Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 7
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TUESDAY. JULY 25, 1944 NAUGATUOK DAILY NEWS Page Seven Pre-war Clothes Will Be Out-dated In Post-war Days. Sell Now Thru Want Ads • •". :'^ '•'•• . '- . • .'" •'.•' _ ." . "„'. •'-;•,.•* • ' Employment als cc- ill:, litrlits, tfood urtis.*. Tot, Nnu- ft"" small M. Cull For Sale For IB KOOM House. All Improvement* At im Aetna street. Apply at 39 Mc-tlli-ton J-'OK *AI..K—Two family lioumi, 11 rooms, ^ c!U- yai-a^u and barn. All Lot 8-1 x :iti5. At asad-ince, Tol. 3-D-IG3, Brklge- pot't. Announcements Notice* niton. T EACHERS STUDENTS HOUSEWIVES! ! FULL OR PART-TIME WORK AVAILABLE Making Footwear Pin-in;,' SunmuM- Months Experience Unnecessary ^ OM'M-'AMII-Y huiiM'.s »f 4 roouiM i-iich, ail nioiiern Improvements, pre-war tiuill, 3 years old. Reason for soiling, owner In service, $r.,soo. « room, 1 family house, nil improvements also 3 yen fit old, situated on 3--I acre l:uul. Pi-ice $8.500. .If you want to buy or .sell see Palsy [Abrlola, 172 Ill|,'h street, Phono 3-lSS or 5S3-I, NKW :<-IiOUM cottllKO, vacant; li 5-ROO..M biintfnloif will; three (iti:u'lci-s acre Liml; new ID-ROOM 2-family hcnir.u on West side. A ShepK-y, Telephone 2-133, FOCIt KOOM house, one acre- of land, \Voostei- street. Price $3,.'l()l>; 4i-room hou,:-:, Scott street, kit 1~ x 2-17.' Price J-ISOO: C-room, '.-family house. Ward St. .1, 1 to.ily. telephone 5031. John Wanted To IJnv APPLY AT . United States Employment Service TJ,:; Hank St. 'WaUM'luiry, Conn. Stiiblllzntlon Conditions UNITED STATES RUBBER CO. .VcU'ir.'itud: Footworn 1 Plant XAl'CATt;CK CONN. SmAI.I, plot of ground I to 2 1-2 an rex in vicinity, of Natiiratuck. \Vrifo in cure Box F, News Olllce. I-uml For Sale Unlldiiij,' tot, I'M liy loo feet on Shirley street, two miles from A'lUiKattic!; off New Haven road. Price 8100. Cn!! VViUui'hurv -1-1551. 7:1 He in •-, District of Nuugaluek, as. Probate Court, July 24th, 104-1, ESTATE OF Charles L. Anderson, lute of Nuugatuclc, • within sakl District (deceased): WHEREAS, Application has been made to this Court for permission to sell certain real estate belonging to said estate, as application on flic more fully appears, it is ORDERED, That the foregoing application be heard and , .determined at the Probate OHIce in Naugiituck on the 2nd day of August, 3H4-I, at 2'o'clock in the afternoon and the Court directs said Administrator to give notice to all persons interested in said estate to appear, if they see cause, and be heard thereon, by publishing this order once in a newspaper having a circulation in said district, also :jy leaving with or mailing in registered letters, postage prepaid, from Naiigutuclt, u copy of this order to nil pin-lies interested and 7-esidirig without the Probate District of N'nugatuclt, all on or before the 20th day of July A. D. l'J-14, and return made to the Court of notice given. Attest, STEPHEN J, SWEENEY, —Judge. Announcements lid OHU BUSINESS 'coiiHlHtM of throe '.stages; . opening-, closing and uiuiKigumcnt. This Is a real opportunity to own 'your'own business. Cull' Watby. 4-1003. 12 lliivlnetm Announcements MOMJMjfiNTS Special -prices on .All Memorial* IV. RICHARDS 2«0 So;-Main St. Naugatuck '' '.•;'• Merchandise Merchandise - Merchandise Services Feed And Fuel WOOD—Buy now and SHV-I- .ffi pri cord. Cut 'o.ny,'. length- anil delivered. H. Sills,.-Prospect - r )-0759 Machinery, .Elwtrlo Automotive:: A ut OH For Sale'. 1'Eti Can Milk Cooler—Complete and milli bottler. A.. C.