Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 5, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1916
Page 4
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FOUR. STERLING, ILLINOIS. TUESDAY, DEC; 5, 1916. HEMURPHY GOODS ' -f i *i HEARD A FINE SERMON ".:', C~r<lt.t A '• Pr»«ihv !<"r ;,ir. Look for these small ads of this store as one will appear nearly everyday from now until Christmas and will feature special gift item^-tlmtr-wiH -help to solve tlKMtttes- tions of the day. Sweater ,Coats ati $5.00 .1 i. ;•(• !-.!,.>.,,.,.. !.- ins- -vi-i- u f r> n;it i ••> f'-.'tr "f tf.f- filMi; _.».____._._.-™,,_ r - „ ^. tru"t ui. ijui.-;<..iAi itn.'ii fTi)iT--rf>:if tT> i r ',.iiv »>! ! !?>•«•! , nit: 1,v • PHV»T 'of "~""f h'r" >i'!i-r •< v;,t ,»f ,-on- iric-t'-d tb»- tlon of th«~- Medium weight, Jumbo weave, all pure worsted, with or without belt and shawl collar; colors, heather, emerald, white and Copenhagen blue. An ideal and-sensible gift" fi-b-ii! MI ti-.h by (mn u ! fiiturr, J!i«f a -• t?:-» K rfil'Ti rhlldr<>>l r.f |J-T:('-| U;l'« :u-i mpli<;hc-l :ift< r <;o,| |( ftp-'-il f.i ai « f-|)t tlji;. cf. en*-,., ,,f ,\t,,o,, M f,, r ],j,j ] ;U i,. ,,f ability. ,'iri-i lii':tillr-d in him its. < ,innd"ii. r- br n<- fed (>.r hi«,. i.;ic:it P-'ivf, .-. The :u:e offers*- of capital l?>to Mi-xico, . jhnrimr AND DAILY STANDARD SlXTY-Tlimu YKAK Published l>aily Kfteept Sunday. 'Tr>e PKiT "Pi-liiine. "wafer'"power," nirries ..u I nil d'M'oMt* Wen- di«|.-i!, in- <n-,iM!>u" the tuuurnl re^onrcm of .\Ji-\i-'o a hunJreil' fold. The mis'ak.» .that 1'in/ 1 . made waB virtually to give nway i-ou« cordons—or rlKhts—xo that the CARRANZA AND CONCESSIONS. sruvcrnment gained littt« or not him?. Word come* from MeVico ('lty"Th;it j The |*».tji!o were Riven the privilege of Cnrranxa in endeavoring to lax'owner* j workim; in tli« i&[w<\«. M.uncthlnK they »,if tonceKfdoii.* mncli m«'ie heavily than! did not" !<ai sirulQrfixSSlVvff and for cen- heretofore, not only vlth a view toward! ''<i<.-« t;ot alonK very well uitti-mt. national ilnanees, hull i : n,- >.f the oarlleju concej-vh-jm prae- aivay In Mexico U;IH rtlso fallH lari,'"-r <I|T«M tunitif-q itrin uny othr-r in hhtoiy. nnd the frill il fvtr *rti«t in Uod'.<« pl.-in 1 fi« I, ; itu; ;il! tfio \\u( h] to r!t:blf-oii.*n'- >: -<. .find in put i>pirs>-iv.a with ft'l tb" i-ii!h-i«i;iMn of our hcai-t." nnd souls Into thi- wotlt o'f «:inyliiK forw-fird th" t!i<-at tnisnion of (he (Jo'-'i"'!. A r<«>|o by .«,., -r, t.-iry Itov ,\. CrnU-- furd Wii«i .'i feature of 1 ho in-irnhu; fciilif. Tin- t-vcfiinv: fiisliT- was a ThanliHclvini? <;iti(;i!;i in < liarr," »f the I'hoir, »'-.s.i-'t»-il liy ,\!i«.< i!t,nr> \\'!i«-t Icr, sopraii'i: Mr.«. ''. i'. l!;i\ moml, »«>n- trallo; \Vm. Kl>>« -Uf, t»-nor; l*r;inU AVanl. b.-is-o. Mr«. It^.A. llca.l pl;iyed (hi 1 of^^in a. • iiiii|.';initiii i iit t '. '!'!'.•• i i. -ini- 1 qti.H f'-i !