Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 6, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 6, 1916
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It Ittttnf p*ef»l* wh& dop't fenow what ytnt hiv* en your v«s to ieff. ANDJ>MLY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 6, 1916. ft lettina PfOpf* who don't fene** you htv» en your v*t io •*)!. liXTY-THIRD YEAR-NO. 133. ' STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 6, 191&__ ___ P ^i!^°^ TS * ^ Workmen Under Sunken Span Of Avenue G Bridge Heard Cement Floor Creack. THOUGHT IT WAS FALLING The Span Has Now Dropped Nine Inches—Support Is Almost Completed. h'ts, «|m» "f tho ("• Santa Clfttis v/ill -h«v*» litt!'- r h'llidny f»<iii v-i •nit's, for nittnv ; iiiH-.drf-ii* t.f Hltlf f-iJk-J. :it lx-r boitth | ihN fvi-ohnf at lh" f'iulst»n:i« (»•<'«• "ii ;l.tnii.«t «!tr»-ft. yb" nil) stirivf a! s;,'!'i I ;t!n) \\i!l In- Iti h*-r l"»it)i )'> gri'f-i 1li" i hi'!-* and t<"i'Hv«' icjl'-tw from th'-ni «,« ; ?•! ,« bal tiny iva'nr ti.u « 'lir istmas. i At 7 . :',n l!ii« *-ii'nt!iiv v. ill IIP <li*«-lo*"-c| •: cm of lh'" liiii-^t lot d| ilci orated .Htort 1 i windows '•"' H ••»'<•!) an> wh«-fi' In a town i III.-IIIN tinn-t tin' st/.f «"i *Stt>i ItHK. MfT- . t Ii.ih!> nil D\«! lij'.'.ft have l»'«-fl K<iln^ (to i>Mi,t ,:iiit>fi to tiiiikf a tint- tliwplay. 1 At th«- >a!i of the liiiKh- at 7: «(» nil th«' 1 wiiulo»M will !>»' iinvclleil at the «Am«' i tlmo. ;i!iil then tin* t'hrlxtinas o \ will be 'in Thl !«l«>r«'« v.lll ajl be f Occupation , Of Bucharest Is Only a Matter Of a Few Days At Most. IS NOT THE REAL GOAL Observers Declare Germans! Will March On Russia Probably At Odessa. Stoeekle and Mr. Page Married in Dixon. ln< married in Morrl ift'-r eotting into the to pori y*-Mt.»*r<lfty o.nd tuxl to take tin m will n '•main open tlurimf tin* »•*,<•-! Thru at K:3o nnoth'-r Inmlr cull wiH! iMinomivi tin- I'orMiiiK <>< .Mrs. S.-intn i < "l:MI,*t, who \( HI In- «•<.•(•!! ili-yri'iidlfilt -, from tin* «Uy In an ai-ro THE MILITARY CLUB *,Thn brldg» may be "-In » ihmiterou* comi!-; tlon. think several people Who have examined it of late, e-«|.«-i lullv tbo.«e who! Imve been working under it Tor the pn.«t ; the men of A. J'. Mitrtin, the eontraet- i or, were puttlm- In the plllnu, Hettint,' ; ready for the.Jack m-revs 1" lift th«* end of the spun, they heard n ! -of tlri- eoniM'H*" fl«M"i- of the; .directly.-over them, and they thought the entire upon would n<> Into', the river. AH of the workmen xtopped ; and Kot out front under jt j did not settlo to any perceptible dl««- i tanco, In Uie afternoon the men went j - txtek- to- their labor-again.—However,, It wa* with considerable of n nervous ' Htmln for they were expecting th«" I The member.-* of the StertliiK and worst at every minute. • iltock' Full* Military -club have taken An examination of the sunken end Jon *titt greater enthusiasm and of thi» »!«»» allowed that the span haw are expected from them durum BULLETIN. ' (By Urtiltd Pr<s*s.) Berlin, G*r., By Wirele** To Sayvill*, L. I,, Dec. G.—The official news »fl«nty this afternoon declared "it i" ftWiciallx "reported that Oucharctt nnd Ploesli have been conquered." Morrlpnn, the unto w;is bonded fm Dixon W liei''- :t Hrf-nyr- WHS oht'llllfil find i h«-y we!'' <niiHly mnrripd. Mlsf llnzi-l Stf>ph«Mi«oii. who was to l)i> n tvilti'"* ;i! thf wi-ddlnji, kiM'W nothing ofjthi" '.iijiiiKc uiifil the' <-ar Wiif Htrirt- e»l' fur inson.- The fear tfiut they wmld M<H'.i- a se'i'f'imtlo rauwd the (•nlipltt tii fhanuc their plnnx. HOW- r-Vf-r. M!«s fMeplM.-n»«on nnd On- dllv«-l K»I\«» llii'iii a merry time In-fore lenv- Inicr them. They «»< Hired n law imm- iior "f <»t() shoes uml a ijiinrillty of rice and they were literally burled li»>n rath tliftn lifter they.'iiot on the train for Chl<-:if, r o. MiSH Klenhenson also Rent thf? l»anfc officials where Mr, I'UKf !