Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUGATUCK DAILY; NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 25, 1944 3Dbe Bailp Published'Every Evening (Except Sunday) by THE NAUGATUCK J>7EWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK, CONNECTICUT Telephone* nnd 3Z!!!»— All Drimrtntcntn Entered as second class matter at the post office in Nati£iUuck, Conn. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Payable in Advance 1 month * -73 C months fl.50 3 month* .12.25 1 year The United Press has the exclusive right to use for rcpublicatlon In any form, all new* dispatches credited to this paper. It l.i also exclusively entitled to use for rcpubllciulon all the local and undated news published herein. J'l.KUGK TO TUB FlwVG—"I pled^'i: Ulle~~ irlnncn to the Flm of tht< United StiiU-ft of Ami-rlcii and to tin- K«|nil>Hc (or which It stand*. One nation Indivisible, with I.ilwrly iind Justice for till." TUESDAY, .1UI/V a,'., I!M4 MORE VANDALISM Lust wufk, youni;' hood! mns, u^iny ti Jiiri;e pi ceo of pipe which Uioy are siiid to luive stolon tVuni the school property, pried apart the inm fence separating the Hop Brook school yard JL'rom the golf course. An attempt is k'iny made to repair the damage immediately. The manpower situation and the shortage of materials of this nature make the damage particularly rinnoyini* at this time as it diverts labor and materials badly needed for war work. Members of the tin It' club are particularly disturbed due to the fact that they have lowered Green fee* tu a bare minimum—thereby making available tu tiie younger clement the facilities of the course. The police are being' asked to resume patrolling of the property in order that future lawlessness can be reduced to a minimum. The volunteer workers who are endeavoring to keep the course alive are particularly incensed at the action of these young' hoodlums in nullifying their efforts to improve this lung established course and retain it for future use of the large number of servicemen golfers whose return is anticipated in the near future. Tin's latest act of vandalism is DO YOU REMEMBER? Prom The Files of The News 20 Years Ago •Mr. and Mrs. Louis P. >Racke, and their son, Hnri'lH, left for Larchmont, N. Y., to participate In express cruiser races on the Sound, o—O—o Ethel Brown, Mao Hogan, Margaret Foloy, Rose Mariano, and Mae Paul were among those Inking a trip on the S. S, Richard. Peck, when a man wan reported overboard, o—O—o 30 Years Ago Margaret Tobin, who was to marry Alfred Ashmore, was tendered a miscellaneous shower by fellow members of the Lady Maccabees. The "Jolly Nine"—James Grant, Frank Donnelly, Thomas Sullivan, George Tuft, Emil King, Leonard Schultz. Harry Necdham, Robert Cullom, and Frank Barlow—went to Silver Sand beach to spend'a couple of weeks at "Everelda" cottage. Around the Clock one of manv only that such inisdemeMTioi have be-on committed here over ;i peri(;cl of some months and is typical of other depredations reported in numerous communities, in Connecticut and other states. Persons who are shocked and saddened over the tendency of so many youngsters to damage a-r,d destroy property are asking how much lunger this •widespread vandalism is likely to continue unchecked. They believe it is time in on; vigorous measures were taken to stop it. Heretofore warnings and threats of punishment, special educational programs designed to make the vandals see the error of their -ways, and numerous other experiments to bring about needed reforms, have failed to accomplish their purpose. Now that the public's patience with the miscreants is well nigh exhausted, there appears to bo a growing sentiment Jn favor of adopting stronger disciplinary treatment of the culprits who seem to feel that they can do whatever they please Some students of the problem of juvenile delinquency are of the opinion that both the delinquents and their parents should be compelled to share in the punishment; that if the parents had to pay for damage done by their wayward find destructive children, they would exercise their parental authority much better than many of them do at present, find that the delinquents, finding such authority had actually been restored in the home, would begin to mend their ways. At any rate, the problem is one that must be solved for the most part in the home, if it is to be solved at all. When a determined and intelligent effort is made to master it there, we will be well on our way toward bringing about a rel'omi, the urgency of which is plainly apparent. Bobby Swanson is homo after a vacation in Hartford. .Bob was one of the many thousands of spectators at the .Bar- num-Bniley circus, when the big-top caught fire several weeks ago Little Allen Noble. 