Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 14, 1973 · Page 15
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 15

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 14, 1973
Page 15
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SUnKRVnOR'S ANNUAL RKWIIT Town of Moquon STATE t>f lUAmS, ) Obwity of Kfwx ) liid followUig is A stitement by (MofA J. Buefcm«n, Supervisor of ttie Town d MMpMii ki the Oounty and State aloK^ said, d the amount puMie fundi rteeived and expended by him during the !i«&al year Just doiMl, ending on March 31, im, flhowing the amount of puMic funds on hand at (he commencement of said fiscal year, the imount of {MiMic funds received and from what sources received, the amount of public funds ejspended and for what puiposes expended, during fiscal year ending as aforesaid. The said supervisor, being duly sworn, doth depose and say that the foUoiwing statement by him subscribed is a correct statement of the amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of the fiscal year above stated, the amount of public funds received, iad the sowces from which received, and the amount expended and purposes for which expended, as set forth in said statemehts. ^ GLIFFORD J. BUOKMAN, Supervisor " Signed and sworn to before me on 9 April, 1973. Theodore L. Putnam, Notary Public TOWN FUND Balance on Hand March 31, 1972 $ 9,247.24 Receipts Oounty Treasurer, Taxes - $13,762.14 Towitthip Library, Soc. Sec. Taxes 124.M Rentals Received 90.00 13,978.94 L Kahn ft Son, St«il mm Salimt on Iknd Mtm 31,1973 .... SPECIAL BRtDOE FUND fiatance on Hand March 31, 1972 Recelpti Coiinty Treasurer, Taxes ...f 2,280.98 Farmers National Bank, Warrant 2,800.00 Total Available DIsbnrKfflents Marvin Riggs, Labor $ 142.00 Richard Thimnan, Labor 204.00 Steve Terpening, Labor 40.00 James Cecil, Labor 243.00 Tim Tei|»enlng, Labor .... 48.00 Merrill Bluet, Labor 382.00 Clarence Cooper, Labor 128.00 R. Meyer, Labor 128.00 Mamell Rock, Labor 238.50 M. Meyer, Labor 123.00 E. A. AusUn, Labor 312.80 Blunier Bros., Concrete 2,857.80 L. Kahn & Son, Steel for Bridge 679.46 Alexander Lumber, Form Lumber 720.42 Service Automotive, Equipt. Rental .... 196.00 Checks Printed 6.45 M,«M .78 I 80.09 11,715.47 4,790.93 I 6,506.40 dalMburs, lU. aaulfkid Advertising Dial 341-7181 OFriCE HOURS: Wor^t Golgsbuffl Regisfcr^MoiL GolesburgJII. Soturdoy, April 14, 1-20 8,155.83 Total Available Disbursements Roiland Meyer, Auditor $ 56.64 Arlen Mason, Auditor 132.54 Waiter Braahear, Auditor 123.18 James Mason, Auditor 75.84 Dale Dredge, Town Clerk . 283.92 Clifford Budkman, Supervisor, 454.26 C. B. Vamold, Road Commissioner .... 6,557.94 Albert Fauoon, Tax Assessor 643.22 Virginia Wittaker, Worit on Books 87.60 Ellouise Vamold, Accountant 135.00 Central lUinois Light Co. 339.20 Office Supplies, Dues, Printing, Etc 214.75 Illinois Dept. of Revenue, State Withholding Tax 168.73 Internal Revenue Service, Federal WithhoWing Tax 1,122.70 State Em^oyees Retirement, Soc. Sec. Tax 1,153.05 C. B. Vjffnold, Telephone Tolls & Labor Paid 1,078.03 Mid Century Telephone Co 44.92 Maquon Township Library Aid 250.00 Maquon Cemetery Aid - —- 250.00 Village Maquon, HaU Rent 90.00 Township Bldg. Repairs, Heat, Etc 352.27 Transfer to Road & Bridge Fund 2,000.00 Root Insurance Agency 1,033.00 ' Knox County Mutual Insurance 34.80 Burlington Northern; Freight ... 