Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 5, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1916
Page 6
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im six. STERLING DAILY GAZETTE TUESDAY. DEC, 5. 1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. VAUDETTE TONIGHT "Where Are My Children?" Tin' 1 n-nl uiilh control pii'tiirp; flu- n\<t-f refilled photojilny of if> km/I: a <neicfv ilniin;i with ;in ;il! >-t,'ir <*usi liendet.j !iv M;\ TV run Pmver, Xi> «»n«» uti'ler 1(1 fKbtiiHofl utile^- with j'-m'iifs. Show- (»:}."> to 11:''H. All sen is V. r K>. Tomorrow, •-nine uie.i! vaudeville, I'urla' Bro- ami Koiu.lall Trio, ore;!!. Also srf "The (trip nt' Kvil.' AILMENT WAS LOCATED. I't.'d"* i'-k. Ui«- • -l\'''-«-n- \ rrti - "M .-=or ..f Mi and Mr«,. !' K t .a f=«;••• of Kti-hlf .! v, i.".!. <vh" for ! I*.' )>:i> t H-M -,'. . •••'•', 11 fly. I.<-'-TI unaM" to K< t »ir<M!!iil 'iVK-^i <:•!) utility to one of Ihf hip's, h 1 *•• \}l<i' ' i ,.-;(.!• v> "-H !i f" -i-d :i !t i.'if' • T, • >!:. M:|> I'"!!'- 1. i' t \V.-.,lnr..j.);i v in- j><a. -.'('! il- :< piaCiij' r.'isl rUHl !•• ....•('.Jill •'t!onr. \ ' r\ we!!, f-'red'..: SJi'ii-v f' >r, <•!!'. to h<°ii "f hi 1 : tVoMMi- ;ir*i hop* h< sviit <-i"'!> Itf well ;• it .-tin Houte of Features —GRAND - TODAY— , . - * !x)uisc Huff in "Destiny's Toy ' Also Selig-Tribune News WEDNESDAY Bessie Barriscale and Chas. Ray in *Home' A show with laughter throughout. •Also comedy HAVE GONE TO FLORIDA. Mr'.'ntid Mr* c. S, Ystn l>f» Mark wil i.-nv.- I'll- 'vrnint; for Flotl.ii, tvhf-rt HK'v \vjir «ff)>- for a mtinsh or v <> Mr Vnn .iv Mirk hri'* nn rmfirv -art-. 1 fr.irt n*\'ir f'"it Ocd'-Ti, F!'>rir!n. which IT tvi>ihf'.-- !•> ovf r .->»"". Th' t.iii..l U in ihf. hr-st fruit he-it of the *rmth. Hr TT:"|5 To fly ne'r'e'Si of Tti*? IriTfiTm ft nil ami it has he f n doing well for hint-. Hf mny rub! more norease In hi* fruit part t'pfnre returnitm. During hi* nlwn hl,« Inixlnf'is will ho In rhnipe of Mrs«. Houston. - v CODFISH AND TODDY. Tix> much <-odfi*h. ronpled with :i" in mixiiiK of a hot todd>, m;iy li.ivr- nlmost rnncpd fhr death of Mrs. \Vllllnm -I. HmiU|Lr--1nri'4 West first ntrcH, I)!\on, at rTt. m., Saturday tnorrdr.K. the prompt arrlvnl of a phy- .lichui with ll Htniniteh pump and the rrftJn!i:l'<|erlm: of hid black iris lir through the-crlii.t. ffer, pull- ACADEMY OF MUSIC FRIDAY SATURDAY BEC. 8 and 9 [[ LEAVES FOR CALIFORNIA. I 1 Mr. and Mr.^. r. I,, I>;nvton. who have !i their diuiKhtor am! family. Dr. HIK.I Mrs. \V. II. MrCutnltoro i will l«>n v (otiii;hi for ('allfrottiu whe th<-y will npi'itil ih" winli-r. Th"y hiiv I ;i ;<on sit oakluml mitl lln'y will • Mpn it)if> Krcati>r -sltiin- iif tin 1 wirilor tTionth i with him. ,Th<>y go to Aiirorn tlil» lift niul from thi>r«' will direct TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY. On i)ec. 5, !7fil. the J-Vfm-h unvcrnoi »f 1,<)ui!«i(ina pent an irrgVMit appeal t" the home Kovernment for prr*«-nis for the Indian* of the' MhwlKMlppI Valloy, who vvre helping In t!ie l-'rench and Indian war. He naid thai nnt<'«M the Indian." were soon upju-afi d, they woiil'l turn to (he KnellNh, and the Krem-h cau*«' would he tost, MOVES HIS The « 'raniberK'K harher nhop which hit.H "Itei-iV under Oppr>!i1'5!"jVT\T!r>- ^tore for ii numlier of years haw heen n.mox - fd to one of the new Hindi .room?) o j".a«t Third street, DAILY WEATHER REPORT. The t'hie.'ipn weather Imreau fore cftft for today in «K follows: Han* to and WeilnePdiiy ; slinhtly n>lde at fv.rr Th.u;k with Ms A QUIET WEDDING t(*, »^ Ili'.V «0( I .I I T*' .' •-. .IT ft-. soi.'th of Tun; i.' I,n f!l!l kt ! ' Fcrno Sto Ham Pn ( c»-c Aivl Wil- •rl In «t Miss f !