<? working In New York, a night m<-n~ tf.'iKi' telling uf hl.i wediiimr, n» fht>y knew nothing about lii« Intention?. Ho they will !>(> rt-mly for tin- cmfliie upon { -(heir .arrival. WAR INMANCEjj HIS WA$ EXPECTED AS RESULT OF BONAR LAW REFUSING "THE HON | Should Bfe Extended Secrftarv | Of Treasury McAdoo Told j Congress Today, GOOD SURPLUS REPORTED Various Matters Of General la-1 terest Are Touched Upon | In The Report, i CANNOT BE l!v f«iirl \V. STOPPED. Wjlti the of I' Arrny at a Band And Engage In Numerous Activities. ,,! id' ,"! Ity fiiti- iiiiittvr of only ; I'.SH h,'iic«('«i ' a fi-s\" day*!. L. tea t>u» tan only tlclay ihc onMiprt- tloii (Hvj ln> ivi|ilt.-i|. To iiliHrrvt-rH of the jiri-iiVv fii-rtnan iti'hlcviMncnt tho On.! goal I* not^mTi-TJTrrest alone. The Ger- been fulling-lowlv right along. When winter month*,. .!'««» ohjf.«;tlvf. Is to rtrst destroy the tttwfKnott The director. Karl MrUnnnn, plan*; Houmanlnn army prepnratory- to „ U - W ^ flr " 1 ASliuremontnow^howJio organic a bnti.l from. amon* ttie march toward In..-.!,, with perhaps dropped nine inches. The -! member. Already a number of tin- \ «»d<»smi ''« «ho final goal. of the spun bus dropped, jboys can play .Instrument* and others 1 All official* her.- believe the pres- It end Insleal of one Road of .the end. John \ jar<' being lidded RO that' by hpritiK a j'"ft good boyn liiind will be the rcHult.' the end of the heavy span In. only operutloiiM in of Itouniiitilu art> only operatlonB Ol»«*-r IW.VH Inclined are j by Held Marshal von Hindi>nl>rrK <"> the wefttern the de<;|nion formed to Rive wtirriiiK martial ntuxlcof the war In the eastern field. . on wnaH pinte. and If thU anked to jobi the club and jstet In thf ! the V-i stern tiiHteud of rop In- hand. Ther* will be a drum corpx | front denned to brhiK should break, the span would"dn Mr LandU .and the contractor May!upon occasions demanding It. I DeMpcrate' Ilounuinian striking at that If the structure stand until to. ( The boys are meeting every Wed- j the Danube can only delay tlu? occu- nlght or tomorrow noon they will have nesday night In the Armory In Sterling jmtlon of mtrhiiresl and weaken the im«lnr-Jt_anil_lli«tL «an not f*H. Th» upan i» v«»ry heavy of the fact thtit m»Mf from the of, «t«»l, the heavy eonorirtfl ,,Pp«TH OF JAMES PRUEN F*rmtr Local R«*«ur«nt Man D!«« In 1 , • - , t*ho*ntx, Arii. f*etlr Ciivi», one of" th«i proprl»tor« of tnt J»ff*r»on Cafe on Went Third) *tr««t. r<»0*iv«d a telegnkm Tuesday frofft Phoonlx, Arl«.,' telling of the d«ot&- of hl» cousin, JameM I'ruen, In that city yesterday forenoon. T^i> de- watt a young man of aplendld where they are receiving In • addition[j[ioymu.nlan .army.. A great part of to drill work, callsthenlcji, which willf lnt » noum:iiilan arniy i» wholly de- be very beneficial to them all. i moralized with the advance of Field lnMtrucUon» In wlrele** telegraphy j| ttrM hal von. Mitrkeuwn and Gen. von ~ " * Kalkenhuyn -Houmanla'haw been cut Into threw partii. Today's opt*rullou8 are expected to *ew up tho three partK So that Itoiimnnlu will have to defend "fiab'lti.™ 1I« ™cA1n«»~Xo HtorHmr nbottt Ifoutteon months ngo and utarted the J»ff*r«on Cafo and \vcirH«'d m> a good bUtineM with hl« partner, Mr, Cavln. flat worH proved to bi» too conrtnlng and nix month* ago lm Hold out his and left »"of the west. He , lint Utiayed forborne time In Colorado Where tyfl neoured .work In the open air. -lAtaft-lHMi'ftnl to ArUona and had .been writing ho wa« getting better, and it ** wan with ». gi-eat nhot-H that Mr. ravin r«tsi»lviHl nnwii of bin death. ' The .deceased wan"bi»rn on the Itduntt / • uf i!r«t», near Ore«»i'»>, and eumo to thin L'-'country between three and four your« a«o, HP wa» only twenty-rww yeiu-w of age. -He JIHJI a brother. Harry 1'ru- «h. In Clinton, la., who o'peratea a re«- taurant there.'and hl» iwronto an* still living at Ui«*' home of bin birth. While 'nothing definite in known as to. Id* burial H I* thought by. hl» cousin here > that j he will ba buried in the city where he THE REDJ/IE_N ELECT Omctre For 1916 Chown At Maeting ------- ~ Monday Night. Al ft ftl#®Jlng of tho HiMlmen Mon- l»h^ln liedmen hail in the Af»- ot W««lo bloc_k the following of- .tloerff W»r« .elected for tho .year; He»sllng. 