5-' • ltd I" r* o ' jsr-nv !" !•; [Iru-t T 1 • * trhif»> T1-"\ fff>w V •" r!«;rn ti •' '•(T fTti T.; T " • if f|l\ot .'•'• t'onf" 1 " '< It wo-tlt t'i !. n eat in it' W. .T. HKVV!" u !')f in ,\ ,,!.(!, l-,-:ird <, ,TT- -T -f •t'H- «,.,! ,. i •-•. i!l !<r..< ! .-ITIllllU" til . Ill'(!<• til ! robnbilii v |i>i ' itiiltfiiK from I I JI1.1 1 , t tt.'I.V. H !?i. i ( \v ho % Inif- 11 '.!. A- : \V. t- ..•i. 1> Offisndi. I! 'i ! l<tMlt;i w. ''. .T, N. Thtt 1*1. ,<"rone, It ,\. f >tn<r CALLED IN DEATtP And Dir* Blood f rfed fil tiiR homo in «'V< fitnir. < .i'i r, Mi< i ril" t c ' From \typhoitl ^V ----- • '6»r*»head abi- typhoid whli he h nl sili nt>!:iiii it-n fioni tyt'lutld !t VlellW 'if ll p.H! I- ttei-kH IIKO Ml- n 't| lo resist, •lit v ts-< old nnd tv>i> • Uililien. The t »e h>'|d till* flftef- \vtlir h»ir*rwi«Mst In sHon fvm< IMS, who »U» ndeil Hi" fwrvlccH : ,>|fy were Mr. nnd Mi*. Frank I. Mr. and Mi". She Ifiish. Mr. Iff, Al-e Van !>>Ke ;unl Mr. nnd flurry 1'rtilH. r; ,( People Notice It. Drive Them Ofl with Dr, Edwards' Olive Tablets A r-iwly f.w -.v:1l n TTilifh l'>:'!tr'T ;! yr-ti it 1 '' riifnslfi hf«t;n to r!r:ir after taken '.he fr.hlcts ,t <* the M'-'od. the e of Dr. The skin you have owtts and tht Olive Tablets, <:itutc for calomel— sickness or pain after !?n'i«- will ti.i- stu'sis •!M'|I nti'l r.-iiuh , nr: •••111 h.. (Ji«str n>ntfil. lii (tic; lh:iil«- !<>t :t "J will l.'ihi' plftro <-ru ',,i,-k iK-ft.r'- «'!iri<tt ri.'s'ram ti.iw not \n-- ivifjil will r.iay unO |> th*> tw-hiifil <'hi!- nt;('«4 ;m<1 |>nprorri Arrf.nn'«-nicnts nn 1 H inl fi-niiirfj Wllish >|i ••\y-nlt>R Or OK;i«!, !>nl tlu- »>ntlr? THE GUILD MET Westminster Guild Met Gracs Ceok.- r,f < lunch nt the With Miss thr> rr«?>- r«-snlar 'k In prmjram by mil Mami sul<.« Iiy .Mf«. l*t"il am! .Ml,««i \'«'!H'!tln Trutiffi-r won 1 rnm-h "njn>i>il. .Mrs. I'lfil Jatniwm ninl Ml.<?« Anna Ki'lrk.iiin read a ri'K'ft nn »he jhni-t'i- uf thc'lnxik which Itif Unllfl i^ ptuilylnK :•! pr»'<cnt, after which the ii'tiiiiiiuh'i' i>f th<« I' Douglas Purchase! Reii- Mfoftt* Of A. 0. Stone. nnd Misw <1er- |i;ivi' retently pur- A. IX tttone M^idenco OH nnil e\pe«'t to move there their home an sunn UK th« vacated. M.MN Kathleen Hen- her hom» with them mid n, situlio thi-to -uu-r tl«; llrst The next nieeiinu will he held nt the home of Miss Klluni.'ie Fcldmnn on West Main Mireet, ELECTEFOFFICERS B. Y. P. W. Hold* Election Of Officers "-. For NexV Veir. The n: V. P, f. of the HnptUt clnrrrli elected olIieeiH lor the coinitiK year at the meeHiiK Sunday evening. They were < lumen aft follow**: Pres.- Mr.H. Charles CJreen. Vice I'rcH.—Hath Stintoti. Tien.