Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 5, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1916
Page 5
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TiLTiioTs. TUESDAY. DEC, 5,1916. PAGE -1 JjRGES PROMPT ACTION ON THE MEASURES LEFT IN RAILROAD PROGRAM •f !<n> *, n Th STERLING NEWS IN BRIEF LEFT Mi •.; OVER U...U t- i f:i d.iv .if VI. til' tit '•!" in > - l.a^irt abkv nf flf! f III It!!' Third, In !!>'• \ » latr tr Mithnl ir' the I'ti ,. ( m •) Hi !;ii-.. in? f ion .-icHi.-i- > that l-iw. <-lr ; t ;ed K!~ fi'IH'! •;,:*!: « *.-\et thc<i'f ThHr um- vvhi' (in).- r. but body the *.f men to nb * in i xperiein-t 8-hi'>in- <inv in of tinn i if the ,ip- idt-iit of .1 srn:i!l c the :»rMia| (*•the adoption "f t!.l!|v|H>| tit . tvottld uf the tlon alikr- for tfie men and fotvthe rnil- l-'ourlh. etplt. tt appriival !n the Congress *>f th»> ,enn.-i.h r.'iti'O! b>- the In- tei5s(n(e «'i,,. ComrnlsMon of nn of freb-bt late" to meet sin It additional fxp"ndltnt'--" S bv the ruilioads UK niay !fav»- b«-rn tendfnd necessary l«i the adoytimi of -the S.h.'tir day and whieh have rml been off-e( Jiy ,'tdtnln- i-(rative leailjitstmentM and r-coitomies. vdtould the fact* di'u-lo" d juylify the Fifth, an <,-<m< ndinent of the. existing: frdrral stiltute which provlde-d for the medlntlon, conciliation, and Arbitration' of fiich controviticM n« the present by rtddlnc to it a piovi^int! that, in e:(-<e the methods of accommodation now' provide?! for should fall, a full public illVeDtiKMlioil of th'' Illi Ml' of every nnch dispute "hall be I'nNtltulid and ^completed before a -itnke of lockout mny lawfully be attempted. And, ffixlh. the lodgement in Ihe luind.i of the Executive of the power, in ca»««? of mllittirv nec*MsitA. to take control of pnch portions'tind such roll- Ing Mock of the railways of the coun- a.f may !»«> tc<|nired for military and to opctitie t-iiein for military s. with nutlioi it\ to tlraf! into the military Kcrvic.c of the I'nltfd try U«e Stwte* t|Ilttve l«<lUir«* Th train 'c iHls an and admiiil.s- the «* for - .xeciMii! — t-ffieif-ltt -t»*«v -»f thew rec- -Ks immVdiate* and thi the t'lin ly acted on: It established the S-hour duy i\fi the legal bawl* of work and wng'- CH in train wrvice and it MUthori/.ed the appointment of a commiHKtitn to observe and report the practical re- tiult.s, deeming thi'«ie the meTi*tircM most Immediately Heeded, lull it postponed action upon the other MiiugcMion* until no opportunity should be otVen-d for u more dctHieratc cottMideration of them. The foiirl.ll reriiiumeiidfttion 1 «lo not <!,ei in H ncce-ii-;tr> to renew. The power of the Interstate <'ommerce rc-J»d«-r .'l .-uij •• s«ary. Kv» it ib'lri ji-ii[»!ir,l the- i!it'-rr-«t :'Mtd <if the trovfrnrm-nt, Campaign Expenditures. (rmiK'HnH p,'*«i<m-,:i of tlir- bin (c> ret; nidi!- lit*-- i'\ p<-iii|i',tii ••• Of rnoNi-v in "lection 1 * tnrty »— i ni to hi" If*?? ri'-rew- *:try th.-iit th»> tmin«-diii|e fnai'Iin* til i>f the oth< l m« •,'lMiil i •?< In which I r'-frr; hf>c:tiiwe at l<-:i"t (vvn yi-jirM will c!;tp.vr> b«-fot" ;tiiothr>i rifctimi in which federal office ;«!••• 'to 1>« «II«-.|; but it would Ki-fitlv »•!•)(••»•• (he public mind if ini« ImporfMiit mtitt'T vveri: -dealt - with »v!iil«' tin- HrcuHiKlaiict'M and the <l>ui* •K'-rs (« I'll'- public montl." of the pr".«• ni wfthitcl of obtaining »nd speiiillriH ( .-impul^M fi!n<i>- sutml clear under rc- ci Ht ob««'t vsuinii and the method?* of cxp»'iidltnr'> can IK- frankly studied In the light of prf-ft-nt experience; find •t df-liiy would havr> ihe further very -«>rirHi« iHsAilvtuiL-ict' of poxtponiriK fiction iintil ;inoth»T election wax' nt hnrid :«n<l »>pi'elal object connectA! with II inU-hi !><> ihonuht in In- in the nilinl of ihotf who nrKed !t. Action can '"' t,4,'Ti now with fin-in for iruldHnce ami without MiMpielouM tif p:ittjv;ui pnrp«'se. I «<h;tll n»l arum* at tcnplfi tlic ilc *lml>illl.v .of tlvinu a fri'iT liaiul. in ll!«' tnilHi'r i.f cotllliilH ,| Hue) Cnficvl K-il i-ffutt in llui**^ who Hfmil iimh'rtakf III" )•»«< ntnl i ist«-rjiri«i> cf IttillOliiK up tntr i-x|M.rt trulr. That cnt<>f|irlMi< will )itc,fntly. will iminmUntcly hns |itili-f(j nlroaOy acciimeO.' a ludi iin|iif'i'i-iidi titf'd In utir cx|)<*ri"rico. \Vc Iias'c lint ).h«« IH>C» > f«ary IUKt rnj'iitalilit'K for it« prnHfoiitlon; tt I,* ilt'i rni -d tti !