•• < iii'lr conxNts uf Mr, Crnwford, I 1 .ul"i-, ,M iv» l-Iininn I i',i««ob, ."oprano, MKy .l.-inc \S',u,l. c"ntnilto. ii!i<l .l'int<-s \V"»<!;inl, .l'i«vo. Tbe fol- \it\\ inn i-xi i-Jb lit !>roi,r,ini W.IH admirably n-nd'-rt-d by the doubie <juur- l-'ttf. thi-'titb- of the caiilat.-i bclnu "Tbe I'V'stal Somi": rrcluil'-: Alb-trro from Ko- format l __ TJi:Ut)iH«|vi!U,' ;it . Tlltii' (from Hulbi; Son); of Th.inli,si;i\ inu (William R fllso In r to force tinwurkc-d con-j lie oprt';ited. - On accoll! £,; com'exKioim not 'bcitu: taken for granted .-that their owners either abandon or sfcll them, many of tlurn are bound to re- Invert to M«.M .in ownership. STOPS most valuable. Th -rmtnT«T-ti -trit] operate*), it if pos«« than «-Uh; r Xiauarn or. tho falln i>f s!ie Xambesl In Africa. The river in Irs* than half a mile hurls' water down u depih of l,r»oi»-ft-et. TVvo of ihf j-erpendieular falls aro 4*50 and 740 tret respectively, and between them the jjver fa 11 * m id __u_t tnJilCH : _*Io \v 11 ji, jjorKtL I'or'-fiiHi yards, whlcii |r,wer« th<? waterw an ndilitl.unal 4CU feet. There is nothing it» the world liku it for power pur- I'nMTSNtoiinl. Hymn N'o. i'.r«7, coiTttrc- tlon fimcin'fis .third xer^e. -Invocation - Pastor. ' "I'nto Three, <) <3oil", Nevln— Male Quartette. t-=s ripturc and prayer, < ifferiory. ''ruan Inserlude. "Now TlianK \Vi>.", K rimer- Ladics Quartette. Sermon. "The Gilat T'l'XoIouv." r-Ystal "Hcjoice Tnd:iy With On<- MELVIN KNELSON Pathephones PL A Y£R PIANOS Pianos The marvelous it e w disc machine. Pianos from $2.50'up. Sold on easy payment plan. < Surprise her Christmas morning with a piano % * . '« I,yon & Ilealy * Emerson I Chase Bros. Undertakers 4 Funeral Directors Private auto hearse service. Calls answered day or night—any distance. Only private chapel in Whiteside county. Complete funerals for $75. Both phones at office and residences. Your calls will receive prompt and courteous attention. many of his he«rrr« who had Imrdly realised the dimeiijiionK of their orirnn- Accord." Turner Chorus. ...... .'.'.JJ ..JL'jfd- ul llcuvcn. uud. Earth and Hca" ;\||MS Ward ami Mr. Crawford. "We (Jive Thee Hut Thine Uwn"— •-• Chorus. Solo, "Ulessf-d ' IH flic Man" --Mr. Wooduid. "Tin' l,ord in My Shepherd" — Mr. Ward and ChoniH. . STOMACH MISERY AND INDIGESTION "PAPE'8 DIAPEPSIN" MAKES SICK, SOUR, GASSY STOMACHS FEEL FINE Do ««mo foodH-you eat hit bnck— taHto Rood, but work badly; fermfnl ftnto Mtubimrn lump** »ial cau-ne a «lck, Kimay Mtotiiat'h'.' N"w, Tho lirst man to r^allxh the llrs \\iis a l-'reiu'hnmn. Dr. Vuiiuic. Ho >-<>ni Hvt-il tho !<le«, of Iiiiildlns ;i imwcr houw. ' jiiitl hurried to Mexico City, when- li«> oliiniii-tMl a com't'Sflon of tin- srovrrumrnt. ' in his iVith sucii fntin the valuable . " Dyspeptic, jot thin down: , I'aue'w overs think, leaving thing to sour und upset yon. There was anylhins no /wifely quick, no Jnly etttH'tlve. No difference how y yuur »tomuch i<t dlMo'rdered you (jot happy ivlh'f in tlvo minute.