«',-— Huth lireen. Devotional Corn, — Dr. ,!. liver •>«, sth I jr. iv^itvards' the «nru s«fi:l «',iN<:itutc there's never any taking them. Dr. Kdwards'" Olive TabWts do that which calomel docs, and just as effectively, but their action i$ gentle and g?fc inftcacl of sfycre. ami irfit.ttsnff, No one who takes Olive Tablets is ever cursed with •'Vrbrrk brtnrn taste," a bad brt-ath, a dull, liftlr^, "no stood" leefinjr,, constipation, torpid liver, bad fliypo?ition or pimply fac<", Dr. K«i wards' Olive Tablets att a purely vegetable compound mixc(,| with olive oil; you w-11 kno\v them by their olive crdor. • Dr. Edwards spent years among fia- Hems afflicted with liver and bowel cobplaints, and Olive Tablets are the immensely effective re«ulf. Take eme or two nightly for a week, See li'rtv much better yon feet anrf look lOc ami 25c per box. All druggist?.. IF HAIR IS TURNING GRAY, USE SAGE TEA Don't look old! Try Grandmother's recipe to darken and beautify faded, streaked hair. That iKUiutifnl. fVfn Rhatln of «lnrk. ttloMy liftir cnn only IIP had !>y liri'winK u mixture of H«B«> -T*'U and Bulptinr, Your linir IH ynur 1 r-linrtn. It nmto'M or m.-irn th«> fac*'. Wli^n It frtd< i s. turns ^rny or .stnuik^d, JUKI an application or two of B,'»(tf< and Hulphnr ctthnncfn Ui» appc-nran«'p a hundredfold. Don't lwt)n-r to prt'paro th<» PROBATE COURT RECORDS 3. .1. If rnini • I.IIH..II. : !.'d nn,! Af- Af- In- l-crtv rtt AH..- rf|'('titi< .)..(. 1 a I', tn. r«>r I'm Ut <>.<e : i<sr,|. In r-«l:iie tfi JiilV hr.nd liv-d nt iii!. a!i<l Kip" il< < :IS'<1. In '«-\ lil"nrf. Graduate of the best eye college| in the world £&# *to& HHV WHEN YOU BREAK DON'T LET THE LENS M. M. Coin.—?.?r». J. '.'halrmnn Metnhcr»hfp Com.—I>eonn i.'luil.rman Social Com,—Juptlnn. Sny- QEFJOES 'W" >'f?'"fa»! i ' ' ' mokeless Heater r little fur- |tt4 Perfection s 8mokel*i$ r i« Intlupcnpljle in U>o ,^ f .m nwtter w!w heat- |#rilitie« you hav«—the "|»0ljr> i* too -cold for !*|,bath» the *cwlng' room th« living room f« tfOmfprtnblc, the Utuidcy. , the atrtc, «dl /|l Perfection Smokcks* (Mtf today. It burnt ker- 'fa -Che*i> »««J »lway« tie, A«y good kero- ., ,.J give satisfaction, ;• for beat r?ivtti use Per OJi. —no athtt. Jujt ityoi tweet, warm air t makca honw, home.. 12 pounds, \i only hi{;ll iiiiil 12 inchcJ Finished in jK)lii,ticii ktcel ur blue Jiij&u or jiiclcel. to' liaht'^-lift the drum touch u match. Re»ru- ftiuits w ilesir«,i. No to worry nV»it flstne . top liigii.. Autonutic; &tut«'»nt<;«tt«r prcvvnu {13 onrriftl shtMit the < - luitdic fi'evtr 4uii!£-J[?ojn_Jf4.00 to WMiliUSJ tU fil-iill," r'itidtif'etra^r n.-nl.. alircli Commissioned Officers Called To Conference At Molina Saturday, Col. Cliar!<« G, Davis 'of CJeneseo IIUH called aVonrort'iioe-of tho fornmlsKlon- 'ed ollicer.*" of (he Hixth^neglment to be held at Moline next Saturday evening nt 7:30. Captain Patlermm will be present and will glvo instructions as to wh-it may b«> expeettnt at the regular inspection of the companion. The MlliiK of records for tho pant year will also be taken up. On ueoount of tho inability of Capt. HuwK(> to go to Mollnft on that evening. KlrPl IJeut. J.'inie.M l^iwrle will attend in hlH place. INSPECT ROADS Enoinoer Of Portland Cement Acsocia- tion Intpeeti Roada H«re. K. C. Illafkniun of the highway en- Kln«erin>? Btaff of the Portland Cement Assot'latlon and Supt. V. (!. Taggett mniki a.tour of InRpeetion of tho cement roadH In thlH vicinity on Monday. Theso engineer*) are Inspect ing? tho roadH all through tho country and nro tabulallntr nil information which they iicuulre. Hy doing thin thpy will be abl o to tuivltw tho communltlos where sued roads are being built UH to tho methods which are most euecess- fill. ' proved hy th^ addition of othiT «-nt« fo.r 60 rpnts ir larw bottlr>, all r^ndy.