*"!''ti <'-, ft. Wnni'd. - Mnn to dn Jnnit< r nnd .-ill round w<»fk ,-ihottt the .office ami pi«-y«t room of Tie- ':.-ir«"tte"t'sr n f'-w w-r-fk* nrrtll rr-EiiIrtr .ianit«>r ivtiun 1 ! to woj-y. Mrs. llrjrry Untt. of t'lmton, low.[s )ipf vi*i{Uitff flt the hf'rri.- ff h«-r sir. Mn«. .Tnhri terday Iu- will «i'"i!d a few Mis'^' Mildred LmiKfotd has :i d It J'lWiti"!i IVith thf llodnf^ ooil» Ht'in for the hotiihsy-;. Tom ("oiilioi wfit to Walnut T'lotliiii!: the )ii" :i'lr t; ":». ni t!.i .. t! \ 7,- :it J o'eloi k p. 'dmini"tr:'tiir: I". | BARE FACTS LAID BARE I .Friday for ladies ;only — no men will be admitted on that day. Lady ushers. Saturday every-' lime admitted over iee each day: 2,;3, 4 tu l»i>;ivi;r,. Thi'i'i> tln\v will tak«> (hi- Di-nvt-r A-' Kio Cratid"' H. H., tin- m-onir road of the I'nltt'tl Statt'H, nntl'after cmssinK th" triountainM will utop at Halt I,nkf ("iiy. t'tait to nc<p.thp ^Inrmnn City, and from thor<>' nn tt> ciiklnnd which l» jnsl across tht: hay from Han KraiiflHt'o. CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEETS. i The c:\crntivi' cutninlttr-o of tht> Whitrsldc counl.v KoputdiMiu. (Vntrnl t"(>mn>it|f«. in mci'tlUK In the offlri- of Attornt'.v 1'. II. Ward thin afternoon, Ix 1 at I oVlofk. The object of to^ up tho work of tonight. ATTEND CONVENTION. T. .1. Wylie, A. It. IIendrlck«. l-'n-. Shelly, I!.' I'. IVrry and Haljdi ,Wvli wJ'iit to Chicago today whorti they wil .ittond the druKKiKt ronvcntioh. the the campaign in the county. The com- IjmUu-i' l« rumjiosfd of lifiiry jtMMinty t ; h»irnwitr of l.yntUm; John U, i IJtiH'i'lfk. of Hock KallM, *ecr«»tiii*y; 1\. 'j. l<nth>n«. of Morritum. trtMiKtircr; I't-t- ,4'r Thompwoni of Kulf.ou; Nick ,V««*k. of Mnntmort'ticy; 1', 17. Want, of..Sterling, und John II. Mart In, of Union Urovo. FAILED TO REACH STERLING. LITTLE LOCALS U'oodi ijff'n Ktudio for Xmitw j>hoto.i. Itolit, Kimhro and Henry .MattltcwM vi*iitf>d frlontlH In I'ropht'tHlown. Hcrt Uc-ll mid Ina Dornlnmh rotnrn- <-d tf> th«-ir liomt'M in i'liiilllmi. Iowa after u viuil hero with frlt'iid^and rcia- tiVI'H. Krwl Scott SN very «tck at tlio.hojn ial withJiienlUKll!".- __.^ XJru. Helen UrfmeM l« rtvt»vc'rinfs from Imp recent Illne**.. Dancd \Vodne»dny, I>«»c. <i, nt Mont morency hull. HrnlnarcVw on4»catra.* John with 1 sirremed hy the e of uu-un on KVrst Htrc-et ctatur,*, ' .Evenings: 7, 8, 9, 10 Prices 25c to all. day nltfht, , 'with heing Intox- IJIcntrrl uml dl.Hurilcrly; Knrlier In tho veniitK. he had heen nuhhed'hy OffleiT | :(;old.-*mltli 'on the went xide. hut had nld he WAH.ROIHK ('> 'Sterling nnd wnn IjrelwiMed. Instead of Kuint; to StrrllnK (he liendod for town, ..with the renult I that he fell into the net of {fie law. '.Justice (J,. W. 111)1 rim-d him~*3 nnd jCuMtM ut a Itite.pvxHion of his court the same Mr. and -Mr*.. ChnrloM FYuHcr roturn- d home' .Sunday from Lincoln, III., where they upotit ThanksKiving. Wnrron, of I'rophotntowh. ' " profestdonal melt on Thiril . Tho ROCK'FALLS roSirHT ARE STEALING PAPERS. «WO« FALLS TONIGHT | Complaint ha« been matin of tho third *pi«odt-of tht groat serial ititeft of Chicago pupent by btin-inenN ami "UBERTY" "American Blood" Alw )>ig comedy, >m Roat and Romance ; -m «|lrnliJiiiU|__ , i •--» ._ •mi. •--. i^ » 1 III III V*H I (I'll «» « *»^ . ' iNEWS IN-BRIEF I f ^ h » s >-« »«»<•» L-.