Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on November 6, 1974 · 4
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 4

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1974
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I 4-A FORT WORTII STAR-TELEGRAM : Area low enforcement $119 million grsint received ARLINGTON — The North Central Texas Council of Gov ernments received a $19 million grand Tuesday to fund a new communications system for more than 80 law enforcement agencies in the Dallas Fort Worth Area - J' ( ' Io r i et f Dana I FOS'S Wovih e2 0 Q otosop J 0 Policeman testifies Kneeland suspect in Walker murder By LARRY NEAL The double-murder trial of Tommy Ray Kneeland 21 got under way Tuesday with a hearing in which a police officer said the defendant also has been identified as a suspect in the killing of Miss Carla Walker Kneeland on trial for the slayings in 1972 of Miss Mary Jane Handy and Robert Taylor Gholson two teen-age hitchhikers from Oklahoma is trying to get Criminal Dist Judge Charles Lindsey to rule that confessions he made about the killings cannot be admitted as evidence Homicide Det George Hudson the second witness called to the stand in the suppression hearing said when Kneeland was arrested on May 6 he decided to "talk to Mr Kneeland about the Carla Walker murder and he said' Now and notable Pipeline needing work study says By DON HARRISON A comprehensive traffic plan for the City of Hurst indicates substantial improvements are needed along Pipeline Road between Bellaire Drive and Loop 820 says Hurst traffic coordinator Ron Wicker The plan shows more than a 5 per cent increase in the number of accidents along Pipeline over last year Controlled access on and off the street updated signals and protected left turn lanes are part of a proposal which Wicker hopes to include on the city's Capital Improvements Program coming up in the near future ENERGY SAVED IS A FUTURE earned is the November winner in Bell Helicopter's "Bell Helps Conserve" slogan contest The winning entry submitted by Carol Daniels of 6720 Flo Court in Richland Hills is displayed on banners and posters at company plants throughout the month SIGN PERMITS may be going down in Bedford Under the existing ordinance the city charges a flat 10 per cent of the sign's cost A permit for a $20000 sign would cost the owner $2000 Under the proposed guidelines the city would charge a minimum of $25 for signs costing up to $10000 MID-CITIES CHUROI WOMEN UNITED will be selling UNICEF Christmas cards and calendars through Friday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm in the Bank of North Texas in Hurst TONGUE IN CIIEEK DEPARTMENT: That new bridge over Big Fossil Creek on Glenview Drive worked beautifully during the recent heavy rains However the road still was impassable because of water backing up along the north bank and running over the street The bridge cost the county Haltom City and North Richland Hills about $158000 The old dry weather crossing there before the bridge was built didn't cost a thing BIOLOGY MAJORS will be able to get their masters degrees sans a thesis beginning this fall at the University of Texas at Arlington : Dr Louis Bragg a graduate adviser said the course Is designed to appeal to the secondary or community college teacher or to the homemaker who wants to go back to school but doesn't want to write a thesis A minimum of 36 semester hours is necessary to complete the degree D-FW to spend $100000 in SW Airlines lawsuit The Dallas-Fort Worth Airport Board agreed Tuesday to double the amount of money it is willing to spend to appeal a 1973 Southwest Airlines lawsuit The board approved an increase from $50000 to $100000 the "not to exceed" amount of legal fees it is willing to pay to carry its fight against Southwest to the US Supreme Court The board is appealing a ruling last year by US Dist Court Judge W M Taylor that the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth could not force Southwest to move from Dallas' Love Field to the new airport Wednesday Details of the plan were an-flounced at a news conference by Dan Matkin mayor of Irving and a past president of (JOG and Jerry Clay director of science and technology in the Criminal Justice Division of the Office of the Gov he wanted to take a polygraph test on it" "Ile knew something about it had read it in the paper Ile said he knew quite a bit about it" Hudson testified The detective said the polygraph examination was administered by D E Wheeler of the police department who told him afterward that "Mr Kneeland was lying" Wheeler also took the stand Tuesday and told the judge about the test He said after