-for UNO. It Is rallfd \Vy« i th> RO »nd Sulphnr Compound. Thin c-iin always In* ilcp»'nd<>d upon to lirlriK baok tho natural color and hmtrv of yrtiir hair, KvvrylwJrty uxo« "U'y<nh'«" Hnc« and Su'lphnr Compound now hcrauno It <lark*'n« HO naturally and evenly that nobody can tfll It hawbwn 'njipllwl. You. Kimply danipon a »pong« or HOft hruxh with it and draw thin through th» hair, taking one small Htnuut at a time; by inornitiK the Rrfty hair has diHapprnrod, and after artothtr application it bocontpd beautifully dark and appears glOKHy and lustrouw. This '•liiims nll'iue.l: S il. Iti.Ho. *!«,^*.; i !•-,.. H. |{ir!!(,. ; ii;i-ill, Jfiti.i;:,; Adams MrnA, $:!,"«: A. .M. i'erkhani. ?r..'Wi; <'hit ley liedell, t'•.<?•*'. Tniner and Siiivrnnkfi, $IJ.?!. r i; !' 1*. |iu«l)i-y nnd Son, $ I "n.(in; K, \V Thomas, $!.*>"; A. II. Foster. |3' l .«i.'; I'---I'; Tlmmermnn. t'2 .""; I^ : wi,"» l*(Wrenec, l^'i.t'n. . , ):.«tn.t(> '.laeob Fi;ink, i.|eef':.tH« j d, -111 te-ptobiite of «ill. I'aiiMf eotitlnued Kenerallv for further e\ ldene<>. PROPHETSTOWN NEWS ^^^^^MMMMM^MMMMMMMM*M*MM<rtMMMMBM«i^^MM»4 ROYAL-NElGiiBORS ELECT- A Banquet At th'-if Was Served Election. last ititHihi Following, the tho ful toilet r«iulnltp for tho«e who de- Hirp dark hair and a youthful appearance. It In not Intended' for- the cure, mitigation or proventlon of disease. MARRIED TUESDAY And Wedding Of _MJM Nellie Port ~George Taylor Takes Plaeo. The wedding of .Mlna >?«lli<! I'ort, of thin city, 'fuul Ueorge Taylor, of Clyde, took plne«* Tuesday afternoon ut 3:30 o'clock ut thoo olficn of JuHtice A. R. Hafrd. The_brjdo IH tho da twitter of Mr. jind Mrw. Hie hard Port of thin .city and the groom the mm'of Mr. and Mrs, Wiltinm Taylor, of Clyde. Jtutli are well know-a in thlH vicinity and have many Irleml.s who uuitn In extcmllntf thorn eonifratulntlonH. Thoy will reside on H 1 * farm near Lyndau. RETUR"NS"HOME Mildred Hentler Brought from Hospital Tueiday Afternoon. Mildred liensier, who underwent a very sfriomT operation lit th» Hterllng liotipltaji was brought to her home in this clt* Tuewday whern It la hoped «ho will xMittintjo to'improve rapidly. '.Mrs, N'ouil N'if^s Mrs. lOlixubi'th llt>nH- lor, ami fieorno Hensler wt-nt to Sterling and accompanied her hunu TAKEN TO STERLING Cook Shack* Moved By H. P. Johnion • Co. From Near Fulton. Throe wagon l«Jid» of. cook shacks belonging to the Ii. P. JohtiHon Com- puuy, whiclr have bwn UH?d recently at th«* enmp near l'*ulton where the comiuiny ha« been working' on dredg- IIIB contrnctn, piiMBpd through Morrl- con Tuewdny, Thoro \vw helnff taken ui'»r Sterlliiff "where, tho mnterlul will b» used to construct a, MtnHIn l») lie uned durlnjf the work on the- utttto nlr road for wiiieh the pomiuuty huH.the con- tnu't. } A SUDDJJTDEATH J.ohn