Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 5, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 5, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING, ILLINOIS.TUESDAY, DEC. 5, 19.1.6. PAGE THREE. ROCK FALLS I)AILY_GAZETTE ROCK FALLS, "lLLINOls7TUESDAy, BECfs,1916. EASTERN STAR MET ' MILLINER STORE SOLD. $ r «, c ,3! Meeting Of Tii- E.-is'r.n St.T- • Mrr. L,irr*«t Sells Stock To W. J. \V«*H#!H LnM Ev-riimi. Sowlcit Dry Good* Co COUNCIL MEETING C°'ty Council Meeting Last Even'mg- Afl Member; Prj"s?nt. t: i t ».i T! rtt- • s *• : " ' •>• - ' C,,,,,\ .-,•!• r, ] ,n- i Mill I ;> V '.i,'!<* i"i ,-\ftrr !!:•- i';i*i •'. •• ph? H .Mi' !> K!i M.|... Mi* \l H Cf-ll.-!!t |-<:nlll^-- £."ji i- .-I ,-!;,!,' : i, i '••' ,- *-!.-•! K;t'l<-I «:i'i;.: a < ; ' • ' -' >'*• '> prc.'itly ;i|--t-i • •• ;.t'< • ]'. • >-- ! '- ! '- -trv~ r*rr;r •fh-.r,- t-r^ T !j-f--*-i i; * |ty sir;;:'!i» i r " • »'(>' •"- .''' ITlntiolis w bu h v,;i'- '-< ! v s;'" H<-f I> S.'U'tll !!' : U ' ! • --''I'-. ,,-•;• -.i-sti-.j • if :l Milt' II 1'llicll, FUNERAL SERVICE •| • I'-' ••<! i'. .-'•,::<• -Hi.) •!;.- n-,|i!!i ;\: ! ; S.:- . ,-'.!!!-ni-d ,.'-- l»'!'..|>. *., !••• , »m- '.,•:. .1 vi ."; !hf ,!t >. e,,, i( l'-- . i : ,t .MKs \;- ( l'!-;;lii-s v. i!! h'!\ •- ch'irc'- i.f , thiM .', ; : ,- •:)•.(•: = ! ,\!s < !,-•!»), T! v, »•-.!:< « to |- II i h ,--,'.; the <l(i<-|< ill ,-.-!<!ir 111 UlllilS- !-ILI) .-. m,tiUi<-is "-I'll' 1 I'M this :-ide ui" !).„ -,.;,%.;••-... * ^ ' BUSINESS MEETING Chriitti^n Endeavor Hp,ld Meeting At The Home Of John O'Hare, T'"- Chri«ti;in Kndeavor of -ih<- i '}••'.-'-'.- in i-hurch held ;l meplliiit l;r-t i-ve»iit!fr nt the iu-ni'' <>f Mr. and Mt; 5 .!.,l!ii <cH.-,re. The foll.nvini; officers >-.: > ' i;ir I .'-I r\ I--MII 1$ i 'l N,' r>i!» !'••• Wi-i'f u.,v., -< ',, tl.i. -iriii. .-||. .- I i ;-. ! I (','!• f i:. .,..- \. ,,. ,-,-•( j u I-.!. : --. ., ..,., -.'^ h.i-l !,. -, ,-, ,! t.. !!••' :i!iv-!i<- 'I..* !i, ,. ;,, , - !,-, Kills .M-;--,!l" -.-i Tl--.' <•! NVvf-ni- -i ttr.-s! ,,r.!y • ' r, !: .l ftpl -'! 1 u ' : i' | • '•• u'. ENTERTAIN AT DINNER. \l! :»;•;•! M? •• I'h.-is I.--.- Smith enter- •-;•!!•-.j :i! diiiivr Siii!-!:iv the t'.Olitv. ins; i:';•'•.'-'. '•'. S. H',i:is..n, f'ufitK'o H.inson. Mi-*,-* I.vnd.iri ;fMd".MvM!e Arndt of .'.JiU!..,»iI;^ _J.i,'i'";.lit .M'-.'. >•'.;'.. ,vL J.]i'XU,U,Ja» '"lat'll.e f-',il !Hj>!lM, I '(ill-! ' H^TI^'in, If,'!!!>• llnti-nii npd *'ir'u> ;\nd 1\!fif-!.-! I .i,.!iMs-<,n i.f M«f< h(i»-l.l. Minn Over Th* Remain* Of Theo. Knabe j Were Held Yesterday. Tl.n-od-iii- Kti-ib'- w-i- b"rn it! Ster- liiii'*i « ! 17. I'-'Vi, :ind .i!'-I .1! i'i^-'- lii this rif> ,.n (So- in.nnim: oi' I .'< < «m- - 'bi I -nd. !''!';, HI' i :in ill'-' • "' ( ' ! - ; '>' mumh.< • •: Nov. I' 1 . V"<", In 'A.i" i nit-•: in in:U- *, li.