•<• dmilitful xvln'th'T th«'y iTcatcd upon nrrtulcfiUfitt* " FROM f:.-•.' A inr.'i' l'* YESTERDAY. \ S I <> Miv I 'f nd ' , ftk.; Mrs i-d!It \\'l Mi- K-.<H-< ("Vine > •• a i!'1 .? .1 rr>- -^ !(•• l'u;"»n %-evtr - M ;tn. l.»ev :n. hf-r Sterling Daily Gazette Auction Sale Department CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORD FOR SALE- ft. n< \ 1.: in- !»** lutff-' t ••II put-lii- nii ',' r ml!'-" : viiii .M w.-.nt. .Chi-" \i«it. ' ,>s;it tfiis left v?. Evelxn. <ai'..-tn"Ur-h irii thiM rn'ornlhg for ,-t «ii.>!» 'lei. rue A. Over .went to < 'h, moining <ni business. Mr. and Mr«. «'. S. Van I >e Maik Ibis niornlni: fot- t-'t. Myers, Kin. where th< : v will make an extend' d visit Mr.", little r.'dwards went to IJuck- ford this morning for H vi--H. t'. A. iriinu went to Chicago thi.-! tiornlhg «in"Tiir«iiii«s-». ,I:ike Flock went to pr-oria today. M. It, Thackaberry wan a prisjiengcr o INtirlii thi« moinirtg on btislne^sis. Mr. fiisd Mrs. .' A. Kilgour went o Chicago thifs morning where they Will attend the stock nhoW. Miss Martha L'tif* has accepted M nosilitui with the (•'. W. W not worth Co, .Miss Helen Slone is unable to be nl ilnti schol tefdny on account of wrench- ng her hip. She had the misfortune o full drrwn jitalr.". Cbarle*: Kngle, of Milwaukee, rj'turn- >d this morning «ft« t spending Thanksgiving nt the home of his ptirwii*. Mr. ind Mr*, Jacob Kngle. of this <-lty. l-;mmilt (billager ,'»1id Miss Marie iallager, of \'« He, |ow,i, enrolled In the trown'f* Huslnr-H* rollf>K« thin morning, thry-Avtll trtk'- n combined ronrpe. and Mts.'L. C, Johnson and fam- DIXoii. Were entei tnltM'd Sunday A. D. Pftindslein home. , l.endtvtnn and t'Mienter Wllllanis returned to Champaign :ifte; home of bay i t,ftr,o old; t 3" t'ittcH on the ground referred to 1» Indisputably ami a recommendation by the Cnngrem* vvilh regard to such n matter might went to draw in MUCH" tlon the *eope cf ih«.. CoininiM*ion'* iMithoNiy or lt»\ inclination to do ju*- )!•' ito r'-iiMin to doubt Th>* other III Ille llltlTMUt' utonV ntcrnherahip arid In it« 'for performing it* manifold diiticx. the provision for full public and MMMi'Mtiinent of Indll* and the grant t« the Kxccutlve of the power to <*ontroi and operate the railways when nwcwwu'y in time of war or other like public nccwdiy.-—!. now very earnentiy renew. The neceHKlty for Hitch legislation it* manifest anil preiwlng. Those who biiVe entrusted us with the responsibility and duty of nerving ami «afe- Ktiiirding them in such 'matters would. Unit It hard, I believe, to excuse, a failure to act'upon these grave rnatter.s i>r any . unnccc.sxary postponement of ;irijoti upon them. Not only doe* the. inierstute Commerce Commission now tlnd it practio ally imfioHKlble, wlth.ilH present membership and organixation. to perform i,t» great functions promptly and thor- but it IH nut unlikely Mint It may be found nilvl'wihle to add to Us duties utill others equally 'heavy iiml exacting. It must tirn? be nerfcet- fd'aii an adininint,atlvt> itiHlnnm-nt. Remedy With Congrecs, Th*" country-cannot nnd should tint coiiKcnt to remain any longer exposed to profound induMiJal _ diMutbanccM for lack of nddtttontil means of arbitration nnd conciliation which the Congress (Mil ou*iiy and piomptly pl>. And all will agree lh«t there be no doubt an (o the power of tho K^ecutive to nmlvc immediate and tin- intttriupu-d UHC of the railroads for the concent i ai Ion of the militiiiy forces of the Million wlH-revcr- they, are needed and wU?ii«»v»-r they ure needed. This IH » programme of rcgula^ori^ picVfiillon, and administrative efficiency which urgiM-M lt« own case in the mere Halc'mcnt of it, Willr regard to oite of HM ileitih, the Increase in the efficiency of the Interstate 'Commerce clear away, all legal' olmtarlcM and create n bitsi.M of undoubted law for It which will .give freedom without per- mittliTK unregulated license. The thine must he done" now, beeittino the opportunity IN • here and may cttcapo UK if we hesitate or delay. Concerning Porto Rico. The ariamient for the proposed amendment* of the organic htw- of 1'or- tn Hieo IN brief and conclusive, The ri'Kulnllng the rkrhls iind privileges of Us p«»opb- ;>re not' Ju»ti We have eat'ed eApectnlJotiM of extended priv- Therc is uneasiness among the .of the Inland 'nnd even a HUnpleiiniN doubt with regard to our intention** .com;erni»K them which the ndopllon uf the pcndiiiK'nicjiHure would happily remove. We do not dotibl what we wish to,do in any essential particular. We o.iiKht to do it at once. __. —=_ Then'- are other matter* already advanced Io the Ntnge of conference between the Two Houses of which It IH not iieee.