K. Parker MetU Death In Railroad Accident .Mr. nnd Mrs, Joxeph Parker, of fJnr- denplaiii, received the Had mewnage informing thorn th»t their oldest eon, John, who wns employed by Uio Pennsylvania Itailroad Company, was killed In a rnllroad'accident Sottirdny. The telegram, which hud benii nont by the rallroud ollklulB, uuvn no purticulurs, but stated iho rvimUna would arrive liomo today. PURCHAjii[ HOUSE Total Deposits Of'Xmas Savinoi Club Nearly $2,000. Thn doprmitt* of the IngH Club of thtt I'"lrnt National' Hank in thin ey^y will soon bo given out to tho depositt»rH - >uul tho* total Amount will he very near Thin ift.tho llrst year thn metlind IJUM been in operation In thin city, and experiences along thin line* In Bother towns »huw that after tho llr»t year tlu»r« Is UB- uaily a big' int'uniHO in tho number of Hoyal Ni'lul^xjrx <if Uiln 5»hn.-e el«i«tod tlu'lr uffioiTH after .which n hnnqtict wax f<«'|-v»'»i to i\\tt<n> present. The follow- ittK were the meml.»ei'« rhoHeii for the i-iiMUlng year: i irlo|«»-ilnabel Hurlbert, Vice prlrle -'Allic Killer. Taut Orli'le™ Addle LaiiKifon. Ilep<trder- Mr«. Kohecro nit, « Keec'lv*'r--(Jt'rtrudt' Wlldman, Chancellor — Annie Ueylioldx. 8cntln«-l— <;eorgla Lewis. Sontin».'l — Mlnnlo UlbHun. ,. I can save you Irom25c to $1.00 on each duplicate lens—quickly and (guarantee it tofbe a perfect match. Open Saturday Evenings. DR, GOULDING, Optician First Avenue and East Third. St., Sterling, III Ovey6¥eraIIIw's Store BolLPhono 101-W • REPORTS FINE WEATHER. J. 1-3. Stowell. who Hviacjn Kinsley, KiinwiH. wrltc»**hl8 futlu-r, E. r. Stuwi-li, «C thin plnc*>, tlint the Wfiitlicr down in thii,t *H«»Pil«n «»f Kun»«« IM very fine liiH'thnt they arc up iiKuliixt it .in that tin 4 farme'i-w cannot, K»*t Cftrn in \vVilc-h 10 whip thi-lr K™|IV. to murkt-t. Thf prii'« ho snys i» ;i $1,70 <h«l!vcri><l In town nnd'th«T<». I* 1 much of the jmiln that remftiHH unmarki'ted for ihftt rw- »on. Mr. Stowoll UMVH thln«« nro wi-11 with him nml full of liunincss, tlu* bunk In which he Is f»mploy««il In <1(<InK a KIWI! litislin«HH nnJ hlH 1»UNin<'*» In J^ tl»' town as well, IH muktnj^hlm Home mon*'}' HERE BIRTHS -A Imby gj.l Mr. undMrsl William, ivMidt* north of Uiu city, on hoi:n to ii), who OFFICE WORKERS FACTORY WORKERS and others who labor indoors should always teke thejst compelling tonic-food in County Office Committee At Work At County Buildings. The' County oittep eonjmlttw arrived in thiB city mday and wan biiMy going over 'tho hooka and cht'i-klTitf up the ."•ainin«N of the different county, of -~ iicer». Th»y will mak«« th«?Jr report to tlut liourd of HuperviBofM at UIB Use< mber meetliu;, _ .Albert Angell, who nu-cntly t4implet» ed u bu*tiUeh«! c-otir^e at {.Irown'i* Husi- MehH Colh»Ke, ha« Hi'l'CJJtt'd U •poult ion In the c. * K. I, railroad freight of- Ib-o at Chiiago for BACK FROM NEBRASKA. Mr*, AVIIIIam carley 1« bark from Crand Inland, N*i:b., to which plaeo Hhe WHH recently^ called by the Illnww »»f her diiuubtfr,' Mrs,4Allio Carley wSu» wa« ut tlu- time confined in a hospital of tho city, Mrs. Carley