4 years old, was taken to St. Mary's hospital over the weekend after he suffered a'deep cut on his face. And J'Jmil Schruli of Cherry street extension is a medical patient at Waterbury hospital. Marion Salisbury of Beacon Falls is spending her vacation at Bar Harbor, Maine Mrs. Hyacinth Lafo and Mrs. Rose Unis of Pond street are taking a vacation in .Massachusetts Bill Hurliche of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., is visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs, Richard Durkin of Highland avenue Pvt. Walt Bieman of Waterbury is home on furlough. His wife is an employe of the Naugatuck Chemical Co. Eugene Carreiro has rctnniud to 'Rhpcle .Island after visiting his dad, John C'ar- riero of Church street. . . . P.t'c. Tommy Fitxpatriclv of .Beacon Falls is home, on furlough. Tom is a .member 'of the Army Air Forces All' Fratesi and Francis Moroney. postal 'employes started their vacations Saturday. The two arc going to nnd ''pernts" north for a week. And Kay Lafforty comes back to work to'dav. WALTER WINCHELL! Coast-to-Coast Trude Mark Regl»tercd.)Copyrfeht, 1844. Daily Mirrorj TIIIBIJTE When we arc old and stripped of all desire, Courting the sun and gn/.ing at '• the Bky, When we have banked ambition's scorching fire— And wait our time to join the throng gone by: I hope that a» our glances meet and hold, There will be no regret, to find in yours, As there is none today when I am bold And cognizant of. all your gay allures. That day, my dear, I do not want your praise, For wealth or want is but a. prank of. fate— I want some simple one that I * can mate; \Vh;«t tthoiild IL lie? Oh, one like Mils will do: "It ii:iN lx:en fun to foe along wlUi you." — Dan W;il>n. "YOUR MIND AND BODY" WASHINGTON IJy LOGAN CLENDKS1NG, M. D. TJie Navy Doctors New Test For Fat' YOU HEAR the expression — "He weighs .MO pounds 'and it's all bone and muscle.' 1 'And again, less admiringly—"2-10' pounds of blubber." There is good physiology be- hind'such .estimates.-It is not difficult to spot the"fcllow""<cvho is manifestly overweight Mor -his height;, but'-who'looks as'-if-it were natural flesh—it's muscle and he' Cui'p. Kenneth 0'lmrchill, sun of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Churchill of Greenwood street. Union City, took part in the invasion of Saipa'n island, according to a letter lie wrote tu 'Ins folks. lie came through without a scratch. Ken says. He hopes to write his friends vsoon, but at; the present is very, very busy ,. Joseph Thoma'ft Kane of Sa.ude avenue is at Sheepshead Bay ' training -with the maritime service. It's doubtless a good idea to start a world bank, but most of us will keep right on putting our money in the little bank around the corner. Mosr Frenchmen, according (o the old popular notion, wished (hey lived in Paris. ?S'ow probably most of them wish thev lived in liberated Cherbourg. Hop Brook Country club is sponsor- soring another dance at the clubhouse Saturday night. Tripping- the light fan- .tastic will commence at 9 p, m., and continue to 1 a. m Mrs. Josephine Janik and Frances Stokes are spending a week at Cape Cod Judge Charles J. Baxter and Esther Lundin of our staff, have returned to work after taking their annual holiday. Pfc, Howard Miller's address is Co, "A", 79Gth CMP Bn., APO 3")U, c-o Postmaster, New York, X. Y. Howie's the boy who drew those sketches that arc on display in the News window Jimmy Borbas, of Prospect street, lias returned from a week's stay at Camp Mattatuck in AVatertown. The white- haired lad resumed his duties as "News" buy yesterday Patrolman George Kogut, one of Naugatuck's finest, is getting ready for his annual leave, which starts Saturday. Donald Swanson, Naugy high junior, is spending some time in Cromwell, Conn Carl Edquist, of North Main street, is seriously considering going into the paperhanging and painting business, Last week, Carl did four rooms and a kitchen in two days. Carl said the fact that he used a broom instead of a brush to paint the kitchen made up a lot of time that might have otherwise been lost Mrs, John Monroe, the former Eleanor Johnson, was feted at a party Saturday night at the home of Clifford Hotchkiss. Mrs. Rita Lave, Mrs. Monroe's sister-in-law, was hostess. , a sure enough strong .man. And quite as easy to" diagnose that, roly-poly who may ha'v.c . a few muscles left but Vail of'them arc larded and covered.-and infiltrated with fat cells. .