116 ^ 8- Kauffmiin. Itofwnoro— WH»»m Deimeh. Junior »ftfwnore-»4whn BuHkard. Chl«f of Wompum—Juno Penn>«e. Ch|»f ol RefiorttH^-^harlps Itau. J. Troop. Tim InaUUlatlwr of the new ufllc*rt«- will be tUft-ftfth Wonduy -night In January. ?ll» hmtBlluUon of the lod«9 will U* si'coud Tuesday. av*ninil in January, the eluction being at the uuxt rojjulRr meeting. M*reud«r At R«bbi Kaplin's Krlgh»tntd Away. • Tll» UonVo of HiU)hi Kaplin on Wrtt- luoe utt'tiet WDM enured by u midnight , waraudw'' Mptulay. night but W»e thief Wtt» |rifht*n*d nAvuy by the »cre«,inlug of }J)& dtitifiitrrn, Anna and Kuc)u<U Who W»re.»twl»li>B uiwialrti. The girltt W<nr« awukeimd by UHJ man coming up «t»ir«, i'b* gil'la saw Mm so towaid H ehalf In the room on Which were- a pair of tlu-ir. father'* (rous- Tht» K'lriK KttV" u. throughout the the" nwin tut-H fright uud bolted down the f tftlff ftt fa»t a« 'he could and" wan OUt of (lubflS- Ucftitl'U itui'bl l\iti>!lu i-ould find out What It wu» t.iie girls wv about. SERVICE." IhHIKC deltv I'li-d two ptttUOM yextttduy, one to T.uui-u.» l>t'ei iii'i'S**. Tin* t'|i-To- llouse IK one of the hwu#e* al»o b« given. One of thr member* of the club bait ItmtruineniM and otherw have been onlr-re<t no that In a little while there may b«* xeveral adeptx In KivInK and talking wlrelens me«Nage«. During the winter .lectur«'« will be ] given the buy*. Including mime on din- j clpllne and hygelne, and oflu-r «ubject« important. ' j For the mimmer time planH are already Btarted for w camping «ea«on, In I Dome secluded »pot In the timber Itwlf from Uiu north or evacuate capital. - To one who for the i nat ten i the COMBAB_H. C. L Mayor Besse, Of ^Evahsville, JiaiUttfiLAwaiLBfisulLffiL Investigations. HE WILL DO IT HIMSELF Visits Chicago To Buy Produce 1 For The Municipal Market . . He Will Open. (Hy United Press.) Chicago. 111,. Dec. 6.—Mayor Benjamin B<'*se, of KvanHlvtle... Ind.. SH not wall UK for <-onKr«>»Kionnl irm-Htlsiitimin to n-diu-e the high cost «»f HvlnR." lie to do it hlmnelf by pnttlnu the B -An p;»rn- Lloyd George Was Summoned to the mediately After Bonar Law Declined Accept the Premiership. By Ed L. Keen. (8t*ff Corregpondent^f United Pi-e»«.) London, Eng,. Dec. 6.—A conference whoto finnl deeition will mean the substitution of * fighting government for ihe diplomatic. flfl^w»i*j i sio the :it',i"'iii! i rnrnt which ha* giiided Enrjlnnd n the war to date, wa* in progrcM at of jl'.7!!'i,i::i;.!iT(> was hew In the l.'nlt-| irtfiham palac* thij afternoon. Annou ncem*nt of David Lloyd layS w j|| nmnlcitMtllty into tli«» prmtuee He IH in Chicago • today 1 ? contrnottng with wiioleHalerH for carload lotH of potatoen ami other . food product!*, which he Will sell to the public direct from the earn, lhnn eliminating ihe middleman'* profit. By thin menu*.'ln> hope* to educate tin* Kvaiixlvlle 'retailers In. foods luff H to a new Myxtem of doiiiK buKlness that <|1y t'nlted \\'asliinctiin, I*. <*.. J est reVommrndMllon for tin for 'another year of the liuretMi of War i l«k Hi.-'inline, • which expires by limitation Hoptofnber -. 1P1T, IM made In Hie annual r«-|-i* t of Hecretary of ihe Treii.iur.v Mt-Adou, Hiibmltted to fin- nn's.