- J f'»r three \vwkn. Hewn boyx are out very early in tlu 1 mornliiB to net their paperH dpIlveriHl before time to KI> to school, "the-owner* of lfn« papers do not-object'(o PHHS- er>t by Mopping to read the puperM but ihey do strenuotmly object to having them curried away. One man nny» hisi much'of tho time INSPECTION A JOKE. « Dunn* yeMtordny iinto( l ied to. an- »r attack on oonunlmilon mon at the by htM unite veterinarian, ^ |r|>yBon, uml ;. flock board, of his ntat PETER FRANTZ WRITES, Tin? Daily -liazotto rct'olvod a card from I'elpr Kranty.. thlH morning dated at LOIIB Heaoh, t'al., Nov. 30th, In which ho HiiyM they wer« enjoying theminny WH« « ' Joko tind that it murcly aided tho »»» HIM mini ; - . Ur Dyhon who ' m " to v<v| "y nuieh, and lie and HIM the charge* at n hearinp held \^mlly were located only Ihrco block* Conwity buildiiiK, In ChicaKO, ' fr " m Ulp hi ' !U>h where they eKpecied to Hint Ihn li|.«u»ltl .if I I'lljuy llUlliy llOUIH. htlllK HOHCll is lo- ftiiwti me I'leni |ii tsj nielli til {• at the' t '"'*' 1 '- -' u * < ' wotitH of Han {'mini on tho I'acilie count. . men In robbitm the far- -.. , __ JIIITIT, ^...^ «0d unlouding «n <'hlc.aso IMHI* SAW FOOTBALL GAME, should go throUKh the federal in- Ktl r O«l«iul«st. Jiurnoy Wetxel. Alliti i liurouu.. The eimmil^ion men s<> 'M«Kcr, IluKlt I'hut «nd William denied the chnreBH. and doi-lar- ;«taplet4 tlroyc to Uuvimport Bunduy to extend -th«« ntut« ln«|»ection i"* 1 wttnewHetl the game, of footb«|l »nd *hpcj>. an Ur. Dywon phtn- U»l«y«'d that ufti-rnoon-betwoeit tho lorul Hutmiltletl to an operation here ut the Hterllne ht>KpUul, , 8t, Joltn'n annual chicken pit* dinner nnd lm»aur, Mywtlc Worker hnll. Saturday. Doceinbor 9th.* Wc»H'y Hull, of I'forhi, l« hero visiting; relation ftntl frlendn. (let your tuippor at Proftbylcrinn bu- rnnr before itttentlinir Xmn« opening-* Mr. ,nnd • Mr«; K, H. KnliF«*man ami fnmily-~nnrt ; 'Mr; nntl; Mm. B., .G. .Mnrtin Kpent Humbiy nt the home of Mr, and M»rn. Stimucl Elgin near Nelson. Aronld Ueckman npent Monday in Clinton on- Immlnenti. ' \Vomnn'ti Catholic'Order of F\>r»tcrii will bold a'lioi'iKl In.K. i'. hall uwjtflu. M em bora «Mi«J frlwiidH Invited,* Mrs.. WadlM 'Auburn j*oturned to hor honte in Dixun after a «bort vj.stl here with frtenda, :! "" -- -" Mr«. Di?hora Mooney returned to Chi- cngo Monday hftor HpondlbK a ' few diiys hers on btiMlneMM, John Huckl«y, Leo Klock, Jm> Hunt. ICtl, Hurry, Charles 'IlnrtH. KtJ. Lohif and ,Ioe Ailama went to Hock Inland' Hundny where I hoy attended tho foot- i)»|l gume. Luwrencc LoK«vr« and I'uu!. Harlo motored to DrKulb Kundity iii the 1^>- Kevre car where they Mpent the day with frleridn. '..'.• Wiiodrunf'H >ittidlo for Xm«H photos.* Mr«. (lUH JitiiiMoii-deliKhtfiilly enter' tallied ut a «ix o'clock dinner Numbiy enlng, Mr. nnd Mrn. J, K. OalU'way, Mr. and Mrtt, W. K. Utinmorc ami Mr. und Mr*. John Hurtnon motored lit', not forni't i.tlf ;i( I.^'.I ,',. HI' 5.ll!'»i iit'dlt i. n !i •I) TiM)t>n|i!>. I* 1 '! X. ''• ^VT'i S.t!!l. Hum]".' . •iiit-n.'neci ' Ml«it Morna 'lliiler. of t:..lo|(. \Vir-; v.inltitiu for :l f<-\v days ;1t I he h<itl;l>- >f Mrn, MI'.M Ad;iir of <'fi|oma tow'i- liip. She tv:M aNo <;.<ii v,Hh othri Ml, nnd .\t!«. Audi,-o.t \\ i ,!'.! an a>tMt, ('fill and ''Iniinic. and dii'iphter. !i:n'«.. lef/--for I'liNiills, \V»»Mh.. ihi« ftorniilK where they will ~|><'ii«i II. I., i (beiniilti-r l"fi foi <'h|i-iiso ihl.« nornini; tthi'ti. lie wilt ;;| ''lid a short inif .1 M. iJif'ts li',i\<^i (or l.iii'ol-i, Xehr. oniKht for tie. evtciiiletl Yi.^l! Ml..>••.. hi I'r-.ifd' l"'!"t ' I'ol' 1 I "l'i(TI!.;o iT:j^ \* hi'i'' vlu will "pend ii lev* Mr. an<l Mrs U' 1' llciiMon went ti tilra^o thl;'- moriimi; foi' ;•> nltovt vj'sjt -lit John O'li'iuikr __ \vasi_li_i;a£s.Liu;«j - lu Chlc«i.'