left her very much Improved and on. a *Ur way to recovery. Mr*. Carley hu« been In poor health for some tlmo and hrm been In the hospital several tlmen in tho paHt several yearn. Her friends In ProphctHtown vrlll hope for a upeedy recovery. CARRIER PIGEON LOST ITS WAY. David HpultM tnhi UH recently of ttiul- iri« among the piijeonH on the farm and In the barn, what undoubtedly IH a currier- pigeon. It was markwl with a rtnt; around HH neck almi had a bran,n number on either !*•« one of whh'h rotild not he deciphered and the other which read,, "Kwv. 119T" with the year ISIIC f Olmhiend and huxunnd. It in thmiKht, however, h<* will recover from thin at- lack nnd will be able to attend to hi« bii!«lnt'ss. . • ' rotit«» No, |-'l'e«'pt>rl 'I through her**, went, hday evenlnv, where friviiif; at the home PROPHETSTOWN l.yrnan MtiKfaite. who ily have lived Miiith of era! >« arx wttl chiince openiijotiM for 'another pert» lo I."' located iTt'llf BRIEFS. ! with hi« fum- i tuvvii fur i<ev- jear and ex-j "(J«lv;i. 111. He friend*. M, !'!):• w partv in Pi..nk Mr?. I-M liaby Kit' 'l Mr, and IlH'inlmr. t'oiir.tily and MihM-s< Leiiorn ;i?nl \">-r.i .litmes attended a SterlltiK Wedne*n|.ty nli'hf. tlfiilili h;iP purchased r» n<-w tofif not criitvi nk-iit tlilw week they nrt> hejW«*l'i,!He ;ui.V time. '» of i Mr. :i' ! 'l Mr*. I'lmrle* l',;il?i«r nnd jfiitNil.c upeni. Siiniliv and \m>k dinner 'at ihe hmiie of Mr. and Mr.s, .laraeH " i U'tdliiT in .Iiird;iii> • I M r.. n nil M i.«. T', "1*." tti«-\t-r-n tt^i -f «niH.v l| ' il i-ntertitiiied f'H" dinner -at their home l-Viilay, -Jiis hrotln r, Mr. tun) Mr«.' Al l{oy> r ami MHI, Mr. ami Mr-, fra It")** er and liaiitil;!"!-, Mrs, Kvn YniinK. of A....,Schryver with Mrn. Kchryver by .lack Frost ond Miss Orace Wurner,. were l).tvenp"i't viclt- oi*H-Hunduy where they \vltn, tffril IL foothnll same hetwoen Mlm»eiip<ili.'t nnd Davenport In which the was worsted.. It was n hard fomrlif n'tnie uo the visitor.-) wdd in which Davenport lost n-.'avily- throuKh fumhHnt: 'the hull. Mr. anil Mr.s, W. S. Hurlliert, nlxo Mr, and Mrn, H. H. Klner were pan- HenKcrs to, Siivnnnn. Humlay by auto, rcmiilulni; over iluiidny, lieiiK? Kiie'stv in the hmne of Mr. and Mr.-*. Daniel Hit Ir Kt-ty. will ?nove_ about the tirnl <>t Kebrtwu. ,( Mrw, Jennie Hturtevnnt w«s n pa.-;-i Horn, lo Mr. nnd Mw. Fred Hntiben, tenner to < % hicaKo Monday tn'-rniiiK »n. .a the Sterling. huHpital. Mondity n buhlnecH trip letuimiiK home (n the•] »,,,»,„>„,._ ;l i.uby fjirj., Jlr>». Hnhben, evening. . i who W;IH very low', Jmreporte<l a i' <l«',s! l,.-tter :it ihiM writing. (iHuidmn UalKU-r'turtle •;r and "in FpendwiK home of Mr. nnd of Knicrxon. Mr. Jinif Mrn..Krne.'H ,st«-rn the il'.lH wi-ek at Mr,«. .luliiiM Mr, and «on v]tdti>rH Tuesday at "the borne of td Mrn. Ik-nry Thilett In Hound HOPKINS NEWS J SUFFERING WITH APOPLEXY. John JuhtiHun. ProphetMtown'a road conunlHslonor, . wins -recently- Btrlckcn. with apoplexy and Is vory nick at the horn* of hi« daushter,. Mr«. Hubert John Hurlbert a."fe"w dnya 'A. \V. in Ster went to Chirugo vi^H Tuesday. very it). wa« a K Tue.