« today. culn and bullion s|o tho •**4| ed Htnti'w Novi-mher.1. l!ij<-, -the ri-|rfirt f «r of the »ogr*«»ive forcot of the «m pir«, a* premier, wa» •xptetvd f«« s^ri»«<i. "tin* largest Rtot'k of gi'jli] ever! tarily. r any other country off King George, .eeking a conciliatory aanjcrnont between the A.quith ft lion and thn*e tiipporting Lloyd Qeorgc. o .wmoned the entire cabinet to palace thi* afturnoon. Davtd Lloyd Gcorgo, about who*e head th» wfi Cabinet criiit ha» whirled, was cumrmned by King George in a private ference thi* morning after Bonar 'Law had formally declined to attempt th of lu-einl'.ninit raid over lons-^j formation of the new minJftry. Premier Asquith later appeared at the jMltfl es itimmnts to l;'.i'«iT,(i;»r.,'?!, Tliw IOFK-] aeo and w«« summoned to the gener*! conference with David Lloyd es to date liuvn amounted to $S33,!<24. j Lord Balfour, Arthur Henderson, Bonar Law, Samuel and-other memt an from which siilvage of .$W.ODS.S" j O f tMe government. Former Premier Atquith wa» one of the last to arri< ha» bwn receive*!. The nel iimount : , ; • " - ±3 nt rbdt November 17 wn» |U,61(i.3<r.. j' LLOYD GEORGE SELECTED. While $100.000 was appropriated for* the bureau under the lirlglnal act the -^ .operating-expenses have amuuntod to j hut *3»,lf3,7i». ^I'ldeHH the bureau IH continued, m,.v.-,, tl m , w , Jr ,, (llh minlf , (ry WM8 the report, and the wat In Europe "-oi" i tnomentaril'y thlM afternoon. Htu.eH after tin- date .,f cxi-iration. the fm)mm()n>i(] Ift nwMn ,, , , liuiblllty to grant War rlfirt Insurance; K , nj . (;(>ov( , (( itnm , >(1(atdy nfu , r h{> hrld in till** the world.". T!i<« Uiin-ini of War risk nji .to NovfitilM-r it had wiim-it 1.GH4 -, |Hi|[iMi'« rovfriitK ii tut:il Inxui'ntu'c of tl»« v r«'|«>rt, atul Uu I ment tHy I'nlteil IV«*MH ) . Kng,. l)ei\ ti. — Announce of tho -appointment ntul •&» br l>nvirt Lloyd Ornrg^.to form on Amcrlran and In; held a.half hours ronferencp with An- American vesrels will seriously Injury j ( , mv Hi)|iar ^ who , K , c||mai ,., ac . the business nnd commerce of the cpp! - {ht> , ir( , mu , r8hln C(>unlr J'- , Ihivid Unyd George'* visit to the UlRh tribute I* paid to the value of. , uw r()1 ,, HVf . t1 n ,,,„„<<.,.<>„,,„ botwwn tho Federal ream-* system, the report , UR( wur ,„,„,„„.,. a , u , Bonnr . ljaw> It wuV shortly ""before" ""J:iIiJ "o'clock cmi ;itii"(l by Premier ,^\jjqulth'« ha« "ling of tile cabinet criftlN. He did finally .itlve' up hope until he ' ' . thp tilt Una tu'm of''"fli« — •Hnfonlsta yesterday. TluV followed David I-JO ileorRe'H definite refusal to ft! continue as u member of th» mint In tendering to Andiow Bonar the first profe/r of the premiership forming a new cabinet. Klnc followed precedent which require* the ilrnl t>rofer be^mde to the le of^tlie party .having the utrongeat i>riws > miiil<m, J not exist without it. • I'ndet the new system created by the federal furin loan «ct, says the report, farm credits, the farming In- ^ ,.,.„„„„, „,„ „„,„ I1W „„ duslry. and the^ farmer will receive In- w , mh , tllll alU . m|U , 0 form a now pab . '" '" Inet, Curing his conference at Huck- lalaee. TI" afternoon when Lloyd George, motored j to liuckingham palace*. It WHH officially mated that Bonar had Informed the king that hit €. cabinet to afternoon. mimnmned th« to Hucktnffham the new mlnlatry Bonar Law, David , ' of th« money for both the public haft followed Iho advancing airmail jarnl them.servex. If the campaign of Iroou* by auto over l..'')0 miU'H, through leducatlon proven to be long, he IM pre- AlexundHa, Hlatlna and Piles- pared, for he will lei a contract Due. I- apparent HucbnreMt liath for t Keferrlng to the Pan-Ameripun fin- ianulal congresH in 1917 which meets 1 in Washington, the neccalary sayn: "I cannot over estlmaW tho value of conferences In bringing about a belter underntandlng and promoting in cl, it ban become thi* erection- of a municipal ,, .. , . . : IH not tho w»l«» object of the Oerntun {market building iu which bin plan will U>«son» on cooking the care of a tent . J J . <1 ,, HPrv ,. r |hp ol> . U( , wintIllUfHl . K and regarding minitalloii will be Klv-,^"^ Ujp ,, PJ , trMtMun ot - UH much of j Tho f >«>d»i»n» that Mayor. Bewe l« tlw». Houmanian army as possible,- pre? | buying, in Cblcago.'today ^vlll -bu. parat/uy to a match toward Jtunsla. i to Kvai en _ THe'bbyiT'aVthelr i1i ; l r »« or are not kept out lute. The ilrll|« commence. sharply at 7:15 o'clock t'ach Wednesday nieht In the Armory and In one hour eimrtly. the work IH tin- and the boys are Hi'tit homu.