-it-c !o Mivs Miitiiie If -i-ltrin and ('•' [ till;- union 4 twi. childu-n ^iie boij). j '•» Aliieand H.I/.-I, v. h" wsih tl-eir nif'thi't ml•'-jve t i moiiin ih'ir I"'• , "i'hf funeral v, ri in • ni-ii- ln-'d .Mnil- dilV nfteriioon at tin- l.-.-e home. I'e\'. • A. 10, SlfTiester uf (he M.'K. chinch of- '• •ficinfed :n«i| IH'CIIIKIII «:IM m.'iiU' in ""' ''"'•''.•.':''!"" """•'"'•• • • Thc Crochet Club. •*• -• .'•'•- \ t,it I hit.IS 1 s!irprl u e w.i 1 * :,-lvrn MI«. iCiitl M \ei-H vcMtetd.iy ill her hi>!>'.<' on l't« •• .\lr.~. .hdm < I'H.ui' \ ii i. I'n--•,- In in NHv"ii. <,,'•> y Mi.'!* 'I'l'lff XeHlllvl. TK .is'. Mrs. Samuel \VriKhJ__. .._. .... i 'hi-! •!•<(« r lix'iii Nfl-^oii. .Md t tin 1 1»n'-iii"^. c ).u!*if the rtn-1-t- :i; a .HIM i;'.i ' ! nil' 1 \\.IH «'||joyful mi'l iiii'N i > 11' -liim nts wcto si-rv<-'1 li> SURPRISE PARTY Given Mr». Carl Myer* Yesterday By TEARING DOWN BUILDING. Th"' \\'hee)ef aild I'.Irnvn hiiildiiiR on I'li-'t avenue which w:is paitly l>nin>d '-•.-me i)iii<* .Itjrinij the ^ ,* t chmtner, IH hi-int: torn flown and a \\i-w 'ituidern f'tilldint; will be en-' t< d nt it« pl.n f in the near ft'ltiitiv PRAYER MEETING, Th" teiinlar praver meetini; « ill In. In Id "l'|i!irsila> i-venlinr at tin (. 'bri.-- lain tliHK-h. A!!fl thi?* netvii»- ' a <-hi!r< h Infpiness inretim; \\ill be iiehl •Vt.AsJiieh time iillii-crM l>'i tin i.»minK A car » 11! h<« eleetcil. ' ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Mr and Mis. Kn-d Veoward_ and sutiy. Mr.x IJalph \\'chb and sun. Mi'X. <5eo l».ivl!J moloreil tn Moii'lson Sunday and took dinner at the home of Mr and Bffii , ft KIKE ' N£W . , DISCOVERY FOR: COUGHS l &^-ty&$&$!^-%&$l'&%&ff&- -'^t^tf^^W tb -keeps il there. WHERE JS THE MOTHER ,, „ with ft child-ttho-iRrundown,haspak i vvrl ,.' mUn ,i. n.auniK .it,,.u! Mdi-iy-ih cheeks or thin blood, who will hesitate ! »\\, td give that child the very thing itnceds I An ei«botafe dinner wa« «.tvc,i to start it growing and keep it going? j W»IM. »»«-•« i.r..»»r»it nion K by the b,,i- i- t -A ' "tt . . I ' l"-- : 'I'll' 1 :lfternooli \\;iw j>|'enl in milPIc fprovcrfortyycarstiiecoru'cntrated !.„,;, (ij , 1K , ,„ v Wl ,,,. -M| . H . Mv ,.,. s W;1H liquid-food in Scott's Emulsion has j,,,,,.,.,.,,,, (! Uli |, tn:H -,v beruititut Kiftx- becn changing thinness to plumpness S , —changing poor Wood to rich blood. | SURPRISE PARTY Therc fo nothinu better for growing j. - —-—• -^chiJdwi—wlietlwiUhcy_aic_»cak ,or |: Gl ^ en Mr *'/ rt ^J su/Ciw"'" 8 well—than Scott's KmulMnn, bul sec Ti^Tuidum sti.'r S ci.'iH* r ..f i*,.*'«-,111- that yon cvt the t-rmtine Scott's, fleo« A Bown*. bkwtanoj, N. J. 1940 HIS FRIEND HURT; HE HELPED HIM -~~ ~j Injured - Man Langhcd When! Simple Treatment Was Sug- j gested, But He Thanked His Comrade Later. KreK:itioii;il church |ile:is».'iutly jtur- j.nsi-d .Mr-i, Arthur Totte liict evening j fit her home- on .