27.52 $23,224.18 Balance on Hand M«ux!h 31, 1973 ... RELIEF FUND Balance on Hand March 31, 1972 Receipts County Treasurer, Taxes Total Available Disbursements Food AM to the Poor $ UtUitaes Aid to the Poor Rent Aid to the Poor -- I 360.57 $ 3,850.09 2,805.38 $ 6,655.47 220.00 199.18 310.00 729.18 Balance on Hand March 31, 1973 .... RDAD AND BRIDGE FUND Balance on Hand March 31, 1972 . Receipts County Treasurer, Taxes , $16,082.97 Transfer from Town Fund 2,000.00 16,709.11 $ 6,515.07 $ 981.87 18,082.97 Balance on Hand March 31, 1973 .... ROAD BOND FUND Balance on Hand March 31, 1972 Receipts County Treasurer, Taxes Total Available Disbursements Farmers National Bank, Bond $ 3,000.00 Farmers National Bank, Interest 390.00 Farmers National Bank, Postage ...... 3.13 Balance on Hand March 31, 1973 .... MACHINERY & EQUIPMENT FUND Balance on Hand March 31, 1972 Receipts County Treasurer, Taxes $ 1,609.91 $ 5,926.29 $ 922.26 3.222.22 $4,144.48 3,393.13 21-2S 2S-30 •.SI 4-day> 6.13 e.7s 31-35 3.7S 4.20 *-*9 1.60 1.68 1J2 7.84 I S.24 I 2.13 _ Bund Ad Char«t --IOe Card of Thanki. In Mwnoriam, Lodie Netleti, OUicr NoUcei, l inch oi' l«i«HiS .7B. CASH RATS-Appllta whan ad it paid wlttiln 8 %a: ' lait Iniertton. laya from date of In Memorian--2 IN LOVING mamonr of our mother, Mrs. Mary E. Voeller, who died April 18, 1972. What I would give if I could «ay I'll go and aee her. Just today To hear her voice and see her nnila To sit and talk with her awhile I miss her deftply, I always will Her place on earth no ona can fill Take care of her, Lord, as she takes her rest Because she was our mother and she was the best. Daughters and Soni, Grandchildren, Great-Grandchildren BISENHOOVER. Alex — In loving memory of our dear husband. father, and passed away 14, 1966. grandfather who 7 years ago, April $ 751.35 $ 466.26 1,609.91 Total Available Disbursements E. A. Austin, Labor $ 595.50 Clarence Cooper, Labor 87.50 Marvin Riggs, Labor - 777.50 Merrill Blust, Labor — 87.50 Robert Dikeman, Fuel Oil & Labor 50.00 Steve Mason, Labor 22.50 Steve Terpening, Labor 100.00 Tim Terpening, Labor 100.00 Rodney Fleisher, Labor 10.00 Junior Rkgs, Labor 96.00 Donald Ulm, Labor 40.00 Mameil Rock, Labor 50.00 Charles Ferry, Labor 20.00 Mark Meyer, Labor 30.00 Lon Woods, Labor 88.50 Fletcher Pearson, Labor 20.00 Maurice Sargent, Labor 15.00 Larry Riggs, Labor - 117.50 Rdley Bros., Lubricants 100.40 Standaid Oil Co., Fuel 2,700.00 Widmer Farm Store, Repairs 58.15 B. F. Goodrich, Tires, Etc. 359.19 Ken Co., Repairs 167.70 Abingdon Rock Co., Materials - 1,223.19 Glasers Gravel, Materials 1,354.38 Alexander Lumber Co., Repairs 68.70 Simpson Powelson, Repairs 49.29 Dunmire Equipment, Repairs 940.00 Conlon's Garage, Hauling & Repairs ... 1,035.90 Westbay Equipment Co., Repairs 375.48 Peoria Wheel Co., Repairs 44.95 Hoyle Rd. Equipment, Repairs .— 993.65 Blackburn Mfg. Co., Flags, Eot., Repairs / 50.07 Black Bros., Repairs 28.50 Pachirrer, Cold Mix for Roads 669.35 Farmington Hardware, Repairs 7.10 Abingdon Motor, Repairs 134.96 D & D Automotive, Repairs 83.28 M. Langham & Co., Grader Control —. 225.00 Central Illinois Road Equipment Co. Grader Repairs 1,425.93 Road and Street Co., Chains for Grader, Etc. —- —- 492.00 Central Illinois Bondage, Repairs 205.77 SoiiTest Inc., Testing Instruments 21.45 Darren's FS, Repairs - - 80.49 Moline Consumers, White Rock 232.22 W 4 W Sales Co., Strip Coating 1,531.51 Gumthers Construction, Boom Rental — 20.00 J. Balagna & Sons, Repairs 101.94 Monmouth Metal Co., Culverts 177.65 , MoCallister Equipment, parts - 122.12 Peoria Truck Wrecking, Tires 90.00 Machinery Inc., Tools, Etc 363.09 Yates City Stump Removal 25.00 Custom Farm Services, Bolts 8.88 Wright Equipment, Parts 14.95 Glenn's Radiator, Repairs 22.60 Gerald Sears, Sawmill Lumber 72.00 E. J. WiUiams, Dozer Work 30.00 Lynn Supply Co., Repairs 70.80 Galesburg Canvas Products, Repairs -- 4.80 Couoh & Heyle, Repairs 39.91 Service Automotive, Equipmt. Rental -- 235.48 Weast Construction, Service 68.64 Blunier Concrete, Materials 275.00 Certified.Equipment, Lube Equipmt. ..