.o Titi'Miiiiv inoi inns > AHwrt HrtiHisuii li'f't fni ,1,1- IvHutiv illf, (•'la., where lie wll 1 spi'tul , scvcrnl it- 'William Scnnlnn ban gone to HIP mini spriiiKH nf I'etiria where he will ri-marn for n-few weckH tuklm; bat tin. l-'rank HiiiKhnm has returned from (.MInton where he went to visit hi;< family for two d:«yn. ' ' '" Attorney *.'. W, Woodlmrn transact,'d business in Di.xon ihlti afternoon. BIRTHS IlKINHAUT.- A daURhter. wax horn arly thi» morning sto Mr. and MIH. Benjamin- llulnlut.rl. , SOCIAL AFFAIRS J ,Mt^« ll:iy."l si. , :'.-;•- ••-. •-• .rid (,'"- !'..Ui>-r. '.tftt'.iior .' t|'d<t > i! s I' '•Ui'* \i\: <)'•' ' p.-ll t% I • 1 -.11 )H',| to '. •;<• S: W il> f(- ;i d.nti! V 111'!- h' '• " i I ri!li\ f 1 !' Ilil'll' <!i ' ' i ;ii ; "' !'• ': fiiinih TI," 1 i!(.m>- \ <; i-^ !'..!•!! if •:! d'-f.'.i-tt( d in )>hiK an.! rthit", fjb.- *.ri-!-. )"i!i.!S' . :ind ih" laid'' i'.'- 1 .'itV*-i''.< ,l< r I,] .!•»'. I «|!l) ;l !:||-M' ! " > I: •'f'l' 'I ••! 1'i tin! w'liti' |n«. » whi'-h fi.irn'il tls.' i . ri (i r | ii i i iHirim; th>. .1!"I.-t '>>"•!! Mr. •ind Mrs I'.).':-' hit ..;i ,"ti «•%'• mli'd .\'>'liliin: 1i ii<. ;:'>ini: tu < ';<i. i'ul- faio. Itoi IM <ii r rin SK'-n f,, !'!i i •', Xe-.v ^oil,, ului,. UH•>• nill iiMk" ll fir iniui' 1 boni' 1 . The iirootn hoid-i -i i*-- ,|.uii^i!'li' |--osif.ioii in Hi'- l''il'-l .V.itn.iiil i'lir.k at i'ahmra Mrs I'.i;''' t- : !'»' i!t'i;,li''r "l" A'r ii! ! \!i- \V .1 .SI-.' i )-,!'• of thi« < if U, | i,,)'. ..j.(l< !,-'.>>! of h'-l^lifo li'l'V i'. .t\- miUiii'-i 1 .- ^I'l!.' :i« >,i!< '.hi- mad' m<i>!> !in i inl:i l.y In-! loiifii- • Mr l",-i"" IM- '• i--lied iii-f initiii '-,!!" 'itn*« and in i-if nianv Jii«nd> ii«ii'u; !ii:" «ta\ in (hi;- 'il\ *'!M, v. i!| l.iii' m n ivb HI; him -ind h:.^ bridi' nt'ii-h !mj,- iiitl. •••! il! I lll-H I)' W ll'llll' 1 EASTERN STAR ELECTION Htld Yesterday Afternoon In The Club Room*. T! " i; I."!' • -|i '-Mai iadi'- • h-'iil '!•. -i ;l!i'!i!'l!v I'll- Itli'v.-. mt-'lillK il' li«" i!"l> t»i m, M"ti-!.!a' al'liii.nui,''!. 'I'lu- !ii< '•' • ;nt.' ii.i« T^i :ii<- |in;'o-i .1! »•'. ••: i'"-'. i- 1 '- \V'"illn .M.ttroti - i'at i it' MU'-tnll. "\Vi.llh> i'.itluli -liwin I.' ti.' Aj*nn'l.'iti> Matron K'ffu l-'uck. Se"'l \ , lie I'lbet.M.ih. Tli-.-i;. 1:!!.-.)! bl-lh l-'owtif,. ". 'onfbif-iot•••• l-Hrina l,nd.;iif Ayoclated i'onilu«'t•>?' l''mn'.'i l'l-t!t. •After tin- "Icelion "f o!li<«ej.- t!)" !:ol- (eft wi'lit !o l'aik.'o's win-re it ilauil\ luncheon \\jiv Mcrvt d. 3f •*" ihe Ibiest^ I F you were riclt end could go to California or Aws-tralta-yotr -wrmW ffntl the Rncniyptus Forr^t a ^nc-at tirtturnl rrmsdy for eo«irh«,, cnkls, n.i.^al," ihroiit, hrt»nchi«il discovery, yon cttn Krcurc thi« beneficial remedy nt yonr dru^ist. All yon luivp f t , do is to ask him for Trent's Eucalyptol Corap. worth of Eucnlyptol, to be nlH(%»f«»ly frt»c frt»nt Alcohol, mor- H«l«»m at Tolu, Squill», phine, opiutn itnd nil end ollief tkbl* rxlmrt « . henrfirinl. It !• prompt, injurious drtiA*- It is '-d g* of m«nl for the rc*dr nnd put t! IQ your ixtcdt cine ibrtt. THE KROWELOEEN KLUB': MANY NORWEGIAN SHIPS Kelt A BASKET SOCIAL f -i — , Held Wednesday Evening Was a Delightful Success To All. The hasiket nocial wlilch was held at he Kiner8on sclioo) Wedttcndny eve>- lini?, Nov. 'iti'th, wn» liirjscly uttemled ind. proved to ln» a«.vt?ry ^uweSHftil aJ"- 'alr. Noarly «ov<'«\ty ilollarH wn» »•«- illzod from tin- *a)t> of the huflietw nnd •off «**'.