Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on July 25, 1944 · Page 3
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 3

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JULY 25, 1944 •- - .. '.';-; , /^' p»vn l ^'. .."» OVT?' TV ;.- -,(. NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS ^omen's Activities—Personal & Social ^rr-- tool/ Gir/ /s feted At personal Shower Kutli Casper uf Middlebury *';' , v ,.« ivi'i'iitly at :i- pei-Moria! .!"".'ivi'i: :it h.;r hnme for Miss I "*'*'''^^; 1 Mrs. Alice Sicard was \'iil£HU«* • it ji i 1 -**-: ,jJdUnK lu*iis.. :>\ C wrro: Misrsr-; Vc*r:i , 1 ™' fV ,.i."A.U-l.' Madeline " ir f- ,,' K a r i 1 ' ''•• Winifred l';tl- ^li-i A"" 1 ' lVA "K r ' 1 '. Jo^Phinf *'•'. nv : Jc.M-phi.ii-. .Ruggeri, J °'ilil. Smith. Mr.-. Dora Uhle. it M.-ir-tin". r-Viin. Mrs. Violet ''-'iclu't-i'. Mi>. Thrrojiix Donahue 'i'^'Clrs. .M.'ibd Bei-tlcson. Barbecue, Lawn Party Held At Synou's ,,,. .,nil Mrs. John J. Synott of M |. U |.™ .-"''•<••• i-nli-rtainuil several ' v.ith a barbo- " .,-i| lawn parry. Guests were !",,.' n 't fi-i'Mi N>'W Vurk, Water- v,V.. .\W Haven and Hartford. .'"'"svii»!t i-n:i".-t;ii(i'.'d with sev- Isabelle Smith, Henry Hayden, To Be Married Miss Tsabelle Smith, daughter of Mrs. Gltidys Smith and tho late Irving Smith of Gorman street, will he married to Henry A. Huy- dvn, sun of Mr. and Mrs.'Henry A. l-layden of \Vaterbury, August 12, in thi! rectory'of at. Mary's church! Union City. Miss Smith is a graduate of the NnugfUuck high school, the Dental institute, New York city, und attended Arnold college. New Haven. Mr. Haydon, a graduate of Crosby high school, attended St. Thomas' seminary, Bloomllcld. After entering the service, he attended a special class at Columbia university. New York city, and is now a pharmacist's mate second class, U. :>. Coast Guard. John Simmons Graduated From Gunnery School Cpl. John Simmons, U. S, Army Air Corps, is spending a furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. | John Simmons of Lewie street. Ho was graduated July 1 from 1 Gunnery School in Yunui, Arizona, and now wears his gunners wings. Cpl. Simmons will report 1 back at the end of this week to Lincoln, Nebraska'. '-"•'"• Child'* Swim Suit I'ATTKKN No. K2\ I!) •!i days are here again-—time .-miming "rid playing in the Ycnir knitting needles can I.HI, liirsu play togj for chil- .11 :i Jiffy. •in i.nvelopc contain-.: knil- .•istriii.Jiun.s for the above in I, I ,-ind C. '''"-}> L^J multicolored book •ille Aits containing five_ free :;.^, ,-i:ul many olher s'll'gges- fur di-i'ssing up your home .nt.-.'lt ;.•* NI'JW available. Sonet vc|..H'.-:' for Ihi.i book to the •• listed li e 1 {> w, enclosing .• IV.MS iL'iie.i in coin.-; to cov- i;.i.-l .'im! mailing charges. ! : 1 i...'ills (ciiim for Pattern IL'lln tn Nniicnluuk Dully N.-.-ll,. Arts Dept., P.O.Box l.'ilM.M I '. .N'uw York 3, N. Y. i:,i:hu!u vuur postal zo.'ie p'^sibilil ic>i of coal for ami industry vvore dis- Potter-Seaver Nuptials Saturday Miss Bessie I^illian. Potter, daughter of Hurry potter, South ileri- den. will be married Saturday afternoon to .Roger Wolcott Seaver of Piedmont street. Waterbury. Tho ceremony will be held at the Methodist church here at « o'clock with • Ri-v. Bradley T. Longstaff, pastor, performing the ceremony. .Mrs. A. Ernest Adkins, Cliff strrot, a sistor of the bride, will be matron-of-honot- and Donald Seaver will servo his brother as best man. Vacationing In Massachusetts Raymond Oinkle, son of Mr. and -Nil's. Raymond Dinlcle of North' Main strt'Ht and his aunt, Miss Helen Sirtowt. of Hartford, former local resident, an: spending a. week ,'U Lake Congomon, Mass. P. O, Valentine Returns To Base Petty Officer and Mrs. Edwin Valentino were recent vacationists at Hitchcock lake. Petty Officer Valentine has ivturncd u> Pulux- ent .River. Maryland, where he is stationed. New Jersey Family Visiting- In Town Mrs. William Kiely and daughters. ''nrricin, and BKty of Eay- onne. N. J.. are visiting at the homo of John Gubbins of strccT for tlv- summer. Dr. Casella And Family Return Home Dr. A. V. Casella and family of Hillside avenue huvc returned from their vacation.