- ," Not. only that but there 1 , is a fundamental difference in the outlook for these different kinds of. people. The warnings against the dangers of overweight do not apply to the first fellow. Hi's.muscles will keep him active and his..arteries supple and burn up. his. energy and so avoid the diabetes..and- heart disease that go with the other group whose overweight goes by the less beautiful name o£ obesity. Test Fpr Fat ' . v It is fairly easy, as I' say, by a mere glance to spot the extreme examples amonj,' these.-'groups But what about the intermediates! —the fatties who arc pretty ac Live, the bull moose .\yho looks jus a little puffy? If a person "is'over weight and 'belligerently contends it is all muscle, and . the. doctoi thinks otherwise,•' is. there any ex act scientific test to prove which is right? Yes, a method had been devised by some Navy doctoi-.s, from which I infer that it may bo important for the armed forces to know whether thai!- overweight men can really Ktnncl the gaff or not. It should be 'called the "Eureka test," because 'It goes right back to the description of our old friend Archimedes on about page 270 of Myers' Anciont History. For the benefit of those who have v forgotten or who are so young they never had the cultural advantages of that inspiring text book, let me remind thorn that Archimedes was the ollleial scientist of Syracuse about 250 B. C. He was the government researcher for the tyrants of those parts, and on one occasion Heiron. the tyrant pro tern, who was thinking of indulging' himself in a new crown, asked Archimedes to determine whether the. proffered article was pure gold or alloyed with silver. Specific Gmcity Test Offhand Archimedes didn't know of a way, but being a researcher he look his problems to his bath tub where he noticed that when Archimedes got in a certain amount of water slopped out. He realized that this was in accordance ^yith density, or specific gravity, . and- that gold and silver would-displace different amounts'of water, so'he- did a nudist marathon to: .the palace crying — "Eureka 1 ".- 1 - upon which Heiron was very .grateful to him and gave him a eleah toga to go home in. The Navy doctors, applying this principle, determined the specific gravity of different human bodies, by hydrostatic weighing; .i. e.— equivalent volume—weight in air, minus weight in water allowing for ei-ror due to air in the lungs and intestines which they can calculate. They found that there is a' 15j HELEN KSSARY (Central Tress Columnist) Scenes And Sights Almost Everyone There Viewed At . Was A Candidate Democratic Convention For V. P. Post AMONG THE PERILS of eating in restaurants during war time is the altitude of some waiters. The three boys who wrote "Don't Change Horses" were in a Broadway place the other day, where the waiter ignored thejr orders, made them wait a long time for food, refused to clean their table and was otherwise intolerable. "When, finally, tliey were paying their check, they complained to the manager that the waiter had been discourteous. The manager wrung his hands and a.skcd: "Was he VERY discourteous?" 'defendants' section of th c : room, must be wonderiii] " kind of a bush leaguer she all. Her rant* against w^,, ' I commies in her book ar^hii I topped daily by at least thr» ?l umnisls. Liz pinned the l,Vi I anyone who Irked her. The I umnfsts go her one or two h»'ti*l They put thc red beard on *J£\ who speaks well of the PrnM*' of the United States. Arthur c field Hays tweaked the now* . • that set when hc pennr-d- «i?| time-worn Fascist technique j, , I develop fear of Communism to uTI point where people turn Fascists as protectors." CERTAIN BIG BUSINESS men who feel we can't trust doing business •with the Soviet after the war are among those who had no qualms about doing business with the Axis firms before Ptiarl Harbor. •WASHINGTON REPORT 'Chicago — The political mob scene in this city has been enlarged by one person—a. man. The fellow's a delegate to the convention. Yes, by Andrew Jackson's shiny brass spittoon, he is A DELEGATE. The other 789,.133. and .two-thirds people .here were vice presidential candidates. It is a sort of joke on somebody-—maybe . Throplloboi^om look as if the vice presidency had C "Of Thee-1 Sing"—but it does come into its own, at last, by way of'n fourth term. This reminds me that I haven't hoard Mr. Roosevelt mentioned except ir.dir.ectly. But those vice presider.iial TIS- pirants. They were popping out at you from behind potted palms, from under the olive in the Martini glass. They were always in Uto •mjddle of the poached egp in',the corned beef hash, ,-ind behind the lemon that travels with the Lake Michigan whitcflsh. They were an adhesive lot those .boys. They patted you on the back and' paid you compliments about your four-year-old hat. They wanted to know how all the folks were back home. They said that was a swell, piece you wrote three weeks ago last Tuesday. They poured smooth, half