« nil doughnuts, »!HO from tlu> numhors >told nn tlu- turkey and noose. ilr. SC'hrader, (if Ktm>w»n, was awnrd- d tho turkey and M. E, WilK^t". "f Sterling, tho KOOW. A Kccat deu) of rwlU in ,du«» Mr. Harriitigrtoh and Mr, Vllger. luretloncer and clerk, of H , ,l"or the nncceKsful .-aalo of thr* lias- Tho pupils 'ind toachero fJvrtrinlo I J a*!0r and Iva Kraft, wro to bo con- gnitulatecl for tho SUCCOHS <>f tho pro- Kr«n», and Who were nbly .-iHsiMted by O'llare. This program W«K UH fnilnwn: Sung, "('hoer Our 1'lljjriin. Fa.thers'V- Primary. • ^ ' Uet'.. ' < t'hH<i(ivri"»-HiMir' < —Klla' GIVE A DINNER '\ ' ' Mr. and Mrs. Kygcr Will Entertain Thi» Evening for Mrs. Lcinbach. Mr. tnul .Mr*. Hiiiiuiel Kyu'M' will !'nle!'t,-iin fhix eVi-niitK nt a NI.V o'Ho.-U 'li'niit-r irnioTioi of -M^ 1 ;--ilnnrKT 1 " l.^iti" hitch nnd two MOIKJ. of <'i-dar Itnt'ittht, Jo\vn: Mr and MIM l-'.nrh' WllliauiH and won LfnvHI, Mr. and Mr,". 101 ion l.onu. MINH Hulh WIHta'iKH, nnd Klimrr Nfmtln. Mj'f*. l-einhiit'li w«»x ill.*"* the honored |{iieht'«t a pr-'iiy uppoinletl dlnner^Simday eveiilni; at the home of Mrs Karln.AVIIlinniH, «f Hock Kitll». WOMEN'S "MISSIONARY Will Meet Wednesday Afternoon At the Home of Rev. Collin. The Woman's. Korclun MiHsnoiuiry Hot'k'ty of the Fourth Street Mc'thodlxi church will, meet \Vrjlnexdny at'tj-t noon jit l!u> hiiini; 'nfMrs. \V. U. C'ulliii. •!0li Secoiul nveftue. All ladii'^ !!!'•' welcome. The iil'fuir .will hf In ihulKt 1 of .Mrs. W. L. OolH'u.'Mrn. Mart Hcit- «ol, Mrn. Smith and Mrs*. Connor. "A v#ry in!crcHtii>K mtctim; IsaM hccn planned for, . • WEODINQ ANNIVERSARY GOO-'.; the' Stt'.n Homo. TI,. K...VV I4-. • D Ki-if. U'-i !,i:n'-»; ! i>4 >.\ '-n i',; : ••. Ms .-• <t ^ Thcrn H.ivf. B'H'i .mil 00 S.iilnif, i ; :v l "iii!.-.f i ' I • n--- i M; : ' • *'* * ' '^ -i Steam Ve«Ecl» Sunk. ' i> ilh :t I '.ll tolHUIKO ofV h'.iv >•• ni i ii Hiipk iind liii • \\iih ;i i! f.s! tmiltiiKt' of * t i • • r* t .- ;;< 'i • o|l 'lh*-H«. V'.s!' :t"iio> i •>* j.iih't). f cat-In d llr-i Mi,^.-' \'l « " >' h ' 'e ' i '! "ilt Si. !!l liOifil--. '• * on \V. • ( '!'!ii"i ..-n.•«•!. .Ji:. i' tli.- n ,;u- •'. lir In!'!.!!<'-:•* ii.-id i" ' ii I r;t!>.";o !'•'! ;' s -!..:'.•> !"o 11 ,u;.' \ i .'Ti t > hr»;.' n i s \\ i i «• 'KM i 1 ' I ;H!<i ^-'!' • !u ' '- ' " L the n in.-. H'.-I. i >'! '•'•>•'• 'Viiiii'-; '(iiit m. !-'.7 v 7. '!'.' ,i (..t'lu-l 'il yo.>.l ! nut- ' el: . i* n i: , j i ;;| fl-.lll iMIit, ATTENDED DIXON DANCE. •: ;.!,. i(i i.j".\!i., '. U. Ihinnior... M,-. i ?TOL."; SATE. TRUCK BROKE. ' ll"!!i'-c V-.' !>'";,. .Si. jii-.d .Mr-i iv.ur'ih'- 't!'.- "I lliv ivoph-'H SlMto .|!:<nk. i 'I » : «ii) \)s .(.'•! .*.'; s K'ou'lvat'l, .Ms 1 , and ;'''it :!i<- a::.o u m K '•'- hl ; 'h ' th»'V hi.ui Mt.-i. fh.t.v It. <(;',.,;:.! ;i'n1 Mi- ,1,,'in ' : '! < ii t" i .ui H' MV.I.V ii! vv-,.'i nii|.(|iinl-t<i :>IV.-,,H iHti-ii'f.'-i ih«- M.nrii-d l'.'i>|.!••;?' i i h-- i.i'-l, .auri'ih- ;•;.!• %\.i" f'Mind in tlm !a?K'i i ; n IMV-'II i'-iii 1 ^ (NMiiuK. i ' ri ' i fr vVILL ENTERTAIN AT LUNCHEON, Ml!.'. W. !'. l-'i".'U itiiil .Mt«. r.tmuf; l'i"'h<r. wiii < n'ii it nit iii ii on*: oVi>».•),-- .imchcon on S'itsH-'l.'\, I""'. !', ami M. l; l'i>-, 1 >.••'. II- ;M Ihv :..'!i'.' of i)i;- ) '• Ill'l' 011. i,"l'li:" >;l i.'.'t. WILL HOLD CLASS MEETING, Tin- V.'i.'lli!- 1 :< »>l" till- , l't':t!!-,t ' DR. F. W. BRODRICK I'nu-tlce '.United to EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Hour* 9 to i: 1 H. m.; 2 to 4:80.,p, m J';lth Floor e HJdu. Roth. Phono* Rteriing, III. ' Sunday ami <M;neiv«'r A!. h>-id IhiU -;._-Ji:.