-*. but vf'hftt ide!i - ej» you most IH that it UWlt iffula-fx your stom- HO you can eat your favorite foods titont ft'ur, ,_Most remedies Kivn yon rt-llef Bomc- fjs—they are hlow, lint not «ure. uulclt, jiositlvo tld putH your .»;tomai'h in a healdiy ' misery w*>n't come different ns .-.oon as 'Tape's Japepsin" COIIICH in contact with 'the .lrehH JUKI vaiijtihcK— your r stomach gets sweet, no jjanes, no belch- no t-ructai luiiri of nnditieHted food, our head cleiuh and you feel line. Go 'now; tnakfc th« l host investment 5U ever mudc, by netting a large tifty- caBCtjf J'uitoV iXapepsin fr«»m uny Mtore. Yow 1'enllzo in ilva' min- how noedlOHu it i» to suirer from dyspepsia or uny s.-4i<4ii, it was . Tin- t-onij to form a com- tluil o\vn» the • bine at present has Chorus. "i'ral«e Ood l-Yorn W.hon> All Hle.-iti- l>ene<lictlon. . . Organ l'o«tlui|e. NOJED CHURCH LEADER Dr. John Lowe Fort Spoke At Fourth The Methodist Episcopal church hA« a propi i ty .investment of i'*.0 mlljlon ^uiiilay Scli»"l teachers*. .tiUii,"!"ij ol'i- t as mcmlxTH of Quartvrfy f'onfer* eni.'r>». Thefe tlKlir* 1 . 1 * he nai-.l :i.>me- ttmeM were citt'-.l Ijoaxinilly and tis fur-'- ni^hlni5 <><<;i*i!in for* (ienuu^tnttionat : pride hut li» declared that when the' •mir-rif irrowth ivas oofiHidcn-d thefei \\a>* in the situation cause "for humility; rather Una pride. I'or tho tSr.'-t ten! y< «r.«i of the L'i'tli century the nictnl'er- «hlp Increased only 11-2 i-c-r c«>nt while! the population !tn-H>:-md " i cr rent per 1 year, ^n that the grvwth of tin? t-luiri'tt had 'nol71»ept pace always iv Ith tho i Ttii-.y vo\i!d i>ay J 1 , rntil their dySm? day— J-'nr .tho linowlcdirc tlui i,. i... "THE UNBORN" j Here in what-fomn 'proiniiii>ni p«-u- ' pie Kay about .(he Nen^atlonsil rtitn "The j I'ld.forn," which will be xhown-at-the j urday, matinee and nisdit. 'hi l-"rlday women only, will h«> udmltled: H*n-. \V. I!. }irndur»hot, of Chi.nyo, Mays: "1 have (n-en ."The I'nborn.'- 1 know no nu-aiiK by which il»^ ureat b'.H,son it teacheit «'oul«l be w> well prc- St. Tan!. l.iw wan the Vii'Wp' iinpui -tant lint, to !•» K thero \vas< rn.'irkv<t rc-nch- Street M. E. »a»Thft featnru of Interest at onu ci-nier« In the world, utiliJtins only a fraction of ii« < niicni in lighting '.Mexico City. ilic i lei nic earn, and itl TniiTfa for .jfnintlrodH of inil«««. Tni,s is wonderful development iniluenee; but no- such u i-onct-.Nslon In am! is -i cj\ body louU r any other eivlllwd • nnuury f-.-r the asking! of !«!•(««•, HUH i» only an Instsince * nun}. iJiuK, tn his otmetnetiN to ior<-lttii ,c:n>itu.! into thd country, fourth Kt. Sunday waw tho prc-sence of Dr. Jolin Lowo fort, etllclency eV'ljjerC of tho McthoiHtU duirch iiiul one of the prominent leaders of tlm.dciiomlnution. I>r. fort'H.tleld of operation IH the fnited Htatei?. lie one who in occupied witii plans and It was -to a forltinatn cli-<-utUBtan''e th;i( tho local clmrt'h wa.