-tday. unk'l Nidi, of Hd»» has ix at Tiibt visitor I'nionvllle, it> SCOTT'S EMULSION to keep up their strength; ^ nourish thtir nerves and increase their energy, SCOTT'S is helping thousands - why not you ? fioin u Alberta, l"au- Mm. Kllxulu'tli Uui^e went to Cllu- 'iVTut'siday fora \ Fs-ir wltli relative* Mis Juute.-i. l»;nij< letnilied to her oitu- tii li,iifii|><>!'( Tin hda> after yis- » Mr. i- thell Mlli:t; l-i'ives !n in! M»f< i h"i'H« .HI II If H«t> ,!i thl ' I'!, elty. .Slllilil ^et ,4 *('ueh<!.-i.v i ity fur 0> ..1"?' till!' M in.! 'I'. J'v-ma, utte 1 I l[> ••!-,% DRINK MORE WATER SIDNEYS BOTHER Eat less meat and take Salts for Backache or Bladder trouble — NeutraHzes acids. Urlo acid in meat excites the kidney*, the> become ovcf worked; get sluggitsh, arlu', and ft*l like lumps of v lefid. The urintt heconiPs' clojudy; the' bladder is Irritated, and you may be obliged to »i«ek relU-f two or three times during th«i nis'lit, When tho kidneys pkw you must help them flush aft tho body's urlnous \vuHt« or you'll bo a real sick portion shoitly, At llrst you feel u, dull miwi'ry in th« kidney rcKion, you nuf- fer- from burfeaeht", sick heudaclu 1 , dlis- r.ine.Hw, Ktonuu'h ^etti wtiur, tongue coated u»d you feel rheumatic twiusva w.uen tho weather i» bad. KtU leaa meat, drfnk lots of wuter» :il so get from any pliunuucirft four ounces of Jad Halts; take a Uibh'spaon- ful-in u jilsiHs of water In-foro .brcuk- for u few days anil your. kidi>ey« then tt< % t' iine. This* famous* salts (» twvdr— from Utf --tifitl— rrf-j;tttp«i- and 'teuton Juico, »'t>tul>tuoil with Itlhiu. aiul h&v hr-en used far generations to cicun. ki«-lns'>» HIH! j^tiuiutute them to normal activity. ul*.i ts> lu-uU'aliae the avids in jirlne, .-o -it iiu longer .is ,i j-ouivi 1 tif iiritation, tliiiH ending dt-r \\', J.ul Saltst i« im-spt-i^ive, cannot in- UNDERWENT AN OPERATION. Mrs. Jlernuin Hutnter c-ntered tiio SterlliiK J'ublic hospital Monday, where idio Kuhmiited to u M'rloUH opwsition. Him In reported us KettiiiK-stlonif line. HOPKINS BRIEFS. Mr. nnd Mm. Ira .lohiiHon motored to MllledKi'Ville Wedneadny afternoon whero they visited relatives. Mr*, Kadlo KIHHC tuid fumily and Itiek Donuhue nnd family wero entertained at a bountiful ThnnkHKlvhitt dinner at tlu» home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murtindale, Thursdny. Miss Ivy. Kraft, teacher of tho Kmer- son school, is sp«»n<linK her ThnnkH- KivIiiK vacation with Miss Leonu Hun«lieri;er of Hock l>*<tl!s. Kllu Hurd. -of Huron, Houth moil iast wi-fk. ut tho huinu of Mi*. Biidio Knosc, Oliver PlunuMi, N currier un JKK-. Uiaki'.-j liihi.i-w.iter xinHlhl i-<«ve |u 'Ituiui'il! ele.ui here ,«.'l> the\ fii'.i.s whii I, ii il- liulltful lnhk whic vv .ilul llien .uiti ai-tivi, v t !i (,.!H of . i \«- oi u\. j\ eitel'\( ^ri-iit t-\ei,v..u.- to Keep I he llnu;,;. i.--l-i lii.l.