Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 1944 NAU,GAT,UOK DAILY NEWS Page Red Cross Clarifies New Emergency Furlough Policy CiirlMi' B. Tuttlr, chairnmn of Vnl|( .. v . aic k chapter, American .Red CrtMW. I)"" received the following ^tfltriiK'iit from Home Service .Ui vision of National .R<'<l»CrosM head- miners, at Washington, clarifying , no \Viir department's recent SUU<>- m,, n t thai all requests for fnicrjrrnry furloughs would be re- vrrcil (o local chapters: '''Ri-cl Cross national headquarters 1, prepared to handle the addhion- »! ('ii!' s i'>, r i'ncy communications sent '/[•on ch)iplot's to he forwarded to Jlcl'l .il'if" Fur delivery to service- njon. I'i'd Cross otllclals said. I'ol- lowin;: thi 1 rrn'nt decision of the U'nr (li'partiiirnt to refer all such requests to local chapters. "Tlr 1 chango in procedure docs not inc.-ui a inori- liberal policy with rPKiinl tn c.'iifrgonc;/ leaves and fur- |»i'ii,'ti.i. tin' War department point- oil nut in an announcement made July M. Only in the rarest cases irili ."iicli leaves he granted to per- jonni'l ovetscas. "Rt'il Ci'i'ss communications will he ha'ndli'd just as they have been in tin' past, the chapters forward- ins th' 1 report of the situation, giving: tin 1 diagnosis, prognosis and thi' doctor's statement as to whether or n^t tin 1 serviceman is needed nt hiTrti 1 , and the situation can be nllfvinti'd only by tho serviccmiin'M nrf^onro. Granting or denying NAUGATUCK RANGERS C.S.G.V.R. Hungers will repot-t nt hctulquui-- UM'.s iU 7:30 tonight, In dross unU form imd re>rulur equipment. Pl:ms will be nmde after di-ill for ii cluy on the ride and pistol ninj.;i:. Nuw m embers iu'e wulcome to attend drill tonight. L.I. .Janxus W. Thompsioii. furloughs I; tiiry In no muku < decided by the niili- casc docs Uud Cross mku I'ocommcnchitions. Facts cmly :x' reported." Girls Admit They Helped Nazi War Prisoners Escape Bay City, Mich.. July 25— (UP) — Two younfi girls huve pleaded guilty to federal charges of nidini the t>scn|ic of Nnzi war prisoners. Misses Shirley Di'Ufio, IS yeai-s r>ld. of Owosso, and Kitty Cnne, 20 Of Brnningtan, wcro arrested late Mt night nt tho homes of their iimlniothorsi nt Owo.sso. Thu dufendnntx arc btinijr hulcl in thi' federal section of the Buy City jail thfi!-o. They arc awaiting grnncl jury iicticm next Soptcmbov Argentina's Recall Of Her Minister Is Not Surprising ENROLL NOW! 10'M Summer Course of private and individual lessons on the Accordion. All lessons personally supervised by Domenic .Mecca, assisted by expert teachers who have been trained to teach the Mecca System of Accordion playing. Mecca Accordion School 203 BANK ST. WATERBURY ft 1 / 1 (By United Vross) Argentina ,hus recalled her ambassador, to the United Stales. This utrctehes the already. strain<'d relations between the two countries another notch. However. Argentina's decision to i-ucall Dr. Adrian -Escobar to Buenos Aires caused 'no surprise. in diplomatic circled. ' . ' It simply parallels action taken by the United States .last, month when Norman Armour, United States ambassador to Buenos Aires, was recalled. . ...... However, it is considered significant that the' action came only a few hnurs after Secretary of State Cordoll Hull redefined United States policy toward Argentina In a memorandum loathe other American republics. Tho memorandum was considered an indirect reply to monaages Argentina ,delivered to the. United States to clear up what she -terms misunderstandings of her 'foreign policy. .',•.. Tho British ambassador .to Ar-l gentir.a—Sir Dayid Kelly—tins arrived in Ijondon -for consultation. . pi her American republics also have recalled tticir ambassadors and ministers. . On HID domestic front—the Sixth War Loxn di'iye W'll begin. Armistice (lay—November Hth—and run through Pearl i'iarbor day—December 7th. If the war in Europe is over b>; November llth it will be called T. victory loan. On Tho Home Front Tho goal of this' next w.