* There Is yet room In the club for a larger niMnliernhlp and boyn upon appllculion at the'Jiall day nltrhd* between o'clock or to Mr. Thn despertitlon of the Itoumanian army «tarf'» effort to niubillxe a 1 ! NlUIl 7:15 and > R:lf>FLOYD MAXWELL is SUED £, J. Countryman Bringi Action For DA mages Covering Auto Colliaion, JO. J. Countryman, of Ulxon. who hrnt j his ca»o yi-sterday- aguiniit William Maxwt-U (or damages to hl« auto |u«i June, vUii}n t|u< earn of each, driven by their yo!itij| "HOIW. were dwmnged In a colllalon ea«t of Hterllnnr a abort distance. ' The BUit.he lost was against the fatlivr of Floyd .Maxwell and it \\iWi declwrwl that n father undt r cer> tain clriuunatances is not liable for the actions of minor children. Though Countryman lost I'UH _»t\it he immediately, through lilt* utiorneyti, Van v Hunt parat/uy to a match tow.arct jumHin, jto Kvanxville con«umer» at coHt, *plUK " iftm with Ode«»a a« the llnnl "goal, (the freight charge**. The co«t of hand- linn them In Kvanavllln will be neg- llgthlk-, since th«-rt« will be no delivery force* ngainnt the Merman ad- I except of tiuxe purcha^-«. A small ad- was evidenced by a. fone. of|dlihinal eharg" will be made to.pur- (.•ImMerM who require delivery. The con- HinnerH will K«'»IO the earn with their market bawketK, pay. cash and carry the goods home. Mayor IJe«Me*H pr«ijc-ct is 1»ised on the troopH clad in civilian clnthe'H andT'armeil with hunting rllles. loaded with lead huilelH. 1 have v|*lt«Hl two battle fronta. The HoumanMui IOHWH In dead and wound- Htarted net. 'on, tiK.iitiHl tlu- young' man f*ir dun;agc« to tho uinount of ItiOO. Tho young man who I* U' yea I'M of age, took hi* father'!*, .cat without hi* knowledge. BIG SALE OFTHE SEASON Simon Mothow Well Pl«»««d With Ro- •ultt Of Auction Y»«§terday, •Tim public »al»S»f Hlmon Mathew was h*>ld ye«t<*rday, iJier« being over oij*> thouMAr\d._nien prcBi'n, It wan by ._ far tho largest c,rowd ma, uute for a long time. They came punt tam-es jmd all rume to buy. 1 The b!4- was wplritfd and thw total amount of the vale was over I7.MIO. This was tlfteen hundred dollai» mor« tbaij Mr- Mathew oxiavted. Tho auvt were Art Fit-tflutr of RIorriwM), O. Humify and H- I* Harrington of Sterling. _ CU-rks were .M. K. \VJIg«r of .Sterling and Claim licnl&'s of Aiurrl- In- PYTHIAN8JLECTED flection Hold Tuesday, Ev«ning- •talUtion To Be In January. At a meeting of tin- Hterilng Knl«h|l» of l'ytlii;i» held Tuesday PVC- ning In" thf K. j*, hull, the uHic'er* hn the enw*i«g sear were elected. The In- .s(;illa!iiin uf tlu'Ht* (illitH-)'M will l>e held the Hrwt met'tuiK night »t January. " The following i» tin- U^t of the new- ed are ataggertng. while somo (ierman regimeitiH tlnUhed the battle with from only 70 to s;i Killed. In thi* ««mt« battles thp HoumanlaiiM lost from 500 to TH-fln iKtid ami wounded per regiment, and ttlmoBt an I, number ot iirl- soneru, Tho hieinentuin the C3erman uffen» «lv<> h«a gained, with .strong forcea en- route, can't b«* halted by the Iun». Itiaimun- .CAPTURE MORE PRISONERS. (Hy t'nlled 1'rcns) Herlln. (3«*r., Hy \Vlreh«H« to Hnyvllle, L, I., Dec. ti. Kurt her larKt' capture of primmer* and war materials in llou ' mania, wsm nnnounoeil ficial «tai«»ment, tien, In today'* of- vop Macki-n»en'» forces are lighting their way victoriously to the railroad, leading from Bucharest to Poloeest and Campine. Price J,«opold roportod tbuNdla po»l- tlonn on thw Marayovka <ront were under lively Uuantan artillery lire. SfERBIANalMAKE QAIN8. (Hy I'nlted Preiwi ) 'V»ri«, 1'Vance, Dec, U.