the test was administered he talked with Kneeland and "I told him that I could not pass him on the Carla Walker killing" Hudson told the court that Kneeland was placed in a lineup with five other people — a police trainee and four det ectives—which was viewed by Rodney McCoy "the boyfriend of Carla Walker" on another matter the board was expected to accept —but didn't—the Air Trans people mover system from LTV Aerospace The meeting's agenda called for a closed meeting session at which the board was expected to at least par tially accept the system but that agenda item was passed over Air Trans program manager Austin Corbin said his firm had "nrt all our criteria" But he said the airlines at D-F1V also must approve the Air Trans acceptance and this apparently had not been done by meeting time Morning November 6 1974 ernor Clay's office awarded the grant The money will be matched by 25 per cent in local funning for a total V55 million program including a V4 million contract with General Electric for radios McCoy he said identified Kneeland as the man who abducted Miss Walker whose body later was found in a culvert near Benbrook Lake Earlier in the day jurors on the Gho ison-Handy murder case were selected from a 63- person panel The jurors immediately were ordered sequestered for the remainder of the trial which is expected to run through next week Gholson and handy allegedly were hitchhiking south from their homes near Oklahoma City two years ago when they were picked up by a truck driver Their partly decomposed bodies were discovered July I in a remote spot near Southwest Airport Kneeland was arrested earlier this year after Miss Danita Ann Cash told officers he had abducted and attacked her Hudson and Det Jerry Blaisdell said they were among about a dozen police officers who arrived at Knee-lands home in Euless about 6:30 am on May 6 to take Kneeland into custody and search his house Since his arrest Kneeland has given statements to police here and in Winkler County about the deaths of Gholson and handy and about the I97C killing of a Kermit woman Mrs Nancy Mitchell It is these statements which the defendant's attorney Harry Williams is trying to have ruled inadmissible Irving teen-ager arrested in abduction of boy 5 IRVING (AP) — held a teen-ager Tuesday in the abduction of a 5-year-old boy who was kidnaped while More police asked to quell teen damage ARLINGTON — An Arlington merchant wil) said the windows of his business have been smashed by teen-agers who congregate nightly on a shopping center parking lot asked City Council members Tuesday night to increase police supervision of the gathering place T h e businessman who asked not to be identified said merchants in the shopping center each morning must pick up "about 20 gallons of broken glass" from activity of the night before "Recently we've been having beer bottles thrown through plate glass windows" he added The parking lot at Cooper and Benge Street is a longtime gathering place for teen-agers Last spring a streaking incident at the shopping center evolved into a near riot which required virtually the entire Arlington police department and police reserves from several surrounding cities to control However Police Chief Herman Perry said the police also have been criticized by parents for interfering too much with activities of the teen-agers City councilmen took the request for added police supervision under advisement and said they would look into the situation further before making a decision During Tucsday night's session the council also tabled a request to rezone 429 acres west of FM 157 and south of the Trinity River for a single-family home and apartment development Edward Green developer of the tract told the council during his zoning request the development will include a greenbelt of park space along the edge of the Trinity River Clay said the grant was the "largest single action grant our agency has ever made and the largest equipment-purchase grant in the state for this type of equipment" He said the imit price under the contract provides the "best price for comparable equipment by anyone anywhere in the United States" Matkins said as an example for an expenditure of $35000 Irving can get equip ment that would cost it $111000 if it did it on its own The money will allow communities to update older equipment and to provide better communications between agencies The new system will pro vide for eight radio frequencites in a high band range for better clearer communications without the "blank spots" that sometimes occur when a vehicle goes over a hill Clay said Tarrant County is not a part of the program but has equipment that will