-ivenue 1). The evc- i iiiti« \V;IH Hpent in iloitiK fancy work '1'iiid doini; fancy work. Mrs. A1y«t» «ii« i fi e?i|j.meidM \iere f<r-rved which 'Wen • hioiinht bv th'» VOUID; latlieM. " ' - -*-- ' ADVERTISED LETTERS. I The loUow.itK lettei'H remain itr the ! (•iiMtiillli-e iit Uock I'*;illM uncalletl for: i Mis* Tin Una M. Knyder and Mix .1, I). I't'ed Henderson went '.'t Mmiroe, \\'i«. thlH. mornhiK J'nr a (dim 1 ! vl.«lt. A'r .iti'l Mrs. \Villlani l-'ny, MrM^Mat- rell l-'ov, and Mr« Hairy Imniii'. of Tnnjpti'o, Bj'r-ni .Mmulay here uti in s«, All' UHiils i rochet cotton at the Funny Store * Mr* t '. Sandl'ii'k and baby, of Ash!on, fpent Monday IP -te at the hi'ine of Mi and Mr.«. i-'iei) llovxe i'. M. i;ia.««. of CHnton, .tpent Tne-i- day, lii-re on Ims'lne!",'* T Jiihn.uoti was lirrc Tuesday on CoHsfottow exposure We can't Stay in tioorft in ba<J wcatlier, and coWs often follow exposure. When you have grippe symptoms v.ith sneezes, sni/Hea and sore throat, get a bottle of Dr.King's New Discovery, for here is a remedy that for nearly fifty years has been the favorite. The soothing healing pine balsams relieve the irritations and stop the cough and the antiseptic qualities kill the germ, ! Have it handy for grippe croup and all winter cole's. Your c'ruggist has sold it for years. ;s a ptan-i in vour evening lifter p|M>ndlni; a tew ilayn with liix father, who i.s vcty ,«iTK at \Vhea- U'itrvkehr, FAT FOLKS WHD WOULD BE THIN Ivl Itoarhank. of I'ortaRf. \N'i.«., i« here vinilinK lit the Jiome of Mr. and I lev. Hoy Miller, of .M.'lx'an,'T,-r-her<' at the home of John l.und- Don't for>!»-t tln'< l>uti'h supper tomorrow eVi'ldllK at the t'ollKl''*Katlonul church. 1'rice ;^,*i rent.",* Samuel Wright is- ciMitined to hl^ hotnt.' of M-—~ i REDUCE WEIGHT 10 POUNDS OR upon a time viotd cuine to j MORE. Henry A, Voebl, of I'lainlleld, N. J., f "I'd certainly glv« mimt anything »«" llmt a clone friend hitd been injured,'lie able lo reduce n f«'W ItonndH find und full of iinsiety he viHited tm*^tay Hint way," ddClan-.s every exce«- iinin", who waft .suffering froin Uively fat man tir womun. .Such u ir had not tmpoH«lble despitf , MOMI fnt jM-ojdo are tho vU> IKns <if MUfiertuitrition, a c«indUio)t which Dfe^'entH the fatty elements uf him out in a week nnd ho laiinhod 'tit foim fnini beiiiK ooiwurned by th«> blood. me. Tint L took him n bottle -of Sloun'n 'jn.stcnd .if 'only nuriHlifiiK the blood, t,.thiit night he put mime on , mi icl. ,ir the f;il produciiiK tdt-nH'tiiH ''It \van HO h.'iil (hat ttie I ioij l>l(U'lt,",faid .Mr. Vm-hl in relat- tni- Htory. "1 told him I would have 'at Mrs. «'. M. lionfoh and chllflren re- turnt'il to their luiim* in I'litcaKo ut't< : -r' HliendinK several day,* hero ;: I the home of Mrs. W, H. Hryaift. A CHILD DOESN'T LAUGH AND PLAY IF CONSTIPATED IF PtEVISI-f, FEVERISH AND SICK, GIVE "CALIFORNIA SYRUP. OF FIGS." Motliii' Your child i«n't ii;itur;dly , - oiited; this is a 'MIH' Kiwn Its littl" MomTTcTu HVeT ; ~"~iTffil Tri'iuTTS" den lining tit once. When H.Mle,s«, pah/. fi veii.Mh, full of cold, breath hail, Unoat f-»f, doesn't int. nr act naturally, Is.'ts sttoni- ach-ai'hi', lUurrhnoa. remember, u gentle liver and huwrl (•!••.iii-^imc Vfiould tilwjiyn b<« the ln«l treatment j.:iven. Nothing ei|U*ls "("iiliftirniu Syrup of I'iK.f" for children'.'i HIM; >.;lve ;i te.-t- Mpoonful, and in a few hour:-* nil the Have Music In Your Home 'This Christmas y$ A piano makes a gift the entire family can enjoy. It not only ^ beautifies the home but adds to its peace and harmony. Our easy payment plan make,- it possible for every family in this community to own one. « Deliveries can be made immediately or held for Christmas. J.D. HARDEN 1916 1861 The oldest and largest house in Whitcside county ;} West Third St. Sterling, III 1?TO^"^^F^utsTi piam) ~ ^l^rpei^month ~ tpiv/ inyourJiome *V* J . it there Hhe • n*',s.-i. obt.'itn relief front b- i ill- I'lllinel' !•>• f-utfi'l l!l;; fi"!!! foul wawlc, l>i!c' and fcrnicnliiiK . <", S^. HaiiHon, (.iforRi,' Hanson, Mlns- e» I.yiuloii alii) Mryth* Arndt. of t'hi- I'HRO, are here Visitlns at the honit of Mr. and AlfM. J, Hanson. • Verda 'iV'Hare and I,«>olji ier rotiiriu'd ye«t<'rday tn Ml. Morrin ;ifter «pi> \auatiun hor<>' with* their parent**. ami noticed th«' ankle fell hotter. J told him to UH«- it evi-ry day, and in three ilii,VH» ankle was prat-ticnlly \vcll, in different jiartH of th<» body Where they dotl't t behiHHr, To correct this-condition and to pro)y udtnitH that .SIoiin'H Liniment "|>ut jniitrliive JII'OC«'MHC>H muwt bo artificially Ilim «n his feet." * |HU|iplled with the fat-burnlnK |n>wer Hloan'rt hfnJiniMit cati be olil.'ilncd at which iinture h"« denied them. Thi« Hi) ijrujj •M>v, and $i.«JO. lean probably Hi< bekt liy HOPKINS NEWS yj A SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL. crowd was in attendance at foinl which IH elojwd in fh»> howi'ln piiKSrs out i>f thu «y.Hti'(n, anil you hav<- a \v»>ll ;irnl ulayful e-hihl aKaiti. $,. All lt'iie_lhlAd-liaruiltaj^_il!;Uciuut "fl'Uit lUX.-ltlVl'.' 'illlll It IK'VIT fllllx to I'ffcrt u Kemil "inside" i-loanwititr. 1)1- riTtioiis for baliioM. childri'ii of nil IIKC-I* and p'rown-ups am idninly un tlu> hot- II' 1 , . Ki't'p it h.-irdy in ><MJI - lionu*. .A lit- tlo Kivi : n toiluy MUVS-.H a nick crhilil to- inoiTDW, hut >;i - l tln> Kfiaiino. AM); dr\iut;i!*t for a f.'i-i'i'iil liotth- of "<"u!i- foinlii Kyrup of-KltfH," thon look smd MOO that it t-t mud*- liy.tho "California Sloarisr Liniment an Oil of Kurein capHtilo with ti\t*.ry nu-al. Kot'flh in a Tarefnl cimi- hlnatioa of Kplondid fat-ri-ducinB «•!