-fable to secure the In.ti ibt> hlsli water mark of. 5 per cent for tln« Hing.l? year. Dr. for l lic-hl a workers, rnuferenre In. the- hfternoon which WIIM largely 'at - l*>ndfd !Ui«l omlinc-d plans of 'work for tin* local church whk'h arous*v<l no i«niatl 'jncafitire of enthusiasm and carried th<» w-hoU'htHirted - ntiproval of those present. Ho alKo' preached at Hi« evening »'*'fefc(»; Pr. "I-Vrt In A mtin of plenxini; perisonnUty and wins his HiulietHTM by !ii« .ovldcnt Viworlty, his Vlcan, logh al and -cunvin'-lm; pr»-*e»la- AMUSEMENTS i Fl , r t) , 0 ^owicd.^ ti«a come« too late. Jtev. Itobcrt H. ' Mi». of Minn., fiiy,«: "Many a *\< mother is n:,iUiit»: a herioun mlMtake | ,'.!,r:- ( ii),. ( j t ,ti ic ari-fitr of $'n in ncKlectlm: |( , instrm t her d.n^bt.-r j i, ^V, y „,'„,-,. "„{ i--'^...,)'.,'! t~y in matters <'oncermim- h,-r |,hyj<lcal \ ;U1(I t(lt , «'.,,npbell .v Hall bi-liH:. I In llevc many a blasted lifelXft- * .V.-adcmy of Music on Kriiliiy aial Sut-j ha« bcr-n, cauh«-«l, not 'because of ..!.___ . -__•..' wit lied heart, but because of actual] ••»•«••>"•• »•««»«»» t t » » i » » i t i • ij li:noraii<-e on the part of thi- Kit!, Tff-; photo-play (Mit.ltlcd 'Tho I'lilmrn* : powerfully preaches the truth that,! •Whatsoever a man soweth that Khali i •«•'•'«»'•• i » ».» »'»"».'•.»...• • In' II|HO reap.' Thosfl who have heard' t;>! " finall jmck'iitc of , the many.«ad life Morien I liavi- heard i ""«•-' T '' a - '"' u« 'the licrman f.>!K« It in a foreeftil sermon. The j .,,,,,,.,^,,,,,1 ,,„, V;1 , U( , of , h , s ',,,,.,„„. ' u ^,'-^ "- "M«ml.urK liriiHl Tin,-." at any S ad,tori«lhenrinmymh,lH«ry ,«,,!« a ' war|linK ,„ Ujl> unlnfo ,. fp ^... ' , J^"'^;^,,^ ^.^ ( «»*'l"-!«-»r«l .of SAFE BLOWERS GOT $200. inya«. 111,, Dm-. ;,.- Haf.. blowers from tlu» k mi at mar- - DRINKHOTTEA ® FOR A BAD COLD tion of tb«-nien. The he delivered ami the inipres«i('jriH which lie made will not 'noon be forgotten by who hr-ard him. AVhilu in. town l>r. l-'ort was eutcrtaii.ied at, the. home such plcturett. 1 •wish every oiuj ctnj see it." . . • Klla Wlipel'T Wiicfis Hays: • If mothers would only tell iheirdaueh- Of the KimroH Ihat'lin In wait, , ;; Prepare This tor a Bad Cough—It's Fine < > Cheaply nnd Ka*lly Mo<lf, bat • «, JUecM th* Work Quickly. • ' »»«*»»>»»»»*«*»»»«»»»»+» Hervices of ono services nro so much' in demand.' \>r, Fort spoko brielly at the Sunday School AHKenilily period along ml«slwn- uw.iy.the a me*.* «-f {"Ut tin* erutlni; n'jj birthright for And therein Ho« for jntieh <if Moxieu's sinc iAirpIgn invea- i-s t ',u;<ntt ho bl'iined — they merely . eiitfd .Uiat woe K(\VII to thorn. C(«rrjiu:'i JH jiluclm? a, legitimate (ax »!»uii i»n«:n«rt!»