be compatible with agencies getting the new GE equipment Fort Worth will take bids on equipment at a later date and then determine on the basis of those bids whether it wants to participate in the program with COG Matkin said agencies could decide to join the system at any time during the life of the one-year program and get the same unit price for the equipment If enough law enforcement agencies join later Clay said the state funding could be increased The program is made up of 25 per cent local funding 375 per cent state funding and 375 per cent from the Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration Mail for France held by embargo A strike by French postal workers which began Oct 29 has caused an embargo on all mail to France and Postmaster Jack D Watson said there was no indication when it would be lifted Watson said all surface mail already deposited with the post office here would be held for the time being Air mail Watson said would be returned to the sender walking his dog and held for $10000 ransom Officrs said they used electronic equipment to trace the ransom calls which led them to a garage attic where they found 5-year-old Robert David Lacy wrapped in a blanket and unharmed Police arrested a 15-yearold boy who was held pending proceedings in juvenile court Robert It Lacy the youngster's father said his son took his dog for a walk about 2 pm Monday and the dog returned home alone about 30 minutes later A search of the neighborhood failed to locate the boy and at 5 pm Lacy said he received a telephone call threatening the boy's life if a ransom was not paid The caller phoned several more times and at one point demanded $10000 Lacy said "The suspect was on the telephone almost continually and that's how we traced the call" a policeman said Prosecutor pondering Corey case NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Dist Atty Harry Connick huddled with his staff Tuesday to decide how to handle the Patricia Ann Giesick honeymoon murder case scheduled to come to trial Wednesday Samuel Corey a self-proclaimed Dallas minister and former massage parlor operator and Claudius J Giesick husband of the heavily insured victim were originally' charged with second-degree murder Giesick howevpr gave state's evidence in exchange for a lesser plea of manslaughter Now prosecutors are puzzieu about their tactics since they have uncovered what they call significant new evidence and since they are also missing three witnesses "If they are not here I may be forced to dismiss the indictment against Corey and then seek a reindictment" said assistant Dist Atty Ralph Whalen i : 1' ir : t !P Trrrirri : i ' ' t r1rr-11:11 --------11f i ' 1 T ' - '-------- --1crr-i'llit-1---” t 1 ' i r-f-r-r- Prft?t i '''t'4—' 7 -t ' an o!-sr ' ' - ' ' 4 1 1!11rftrIP:fet1!-o'1 4 ' 4 I1: 1 tp I 0 '"0 tiCA i wi Ae' 11'rO'lfrflprelle7R-71)Aotc e ' c--- IrI f—c -r-c-- a '41'4 A- St 4i 441:4 t' ' 4 60 ' "-4"044) 4" 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It' t t 11' k A ' 14'41 or''' ' t - v-cv'' --it -0- ' — !'1-- :4!r--1- 1 i 44 1 r-r-7 ' 8 ‘ - t '' ol ' '- ? ' 'i i rIr''--1-r-i ' 's' 4 ” 1 lk ' '1 4 ' ""' l' 4' f '''' ' h1 i 0 0 t " '—' g: ':'' F''''' ' ' ' ' i'' ' t a 1' ' --' ' ' ':i 1 ' ' tt"' ' ‘ 2 -0- 1 4 00 A 't r trlit r3 )i ei:! 0k " 0 & ' - A - t '-040 ''''''' ' - r )0'1 1 t ' r t v - N 't I 1 ? t y-:- ! I: 0 4 - -- 1-7- kt 0 - - - 1- --4 : 'I 'I 7 soj i‘a '11' ''1 'i 0 '-' - i ' ? :-4- - -I I 1 ------ a' a44 - 1 ) tf 1k ' ' 3 '' ! 1 t 4' - l'- ' I t- 1' I i 1 -i 3''' IV 4' ' I I ct -' i' 1 t ' 'i 1 ' 5 V 3 ' 4 l''''I'l : i PON : I ' ' 1r ''''' ' ' 'le ' 1 0 4 4 : ' ' ''' 1 :' 4 ' !' ' i : ' ' ' ' ' : 1 ' ' :" ' : I '' I 1 1 N I e '' 4 ' 4 - ' I I 1 '1oe' $ I i z '' i 4t f ' 4040 oe' alow ' t Z ' a 1 t '77 -:i ''' 1 1 :'- : I : ke ' " r r i'l ' t '''' :t : 4 4 t )' at ' ' "' 'I e 'a 4' 1 '' ' ' ' '-'- ' '' ' ' ' ' ' - i ' ' ' ' ' ' N ' '"':- i'' ' ' ' ' 1 1 rt' ' ' 1 I - ' 1 : : ''''' ' ' t '' '' ' I — ' ' ' ' : I ' 4 1 I '' ' ' '' ' 'l '''''it ' at t 1' 444-- - ' -4- 'el— 1 -' ' : ' - J ' :'' :"t ' - ' : - '' - 4 -' f i - I ) ' - I ' r ' ' l ' 44:b 0 t o'' ' ' Y 0 ' ' -''' ' 4t:Loy?4s' n A - ' ' I 1 v40--rkmeee 4 e::43 r 4 - ON CAMPUS AGAIN—Returning to Western Hills High School Tuesday for a visit were (front row left to right) Roy Griggs Randolph Young and Dwayne Souder Back row left to right are Ricky 10 who enlisted in Marines high school now on leave Ten former students ot Western Hills High School went home Tuesday and each was wearing the uniform of the Marine Corps The 10 who joined the Mar- ines under the "buddy plan" and began recruit tramming in San Diego Calif Aug 9 were accompanied