hidden criticisms of Other vice presidential candidates into casual remarks about the weather. " . The best V. P. story happens to be a true one. A certain Washington correspondent who continues to believe in Santa Glaus came rushing oIT the sleeper and ran into a southern senator who at the moment was but a southern senator to him and nothing more. Said the S, S,; "I think, my boy, that you ought to know the president is cooling off a little on 'Henry Wallace.' ThercV a dark horse in the race now. No, my boy, I'm not at liberty to-tell, sir'cc, I'm not the kind of a follow to betray a secret. But I'll tell this much, he's in the Senate and hc'sgoin 1 to win by many a furlor.g, Well, good bye, my boy. good to see you. Give my to that beautiful wife of yours. By the way, the chief is strong for this follow." The Washingon correspondent being new to the Democratic convention mood of 19-H, went galloping through the better smoke-filled •ooms, he button holed everybody h c met except one bus boy who was busy carrying out a tray of dirty dishes. Hc asked a thousand questions. Nobody could tell him who the -sure and certain dark horse .vas. About midnight, not having yet aeon able,to find the missing can- didate's identity, he called his morning's friend, the southern •senator- . "Say, senator," hc said, "I'm terribly sorry to bother you this late, but I swear I can't, find out the name of that dark fiorse you were telling mo about. Couldn't you Kive mo-just-one liltlc tip on this surefire vice presidential candidate?" "Well, my boy," replied the senator as chirpy as a Gawga cricket. "I really don't .want to say. But I like to help you newspaper boys whenever 1^ can..The fellow I was talking about is—or—well, to be frank—that -man is none other than me," NOW THE REPUBS say their platform, no matter what it stales is over-loving toward the other nations. It wants them to have ice cream every day, with pistachio nuts in it Sundays. Look, fellas, isn't that what you callad globaloney, which gave you many a hearty laugh? NOW THE DISUNITY-pp,, I MOTERS arc worrying about u-hTI will happen if the Russians Berlin before we do. The will have just that many while crosses to plant for dead. ANTI-NEW DEAL ccono:.. K and industrialists like to hirti" M | thc fact that the public dtb'i win I rise to over $300,000,000,000 thc war is over. These .ice •iamc "experts" who (in- \ earlier days of the New jj, warned that when' the public I debt reached S«,000.000,000 country' would go bankrupt. REP.-HAM that his anti-defense record bcfonl Pearl Harbor kept us out of >vl for six months. Sammy W«ui| says Fish moans it helped ^ the Japs six months stronger! • .It-made, me-a little sad to- 1 sec Jim Farley here. The former national committee .chairman and postmaster-general is • probably a little sad himself. Jim would be far more of a personality; at this moment if instead of revealing the bitterness he felt over'his. break with Mr. Roosevelt ho had kept on being friends—in public', .at'least—with his old boss. J doubt "if Mr. .Farley is really resentful _ in his. jovial Irish soul: Somebody'has made him think he ought to bo' resentful. But -if he'd -jump on the wagon now, even as. late as it is, people would say, "What a truly big man. He can forget animus." After all, when a man has made- politics practically a life work he can't hop off the b.inwugon- because somebody got mad at him. At least hc can't if hc is as smart as Jim Farley. Many a profound explanation .is given for the hold those Roosevclts' have on the "pccpul," I have my own explanation. THE- MORNING MAIL: . "Deal Walter." affectionately writes T. Elir.son, "I'm looking forward to a swell vacation. Just :«adc -a- reservation for Lhc first two weeks in August at a Nazi prisoner camp in Texas. "I heard that at one of those camps they've had to use barbod wire and double the MPs. People keep trying to sneak in. 1 " DESPITE THE ODT'S warnings against unnecessary travel, vacation travel is up ten percent. Apparently, there arc people who won't <io anything to help win .the war — even if it mea7is ' staying home and doing nothing. ARTHUR HALE, whoso Con!l- deniially Yoursing is good reclame, chose a bad word in his latest, lie said the Ecrliners hope the USA troops get to town lirst because they feel, said Hale, we're more "soft-hc.irtod" than the Russkys. It might have' been better to call the Soviets more realistic. They have seen their wives and children murdered and enslaved. We: haven't. Hale might also have said that Moscow is freer of pro- Nazi high pressure than Uncle Samson. AS IF WE -DIDN'T KX<W: (Thanks to Carl Erfoe): , When a garage man makfe i mistake, hc adds it on your bill When a carpenter makes a