Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 6
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Page Six NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 25, 1944 Reports To Dewey On Russia rrrsiilriit. nf tin 1 U. S. (.'liuinbrr nf ComimTiv Kric A. JuhiiNOll (left) Is Nlimvn in Albany, X. V.. with Ov. Thomas K. l»r«v.v, CO! 1 prrsi- drnthil fiiiulidiitiv They <ll.s(;iis»rd |«»-t-w:ir tniuY relations with KIIN- xiii.'ii M:i!» juM rrtiirni'il fnmi a six-wrrUs visit tn tlio Soviet Union, whi-rr In- ci)iifrrri'<l with IVrink-r .lOM'f Stalin. (Intrrnaliiiliiil) • On The Air Today 'I;IM> p, m. \VABC—Broadway Matinee Vvi'iC --Nt-ws CrarnttliliLC WJZ-WATK—.EUiul and Albert WKAl-'-WTIC- a-K-!;.•'!age Wife -1:15 p. m. V/O.U -.nai'.ibling with Gambiiiig \VATI1-WJX —Pon Norman Show WKAl-'-U'TtC—-StiMlii Dallaa •I:.'(» 11, m. WKAb'-VVTIC- r.orftixo Jonea VV-ABC—Off riei'iifd WOK--t''ull .Speed Ahi.-acl •I:),- p. in. WKAl''-\V"t'IC - Young WUUler .[•'rown \VATt4-VV.IX •Corre.'-'poridunts Abroad \VAHC • llayrtifjnd Scott Show WJK — Sea Humid ,".:i>i) 1 1. in. WKAt'-WTIC— When LI Girl Marries WAI3C- -[''un and Dunn WC>r; Unole IHiu \VJX-WAT[i—Terry atul the I'M- rates .1:1.* p, MI. WAIiC--Mu!hor and Dad WKAK-WTK; -r-ovo ;-.iui Learn WJZ- DU-k Tiv-icy WATK— Melody ricviiu VVOll— .Chick Cartiy- .•):;(o |i. in. WOK— Tom Mix Show WABC- .'I'hrin: Sisttrs WEAL>'-WT[C— Just Plain Bill WATU-\VJX -.lack Armjtroti- S:lij |i, in. wj'/.- KCSI. iii.iina WA EC— Wilderness Road WI'IC- l-'i'init 1 'axu l''ari'cll WATrt-WOJi -• Sup-jrnuin <>:IMi p. in. WOR— News; Prayer WATri-WTlC'-VVKAD'-WJi:— News 11:13 p. tn. wAr.c.'-iN>ws WliAI-' Serenade WATIi- Music for Dining WT1C- r-rof. Kchfnkei- W.iy.- .Jinp JJarrigari I j '.:':(> it. in. WOi: -News WICAt'' TllU McilHl ij Mll;!ic WAKC- Jeri Snllavaii, Sony's \VJZ- Wiiusc VV'urV .Band of Week WHO Spurts WATR— .Vrws; Screiuidc 11:15 |>, in. wor; -iti\i\ i. o infix \VABC -World Totlay VVTlC-WIiAP— Lowell Thomas, .N'ews V;mi p. rii. WEAf-WTlC— Music Shop liy riT|ii SMALL j grins 1 . [)OStrri.'i.Mlcr * tiiti;!i and tfirn i'in^ poattricn to carry CAKI-JS. Lh,. Los An-? ha pan tx reduced » among { •t iiuiil carrlcrti annoyed by dogs! I CITY BAKERY! J 171 Maple Street ? WAV-'.C-r Love a Mystery WATR-WJZ—Land of Ihe Lost \.ui-; -l-'ultiMi Lawis. Jr. 7:15 p. in. \VEAF-\VTIC—News of the World WOK— Ted Stoelo \VA13C—Dateline 7:.".o p. m. WOJ1—Confidentially Yours VVKAl' 11 —-ISverythini; for tt:e Boys W AT P. - • G ru e n H o r n c t \\'TIC-Dick 1'Uvyiiies \VARC • •/vir.oricur, Mtilody Hour WJ2—Diane UIH! Jesters 7:45 \>. m. W.KAF—Nou-s \VOR-Answer Man U'JSJ--Don't Believe It • V/TIC— Price Control, liationing X;W p. in. \VATU-\VJZ—U'ateh World Go By \VlilA I'' 1 -\VTlC--Juhnny Presents ' \V.\BC—Big Town WOR—Nuws »:I5 p. in. \SMX-WATR—Lum and Abncr U'OIH —Ni''k Cai'tL 1 !' X:KO p. in. \VTIC-\\'li:AF- Date with Judy WARC—Theater of Roniance WATU-WJK—Nil Wit com-t \VO U— .Si n fo.'i :r ita !<:W) p. in. \VTIC-WKAF—Mystery Theater \VAI-.C —J.-n-k Pr.|i|,cr Show WOli - Liabi-iel .Hcatter; T^st \VJiI-\VATR -Jury Trials !i:Hll p. m. \VATR-\VJX-Spotlighl Eand \VARC--Tllu Doctor Figiits WO!; - AtiH-rican Koruni WTIC-WiSAF—Words at War III.'IMI |). in. W.VI'R —Rayniond O. Swinj," \VJ2AF-\VT1C—Lottie Greenwood Show 10:! u p. in. W.IX.--'['.>d Mitlotie WOR—rs'ew^s WA'I'II—Dancing Discs; News lll::>ll p. in. U'ABC—Connfrass Bleaks W12A1.--WTIC— Hiklcgardc Show WOR -Symphonc'ttc; \VJJJ-WATR-Lot Yourself Co U:mi p. m. ALL Statif>ns—News 1.1:15 p. in. WEAF-WTJC—Harkncs-s WAI:)C—I'inrold Stern Orch. WJZ-WOR-WATR—News; Weather WHC—Polish Program 11 :;;n i>. m. WTIO —Cfi ravfLiia' Tropic:il WJZ-WATR—Creeps by Night V\ /M-:C •• i.'