-Anderson, 173 Centei: 'street, Thom'asLon, Conn. Tel."1530-2 after 0 P. M. , Household Articles 11 And Found T\VO No. -I ration hooks, lust In vicinity of 'Bridge street, U. C. Joe Lisieski. Phone Naug. -1305, 'PACKAim !-•:.'•, 19-10 Willys SedanV' . .1938 Ford Tudor "'" ,:'• "PRICED BELOW CEITJNQ" Paekurtl-A-Y';iterbi.H'y,, liic. •IS2 Watertown Avenue .Dial'-i'-GlOO FOR SALE! ! ABC Washur Easy Washer Hamilton Beacon Vacuum Cleaner Electric Iron Hhn.scltold Artieles BABY—Cur seiitH, I'liiy ponn, Icitlil- netts,-cribs, high chairs, Kantwct muttreases, toys. THE RADIO SHOP ISO Grand St. Watcrbury ON'K STOKK Rr.frlK<!ralor, slici-r .ind scsilus. T. .1. 531' Norlli Main street, Union City.' Tel. 2GS3.. 2<J To liny CASH r ° r Y 0" r MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. . Mecca Music Co. 203 Bank -I-1422 BANK safe iTeposIt I>OX<;M wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what you hava to offer. J. 13. Murphey; He- public GOS-1, SIS YciUman Ave., Webster Groves 19, Mo, Fnincis Fiimiturn- Co. 440 NORTH.MAIN STRRET Telephone 3000 .'id -•(0:1 NW;I|> for wluit hav«; .you—A complete set, MODERN BUSINESS, in twenty-four volumes. Like new, or will sell for $20.00. SI30.00. Tel. nine. J3crore 10 ;L. m. or after 4 p. rri. , MllNtCitl TMlNrullaiicoiiK CKIJiS — Carriages, 1'lay VP.HH, Large selection of toys. Lowest 'Mr> DODO I-: Sedan, In-Jiter and RCA radio. Good .condition, $200. Apply 37 New street cor, Hillside nve. lil-U CONVJ£KTIULI<: Cluh Coupe Ford for sale. Radio and heater. Excellent condition. .4841. 312 Scott St. JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP VV<; •»»>', si-ll, nxp.lia.nse., ;m«I all kinds of instruments, ost prices in the cliy. 3SO-3S2'So. Main St., Wnlny, Conn. Services U'aol.-d To lU-nilirr S<:rvlcoj| Scrvlca Appliances a specialty. "-Rny Docker, 402 N. Main St.. Tell -«00<' OOD JOB I'AINTINCi A. J. KudKm.i. Call -Nans.' after H p .m. A'lTISNTION Ktuctrodix Owner* —Repairs, genuine parli »nd service. By bonded J£ii>clrolux Man. I. .Nls.icn, 3 T».res« Av«. Telephone 1822. , GH.\UO.SKrS lladlo Jtcpalr Shop. Radio's expertly repaired, inod- nratc prices. 'Phone 5617. And KIKVMA.N'S k's Great Dry Cleaning offers it.s class dry cioanir.p; not only in 'family j*ar- bul. blankcUs, rugs and clii- or specialties in Jhis field. KIEVMAN'S 7li Church Street IIAVINO 1,OST my RON ration book A, Issued to me by the local i£it.ionin^ board, I hereby file npplica! ion for IL new one. THOMAS CONNOLLY. Ill) Uusillcvi Oppurtnnitit'.s ROOM AND It OAK I). SIN'GLK M K X ONLY. INQUIRE 23 HOTCHKISS ST. For Rent KOOIIIH To Kent Off.'KATOK— K.xpcrlenertl on Sin. jtr Si-winj: Machine for slip cov- ffs nod uph«lst«ring. Allen's Up- toUtriir.g Studio, 1 Grand St. : Cor. S. Main. XtfibitiMUion Plan, GIRLS , Fnr lighr, clean bench Ifurrimicnt Assembly. "-M A. M. to 3:P,0 P. M. work. 3'Ioin-M n2 RUBBER AVE. j llflli Wunteil — Mule, or MltT TIMK — S1I.K .T'KKSSKK, OARMKNT PRESSER, DRY Cr,KA.VI-:i{. ROUTE DRIVER. AM'/.Y I'L'P.rTAN CLKANERS ' AMI tiYKKS, ?.0 UNION ST. JW.ii:, WATERBOT.Y. Tel. 4-2762 for a LOAN (Ask fur >1r. Wall) Thi-.ii- ar.> busy cUiy.-i ... if you l.av.- usi- for CASH to inM.-t .scnMunal neecl.s: Pucl, ClnthinKs. KniiM-Kf.-nc.-ieH, you will find the telephone a Kf'svt limp-saver. A loan of Si00 crisis $ when repaid in 12 i-qiial principal c.on- s-ciitivi- monthly inxtall- CKNTKAU.V loi-iitcil furnished room for jteiiUenuui, Apply IS r.arnuni court. Hu AI'AKT.MKNTS, I ami J nitiiiis; furnished. 'The Cluis. Roeu.<(rnr- ti-n Co.. 33 Lt>aven\vorth St. Tel. U-'atcrbtirv 3-111-1. (.'.\-i.-lii.iJvi- ri'i.