-Jllu._t;.! . ! ><•>•.. '•'<. SERIOUSLY INJURED - ''Whej,» v JvM4 Ur'ratn l>t> You f Me?" : Evelyn l*aird, "The u»«et thP whitlo l>UH»n«'»^ ai jtfiim. uml tlie Minnwotu team. It WUH | HtookyurdH In tl>» rommlhMion line. Ml><' hlK«*'«« >Knmv of tlm WUMOU and ^ Dunne took tlie cum? under ntl- j <™nt orowilH wttneuMPd It. On their Wnt *n<3 Sttlel IH< would withhold ; wa >' *J |>W '" "'•'V »<»in>«t at Lot'luire. pendlntt w supplemeiuul j >'tt>"« »u>'l vihited frUml»: aehl to him by tho coinmi.HMon I ~ ~ —'—"" ' . . " \ -«OUTHER,N GRAPE FRUIT* . " j (*orli*vn itr.sjiiu, nj<ent for the AchuiiH COMMUNITY 8ETTE«MENT iKxpivw* ('t.mpnny in.Htorllns, rect-lved f», |i. H. ineronjmuK, t'omtnunity ! t crate of Kriipo fruit fn-m Florldu yo*. l«or of Uu\ Unlwrmty of lllliit>m. Jientuy. U w»» n Kif< fi"n> h!n frieml,'d u community better- |t\ u. Unit, who IH ufent for the Huuth- In »his« d'iy neveial ycarK jrrii KxpreH« t'o. ut Turku r ttiinouiKM't) H Jiotter (Nuiununity j Florida. Tho fruit IK vory largo, and ADVERTISED LETTERS. ,. . lot torn ut the 8torliiiK, r 111,, to I'ropiieiMtowii Smiduy,' ' Pl«y, mu'wlcul proKrum nnd Xmnn wtli», at Rouml (»rc»v« Ht'hool IIOUMC, Krltluy night, |)i«c. Kth. Adinl»wloii -IteS Mr, untl Mr«. lOurnexl HinH»>. of Ohi- cugo, npf>nt Hundiiy with relatlvt>« untl frleiulH in thtw city. 15«|, Mitchell, of Mnrrbuin, spent Monday in thl« city wher«< he is »erv- Ing on 4wry for tlu« cliy court, Mlea l''prfie lluzvjurd IH HHsisiiiiR at null's Hook @ture durijig the ludidnyx. Ml«« iiuru Hewitt haw rcturni'd home 4ifter bpondlng nnvcrul nuinthu 'ut l>o- Last Evening at the Home of Mr. and « ••-x Mr*. Elisha Taylor. , .'' Mr. and Mrs. Kltaliu Taylor atiily entertained lant evening at a dinner. Klven in honor of.Uirfl' fourth wc-driliiK iiiinhcr.sary. Aiter the dinner* .Mr. and Mrs. Taylor" were the re ol|:;Jt'»ts. of many heauiilul ulltw ill honor of the event.— The Kiic*tH departed at a-laie hour, winding Mr. and Wa* Par.ilyzeJ By E.I w In John John lurli."-,'>>n" ot ill. •-promuM-i In." ler. 1 * '"I Mout!iii>ifnt.'\. M-VI-VI i:>if" • dnit Tiu ; f*d;t>- foii.'H'inT! ,iiniuj :i i/r!... ,.;. (hut liif-y prove- f.M; r !. v Mr. liirUs \v i.~ lin»!.inK I'orn mil liii" ti'.'iin ln-cainv fr:i:l:!-':i(-ji at M.HJ: ;hirr- und 7-tur'ltd lo duii,--r jdnuutl nnd -di-'W ,'IIM <»(' riHiniri;.'. away. - Th«. -lint > \\hirh V\i-r<- f:ls(< tl'-l! (o l|." .step ol! fin' .,i'i.- -if 'I I i.i. 1 ' W:iti'li l'.'\ «-<|i' s:.l li.'iiii )•', Mr, I'nks and'a;« tin CANTON LAWYER &''. farm loans. Prepayment privilege ,-,• DL;LL 439 ROCK FALLS, ILL. If.E,VanEp|)S,M.D. • •j Room;) 10 and 11, over Jonuings' Jewelry Stgre- Hong, "Mary Had a Llttlu Frtnla MeJns. .— Violet hock<M t. I'iay, Day at Beiinvllle , "(»ur l-'IrHt ihilrd, "•Solo, "DiiiiKhn-r of Motlict . -*Mis« Catitsens. Vorim Ijindhecr. tuI t«olo. "JMi>ckiUK Jilnl" — Klla Hairti. ll»H'. — Iiuolllo Uoekctt. y ' SUUK. 'H'lUl'lluiod Joyn"'— .Six, KirlK, "H»r LtUtt'r — la You'.'" — for Nurthfin llllimi« n» be i much nicer tl»un lifat tdHained by flu til ChJcuttH on U'«tlne*duy of thih (merciinnt-s of the north. The box con- r, Tho iiiurtiinir uml afternoon 'lalnetl torly. will iiu IwJhl in ilu- Art -infii- ' ' budding uml the j*venliiK ^«'^>.sl(^n City Ciuh. The confcient'e for .illinulri W tth recently held at j,„„,„„,,.„ ,,„. „„, wr( . fc t/|||||lIBi Ul .,, 4 lI'.ilS. J^ttljt'M lleithu (iulfto, (ientle- und for KotltheiH (Ilinol.t at *M*ita ltt*t wc-«k. It h, desired to .man. John AmU'ihon (Zi, i)uw»on „,.,, - , . ' ''"'.' |H«.