- 145-00 $19,064.84 Total Available Disbnriements MxSElroy Roland, Repairs $ 42.00 DarreM's FS, Repairs 20.75 Lanes Glass, Repairs .- 5.00 J. Balagna & Son, Repairs 90.56 Harvey Bros., Repairs 78.00 Carison Hardware, Repairs ..- 88.73 Galeslburg Auto Supply, Repairs 106.75 P & M Accessory, Repau* 64.70 Westiwy Co., Repairs 126.67 Strode Garage, Repairs 168.15 Alexis Fire Extlngiilshers Co., Supplies $ 2,076.17 96.00 Glenn's Radiator,'Repairs 20.00 198.96 189.88 6.66 38.59 3.75 110.95 Firestone Store, Tires B. F. Goodrich, Tires .— Wheeler Garage, Repairs Tractor Supply, Repairs Moline Body Parts Olsons, Equipment & Rental Peoria Marchinery, Repairs 81.29 41.49 7.64 28.70 10.67 48.23 9.80 Canton Automotive, Repairs Campbell Behrens, Parts A & K Cathuretor, Repairs ...i Abingdon Motor, Repairs — Machinery Inc., Repairs Custom Miller Supply, Repairs - There is a lonely and winding road Along which each must go. It leads beyond the hills of time Into the sunset glow. But only for a little while Our dear one leaves our sight, For just belond the hills he waits In God's eternal light. Wife. May ChUdren Grandchildren CMId Care-ll BABYMirnt wanted,^nights. 'dali dMHd«DHA7 wanted to care for by licented babysitter, in my home. ^ Phone 343-2672. BABysil'r£)K needed In my home to beglh^at 3:30. variable hours Monday-Friday. Call 483-8191, Oneida.' BABVsn 'TEB wanteS^in my home for one child, day shift. Prefer own transportation. Call 343-9018 after 5:30. STORY BOOK _ CHILD CARE CENTER 369 N. KELLOGG — 342-3060 Open 6:30 weekly — Saturday 7:30. Ages 2 to 6. mtp WtBted • Male ^ii i mp Wiiief * Mile, Pmtlk^U IT yotnt ttHMM are aet high, and yttur bOM keeps ahoMlni you 6am, hete le youi* chance t« get lnt6 leieal ires corp. headquarters ae Purclttatnff Agent. You wiu astociate directly wtih management that is willing to work with you making your duties fun as ,wen, aa rewarding. Excellent beneflta and |10,000-f. Call Rich. 34S -mi, Wittle, Pryor. « Smith Peribnnei, Help Wanted • Male-ll MAM to work on farm and com mute to Oneida. Phone 483-627S. SIDING SUBCONTHACTORB-Ex- perlenced only. Have 2,000 sg.'s laying. We pay }2S a sq. plus trim. Call collect Moline, Ul. 309- 764-3S37. MANAGER WANTED For West Theatre. Apply in person to city manager, Orpheum llieatre, after 7:30 P.M. SALES trainee, learn all lines of insurance business, |6S0 per mo. salary, plus commission. Excellent fringe benefits. Call 343-9077. FULL TIME maintenance man needed. Apply Sheraton Motor Inn. TAKING applications for plant help, good understanding of basic mathematics, weights and measures helpful. Call 8:30 to 4:30 weekdays, 342-6176. FULL TIME service staUon help, must be 21 or older. Vern's Standard Service, 780 W. Alain. MAtlONALLY known research co. will train you in Ag. sales. 18.400 plus full benents. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112, Wittle. Pryor & Smith Personnel. DESIGNERS/Draftsmen. Immediate openings, exeeUent salaries. Local interviews April 13 from 8 to 9 P.M.; April ft, 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. Can Mr. Doug Smart, 343- 71S1. Comprehensive Designers, Inc., 1227 W. Glen, Peoria. Ill, 309-691-9073. Equal opportunity employer. DISTRICT MANAGER 110,000 BASE PLUS BONUS $14,000 -130,000 first year. Experienced insurance man to run Agency. CaU collect (309) 688-5226. National Assurance Agency, Inc. Notices - Special - Personal—5 DINGY LOOKING HANDKERCHIEFS clean bright as new when you add a pinch of cream of tartar In cold water. Spring household items sell fast when you use a Classified Ad. Rhone 343-7181 and ask for the WANT AD Dept. LEG CRAMPS — Don't lose sleep at night with leg cramps. Get quick relief with CALPLUS Capsules. CALPLUS is available on a money back guarantee at your pharmacy. DRINKING PROBLEM? Want to do something about it? tiet us help yOu help yourself. Phone 342-2179, 24 hours. Confidential Lost and Found-4 MAN'S billfold lost in front of ASeP Store, next to Arlan's, $100 reward. 