«»«Jtr,v that 1 should Hpeak Some pnii'ticaUile basis of agrcemen concerning,them,Will no doubt bo foun and ;ictlon taken upon them. At the,lust "session of congrfWM a bil S'iisNcd the senate which provider fo the promotion of and Indus trial' education. Thiw in of vital Im portance. as it.eowofnsi :» mutter tot long neglected. May t not urge-Its-ear ly conHidf'rntimi by the house and it? curly enactment into law,' inasmuch an this Is, Gentlemen probably lire last occasion I shall Iiavi to n«tdr<*** the Hlxty-fonrth C< I hope ihiit yuu will permit me to xay with what gentiltie pleawure and unt- l»f*iMi«»n I have co-operated with you iti the many meawtireH of fonMtructiv< policy with which you have enrichei. the U'KMaitve annul* of the country It has been a privilege "to labour It mich company. 1 take the liberty o eoiigratulating you upon the completion of a record of raro nervlceablo- urul distinction. vhere Mr. ly of t the A. lave pending 'I'hfinkr'glviti.g a< th he'ir parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. I). Harden. Mr' and Mrs. John <!. Wety.el and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. to Ml. Carroll Page after reiiitn*i a week's TO STORM CONGRESS Army Of Womon> Ready For One More Attempt To Force Vote Bill Through. i, the llouxe of, hu« already,'acted. It.s I would ,|M situte to rerommeml. and I dare w»y *Jie CoiiKri hn would hesitate to lift u on the HltggiXioil hliuuld { itiirtve M I hut any man m any »('cupa- tlon should M' 1 obliged b> law to con- ttnu* In •'»" f'mployineni vvhich he tie- nl4ett to |cn\e. To puss <* l ;tw which " iir prevent the n tfi b'Ji^e bin work before re-Hie upproyal nt wocjetY in doing no would be to utjopt u new piin- ciplc into oui inleiice which I tnKt~Vt"for gi.iiiti-d we «re not prepared to Ifitioduce. Ittlt Hie proposal tlutt the ttpfintlon of (he raitu,i\s for the country shrill not be j.topped o| inti-i i uptJ'd by th*v~ijonce;ru:U weHcn of oiganucd v bodies of -wen until a public inve.sttga- tlofi «*irtll hti\4' been iiiMthuted which t-h:jll make the whole i|u>'>uou at !HMU< plum for the judgment of tht opinion of th** n>i (ion is not to piupo.M" any t-ueh principle tt io buM>d upon the \erj dlffeient tuinclple th<it th" conceited action of powetfnl bodies' «-f men «.hnlt lU't be ijuimitit'd t» »tti«p 'the . |>j - «H'e»»e> of the HH(ioti,'.it SM1V liUf l>e-, TOi the (i.Uion f>I:-«TI' b.jVf hid u»jj>>'j.- .tcoti.tint ic-iif kvillt tin ..»•,«• ,(~ l«i*VVi'i'H <-mp)i •;.(•• time" U> foiiu It* opiu-- . , <Hy Cnited \VaHhiiiKton, l>. C., l»ec. fi. The front line of the army of woman Huffrn*;i formed hort» today for th« "big punh" Jon ConKt'e«ix to force thu.tUKh tho Ku["win II. t Anthony •amendment at thin whort yeMtilon. Tite initial inovo of the campaign depends hi nifty upon-whether tiu*-atti- tude of I'rcfcideiU WilHon whk-h leads .toward Mule limtead of federal-action IDIK lit all <-hiin«e(i. Sonus tmffntKt} uorkets belii've it lias, that it may be passed on piomptly Io the * lutes for •liUitication. The lollovving iitlicittl Hiatcment wa« made ti»«lny hy tite Cnlon through the Tnited I't'cs*: "The feeling In-general thai a demand for a federal tli I •iiid ion t-* of to (li »injil'.'>»[ pi ,11 ; u ,pp. nn ( I'H.l! V u si J-vltl t pl ir~' f .. .. i v to < '•',--!,} i iiucii| i»i,.|i n"ii<u,,: si i 1 -1,1) U,,. •! ". E ini'iit hlin'iiti be preiihcd much more In- fcisu-Mtly Hum heietolon- In view of the pievi/iun delay o| eongrcjiH in dealing With the IIIcaMUf, • j. 'The •';!?«». for iiattotutl surfi-afie haw IH cu <intiit»urMhJv present <M|. The iiK'iit h-i!» been i ndol>t"JI by wo- \uti-if ,tt i In' pidl,« and .there is i i:v niiHvver tin- nilnilnimrutioii U< !-<mie|y the p,ib'.