- .. ' • For Town Wear . Oak Well-Baby Conference Tomorrow At Red Cross House A w'ell-baby conference will be held tomorrow -it 3 p. m. in the Red Cross chapter house. Dr. DnvUI Hluestor.u and Jliss Mary Clai'fey, I-led Cross nurse, will be in charge. Ellen Scanlon On Vacation Miss Kllen Scanlon of Dunn avenue is taking her amuial vacation from her duties as clerical em- ploye in the local welfare department. HAS NO EQUAL FOR TIRED FEET -'•'s M<,suttM Doctor: If you suffer Ih,. tirrtl. aching, burn- "I'sf'.i't yrn. luo (jail get quick and "ilufyiiii; M'lii'f with greaseless, »!.l.nlc.-is 1'ODOL foot relief. Costs ™ 'ittlc .-ind rUn's .so iruich. Get a ^ TiiijAY ; ,i .v.-uig.ii.uck Drug, Minis ri:;i^-. Ijormvari I'h.'irmacy, •'"Wituri;; t;..,j,i r , <;uy pharmacy, l-inc..] City, and all good drug tores. l!«vi- \'mi Hi.light 'J'hat IIO.VD? HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. Raymond Smith Returns From Cape Cod Raymond Smith h;>s returned to liis home on Bradley street after s[>ending a month's vacation at Criarwood beiioh. 'Ca|)n Cod, Mass. PATTKKN 19&1 A graccfui,' dignified frock to bo done in sofit shce'r rayon crepus and cottons. The lap-over side c!u - ing makes i! an aasy frock to slip into. Btirbara .Bell Pattern No. lOti-l is designed for sizes 3'l, 3G. i>S, .10. •12, -1-1, .10 ant! -IS. Size 'M, . hort sleeves requires •! 1-1 y.iixls of '"J- inch material. Fresh inspiration for home •sewing in our now Spring AEG Pattern Book— just off the pre-s. Price 10 cents per copy. Order an ABC Pattern Book with 1 a 1!5 cent pattern for 25 cents, plus 1 cent post- •ngc. For this attractive pattern send 1?> cents, plus 1 cenl for postage, in coins wil'h your name, n.ddr:jf.s. patterns number and si/.e. wanted to Barbara Bell. Naugatuclc Daily News. Posl Office Box !), Station G, New York 19, N. Y. U. S. Mints Break All Records For Coin Production e •'iiTs i.'on *. AN.VIVKK.SAKIKS, ! MIAL *^^*^x Vacationing In Adirondack Mountains Miss Eleanor R. Stein, cadet nuntc. and Miss Ann Plickaitis ot Spring street are spending a week's vacation in the Adirondack mountains. Irene Garland Returns From N. Y. Miss Trent- Garland of New street ha:- returned from a short vuit in New York city. Adult Choir Will Rehearse Tonight •I'hc adult choir of flic Congrc- ."Uioiml church will hold a re- hoarsiil this evening at 7:30 o'clock Thomas Lawlor Gets Promotion Tliomas Lawlor. son. of Mrs. Mary Lawlor of 45 Phoenix uv- enuJ. has been promoted to Petlv Offlrsr, First Class, In. the U. fa. Land area of all the West Indies £I a S c±i"nc'd la estimated to be about j\-»J» 300,000 .sqUi'irc .miles. ^ Odd Lot Release Men's, Women's and Boys' SHOES « No Ration Stamps Required NORWASH Shoe Store BUILDING NAUGATUCK Washington, July 25— CUP) — The three United States mints havo broken all production records in turning out small change in a big w;iy. During the fiscal year ended June 13th the mints turnod out more than 2,500.000.000 domestic coins. The total value was well over 5109.000,000,000. And that doesn't include some •.IS7.000 foreign coins. The drmand for penn^K Is said to be chiefly responsible for the sharp increase in coinage output. Nearly 2,000.000.000 of all the domestic coins turned out, were pennies. There worn, fewer half-dollars than anything else. Woman Hit By Bullet While Sitting On Beach Old Lymo. Cor.n., July 25—(UP) — Stale 'police arc investigating the shooting of Mrs. Jw.-ophine Domurat.of New Britain. She wns struck by a .22 calibre bullet while sitting on the beach .at Sound View, and was taken to her home after being treated by a physician, Tho wound is not scrlouVs. Mrs. was released from n hospital a week ago after being treated for injuries suffered in the circus fire at Hartford July Cth, , REACIIKS LONDON London. July 25—(UP)—A Republican—Representative Frances Eolton'of Ohio—Tias arrived in London of her to"r of military installn- ions in tho British Isles arid possibly in Normandy. Representative Bolton says slip is particularly interested in visiting hospitals. Dryness Threatens Serious Damage