^.ill-. til GIRLS! ACT NOW! HAIR COMING OUT MEANS DANDRUFF 25-CENT"DANDeRINE"WI«-U SAVE YOUR HAIR AND DOUBLE ITS BEAUTY. Try ThUI Your hair 0«t* toft, wavy, abundant and gloscy at once. Have your huir! Beautify it! It in unly a matter of using a littlu Dander- hie occuftionjilly t<i" havo u head of lieavy, beautiful hair; «oft, luHtrous. wavy wud f,re« fr»ui» dandruff. H i« easy nnd inexpcn^ise to huvt> pretty, channim; h:ilv and luts of it, .Ittht j;t<l ••I "5-eent bottle of Knovvlton'H l)an- derino now -all drust stores rtviiimneuil it.-apply a iitt.Ui «* <lir<vU-d and witlu. ill tt n miuutt'H lhi-r«< will bo an «i(i- I'M Kraft Is erecting a nexv modern.' mMU hou«e with u cement lloor and | •i!i of the 'late Improvement*. Mr. and Mrf. i"iu'l Harirnan eiiter- uln-d at « Th,'ink.»!, r lvln i heir hi>m« Thur»day, Mr. and «"hirle.i llurtmim—;md fon, of «'!•};, and Mr. nnd Mr«. f!ei*ru;o Apple and family, of M/ilvetn. i'hirenee Stern won tl.roe fjeese tit the shoot held ut the home of Will \y,liters in Kmuul (Irove Tues- ilny itfternoim. Ulck DonuhiH' mndo u b»,iiiH,-8H trip to K',<-helle Hiiturday. - . 'Misii Katheryn Jurken of Gull «pent •i few days thin week ut the homo of rel.ttivoH in Morrlnon. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Humphrey, of MorriKoij, mid Mrs. Hobert Muttlu»w uiii daughter Ij«>noru, were visitors Thuixdiiy jifiernoUn at tho home <if Me, and Mrn. K. W.'Mitchell, Mr. iijul Mra. Will (Irolf, of ilorri- .*on, were victor* Thurnilay uft«frnoon at th«» Immo of Mr. and AIrn. t,\ K itoyer. Will llnrriHon IIOB purchuHed a Hue new totirinK cnr,'' Mr. anil Mm, Harry UaiHtec utteud- etl thi» entertainment mid basket social in Mulvern Wednc. u ija> nlKht. Mrs, Walter JQulrymiiU? and MOJI ami dnimhter and Mrs, (K'orKo Duirymple weie KUehiji Tues<lsiy yftenioon at the h sine of Mr, and>,Mrw. K, \V. MItehell. • Mr. and Mrs. Harm Onken entertained at their home for dinner Kunday, Mr. and Mr*, llurry Onken and datiKli- ter. Charlie niut Arthur lloyer, AliK-ie.s Huth Hoyer und 1'anny liirilsiill mot,or- cd to SterlhiK Friday'evening and ai- tt-iulcd tho picture, "The -litrth N>f si' Nation,"- FrvU Williamx, of Clyde, bus I>MK<'IK- i'd Jacob to work on hln farm for the cohiii)},' yeiir. Mr, and Miw, Jestie IlouHeninn hpent TlKinkHgivliiK and took -dinner at the horn" wf her parciitH, Mr. and Mni Hurry J\Vwvll in HlerlliiK. Mr. mid Alr,s. Dedrick IMns and family entertained nt- iln-ir home Hiui- dftj\ Mr. tuul Mrw. I'hutiiM and two t'-hil- ihtMi, of Jm'tlan, Mr. und Mi>, Johannes •Heins and fumily a'nd Mi«-<<H Mufian t'. F. IJi'.ver ati(^ datiKliter, lluih, ac- ••»mp,uiied by Al and IIH Hoy r and 1Iv:i Vi'iuiKv of 1,,'tH'iik, «U<I Mabel ','iu ,-eiit'eny. of Hethvooil Falls, Minn., i iaot»r«d to Storlm'x, Fild.iy iiftenu-on ! .iinl a few ' hour;! \ if-iting -m< Mrx, \V. M. Taylor hits relumed to her home in M'llvcrn after » f«>\\^.\veekn f pent lit Ihe home of her daughter, Mr, find Mr?). Xotlern iirllatfiviii, ,«->) t.uejie nnd IH-VP4 llirdfull en- .t>-rtiiin<d Sunday aft«rnoon, MIHMCH I'JInt.