.-u Castle Orch. WOR—Glen Gray Orch. 11 :'l.1 p, in. V'.'.'X Siiltirtos Amigos: J. Smith WEAF—Denny 3eclcnor Orch. l^:i)ii Midnight WATR—Sign Off \VAIiC— News; Buffalo Presents Unassisted Triple Play Was Made By Walt Carlisle Dodgers Win; Browns Keep Lead As Yanks Also Win The sports page gcles Times was on July 20Ui, 1911. Tllcre was just one story on the page that day. Thu 'story covered five full columns of type. The other two columns on the page carried advertisements. Sports Editor Harry Williams hud decided that no other sports story deserved lo be pub- shod that day. .The hero of l.hat talc was Wall Carlisle, Ihe center fielder of the old Vernon Tigers of the Pacfic Coast league. Carlisle work« for an oil- company now. He went Into that business afler going up to the big leagues—to tihc Boston Red Sox— and retiring in 1923. Few people remember Walt as a Jig leaguer. But if you look i:i,!o baseball's record book*, you'll find very good reason why Pacific oast league fans re mom be r him. On July 19th, 1911, Wall made a play lhat no oilier oulfieldcr- in or^a:il/.cd baseball could pull pff before or since. Carlisle was oul in center field or tho Vernon Tigers as they ilayed Ihe Los Angeles Angels in ..os -Angeles thai day. -It W;LS an 'xci-ling ball game—they came into Hie sixth inning all tied up—-and titio Los Angeles far& gave the Vcr- ,non pitcher a wo r It out. They cheered Ihj home team on, and they let the Vernon moundsman know just what kind of n weak- armed chump they thought -lie was. Maybe Hie hoots of the crowd unsettled the Vernon pitcher or perhaps lie was weakening anyway. But when Charley Moore stepped, up |o tho plate to open th-j Angeles' half of Ihe sixth, Uie lutrtcr-' cor.lrol lefl ilim for a moment. Moore watched Ihe pitch come clown—it was an inside ball, and he drew back—but he rouldn'l got back far enough. The ball plunked inlo -Moore's die. And he trotted down to first base. Then George Mclxger came up. On first base Mooix' watched the pitcher carefully, and lie was away with the first pilch. Whir. Lhc dust seliiiHl around second base Viuuru was safe—a clean steal. Metv.ger saw that tho pitcher was wild. He laid his bat back on his shouldar and waited. Four bails wont by and Metxger trotted down to first. The Angels had men on firs! and second— and nobody out yet. 1 P.oy Ailtun cajnc up to the plats. .Bul rtoy had orders lo Mil—not to wait. And he picked out a good ono and blooped Ihe ball out inlo short center fieid. It was one of those balls' tha.t generally fall safe lor.two ba'scs. . . one of those cheap hits just too far out for the second -baseman—and just a little too short fur the con- lurficldor. Moore left second like a thunderbolt zooming after a Jap Zuro, and Mctxger tore away from firm. Aiken headed for first, and oul in cenler Wall Carlisle dashad in af- ler the ball. Carlisle apparently had no more chance of catching lhal blooper than, he had of swimming the Pacific. But lie did catch it. He flaw in to make a ihrilling one-handed catch lhat carried him head-ovcr- hccls and landed him buck on of the Los An- I Manager • Jimmy JDylccs oC tho strange sight Chicago W-hlto Sox signed a new l.wo-V'-ar mint rant last ni^'lit. but the New York Yankees spoiled his- c-clnhnition. The Yankhj trounced the White Sox, 11 to 5, in a night game in Chicago by pounding three While Sox pitchers for l(i hits. Behind that b n