389-4386. BEAGLE lost Wednesday afternoon near Seminary and North. 1973 Rabies vaccination No. 119. Answers to Bruno. Reward. 342-6062. Bosioess Service—7 TRUCK mechanic, excellent opportunity for experienced truck mechanic In Decatur and Galesburg, 111. areas. Ideal applicant will have a minimum 2 to 4 years experience servicing truck transmission, differential, hydraulic systems, etc. Should be able to work afternoon and evening shift. Union scale plus liberal fringe benefits. Send details of experience and qualifications to Box 803, care Galesburg Register-Mall. Equal opportunity employer. WORKSHOP — Assistant foreman, woodworking or mechanical skills desirable. No age limit. ObUin application at Positive Attitudes, 876 W. Main, Galesburg DISPATCHER for class one motor carrier. Exceptional fringe benefits. Experience helpful but not required./Phone Milan, 787-4481 or write P.O. Box 655, Milan, lU. Monday A. & A. Painting and Remodeling Contractors. Houses, Barns. Garages, etc. Abingdon 462-3829. Free estimates. PAINTING — Interior and exterior. For free estimates Call 342-3896 anytime. ' 1,683.92 Balance on Hand March 31, 1973 .... FEDERAL REVENUE SHARING FUNDS Balance on Hand March 31,1972 Receipts Federal Government $ 6,247.00 Interest Earned 39.84 Total Available Disbursements None Balance on Hand March 31, 1973 GRAND TOTAL SUMMARY Balance Receipts. Disbursa- Maich 31 1172 I 9,247.24 981.87 1,715.47 3,850.09 922.26 Loans'or ments, Loans Transfars Transfafs Town Fund Road & Bridge Fund Special Bridge Fund Relief Fund Road Bond Fund -.Machinery & Equipment Fund — Federal Revenue Sharing Fund - $13,976.94 18,082.97 4,790.93 2,805.38 3,222.22 $16,709.11 19,004.75 6,155.83 729.18 3,393.13 I 392.25 none $ 6,286.84 $ 6,286.84 Balance March 31 1S73 $ 6,515.07 60.09 350.57 5,926.29 751.35 466.26 1,609.91 1,683.92 392.25 none 6,286.84 none 6,286.84 Income Tax Service Experienced. Helen Richardson. Ph. 343-8917. 1473 Monroe St. RIGC Home Improvement Co. Roofing, siding and repair. Phone 343-6944. Hours: 8 to 9. Free estimates. GARDEN TILLING Mao 's Excavating. Phone 343-3382. PAPERHANGING, painting, estimates. Phone 289-2729. Free WANTED — Lawns to mow, have grass catcher. Phone 343-2633. WILL DO typing in my home. Accuracy guaranteed. Will pickup and deliver. CiU Alpha 529-8421. CLEAN TYPSWIUTER KEYS fast by applying adhesive tape. Press hard on each etter . . . then lift tape. Turn Id e items into cash fast with a Classified Ad. Phone 343-7181. REMODELING room addition. Custom camper cabinets and land- scaplng. Call 343-3946. GARDEN TILLING — Rolling, aerating, power raking and fertilizing. England Lawn & Garden Service. Phone 343-7049. ORDER NOW FOR SPRING Seamless Gutter Aluminum & Galvanized White Painted Old Gutter cleaned and repaired. Home Owned Machine. FREE ESTIMATE D. J. BUSSE Phone 342-6863 LOCAL manufacturer of large off highway equipment has openings for experienced Mig and flux core WELDERS and TURRET LAIHE operators. Apply in person, 8 A.M. to 3 P.M. " thru Saturday. KRESS CORP. Illinois St. Brimfleld. ni. DOORMAN wanted for evening hours. Apply In person at the West Theatre between 7 and 9 _p.m; BUSINESS Representative — Sales, Represent financial firm by con tacting business and industry. Ex cellent opportunity for person with some sales experience to become associated with a progressive company. Co. car, ex- pensea and 88.400 to atart. Call Jim Scattergood, 342-1112. Wittle, Pryor & Smith Personnel. _ SELECT A~NEW"FUTURET Sales Representative WHOLESALE PETROLEUM COM PANY^NEEDS AGGRESSIVE SALESMAN FOR ESTABLISHED ILLINOIS AND IOWA ROUTES SELLING OU> AND NEW ACCOUNTS. COMPANY CAR, FULL EXPENSES, SALARY, BONUS Sc PAID VACA-nON. FOR CONFIDENTIAL INTERVltW WRITE BOX 807, % GALESBURG REGISTER-MAIL, GIVE AGE. MARITAL STATUS AND SALES EXPER lENCE. MAN for JANITORIAL WORK Fringe benefits include vacation and health plan. See Ken Norville at STIERWALT BUICK 149 W. Main IF YOU have a few yeara on the job and would like to get aome- thing a little better, try this: Local financial corp. needa aomeone with high achool diploma to train and grow. Friendly boss, no experience necessary. Start at |6,000 or better. Dial Rich, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & Smith Peraonnel. SALESMEN Looking for aggressive, ambitious self-starters with background in the field of investments or mutual funds. Past earnings should be in excess of 820,000. We are a newly formed investment and mortgage company whose top producers have earned in excess of $100,000 annually. We are anxious to open additional offices and have ground floor positions available along with stock options in our company for the right man. Call area 309-755-5056 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. For App't and Personal Interview Help Wanted - Female—12 Taking Applications for WAITRESSES Will need 6 waitresses soon. Call Mr. Peck for appointment. 343-5151 HUDDLE JNN WOMEN to work mornlnga in dry cleaning plant. Apply in person, Carlaton Cleaners. 262 N. Prairie. WANTED Physician's office assistant. Experience not necessary but would be desirable. Need amblUous person with intelligence, ability, good personal and speech habits, and neat appearance. Will train. Write latter to Box 811, care Galesburg Register- Mail, deUUing past work experience and education. EXPERIENCED waitress. 3 nighta per week, every other Friday and Saturday off. If you are looking for a top waitress job call Jack Enes. Northgate Lounge, 343-8645 before 5 P.M. 342-6415 after " P.M. MATURE woman for part time office work, about 4 hours per day. Pleasing personality, typing, ability to handle people and details opptyt R.—Great Po- BSEE—Local . PLANT ENGR tentlall BSIE—Advance now! BSME—Growth spot! SAFETY ENGR.-Unllmitad 616 ,000 ,000 ,000 ,000 required. Galesburg Culligan, 178 N. Cherry St. LOCAL !lMe TV Co. needs salM JiH ot part time. Call be« tween.S A.M. and 8 P.M. weekdays tor app 't. 34S-216I. Experienced Broiler Cook Wanted. Apply in person. Chef, Sheraton Motor Inn. COUPLE WANtED to manage medium site motel. Live in. Towne House Motel North, 1901 North Morton Ave,, Morten, 111. DESK Clerk needed at Hotel Custer. Apply in person, Kellogg and Simmons. Assistant to Financial Vice-President Growth oriented retail food chain acekt an Individual to act as an aislatant to the financial vice president. nte person wt aeek wiU serve as contreUer. Poiltton requires a strong background in accounting and suMrvlslon of people. CPA eertlfieate is preferred. Salary conunensurate with experience; coniplet* benefit program. Send resume In confidence and including talary history and accempiMunents to Director of Personnel BENNER TEA CO. 3400 Mt. Pletsant St., iBurlington, la. 52601 PERSON wanted to live in permanently and care for elderly man. Good home plus salary. Write Box 804, care Galesburg Register- Mall. TEENAGERS, 16-20 — Here is your chance to earn good part-time money. Save for coUefe, • new car, a great trip, or neat clothes. If you like Pop-Rock music here is a part time Job that you will dig. Write us. Immediately for interview burg. Postbox 1313, Gales- FASCINA-nNG PART TIMB WORK —If