<uiKe of a 1'ed- .inn i.'tnieiit at Huh ML^t>t>lott Tim men •>nl> can «ivi! W(>ine;i <ue nut HI <t mood to brook den^ t 'Xilt-de'ut the altitude of ^ita'ion \v~TII Irf- faVurublo, bt'iaiise the I>t>ntm ratii* party to Mluin- its-<-H HitiHl bmk to tin wt'Mt. ,11 c.uinoi boh't'shc wej-t \viihout the wo, IIH-SI \o»f>». -ii'd 1.1 Min iheir wupjioi t ii!u,«i ,ihJ n tiitu-t. i>i!t?itiKe " '.vlihf- Anne Martin »! N'e\u|i» inttinnHl iluutman ni the \Vojn. H^O I'uM. !,•« tn Karrell motored wtu'tj they i • Mr. and Mm Fred from I'corla yiHterdav vixit with f.ti«-tid!<. Ml** hehind Kldd has returned to Morrison after xpcndhiK a few day* with her ( uncle. Harry Milne and family. MKs Verna Hoover returned home Saturday ni^hf from Ml. Vernon. la.. when- tdic vlMited HtudentM at Cornell college, Mr. and Mr^. Jay Smalt?, were tip from Kullon Sunday for a visit at the Sterling hospital, where Kay Smaltx. n 'brother of the visitor* ha« been for Win. Scanbui went to I'corla yesterday on ifUKlneHN, J. W. Smith went (o Chicago today. Mr*. Paul I'illon wa« n pa*uienger ti> Chicngtt thi.* morning where wile will spend a few thi.VM chopping. Mr?<. U. A, I'helps* IUIH relurncd from • rand opera for the past week, MI»H Dolly ll.'ihood left-tld« morning for Pree|Hiri where «hi» wil *pend M roupte of week* ViMitltlK her eoutdll. MI»H Anna l<otig. of Oixoii, who nperit her Thanksgiving vacation with 'relative* In Harmon and Clinton returned to her dlenographlc work tlilj* morning, . Mr; and ,Mr«. R U. Van ratten, of '.'hleajjo, are KUesli* «t tile..Jl.o|ilC_of..-A.. <!. Van Patten homV, Karl Stitstel, of Nelmni, Kpent ,lii»t evening In thl« city wHh frlendM. W. J. Tage, of I'almyra, New York, IK xpendfiig a* few dtiyH here. V Mi«H Crace rainier delightfully entertained at a wix o'clock luncheon lawt evening. MiHH Huby Dudley and Jumcw Hat*ke|l. Mr. and MI-M, L. C. Thome, Ml»« Hnth Thorne-and Frank Thurjow Wyne motored to Mlllcdkcvllle yeiiterday, Mr, and Mrs. Wm. tSaffey iind Mr. and Ji\t,». Lt'lloy (?aff^y gpent Katurdny evening and Sunday ut tho homo of ICd- Morris, of Coletn. Claure K. Ward, of Lai.MolIte. III., motored her«> Ktinday evening where ho spent the evening with friends. Karl Wallick hax returned to Knox CLOSING OUT SALE, htit: )" tnfv to Mmti-ii-n . without r>.*f'rv.\ <TTI i;.-r!h'--f-:t of .\b>:ri-" Ji<•• .-!«•; of Miilvi-rt'. ti rnib-s M' nf r'^ir-t.-i. on th» n\d Tf'.rnlrst: f-um, THURSDAY. DEC, 7TH, 1916. The foU<>*-}n«r property: 11 Hor- xi" Hinck fnare 12 >-('. ; tr« bid. tvHulit l.b'it lh?».: biftcfe jtt.^re fi *-i^ft»" rr^t*. w-i-i^hi* ].!'"» II,w , t^iy nifr*' r^'niiiii* u y»-Ht» -«W, vrt-;irh5•• ?,t»fift- ihi ; hrrr mnr? yr-ars "Jii, wolirht 1,0/tO lb«i.; corning 5 years old. t 1.200 !b*.; brown mrire in:; 3 yftir.ii old. draff 5»tfit'k; 1 cf»lt c'im- Ing ^ .\f;ir« old, dmft «<tork. 57 Head Catfl*—t" chfti-i* milch cow«. some I steers ,t yen re old; 1 fleers 2 year" old; a ht-ifeis .' yf-.'trs old; 15 yenrlinRs; t summer (,i!\i--: .*> HsicklltiK "onlven. .".'» lurid spriitiT ^l!".'U^. 1,'arm Machin- '•ry •• - T w e n I i e~'t li «'en'iur>' manure «pri>tidor; Peering hinder. 8 foot cut; Sliindnrd movVfr. ,7 foot citf; champion mower, f> foot < ut; Ke>stone hay h)Ji<|pr; hay tedder: hay rake; pf-ere corti planter, with 8'i.-rod* wire; uang plow; sulky plow; H-ln< h walking plow. Its- inch walking plow; ,1 walking corn plow,»; Deere riding e,irn plow; 2 .1- «eclion harrows; 2 dl.«tCH; force feed sewler: 2 fantdne mills; 2 wagons: l truck wagon; 1 new Weber wagon box; '1 democrat buggy; surrey; hay rack; sickle and tool grinder; bob-sled: new! hand cider pre*i; «<hove|ini: boards; 2-j hole corn sheller, feed grinder; -t-hor«e, power K»«ollne encihf; pe l.nval cream' separator. hir»je ?i<'.<\ uned only n few '•. Weeks; g-horx* 1 Wilgon evenet, net S.IMiil i Ih. wntion spring*; KrindHtone; 5 •lets |d;tli of work hairnets*; double driving bur-Mil f tii'xs with'i-ollnrp;' ninal.:* driving liar- j ni-Hj*. and other articles too nunrer'"«j to mention. Hr«y nnd itrain, 15 tonN'. .t. of mixed hay In t»nrn; 7'tti tnishelx «v,tt»tji{. < In bin; l.r.tM) liu»)ieM of corn In crib,; Some hoiiMehold good*. HurlefH feed«« . — everybody nt noon. Small article* mdd before dinner, Termn--All xunift of $io : n <IV find under, cash, over this amount ll'lfarm I monthx time will ln> given on nppruved Tvb-r CLOSiNG OUT pAij • SALE NERSMiP P WANTED-—FEMALE i' K \\'.\\TK1» .•« i • •• i n -.; rn < : i Aj.S't ;irht;i. >!; s.\ l, i n 11 r»r T.IVK ' f-:ir« i>''!. 