r r a g e Ernie Bon'ham chalked up Ihe win for Iho Yankees. Ernie was no puzxlc lo t.hc Dykesmen — he gave up len hits himfelf—but he had enough lo win over Buck Ross. The clim-bing Cleveland Indian's moved to within 'half a. ga:mc of the third place Boston Red Sox as the Tri-ho slugged out a JO to 1 decision over Iho Washington Son- alors nt Cleveland wit.h J2d' Klieman beating Early Wynn. The Red Sox lost their game to the league-leading Browns at St. Louis .with Denny-< taking.a 6 to 3 decision from .Emmotl O'Ncil. •A'nd at Detroit a fine pitching duel wont to the Tigers, I to 0, as pin- ny Trout of the Tigers and. Buck NBWMOJII of the Philadelphia Ath- Iclics botli turned in four-hitters. In Ihe Naliohal league, liTe Brooklyn Dodgurs broke Ihclr five game losing streak when they scored nine limes in tho seventh' inning to defeat (The Pittsburgh Pirates, 12 to 7. Rip Scwall was the victim of that outburst, and- Charley Fuclis go', credit for the Dodgers' victory. Al New York Ihe Gianls staged a laic rally ot Ihoir own.. They .scori-; four runs in Ih2 eighth to 'bout Ihe Chicago Cubs, 5 lo 3, with Rube Fijcher winning over Claude Passcau. The league leading Si Louis Cardinals kept rolling witli ;.\ 7 to 1 viclory over th2 Boston Braves at Boston. Ted Wilks hung ono on Jim Tobin. in lhat game. The Cincinnati-Philadelphia game at Philadelphia woo postponed. WORKHORSE ^ By Jack Sorcls Locals In Hot Pennant Fight; B&M Second Place Behind Tod This V That IJ.V 'DUKK (.Sports Editor) Joe Hevws A Uof OF- CAJSS- ABOUT So &A*J ASIEKfCAN LEAGUE Yesterday's Delimit ],. Philadelphia. 0. Cleveland 10, Washington SI. Louis 6, Boston D. 'New York 11, Chicago' C. The Standing W. L. Pet. C2 -11 .559 17 4.1 .53-1 44 .niii .5.11 ".'nix) .4771 .407 | ,433 •1 •17 -15 •IU -16 « -in 42 -IS 39 51 St. Louis ... iN'ew York . . Boston Cleveland Detroit Chicago Washing! on Philadelphia Todiiy'n New York at Cleveland (night) — Borowy (12-5) vs. Gromalt (3-1). Boston at Detroit—Terry (3-7) I vs. Gentry (5 T 10). . Washington at Chicago—Niggcl- inc (7-1) vs. Diet-rich (10-S). Philadelphia at St. Louis (night) —Harris (S-0) v;. Holling'jworth (5-C). Cal Hubbard Played Football In His Day MK.N'iS 1)1.\.1IOM) r :i C'iirnl in Si/r l.-il (Tux In,.|) IVmnpl, K.vpi'i't WATCH vt .(KWJOKKY KKI'AIUING William Schpcro .IrlVl'IlT ST. TOUR JILLS IN A JEEP" NOW SHOWING AT POLI THEATER In October :10-I2 four young ladles* SI.-L cult from Hollywood on one ot tin; greatest arlvfiHurcs of .their livos — ont-jrtaining at military camps overseas. They were Kay [•'ranris— the svelte. Carole Landis •-(lie glamorous. Martha P.ny::— the madcap, and Mlf/.i Mtiyfair— Ihe port, as excitingly contrasting a quarlcle as any soldier ever dreamed of. They wore flown lo ISnglancl. where tliey jlagcd their show the length of l.he little island. Enroutc, they entertained troop:* In Bermuda, and Ireland. While tlicy were in England. Ihe invasion of Is'orlh -Africa became an accomplished feat and ilisy promptly added this fox-hole circuit lo Ihclr trip. Today the screen dra'ma!i/,a- ticiti of their adventures, romantic anil otherwise—20th Cenlury Fox's "I'"our 'Jill.: [n A Jeep," now sliow- 'his feet By this time Moor:—tho runner from second, iiad turned third and was headed home. And the runner from first was on his way to third. Carlisle raced to second base. He touched Iho bag to do:ible Moore, and ho thought he had retired both runners. But Umpire George Hildobrand quickly ruled that Carlisle must get the ball lo first lo retire Metzgcr—the runner from first. So Wait Carlisle climbed back on his bicycle and raced .'iMoiKger to first. Carlisle won that rac-j—he touched the ba«- inches ahead of tho onrushing runner, -ft was a triple play — tho first and only unassisted iriplo play by an outfielder in ihc history of or- gani/.cd baseball. NATIONAL LEAGUE St. Louis 7, Boston 1, Cincinnati-Philadelphia (rain). Brooklyn ]2, Pittsbiigrh 7. New York 5, Chicago 3. TIic SUuidlng St. Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh New York Philadelphia Chicago W. L. Pet. 01 2-1 '18 38 '10 37 -12 40 :*7 <I7 35-17 .7.1.S .DCS ,55-1 .177 .4-10 .•127 HEAVY TURKISH TOWELS 39« T.arno sl'/.t', balh townl.s of quick- dryin,',', fkiffy cotton t.r-rry. Firm. lonK wpitrinK wi-tivo. Clioose from solid pastels, colored borders or pialdw. WASH CLOTHS .......5c G. C. MURPHY CO. CHURCH ST. NAUGATUCK, CONN. **+********************************•** ing at Locw Poll theater is bcinsr enlhusiaslically acclaimed, as one of the most cxdlins film events of the year. The picLurc features Kay Francis, Carolo Land Is, Martha It-'tyo, and Alitzi Mayfair, with Jimmy Dor.ioy and his orciicstra, John Harvey. Pliil Silvers, and in- ti-oduco; Dick Haymus, radio's sensational singing star. Alice Faye, Belly Grable, Ciirmcn Miranda and Georea Jcs/jel who acts as Master of Ceremonies, appear as gucsl stars When, the four actresses re- turnucl to Hollywood each guvc an accounl of her aclivllies lo stcn- raphcrs. Tho m a t c r i H. I was turned over to Froma 'Sand and Fred Noble, Jr., who write ,1 story from it. The moulding of tile screen play was entrusted to Robert Ellis and Helen. Lofjan, writers of lop musicals, who were aidud by laugh provoker Snaj; Werrio. Respon- sibi'iiLy for bringing the pirturc to the screen was put into l.he hand.* of Irving Starr who had produced "Hainan." which was the talk of all films. Ha explained that "Four- Jills In A Jcop" would present the type of cnlcrtainmelnl. Hollywood sondi lo our figliling men in Ihe framework of Ihe four actresses' trip. There would be be little stress laid on the .heroism of I he quartette. This feature starts with a bang .and finishes the same way, it's one exciting moment'from start to finl.'i!). It's one musical you will long remember, not only for its wonderful tunes, bul. for its laughs and 1 exciting action, 'Rosin n ................ 36 51 Brooklyn .............. 36 51 Today's Games, 1'll.crcrs Pit'siibrgh at.New YnrU—Butch- er (S-0) Vs. Bartlcron (1-0). .. Chicago at Brooklyn—Lynn (1-1) vs. Warren (0-1). Cincinnoli a I. Boston—Carter (15•1) vs. Cardoni (0-4). St. Louis al Philadelphia (night. —Jurisich (C-6) vs. Gei'hcauscr (C 9) or Barretl (C-ll). You may remember that shot of a football player dial ran in a • motion- picture magazine back in 1936: That's a long time ago. but if you saw thai picture you would not' be likely lo t'orgtft it. It wa.s Ihc: picture of a big guy huddled on l.he hnni'h. His sock? hung down, his hcadguard swung from his hand, his jaw was thrust out, and- be had the biggest .--hiner you ever jaw. " That was Cal Hubbard. 2.7-0 pound Cal. Hubbard, at the oi-.d of tho football trail after IS grinding yc.irs. Cal turned to baseball umpiring in the off seasons, and he's been an American league ump i-ince 193G. Bul the stories of CuI's days .in college 'and professional rootbitll make his baseball aclvcn- lures seem tame. One of tile be:;t of those taiov is about, tho time Cal tried to play center in an exhibition game agamst' tilt Chicago B-jars. Cal was with the Green Bay Packers then:-He joined Ken Strong on :i team 1 at Memphis that w:is playing exhibitions; agaiiiKt national football league clubs. Cal was a tacklo by trade, but they asked him to play center, so he moved over to the cenlor spot. He'd never played that posi- llon, and didn't know anything about, it. What nlad-i tilings worse was the fact that .he had to f.