«'• rneniH, and HM. rapid effect IIIIH boon In many cane* reported remnrkable, Ht*P<irted roductloMH of Cr«un 10 to .25 in a *iiiiKl« tnonth aro by no ltifroi|nent. Yet this action if perfectly natural and hurmli'MH, <iil of Knri>in ix wild by J-'retl H. Kberloy and plher Kodd'dritKKlHtH In tins liiliurntory p Telephone Us Your Fuel Orders Nut and range sizes Petroleum and Vulcan . White Ash and Eldorado Johnston Lumber^Co* f ELUPHONl NO, 88 "" h"UI at the JCmofKon Hcliool house Wednesday nijrht. The banket a «i>l* readily for fair prle<>n and the Hum of |U5 wua cleared, which w;ill be ucfd to he-Ill pay f<ir a' new piano fo& the Hclinol. Thi- program Klveii by the ticholarH was fine. Miss Leotia Hurs-.. IK I'Ker. of lUM'k Kails, a wtudent at tit'.' Alt, MorriH college, KI*V«> a vocal aolo,' C ln'l' '/ h.i\e lajul !nti/r-<-.-!s. 'i'." A. (*'!ii i*m und d-iu:;iitcr. <i;cH.. \i:-i(ed fiiend'- h> ".'•'* ,i -iinit tiir.i S -,! ill '.i .-!> iil'ten •e,"|.itn'e.| up f; T, K. U.ilH e MJ-- ! ;,!,", \k- ! I.. I , W,.-. t.ii'i u GARDNER'S », ,,. , , ., , M' - - ,i . . » K' ! n I , « ,»•• I.I *l II \ . t \ • M|:-< \\ . (\. SlH-l in.-lll Mild Cl.llil u ^ . i. ' ) • vt-ltin*. the I "i tin i's ,,n. <; .1 ,<i . i t ' ' ' ' ' ' '*'' ''• ' 1% . • I iiiiiu nnd f.imth, b-ft s.itmdix u.i'i .u f for l! ile»bui :•. \\tnli' thiv \\ill M-i* Mi .I'n! Mi • )' A l.'i-iii" r • 'ii-d Mr, ii-d Mi" r l> l.< \e ii-.-k d,i,» i Tl, tuki. •"""•'"'- fcind- tl It • '?•!!!'! l'i/r.'l i Il"lll' .(1 th" TAMPICO MAN HAS OPERATION.- '".ui"'.!:,! M- \ir,.-d' Wmith - w-re Thnrxdiiy nlctll I'M, Kii-sx \\:\- t'Uiii ! ,,-j ;i f,| | .-;,- ti, ,\1| \V .| l^i!^ tn tin* iJlxon hi lilted ll|lo|t fo| n b.ld ,l|i|ie>uil\ 1 tiiken 111 Weilui-d.iv .iiid ,t but he becjime woi> 1 1' t, •• M/'> trumiie ;,ud ^fi«i M ' t'- Id mi T!t,nii>-,.ivu a TAMPICO NEWS Miss Bcrnadino Burden Deliahtfully Entertained Friends. MJKS ISernadine Hurdcn .Kavi» a party to u few her friends 1'YJday »-v« at her home on UlasHhurn Mtreei, • A part of the evening: was fi'i'en flames and' card* ami the S'erdiV .< r.U«r«. in llnn.sber«er to an en- a humor- reading, which wan heartily up" pla.iidi.'il. Hot coffee and" tiie key. al«o Ki>rved. Mat VVilspr won 'and Mr.- Schr.ulcr Hu 1 ,tnr- The n»w Ford with itf large radiator and enclosed fan, *tre«mlin» hood, with crown fenders both front ami rear, entire 'black finish »nd_nickel trimmings, |)(csi;nt!