you have 10-80 extra hours per week avaUable end would like to earn good money please write us immediately. We have a truly interesting part time Job. Clean work, no hard labor, and excellent eompeniaUen. It you live within 30 miles of Galeaburg please write today — Po^t Box 1313, Galesburg. WANTED -- People Intereited in 2nd or 3rd Income worklM part- time out of their home, faming from flOO to 81,000 a month. For a "No Obligation" Interview call 343-6868, WOMEN or Men to work part time 2 to 4 days a week in local meat processing plant, 8:30 to 8. Phone 343-0814. InitractioB~lS PART TIME. National suppUer wiU train man for local typewriter repairing. Write: Regional Manager, Box No. 28, Glenshaw, Penna. 1S116. Business Opportunity—17 Before Vou INVEST The Galesburg Reglater-MaU attempts to determine the re- llabUl& of the edvertlaer In all ads tequlrlng an Investment. It cannot, however, guarantee aU such offers. We recommend that you INVESTIGATE luUy before Investing. FOR SALE: SmaU, estabUshed recreational equipment aalea and service business. Good potential for young man with outdoor sDorte and mechanical Interests, very reasonable capital required. Write Box 808, care Galesburg Register-Mall. opptyl —.811,500 IE TRAINEE—No exp. req. $10,000 MODEL MAKER—Refrigeration $10,000 BODYMAN-New shop! .—$10,000 TOOL MAKER-Expanding Co $10,000, TRACTOR MECH.—Become Mgr. „ $ 9,100 WAFTSMAN-Meoh'l design $ 9,100 SAACHimST—Lathe or Millwright ..-$ 8,500 DRAFTSMAN—Civil layout $ 8,320 PROD. COORDINATOR— Area firm I $ 8,000 DIESEL MECH.—Nice Boss! $ 7,800 PARTS MAN—Great Job! ..$ 7,800 FOREMAN—Move up fasti $7,020 MAINT. MAN—Secure position! - $ 7,020 MXINT. CUSTODIAN- Local Man $ 6,500 FOREMAN TRAINEE- CO. will train I $ 6,500 CLERK TRAINEE—Stock & Inventory $ 6,240 Call Bob Tilton, 342-1112 Wittle, Pryor tc Smith Personnel NOW taking applications for counter girl, 7:30 A.M. to 1:30 P.M., 6 days a week. Apply In person, Carlston Cleaners. 262 N. Prairie. WANTED — Elderly lady or couple to stay In country with elderly lady. Call 343-4841 or 878-3367 after 4 P.M. 20 PHONE SALESGIRLS Part time for WGIL Shoppers Checkbook. 9 to 1, 1 to 5 or 5 to 9 P.M. Apply Room 212 Weinberg Arcade or call 343-7311 or Bob Jolley, Holiday Inn, 3422151. TIME waitresi PART be 21. House. wa: Apply . nights. Beserra's Must Taco DINNER waitresses — evenings, must be 21. Apply in person at Marties, 87 S. Cherry. FULL "TIME day waitress needed, also part time night waitress. Apply In person, Angelo's Itelian ResUurant. 1824 N. Henderson. FOR THE woman who haa set her sights at the top. All you need is a wUIingnesa to loam and the company will train you in the field of consumer you credit. $5,700 SALES POSITION OPEN WITH NATIONAL PUBUSHING COMPANY Job consists of calling on top executive accounts. Average income $18,000 to $28,000 commission. AU applicants must have proven sales background. Appllcanta send brief resume to THE TOWN & COUNTRY Publishing Co., Inc. P.O. Box 689, LaPorte, Ind. 46350 FINEST one man business in area. Velvet textured wall covering in decorator colors. $1,800 Investment required. Call collect Mr. Morgan, 904-386-1707. WANTED — People who want to earn from $100 to $1,000 a montn S art time, in thalr home> write lox 4, Bishop Hill, ni. and all fringe benefits. CaU Lynn Breeze, 342-1112. Wittle, Pryor ' Smith Personnel. WAITRESS wanted 7 A.M. to 3;3C P.M., also part time waitress LAWN ROLLING E. J. MARTIN-342-0521 TOTAIiS -...