11 ftorkrr-* WANTKP a? d ;..!! t. few H..-K TiV'fiV* .To' v M A X • \ 11; 11 v !'."-.»n •" ti!5!! • •fK aT.. ••f T!;r- milch , nujii: ,| S? Hl;\!> (.(' H«»C,S- t!' good. Mow*; b.-tj.itiie b;trrow«, F.\n,\i MACHiNKUV-'bf-.r.. vne~ Kmer.«on ganu filow. n«Mtly IHMV; John I)cen> corn planter with I 1 "* iot|c wire, Mm two si:tvon-». combination .lofi'n Peel e ciiltt |>'"V<. with ofte h rods Wilt'. •!•• ee.vjecti.iii «tie! hny rack, l-'i-. fland sir ii;h. f etplatlxer. ('lean Sweep hr»y ln:u|er, 2| rrt.n jjood Work hnincun. one i,« a hand made, lira*-* (rimmed Cittieotd Thi*: imficbin'-ry i« :ill practically ii'u. a«< jit ha.M only been u«r>d two s-eajt.ifix. ' |I.*-M-tel \lnegar. baiiel.o. ho« troiu-lifs. • fly ti«-!", anil many other article^ t, t o I nui.nerou<> to mention, . j A itnnittlty of choice mixed hay in i burn. . f Horlcs«; fccdH «-vi-rvliody at «,lle Immediately after TKHMS All sum« i«f $ cash. t)ver this aMi'otinl !^' Will be uiven mi appi lived li per cei|(. (nil fe«! ftnttl wlu'M due; ut he| \vi«<- " p "f ><:ile .\'<i pfopectj- feinovid unit).-d for IH i.MKi; HI SUM AV Ct il,'iM;|, I'.rSII.M.V.N ". Cruin. Waid Croin, Auctioncero; KIHIN, <Merk. Pec. l. :». t;. 7, -s -i i Y(>r.v«; <;t ; I*! \Vj!!l liuilt bolIM'W w:«tH?» ;t t,-<ni(l hntne. t (lire f ;ii5>*'ttc», _______ „ , ,__^ ______ f., __ ,_ ____ i ^____ ______ \\A\TK1" \Vd.MA.N K(t \\ork at the Itandnlph \v.v,vn;i» \v.\rruKss AT "" !r> ; ! ; WA.NTKP otiii;, i i,,, i ,.,!,-,.*,^ pody fjuickh-. c,'italoi,Mie fr« h •'£•', I 'ifth nnd .tANlT'MS f],.. nffii-e 'l|f" Who "!'. >!." 1 3| . 13J TrniCX 191-132! :n--Kif. ' T<! l.MUJN hestuty i-iilture, f-Miro- l-'tll pii-itlon** waitiitc. Write. Mol tt c«.i, Monroe. Chieayo i 11:1; S.MAI.I. ' < ;tr ;nul tfaf-l Hun h.tlf S.M. KoH .StiilabU- Seventh SAI.I-: for Si, •- fnrrrst si 1.1. PI' 131-1J 1'ICTI'HI 130-"l HAVK MY fee.l ,,),ed. K t,atn,-f..|i Al'I'I.CH AT KMMI1 C til thf t.y.-tnd seo th€ XV A N T i; p — SAI.KSLAPIKS AT I'. W. Woolwnilh Co.. Apply nt of ! ^ "^- " LlOtlJ iCKKUKLS ViiW— - SA LH — « comb Whitc/JMghorn' c-m kerels •iiil". l''rom *Tv Mtain (if ttap neutf to hiv jkind Will tiffer th« ftf Sl.lJ!) e.H-h for i^hott til L. \Vet;.|;. Trimpjio, 111. t«*( bred T.':-..'. ; John tin v' phot)" I LOST t!(>-.;i I >' and under, monftirt lime bearing i L<)ST A P,U< I V\liite rout blue no(« diid- If er ci tit paid tlag I'inihr please l LOST - f!r>1J) ,1^1? .« rim:; Inscription "M. IN vVaid for H'turti to WITH ilKP, '•« in shape of • -ave at < Jaxi-tli- i - - -.- - — •• - - i * II. S, CJ.ASS I S." on itiMtde. Cavet;... UMlf •von .SAI.I: - FI;W ••HOICK tn»i« .Icrsey male pies. Cull or phone Mitchell. Morrl«on. litsih plioties. ^^^^^^^^ ui FOR SALE—REAL ESTA1 Foil SAI.F. o|{ lu:.\T room houHf. i;it| Ka*t Second Htr Stei'ling. Ini|iilre of Harrv U FOR RENT PUBLIC SALE. IIM decided Io move on a xrnaller Will M«-|| at public auction on thi-jjji)|{ . , , _ • •• •«• ...... Martin faun. 4'.a miles eaut of! ',1 note bearing fi per cent it-.terent from-sterllM«. 1 mile couth of I'rairlevllle on 1 for; UK XT II-UOOM IK'TSI-; WITH liatti and electric liuhts. . n ),1th .\ve. and ."ith S|. Itii|Mire ,-it Perry «V Hoover's Drug Store or .J.Tc' ll.tst Fifth St. 132tf s.MAI.l, Missiiri;) |-.\KM. $in nnd l.'i tt.i.utiih ; no interest or tnJCt lilyi:U piodu. live l.-uid; cloce bn; mat kfts, \S'nt«- for |dio|ogrn[ ;«fid full ma tlon, MitiiKer A»1 .N. Y.. l.:!e IHdg.W<an*<i|N Cllv, ^ 131-U X >-e;irs old, : gelding 1 dnte If paldAvhen due; otherwise 7 p.-r ; THfliSPAY. PKCKMIJKU 7lh "'»'_ ..f.roi!J_iL«l«!_ol.-^alc.—X"- pmptM-t>Mhe ft,»rnvinsr-prnpcrtt- : to be removed until settled for. Art; 7 HKAP OF COI/TS—1 bav nru-e Hetcher. Auctioneer Chum J { enke«.;, tl| .,.e years, L' black marcs : »«'"<. • ,rM,, , WOL . B f R - !l black mare 1 year. 1 blac V '___i J-•»-*•••'. I year old. two mickint! colts. ORIhift^OIIT sIT P~ ' "" Hl:A " "V <*AT.lXlv 4. r , head of t , „ Jp 8ING ° UT P AL f- ... ifows and heifers, frv.-d, and heavv Intending,, qtill farnHnu. ^ will w-ll j^.n..^^. 2 o iwo-ycar-old steers 3 ;. >sl " r( V" M'" 11 *. I Wo two vears old and on** on,' nee ate .«teer.H and heif. ers of different .tlgex. Their !!KNT .A r.-l{()oM llot'SI-: ON corner We><t Sixth and 'Eleventh ' in U.-tck Fiills. 132-134 i Av. "oF"itKNT- -MODKUN NKW MCN-.j gitlow. $!« a month. John M. I'ow- f ei-M. lU'll phone. 