-8 Uifit urn worked, b»t i» j.'htfi«Vjr a couiiscatory tux upon all < once?;*! i»,s »u* jiarts of foiu-i'SNlonH HUH ni-« not worked'. The taxing power l.s Ciirninza's "UlR stick," jiud it IH i-r.a'l wonder that ho la not Ijked by inteiest* that wore invited to outer .Mexico' tor nurpontw uf developmi'nt uial lion Jinds Utolr wlnntnga in Uttn- KIT i<f';ln-ing conilscated. »ry Hne». At the morning sorvico following tho devotional exercls.' which included u !ln«» nod) 'by 'Mr. Kice, Ur. l-'ort «avo ijn address on The Growth of tho Mt'thodtat Church. Jlo stated that tho Methodist "church in all its various branches and eoimUnjj nil its adherent* constitutes tho largem re- liKiouu family on tho continent with th» MethiKlim Kpiscoprt! church 'us thu tit ProloMant dnnomination. He some Matihtlc^ ah to the elzo of tlift church that were (i jitirjjrisio to THE SUNPAY FORUM .Major Stearns Gave Instructive Talk to Good Crowd Sunday Night. Major Theiidore Stearns Kavp a \'ery ln<eie«t»n^ JiDd iuMrintUi* U»lk at the l-'oruin in the CalvaiT Kaptlat church Sunday evening to a fair 'ftlxeil audience. The major tiNik^fur hi»- topii; "Mental 1'ictures of J!iH>?=eheart." He loM of the immensity of the jjrcnt orphans' home located tu-nr Aurora. The home contains a thoust.ind airen of land with an option of tuico thai Real Mince Pie TWICE AS COOO AND 'HMF THE COST OF PUfcK MJNCE MEAT for a tertuin term, are erectud utid already there arc nearly fmir hundred orp'hans there u titHiooiiiiiC and Vocational Tlic finest cough synip iliftt money pan buy,— i-oating only uhout on^-flfth na tunch aa re>uly-nnudo preparat ions, — can eiiftHv liv tiiiiUulJu ill lioini!. Tlie H r Cv'tt" takes' hold ana coiunirrrt diKtrc»sinij couidis, throat and clu'Ht coldn will really make you i-ntlaiHiiiHtio about it. Aiiy dru^Rist can supply you with 2 Vj ounces of Piru-x (fit) ccnta worth ) . Pour this into a pint bottle und lill tho bottle t with phua granulated sugar syrup, 8he,ke thoroughly and it ja rwwly for uao. The total cost i» 64 cents and gives you a full pint— a family supply— of n looxt, im<ctuaV plcnsj'mt tuotinn reined v. , It kw-pa per< fectlv. Its truly aHtonisliintr hovr quickly it acts, penctrutinK Uirouch every air of thu throat and luncs— lobscns and raiiu-H thu plilcirin, mHithcrt and hcula • th« iwilamed or, Bwollbn throat mem- brancn, Miicl- uraduallv but «*urely tho jiji throat tickle and dreaded wjll di«apTM»ftr entirely.- JyothinK better for hroncnitltt, npiiKnuxlic? croup, STATE SUPREME COURT MEETS. ;l " at nny time. It "i« the (lly Cniled Pri'ms.) } m»«t citVi'iive Avay to hreak a. cold Sprinsllcl.K 111., pee. r..—The ticiobnr | i !"'. l< ,'"'.'''," .'\ l ''V'^ a - M il " t '''" H . th j\ l )<>n "'term of'the miprenio court of Illinois f !' t ''. V.' 1! ",i' '' U *j'^.."i! l i 1 ' , , *' j'''"^''"f j 1 "' opened' todajijvilh a comparativeiy ] "it'in lncii>en«iw.'al.d entirely "'. Ilsnt Jjnrket.' — Th«» rvh«\-irli»K "f ihel t.; ( l.l.