to Western Hills by the man who encouraged them to enlist Gunnery Sgt G R Miller who is on recruiting duty in Fort Worth The Nlarins all attended Western Hills: some were graduated there last spring They visited vice principal Bob Lee and participated in flag-raising ceremonies Tues- day Xi ' l completed recruit training at the Marine Recruit Depot in San Diego Friday Sgt Miller and several of the men's parents flew to California for the ceremonies The Marines all attended and will report to various assignments They are Dwyane Souder son of Tommy Souder of 7824 Davenport and Mrs Jane Reid of Duncanville: Randolph Young son of Mr and Mrs Gene Young of 1208 Mildred Roy Griggs son of Mr and Mrs Spencer Griggs of 2887 Elsinor and Jon :'1A4 : ': C 7t('''- f i : 4 i vuf - o' ":: :-c1414 7 c:j:'' ' Ito ' ' vfor I I i-P t 11 :ik ": trsit- ' 6 1 4 A t! t f4t t 147t '' I ti: i t p - 41 l': ti411v1 T) ' J : 4:1:1 ' :y1441Itti ' rl : '1 ' l'12-1q' - -'' t I Ik'-' 4r ' '' 1 '-'Iic' - 1:i- 14 ft ! ' ( o?t rv'i 42 ' ''' grs -4 ' 4A -:: d 41 'Pt if w :'Ni'l ' '1 'I 1'fi r‘: ''4'''N- : '' 'i 11tirr-:'‘ ' li 1 : ‘ '':844'7'11 t — 1 t'l I I kgi4:04 416! 1 --?-1 ''''- - 1 1 ! drict4 ''-' ' 4 p : -titft t t 1tt !:1 t t 4 v '' 4 ' t : -4 I lit' 4 4 s4tiallovtizos ur 0 C'''' N t 10104001k - It°14 L FORT WORTH 3354061 Shop Monday thru Saturday 900 I 5:30 Mays son of Mr and Mrs Benny C Mays of 3033 Elsinor Others are Kenneth Meredith son of Charles Meredith of Fort Worth and Mrs Laura Meredith of 8704 Bangor Tony Hoefner son of Mr and Mrs James A Hoefner of 1308 Mildred Ernest Su liens son of Mr and Mrs W L Free oral cancer clinic to be conducted two days A free oral cancer detection clinic will be conducted Friday and Saturday for Tarrant County residents at several area locations The clinic sponsored by the American Cancer Society and the Fort Worth Dental Society will be from 5 pm to 9 pm Friday and from 10 am to 2 pm Saturday Locations include the outpatient clinic at Peter Smith Hospital 1500 S Main St mobile unit at Seminary South Shopping Center City of Fort Worth mobile dental unit at Clinton and 21st streets and dental hygiene clinic at Tarrant County Junior College Northeast Campus AY 1(( —Star-Telegram rbolo Gauthier Collin Tomlinson Harlan Riley Ernest Sullens Tony Hoefner Sgt G R Miller Kenneth Meredith and Jon Mays The Marines all of whom attended Western 11111s are home on leave Su liens of 8202 Carlos Harlan Riley son of Mr and Mrs Thomas A Riley of 1306 Duane Collin Tomlinson son of Joe Tomlinson of Fort Worth and Mrs Irene Tomlinson of 1114 Warden and Ricky Gauthier son of Mrs Margaret McAllister of 3612 Westland at 838 Harwood Road in Hurst The clinic also be conducted at the University of Texas at Arlington Health Center at 3rd and West streets in Arlington If suspicious lesions are found after the oral examination is administered patients vill be sent to their own dentists or doctor for treatment Those patients desiring diagnostic procedure at the time of examination will be able to use free biopsy facilities For more information can Marty Wolfe at the American Cancer Society office at 335- 4081 World Famous Koslow's RIOHOOD RN (30g0: MINK Stroller Coats 795 to s'' '795 Right now you can make important savings on world famous Koslow Mink stroller coats in Natural and dyed mink from white to (lark at sensational prices from 79500 to 179500 Charge Master Charge EtankAnterkard Layaway and defemxi payment accounts Frogs Parking Back of Koslow's Building or the Service Lila Goma DALLAS 261-7441 No Fut Producis labeled Se skew el Ccauft"I4ginsd ITZd I11: Aot tedms Nome in Furs W7th ot Taylor Fort Worth 150 units I" march on Vet's D The annual Veterans Day downtown parade Saturday is expected to attract 150 parade units including marching squads bands and floats The parade which begins at 10:20 am will start at the 400 block of East Weatherford and move west on Weatherford to Houston Street south on Houston to 8th Street along 8th to Main Street north on Iklain to 1st Street and east on 1st to Grove Members of the Gold Star Mothers whose sons died in American Wars will be guests on the review stand in front of the Sheraton-Fort Worth Hotel Participating veterans groups include the Disabled American Veterans American Legion Veterans of Foreign Wars and Veterans of WonidWarl Marching units from Fort Worth-based reserve groups also will participate SWEDES VS POLLUTION A total of $377 million was spent on antipollution measures within Swedish industry between February 1970 and May 1974 the National Swedish Environment Protection Board reports II S L a 04 -

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