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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas • 2

Fort Worth, Texas
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2 FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM a SUNDAY DECEMBER 19 1976 momonommonnommonoonononalem 1' 1 'I 'i'i -1 'c I' dlitiiiti i'i a I i iv write ed brice Gilmore returned from hospital Let EA Brice look for the answer to your question or your problem If you think he can help write him care of the Star-Telegram 460 7th Fort Worth Team 76102 Include your name address ZIP and telephone number c44-444-4ort3 711i 73 1 1114011 1 st 4 1 11 ItIS 5' I to tt 1 ii Ile 144 1 elk4 liar 11 4-7--- 2115 16' bd t41e-t tL 4 1 1 4 A iti A 444144 40116414 we i LOOKING Carta and 741A41444 11: AP: I 0C16'' i IS111'444 jlit 1 lere NN i N140- li Is rrt atirs 4 4 r's 4t iCr 4 VI 1 2 AA 4- 4 street of the coffee and the the of the cup Incidentally a alz-oaace bottle of cola contains about 32 milligrams That from a spokesman for the Food and Drug Admhistratioa apparent reaction from other banates as he arrived Gilmore was fotmd unconscious in bs maximum security cell Thursday after taking what doctors said was a potentially lethal dose of phenobarbital As he left the hospital one reporter shouted "Where did you get it?" Gilmore replied "Where'd I get what?" "Are you going to try it again?" another person asked "Try what?" Gilmore said Looking glassy eyed and unsteady and dressed in white prison pants and a thin undershirt he sat alone in the back seat of a prison police car Hospital spokesman John Keahey said Gilmore took enough drugs to kill him and said they could have been taken as long as 8 to to hours before he was discovered He described Gilmore as "moderately cooperative" and said there was no repeat of his hitting biting and spitting Gilmore probably got the drug from other inmates officials said Press imerpopi Idaho Gov Cecil Andros SALT LAKE CITY (API Gary Gilmore recovering from his second apparent suicide attempt was returned to the Utah PrISOn Saturday with police escort and placed in isolation with a 24-hour guard Hospital officials said he was in good condition Gilmore walked into the prison as a wheelchair was pushed behind him He said "Hello" to reporters There was no Hawaiian tremor does no damage HONOLULU (AP) An earth tremor measuring 52 on the Richter scale was reported on the island of Hawaii early Saturday The quake at 4:01 am was centered 6 miles southeast of Kilauea in the east rift zone of the Kilauea volcano the Honolulu Observatory said Hilo police said there were no reports of damage The Richter Scale is a measurement of ground motion as recorded on seismographs Every increase of one number meatts a tenfold increase in magnitude Thus a reading of 75 reflects an earthquake 10 times stronger than one of 65 An earthquake of 35 on the scale can cause slight damage in the local area 4 can cause moderate damage 5 considerable damage 6 severe damage A 7 reading is a "major" quake capable of widespread heavy damage 8 is a "great" quake capable of tremendous damage Carter names Andrus as Interior secretary Correction Val leau Wilkie Jr is dmirman of a search committee named to find a new executive director of the Arts Council of Greater Fort Worth Other committee members are Glenn Wilkins who erroneously was listed as chairman in the Saturday Star-Telegram and Paul Mason Malcolm Louden and Mrs Elton Hyder Jr TALL BUILDINGS: "What are the five tallest buildings in Fort Worth?" KV BRICE: la order: Feet Werth National Bank 414 Cantinental National P111143110 First National Bank 300 Continental We Insurance Building 2112 nod the Electric Service Building Vi In Marie they'd be 1130 IL Dead 20 COLLEGIATE READERS: "I used to pee these lists of 10 or so books college students were reading net are they reading now?" LE BRICE: The National Association of Cathie Bookstores reports the top IS today are "Captain and the Kings" "Curtain" "Humbott's Gift" "Roots" "Passages" "life After Life" "The Cboirboys" "Against Our Will" "The Omen" and "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" JOON DENVER: "I'm crazy about John Denver Where can I write to his fan dub?" SC BRICE: Try John Denver Fan aub PO Bus ISFI Aspen Colo 81611 LAZARUS II: "Were there two men in the Bible named Lazarus? The Bible speaks of the poor beggar named Lazarus He died and went to heaven Then it speaks of Lazarus who Jesus raised from the dead" Mrs GM BRICE: There were bon Check John 11:144 nod Lake MEN MALL: "On the new Hu len Mall that's being built there is a sip that says 'Montgomery Ward Open Summer imd I was wondering if that's the only More that'll on at that time I'd also like to Imow how to get applications for a job in one of the stores" MG BRICE: All stores in the mall are espeted So epee in August Employe remained for the more than 100 stores will be moneemeed as constreetim nears completion CAFFINE: "How much airline is there in one cup of coffee?" LM BRICE: Beams ISO asd III milligram isthosaciag factors Meade the (('ontinueditreal page I) and Andrus paid a brief visit to abot AFTER THE news conference Ca persons holding a prayer vigil down ger has been DelenSe secretary director street from Carter's home