—SerbUin fur- cu»i« comjuered strong poHltionn north of <)runl»tu and U«e Uulgarian defender*' on ,y«*terd»y were n-treallng northward, today'* odlcial otatement wild,- detailing the Maeedouiun light-" ing. The l-Yawo-HerMan forei-n In thi- thi-atro were wl»o ndv.'incing, A llu-ory that the public p»yn too much for «ervice In ltn dt>aliug8 with th« re- talliTH. Ho liiyH u part of (he lilunui for th« hijsli COM! of llvhn: at the door of the houHewlfe herwelf. Inntwid of the old time market bimki-t «'he UMPH the telephone and the delivery wagon nowaday*, he wayn, and the grocer In obliged to maintain an expenalve delfy- !•!•>• system. "1 hope to educate the public to the idea of doing the buying of food* tuff* on a rush banlK and carrying thi? g:oodH hitmi-." he «ald'. "Then 1 waul to teach the grocer* that they can sell' good«« cheaper on that Imxln and to roduce them to 1't'Kiiliiie prlceti uccord- ingly.^ If a purchaMer buy* hi* good« for caxh and takeH them, liorne In n bntiket. he Have* the. .grocer tlie cowf of wrapping und delivery uud should receive the bcneiil of it. f hopu to M|IOW the grocers that it will pay tnein i to ostiilillsh department* for that kind, of buying, ' When .deliveries a're. .demanded they nhould lw paid for by the purclwtierK who inuke the •, demand. The public must learij that if it Would keep prices down 'it tnutit hold . down the unu'unt uf wcrvlce it sein wltii HH thix practical manner friendly relatioim • ... . . * * . I 'day was full uf 'Conference* be- Fn members of tho retiring mjnitt- fy\ Former Premier A8riuifH v ~vT»'lt*d !nr John A. Simon, member of the old liberal from xvhich A«ott|th formed tho now dUMolved coalition and enlarging, t^ade and commerce m , nl(ltrv Herbert L. Kamuel. wVretary with ou\ Houthern neighbor*.' There tm> m-vernl Merlou* defect* In the Jlnrrlnon narotlo law, which has of stale for-home affairs in the cabinet, and Arthur Henderson, the onty" the Jtnrrmon narotic iaw, wmvn •«», Chortle, if pwaented thereon, been in uffeft xtxtwn.months, In the Jn afllt)on U) U)C (lon( , u ()j opinion of MqJVdoo and there la urgent need ef remedial legislation. A con- greiwionul upproprlallon I* urged for it-payment of Ihu** paid by parties con-, vlctcd undtiV Section 8 of this act. of Sid IW- wtml Carbon of any plan ivheteby lr«- land would'be grunted home rule in fXPhango for acceptance of conncrlp- ttoii. John lledmond, the IriBh nation-' thur ter« to arrive, wore the lir*t *a .31 , .... , ialist leader, aluo registered a M.«»vt,«w, Which wna doprlvetl of effectiveness by j of wy gui . h I)rot . lH>(Ung( , f C< , n8 ' cr i,,. a decision of the supreme court, j,, , , n i llt . ( .,i on li-cinnd I'.SIIIMJ nd.u. Treatn,ent by the government of l»r- tlM^S wSSw'toS. ta^ ff ^ "Sv^ldT^4^, HOIIH addlctMl to the use, of drugs la | »...I.« K I, WU1 . forcen tho lMI «» ts - They had to TOWV4Q t al«> reeommcndcd. v & . ' . __!__... tl " thp French c"6a»t which made a AMERICAN BOAT SUNK Steamer John Lembert Wat Off th» 1*1* of Wiflht, (Uy United Preaa.) New York, N. 1*., Dec. 6.—Ame members of the crew of the at« John I^ajnbert,_reachlng_New m 1if^r day on the French • Liner IBsp brought word that the John tamt w.U4 Hhelk-d and sunk without war by H German submarine. The. at! on Nov. 28 off th» Isle of Wight, uf the crew declared Kuhmarlni- first sent a shot thr the Mteurner'H bridge and then contlni The secretary • recommend* approprl atlons of vigorous m-lenliftc study of inlantll* paralyj»lB by the public health service tin « preventive of further epidemics. Tho secretary again exprosa conviction that th? omnibus-bill methods for "the .construction t.f public buildings pursue*) by the government for the pant'fifteen years IIAS resulted In tho 'construction of many public builditiKs in s.mnll towns and loeallil'ea where LORD NORTHCLIFFE GIVES GEORGE CREDIT (Hy United Press.) Ijundon, Kng.. Dec, 6.