> 4 splondtd appearance. At the *ame time . Ford curs have --never been made better, from every point of view /han they are b«Mng made today. The *xp3TTcnc«t of buildina more than fifteen hundred thoMiand of them, together with lurgely increased rruinufae.Uirmg facilities, ,* highest quality With (owe* ,cokt». ' Ford after-soryise a»»ured by nine thousand Ford apt-nts *cattsre"d all through the coun- 'try,. Runabout $345, Touring Car $360, Coupe'et |505, ''"~~'~" Samuel France Rock Falls ROAST DUCK DINNER, Mr. nnd Mrs Ohurhss lialslcr eu- trrtuiiHMl in thoir now home on TliatikHKiviiiK dny all their children and Knindeh'lldren und a fyw otherH. At the noon ho.ur it bountetniH roaul iluck dinner w'ith al.l the ii«uiil a'c- comimnimenlN IhaC KO with It to miilu a 'TliunktigfyiiiK /east NVUH ccrvvil bj thw und her awiistants. T wciithor and roa«ls were idfitl, -iui( tluiHc present spent, a truly Thanka- Kiv.lnK day, T'ho KU<•(•(>* were: ' Mr and Mr-s. Harry onktm and daughter Mr. mid Alra. Albert '\Vc8«clH utu diiUKhtcr, Ah", and Mr«. Jamew Wolber ail'' 't"*' Mrrt. Hiiny HulHtvr, Mi»H Tiara Italster, Herman Ual»U'r am children, Ut'orKf HinrlcliH and hi>i Hinrichk hou*e and SHr ;i hours • id 1 i'\i)-l!..!,i > - d i\ • "" Mi - V- ja Th"t"i..i, i. niriM MMiidlv Ihrtt he \van hmiled («• the lu.«- VH f< j, j|. tl , s ., ; lt V nh iilitiv |iit,'ii ami an opeutiimi peifi.uned mi- ! i -|,(,.,-,,,, this incdia!el>. Salluda% inotidnu \\i-td wu-* lici-ivii! tluli he wa-< duihK \i|.v ie. 'Is' since, the Operation. TAMPIICO BRIEFS. MT" and 3T| - nuib-n nit.w'n with tin I"ini'i'»- S&S MARKET CO S&S Mrj<. ('haib'M t'a»l>ey and t-ami!> in ,ir . ENTERTAINED AT DINNER. Mr. and Mr», C. l-\ Uoyer enit liiiiicd nt u Thunkhjdv Ing diuucr at I heir home Thurxdaj. their daughter, M-in. I. X, *Jue«enherry and children Mabel, Huih. Hi win, Mlltmi, Ho'wurd and ticibel tiuehenberr.s, of Hcdwood FwllH, Minn. Mlhf Hnth H«>>er. of OJitn HtMiton, Mr. ami Mr«. Iru .lohiihon, Mrs Tinkle .\t"> T.IIIHJ Jiinl- nall, and ChaileK and .\ithiii Hover. •t ENJOYABLE BASKET'SOCIAL. 'l\41i' vuterltillilliellt and basket M>,il jkhelt by tile M.lUi'Vtl Hcliool' ;tt the M hool hoiihe \Vedue«daj' Iliubt in largely nlteiitled and (he buhketM m',M icuddy for t.ttr i>i h ct«, .mil u ne,«t M'ilt \\titt leulji-.ed \\ hlch Will be used I u M'ltOid |Hit|H>t>t'> The line plo- ,iiii |41\eli b> the pliptN M.IS we I A THANKSGIVING DINNER. \'i \iid 5Jin Siiuoii \\hisll r r CH- *i'l.Uiud lit ,i, liU4~ n i luii«'ii«Klv in", dm- ic( ,u ibeir'liome Tinned i\. vsh'ii i il 't' I'liuibft ot |i!.!',ixei .Hid li iei| ! ,\~ fe" "Ml n.-T^tr-i"" l.iV WliT->lTiT ,uf'' \li .tint* AlJ- I'KiHint 'Minlii »t 'on i i 'WILL MOVE TO MICHIGAN/ i'IU»ii iVlji li r, h.iid nil Ins .in. u il S I Hi e| li'S Ill'l C> I I i -J (I, I), I ol It u,.I w >lb lit I Hd.U » ,!I .-." a !, i> . ,i, \h< tiU tn. vvluie I ln-\ wiii Jh iM iicT iut'U'' h»m' i'ii .1 t (•! m II, till \r ,-• ,< n» i, / "•'•' ' danciiiK- Nice fi'fn-.shment.s weir served by the lady'H mother. The ^MICSIM were Slinsc!* Kthel Van. J)t> Mark, !