-i nnd f'iura Itt'lir'-fisi, j Mr. and Mr*. <H'orK»t Matthew nnd 1 family Hptmt Sunday evnliiK «t, tho home of Mr, and MrH.ftVY**. Htiyer vi»- litiiiK MIC, L,, N. QiK-senherry, of Hi'd- iwood i'|N, Minn. j Max Skuitz, of \\'lnconsin, IH npend- iiij; ihisi wt »k nt the home of Mr. and Mt'f. I'aul Dettmnn. Mr. and MTH, Wlltard Ifumphrey «<•- eompiini>'d by Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred Trippe ;uul Mr. t'urt, of Morrison, Mr, and dinner at j.vr*,, Clriti. l<o\er. Mr. and Mm. Went, Mr.«.*AJi. and Mrn... UL__j_lr!i.Bi and .Mr, und \li«. simpHon, motored t»i (irnnd IH«- iniir Sunday by w«y of Sterlinir tmd JDlVon. -They took dinner nt tSrainl De- tullf. They left lit ti-ll ti. Ill, ail't aillV- ••d home at K p. in. They report u dandy time'. Htiultsf in pnttiriK In eighty of tilini; tin his farm thM fall. ("harle.H ^Mitclu II, of Morrlnon, In maktm; ills home at the present ilmo with liin M,n, Mr. ami Mrw. K. W. Mlt- .•heli in thix vicinity. Mrs. It, N. tjueNenberry nnd chilt)r*>n left on the U:3(> tniin Tiiemhiy eveninif froni Sterling- for their home in Hed- uood Falls. Minn., after u three wt-eku' v|:dt at the home of his parentH hen», Mr< I-'red Habben hi|H xufficiently lecovefid from her recent Merlons ill- • in M« to be abie to be removed frojn tho iiorpitiil. Sli« i.s now hcliiK cared for .it the home-of his parentx, Mr. .nnrt CorneliuH Habben, Was TK» Th» Keynote Sounded Milk -Producer*. <l!y t'nited 1 »!•*?««« ) , III., Doc, ti,-""v\ Hotter Market for Milk' waa tho keynot« sonml- ei! by Ihe .Milk I'l'odUfei'H' A«Nl«'l)l I loll rthcn it o'-tMied Us annual «e«»lon hero today. -f^ iliurlni; the milk prodiieers' He««ion8 U is hoped .101110 method of #MtiliK |I|{ ; . I-roilm-erh a Tittle tieJtrer tins pHCe. pahl !.y I he, fMnsumt-ra wfll be a'tivlineed, Am' plan to liu'reu«e the co*t pt.the ariu-Je would be ft owned' IIIHIH. It wa» Sysliiistieii at the oj.enins «»f thw col* 1 * jvmioii. ' iieiii'r markets un^l lM»Upr* ui-uiliiuii n waH )»elleved t«i hw thp.nti- - ' anil an iiictiiiipitrabh* ^lonh Hiid luMtv. und try-as you will >ou,c'.ui not liiul a trace of dnndTiirrTTr-falUtiK hair: )>nt your ie,»S .surpn^n -will' b*- afli I tib-tHr tftM Wt < i^>'-4txu. when. Jotl «i!i ,-,1'e new imir --Jlne and dv>wuy at trrst yrs rntt rr^iir rtrw ii.-tip-f-ptotH-yt75;-r tm;- tiiti ;.S1 o\»r >t'ui tic.i!(i- lianiteriiu |,i .^ 1M, %Vr« beiii'Ve.-'lI.e t liiv i»Uie iiUlr iUUW-! t'l ; jU'MtoJ ft' i'l d ituintll ul<d i'lile t'>f! j;ii II )l"v<t' t'ali-* U) slt't' j ; ,'i, i>.s iM-ili'i. {U^hi), ,juf M.iUei'li, pant week at the home «S li'.-i ami MV^. i'hmles .Hij<liu in Mur- lti'5;\ ,-e.itp iltul f lUit'., h •!!' .it . I I' V - 'I W !tll (. s-.'H \-.ui !, i r Mr, und-MiM. Ch/irh eiit<>itaint^l at their h p-iyi week, Mrs. Jo>< pit At it. Fr.inUx'.ny of Chit, Mi. utuVM'i.-.. Aibci'i -S\ t7i:r.~S nr ttictr home- mr «' ' •• Mi 'and Mr.->. i-Iinil !\ ,tHit ,ll<!l!l ll.lljvl,,. Ml. tod Mi-. H.-),I» «:• in-- ,- town- Ihller t.f n\di'. nn- iu CJjde ihel u'h'-r ai»li > -.Hel.i -rnnnn \\ eliti r- i li.,1: !• vv j'l f I" V lu 1^'! Il H it.t ,11.'1 i II U J h "ul 1' l ,! .1 'i: u. . 1, How to stop dandruff and loss of hair with Resinol Hero i$ incxpi.-jn.tve , ' ] r vs!.;ie n wtiy

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