Carter of the Central Intelligence Agency and them: "I'm glad you came I agree chairman of the oldAtomic Energy Com-you" One member of the group he mission Sorensen was a top adviser dur- sign that read: "Christmas prayer ing the Kennedy ddministration for peace and reconciliation' All three played prominent parts in Then Carter had lunch with Bell Vietnam war decisions an Atlanta law partner of one of Cart "I have complete confidence in the at- top advisers Charles Kirbo Bell titudes and qualifications of the people I Carter met earlier in the week to dis have cfbosen" Carter replied "They are the system of appointing federal judi interested in world peace" Andrus told reporters at the news He added: "I wduldn't want to corn- ference he is dedicated to "clean pare the future leader of the intelligence clean water and uncluttered landsa community to Mr 1 (George Bush tie- and to a nation "where we can all ma signing as CIA dirdctor) whom I think living but after we make a living ha has done a good job I think the leader of living that is worthwhile" the intelligence community should be a The Idaho governor 45 has been strong and forcefl man" by millions in a series of television mercials advertising Idaho potatoes BUT CARTER added: "I would like to state's No I product be the one to judge between two competing sources of (intelligence) informs- hon" He said reorganizing the HE PREDICTED that strip-mi gence community is "a matter under legislation will be enacted soon ad( study" but that no decisions have been "There has to be legislation to give made tection to the earth and to those He said be discussed choices for secre- being considered for strip mining" tary of Labor Friday with Lane Kirk- President Ford vetoed the most re land secretary-treasurer of the AFL- grip-mining bill CIO which supports returning John Andrus also said nuclear energy Dunlop to the job Dunlop headed the La- be an important part of the over-all bor Department in the Ford administra- gy picture of America and the world tion before resigning in a policy dispute Carter said he never considered He is opposed by women's and minori- one else for Interior secretary and ty groups who say he did little to fight Andrus a "tough competent manal discrimination in hiring Carter said he and Kirkland discussed Dunlop But Carter added that Kirkland raised no objections to other possihdt Mysterious cos ties Carter gave no specifics HE IS BELIEVEO to be considering to be discussed Dr Ray Marshall professor of economics at the University of Texas and Dr A news conference has been sche( Juanita Kreps vice president of Duke Wednesday morning to announce University along th Dunlop for the opments in the mysterious case of I Labor post Dr Krep also has been men- Fort Worth girls who disappeared tioned as a candidate for secretary of to two years ago while Christmas Commerce ping at Seminary South The AFL-CIO also: is known to be op- Other than a note stating the three posed to Harold Brown president of the have gone to Houston for a few da5 California Institute of Technology whom further word has been received Carter is considering for secretary of Mary Rachel Trlica Julie Ann Mo Defense But Carter said: "There were and Lisa Renee Wilson no objections raised by Mr Kirkland Present at the news conference I toward Mr Brown" was called by private detective As for women and blacks in top-level Swaim will be the girls' parents jobs Carter referred to remarks he Francis Arnold Mr and Mrs Rh made in an earlier meeting with report- Wilson and Mrs Rayann Mosele: ers and declared: "When I said women Swaim said Saturday the families and blacks I did not mean to say more statements to release concemini than one woman and more than one state of the case and will answer rs black" But then he added that it would ers' questions be "safe to say a woman or more than The conference will be at 10 one woman and a black or more than one Wednesday at the Press Club of black" will be chosen Worth AFTER THE news conference and Andrus paid a brief visit to about persons holding a prayer vigil down street from Carter's home Carter them: "I'm glad you came I agree you" One member of the group sign that read: "Christmas prayer for peace and reconciliation" Then Carter had lunch with Bell an Atlanta law partner of one of top advisers Charles Kirbo Bell Carter met earlier in the week to the system of appointing federal judges Andrus told reporters at the news he is dedicated to "clean clean water and uncluttered landscape" and to a nation "where we can all make living but after we make a living living that is worthwhile" The Idaho governor 45 has been by millions in a series of television advertising Idaho potatoes state's No I product HE PREDICTED that legislation will be enacted soon "There has to be legislation to give to the earth and to those being considered for strip mining" President Ford vetoed the most strip-mining bill Andrus also said nuclear energy be an important part of the over-all picture of America and the world" Carter said he never considered else for Interior secretary and Andrus a "tough competent manager" Mysterious case A news conference has been Wednesday morning to announce in the mysterious case of Fort Worth girls who disappeared