—Lord North- el Iff e, Kitglnnd's foremost publisher, one of the strongest men in tlngland's national life and whose reiteration in hl» great newspapers of demiuidH for greater unity, uggresslvenesii and ef- th'elv new! in not Justified by the cost Uctenoy wa« really renponsible for the of reutiirement». He urgeu divorcing I shakenp In • the British cabinet, haw of this tjUexlion from till local or po-j written Uu« folltnvlngHtateim-nt for the llticul. conKidPriitlonH nnd seimrute •*-•••-• " 'Mayor his '" '.ssc^ will not handle lun until his market build- Inn l eold tliiltdied und lu; HUH furililU-M for violent artillery "duel i» now in pro- fre»«n north t»f Alona»tir. QUIET ON WESTERN FRONT, (My l.'nUed I'rcBM.) <, urla. KraiM'e, l>«u', d. -- UiHt night \\itluiut incldiMit on Me wesU'iu fr«»nt, toiiuy't* dtllclul xiau-ini'Ut de- i'lHH'd, , " ? ILPCTION ^OFFICERS Auxiliary Of U. S. W. V. Held Im- parent Siu&ion L,««t At u meeting of, the Klecla Smith _ Auxiliary of »be fnttcd Mpanlsh ^ v «iri Vet era mj last «tjth!. the (olUiwRij;' "f- j Coinniiindt'r--II. *'. «'J'JUM liumaJlaHoM- to be tlu'* lir»t " Tu«*sda_> MORE RETURNS the ('ovey-i)urhat|i foal fuinpiuiy. of (Chicago, placed an udvet tistineia In Thf ChmHte a«>k-" ln>! fur Wiihuit logj,. The munuge- m« ttt oi thit> p:ip<-r thought IK(- v<rii>uiK fi-r walnut Jog« }n a iiruf- rie count o' w»uld hurdl) get many n tin UK ~ but'it irf now convinctid that one could buy H wh,it4u£h!}>hant ~ thi>ugh m«wv peottlt* have them now to their sorrow—-through the clatiMtU'd columns of The llUKt-tte. Mrs. Winnh- Hart»*l *if thla city a«»w»*rt-<l that slu* h)i\l Mime walnut timber to Ht-11 and recetved a letter-titiitinu tltut .the company to cover t-uVli building after proper inv<>t«tlgatiun. 4 A new coast guard cutter in recom* mended for Uu* llatterua dlntrlct. An Incrauftit in the rate of pny for the.en'' Hated men in llie aeirvli't 1 , Hays tlu« report, Is irap».-rative, FundH for the extension of the aviation brunch of tld» service are u»ke.i of the pi'tstu'Ht congrcHB. ' • 1'isports lor the your ending June 30, amounted to $ia33,6&8,86fi, «n lncr«wtw» of $2,7)>i(,^9,34a.over the previous year says thp report Import* anioumed ta la.lUt^SS.SlO^ un Increase wf |4»4,00«, 000. Cu«toin r««eipt» total**! 1813,186.". 8Jf.CS. Mho wing -{i healthy Uiorea**. Tbo fNtimute of leoolpta ttftd dis- UuraementK for the lUeal yaar 1918, Hays ihu wcretury, ahuw that' th" existing law* will not provide stiUidetu to Hike curt* <>.i' the unusuul or Uu« giiVernment • due, for the most part, to "the Attention of congress i» i-allwd to the neci-^.siiy of pushing such mcuunrk-a an wilf provi'df udditlorial wvenueis to t the situation. United PICUH in detailing, hln own per- «niuil iwlii-f us to whui (ho new ministry meatiH for England. 9y Lord Northcliffo. «'opyrlBht 1»I6 by United Press: At The Ofpartment of Agriculture, ' Ottawa, Canada.) David JUoyd tleorge has given the kmn'kiuH to thf* sung of aged and oroplnept nwdio'-riti' » who b«ve prevented the BritlBh- empire from exerting it* full force ln-rhe war. Whatever happen* IhcHv. tnftU-volenta eimiui,t "B*-I togetlier uguln. Wimie^er governijnent it cannot help but be an im- improvement 'over what has dlH- appeared. ! k David Lloyd fleurge if» one. of the ft>w Hritloh r.ihin#'t Urn who uader for relation/ between England, and the republic us Uiu rcnult of hitt forceful action' yesterday. Uonur Ij»\v it- a «afe man anil if h«? beconuia prinu> iniiiiMtcr he will be -the lirwt Cauadla.ii i|io*ifii to uit ollk't* t'quul to tlu* Im- purtance ,of your prenideht. ' LIKES OLDJLAW |EST Senator Booh Would Rotortt Nations^ Guard to Old Standard. Xortncllffu's statement •* written buffer*,' the 'Hiinouneeinent |l.on."|(.w today t.f" ttie ref'isul of Hn in u>-cept tins in ASQUITH'S FALL DUE TO PUBLIC NOT POLITICS Waiihington, D. C., Uwv 6.