\t».. K, U. (Minion, »'. A. t'lurk, i\ H <^{UU|*, ,WUfJUiU H rlllttt* t*H\ * ivjit * i i i fi. ,i ii t .., ' ' I'UU'V, Dr. ,v ^- HtiiTuiuu Juiut rthari* II other or«,n.i™Uon>,.; Uw|im . t , .,,, ,,, UHI|MII , ,,, ( . N ,'. ^i-ncieh I m. MI- in-, , ,,, M improving local condition*- j ,, \t • ctimmuiiity )Ue. It »* i ^ pe»;,.» win -a.cndi j; COB PLOCK AT'THB BATHS. ^_^^. ' i .litcob l-'lock h.iM Ktiuc to 1'curiu vvli'-re TWO AUTOS RUN AMUCK. '"' > vllt Vi-mam for (wo or three week*. y Freas,-living cut.1 »t sterljiiK , "'' Vl>llt '" fwupi-iato HI inlle», htut ht« aiH'i' dumiigcd 'h.'Uh,- of niedictniU pittp< -night-tie»r the-|>I:>-W-K rnrrieri^ 1 " >+«*«tl»- ^ l» : »* l »-cu #W* Of Wxoii by M lit-ad-dii »••»!•'l" M<<1 f "'" h """' vekj. .uml expccit, p Mr,- Frt'3*' ftory i-^ib/it h«« w.tiv''"' Ki't.'itU impiovftl^jii ht-.tiUt !i>-fou W«> 4 IM I>l»,on ai w fail i aU» ol anil met a car K'lint; fit tin! oo ftltlll t>l! 111*'. \V(..|>,.' vl,|,. ,,.! to t«Ke n;ud lu rvu-w dut li'.-i M 1- ill to It **!«! i! W'l' lMf'Uu-1 U.4IJ h> *»klr, Krv.iei w.c- d.tyi iU th< t.lhi-i i ,'u ' \ d 1i|l luMh llonf v>! UIHl t.h" It i.. I- l ,iiit. ni|iof -ii-t HARRV THOMASf MOVES STORE, t lil, 11 tiiv Ttioni.ts uh.i hif. l«.,'!i loi-iitttl Dl, f'U Illitli" M !(• in the' M.ttlM'itt II.I! ,,(,),, nt-.-. ,--:!/.i|> Ita-. li !,(••!I Ul'' "lll> S,ii',till 'I'd, Iin'iu li! the K<innallv block oil \V\'h! HI, 'I'll.Id -III 'I ll.d "l- IIU'VUiK [ll- l\\_l,»4!v 'lll<» !ht|< t.'d «\ Tlll-i i- the l.i-l (il iV ,,, U.i !"U1 .-tol !• i«,,.!(i.', '.,i tlli< block.-tli'-lc , .,,1 i »i <'ill! in to bf i i, " .1} i!' Ill in.I l,u -101 "•. } '! t, U I >'« rt nl< h. Carload Gold Medal Hour on track nest w«ik, Ono «u'k. |">; two or more, li',50, cn»h. Order innv. If. K. llifo urocery. Uock I'"«UI».* , Clarence Turner and Ht»y iStewiirt, f plson, «|ient sBunduy evening in thin (ly with ISrma Htt««oler rot u rued from ev<<nlnK when- she Piano tsolo >-Vfrda O'Hure. Duct. inMnimentul. -.Mlliturj March" — Mitriu Dti'Uw und Ella Uuird, FIFTEENTHlNNiVERSARY Mr. and Mn. Gordct Entertained Last Evening on Wedding Anniversary. littw he* n viaitlng ttevt-ral UH>H. 1 Hurl Ktitiset, of Nclvun, *.pe.ut Monday ill liU.S ClIV 01) iHlhllH'M.H. Hoya 1 .'.elyhbom uttonti'in-! Moeting at 7 30.. j'lurlion of olllot-r». Kvory hurt n-turiK-d frmn Siulbiiw. .MlwHoun. where nhe hits' been vi^iUnj; for tilt; pus I few w««'kt>. , <7tt.ibn'i (Jvlrt- Motlul ih>ur on truck next u»i.«, One »Hck, |i'.fi!>; t«o or moic. .'.4 iw, cttKh. Order now. ,U li Hile iin.cery, Kuck Ktlitt.* AJr iiiid Mrn. <!t»oi'Ke Ilurcli wiul family Mr*. U- l>. Hiwcnhurw nuilor- i 1 s i Morrii«i>n «intl Kiophethtown 1 1' >. i day,"" <41I1 ~ m>> *' UI Ulldu T>'ai'> uiiti merfv returiu'ti luwt ni^b-t fnun Ml', Hlld M«K, tlt'l'cltWi, «)f Co- per. let«, lU'liKtitfiiUy eutertaini'd,, laat' t've- in honor of their llfteentli wcd~ nnnlvcrwa-fy, at tin oyster sup- Tile followniK enjoyed the af- air. und Mrs?. Kiwi Mt-yrrj* ami Air. and Mrs. Kdward, Meyers ui\d family. Mr. and Mrs. UCOI-KC McyciK and family, und Mr. and Alrb. U«nr>* ThunnahU'r itnd family, Aftvr ih«! bUpp*M- the fvcniiu,- VVHK t.potit in ganu>H und ntusif. It SVUH a . Taylor mun.v more Imppy togt»!her, GAVE PARTY LAST EVENING Mr. and Mr*. Morris EnUrtainod One Hundred Gueati. Mr. and Mr«, Kdward Morris, of Cole.tu, .delightfully entertained one hundred Kue.sls at n party Saturday p-vonltiK. The evening W;IH s*pt>nt in dancinK, kafnen uml iniiMlc.'afler which ivfr«»Hbinpnf«. were »«?rve«l. It vvu« « Info liour Whi'll I hi* KUCMH departed, •ill luivinK enjojcd H mo«t delightful timt', 7 GAVE A CHICKEN DINNER. Mr and Aim. M'arnn Klynn. of Cok-ta, eiuei'tained at a fbleU»-n dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mt« I', t'. HMIU and family, of SlerliiiK. Mr. und MIK. llonn'i lle.tton antl daiiKhter, td' .