-ioo George Trafton—one of the belt pivot, men in the business. Cal decided' there was only one way to get through Ilia:, game. He would pass tho ball back and liui^e forward to Ihrow ilis arms around Traflon. That strategy worked well a.< Ken Strong .. hammered down the fieirl to I.he Bcar.s' five yard line. Then Strong called for tho ball again—Ca: .plunged ahead again — .-'nrl the rofc.'-L'e's wl-.isilc loolod. Hubbiird's team was penalised ,15 yards for holding. Ca) chargod up to (.he nfficia! and asked why he had called holding after ignoring il all Ihe way down the field. The referee ynifl poliloly: "Oh, I'm tnrry, Mr. Huhbard, but -Yr. Trafton just, mentioned it ,-x minute ago." So Cn.l Hu'bburd's new way of playing center died young. U. S. Football League To Operate After War Philadelphifi, July 25—fUP) There will be a new major professional football league as soon as the war is over. Plans have been drawn for th3 loaguo to start operating next year if possible. According lo the present plan, the leiii^uo win extend from Boston to Honolulu and all teams will M'avci by plane. The orfra.nj/.aiion will be known as the "United States Football league." So far tile HIastnrn division includes five franchiso cities ,-uid the Western h.ilf has been set up in a like manner. The plan's rail fur one more franchise in each division. The Eastern cities are Boston, Now York, Philadelphia, Baltimore :uul Pittsburgh and _ the Western cities are Akron, Cin'cinnati, Chicago, St. Louis and Honolulu. WORSE THAN' HANGING Haverhill Corner. N. H. (UP) etLin^- oneself hanged appears to have been a long process in these parts back in tho ISGO's. Records at the old jail hoirse show that at on hanging the sermon that preceded it lasted two hours. Seventeen p.'iges expounded the text, ihrce were addressed to the criminal, ;ind ]3 to the audience. Count Fleet—one of the- greatest, horses who over lived—:a being retired. The bangtail with the fleet feet •won six .straight starts i" I 91 and wasn't out of the money in u. single one of his 23 lifelime- jUirl-;. The Count ran into trouble and got kicked :xl tlic .start of Iho Wood Memorial last year. The wound didn't appear to be much because he won the race cosily. However, it was njccsjary to pack Ihe cut with sulpha drugs and n.uup tho Count inactive a few days before shipping him to Louisville for tho Kentucky Derby. When Count Fleet got !o Ken- lucky he slopped, out and won iliu Derby with ease. After th;xt he went on lo lake ihc Frankness, t.hc Withers and ihe Belmon'. slakes. Thai gave hi:n llie big- five crown. Jn ihe Bulrcont Count Fleet Kvon Iho easiest race of bis life as he whipped to Ihc post 20 lengths ahead of the field. Bui that vary race his downfall because- during ihc running of Iho Eclmont. tho Count. !ur:ied his ankle and rc'isivcd. an injury thai iias never healed. For l.he past few weeks it hao been jiruiiy evident lhal the Count was inrouarii as n. racer for several reasons. In Ihe first place he was supposed lo be ready to run in t.'ie winter meetings. Then trainer Dor. Cameron said that the Count would be back in the spring, but he still couldn't run ai thai lime so Cam- oron said Count Fleet would make his comeback in lha summer. Now Cameron says thai the Count will be shipped to Mrs. John I-lcrtx' farm in Kentucky sometime noxt week. There he will bo used al stud. So maybe in a few years :.he great hor.