$17,183.19 $50,775.19 $47,675.92 $20,282.48 All accounts have been examined and found to be correct with above balances. C. J. BUCKMAN, Supervisor ELLOUISE VARNOLD, Accountant Dated March 31,1973. Keithshurg Man^s Dog 'Graduates^ KEITHSBURG - Carroll E. Reid, a member of the Keithsburg Lions Club, has received word that his German Shepherd dog "Bo" completed training early last month at the Leader Dogs for the Blind school at Rochester, Mich. "Bo," the 3,544th dog trained by the school since it was founded in 1939, is now the "eyes" for her new master, a 17-year- old boy in Pennsylvania. Reid dogs U.S. Bicentennial Stamp Published ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (UPI) — A horse-drawn stage coach delivered the mail Friday to mark the publication of the second bicentennial stamp issued by the U.S. Postal Service. The stage coach was driven by a mailman wearing Revolutionary War clothes. It brought first issues of the stamps from the city post office to the Associated Stamp clubs South Jersey convention Shelbourne Hotel. The new pictures a of BEPAIB and Bemodeling contractor, siding, carpentry, cement work, tucking, basement waterproofing, rooling, g u 11 e r 1 n i painting. Free estimates. Wor guaranteed. Albert Briggs, 3421941. 342-3426. _ _ CARPET CLEANiNG. Dirt is actually extracted, not Just surface cleaned, with clean, clear soft water steam. No long drying period. Ron's Stcamliner, 3424232. has been raising leader all for the school since 1968, and ;is currently raising two black iLabradors which he plans to eight-cent stamp i ship to the school in October man posting a;and next January. broadside, a type of newspaper that circulated during the War of lnd«pendence. Dogs are contributed to the school and are given free-of- charge to blind persons. WHITE ROCK DRIVEWAY SERVICE E. J. MARTIN-342-0521 HOME repair of any type. Cement. roofing, carpenter, guttering, painting, basement water-proofing. Free estimates. Herb Walton, r.uaranteed. 343-9563. ELUSON'S Refrigeration It Appliance SERVICE — 342-2M7 Expert diagnosis DYKE'S TYPEWRITER SERVICE, cleaning and repair. 1571 Beecher Ave. 342-6603. Free pickup. CITYWIDE RUBBISH REMOVAL We furnish metal containers for apts., business offices, stores and factories. I cubio yard thru 50 cubic yard sizes. We rent flatbed trucks or containers for one stop spring cleanup, remodeling or Honey Do special projects" Call low bidder Bill. 3431134. 24 years of exparlences. Moving - Storage-"! LOOKING FOR A BETTER FUTURE? Show our New Line of Specialty Advertising. Calendars and Gifts to Business Firms. Full or Part Time. Prompt, friendly cooperation with a low pressure, progressive firm, in our 64th year, rated AAA-1. No Investment or collections. Weekly rammissions and liberal bonus. Samples furnished. Write to John McNeer, Dept. 716, Newton Mfg. Co., Newton, Iowa 50208. GROUND floor opportunity offered by expanding Texas oil company. Loading manufacturer of custom lubricants — roof coatings — chemicals. Find out about the best quality, the best opportunity for salesmen tod,iy. For information write Danny Kness, Division Manager. P.O. Box 20878, Dallas.^ Texas 75220. OFFICE "MANAGER": Small'office desires person to keep things running smoothly. Be in the know, take charge of friendly, cooperative group. $10,000-1-. CaU Rich. 342-1118, Wittle, Pryor. <c Smithy Personnel. SALES Trainee. Sell food to local supermarkets for well known brand name co. $8,300 and co. car plus bonus. Call Jim Scatter- t ood, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor & mith Personnel. Sc Lunch, Main St., Gales 343-9386. g art time bakery clerk. Scandta akery Sc " bujjE^h. LOCAL CONCERN has just lost its bookkeeper (she retired) and has opened the doors to welcome another one to the congenial group. 