>arlen« AnioUI. AuKUNta -ISrown, KUiol .M<3('r«'»'dy. i:vi>lyn llollier, Ci-rnldiiie i'orbin, NctUe . lirainerd, (>wondoiyn Aidrii'h. J^veijn I Sla^Hbiirn, Marie l.nteK, V'alinc dlivr-r; oiiyer, (ieoi-ee Meredith, Ihmaltl MH'iKull. •Wayne l.tityetiH. llnrlow H.inltli, <!or- don IliookH, Hubert Darby, '-Wayne CTm<Mi(|orf, Utibert ('orbin, John Hvyor, i V;iti Deiuurk, HOHUT,- J»rriitm.' THANKSGIVING SERVICES, ThankwKivinu service* were |w*l<J ThiifMilay evening at the liaplixt church, and the Ms'iinun WOK Kiven by lU'V. V. \V; Thorhton; All who Ke;mi Mr. and Mr*. I,.' K. J'hapui \\eic \\'»d. nesii-y cvcnlnij pat^.seiu'ei - !" I'suph- etfitown to spejid" Thursday with nla- Kdtm Arnold. ;»f Walnut spent si'Velal «! i\'s __ IM* __ »l'J'k_ __ \ IMIi'i!' I i I . Mi. r»ar« Mi. .1 mn •Hid iitner r lativfH here. . Mr.H. I'tiirton Hrovvn left Kj'Ulav uft-i .'rnooh via Hti-rliriK, for 'points- in M For Wednesday, Dec. 6 ri^.N* Fret, !t> 5c Sirloin or Slum Steak. pound ,, .18c {'an Tomaloi^: . No. 1 .5c Xo, : J lOc" No. :; ..15c Boll 438. Interstate 168 604 Ave.! Special on Flonr Ethan Allen, per 49 fb. tack.$2.70 Jersey Cream, 49 fb. jack , ^$2.45 No. 2 Tip Top Peaches, can.,18c No'.' 2 Hnrt brand Peas, 2 cant for .,..,.^ ;....25c No. 3 Blue Ribbon Tomatoua, per can/,., 15o Frc»h Oy'kters, quart ....... ,40o Fancy Prune*, 2 tb«. 25o ! can «av(,> you' rnuney tm till jour yoodH. HiinK" your cimti J^fidii ordei-H ^l i an nl tlicrti a» i heap ax any I'MeiiRO lifnlHf. 1" make- u fpeciiii'.y of •r.esti kind of order.". ' •"-"•' Yon do jiot ' i".- ',>. wait for your K'.nxlH,. .'••.< •.:*.«' jnu Kvl. • ,\ .full line; .<: • ,<• .«* I. rtiitH und bin Knrinon oi it" only.- -in th« hit,'hei»t tenn« think'thorni who did not uttviid, inj.-wed wunlL'thinj.; worth hearing, • * v ENTERS STERljl^G HOSPITAL. Mri, Mac 1'almcr' wan taken tu tlu« Stt-rliiiK lumpltal Krnlay wheic H|H« will rcmutn for t-ome time lo ««»«• Jf Graduate of the best eye college in the * world Glasses as $2.00 Why Piles ? A Free Trial of Pyramid Pile Treat" meat Will Aoiswor the Queatioo Emphatically. Hello! S>fm! Mr w Ho* wf Vulir I'.SM- is i." «i,»s<> than WTO I In" l,lh»>^ n| i)S.I S VI i»l" I1!<1 IIS II.1H n-nuii K..M.I- I'vt.uiiid I'.li 'i'i, in i.11,1 ,ilnl v liu !.,,>«« ,-iun- vvinU'iiji* 1 IU 'itlu.'V. Tn i a ,i i ho !,-!,,« «•„ ' "HI It , ' ' , r i *• ui *x ! \ ii- ,"i » f a r< - ji.,\ j ,,j u THEE : v f: \ nn !• M • s - v.' ,. •*• I I '" I J MltllUI I'Jl . ! . . , . t V DON'T LET THE LENS "BREAK" YOU ., . » ' & I can save you from25c to $1.00 on each duplicate lens—quickly and guarantee H tolbe a perfect match. Open Saturday Evenings. , -^^' '' ' J^Sf^^ ^Qg^ • ^^B^P^ 1^^^^^^ w^^BWr I^^^BIIpl^ q9 ^^Ipl^ ^5r '-I- : First Avenue and East tliiixl'St., Sterling, 111 Over Obermilier's Store ~^ •""• 101-VV

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