— Sen. Boruh toiiuy introducrd « bill to abol- . Ul. ttu. national gimrit u* u I* v»n*tl. ' th|I »" Hy , , of l'nn«l I Mast* | ,\l,t- 1411,111 ('tuiitnuntU'i' ••- jtdHH Huuti 11 i':iinh;iy id' \Vork- i'burlen ii. John- i »f Fiiiuii' e John, W". <."u«h- In Ju.uuurj. " t'i,e«, -Mr**- .Martha Htr»-«'t, JSfll, -VU'f* i'oUIIUiiUdt'l -.Ml',-. \ Owing to UU unuvold.iltli* delay In re pall* MU their window Thi I'lmrmavy t\>. will h»» »ii;i»>i, their Holiday iH«->un« N-h<n- ihscvwbw S»lU.* }•; ii HI-HI in her. 4- H I.-.! 4un. \'u-e helt>- ChupLiin MlVi .!•>"'" Ahmb-lah S»ih .Nellie i Vndu< uu - \lirf ,\mi;i Cou'iHu-tiir Mt« -Mif Anna K»t Ut (Jii.H'il Mlb' l litn Mi- <,''' s U in* Jn-tiiuii'i lla/el, , C t-"_'ii*J udvei'tlM-inenl in /t-tte and e\pi-«*rVt'l*- to Mend" ! 'lhe com|ji:iu> ..\\alniu In;: liuin out thin I'li-pU- who HSe Till* <iuX*'Ue-f'«'ll ' t » and It ;tn> Iliim; .•o-ts -so Httlf to try (hi Uut i-\"i i > body who wan! tinin .1 M'coiul hand svAiti*.', niu«'hiu«- to a thier-hiiii! out tit can jgv.'.-' Vk •"'••' Ui>'> want ebeapi-f th«'Mi»rO "'!•> papvr ilutn any mkn-r \vvty AIM; whm x is nuti'h mort' impmt- ,r<! <t>u >'h. .ipitet. . -ih.-y t",' 1 I' uisn- ni'i-'li i|ul''Ki'i than auj i tli- u « a .1 • luted under the 'federal law and to re- turn-thp—giTOrrt"TTrToo titTTutllig H hud , before .tho i»asag.e «»f .the HJA' bill, Ttje_i'»»«| »'^ ^ '^' bill-was 1 nferred u> iht*.mliftar> com-* mime. l-*«ntit»«. .fenj;., IXv. «. -Premier A»- of 12 hoiirx. AWAITS THE PRESIDENTS Food Price {.egiilatlen Depend* HU Reoomm«nd*tion». (Hy United Pre«».) - Waahlngtan^ftr-C., Dec. 8.- by (ongretts on any food price ie tlon will await the recommendatl PrcHideni Wil*on and hut cabinet, recommendation bawMl orP renortu, some of which:. president l« receiving dally from t] various government deoartmenUi ducting Inveatlsatloni. This plan, U 1ft stated, haa proval and will ««t every,, ouncft'^ Democratic, support uf Democr and senate leader*. CAMPAIGN EXPENSES intrigue. tK - V!d ' i-ioyd j ing ntlittido during ihe pi48t few days. | iiu altitude t'ordtully ^npp«'l•teI| by t*ucl'i .G< tils a* Andrew HEAD OF CANAL.ZON& San Francisco He*r« Bria* Q*n> L. Sibert May 0* (By United I'rean.) Han. Francisco, Calif,* I>e<?, at-n. \Vm, >I* Slbert. now In flan Cisco, may be uhqeen an go\ the canal zone, uncording to r eirculaiion here, Ocn. Blbert conatr ed .the. datum lock* in tht o»n«l, ;.f:| WOULD SUQGESfPEACJ «ep. Lindbergh A*k« CemmUttt* Confer With Pr*»ldent Wiiftf (By Unltsd Pr«»») Washlugton, P. C.. Dec. 6.—A tutUm caUUig for un immediate cor enctt of the aonut* I'omm.lUeo on eiKt.i rflutlonu and tho boune ti-t» on foreign nlfiilrs with the ttrfurmuiatL" plant* to bring at) > neuotiutions, wu« Offered in > by Hop. l,lndt>ergh. VILLA He i* -Making Hi* H«(nl.qu«rt9r»,,i 8dn Andrea. W«.t of Chihuahua, tliy United i*re*») Kl I'uso. Tex., Dec. 6.— WUh B.fl nu.'it Villa is making: hi* in Ltiu vk-inity of -San • ti Chihuahua, ucirordlig to C TU N: IJ'J.OM i tii' Wtiin.ui's p.*rty t>| iti lilt- lei-vul t^iu|iutgn U.H bt.ile(UVnt llk'd With thi' thv inulMi' todj). The iiUHI'lbUUoUfi ,tmotiuti-u to 4,"ii.;'L'i,i; \\buh U',IA<-S u ti.iiuiut.' ojt a liitlf innri' tlian^l.^vu (»f If,.- .ttiiotttil mlli'vU'd I I tornier i Uuiutr I.-iu I ntmply ems i the j'tihlh s tilde of tin 1: ii'i'n'MiiU;4 !h H U«» 'vv;u i.s tu and Sir th" resvuttnent of- tjiiiuht the inaptt- 'Coalitfon (ii'iifuund 'i' It inui- The r. ,s. autlutriUes here Villa will divide un. ^Iw v rout0 *t 'htbuabuu (o re-equip his men will M-.uur tlu-iu intM bandit to ready fur his ixtxt move, \ PLANS Rly?Llffl0N Hi;intl>. I-I" Tb«- postt in n ?c^'<!i '^ « ti>i\% tnth It i i • ' tiat.i a i( r -IK* tt' 1 illy .did etiu it'-ntly il'i;«/, wlili mi. nt, l»" isu'ii uud \ ,u ili.s.- 1 ii.;i!r!ii li.u iii; tin- «u i jt \v.'i' jt; vi !"iu-'iiu-\\' u h.iMicjvn.U'il Tin- .1. lining- ' ut. lv i • i ••! nioi.ith^ w.i-i j,i"i iuu«l>* ix- fit-ill l.'.iii.i. (By l-atted W^ttlnnuton. l> t'. IMi'i-. 6.-~ CMU uu'i-fls ou 'th« (S t-r ttt MeMco H-udy fur~£ .| 11 v moveiiii'iit, sM'cpii" n itit-ised i')'Hi>c*'i.'iury U UiU-i > , '

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