--e might see one of his sons or daughters step out and take over his laurels as one of ihc greatest of all race horses. Two Upsets Pulled Local! Up .From Fourth To Second Spot The frame between U. S. Rubber rind J3cn':-u» tonight wa.s postponed, Brownie Karaban, acting «iana gw of the local ten, sai<l this morning T.h« game will be played off I near future. The lake ove . put up ;,. terrific battle in the ]„.,' three v.-oclts, climbing up ^ " ond place from fourth, Last ^ . 100.1:3 --ire fighting hard to ver first place, and hav-. ' Rubco lost a game by forfeit, S3 m L- t/iat might have been won, and would have put ir> a tie for first place le;-bii!-y Tool. The league has about another monih to go, four games arc | c j t for Rubco, including tonight's. The locals are assured a jpot i- the playoffs at the end ~ O f th" competition, if they win only one more game. IIECOKD ry BANK Printing of the country's all-purpose ration books required ST.000 sounds of ink, 7.000 pounds of paste, and about 500,000 pounds of materials. Madison, Wis. <UP)— AJI all-Urn,. high of .$902/j9S,G-!3 ' in. has been recorded by •!<;•; j banks-,, mutual savings hanks trust company banks under pervi.sion of Vhc Wisconsin banking commission in IS'!-!. The fi~- ures, released by Robert K. Henry, commissioner of banking, indicate an increase of $38,702,758' sir.K Dec. 31, 19-iS, and an increase o; S239.20G.C23 since Dec. 31, 19*2. Electrical Supplies Lighting- Equipment IJOMIi 'Ji>r WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — Dccca Jlccords SWAN . ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH .ST. TKL. OT FREE!! "Ca'aiog planning Your Future "•rite. Call or plionc •l-fiTT PnQT JUNIOR 1 USJ-coLLKCE 24 CKXTHAL AVKNUE .Keep On WAK IO = AN "f'Bbndif •nt WA u On n I.OA x -I.-;- no VMS NOW SHOWING CLARENCE BROWN'S 3&WHITE CLIFFS of DOVER" STAtfffNC IRENE DUNNE ALAN MARSHAL «N M-C.M Piciust •Romance in Celluloid' Colnr Cartoon Movietone News 2 ~~SENSATIOS«AL HITS 2 J ON ONE BSG_SHOWf J ALCAZAR TODAY - WED. - THURS 4 BIG STARS Ann Shurliliiii - Dennis Morgan .Jack Carson - Irene Mutmlng in "SHINE ON, HARVEST MOON" Fctitnrcttu . . . Tank Force Also New.srcel I'll I DAY- "EVB 0V ST. >IAII "i.VIIIliS OF \VAMI TODAY - WED.- - THURS. Also COMEDY — CA11TOOX SI'OKT 1S12JCL i LEISURELY SHOPPING^ ;; Mirrors . . . Artificial .Flbwera .;. . . PainlinKS . . . Statuelte_s . .'. 'Spun Glass . . Pictures and picture- framing CLYNE GLASS SHOP 29 Harrison Avc.~" Wntcrbury YOUR KIT;GLASSES SHOP Tomlinson Nciiry Conn. STOETi; CLOSED AT.T- DAY ISAC1T- SfONDAY DURrXG JULY AND AUGUST Poultry Fence Wire Garbage Cans Incinerators Inner Pails for Underground Garbage Receivers „_ ^ NAUCATUCK HARDWARE XJSABY BUILDING Tel. 5212 What Stars • Wlict Fun" What Sor-53/ Century Tea: Bj'r with Kay FRANCIS-Carcle LANDIS Martha RAYE-Mitzt MAYFAIR Jimmy DORSEY & BAND-Dick HAYMES MIRANDA. CEO JES«L <Kl99MI Gong>t»t Picture la S Ytoit. "ROGER l%w PRESTON FOSTER VICTOR McLAGLEN I.OIS ANDREWS FRI.«*THING BEAUTY • »'»i - KJ«r or 40 Twrvra I GKKATKR SKUVICE { from your clothes when they } j ari; cleaned regularly by our ? } expert worliiiioi). Prompt sprv- J i D.LIEBERMAN i i, 26 GllUKCH STREET ? BUNDLE and TIE IT- PUT IT ON THE CURB ^ T • ».' .";'•-•' U. S. Victory WASTE PAPER Campaign .-'•• -j»:.t.-'

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