\lmil- inorcnt-v. Mr. and Mix. l.eioy <lafle>. of S(crlin«. Mr. und Mr.->. U'illUm' fey, of riii-rlliiK. Jiud tiraiitlm.) U.tU'e>. of <%delit. GAVE A DINNER. . Mr. and MIK John Clupyof tli'Oghl- ftill>. t'litcrianu'tl at dinner Kumbu, Mr. lo foi\v;i!o' I'.i'.d'i. h«. -Idiii Jinrii. — ' -After llto he \\ .1'' l"l till lo li'l 540 of ,- i)i--|,.'].t .'.tviiiiblii).,' <:t' r lit.' ATTORNEY AT LAW I M<» bind v.ii.'ii .Mi.' 1, I.,nr, 1'ii'lh'- p;»l'Vjl..','.iii); il''i- i:.-r\«"-. .ni.i In- Wit- ivn-. i^ fltT' it llli-.-' .1 i i" l 1 - • I'ol . ,i UISi' 1 -. VN'i.i II ' he r« f.i-,.•;,••! f •ill !H Bldij. .The Ui!iinv.i> !--:>in lin.itls up at* (in- hoii*; 1 wbcr. dtsCnVl"r« -I:,, A M.-(it'll '. Jl> H Mlalillll'll und tli'- ?.!ri<-U» n inaii v- r- finimi uiui" h<« bad droppt-d -iil'l"-! by lh<' bub of tin; \vh«'« I •'.••. lie \Vjl-i liloilKh! I" tl •' lioif."!' .Hid ;• Joct'ir «ent for. 11.- \\.-i.-i_ «lvi;.ii wh«l lYltrf \v;»s-'posi.sibie 'bur hi-*' 'bark )s ! slill ; l>aI'iil.vxt'il';',tid U t'u'ii i v .of- In. told, torj '•O'IIH- titne-wH;tl titf ii-Mili uili In-. ' ARM LOANS AT 5, 'f. or 10 yuars, up to .if;re if *i>curity warrant* MORTGAGES FOR SAJ-C ; JOHW M. STAGER LAW office Stager & Hut Ml>. •f Ceuexco, H. Suiiilller*. and Helen and Air. mil !•:. L. Chipper, t>f Tainpu-o. Alu<it< lh«-y atti'iided. .the (oothall 1'lic v.i'Hj If ill «• .iuVt pfiitd liit'U 1 * 1 i.nJ i'iM hi jK» -ti I*n-iil>yt4'ii,ingl».c.,a.n' ( tldt-nt |o»- gut*, luiveii ' . tu i'oinell h_.iv» .-p>>inliiv tKeu" »\itli i<-i.t(tv»,'« and l-'l i-irli -*(Hk;*'l M I,, -II Mi'iuliS \VlnH- ! i' -»Ucr hi tlu» yjty. laic h»ur when ihf ijopurted. '.vi«*tvitiK Mr, wud Mrn. j(3t'r<U'» mun> 11111(1' huppy' mum iTsurU'tt. A BIRTHDAY LUNCHEON Y»t«rd«y At The Home Of Mr». Sophia , - . Wehrend. Jiiw, sSophiH VVvluvn,! of Thud uxc- IMIii <|etlKhtlulIV enlcrtitlned HI ,i Idlicheon >e?.|('i'd;t5 )l( honor o! her i'iilild.O 'AlHiiit' tlilt !$ l.liiH'ti eiljo>ei! the ,li1,ill- ,' T- -.The alUilH'oii v,.i.s t-peiit wn'i.iiiv aiu! 'It f»Ur '»\'lol I, tt,' 1 tl"t»te).Jt f>, |\t"i d,U!'i\ |i fi e>htH«'li' - Doctors Agree On Eczema Remedy Confirm the Statements Aboat |>. P. HI V< til l« ••Ulllc h|H I inoi i the H"e»l-. dtlMiltd wi»lo>i fip<». T. Itlfliartlxon, M. l>,: "In m» C«plnlgii, 1). D. l». btioulel ti" upl'llfd ill till t'ttM'H nt hViu Ulneiisf- -an hmih'dlab* r^lt-f to lii«' tfrli, tt t'nlui to »*\i;ll>'i| ni'i vi<», »«»!', o'loihliiB, >ct o po«i-rful agi'iit, a Miiuisiu 4o tin 1 jji.iuKil Hv>tem." i?r. rnuii, n«iim-*:" n n n. n <i<t • n«'rtr a jipi'dlU* fur iH'Ai'ina jtnd t«0 dri-;i'ii-u nt ii <iuii)nii' fur umUriu, 1 < ."s fit>i», lnu'lii-r'i* itch, piuiii!**, «il I>r. Irft T. iTuUbi-i't ; -''I Jfii-i.'!.V udu.,f tbat 1>. 1> I'. iv!f !UM t'l'i-t vJX'Ji <>f i'1/i'iiiji and |i"rniJiii'.ii|i.v cun s tljctw ' IT ifuM**'4t tt i'ljt'Jtt.-St, K iir.i-. l.i ***'*' f.f ||li> lu-^t tl>i!l bj.K l.tlb It 1st (UO''. Wrsi- ii-.i) n U Urn fi'-.'iit \> Ji U. f)riui:t.!.> uri- »l;td tu r<«i "ttilii-'jitl U'H biwjilaiifc'. t i.ol:i'i{ iui'.ild ""'. .'.IK' t.:i'S ^ !'" ' ' I mil., in tu .iit'l »»• vvi:i It II j.>-i in ')>• u.i" >l t'..l t. in irUiil'li- !• iii.-.h _ V -fir iiU'ii- x r-.i- K •!I !i",H lltt' IH' t Imll'i' « 'loV- I! )»ll U I 1 . I'. ^ :'S ORUU STUHE i Speaking of ^^Q&lftjj^ ^^ttl^^ ^^^ff^^^^B B^^^W PRICES *^4« I 5 to «P I *OO Tw<i cars oflXunp at $1.75 on track Stocks complete Delivery prompt * The Weeks

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