to two years ago while Christmas at Seminary South Other than a note stating the three have gone to Houston for a few days further word has been received Mary Rachel Trlica Julie Ann and Lisa Renee Wilson Present at the news conference was called by private detective Swaim will be the girls' parents Francis Arnold Mr and Mrs Wilson and Mrs Rayann Moseley Swaim said Saturday the families statements to release concerning state of the case and will answer questions The conference will be at 10 Wednesday at the Press Club of Worth Nalri 1 111 11 44 LIlaN lean0 4-1 1 IL --1L-21 I I it 0 IlL III 11 I crt omiu C-- 1 (1114 'Ng Ael -0 4 --Lt re4 1 ilieli -Pow Ader---- 4-11117zzw-- itrt'sti' Ill R-qtrty4 lir 11 SD -r A4 he -1 i 4 9qr Ilk so ei 11 O' 1 a -A School officials banking on 3 points to sell issue ENERGICO: "I have a modem oil painting and the title on it is 'Energico Tell me what the word means" Mrs RFC BRICE: It's Spanish for energetic rigorous lively BOWL GAMES: "With all the bowl games coming up New Years would you repeat last years scores and teams?" CN BRICE: MIA beat Ohio State 2340 in the Rose Bowl Oklahoma downed Mehlgan 144 in the Orange Bowl Mahama defeated Penn State 13-6 in the Sugar Bowl and Arkansas topped Georgia 31-10 in the Cotton Bowl Those are the major four CAME AND PEOPLE: "Someone's trying to tell me there are more cattle than people in Texas" RF BRICE: Believe them The estimated cattle population is 166 million eon irared to an estimated 1125 million pee Pie LAS VEGAS: "How much revenue is generated in Las Vegas by conventions and tourists each year?" CG BRICE: Last year it was about billion KING TUT: "One of my life's dreams has been to see the treasures of King Tut I know they're coming as close as New Orleans Could you please find out the dates they'll be shovm at the New Orleans Museum of Art?" DMB BRICE: The traveling exhibit opens SepL IL 1977 and nms through Jan IS ML There's Do special admission charge beyond the usual for Don-members Hours will be 10 am to pm Tuesday drones Sunday There'll be a special exhibition March entitled "Eye for an Eye: Egyptian Images and Inscriptions" The exhibit win also be shown in New York Seattle Las Mgeles Washington DC and Chicago They say they can sell VO million in bonds without increasing the tax rate that goes specifically for debt retirement Of the total $173 tax rate per POO valuation 23 cents goes for debt retirement The remaining 8150 goes for the maintenance budget No tax increase will be needed they say because as the dastrict pays off old bond debts in the next several years that money would be applied to paying for new tends that would be sold For the last several years the district has decreased taxes for debt retirement by 13 cents as old bonds were paid If the bond program is not approved the district probably would be able to reduce taxes again in two to three years said Asst Supt Clyde Bunnell SPOKESMEN FOR the Fort Worth Classroom Association and the City Council PTA said their executive committees are supporting the bond election and will be working for approval CM President Bob Wallace said he thinks most teachers will favor the program although he said he has heard some complaints Most have involved construction in individual schools he said "I think we are going to get this because there won't be any taxes Involved" Wallace said "I think the school community feels a lot more needs to be done but it (the bond package) is realistic and should pass" Although some school officials say they expect some opposition to air-conditioning the only real controversy to surface so far involves whether the district will build a new building for Dunbar Middle School students A group of blacks has requested a new structure for seventh and eighth graders be built at a new site and that the present school be used only for sixth graders Board member Reby Cary who says he supports the bond package in general if the new school is not included in the bond package blacks could defeat the bond election "If we (blacks) don't support it I don't think it will have a good chance" Cary said The school administration is studying Its original proposal for an addition to Dunbar to see if building a new school would be feasible "Over-all I see a positive attitude about it (the bond program) with the exception of the Dunbar situation" Cary said NY Times promotes editors NEW YORK (AP) New York Times managing editor AM Rosenthal who has been with the morning daily for 32 years was named executive editor Sat urday part of a multiple promotion of several senior editors Carter 35 the told with held a vigil now Carter's and discuss conference air a have a seen commercials his strip-mining adding: protection lands coal recent "will energy anyone called scheduled developments three close shopping may no from Moseley which Jon Mrs Richard have the reporters' am Fort Officers asked the StarTelegram not to publish the suspects' names Sunday Morrison Funeral Home here will announce arrangements for Mrs Blake Arrangements for Warner will be announced police said when he is fully identified and relatives located Fort Worth StorIeiegrom Combining the Fort Worth Star estab lished February 1 1906 the Fon Worth Telegram purchased January 