To Most All Crops I-Iartford, July 25—(U P)—The weatherman promises showers to- •duy tobreak up a prolonged dry 'spell. The slate department) of floriculture! says the dryness is threatening serious damage most all crops, ; Pasturage and hay crops already •have boon damaged, and sonic .'dairy farmers four they may have to sell their herds bccuuso* oL' a serious feed shortage and lack of ;water.. Evidence Tortures 1 Two Cases In Boro Court Today Two cases were reviewed this morning in borough court by Judpc Thntruis Nefiry. One. w-'.ts the Joseph Wolein of 1'2 Aetnii street, who was charged . with .pbJ taining money 'under fulse pretenses. The decision was reserved^ until Monday, July .31. Jolin' Han-' •ley was the arresting officer. John Wuent of -10 Lines Hill; street was arrested lust niffht • By; Officers John Hanley and George" Koput. He was charged with'intoxi- cation and breach of peace. The cat. v e was continued to SotJtcmbnr as. • • • ••'- The ciiniur'si tlocs not.'lie! Here Is one uf the horrilile SCCIICH of musK murder recorded at Oradour, France—known an "the second l-ldlc" :—whcru (.lie killeil ami niutilatial. the entire civilian po|mlation ,"!uiid destroyed the clt.y. .(lnl<:riiatloiiiil Soiindphoto) The Red CI-OK.' wns grnnl;:d • congressional charter in 1D05. •. : «'IT,r- IIOLD EI-ECTfON • Bcrtin,"Ccmn., July 25—CUP)—A Nationul Labor Relations Board election will be held at the American Paper Gfiods company in Kcn- iiington Wednesday. The three hundred employes will decide whether to lie roprese'ntcd by an A-F-of-L union or no union at all. BODY rn Reading, Mass., July 35—(UP)— Police identified the man whose body was found hnnging from .1 tree near the Woburn-lino. He was Gfi-ychr-'old Peter H. . Anderson of Concord. A medical examiner snid •Anderson took his own life about I two months ago, Dogs Locate Mines And Booby Traps Left By Enemy • Washington. July 25—(UP)— The instinct which tells a dog where to look for a bone is saving American lives. ' The War Department reveals that specially-trained army dope arc locating mines and booby traps left by the enemy. The animals lead the- way around the mines, point a safe path through them, or indicate ureas free o£ them. The War Department declined to tell how tno doj^s arc trained. Four Charged i With Violation f Of Gaming Laws : New Haven, July 25—(UP).%Four persona- arc.'bcinf^ held on Superior court bench warrant* on cfc«rire» of violating the state jnwninj£.law» as rc'sult of a (state'police ni<l on a bingo parlor. They are 1 •ecuMd of giving cash prize* In dfclflBJrca of a. statute rcalricllng- *"%4* to mcrcha.ndlii«. ' •£Arrested arc: Antonio 8|4t» of Hartford. Mucky Weiner otv^Ham- den, Mrs. Anna .Weber of''New Haven, and Dorothy Johnfcwi of Went Haven. " '% :• TO GIVE OR TO, KEEP g Visit Our Balcony Display i : i GO KIGIIT UP ANYTIME AND SEE THE LARGE VARIETY FLORALS — BABY PICTURES — NUTTINCW OIL REPRODUCTIONS £ Many Sizes to Select From •;!'[. MIRRORS? WE HAVE THEM, TOO1 ;| FRAMING ~ PHOTO FRAMES %: YOUR PICTCRE STORE . ., ,., .:;, The Card and Gift. Shop ' ;-;,'. SWEENEY'S ART AND STATIONERY \ "I'd rather be witti •for fhem I'LL ADMIT there's a fiinny lump in my throat. •• But here I am, loaded with my overseas pack, climbing qp the side of the biggest boat I've aver seen—and 'glad of ft. Glad I said "good-by" to civilian life months affo—and went into the WAC. Glad I went through all the tnuninf and on to active duty. For, as aWac, I'm really working for victory. Sharing the hard part of war. And the glory that will come. I'd rather be with them—in the Army... Than waiting back home—thinking up things to make tlw time go by—listening to the news—wondering when it'll all be over. : ..: . .'••;••• Yes, I'm in the Army and on my way—and I'm glad to the bottom of my heart! Outward bound for "somewhere Good soldiers... Wacs man S&Armyto "mobile switchboard WOMEN'S ARMY CORPS FOR FULL INFORMATION about (A« Womtn't Army Carff,g»t9 nearctt U. S. Army Recruiting Stal icf. Or mail fA* coupon g seerefarfes record combaf formation i^_^

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