«. ,theref<ir<> " National Bank training. The orKama.ition is l>uiUl- in« for the tuture und already $8.«««,000 has l«cen spent in t!m work and there 1» avail.ibio as much more with seven hundred thousand membt-fti con- UmihiK to pay in mun*_lty their an- I' 1 ' I njj i Clark ffsar Jackion Boulevard The Hotel Success of Chicago VOIJR busy day in Chicago * can licwt \w matugcd from the New Kaiserhof. The hotel's* excellent service^ f its convenience lor the^juiek i»f business, its ' FruitC.ka Podding* and CoaU«* nual due*. ' making a jK-n>etual fur thc.Uplifi of jliu fund FIGHT PITCHED BATTLE American Marinas Clash With Native,* Of Santo Domingo. WaKliington, J>, C, Dec. 0.—In an encounter between American murinos and natives ut Macorls, Huntu Uornlngo, Nov. '»'P, a number were wounded. The heavli'Ht lofiics wt-tV aiilfcred by the couch or bronchial nsthma. J'intiX i» a "special uiid 'highly 'winJNjn? tratcd compound of uvnuiati Norway I»inu extract, combined with . t'«'H'ai'ol and Ss known tho world oyer for ita prompt lieallnx i'ffuct on thu- throat Avoid disappointment by asklnj! your drujoriat fo_r '*2'^ ouucc» o| 1'lriex" with full dircctiona und don't accent ftiiy- JhijRj; el|c, A EUirAjDtcp. pf fihsoluto «at* iBfRctlliri tor iaoney promptly rciuna«a with this pnmarutiwii JTho "" 1 nrt v '___: RESPONSIBILITIES Any one who has responsibilities, nuiiit seu the Kenpiis,_side oMito.' When yt»n MM- our Depositors Weekly .Savings (Mub, you are not saving' I'or any \vliim or'i'ollv I'or a noble Jienieinber ii you nothing. but •*\ Sterling "Like Mother Used to NONE SUCH ami public buildings make it the ideal headquarters for a crowded day, • Tlio alTuir was reported to the. navy iirtmcnt by t'apt. Knapi>7 commaini- thi- loiccs in Haiti and S.tnto 4>»rn- iU-palch .-"tilt ljo'AllH-!!<.-ui« VMTC killed nnd ih.ii only u t> w . tu!u>nc:i weit! iujuit'd. il did nur indtc-uif ih«> number <>f tho nativia' IO{S.H< V >\ Tl»> ocfiiii'<'d \vhilt- dhc* wci«> mvvstini? Macoi ihw *uitiv«j. and c»t«blbhii)K tlu-m- i« accord-itice, with tin," mUitary rule recently" proclaimed. 1'so '1'h.e Quick tialeji for lioip wanted. «-t<.:. ., CO., Sm*u«, ft f,! 150 KooaisSl ^o U p With Bath $2,00 up I RAYMOND'S Pectoral Plaster " ' -J >i> t>/u^V'*'* "tj :t* is«* i sS»* (* r WHOOPING COUGH Qroup, Tight Cou|jh» ^_J_ Distress After Meals THY H 9STETTERS Stomach Sillers - II: you want the iamily to be happy use King- Charles Flout 1 and you will always have good luck with your bread , . .'-."*. White and yellow corn meal, wheat and rye -graham flour, ryo-.-floui! and bran for domestic use, New York Buck Wheat Flour • The very best in town, Good eating- potatoes. Early or late. Use BlateiiJ'ord'* Oalf teai; and ^'1! your milk, ** "• ::"..--:.-• HKIiE FQH GEINDING .. ; . '-' _ -_./• • W^ F. ..FLOGK. ; .- : '- : ;-.' The Flour, Feed and Heed Man —^ Wanted- C'lover Seed <- •i fi

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