-oril anil inimli; store. One of the finest in thu male. Cooil store location. Owner has othor business. A rent opportunity. Box K, in care of The DOIXJE — PLYMOUTH Sales Service Parts, Accessories Malcolm "W. SUirr •\3H Wutertown Ave. Dial 5-1M6 18 Motorcycle*, HICVCI.Ii;, very slightly used. Cost $32.50. With basket and lock. Cumpletn, $20.00. Tel. 28-17. Contractors PA TEH W. F. Tel. Jj-i IIAXGirv'G and Cota, 17 Cedar KITCHENS PRODUCE FOR VICTORY For Kent GAKAfiK, LSI. M.-adow SI., rear. Inquire Ralph S. Pasho. care of Cl>-m Thcau-i' or Walter A. Xor- wutfh, care of Noriivish Shoe Store, Announcements Want in Ads. Livestock V Soc I have been givon the rate boolt Tor n 27 mill tax on grand list of Ofiiobur .t. ia-13. One-half of this tax is due July 1, .'Ift'M and one-halt is due January 'I, 10-15. Both bills may be paid nt once. If the bill duo July 1, 19-l-t is not paid on or before . August 1, ^-1-1, Interest will be charged on both bills at fi-10 of 1 per cent per month urttil paid. If bill rfltie July 1, 19-1-1. Is paid on nr before August 1, 1944, interest will bo added on bill due January 1, 1!>43 after February 1, 19-15. T shall be in the town hall from 7 to S p. m. on the following dates: July 7, 1&4-I July l-l. 1944 July 21, :n-!4 July 2S. 19-14 July 31, 19-14 ' Signed; RALPH W. TUCKKR, Tax Collector. Eoacon Falls, Connecticut. 13,000,000,000 IBS. FATS AND OILS NIIDIO IN 1944 ' 68% FOR FOOD PURPOSES ^3g^ FOR INDUSTRY Wo need 12 billion pounds of fat during 1944 *o meet all demands in United States, according to War Food Administration. Of this overall requirement of fat, 68 per cont will represent the food supply for civilians and the armed forces, and 32 per cent, the so-called hard fats, used by industry, will go to manufacture rnur.'rtions and essential civilian goods. Into thij 32 per cent of industrial f*ts will go the used fat conserved and turned in from American homos. O- World War A Year Ago July 25, 1943 -O WAR BONDS PRIVATE BUCK (lly United Press) Premier Eenito Mussolini and hi.s- cabinet ousted in Italy; King Victor Emmanuel accepts "rosig- nations" and installs Marshal Pie- ii'o BaclOfflio as prime minister and orders him to form a military government "to continue the conduct of the war." In Sicily .Allied troops press toward Messina. Red Army troops capture another 30 villagose and halt incessant German counterattacks and nearly encircle the enemy base at Orel. British and American aircraft | strike heavily at Hamburg Kiel, in Germany. I More than 200 Allied planes bomb Japanese base at Munda, in the Solomons. Hollywood first naw him when ho was brought out from New York to play in ".Secrets'of the French Police." Soon after, ho was placed under a long-term contract by Mttre-Goldwyn- Mayer. Since then he has appeared in featured roles in many films, such as "The Wizard of Ox," "Henry Goes Arizona," "Broadway Melody of 19-10," "The Ghost Comes Horn "The Shop Around "Boom Town," and ing Virginian." "PIN UP GIRL" FEATURE AT GEM FOR THREE DAYS FRANK MORGAN HAS A NEW ROLE IN STRAND PICTURE- 1 show's boon called off, Buck. Wo'ro going on a raid tonight!" ... , Frank Morgan, heedless of all the Hollywood bugaboos about being "typed," simply kept out of danger's path by having a weather eye open for role.s that would run a wide gamut of comedy and drama. As he established a great vogue with his unique blustering, bantering comedy, ho bent his efforts all the more'diligently toward finding parts that had a solid emotional foundation. There were such chnracerizations, in consequence, us those in "The Mortal Storm," "Tortilla Flat" and "The Human Comedy," where his presentation of the lovable old telegrapher was picked by the critics as one of the high spots ot the past cinema year, Now, in "White Clilfs" now on the Strand screen, Morgan again has a. strong- dramatic i-olo which may well become one of the high points of the new screen year. Tho story of the forthcoming Him, suggested by Alice Duer Miller's internationally famed poem of thu same name, concerns an Englishwoman who has yeon those closest to her caught in the havoc'of two great wars. Irene Dunne has the leading role, with a cast that includes Alan Marshal. Gladys Cooper, Dame May Whitty and Roddy McDowall, Morgan has the part o( Miss Dunne'.