131 tf Me;: Kill MISCELLANEOUiJ CLIMAX STPjLVf; YOIJI wJ:-.he?» ein-jiiiiyineiit as «e| Without le.,ci vant farm, one two lm |,.» west northwest ti he old C mile east o ,.f Lyndon, WANTEI> ^v*» ««*•. I'ICKF.KS, f Denrock, j y , slr .,,,,. four miles Lrs of ( |irre of |'ro|diet»town and eight ,. st| . H j., lo ,, ,.,, WH ,„ ,,,, H lire come lot. 21 Hho.-itn, 30 hoar, 1 dozen 8 years old, weight l,".f»it; 7 yt'iira itld. wcj>clit. Ll'JO 7 ye-irn old, weight 1,1'fiO; !'• year*i old, weight I,•Km; l .Mitre '2 yearn old. Weight 1.^0(1; 1 black gelding,." yearn old. weight 1,400; 1 hay gelding 11 yearn old. weight l.fiOO; "l black gelding 13 years old. weight 1,- 3'»u; u giioil family driver; 1 bay mare 1 bay Hi! HKAP OK' CATTLE — 22. m tlch COVVM frenh, nnd heavy HpringerM; ii helft-rn; 1 Durham bull ^' yearn old; I Shorthorn bull 4 tnontliH old; 45 steerw rattKing from 1 to 3 yonrtt old; -1 bny mart I black mare!steillnK broadcast- necder, Urand Pe. l ltu,t. Jiuit-t- r tom- two-row-rti-|tl\-n1nrr tl-tnptrwaik- i gray mare ling plow, wide tire wagon triple box. black .truck vvacon . wlili rack. Sterling pen-table grain elevator, Kcotiotny cream «eparator, hay carrier, fork, rope, bolv w.led, double Work harncKH, ai^f numef 1 ,- oti(» olhcr article«. I'Vee lunch at II o'clock; Rale .will TE'llAiTToTn^AljT^AII Htimn -o7 iia and .under, fUKh'. Over ihis .-.inosnn I!F,M. 13I-13U \VANTKD-P1.ACK IN COt'N'TUY turn horse out couple of months, A Hracken, Hock Fa IN. Hell 4^ ;'I IIKAD OP THOUOlT«Hurtl31> PFKOC J HUSKY IlOtJS—CotiHiMting of S brond sow**; 7 good male jilgs; « xhontM. 200 heiiH, 12 ton ot Timothy hay: 2,500 bushel* of good corn; 50 busjhela Ileid'j* Yellow Dent »ecd corn FAltM MACHINKHY-2 lumber wilg- on»; I (Jreat Wi'Mtern mauuro Kpread- er; 2 three-Hccllon drag«; l neV Jlaye'M corn .planter with 100 rodH wire; 4 riding corn plownr 2 gang ploww; 1 Deer. Ing binder; 1'DeeriiiK mower; 1 hay will be given on approved note oeiirliiK (!*;» interest from date if paid when due. OlherwiHe '•; from date of mile. No property removi-d until Mettled for. : N*. A. SCHWKNK. ' F. O. Hiimley and Ira .Hoot. Auction-, cor*; M, 10. \Vllger, Clerk. Nov. 2j< ^25. l)ec. 1. 2. 4. 5. j - CLOSlUcf OUT SAt.E,~~ " i 1 will well at cloning; out Kale on the! ller I'Xperience Will enable ,hl'i' tti isfv Ihe mo.i• up-to-date people, I hey will only niv« .her tt fair chunt She hop* i 1,1 lij-t , ni|iloymcnt Sterllm;, city. For r«?fer4'ii«'«» and u entl Information call in perxon, \V*t or plione this lady, H>»|| "oilti. dre-i.s u i !,",ih Ave. and 5th St., lin«. -III. N'oTlcf.; | Wll.r, NOT III-: UICSHIJ ntl«|e for anythini: that I'eivey doejt for.he IM not niv Noll, ,|ohrt \Vi.lf. ' ^ i3t.|3 cow CAM 10 To MY I'l.ACi; mile.-i wit/vt of Itoek Fall«. Ow* nmy have name for paying for WANTED- BECONp..!IAN.l>A.UTO..j •Ji^Jj-l 1 -jL^!±!^5' k ' 13f> - ! fnoblleift. will pay .tho highest prlc«, JMICN! OFH H.LFSTiJATKp C> Al*o sell alt kinds of. repairs. High- 'logue fxpl/tliiH how We teach tho - A price* paid for all klndn of furl b.-r trade <,ni<kly, moiled free MI TO |{. ; WANTKD— TO BUY 'WAT-NUT LOOS. Will in«ppcl at loading point \nd pay caxh. Wrlto U. W. Durham, 431 tJo.'. Dearborn St.. Chicago. 112-137 : and hides. Mike, tho JIG Tailor. Both i • 36tf Harbor icago i:;t. WANT TO DUY' ALL -KINDS OF junk. Kino Viper bottle«. Will call for -.iL^.JLJUnufQrd—Hoth. phone». •,__..•• ' • - - . ' • 116-HO* WANTKD —OLD FALSE TEETH. Don't matter if broken. I pay $1.00 to $5.00 per- set. Mall to Matsor, 2007 S. Fjftij st., I'hllttdelphia. Pa. Will nend cash by return mall. HC-141* old-Hivtudfr farm. 4H miles north WANTKI>— YOUtt. l-'KIENDS WANT you; 1 photograph. They enn buy anyOiInK you can tflvn* theni except your portrait. Special C'hri8tma» offer nt the Weaver Studio, formerly j the llnync'H Ktudlo. '122-147 NKv\* nCH.DIN'd IS AUU CO.MI'M and w6 are j n potdtlun to hundle kinds of hide* and fur. "Will' market price. want all kinds i junk, -Don't give away your Junk i nothing. Cull D. Manneld on L street. Sterling, before you «i>H. get full vuluo for your phones. »nce. Life ineinherHhlp |fi, Uuen' $1. Al»o Anto Liability, iind Accident Insurance. Will JMU jo «ee me. Jonafl JI, Bncr, I, nnce Hldtt. . - J27. mile ea«t of on road, the following property on WEDNESDAY, DEC, 6th. 9 Head of Hor -Cray njaie. 