1 1909 the Fort Worth Record purchased November 1 1925 Second class postage paid at Fort Worth Texas Published at 400 West 7th St 76102 TELEPHONE NUMBERS Circulation Department 336-8171 Classified Department 332-7722 All Other Departments 336-9271 MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS Subscription Rates: Monthly by carrier delivery Morning or Evening only $225 Morning and Sunday or Evening and Sun day $400 Morning Evening and Sunday $575 Single copies: Morning or Evening 115 Sunday $50 By mail in US and Possessions Daily and Sunday $250 plus postage per month or $2100 plus postage per year Daily only $175 plus postage per month or $1600 plus postage per year Advance payments accepted subject to subscription rate changes For missed copies call your carrier or distributor or Customer Service Department 336-8171 600 am to 930 am or 430 pm to 800 pm Daily 630 am to 10:30 am am ts 11:00 am Great watches specially priced! 3988 A collection of styles from some of the best known names in the business all at one fantastic price Women can choose from petite dress styles and designer-look sport styles The men get to choose frt vi daydate and calendar watches some automatics Goldtone or silvertone cases Warrants issued for oak killers (Continued from page I) is to update present structuris rather than expand by building new ones Taylor said The administration is approaching the election on an all-or-none basis instead of letting voters make a choice on individual Mira It became difficult to separate many items because one often affects the other Taylor nit He said for instance many items included in the renovation part of Die padtage related directly to air-conditioning If the package were to fail facilities in the system would continue to go downhill and that "sin hurt the instruction program" he said "A fine facility is conducive to good learning" he said And it has a direct effect on morale of both employes and students he added THE SCHOOL DISTRICT would need to regroup and return to voters with a revised package if the proposal failed he said The greatest amotmt of advance material on the bond program will be directed mainly at parents and school employes Taylor said efforts have been made through the planning stages to get the public involved Representatives from six professional organizations involving architects planners heating and air-conditioning real estate and construction volunteered to help the district complete the package In addition the principal at each school headed a committee of parents teachers and others who looked at each school to determine individual needs Taylor said the district will do much of its campaigning in February Twenty-one committees dealing with everything from telephone calls to speakers bureaus have been named to begin the work Members include school personnel students parents and community leader In addition 1200 letters will be mailed to civic professional social religiots laziness and labor groups offering to present information on the bond program at future meetings BROGIURES WILL be mailed to all parents in the district answering general questions about the bond program and presenting specific information on what the bond program would do for the school their child attends An issue of each high school newspaper will be devoted to the bond program and will be mailed to parents in each high school and each middle or elementary school that feeds that high school School officials believe the no-tax-increase promise is their best advertisement for the bond program 40 I--J Alp Great digital TI watches on sales 1688 GRAHAM Murder warrants for two Throckmorton residents were issued here Saturday in connection with the Friday night shotgun murders of a Graham waitress and her apparent boyfriend Killed in the incident were Jerry Warner age and address unknown and Mrs Joyce Adams Blake 47 a Graham resident who worked at The Barn an establishment at Possum Kingdom Lake The bodies were found outside Mrs Blake's home about 11:30 pm Friday by a neighbor Police theorized the pair whom they identified as boyfriend-girlfriend were killed about 10 pm Policeman Jim Nance and Young Cotmty Deputy Sheriff Kermeth Freeman said the victims had been shot at very close range Warner a Graham resident for only a few months who was working as a roofer had been shot lathe head and was found a few feet from Mrs Blake's car Mrs Blake shot in the side was found just inside the fence around her yard Police were working Saturday to learn more about Warner who was identified only by a letter from his probation officer that was found on the body Freeman said Warner was on probation for a driving-while-intoxicated violation a few months ago The two persons named in the warrants issued by Young County Justice of the Peace Barrett police said are known to have been "friendly" to whatever extent with the couple choose from 2 styles of 5 function LED watches by Texas Instruments Shows hours minutes seconds date and month Black plastic case Reg 1995 Sale price thru Friday JCPenney The Christmas Place Shop Ridgmar Mall North East Mall-Hurst Seminaly South and Six Flags Mall 11 pm 111176 tea in sign JCPentm Co Inc A.

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