15,200. Call Lynn Breeze, 342-1112, Wittle, Pryor Sc Smith Personnel. RJECEPTIONIST — A great oppor- eone benefits. Call Lynn Breeze, 342- meet someone who 'ifkes the public. $338 and 1112, Wittle. Pryor & Smith Personnel. AVON. TO BUY OR SELL. CALL 342-1622 or write Avon Manager. P.O. Box 1385, Galesburg, Jll. 61401^ _ MOTHERS I need one sharp woman to hire and train toy demonstrators for the Playhouse Toy Co.. June to December. World's largest toy distributors. Free training, work mostly from your home. Opportunity for husband to earn extra money delivering merchandise in company truck. Write Cathy Kepchar, 4052 Indiana St., Gary, Ind. 46409. DISHWASHER — Older man preferred, nighU. Apply Beserra's Taco House. PAR'T TIME mechanic, reliable, with bicycle, mlnlblke and small engine experience, to work 4 or more hours between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Phone 343-9984. EXPERIiaiJCJJD foreign car mechanic wanted. Classic European ImporU, 2001 Grand Ave. Phone 343-4222, STORAGE SPACE AVAILABLE NOW! Puckett Moving & Storage Grand and Penn».-^343-9l48 FULL or part time worker needed to start immediately. No experience necessary. Phone 343-2106. An equal opportunity employer. NEED Carpet Layer to lay approximately 200 to 500 yards of carpeting weekly. Please send rates and information to Box 800, care Galesburg Register-Mail. WHITE SPACE INCREASES OF ^li^'w^SjT ADS Help Wanted - Male, Female^lS MUSIC PROMOTION! Dynamic music promotion firm seeking aggressive men and women who like the following: Be your own boss, do your thing, earn good money, and have a most fascinating poslUon. We invite you to discover the exciting fast moving music field of Pop-Hock. CStW, Soul, and Jazz. If you are ready to get out of your rut and join the swingers we are awaiting your brief resume. Write today Post Box 1313. Galesburg. WANTED — Expertenced Real Estate Sales Person- We pay ton commissions and offer top advertising, secretarial service, office fsciliUes. and require a minimum in sales from our sales personnel. Call Anthony Lischwe. Realtor. 343-U«5. FOR SALE: Dress shop Inventory and fixtures. Ladlea maternity wear and sportswear. Also infant wear. Will sell all or part, very reasonable. 734-7107 before S a.m. or after 9 p.m. BE YOUR OWN BOSS Unlimited opportunity in light manufacturing, garage type operation. Ideal for part time but could go full time. Protected territories; estabUshed national accounts. Up to $45 an hour, possible 111 ,000 a year income or more. Investment $5,139. LeFran Manufacturing. Inc., Moline. lU. Ask for Mr. Lukins. Call collect. A/C 30B-7M.37M. Moaej 10 LOBB - Wiated-ll WE MAKE CI. FHA and FHA Section 235 government subsidy loans. Call Colonial Mortgage Co.. A. B. Llsohwe: ill Baalc of Galesburg Bldg. 343-lies. iBiaraBce—29 FOR any kind of automobile. traU- er, boat or motorcycle insurance. call Lischwe Insurance. 411 Bank of Galesburg Bldg., 343-1165 or 59 E. Simmons St.. ^42-1187. Good lUafi To Ett^tl DIXIE CREAM OONUTS Complete varlety»Freib dally. Discount prices on quaoUty orders. Open DaUy and Sunday 3 A.M. - • P.M. 144 E. Main Next to Walgreeni. Home Improvemeat— ts ASK YOUR neighbor why she changed to MIRACLE WATEIl —she'll tell you of the crystal clear, pure, refUied wBt« at every tap. The only MOlACLE you can Bent or Buy-^ A MIRACLE WATEB REFINER Call: LEO SWITZER Hie Miracle Man 481 N. Henderaon — 342-61M SPBCIAL INTR0WCTOBV~0««: 12.00 a month for «j amount of Soft Wat,,. . Soft Water Co., 3*3-3838. ,an unlimited 'eter.. Undsay DUE TO expansion and relocation of store personnel, we need 1 experienced Hi-Fi laleunan and l counter girl, Apply in person, LaSalle Elactronlci, 240 $. Seminary. BE gentle, be Wad, to Uat expensive carpet, clew with Blue Lua- trc. Rent electric *ii9mpaoer II. Peterson's. 43 9. WtSm. '* (Continued on Fag« te)

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