3 years old; bay mute. ! »'<'' n ' 8T OA8II PHICKS PAID FOH "hies and fur*. MaiiKfin's 312 rirHl Avp - HnrnesH i KOft HALK TKHMS—All enxh. Over this of '(to and under, amount 12 month* after ThankHBivliiK at the home of his parcntM. Mr, and MrH. W. M. Hoover were •ntertnlncd yu*t«<rtl«y at the home of 'hurleti Helger Month «tf Hook Fallw. Hex Lewin «pent Kundify In .Motrl- Florence AnderNon wan a ir in (1ilcn.Ko.ovw Sunday. Mixji Alice iirnndt, who wan opcrujet.l m ut Ihe Sterling hntipUul Kornv lime wan taken home yesterday and In getting along nicely. Thrt $2,CO hariraln rate on Thn «aaeit« by niHil out«|d« 8ti»rling «nd only laMtH until January Int. time will be glvpn on approved note wiring 6 per cent. iiiterent from ditto If paid when due; othcrwinn 7 po r cent, from date of ««lc. No property removed until net tint for, . , Kl> J. MKYEUS. Auctioneer* . Art Flctchor. Merlo , Cady; Ch-ik, ci«u« 'Dec, I. 2. 0, 6. B, STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Muxvvell Slembcrw Open Wheat »ec. 1.6i^ day 1.724 '»ly 1.41','i Corn )ec. «nd Quinteviin Hoard of Trade <'liicago. III., Uee. C. High tow 1.61 1,41 1-CCV4 1.7<r)4 1 If, •lay lul>- O«t» H;t; ll'.v dh Pork «> .»i-i . an' BILLED IN ACCID f Buda, Autp Vtcttm. K' W i'-i e III P« '• '• til "t (•.i n,. ! u . 1< > i it flit.1.1 • : > '. , ' !*:''!•• !< < III jl !it« H III.. W«is L-e Ut «h e,»-t ot -idcnt .d ' i .'In et !i .-,1 1!. :.')-, \ i l, an Rib*. Ia> .KS .01 "Jri.lU 1 1 23 M.'m % CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET, Chicago, III., Dee. 5. Wheat No. :' ied, t J1.T2 3-1; No 3 led, ||.t;ir. Com - No.' 3 mixed, sy l-;'!fini |-4; N'o. 4 mixed, hK l-2<" UU 1-2; No, f> iniNed, kj i-2'«i'X7 i-'j; N,,, t; niixed, Kf»; No. " >e|low. ill) I-2«t91 3-1; No S y t -|l lovv. K!»l-2rtUt|3-4: No. 4 yellow, ^r,, 'M )-;•; N 0 , ft yellow, sf. 1-25* 1 !! 1-2 No :! white. u<K<9! l-s, No. T white, 90fi9i 1-2; No.*D white, 87- Sample grade. old Corn—No. t! yellow, J-S 1-2: No 6 mixed, (id. Oats—No. 2 Winter, 53; No. 2 whije, r>l 3-4. \o 3 white, 511-2^53; No" 4 white, 60 1-2*(.','.» 3-4; Sid., J,2';i53l-3; Sample grade, 4!», Harley-Cash, s.1«i 1 23.. J{yc—No. 4, * 1.11. STERLiN^cTfnSARKETS piano, used one year, in perfect con- Bell phone 312- .124tf 50 KTAHK 1'LAYKlt tS montliM old; head of hogs. Durtinm bull, ifi uprlnir calvc», 24 Machinery—Elevator; MeCormlck binder; Tower pulveriser- 1 dine. hob-Hied; 3-seclioii hnrrow; .hmomou K&nii plow; walking plow; hand corn MieHer; H-row corn »tnlk cutter; IJluek IJum corn planter, with' NOTICES; PETITION FOR Dis'- CHARGE. In the Dint,ie( Court -of the Foiled State.s for the Northern District of Illinois. Western JJIviidon. In (he matter of Herman • Heller. Hankrnpt. In Hankruptey. No 4»u, . „„.,, To the Honorable JudgiCs of the Iii.-!80 rod* wire; 3 lumber \v«ffon: 1 stir-' 11 ""' 1 ' ourt "' tn ^ I'nited Stutew for tin ivy, nwuly new; hog ruck: corn binder- I Northern D|ntrict of Illinois. Western 1 60-foot hay rope; McCormlck 7-foot j mower; SMop hugKlra, one nearly new' hay ral^e^-' 1 7-toot weeder; manure j «|tre«der, hay loader. «iearly new, ami luuiKehoId gootl. Free him h at' Hale immedialely after. 'IVrniH;- All Mtitnii of fit) and under, nu»h. Over , -, . • • • •• l.itini: to bankrti|ttcy: that he has. duly Httrreniled all his • property and rights of properly, and ha* fully complied with all the requirement* of Kaid net* >*nd i«f the ordorx of ihe court toiirh- Whorefore, hv pray« that he may he decreed by the court to have a full . > - from alt debm provable Idw i-HtHtu under waid hankrnpt aetM, except «uc}i debtn a« are except- wl by law from Much l»«t»Hl thin Sl»th l>. IttlC. VKLY NO farnw. D,_A, S/ick, Wm. Rofc Ira Kendall , Veil Provrant, Hanna, Cha«. irensler, Ward lla Hum Shilling, John lUchardaon. Hanna. 125-11 TYPKWHITERS ' rent or wale at upeclal prices, _ tt» suit. Write, cull or phone Bell , W. If you have office furniture" typewriters to «fU wee u«. Krcld Tvpowrltcr "Kxchane^DOS Lawr 1214 amonnl 12 moulds t| nu > W JP, }„, given on ajiproved noten, bearing 6 per cent, inlerest from dale if pi,| ( | when due, ittberwlso. 7 per ccnl. from of wnle. Coo and Httmley, M. R Wllgt-r, Clerk. MARTIN JAN88EN. Kov. 2JI. 24, 25, Dee. 1, ». 