-i father, editor of a small American newspaper. The "sweet" versus "hot" swing_ controversy chalked up a. draw at thu 20th Century-Fox studios dur- and ' ing the filming of Ectly Grabblc's ! latest Technicolor hit, "Pin. Up Girl." It happened while Betty \vas on the recording stage, singing nnd swinging .-.-This Is It," one of the Mack Gordon-James Mo naco hit tunes for the musica that starts today tit the Gom the ater. Accompanying Miss Grable was Charlie Spivak with his bam which ho leads in "Pin Up Girl." Spivak has earned widc.rep.uto for playing the "sweetest horn in the world." Silting <luiet)y on the sidelines was Betty's new hubby, Harry Jumna, whose "hot" trumpet has gained him fame and fortune. The one-sentence debate between "sweet horn" Spivak and- "hot trumpet" James was brought about by Betty's singing to -the accompaniment of Spivak during one of the song-filled sequences in "Pin Up Girl.'" . . It was Hnrry James who broke the ice. "You've got a sweet band there, Charlie," he complimented, "und if I might say so, you blow a mighty sw?ct horn." "Thanks." Charlie came back, evidently relieved, "coming from you that means a lot—and by .the way—-you're plenty hot yourself." KNOWS HER UATING Independence, Mo,, <UP)—When th« ministor of a local church recently explained a special new class for mothers of. the congrgation. which would be taught by 'an .expert teacher, one little girl sitting with her mother in the audience was sure she would fret to attend. The minister said, "Mothers,- bring your most difficult problems to the class with you." XIN'E I'IKCK Walnut <lliiln- room prices in town. Bl'jACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. J'i-ofi>s.sioiml Services set for .sale. Call 3.133. INC and slip covers. Amnxingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Maslor-craft .-mists. 1 Grand St. Waterbi.-i-y. Dial -1-OC-iO; Ads accepted 11 a. m. for the same day. Use News Want Ads for Results. FIRST ONE FINGER. THEN OTHER. VERY PAINFUL. THEN WHEN I TIRE OF STICKING tlTTtf NEEDLES, TAKE BOTTLE WITH AH, NATIVE 6OV CUVOUT IN ENGLISH. SO STRANGE/ INTERESTING EXPERIMENT I THINK YOU FIND THIS MOST . M ATIV/ F INTERESTING EXPERIMENT. V ROY SLOWLY, I RUN BAMBOO NEEDlEfSS~_l, INTO FtESH BENEATH ^ I/ FINGER NAI1S. — I'VE A MILLION THINGS TO DO . SOUNDS LIKE TT-EGlPLSARfi MOBBING A NOW WHATS ALLTHE COMMOTION IN THE OUTER OFFICE? CAN VDLi TAKE SHORTHAND. 2 ITAKE IT EASY.'! DON'T BLOW A 7OTHH BEAUTY c , ..„.; PAPIOR ' 3V MY SECRETARY SJECUKT ACEXT X9 By ROBERT STOKM / **•••*->*- * *•*• ^ j DON'T I-'.KH TU15 ! D'YA SUPPOSE / WE /WAV BS A5l_££f> IN MAKTY POSITIONS BHHIND GET INSIDE, IP VOU SNEAK" THAT LOUCS HAPPENED ( 7«e SARN...1ASE A LOOK! l' BAIWKV GOOGLE UGHT OOyOH RN t VO'RE ©RUSUTER'N A P'ftRL BUTTON I'LL c\pwe« VT OUT FES V6 VXHO06R 'GOUOOM HRINT FRO(Y\ WEN TRCVCK3 SHE'S THTCMGO By WILLIAM RI.TT and CLARKXCK By WALLY BISIIO1> KMOVO MOW ..AMD THE: CAKE THE |_AST<: TIME MADE ME SICK FOR, THREE DAVS," yo/j COME AUONS^i "CHI'S TIME? MEBBE ''I'M NOT <5OlM<3 ON ANV PICNIC VMITIA SUE

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