-.r loan may be even higher than the $16,- nOO.000,000 goal 'of th<> Fifth War oan. The I;ist drive went over the top bv several billion dollars. In the Detroit industrial .area, hreo strikes '.ire in progress. One of them Is at a plant pi'O- hicinj,- parts for the B-29 Super- Fortress—tho Centrifugal Fusing company at Lansing. However, striking employes nt two war plants have voted to go hack to work. Walkouts at the Briggs Manufacturing company's outer drive plant at Detroit and at the Norge Division plant ot That's the way 1 like to see them," M.icArthtir when he saw the rows of in the Admiralty Islands. In th:s costliest, crudest war of nil time— our boys must fiyh: with savage fury. Kill or be killed! And on how well c.ich plays his part depends the lives of many of his buddies. Here on the home front, too, just cliccr/Hf/ the attack on isn't enough. faicl Gen. dead Jnps war— the That's why there^s a Fifth War Bond drive on now, a drive in which you're needed to support the men on the fighting fronts who are facing the most treacherous forces Americans have ever met in combat. We on 'he home front can't let them down —and we won't. So resolve now-ta at least dmblt your bond buying in the 5th War Loan drive. This is the time to do teller than your best. fast rife dfames- BUY MORE THAN BEFORE THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED BY NAUGATUCK'S CERTIFIED DRUG STORES; Donovan's Prescription Pharmacy 217 Church Street ^Tel. 4125 Albert R. Adams 2 Church Street Tel. 2680 Olson Drug Store 174 Church Street Tel. 3341 Naugatuck Drug Co. 1 No. Main St. Tel. 4288 Parks Drug Co. 67 Rubber Avenue Tel. 2854 Edward J. Sodlosky 411 North Main St. Tel, 4921 I Borg-Warner 1 -'corporation at MUH- kcgon have been ended. The political" tront is , busy to-' day! Primaries arc [being held in two states—South. Carolina and Arkansas. ' - . •','';'''.'.''' •" •• .-. The South' Carolina, primary -Is viewed as' a' test ''of'/ President Roosevelt's, fo'u'i'th" 1 term strength' The main race is .between. Sena-; lor" Ellison Smith—better known, as Cotton Ed—and ^Governor;:,"plln' Johnston for the senatorial; race; i ' Smith, who. has becn : 'a member of the senate since 1908, is-ariti-Roosc~! volt, . •.. - . - • . .:-,: Johnston, has said he is; pro-! Roosevelt. . • . '• f . :. In Arkansas, Senator Hattic Caraway's main competition is. expected to come fro'm Rep. J.v W. Rul- bright, Mrs. Caraway is the only woman in the. senate., - : ' Governor.Thomas Dcwcy.of New York and Governor Johri Bricker of Ohio—Republican . presidential and vice-presidential .nominees.,— will concentrate-their campaigns In the nine weeks .just preceding the November 7th election. RepublioAn National Committee Chairman Herbert Browncll says the campaign will, bo organized during the rest of July and August; BEACON FALLS CorrcupondtiittlH '1'hono 4S24 Local Scout Gets Two Merit Awards Richard Robbing, a member of Troop 2, ESA, of Naugfit.uclt, -receiver! Ihc life saving merit 1 bad^o, nnd the swimming merit badKc in awards made at Mt. Tobe camp. Over 300 Scout.s arc attending the camp this week, at which camp Joseph Surproant of Cotton Hollow is the Hwirnminjr instructor; '"' .The camp is now in its fourth week of operation. Vatican City comprises an area only about as large us an average 38-hole golt course. • ~ Servicemen Enjoy Furloughs In Beacon Falls Fred Morgan, PO 2-c, visited hT. wife, Mrs...Ann Morgan, of Lope? road over the wecltend. He is sta tioncd in Hhoflo Island. PO-2-c Willinm Johnson, son o Mr. und Mrs; William Johnson ot .Johnson street, is enjoying, a 10- tlay leave with his parents. The sailor is s'.ationud in Banana River Fla, Tech'. Sgt. Gene Gejda is spending a 15-day furlough at the home of his father on Ma'in sl.reot, The scrpeant is based at Camp Cruder Miss. ' . Corp. Raymond T_,cc, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel-Loo of Main street, Is spending a ten-day furlough in Beacon Falls. '.OWtS.'T.OSE HOOST Rockford, 111., (U P)—T h r e c owls which' have roosted atop the old high school building: here for nearly half, a century, will need new homes-soon. The buildings arc being torn down. Two of the owls stand 52 inches high, while the third bird 1 is somewhat smaller. The larger birds weigh 500 pounds each. They're? made of terra cotta a hard-baked pottery. Census.figuros show that about 30.million women between the ages ot'lB and 65 a>o available for work n war industries. 1,091 Motor Vehicle Accident Deaths In 1943 The Connecticut state'.dep.'irt- inont of health announced thiu morning that 1,091 deaths as'a result of motor vehicle accidents occurred in 10.13. For the four'years ]938-a941 inclusive, there were 1488 accidental deaths due to motor vehicles, nn ;ivurn.KG of 372 per year or more lh;in one death per (lay. .Jn 1942 and 1013, there were 551 deaths, an emjTC of 27B per'year. Comparing this with-the 372 average for 1U38- 394I, u substantial 'reduction is noted. ' • .