4. JOINT 1'CIH.IC SAUC, KATcliuAY, U, on Aaron lirunt'H farm. 4 norlheasd of J{yopole, 3 milew of yorktowii. C. C. Plumley, uuuUonet'r. Aaron Hraitt nnd John Hliearo. Nov. 24, 25. l)w. -4, &*, !{ « ¥ «m«n Heller, of .SierlliiK, in th'e '' 0 "" 1 *" of Whiteidde and jjmtf of Illi""'" !n Wlil1 district. re«jiectfully rep- le.s.-nts that on the duy of July )M«I ,', he ,WIIK duly udjndie:iti-d bank- f-:tpt under tht> acts of CotiKrcnH ro- APPLKS «| TRACK IN ling. Price $3.f,y to »4,60. Wm. She r*ori, ic«-ll phone. Km. 131- HTHAYKD AWAY VCK, can or write naman. ill. STRAYJED •<w S Kd, Hardy 133*11 BEAD THE W/WTll day of November, A. Herman Heller, Uunkrupt, .57 U .64', Id 77 1»J25 14 a: IS. n. H 20 Iti.T.'l 1G.2" 14. S2 CHICAGQ STOCK MARKET, Ch»e MJ jo..Jll. I fee. ... Hofc*. open sti;t^ig Ju Sc higher. , I .ell oM'l , , ,-.' ' »',f,JH Xcw Xo. .New Ni). While ou 5v'*» 3 t*t} Wheat fiyo Hurley {P.on PC-led Daily.) Dillon Company.) 3 yellow corn .... ..... H >cllim K-oin ...... ,. *l. p .f Cows Cft»\ ea Sheep l^amba Hoys (Pippert Bteers . . ; . STOCK lEU*. * CO* > .., <.f»t S5c LOCAL RA -All. MARKET. (Cash Hut-ket Uror^ry.) Uuii y Mi MI! d\ $-' *.' higher iMlt Uaity Frcah Ili'i-i l Celery, <"> i'd crwimtry butter bullet' ......... ' , ' bijtier * Ntw . (A •tllH e, 1'. c*Ci» . ,... 15.00 S»i3,00 .44c .Stic ADMINISTRATOR KMtutf ot HuHti S. Wolf, The nnderhijfiied huvlne been >ari- Ordtr Of Noticp Thereon. In the OlHtrlct -Court of the I'nlted States, Northern District of, Illinois, Western Division. ' • • • On IhiH l*t day of Dwember. A. 1). I !U6, on readlrtK the fnri<Koin«F petition, , «»rd«?r«I by the court, that a tn?«r- polnted Administrator of the estate of ItUMh H, Wolf, jnlo of the County of \Vhltttaldn and State of tllirioits. de-1'»'« l'«* hud o» the tmnu? on the ecaaeU, ^u-rehy i;lve« wotlce that h<> will ' aa >' of J«nuttry, A. n. 1917,, iiofuro wtid -•"•—" •-—-•— t| H . ciunity Court <»f|«Hirt, »t Frw|M»rt in mid dl«lficl. at Whttwido County, at the Court HouseM° o'clock in the forpnoojr aiui that in Moment, at ihe Febiuury tenn. on I llutk ' l< loereof be puhlUuvd In The Ster- at lms ami e ,»f HfHl Monday 4n l-Vbnmrj- nrirt, which tlin«» all pcrnonx having c uKitiiiht i<ai«| exliite are notified I to n'ttviid for'the having the h«me adjusted. AH pci'Mon* Indebted to haid otal. »re re ( |iH'«tcd to make immediate om. tpcnt io tin' Dttti-d IhLs 1>, 1916, A. O, HUBBARD SURVEYOR H«v« purehnwd the Jno. D. Ar«y > fi«ld note» of th* Orioinul Qur* v«y of Sttrlinp and Rock Stif Phone < 603 6. 2nd St.. • Sterling, JJJ S, W. l^ehman, M, Special office consultant, (<:•«*•«• of women »nd childr«n, OIXON, <ia*f«u-. u newspaper printed, in. «aid district and that all known crwl- ilorn and cither persons in inteu'cf muv' rtppear al the said time HISS! place and) ; thow cuu«e. if any they hove, why thef jpi.ty«>r-i>r the »«|d pelilinner.»lu«uld nui' - it l« further - ord. ted b> J. Ihe UudertsiKneit - •*"•" II '* ruruier ord. ted by U,«this 27tll'iluy of .\ovember \ ' l '" n » {h! « l tl '» % <'h s rk shall send In mail l* M Krvi ' " '' lu " ll known cretHtors cojiU^ of Mild Adtn'iniMti-itor il'etition and thih order, .iddn^H.-a to UdeiiB, Attorney ' ', ' ">em at, thvir pluces'ot res-idttu-e us Goth Phpntt 203 tawrenon Dr. Wellington C, Fossler Sulphur H««lth 0*teop*th »nd Chiropractor. 0TCRMNO..II.U. 2S, Dec. . H'c ., f.c ,.r.c ANNUAU The unitUHl meet'ing of the wtock- ioldf!-t> of (hf Htt-ilinjf Hank Hn«, III., will he held ut their bunk- hou-i> un Tuesday, .the tub dav of liiimaiy. till"!, at 10 u'clork he elecllon of director;, utul piopetly mine S. otlu-r bi'fr«|,, them. C. Ci.utfoifi >•• a tn , fo f the ti.ui-.- Ks a-* m,iv t, ihe Honorable K« ne»aw M. t , LandiH. judge of the «,aia o«(ir«. uod the '-eai thereof, at Krvepou in ».ud di»- f Uet on thus IM dny »>f 4vivmbet I'tjt-. • (SKAL) T. C. M.te. -Mill«tii «. " Clerk, llv Kenneth 1>. l!-)iui;, iH>pui>. •' Hr», , ._ ChiropiActic anO osteop*thlo CORRECTUY PITTIP tfoifi, 4 a •••hli r, !», i*. :?£. .fun Do You Need Money? I'.Uhtev I 'I \ ol.|"li . i! Hi!»»"»» i« 'h}>l ii Leaf leUiRt, Hi-l !;4, bUIILh 11, i r u | . | , , i >.-'i I-.«u », .«!!!• Ml i ' I, t .1 V . I! 1 All I <i JOHN H OUV, \liil Best Service and Equipineut Call Forster & Sons, Funeral Directors Pay C*H* o'»- (jt» 9 Bull No !>;»0 191

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