KK- take, it's just what hc experts:. When a preacher makes a at take, nobody knows thc • differ- cnce. ; When a lawyer makes a aa- tako, it was just what he wanted, because hc has a chance to tij the case all over again. • When a judge makes a misUle, it becomes the law of the land. When a doctor makes' a mis take, hc buries it. But when a columnist makes t mistake—Wow: I THEIR COMMON antipathy ;o FDR .has brought a weird -assortment, of- Democrats. Republicsrj, conservatives, isolationists, ci- trormsts, cracl-rpots. racial hs'.t- sprcadei-s, et ai, together. "'Politics makes strange bcdbufs. Sailors saved from a stora a 3650 are believed to have., owed the shrine of St. Anne de near Quebec. To make your home , ' more attractive — > PAINT STYLING You're Telling Mel By WILLIAM KITT (Central I'reiii Writer) preaches or exceeds that ot the chest is 1020 to 1030. Lean men n the naval service with an aver- igc of 150 pounds weight have a ipccific gravity or about 1080. In treatment it is' much easier o retrieve the extra fat of the low pecillc gravities than that of the comparatively high specific grav- ties,. .' NOW THAT we've taker. Liv- Orno and the Russians have captured Wilno those Iwo town's can go back lo being just Lcghoon anrl Vilna. as they were in our school geography. Sultry weather came to Chicago along with the Republicans and the Domor.rals. Maybe I he Weather Man is a' Third Party advocate 1 . s difference in specific gravity.,be-, tween those who have extra '• fat' and those made up of muscle. The specific, gravity of fat men whose QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS B. L.: I have a very bad case if chronic laryngitis. I have tried lumerous remedies, but nothing helps me. Is there something I can dp to help;-'cure me of this ufflic- - Answer:. .In a\ stubborn case of this kind-''remedies" arc not cal- culated-to'do any Rood. The symp- -toms of laryngitis in your case are probably due to a wart, or. some such prb\yth,'on the vocal cords. Go;'to a pood/!throat specialist for a',, thorough examination and advice. Not even Noire Dumc could do u-h:i tthe' German iirniy Is trying to do—make three jfoul lino «l»nds at the same time. So. many top ranking'Americans •have visited it lately. Siberia probably is beginning to look like a fa-sliionablc summer resort. In those days of.shoe shovlagos the wise candidate mipht well forego the traditional cow milking pholo for a snap of himself repairing his brogans. ' ••• Wrinkle-proof suKs lire promised as n post-wnr boon. The hum -of the future will have a hard (line looking like a bum. The. Japs, we road, arc now making syncthetic 'cloth out of the bark of mulberry trees to offset a drastic, shorjage of fabrics. What happened to the silk worms? Did they go out on strike? Cotton wrapping twine produced annually in.the:.U,..S. would stretch out 35 million miles: It amounts to 38,359.000 pounds and is valued at about $7,500,000. ' BUY WAB BONDS AND STAMPS A G. O. P. BARKER contends nothing done in the past 11 years indicates the New Deal's ability to create work and opportunity -foV ihe use ot individual initiative. ;. '-. And Alan Gale asks: "Like peddling apples?" WHAT SHOULD BE a must screening for the men who sentence Germany is an item from a current ncwsrccl. It shows our GIs digging the bodies of an Italian family out of their blasted home. The Germans locked the parents and three small children in their homo nnd bombed them— to punish the father for resisting seizure of his little stock of chickens and pigs. The broken body of the little girl, sever, or eight, is something to remember the Germans by. That's their swastika, their Horst Wesscl song and their pride. When you think of Germans at war think of a murdered child. When they begin to whimipcr for pity, soon now, remember they had none for her —and millions of others just as fully slain. SOME PEOPLE STILL bleating- about government scorn to be most concerned shortening the budget. It's about time they realized that all American citizens are interested in is shortening the Did you know chat you ctn nib • small room Jook larger by iht proper choice and placing of colors? Come 10 us for hio« oa modern Pjinl Styling. Murphy Poinfi CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 NOTICE! TO OUR NAUCJATUCK STOKE CUSTOMKRS! One ta war time condition*. are compelled to close our >'»» CALF. US For the day our lioutc M»n l»c on vour street Free Telephone Service For Customer* for jvaucatiick i/iiMonn.--" Call Enterprise 4700 Laimdcrcrs — Dry 28 E. Main St., WMcrburj M»ln Office & Plant, -.22 Walnut St. Watcrtmvn — Xai»K»W<*. Mlddlebury LIZ D3LLING, squatting BUY WAR BOND§*

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