-. -', ' • By far the largest course'-, of death is the collision of a- imo'tor vehicle with' a pedestrian.' : Tn .the years 3338, 1939, and'liMO, approximately sixty per cent of all motor vehicle accidental deaths were by collision with pedestrian. In 1941 this percentage was 52, In 1942 ind 1943, while there has been a definite 'decrease in total motor vehicle accidental, deaths, the per- taKc of all deaths due to collision with pedestrians, has .risen to! per cent. With fewer motor cars on the •ond, accidental deaths caused by collision with other motor vehicles lave decreased markedly in 3942 ind 3943, reaching its lowest value over the lust six years with 17. in .9'! 3. Two Theaters Closed By State Fire Marshal BUILDING AND LOAN DUES Payments to the- Nausatuck Building and 'Loan association are, 1 uo. E. C. LinKcnheld. secretary, tin be at his office: all day today nd Wednesday nnd in the evening rom 7 to n o'clock to receive .same. Norwich, Conn., July 25—(UP)— The Strand moving picture theater in Norwich and Ihc Strand theater' at Mystic arc cloned by order of State Fire Marshal Edward .T. Hickcy, who says the build;ng.s ;ire unsafe. Three other theaters in Norwich, four in New London, and one in Piiwcatuck have been approved after inspection Monday afternoon. The inspections arc pan of a .stutc-wide campaign inaugurated lifter the disastrous Hartford circus fire which claimed 164 lives. Thirty-four of the OC signers of the Declaration of Independence were lawyers. -worry l yon. '' -If - nrriltmrr i"f*. nt I' . , Amazing Way! 4lft*p- T.on & Mlwir CUnlf. T.n nmn*r-d how QUICK *V*mr-j*II* pnJn, llch, Hnrrrn*** iiro-'rHj/'To^. Gftl fl.OO luJ>c '/Tmriiinij Ac Allnnr'n llorlpl Olnt* ill.-til finljiy. Or not. tlift. <>n«j-t.n-iipnlj'<7hnrtt- ton & Minor I;-- ml KnpirfmliorlM. nn/tf n f*w wnu morn, Trj DOCTOK8'_ *»F TODATV CLEARANCE BALE CoatH, Suils nml DreiMe* • Greatly Jlcduccd GREAT OAK FARM UX):OKI> KOAI> Tel. «M9 MILK — EGGS jv'To, All r«ri» Of REGISTER NOW FOR FALL TERBT Stenographic — Secretarial, ~ .Accounting • Courses begin Wednesday, September 6 . Office now open .afternoons ami oveniii^s. .Enroll !'iof"i'ij Anynnt 1 ;in<J take advantage of ].M\XT tiiition rates. FREE IH7M.ETIX ON REQtJBST POST JUNIOR COLLEGE of Commerce 24 Central Ave., Waterbury . Dial 4-8772 T HE CRUCIAL HOUR is at hand Right now, Uncle Sam needs the help of every fighting American both at home and abroad—wore than at any time since the war Started. The boys in uniform are doing O.K. Ask AdoJph and Tojo! Workers in our industrial pJants are turning out the planes, and guns nnd tanks on schedule. Farmers and ranchers are breaking records in food production, despite handicaps. . But when;it.'comes to buying V^ar Bonds to pay for all this,-we've got a job —the biggest job of its kind in all our history. Uncle Sam can't go on supplying our fighting men with the tools they need and must have to win this war unless the money is there to pay for it. The money muse come from the people— from YOU. And because war costs are mounting higher than ever before, we must buy MORE BONDS than ever before. There'll be a Victory Volunteer at your door during the 5th War Loan ... a neighbor who is taking time from his work to help Uncle Sam raise the money needed to finance this war. Don't 'turn him down. Don't asfc him to come back some other time. Don't. '.. of all things ..." tell . him you can't afford 'more Bonds. Make up your 'mind now that you're going to BUY MORE THAN BEFORE ... Uncle Sam is depending on our boys over there and they're not letting him dawn. We at home have the same responsibility! BUY MORE THAN BEFORE! And Her* Art 5 Extra R*a«ont for Buying More Bonds in th» Sfhl /. War Bonds arc the bcsr,.the safest investment in the world! 2. War Bonds return you $4. for every $3 in 10 years. 3. War Bonds will assure the funds • to replace worn out farm equipment, machinery, and buildings. 4. War Bonds will help win the Peace by increasing purchasing power after die war. 5. War Bonds loean education for your children, security for you, funds for retirement - BUY MORE THAN BEFORE This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort by Tlte NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS

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